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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 29, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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for good. >> is going to need help from the d.a. in albany to change the bail operator member if you have your own hit or miss, be sure to tweet it to us at the er on fnc, that is it for this week show, thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. i am trying to hope to see all of you here next week. sent shockwaves across the world of sports. espn reporting tom brady, yes, he's hanging up his number 12 jersey. retiring after 22 seasons in the nfl. there is still questions surrounding the timing and accuracy of this report. welcome to a brand-new hour of fox news life i am eric shawn. hi arthel. arthel: sean grady touchdown passes and games started in 20
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seasons with the new england patriots into with the tampa bay buccaneers, he proved himself a brilliant performer and a fierce competitor. at times he also found himself at the center of controversy. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more on brady's legacy, his future and reaction from across the league, hey christina. >> hi arthel. about 20 minutes go espn reporter adam tweeted out a statement from brady's agent it says quote, i understand the advance speculation about tom's future without getting into the accuracy or inaccuracy of what is being reported, tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. he knows the realities of the football business in planning calendar as well as anybody. so that should be soon. espn is reporting on this retirement news. we have not heard from tom brady himself up right after 22 seasons and seven super bowl championships it appears
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the career of tom brady arguably the greatest football player ever is coming to an end. espn is reporting his decision is based on several factors including family and health. they were limited in the playoffs blessed by the ramps after the game brady said him take some time to consult with his family before deciding on his future. this news it comes a year after brady helped lead the bucks franchise to a super bowl win. but he will be best remembered for his amazing two decade run at the new england patriot winning six championships with his longtime coach bill belichick. brady was with the patriots when he faced the so-called deflategate controversy. but he went on with his successful career. now he is a trending right now on twitter. we have not heard from him about his retirement news apart however brady's health and wellness company that he cofounded, tweeted this a picture today with a list of some of his accomplishments
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and this picture also said thank you for it all, tom brady. espn is reporting it is unclear when the football star will formally announce his retirement. but this news is big news and adding to all the excitement over football on this big weekend. it is him in the day before the conference championship and two weeks before the super bowl which will be right here in los angeles, arthel. arthel: sophia stadium. >> ago rams. >> go rams do it, do it, do it. okay christina thank you. eric: tom brady took me through his share of bombs and mother nature's doing just that. she has gone deep slamming the northeast with a so-called bomb sly cone. millions hunkered down at this moment as a huge winter storm is slamming the region. blizzard warnings are in effect for nearly 10 million americans and more than 100,000 people are in the dark and massachusetts alone with the power out because of the storm. the power for nor'easter
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bringing heavy snow, dangerous winds and coastal flooding through the area. fox news coverage for you meteorologist adam is there with his a red nose and teary red eyes getting drenched on rhode island, let's begin with molly is in hard-hit massachusetts the heart of new england. hey molly. >> good evening eric. the high winds have been pelting us here in plymouth throughout most of the early part of the afternoon and the morning have died down at least a little bit for now but gives us a better idea just how significant the snowfall is. it's beginning to really pilot pretty deep, pretty fluffy right now which is good if you want to prevent roof collapses that sort of thing that will help prevent some the trees and coming down the cause of the power outages you were talking about. one of the big concerns as well here in plymouth and all along the coastline is coastal flooding. amazing pictures today of those waves crashing into the pilgrim sands hotel, right down there right by the ocean
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smashing into the wind is there that's the type of thing you see when you got it coastal event happening which is definitely buttressing up and down the coastline. the flooding causing road closures to preemptive closures. getting cap very, very hard. homeowners there worried about high tide tonight. >> we've got some sand bags we've elevated things in her basement, this is one of the worst storms i've seen so far as the next tide comes in. just seeing the first one being this devastating i can only imagine what tonight is going to be like. >> back to the power outages list 100,000 people without power across the state of massachusetts bay region that pretty consistently across the avenue and, power going out 25% of the key me down to 15 going back up. some of the committee sit very, very hard all along the south shore and along cape cod. provincetown is reporting but 100% outage for the last several hours now per east and hit very hard really tough out
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there but lot of trucks from all over the country the utility workers trying to get the lights turn back on and of course the heat which is very important in a storm like this. logan airport cancellation after cancellation after cancellation some 600 flights canceled this afternoon. see if they can begin to clean up and get people off the ground tomorrow and things are expected be a little clearer. we talk about what is yet to come still a lot of snow, still a lot of storm left to go. tomorrow hopefully is a good day for cleanup are very thankful to saturday because the roads are just terrible out there. it would not have been a good day to get to work or try to commute. arthel, eric. eric: molly line enter special reporting goggles, back to you arthel. arthel: eric and molly this monster storm is make its way north all afternoon it is now slamming new england. heavy snow and ferocious winds the weather map indicates we
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are not out of the woods just yet. meteorologist adam is tracking the storm he is alive from iceland new york on hard-hit long island. it seems windy behind you, adam. >> yes the wind is still going, arthel. with 16 inches of snow over the course of the late 18 hours or so to relate tapered off in the last 15 or 20 minutes by the wind continues to blow and you know the snow is really light is going to shift the snow around and continue to see drifting because of that continuing time to see low visibility. it is the low visibility that made this reach the criteria of a blizzard earlier this morning. you get visibility down below quarter of a mile and that's because of all the snow blowing around, that is when he officially had blizzard status and we did see that. but as you can tell things are kind of whining down here. that's not the case everywhere you look at the weather maps we do still see the very large system work its way up the northeast coast still very heavy snow in the boston area and surrounding communities. and then lifting up the coast
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into maine pretty much all of the northeast coast on the backside of the system it is chilly, temperatures down into the teens along most of the coast. if you live a little further inland using a lot of spots in single digits. all of the snow should be clearing off by the time we get into the overnight hours. really by early tomorrow morning some of these coastal communities, snow yet to come you do see city mostly out of that, still some areas you can see another 12 inches another foot of snow or more that's going to be getting back up into the main area but again, arthel as i got ray toss it back to you the wind continues to blow clouds are clearing, the snow is very light is going to be rushing back over the roads i think folks are going to have their handful altar that we and cleaning this up. arthel: the cleanup is always so tough and so tricky adam klotz, thank you adam. meanwhile the state of emergency declared a new jersey. the national weather service officially calling the storm a blizzard at the jersey shore.
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and possibly some areas further inland. joining me now on the phone is colonel patrick he is a superintendent of the new jersey state police and director of emergency management for the state. so colonel callahan how is it looking now or you are? tell us where you are and what is your main focus at this point in the storm? >> good afternoon arthel thanks for having me on. i am actually in warren county right now. it is good to see the sun. the wind is still brutal as has been reported across the state the greatest concern is probably that false sense of security because the sun is out. the temperatures are going to be brutally cold especially with the wind chill we are looking in the single digits to maybe subzero, that refreeze we are worried about on those temperatures is a great concern. if folks don't have to be out we recommend that they stay home. especially with the wind and
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drifts and potential for refreeze out there on the overnight into tomorrow. arthel: are most people staying home are you getting calls from folks stranded? >> really know stranded. our troopers as of this afternoon handled about 215 accidents per the also assisted about 530 motorist aides who spun out or did get stuck in the medians. power outages are low there about 300 just over 300 which is incredible given the nature of the storm. it came in as predicted. we would just hope those accents we did see the block tips of our major highways mostly because the tractor trailer drivers did not pay attention to our commercial travel restrictions. >> listen were showing pictures right now ocean city, new jersey. boy adeptly came down and is still there. it's a beautiful right now but
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no for someone like yourself we have to deal's coordinating all of the various emergency crews, et cetera. how do you go about coordinate with the governor murphy there, everybody involved? >> we have a phenomenal part from fema, from our federal, state, county partners. i have been on throughout the week with over 21 county emergency management coordinators. the board of public utilities department of transportation, det. we get on and just make sure we are prepared as possible we have staged, pre-staged equipment on her high incline areas to make sure the tractor-trailer will be stuck were able to clear that and the coordination is a phenomenal phone calls this morning with national weather service again with those county coordinators just constant. we get together a lot on the blue sky 70 degrees days days like this we all know each other very well and are able
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to certainly complement each other and make sure any resource i filled across our state. >> very good, very good. as the hours go by and were going to be approaching nightfall a couple of hours from now but would be your focus then how will that shift? >> i would still say i would ask anybody to stay off the roads if you are not an essential employee, to stay out there. certainly highlight if you go out once the snow stops everybody has a tendency to go out and fire up their snowblower. make sure to shovel out your fire hydrants and all my comrades in the fire departments, five minutes to shovel out the fire hydrant means could make all of the difference saving somebody's life if there is a fire. we have seen those tragic fires in our region in the past couple of weeks. i was certainly strongly recommend that. and for folks to be careful when they are out there shoveling and snowplowing their driveways.
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even though it is somewhat light it can be an arduous task. and ask folks to take breaks when they can, check on their neighbors and i am certain we will get through it and hopefully don't have to deal with too many more before spring comes, arthel. arthel: i hope that either will look at wildwood new jersey right now. some of the snow is definitely blanketed there on the boardwalk it seems like it. listen, i wish you well. i know you were obviously very, very prepared especially as you said you all get together on the sunny and 70 days to coordinate. you've got great leadership there in the great state of new jersey. we wish you well and hopefully the cleanup is not too, too bad. i love the advice to crank up the snowblower, clear out your fire hydrant first. colonel patrick callahan. thank you very much for joining us. you stay safe as well as your family, thank you. >> arthel thanks so much.
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specific agenda. eric: the white house fighting back after a source accuses the department becoming a quote unofficial travel coordination agency. that after fox news obtained video of migrants flowed into an airport north of new york city last august. part of an apparent operation applies migrants to locations across the country. and, after fox news cameras recorded in apparent release of migrants in brownsville texas this week. at the white house with more. >> hi eric. the white house is saying these are not secret flights single video of migrants being flown on charter planes is not new nor is it news. white house official telling fox news this video what you are seeing is unaccompanied minors taken back in august they say they're being flown to westchester, new york as layover points before heading to sponsor homes.
1:19 pm
but additional video obtained by fox news shows a single migrant men being dropped off by bus in brownsville, texas. where they headed? anywhere usa is white house press secretary jen psaki. >> migrants who cannot be expelled under title 42 are placed into immigration proceedings and one of those avenues could be placement in an alternative detention program in the interior of the united states. >> official told fox news migrants are being moved into u.s. towns to await hearings while wearing ankle monitors. florida senate rick scott said this in a statement quote the biting ministration is continuing to secretly resettle illegal aliens in the middle of the night in neighborhoods all across america. that his right your tax dollars are being used two charter private flights. now, florida has now signed onto the multistate texas led a lawsuit against the biting ministration. their decision to reinstate the central american miners program. the obama era policy less certain minors who illegally entered the country the ability to seek resident status. they are then able to petition
1:20 pm
to have extended family enter as well. now former president trump terminated this program back in 2017 president biden reinstated this march. eric drake works all right alexander thank you so much, arthel. arthel: erika leaked a video showing a heated exchange over the crisis at our southern border with patrol agents confronting u.s. border patrol chiefs raul, this happened during homeland security secretary mayorkas visit to laredo texas, yesterday. bill is alive in la joya, texas with details and the video, bill. >> arthel good afternoon to you. all year long during this border crisis frustration has really started to boil over with border patrol agents across the country. that really shows in this video which again was leaked yesterday during secretary mayorkas visit in laredo, texas read what you're going to see is these agents squaring off at their own boss. border chief ortiz they
1:21 pm
expressed their frustration with him with the administration policy and again it was all caught on camera, take a listen. >> i have been doing this job. >> that's a problem chief. you do nothing too. >> i can't hear. [inaudible] for that's exactly is happening here. you do nothing. [inaudible] >> may not more migrants conduce billy across the border here in the rio grande valley for this is video we shot here in la joya, texas early this morning. the early morning hours it's very chilly outside in late and generate decent migrants still deciding to make the journey crossing the rio grande and entering into la joya texas illegally these are family unions they're giving themselves up you can see many of them brought young children with them. a republican from oklahoma was out here getting a tour from the border patrol unit to get
1:22 pm
a firsthand look at what it looks like out here take a look at what he had to say. >> every single state as a border state, every state what happening here affects what's happening in my state of oklahoma with the drugs coming across this board in increasing numbers is becoming easier and easier to move drugs is what were watching tonight with people coming across and groups in one section of the river so they can run illegal drugs and the other side of the river. >> according to a dhs source about 20 minutes away from where we are right now on thursday, border patrol arrested five men from sierra who christ illegally to show they keep coming from and from all around the world and one other point, december's numbers show from dhs only 59% of single adults encountered were expelled from the country via title 42 will send it back to you. >> all right, bill melugin thank you, eric. eric: the video of migrants being released in the country is part of the operation to
1:23 pm
resettle people around the country. as well as the tensions during the visit to the border and dhs officials reportedly warning this year could be another historic year for border crossings with all of this can the flow be stopped? arizona republican congressman andy biggs joins as he is an outspoken critic of the homeland security secretary and the biden administration border policies. congressman, welcome you were on the border just yesterday down in arizona to assess it. what did you see and what are the conditions like? >> will eric, first of all thanks for having me. i will just tell you, what you sow the agents confronting chief ortiz and secretary mayorkas is consistent with the folks that agents and met on the border. they are frustrated, they join to protect the border they can't do it. in the area i went yesterday, you have tremendous a fencing that is they are pretty got agents that are shorthanded because they end up processing so much. you are driving along on what
1:24 pm
you see? a gap and 8-foot gap. literally it shortly before we got there in fact while we were there before a border patrol agent talk to us, we were looking across through that hole. they just chased for cartel scouts south of the border from the agent came up to me said i thought you were talking to those guys they were in just on the other side of the fence. the morale isn't down because we face continued, overwhelming illegal invasion from folks coming in crossing the borders illegally. eric: it's one thing when the officials have news conference and stand there and point to what they say is progress. specifically what did the agents tell you when you get them on the side and they start talking to you? they are constituents they live in the area. what type of stories you hear from them about what is really going on? >> well of course they are extremely frustrated.
1:25 pm
they talk about the children that come across the cartels just leave them to come across. they find these children they are without adult supervision. or else there with a 12 or 13-year-old. you have a 5-year-old and 12-year-old coming across. they talk about the distraction of being overwhelmed by big groups and spending all their time processing them knowing particularly in the tucson there's high-value targets people from places like sierra or elsewhere coming across and the amounts of drugs coming across. they are very frustrated, they are frustrated with leadership, they are frustrated with this administration and frustrate with the policies. i think you're going to see more and more of them looking for other ways out of the border patrol itself. because they are just doggone tired of having to fight the criminal cartels across the border as well as her own administration. eric: the numbers were higher during the beginning of the bush and menstruation the george w. bush parade this is been going on and on for
1:26 pm
years. i now it seems that almost record numbers, how do we stop this? can our country finally get a hole of this migrants storage into our nation? >> yes eric we really can bring those bush numbers the reason they are so inflated is because they used to do immediate deportation per they would send somebody back. they might come back two or three times and be counted every time. now there are discrete numbers of people coming across that's why it is so hybrid we can get this in control. first of all takes president joe biden to stand up and say you are not welcome to come into our country illegally. the second thing is you have to enforce the law that is there. secretary mayorkas is granting parole and releasing people into the country by that is an incentive for their required by law to detain these people coming across asking for asylum until their status or immigration status is determined there violating you can enforce title eight yuan
1:27 pm
new rias it remained in mexico policy with agreements with mexico pretty reinstate central american northern triangle states agreements we had. those things in and of themselves now would be a deterrent factor. instead we have taken the biden administration's got rid of all of those basically, barely enforcing any of that. they become entitlements. they become incentives. >> the courts to force them to reinstate the remain in mexico and they say they are expelling people but it is not stopping, congressman andy biggs good to see a thanks for joining us. >> arthel. arthel: ukraine credit president is pushing back on warnings in the u.s. about a quote imminent invasion from russia. why he is urging his allies to avoid what he calls a panic. we'll talk about that next i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus.
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>> there is a potential that could launch very, very little warning. that is possible per this is larger in scale and scope in the amassing of forces than anything we have seen in recent memory. i think you have to go back quite a while to the cold war days to see something of this magnitude. quick sets or military top general mark millie with a blunt warning about vladimir putin's and military buildup on ukraine's border. moscow still denying any plans to invade even though the number of russian troops deployed on the border has swelled away past 100,000. correspondent greg tonight is alive in ukraine's capitol of keio with the very latest hi greg. >> hi eric as you can imagine the folks here are still keeping a very close eye on the russian troops on the other side of their borders by the latest figure, eric were getting from the government that number is up to 130,000 that's 20000 more than last
1:33 pm
month red fox news is confirming reports russia's new blood supplies and medical units close to the ukraine border making the seam less likely exercises they are presented as brush as capacity with little warning and potentially obey cordis results. it is in some way up to russian president vladimir putin who is now saying the u.s. is not met his demands for nato in eastern europe is a has country is no intention of invading they say there's also no room for compromise. meanwhile ukrainian president tries to tamp this whole thing down. fears could impact his people, economy may be even worried about putin he is claiming innovation is not imminent and no one should panic print even knocking the united states and other countries for the early evacuation of some diplomats and families. that is ongoing but finally what he and manny and his government are saying is russia should have new sanctions placed against it now, not later. and hasn't military needs more
1:34 pm
and better gear to defend itself now not later they drills with antitank missiles by the uk the u.s. is it a fourth load of what they call it lethal aid. and eric, asked for people here we spent the morning with a bunch of civilians outside of kiev. they were practicing the fine art of combat in case there really is an invasion. as we came back we're stuck with traffic a lot of people out for saturday shopping or whatever. keep calm, carry on wherever you are. back to you. >> seems like putin is not backing down, greg good to see you tonight thank you. >> as president biden says he will send u.s. troops to eastern europe. in the near term the president of ukraine said the u.s. and its nato allies need to calm down about the russian troops at his border he denies innovation as eminem factor president zelensky saying there are signals even from respected leaders of state
1:35 pm
that they just say tomorrow there will be war, this is panic. how much does it cost for our state? joining me now pastor doug lee. and former deputy national security adviser for iraq and afghanistan under the george w. bush administration. so ambassador, ukraine president zelensky is forced to take on a potentially deadly juggling act he does not want his residence to freak out pretty does not want his economy to collapse. he wants to keep the u.s. and nato on his side. he wants to keep putin calm to not strike a match inflame the situation. how do you see it? >> i don't think it is surprisingly have a different perspective from president zelensky and from washington. the domestic political settings are very different in the economic settings are different. of course from that washington perspective president biden has also got to lead the 30
1:36 pm
ally alliance to this crisis as well. different perspectives are not to be unexpected. arthel: so everyone has a posture to take if you will. do you think putin has inadvertently backed himself into a no-win situation a little bit of a corner because if he does not invade he appears weak. if he does invade ukraine he will have to face the wrath of hell. >> i think president putin has put himself in a tough position. he made a maximalist outlandish demands on the nato alliance demands that he knew the alliance would never meet spread he made those demands publicly. so, to that extent he is on the record internationally in terms of these outlandish demands. and now over the last few weeks have had diplomatic exchanges at multiple levels. we have made very clear and nato has made very clear that putin has just made demands that will never be met. i agree he's in a bit of a
1:37 pm
bind. >> putin wanted it in writing that nato would never accept ukraine as a member. suppressant biden meanwhile is in a tricky spot two. how should the u.s. proceed from this point? what options do we have? >> you are right. president putin put his demands in writing. but in fact, nato beat him to the punch because the position on a nato enlargement or adding new members is also in writing. it's in the treaty from 1949. for more than 70 years. in terms of demand that one in particular the door would be closed for ukrainian membership and nato is simply one that is rejected. i think president biden's position centered around if
1:38 pm
nato sticks together if their cohesive the west position as much, much stronger. and of course putin wants just the opposite. he is looking for divisions for splits is looking for opportunities to divide the alliance. >> is all about division that's what he's doing here in the united states. when will we know, when will we know how the situation there and ukraine on the border will end up? >> the ball is in president putin's court. he has seized the initiative esa mass this military force you described in the opening. and he can literally pull the trigger or not. i suspect he is playing a longer game. i believe he will look for opportunities. he will test this cohesion of the west, nato in particular.
1:39 pm
>> how so? what will he do to test it? >> a well he has a lot of options short of tanks rolling across the border. he contested by way of cyber attack. he can test it by disinformation, misinformation campaigns and so forth. and really the ball is in his court will have to see how he plays it. in the meantime on what nato should be doing led by the united states is sticking together and preparing for the worst. >> ambassador, what we hope for the best. we will have you back again appreciate your analysis, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> erica. >> arthel an emotional plea for the widow of a fallen nypd officer directly to the city's progressive district attorney, her message, stop it, enforce the law, protect police and the people. we will have that next.
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>> thousands of people, many of them police officers honored slain nypd detective jason rivera at his funeral yesterday at st. patrick's cathedral. it is just the latest tragic scene what appears to be a war on police. charles watson is alive in atlanta with moore, charles burke. >> high arthel is quite the sight to see in midtown manhattan on friday hundreds if not thousands of nypd and other officers from around the region flooding the streets to honor officer jason rivera as he was laid to rest he and his partner officer wilbert moore were all both shot and killed with two responding to domestic violence call last week. new york mayor adam called the fallen officers a great example for fellow new yorkers, listen. >> he is a hero and our alert new yorkers acknowledge that. we grieve for all of them as
1:45 pm
well as his family. and with the family of his fallen partner,. >> that 20 to a grieving family describing him as a good and humble man who was living his dream as a police officer. a dream rivera's wife is now a nightmare for her. on friday she put the blame on manhattan d.a. alvin bragg has been criticized as weak on crime after called on prosecutors to find alternative options to prison sentence for folks convicted of certain crimes. this comes as police officers around the country face a wave of violent crime in the last couple of days alone officers were shot in st. louis, milwaukee, and in houston were three officers were wounded during a shootout with a suspect in broad daylight. back in manhattan d.a. bragg has met with new york governor , the two talked about -- the
1:46 pm
two release statements talking about how they are emphasizing their commitment to taking care of new yorkers and keeping them safe. we'll see if that happens in the days and weeks moving forward, arthel picked. >> it's not right to see the flag draped over a coffin of a 20-year-old fallen officer it's just not right. his partner 27 is not right. charles watson and atlanta, thank you. >> the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. i know you are tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he is watching you speak through me right now. [applause] >> that is the weight of neck
1:47 pm
city police officer jason rivera criticizing manhattan controversial district attorney she delivered her husband's eulogy in initial hunting played the funeral st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan yesterday. rivera's wife, dominique, slamming the progressive policies the manhattan district attorney alvin bragg. critics have accused bragg of going soft on crime. he said the system is broken and unjust calls for a new antiviolence and diversion programs so prosecutors he says can focus on the most serious offenses. on his election bragg defeated the republican candidate for district attorney, he wasn't tom, he joins us now. tom, you warned about this three year campaign of what we are seeing, what did you say? >> you are exactly right, eric. i spent several years as a prosecutor in new york. i spent many more as a defense attorney. i have seen the criminal justice system up close.
1:48 pm
to have this a wave, it's not just d.a. bragg. it's many other das and major cities across the country. citing this progressive mantra that really turns its back not just decades but centuries and perhaps longer criminal justice policy that the bedrock of which, we deter people from intentionally putting their acts over the interest of society by assigning that we're going to seriously do away with all of that? it's one thing to talk but try to rehabilitate and try revert do things like that. harming another individual violating so many others property rights, going in and committing a theft alarms me. we are really taking society
1:49 pm
forward. announce a shoplifting the report is not going to be available until may there's a rash of shoplifting in new york. and during his campaign he said he still $250,000 for the stuff unchecked -- tuna $50 where the stuff is not going to charge up it is free pass to steal things from stores? >> of course it is i went to see d.a. bragg succeed. i think alvin is a decent person i've had interactions with him is always been a gentleman. no one your chief law enforcement officer in the jurisdiction. it's long been regarded as the most esteemed and prolific in the country you're adopting a platform went to sarah going to try to help people, going to try to deal with crime like
1:50 pm
shoplifting proportionately see these offenders to rikers are a never done that in new york city. it's a terrible message and unfortunately it is a policy that strikes you disproportionately at the heart of communities of color that rely on national retailers coming into their community for so many decades avoided coming into underserved communities in the inner-city. they rely on these places for jobs and employment. that is a real tragedy in a lot of these policies for progressives. eric: it was offered decades, talk about the shoplifting. i was in my local convenience store and i see a guy on his knees at a shelf piling stuff into a costco bag. iran over the guy walked out. here's the video i shot.
1:51 pm
he walked right out of the store, his bag was full of stuff. but on the shelf i went to report them to the clerk the clerk told me this happens all the time don't confront anyone who shoplifting they could be violent apparently this guy walked right out of the store without paying. when you think about this? >> and i'm glad you brought it up when i was on the campaign trail as a republican running ended democratic county i had a fight for every bit of attention i could get. i went into a couple of cbs's, dwayne reeves a writer make a video say i knew this was coming the aisle she would normally go down to get shaving cream, toothpaste, everything wasea locked.
1:52 pm
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♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, i'm charlie hurt along with carly shimkus, emily campagno and tyrus. welcome to "the big saturday show." here's what's on tap. tyrus? >> what it is. could the g.o.a.t. really be gone? there are reports that tom brady is retiring. what his agent is saying about those reports tonight. >> emily. >> a democrat who voted for biden and even starred in his victory video when he became


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