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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  January 30, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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eastern time. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a show. good night, america. ♪ ♪ i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america. brian: good evening and welcome to the debut of "one nation." i'm brian kilmeade. we have charlie hurt and laura curran in studio to talk to you about what matters most. and the mayor of kiev joins us to discuss the escalating tensions between russia and ukraine and the phone call from president biden.
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miracle on ice captain mike eruzione. and talk about whether we should be going to the beijing olympics. and kennedy is here. i want to share with you the goal of the show you are seeing for the very first time. our journey together is fantastic each and every week. it's a challenging time for our country. passions running high for republicans and democrats and independents. we'll put first what the nation needs most. that's patriotic passion over emotional party division. can you imagine? it's my hope to analyze the issues in depth with expert guests. we'll work to put things into perspective with the ultimate goal of bringing the country together. i won't yell at you.
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i'll fight with you for the best interest interests of the country at large. we'll have conversations, and dare i say we'll solve some problems and entertain and inform. i have done play by play and sold out sports arenas and small sports:bars. i have covered all the major events the country has taken on for the last i five years. much of them in this very studio. always remember, we are one nation. so meet me here every saturday night at 8:00. sound good? here is what matters most. president biden had a tough week. he doesn't seem to be handling the stress very well. >> do you think this is a political liability. >> it's a great asset. more inflation. what a stupid son of a bitch.
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brian: no wonder he's not handling fit well. he has crime in the cities across the country and prosecutors who won't prosecute. >> what do you attribute rise in crime? >> gun violence is a large reason for the surge in crime. underfunding police departments. that's something we need to take action on. brian: your party took it away. but i don't want to digress. new york city's mayor is already taking action. >> first we must allow judges to take dangerousness into account. new york is the only state in the country that does not allow a judge to detain a defendant who pose pane immediate threat to the community. democrats and republicans are fed up with crime. it's become too brazen. too dangerous to ignore.
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>> i'm look at [bleep] [bleep]. yo -- i can't believe i'm seeing this [bleep]. i was watching him the whole time. we just went christmas shopping in january. brian: that's michael rapport port. ' new york city's d.a. alvin bragg announced a special prosecutor combating gun violence. is the tide turning? are cities taking crime seriously. from our streets to the southern border. the biden administration grapples with a massive influx. migrants. showing single adult males being transported into the interior of the country in direct violation of title 42.
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it should not be happening but it is. secret flights of illegals flown to tiny airports only to be unloaded into cities and suburbs. into your schools on taxpayer dimes. and people are angry over this. >> bloom too what's the big secret. everybody knows it's happening. brian: it's not like the biden administration has a bad plan to control the border. they have no plan, which should anger all americans. it's not just all things domestic. what about international? that's stressing people out. and it's stressing president biden out. you have russian -- battalions surrounding ukraine.
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president biden puts u.s. troops on high alert getting ready to deploy not in the ukraine or for the ukraine. jennifer griffin asked about the difference. >> if these troops if they are activated are drestlessist and front-line nato states, how does this protect ukraine? how does it stop putin from going into ukraine. >> it sends a clear signal to putin that we take our responsibility to nato seriously. brian: if troops are near ukraine, how does thatst stop ukraine. as we send troops, germany offers to send helmets. what's the next move? will there be a biden in 2024? a "one nation" watches it closely.
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back to the homeland. covid mandates are causing mayhem. despite the governor ordering space conversations optional. some students are being segregated from students who choose to wear a makes. in new york some schools do sea way with masking requirements. add together confusion for masks in the classroom. that order is stayed. in canada truckers drove into the capital the protesting vaccine mandates. they are already faze facing a shortage. of course, they go back and forth. lots of mandates. lots of may tell. but "one nation" is watching it all. the highest court. liberal justice the briar is
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retiring. the president:vowed to nominate a black womb ton the bench. ladies and gentlemen, that's what matters most. joining us now as i make my way over to the desk for the first time. fox news contributor charlie hurt. laura curran is a democrat, a nassau county executive. she says it's as big as 14 different states. >> it's about 9. >> i gave those stories which one sticts out with you? >> crime. if people don't feel safe in their community. if they don't feel secure going to work. if they see people down on hairr luck and they are afraid, that's when society starts to break
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down. no matter what party you are from, you have to remind your residents that their safety is your responsible if you are a government official. brian: five the cops have been shot in cold blood since january 1. >> it's a multi-pronged approach. getting guns offed the street is an important prong. but you have to work with resources. and you as hair boss have to have their back. brian: the widow of the slain officer spoke at st. patrick's cathedral in a very moving way. and she talked about the last time they saw each other. and she ended with a hit at the da. listen to her message to us and
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to him. >> the system continues to fail us. we are not safe anymore. not even the members of the service. i know you are tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new d.a. i hope he's watching you speak through me right now. brian: and the crowd roared. >> i beg anybody month did not watch that service go back and find it. watch the whole service. and her remarks in particular. and her recounting of the last day she saw her husband is the most powerful thing i have seen in a very long time. and of course it become very political. that's exactly the problem. people don't feel safe at home. that becomes a political issue. it becomes a pourful polite -- a
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powerful political issue. you can draw a direct line to the assassination of jason rivera and his partner, you can draw a direct fine that events to the policy and rhetoric. the politicians who face the voters in the next election. all opponents have to do is run their words against them. it's devastating for these incumbents. laura picked a better one. the one i picked was masks because that was before this funeral this week. it does take your breath away. i think the issue with masks going forward, i think it's the biggest fight we see in virginia. we saw where governor youngkin declared that it's optional. it's up to parents. you have school districts come out and go to court to say, no, parents shouldn't have the right
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to decide whether their children wear masks in school or not. brian: in norkt governor says one thing and districts like mine said no we are not doing it. >> if you mandate something that's an authoritarian approach. i don't think that's ever the most persuasive approach. a positive approach works. you make your case. if you think masks are the right thing, you make your case. you get experts lined up and you trust people to make the right decision. >> thanks for being in my first bloc ever. brian: thanks, laura curran, always great to see you. next, you knew him fairs an
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brian: we have been telling you about the escalating tensions along the russian-ukrainian border. what is the history of the conflict and friendship between these two nations. here is a quick history lesson. rich soil and defensive barrier. the historic conflict dates back to the 9th century when scan today naivian vikings moved their capital to ukraine. russia was overrun in the tenthth century. and russia didn't have a leg to stand on. it us not defensible. flash flood. 18th century, peter the great expanding the russian empire by
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taking ukraine again. now they could defend themselves against attacks from the ball particular sea. particularl -- from the baltic sea. then came russian revolution and the ukrainian people's republic was declared and ukraine got its independence. flash forward to world war ii. fighting with the red army, the ukrainians about helped beat back indiana yet is. how were they rewarded? the soviet union swallowed up the entire nation. it stayed that way until 1991 when the soviet union collapsed. ukraine broke away and once again was on its own. russia kept a watchful eye on its break away brother until necessity overthrew their
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russian leader. that crossed the line for putin. he took be back crimea in 2014, 60 years after it was given to ukraine claiming the russian-speaking people asked for help. now the people of the world wait to see if they will try to take the nation back. snangd their way is up to 250,000 ukrainians who know how to fight. especially reply my next guest. vitali klitschko brought fame to his country as the hasty weight champion before retiring with his belt. he never backed off from conflict. especially now. is he ready? the entire army of russia. he joins us now from the ukraine.
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welcome. mr. mayor, does this remind you of the moments before a fight when you have the robe on and you are walk into the ring and you knew a fight was inevitable? >> no, no, no, no, no. it's a different story. it's somebody 10 years ago thought part of ukraine would be occupied from russia, from russian forces. more than 13,000 ukrainians died in this war. but today it's reality. today's reality because more than 100 russian soldiers stay and everybody is talk about possible aggression against ukraine. we have a peaceful people. we have a peaceful country.
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we are not aggressive to anyone. but if somebody make aggression against ukraine, we have to defend our independence. we have to defend our country. we have to defend our families. it's not sport, it's everybody pay attention and many people in ukraine. brian: if you listen to vladimir putin he says ukrainians are one with russia. we have a long kinship together. this is false, the reach out to the west. so i'm going to do you a favor by taking the capital. what do you say to that russian sentiment. >> vladimir putin wants to rebuke, have visions to make
2:22 am
russian empire and ukraine one of the largest countries in europe have to be a part of his region, his empire. we don't want back to ussr. we see our mission as modern european democratic country. brian: i read that you are very disappointed the way the germans are acting. very disappointed the way the germans are acting. they are giving 5,000 helmets and may be charge you for them. they won't let arms go through their country. what's your reaction to their lack of support. i say thank you very much to united states. united states delivered defensive weapons to ukraine. it's important to us to have support and financial support from united states.
2:23 am
what the germans announced, 5,000 helmets is joke. but thank you for the help. brian: there is a report that there was a conversation between the presidents biden and zelensky and president biden said get ready for impact, the invasion is going to happen and they are going to sack the capital. you are the mayor of that capital. if that's the case, what do you say to people who say you guys are going to get run over? >> we are responsible for the defense, for citizen defense in our country. and all males actually ready to be as soldiers to defend our country. i'm not involved in the conversation between united
2:24 am
states president and president of ukraine, that's why i can't give you commentary about the conversation. brian: there is a report you said if they come for your capital, that you are going to fight. are you physically going to get out there with the ukrainian army and fight to repel the russian forces. >> as a former soldier i promised to defend our country and i have to keep my promise. i have to defend my family. brian: i hear you. vitali klitschko. it's tenuous times in ukraine and i'm sure the people of kiev are glad you are in charge. for more history check out "what made america great," on foxnation. on this show, curt schilling is fired up.
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rinaldi. i'm jon scott. now back to "one nation with brian kilmeade." brian: the baseball hall of fame inducted new members this week. david ortiz got the nod despite testing positive for a performance enhancing drug. barry bonds was snobd. also snubbed. former phillies. curt shilling was snubbed. he belongs? cooperstown. about it seems his words of support for president trump led sports writers saying he's not worthy. joining us is curt shilling. thanks for joining us. i appreciate. two years ago you got 71%.
2:31 am
now, you got less. you said pull me off the ballot. you are not shocked. are you disappointed? >> my family has been dealing with a lot of different issues. my wife is a breast cancer survivor of recent times. this time of every year became very unhappy because the media created a caricature and character that doesn't exist. the guy the hall of fame voting committee didn't vote for is not a veal person. they have -- is not a real person. david ortiz never tested positive for p.e.d. ever. never tested positive for anything. brian: in the initial report that came out, that was wrong? >> the initial report. brian: do you bleach your support of conservative causes
2:32 am
and donald trump plays a role in you not being in? >> they came out and said it. what's happening in this country, if you think back, in many ways i think i was the domino that started it all in the cancel culture when i got fired from esp snrks because i had the audacity to compare muslim extremists to nazis. i was trying to figure out what group i offended that votes, the terrorists or the nazis. in many ways i was the first domino to fall. i am not happy about it. but it is what it is. >> the baseball part of it, the veterans committee will have a chance. you and roger clemens are up in
2:33 am
december of this year. they understand what kind of player you are and what you have done for the red sox, diamond backs and phillys in your career. liberal bill maher, because he's tired of the pandemic, because it's tired of the pandemic. st john stockton doesn't want to wear a makes. eric clapton because he stood up to say something about the vaccine. bari weiss. aaron roarnlings and joe rogan. you have got some company there. >> when you think about the history of this country and what happened. we are fighting for the same things we were fighting for in 1776 in many ways. our causes don't change. their causes change week to
2:34 am
week. where is christine blasey ford. where is michael avenatti. liars all. then we watched what mapped in the election a couple years back. i have eyes, i can see. i was up at 4:00 in the morning when i saw president biden go from 400,000 votes to zero for president trump. i have known him for almost 20 years and he's a kind man. he was talking about the cancel culture and how he's a fan. we got to talking. and i'm excited for the years ahead because i think i'm -- based on our conversation, i think we'll see him on the ballot again. brian: you will be on the
2:35 am
cabinet. you will have to work hard again. appreciate you talking to us on the very first show. i hope i will be talking to you in december how you are in cooperstown and you will have to come to new york to get inducted. curt schilling, thank you. china's crazy olympic rules. get ready to buy a burner phone. we'll find out if we should be going to the genocide games. who let us down and who lifted us up this week. this is "one nation." ♪ i'm the latest hashtag challenge. and everyone on social media is trying me. i'm trending so hard that “hashtag common sense” can't keep up. this is going to get tens and tens of views. ♪
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brian: that was former olympic coach bob cox. communist china's record on human rights. religious freedom abuse. detention and interment camps. torture. the united states will not be sending a delegation and nbc will not be broadcasting from the event. the communist country will modify the weather to create snow and attempt to turn the
2:41 am
skies blue. no fans inside to watch the event. athletes and reporters will need burner phones to get around. and the olympic app every athlete has to have that sends audio to chinese servers. china is purging the internet to create what they say is a happy, healthy online environment. and the unvaccinated 21 days to quarantine. g they will get there and they will wait there and wait there until they test negative. joining me,ed the captain of the 19 the 80 miracle on ice team michael eruzione. should we be going? >> absolutely. don't blame the threats for having the games in beijing. they didn't choose beijing to
2:42 am
have the games. the international the olympic committee has given them the ability to host the games there. as despicable as it is and everything going on over there, staying home isn't going to change it. didn't we learn from the boycott of the games in moscow because the soviets invaded afghanistan? look what happened there. and our athletes didn't have the opportunity to goab and look what happened in afghanistan. don't use the athletes as pawns. there are other ways you can punish china. the biggest way is not to give them the games. leave our athletes alone. let them deal with the issues that are there, and they are there to compete. brian: you beat the soviet team. we boy cod moscow and they boycotted los angeles.
2:43 am
water in doing to the uighurs. >> it's genocide. that's the statement from the american state department. and we are engaged in a diplomatic boy exopt most our allies are not engage in a boycott, including japan. i agree with mike. you can't disagree with the guy who won the gold. the fact of the matter is, we are the only other place that was willing to bid on the olympics for this time around was kazakhstan. you blame the ioc? do you blame the international community for not stepping up? the athletes have been training their entire lives for this the
2:44 am
moment. brian: mike, you actually changed world relations. you changed ian bremmer's curriculum. we had interest rates double what they are right now. that's win, that's olympics at make placid changed the mood in the nation. >> we need another 1980. we need a moment where our country comes together. they come together watching our athletes compete. you put a jersey on that says u.s.a. when we watch our athletes compete we feel a part of them. i don't know what athletes in beijing or what sports. but we'll be able to watch one of our athletes stand on the poad yunl and seeing our -- on the podium and seeing our flag raised a little higher and hear
2:45 am
the anthem. brian: no reason for the russians not to take ukraine? >> they are not related. the americans made very clear, china bilaterally as well as with oural lids, the australians and the u.k., there would be hell to pay. biden has misspoken on three occasion. americans told the russians they wouldn't defend ukraine. so i think they are more vulnerable. the u.s.-china relations, there is no trust. but we are going ahead. brian: next on "one nation." it's a battle. kennedy versus me on a news dual. who will survive.
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who will win? . . . .
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brian: time for news duel. the stories only "one nation"
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can tell. here to help us out is kennedy. she is kennedy on fox business. is that true? kennedy: i'll be playing the part of kennedy the on fox business. first off do you love music in that's why i chose this story. kid rock is releasing a brand-new album at which he seems to be taking aim at anthony fauci as well as trumpeting donald trump. let's rinse to a little of it. ♪ wear your mask, take your pills ♪ brian: it's like he's a gymnast and he's angry. >> there was one "let's go brandon" song that came out. it went to number one. all the charting, absolutely
2:51 am
not, we are not allowing it. but people download it and you can't ignore it. let's go brandon is a catchive slogan. brian: you are going now number two. i'm not going number two because that would be filthy and i'm a classy lady. house speaker nancy pelosi is retiring. brian: it's a shame. why so soon? i know you are not telling the truth. kennedy: she is going to seek reelection even though the democrats will get clobbered in the mid-terms. the paul ryans were yeah, i'm out. i'm leaving. who wants to go from being speaker pants most powerful
2:52 am
woman in the world. brian: next, pellton which is a popular piece of gym equipment. when this happened with a famous character suffering a famous illness on a piece of equipment. >> you are having a heart attack. i'm being honest. my breathing is a little tight. >> mr. wagner i implore you, take the aspirin and let's get you down to an ambulance before it's too late. kennedy: just like a rebought of "sex and the city," they die on a pelaton. then all the sexual harassment and necessity various claims
2:53 am
came out and they had to shelf that ad. with brian: i'm pro anything on. kennedy: i'm pro vitamix. i love mixing a smoothie on a peloton. i'm so excited for your show. congratulations. you are a rock star and a true patriot. brian: you are a great friend. up next who let us down and who lifted us up this week. take a look. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. . .
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brian: time for who let us down and who lifted us up. let's start with who let us down. the black lives matter chapter
2:58 am
of washington, d.c. they are going after people who honor police as heroes. this after multiple officers were shot. they tweeted this out. look at the reaction in coverage tonight. imagine if people knew these folks names. being black in d.c. is more dangerous than any job. they listed a whole bunch of african-americans they have say were shot for no reason. that tweet has been deleted. who lifted us up? it's cnn jake tapper. remember when the president had this to say about peter doocy? >> it's a great asset, more inflation. what a stupid son [bleep]. brian: tapper testified peter doocy. >> to be fair to peter.
2:59 am
standard for decency don't have to do with if you like the people being treated poorly, it has to do with the standard. i realize peter's channel would never come to my defense like that. brian: yes we would. that's it for the first edition of our show. if you can't get enough of me, tune into "fox and friends." mike huckabee and dan bongino will be on right after me. josh rogan. with michael goodwin from the "new york post," and bret baier. bret baier does everything and he doafertion great. 3-7b "unfiltered" with dan
3:00 am
bongino is next. thanks for watching. be here every single week. the shot will get wired and i will eventually leave. i could probably go right now. ♪ [playing of "the star-spangled banner" snow.


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