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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  January 30, 2022 3:00am-7:00am PST

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thanks for watching. be here every single week. the shot will get wired and i will eventually leave. i could probably go right now. ♪ [playing of "the star-spangled banner" snow.
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♪ playing of "the star-spangled banner" ♪ pete: thank you america. beer flags, to sand flags, chalk flags, to sack races, amazing photos from you our viewers on
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this sunday morning, january 30th, year of our lord 2022. again our nation's anthem to kick off the program and photos keep coming in. will, always a pleasure. will: it is always a pleasure. good morning rachel, good morning pete. i will admit to you my memory isn't once was but i'm proud of our viewers. i have yet to see a repeat. we keep getting new photos. each episode is a surprise. we're not recycling photos from what i can tell. my memory is not what it used to be. they continue to scroll photos after the anthem stops. you are stepping up at "fox & friendses".com. rachel: i love the grandma, wheelchair, outside the home with her flag flying proudly. you nice rock, keep sending them
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in. we get so many, we play them beyond the anthem. we play them all hours. keep doing it. you have to love a barn with a flag on it. pete: those two photos, rachel, good morning, those two photos back-to-back, the barn, parachuter made me think we have repeats because we have ones like that. i've been assured we have no repeats. i recommend prevagen. i suffer from the exact same thing. i'm working from a team of lawyers how we can use the photos and keep them at "fox & friends weekend." because it is one of the best databases in america. will only continue to grow. keep it away from politicians so they can't use them in their campaign ads. there has to be a way to do it. rachel: if will runs for positive of texas he can use the
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photos in his ad. pete: one carveout. will: i appreciate that licensing opportunity. my main concern i want to keep the photos away from kilmeade, away from doocy, away from ainsley. this is "fox & friends weekend" thing. pete: fair enough. i let you know them. uk prime minister boris johnson ordering extra troops to eastern europe hopefully sending a message to the kremlin as tensions escalate at the ukraine border. lucas tomlinson joins us. reporter: good morning, guys. speaking of repeats today, u.n. secretary-general reiterated no nato forces to the ukraine to stop a russian invasion. two days after president biden said he would send a small number of american troops to eastern europe.
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uk boris johnson i have ordered our troops across europe this next week, to support our nato allies. this will send a clear message to the kremlin we will not tolerate their destaibizing and stand against the russian hostility. russian jets recently completed a 5000-mile trip across the country, 11 time zones so deploy in belarus, only 60 miles from the capital. they say it is a military exercise that ends after the winter olympics. russian's foreign minister says russia is not looking to do battle in ukraine. >> translator: it won't be a war as far as depends own russia. but our interests will not be rudely ignored and trampled on. reporter: top pentagon brass calls a potential full-scale invasion by russian forces. mayor of ukraine's capital city
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explains russia's actions. >> the reason of this conflict because vladmir putin want to -- [inaudible]. we have peaceful people. we're a peaceful country. we're not aggressive to anyone. but, if somebody start, making a aggression against ukraine we have to defend our country, we have to defend our families. reporter: general mark milley says the largest buildup of russian forces since the cold war he says if russia invades it will bring massive casualties and destruction. >> given forces unleashed on ukraine it would be horrific, it would be terrible and it is not necessary. reporter: the u.n. security council meets in russia in new york. russia calls it a pr stunt. russia one of the permanent
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members making it certain the body will take no action. will: thank you for the time sown update in the midst of that report. pete, quick question, i don't know if you saw the images rolling across the screen there. what is with the cardboard cutout rifles you saw from the military members? is that obviously a training mission of some sort, is that because of lack of armaments of soldiers ready to train with, what is that about, out of curiosity. pete: yes, those are wooden ak-47s used by the ukrainianss, for lack of resources, not that they don't have rifles, they're training up a lot of new civilians forces. many don't have weapons training. the primary training train to something fake, transition to something real. that shows you what all hands on deck effort. i saw the same thing. they have been paying for that. you have germany sending them helmets. gives you a sense of resource restrictions the ukrainians are
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under. will: to your point, all hands on deck sentiment in ukraine. i'm glad i asked you the question. i saw the images. couldn't quite make sense images there. i knew you were the guy to turn to. pete: crazy. will: a week ago, i said, a sentiment you may agree i said joe biden was the worst president in my lifetime. on the will cain podcast, my argument the vision he sowed, more than the confidence he sowed one year in office. here we are. if the world, not just the united states of america, if the world falls apart on foreign policy lines, potential violence and war lines, ukraine, china, taiwan, it is deniable, up pleasant reality, we're looking at one of the worst presidencies in american history. president donald trump giving a rally last night in conroe, texas, talked about all that has fallen apart in one year time. and he said look at the
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culmination when it comes to foreign policy. watch this, guys. >> what joe biden and the pelosi, schumer, congress have done to our country in just one year is a travesty of the highest order. inflation is skyrocketing, gas prices are soaring, supply chains crumbling. can you believe what is happening? you can't get anything. the shelves are empty. i did a book. they can't publish it anymore. they can't get the paper, the glue, the ink. go out and buy it. you will like it. murders are surging, illegal aliens are pouring in by the millions and millions. china is threatening taiwan. iran is on the cusp of a nuclear bomb. russia may take over ukraine. this november you have to throw these raving lunatics the hell out of power and elect strong, smart, tough, republicans who
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will restore your borders, protect your safety, defend your jobs and put america first. [cheering] rachel: wow, you could tell people were excited to see that i want to backtrack just a tiny bit. how scared i was when i heard general milley laying out how dangerous the situation is in ukraine and with russia and to think that that guy is in charge of our military response. that was frightening. in addition he talks about president trump talks about our economy. he talks about driving up oil prices. this obsession on the left with climate change and the green new deal and you know, transitioning us before we're ready out of fossil fuels and into, i don't know what, shutting down our xl
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pipeline, driving up our costs of oil and gas, all of that has empowered russia. in addition to the fact that he waved the sanctions, by the way, waived sanctions on nord stream 2. this component it, everything we're talking about, our economy, weaker economic status for america is bad for us on the world stage. also how we empowered russia through this. by empowering russia we're taking our eye off the ball on china and taiwan. you're right, will. this is absolutely, not just the worst president but this might be one of the most dangerous times that i can recall in american history. we're inviting, we're inviting aggression on some fronts. iran, north korea, china, and now russia. pete? pete: very much so, rachel. only thing holding it back is not joe biden, not nato, the
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olympics we should be boycotting in beijing. once it is over, open season on the all democrat controlled congress and joe biden which is perfect window for our foreign adversaries to move around they know it. why the troops are amassing, russians bringing blood to the ukrainian border, you don't bring blood to the border unless you're ready for a gunfight, ignoring our southern border. beautiful to see donald trump, the former president on the age for hour 20 live on "fox nation." always catch his speeches on "fox nation." just great to see. when you talk to, having talked to him, mr. president, are you going to run again, he always says the one giant caveat, if i'm in good health. the health is the one thing you can't predict four years out, especially a little bit older. you saw him rocking and rolling from the podium as i did for an hour 20 last night, he is raring
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to go. things he ran on, stood for, but the absolute disaster, ideology and incompetence is joe biden for a year. clash of world views, what happens domestically and also overseas. great to see you, guys. rachel: i agree. will: what you say, absolutely true, one year, one year. i don't think it us deniable. i don't think it is partisan. if you're a citizen of the united states of america, one year's time, what happened, what looks to be threat of happening, to your point, pete, in very short order. everybody would have to say this is not a step forward. this has been a very, very tenuous step out on to a ledge. be careful, america, what happens next. we move now to a fox weather alert. yesterday's nor'easter is being called the blizzard of 2022. new england last with near hurricane force winds, feet of snow, freezing temperatures. fox weather multimedia journalist will nunley joins us
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live in massachusetts. good morning, will. reporter: good morning as predictions and totals are starting to come in a lot of predictions our fox weather team was making in terms of impact of the storm is starting to come true. we saw a lot of fury at least yesterday with record snowfall amounts. we're talking 22 inches in some places in and around boston. also incredible video from the power of the storm. start with you down the road 30 minutes from where i'm standing right now, near seven to 10-foot waves were lashing buildings all in that area this, is video from a hotel that saw the waves, the water climbing up the side of those wind dose. what a sight to be in and around that building experiencing that flooding. nantucket, had to use canoes to get around. a lot of flooding due to frozen drains. the court h water could not get out and piling up as rain came on. snow pack as well.
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even though you see lights around me, this is generator power. as we were saying, local utility, 89% of the service on cape cod, specifically in the chatham area was without electricity. block by block they have been trying to tackle through the overnight hours. keep in mind the wind didn't die down until well nine and 10 last night. they can't get on the polls, address outages. hazards of the snowdrifts to navigate challenging roads. there is lot of work to be done. this story is it far from over. incredible snowfall we've seen here. amazing wind. factor in all the elements alone. enough to deal with the snowstorm, enough to deal with flooding. enough to deal with high wind, all the different element on their own. combine them for a major storm leak this, a lot to deal with, a lot of impact in these areas a lot of work to happen today, guys. rachel: thank you, will, great report. scary images for sure.
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would hate to be inside of that hotel with those waves crashing up finance the window, crazy. up next, black lives matter reportedly making a pricey purchase in canada. how the organization's multimillion-dollar mansion is connected to communism. and will he or won't he? what sources close to tom brady say about those retirement rumors. we have all of that up next. stay with us. ♪. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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rachel: we're back with some headlines beginning with a fox news alert. south korea says north korea ran another missile test this weekend. north korea testing its long-range missiles in five years and its 7th of 2022. later this year, north korea will chair the united nations conference on disarmament for four weeks. well, that is funny, despite conducting more missile tests in january than they did in all of 2021. in ohio 11 people staying at a
3:21 am
hampton inn outside of columbus were hospitalized after a suspected carbon monoxide incident. six children, including a two-year-old among those hospitalized t began at the hotel pool with people reporting symptoms like dizziness and burning in their throat. as of last night five people were in serious condition. u.s. black lives matter movement reportedly transferred millions of dollars to a charity to purchase a manchin in canada once owned by, get this, the communist part. no surprise there. "the washington examiner" reporting the u.s. fund-raising arm of blm provided the bulk of the 8 million-dollar purchase. bmm canada's leaders saying the property came with quote a history of resistance, christing its ties to communism. those are your headlines. that is the funniest story. you know, really points to the need to really get to the bottom of all the blm money that came
3:22 am
in from all the corporations. nobody has been able to track it. we see some things going, they're buying mansions here and there. where is all that money going? pete: there is a show on "fox nation" called "mansion global." maybe we get casey mcdonald out to canada to cover the black lives matter organization. what a shady organization at this point. they got trained as marxists now they are buying communist mansions. we know who you are. until there is a republican in charge we won't know where the money is. they hide behind their friends in the media. speaking of crazy stuff, i set this up for you, will, because you're the guy would know. we got text alerts on our phone, banners along the screen, my wife, came up to me, did you know, tom brady is retiring? but then right after this, came the conflicting report, is retiring or not? this is a guy that cuts across sport because of how good he is
3:23 am
throwing touchdown passes, leading his team. here is some of the speculation, will. you're a man, nfl insider, here are some conflicting reports came in yesterday. one of the nfl network's tweeted this, he checked in with tom brady, sr., his dad, said i quote, this story, mike, is total conjecture. tommy has not made a final decision one way or the other. so tom brady's dad says no final decision. here is tom brady's agent in a quote as well when he was asked, he said in a statement, i understand the advanced speculation about tom's future, without getting to the accuracy or inaccuracy what is being reported tom will be the only person to express his plans with the complete accuracy. he knows the football planning business and that should be soon. will, what do you know, is the goat retiring or giving it one
3:24 am
more round? will: original report from espn came from two guys, adam chefter and jeff darlington who are in the know. he has been in his move to tampa bay originally. i'm inclined to trust the report. i will add to you this, brady puts out videos on instagram time after time after a win. wouldn't be surprised if there is some video in the works that announces his retirement. i'm saying that would be par for the course. this may be more compelling, $15 million of his 20 million-dollar salary is guaranteed should he be on the team february 4th, one week from now, roughly. if he retires before then that $15 million is forfeited, i believe i'm correct on that. which means, hey, not yet. give me about a week to make this news official whether or not tom brady retires. i don't know, i don't have any inside sources, pete. my inside sources tell me the
3:25 am
following, tom brady is the greatest american team sport athlete of all time. people won't want to hear about that, they will warrant to hear michael jordan i grew up a massive fan. tom brady did something more impressive. people talk about bill russell, who was incredibly impressive. no one has done what tom brady has done. the greatest team sport athlete of all time. rachel: will, pete, you guys are dying to get my thoughts on this really important story. so i have thought about it because i know out judgegy you guys will be about it. i put some thought. couple things, i love that tom brady's brad still calls him tommy that was one thought i had. pete: note that. >> i thought that was so cute. the next thought i had, you know what? i can understand being married to someone with a big career, not as career as tom brady but as a congressman, these jobs are very consuming.
3:26 am
i think it is lovely, very heart warming that he is thinking about taking time away from a sport i believe he could keep going until he is 50. that guy is fit. i talked to you guys what i know about his diet with gisele is very healthy. i think that guy could keep playing until he is 50. if he stops he wants to be with his family, that send as powerful cultural message but my final word to tom brady is, if you do retire, keep working out, keep eating well, america's women think you're very cute, so keep it up. pete: [laughter]. will: just put a button on that. pete: that is, from the greatest team sports athlete in american history to a cultural icon of eye candy for rachel and many others. rachel: am i going to get reported for this? [laughter]. will: no, no.
3:27 am
pete: great insight. rachel: thanks, guys. anytime. will: to rachel's point about his age, i thought somebody said this yesterday, tom brady will be the first person it ever retire in the prime of his career, simultaneously being the oldest person to do it at that level. he manages to be both at the same time. rachel: true. pete: good point. i saw what you put on instagram yesterday, will. 20 seasons, 10 super bowls in 20 seasons. half the time you get a chance to go to the super bowl if tom brady is your quarterback? insane. we'll have more insight throughout the warning. ben watson, former nfl player. chris myers, fox sports play-by-play announcer. we'll talk about this and big games coming up later as well. with which neither my team or will's team are participating in. we're not sour. still ahead, standing for freedom. a canadian trucker convoy, this is awesome, rolling into canada's capital to take a stand
3:28 am
against covid vaccine mandates. so much more about that. it is about freedom. we'll talk to three of the drivers in the convoy. that is coming up next. ♪ d the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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pete: back with a fox weather alert, the blizzard of 2022 they're now calling it lashing new england with near hurricane force winds, feet of snow and freezing temperatures. 120,000 customers lost power in massachusetts alone. waves battered the city of nantucket, turning some streets into rivers. let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. adam, you've been busy. >> we've been busy, good morning pete. a lot of snow yesterday. tailing off. we're back side of it. some areas saw high snowfall totals stretching up to massachusetts up and down the east coast. as much as two feet of snow. fairly widespread.
3:33 am
i was in the snowiest spot yesterday. we got up to 25 inches of snowfall. this system tracks up to the north and east. couple snowflakeses calling across portions of northern maine. on the back side windchill alerts are in place. it is frigid back behind this. if you're further inland where you didn't see heavy snow. what us did it feel like outside? these are the actual temperatures, five or six, 7 degrees. negative seven in burlington. i will leave you with the national temperature in the northeast. it is chilly pretty much nationwide. pete, tossing it back to you. pete: cold everywhere. adam, their very much, appreciate it. now to this story, thousands of truck drivers are telling canada to end covid mandates as the freedom convoy rolls into ottawa, canada's capital. the demonstration began to protest cross-border, driver vaccine requirements gaining support across the entire country and the world. including from tesla ceo elon
3:34 am
musk who tweeted quote, canadian infrastructurers rule. we here at "fox & friends" agree. we have three of the truck drivers. sheldon, andreas, tyler, join us now. one from a truck. one from the warmth of hotel room i hope. all involved in the freedom convoy. i love it. tyler, let me start with you. you're in ottawa. you're there as a trucker. what is this freedom movement all about? what are you fighting for? >> fighting for freedom for all canadians, canada wide, we want to end every single mandate for every single canadian. pete: not just at this point, tyler, with truckers who can't cross the border, that is where it started right? if you weren't vaccinated you couldn't do that, it is something bigger for that, tyler. >> almost always been for every single canadian but that was the
3:35 am
tipping point. pete: absolutely. sheldon, i believe you're in ottawa as well. how long do you plan to be there? what is the demands of truckers and supporters. it isn't just truckers. we saw overpass after overpass this is across the country. >> thank you, pete. i'm not sure how long others are planning on being here. i'm planning to be here about a week to join in the festivities here. trying to bring peace to these guys. they need a lot of, we need a lot of help. there is aggravation out there. we're planning on staying for about a week. we'll see what happens after that. pete: interesting. troy, you're also there in ottawa, all three of you, thousands and tens of thousands of people descended there. when you have a convoy almost 50 minutes long and miles long, you're going to clog the streets. justin trudeau, your prime minister, is in hiding is what we understand.
3:36 am
what do you expect from the leadership in canada, troy? >> well you know at this moment i'm not sure what to effect from the leadership itself but the people are speaking themselves. the end trip here was to ottawa. destination of ottawa making a ching with a difference here. the people are smiling, cheering on, it has been incredible. so you know, yes our leadership should be here. they should be talking to us directly. we should be solving this issue and opening things up. and yet they're not here. that is okay. the people are taking the reins and they're leading right now. they're standing up. here we are. pete: troy, canadian officials, justin trudeau and others called you fringe extremists. you represent fringe extremist views, troy? >> i don't believe so. i'm a -- been in industry almost 30 years. i've been with a company that laid me off after 24 years.
3:37 am
i'm married, eight kids. church-going man. i fear god. goodness gracious if that is fringe, run, because we have no hope. pete: [laughter]. we have some of the same concerns, we have some of the same concerns here in the states, troy. there is no doubt of who they characterize as extreme and you might fit that profile here in the states as well which is insane. sheldon, is this, is there hope that following the science will eventually lead to these mandates and these restrictions coming or something your elite leadership are just obsessed with? >> yeah. i mean i believe there is only hope in christ to be honest. we'll see what the lord does here. i believe he could be using this as a moment to change canadian and american and world history for the better.
3:38 am
so, yeah, there is always hope. there is a lot of people waking up. these people are beautiful. pete: it is beautiful. i'm telling you, you're inspiring more than just your fellow canadians. you're inspiring americans who look at that convoy and those overpasses and wonder why aren't we mustering something like that, considering, if you would, tyler, what are you facing in canada? because in some ways some of the measures are even more draconian? what restrictions, mandates, measures canadians are facing causing an outcry? >> here in ontario where i'm from, can't go to a restaurant, go to a gym. they're closing down all the small businesses. for a while we were not able to leave the province. can't get on a plane, train, anything like that to go across canada so. pete: not to mention, not go to church which was one of the issues we had. >> yes. exactly. pete: absolutely in america as
3:39 am
well. tell you this, guys, tyler, sheldon, troy, god bless you, godspeed, thank you for what you're standing up for. you're an inspiration to all of us. we love our truckers in the states. we love our truckers in canada. god bless you guys. >> thanks so much. thanks for having us. >> thanks very much. god bless you. pete: god bless you. three freedom loving god-fearing men want the best for their country. coming up border battle a tense exchange between border agents and their chief caught on camera >> i've been doing this job as long as y'all. >> trying to for good measure. exactly what is happening here. you men are doing nothing. pete: national border patrol council president brandon judd about the growing frustration from his agents. that is interesting. coming up next.
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tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. do not take trelegy more than prescribed. trelegy may increase your risk of thrush, pneumonia, and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy, and save at ♪. >> don't give up. we stay focused, we continue to do the job and the mission. if we -- >> kind of hard to say that. >> defend the constitution. >> it is not hard to take. may be hard for you to take. i've been doing this 31 years. not hard for preto take, i've been doing this job as long as y'all. >> that is the problem. >> what is that? >> good men are doing nothing. you're allowing illegal aliens to -- rachel: leaked video showing a
3:44 am
heated exchange between border patrol and their chief during dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas visit to laredo, texas. bring in national border patrol council brandon judd to discuss. brandon, that video is remarkable, no question about it. the video was taken in secret and leaked to the public. it shows the frustration of the border patrol. what does the border patrol want the american public to do with this information since they clearly wanted us to see this exchange? >> this is absolutely unprecedented. we have never had uniformed border patrol agents while on duty that have been willing to challenge a cabinet level official and then on top of it, they were willing to challenge the chief patrol agent this, is something i have to do on a regular basis, this was agents in a meeting that were willing to do this, which clearly shows that we're at a point that we've never been before in the history
3:45 am
of the border patrol. chief ortiz says he has been in the border patrol for 31 years. i've been in the border patrol 24 years. i have never seen anything like this. three months into this administration we were frustrated. six months into the administration we were very angry. now we're absolutely demoralized. we want the american public to understand what is taking place on the border so they know that the threats are coming in. we want to secure the border because we love this country. we're patriotic. we love the and want to protect the american public this, administration is not doing it. in fact they are spitting in our face when we try to do what is right. rachel: i reading reports of syrians, all kinds of potential terror throats coming over the border you guys are caught. those are the ones that are caught. not ones we know get away because you're overwhelmed. let me show you more video from that exchange, take a look.
3:46 am
>> you're taking get get, criminal illegal aliens. >> fentanyl in the history of our country. >> [inaudible] >> i don't know. i don't know. we're working on it. rachel: brandon, this is so true, americans are dying, we had someone on earlier, a former dea agent who spoke with bryan kilmeade who shade that the chinese are involved in this. they are actually trying to destablize our country through fentanyl and overdosing. these numbers are off the charts, number of americans dying of drug overdoses this, is now a threat to our country. >> yeah. the chinese are winning. they know darn good and well all they have to do is flood our markets with hard narcotics. we just saw the most overdose deaths in the history of our country. it is coming from china. and when you have a chief patrol agent who is a career employee
3:47 am
not supposed to be political and he is, he is parroting political talking points, when he says that we should be attacking this problem south of our border that is not his job. his job is to our borders, not guatamala's borders, not mention mexico's border with other countries, that is his job. if we don't protect that the american public will continue to suffer. it is funny, for all of president biden's failures, for everyone of them he can be given success for one thing, he has broken the border patrol. rachel: yeah. i just want you to know, brandon, we're glad the border patrol is bringing attention to it. the american people feel i am poe tent as agents. we don't know what to do. i don't see an end until 2024, assuming that the democrats lose. i don't even think the midterms elections will change much this, is a policy coming from the biden administration, and it is
3:48 am
deliberate. thank you so much for joining us this morning. you're a straight talker. we appreciate it. >> thank you, rachel. rachel: all right. pete? pete: good for brandon speaking out, speaking truth. rachel, well-done. turning now to a few additional headlines including this. the national transportation safety board is joining the investigation into the collapse after pittsburgh bridge last week. the agency saying quote, the damage is massive. vowing to get to the cause of the disaster. records show that the 50-year-old bridge wasn't even on the list for federal infrastructure funding. they're going to claim it was. it wasn't. thankfully no one was killed but 10 people were hurt. former major league baseball all-star pitcher curt schilling opening up on his snub from the baseball hall of fame. >> my family has been dealing with a lot of different issues. this period of time every year
3:49 am
became very, unhappy. because the media created a caricature and a character that actually doesn't exist. pete: that was on the great first episode of one nation with brian kilmeade. cone grootlations again, brian, great show. 10th final year of eligibility shilling fell short of 75% of votes needed. he attributes being left out to media coverage of his conservative views. apparently supporting donald trump or being a conservative means you can't make it into the hall of fame. insane. all right. there you have it, will, any chance he gets in, any chance? will: no. well, i mean that was his 10th and final time among the sportswriters. has a chance with the veterans committee. he belongs in the hall of fame. pete: really does. new e-mails show some of america's top scientists who downplayed the covid lab leak
3:50 am
theory sang a different tune in private. we have a doctor on that next.
3:51 am
it's our january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and, it's temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now $1,999. plus, 0% interest for 48 months.
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3:53 am
♪. will: new questions about covid origins. emails show a top virologist told dr. fauci in january 2020
3:54 am
that some of the virus features look potentially engineered. we have a stanford medical professor here. doctor, i think, honestly when i look at the emails, i look through the emails, that is some of the least damning or condemning revelations we're seeing here. it seems obvious doctors new or had high suspicion this did not come from a wet market. at the same time they said what can we do from getting this out? >> that is a coverup. a straight up coverup. i don't know we know that it was a lab leak but what is really clear all of these top scientists including dr. fauci knew that it was a possibility, and they worked to hide that fact from the american public. will: yeah. you look at this there is an email here to dr. faw economy from francis collins saying, i wonder if there is something nih can do to put down this destructive theory at the same time, they're acknowledging, you
3:55 am
point out not the certainty of the theory but the validity of the theory. >> what they did they covered it up. what they did, they made it so that anyone who questioned that theory, the idea that was a lab leak treated as fringe scientist, someone on the outside a conspiracy theorist, when they knew so well so many top virologists of the world thought the lab leak was a real possibility. a pattern of behavior by them, when ever they are challenged, marginalized, demonized opposing scientists trying to create this illusion there is some consensus that didn't exist. they did this also to me actually with the idea of a lockdown being necessary to help manage the virus. it is amazing thing to have the head of the nih, dr. fauci work together to essentially assert their way to throw their muscle around. they fund so many scientists. they created this massive illusion that they consensus when there just isn't one.
3:56 am
they really misserved the american public. will: oh, yeah. disservice to the american public. i mean a reputation destruction of dr.s like yourself. there is a great many of you, nothing short, nothing short of a coverup. the only real question where do we go. doctor, great to talk to you this morning, thank you. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. > subway's eat fresh refreshr, safelite replace. ♪ has so many new footlongs, here's how they line up. we got the new chicken & bacon ranch, new baja steak & jack, and the new baja chicken & bacon, aka "the smokeshow." save big. order through the app.
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4:00 am
♪. ♪ i'm easy, i'm easy like sunday morning ♪ rachel: good morning, everybody. welcome back to the 7:00 eastern hour here at "fox & friends." it is 6:00 a.m. central time. or as pete says in god's country. it is always easy sunday morning when you have got pete and will together.
4:01 am
all three of us together on "fox & friends." finally the three of us. good morning, nice, pete. pete: good morning. will: how are you doing? rachel: we have a lot of snow this weekend. my kids were out enjoying the snow. i will say, pete, sean and i took advantage, that is my daughter, margarita in the pink hat with her neighbor savannah with awesome shreds the neighbors have. they were having a ball. thank you for the the tenners for what. we finished up watching "miseducation of america." we were all stuck in the house. tell you what, the last episode might be the best episode. they were all great. it was great. thanks for that,. pete: pete appreciate it, rachel, if you're stuck at home, watch binge-watch the
4:02 am
"miseducation of america". we stayed inside while the kids attempted to shred. i took a midday nap like i do on "fox & friends." that was me after shoveling over an hour. while the kids attempted to help. i like right angles. i like clean show snow. they mess up my paths. doesn't maybe me happy. you have a pile with big pile and that is me with a broken spirit giving up at the end. rachel: what about you guys. will: i'm sorry it is so cold. this, took one picture yesterday. i was at a soccer tournament. it was high 60s. beautiful. that is, that is mountain dew as my kids are participating in a soccer tournament. by the way, starting tomorrow, i've been talking about this, guys, i'm doing a thing 75 hard i get my act together. drink gallon of water, no sugar, no alcohol. it is like mardi gras.
4:03 am
mountain dew, chocolate croissants, trip to mexico. needed it a little warmer than that last couple days. rachel: can you explain that a little better, will? what are you going to be doing, explain that a little better? will: okay. really quickly, because i know we have a news show to get here. this 15 hard, do five things every day 75 days. drink a gallon of water. 10 pages of nonfiction. work out twice a day, have to be separated. take a picture of yourself. 75 days, straight, rachel, you have to do that. i kind of committed myself. they say in navy seal training the guys that ring the bell, meaning ones that quit had a little quit in them before they started. you have to have no quit to make it through hell week to become a seal. i have already got quit in me. i already know i'm very nervous. [laughter]. pete: that is a lot, will. i would sign up for 75 soft
4:04 am
right now. but that is, update me about day, i don't know, 17 or 18. will: no, day three, will be -- rachel: we're going to be -- pete: are you kidding me? will: i know. rachel: i can't even find time for one. nice work, will. i love that kind of commitment in you. will: haven't started yet. i appreciate your belief in me. pete: profess ad desire to participate. i think he can do it. rachel: well, tell you who i don't believe in? i don't believe in joe biden. i don't believe that joe biden cares about our southern border and here is president trump who is also upset that joe biden seems to care more about borders in foreign distant land than willingness to put american troops in defense of those borders but he is not willing to
4:05 am
do anything about what is happening at our southern border. in fact this is a deliberate plan by him to do this. listen to trump talk about the border crisis. >> everyone in washington is obsessing over how to protect ukraine's border but the most important border in the world right now for us is not ukraine's bored, it's america's border and we do nothing about it but let people come in, we have no idea who they are. the first duty of the american president is to defend the american border. there are sinister faces of corruption, lawless, political establishments like this should not be allowed to continue. they send young americans to fight and die for the borders of distant foreign nations while they throw our borders open to illegal foreign invasion. we fight for other borders but
4:06 am
we don't fight for our own. rachel: pete, i think that president trump is hitting on a topic that makes americans really angry. i know the press has been throwing around that number, two million illegals, people who have no right to be in this country, have come through our border thanks to biden's very deliberate policies of opening the border, not allowing border patrol to take people back. ending the remain in mexico policy, so they have to come here. flying them across the country on taxpayer dime through flights and buses and scattering them across the country with no way of tracking them. all of these things are happening, pete. the american people feel totally impotent to this. i think seeing the president talk about going ukraine and defending their border is just
4:07 am
making americans even more mad. pete: that is exactly right. hitting the right tone, the right contrast, the right comparison because you heard biden administration officials talk about the sovereignty sacrosanct borders in ukraine as they keep our absolutely wide open. that two million number, probably low, the facilitation, rachel, you know is very real in the middle of the night. it is an absolute stain and absolute sin, something underreported, we talked about it on friday, maybe saturday once, we'll send troops to eastern europe or not too many or just a few he said at the end. what a strong signal of your policy position. we're sending some troops, not too many, either you send them because they mean something, send them with a mission, but certainly don't say we're sending a few, not too many in eastern europe. they're sending none to the eastern border. i don't think we should send any to the ukrainian border, sending
4:08 am
them to our own southern border, donald trump he did last night live on "fox nation," hit that contrast and that tone. i love the interview just done, rachel you did it with brandon judd, the national border patrol council president. these are moments leaders like brandon judd have to stand up for the men and women he represents. he talked about what joe biden has done to the border patrol. take a listen. >> three months into the administration we were frustrated. six months into the administration, we were very angry. now we're absolutely demoralized. and we want the american public to understand what is taking place on the border so they know threats are coming in. we want to secure the border because we love this country, we're patriotic, we want to protect the american public. this administration is not doing it. in fact they're spitting in our face when we try to do what is right. for all of president biden's failures, for everyone of them, he can be given success for one thing, he has broken the border
4:09 am
patrol. will: hey, guys, we spend a lot of time the three of us, rightfully so talking about what is right or wrong. we don't often indulge the conversation about what is politically expedient what is not what works. let me tell you this, having done this for quite sometime, i remember a time when republicans for got how important the border issue was border issue was to the american voter. donald trump highlighted, put that on the front burner, i care about this. we not stopping illl immigration. talking about the ukrainian border once again, politicians the aisle are forgetting how big of an issue this is for the american people. this right here is a motivating factor at the voting booth. do something about this problem. the american people want something done. i will just say this, guys. we move on to this, i think it highlights the american people what they want, at least in this case, in los angeles.
4:10 am
i think, i think, rachel always says you get the people that you vote for. you get the people you want. on new york, on l.a., the politicians that they have. one l.a. city councilmember is saying, no, no, we don't need george gascon, our d.a. any mower. he said the following to fox digital. we can't sit idly by and do nothing to protect our community from crimes. what am i good for as an elected official? one of the things i can do as an elected official to protect my neighbors. he is looks ways to distance themselves, andrew, lara. from district attorney george gascon. rachel: the condition in l.a. has gotten out of control. i watched "lawrence jones cross country" last night. he had amazing interviews.
4:11 am
the assistant d.a. that works under gas gone, the amazing moment, border patrol leaking videos this is not anything we've ever seen before breaking ranks like that. this is another situation where the assistant d.a., is basically saying my boss is hurting l.a. putting the, the public saying why don't you step up, you know, if this, if this recall election goes through and if they can recall gascon. they want him to step up and take the place. the situation is completely out of control. here is john mckinney, county deputy district l.a., i was talking about. this is what he has to say about, about gascon. >> my boss has implemented a lot of bad ideas in the last year, that he has been the district attorney. he is advocating on behalf of people to be released from prison sooner than they should. he is not meeting with victims.
4:12 am
he is not allowing d.a.s to attend parole hearings. he is undercharging offenses including violent offenses. not charging special allegations, special circumstances. everything he is doing is aimed at reducing the prison and jail populations. has nothing to do with helping people. >> is he upholding state and federal law right now? >> no. absolutely not. our district attorney is nullifying important laws. he is doing it explicitly and unapologetically. pete: exactly right. nullifying the law, taking the law into his own hands or in this case not taking the law into his own hands. some things changed in los angeles. they're starting to sweep out some of the homeless and other things because the super bowl is coming. the worst form of leadership possible, oh, visitors are coming. clean up real quick for a little bit. then we'll go back to our soft on crime policies. will, let me ask you this, you
4:13 am
would know how district attorneys work, this guy must not have been elected with gascon. very few people stand up to the camera saying my boss has implemented a lot of bad ideas. if i did that i wouldn't be in my position all that long. what is the relationship, maybe you know, rachel, for a deputy district attorney, they work for the district attorney, they can be openly critical? maybe i'm thinking of it through a military hierarchy lens too much or can they be totally independent. will: it is remarkable. i think you can. rachel: it is remarkable. will: real quickly, it is not like the military but it is remarkable. for anyone to speak out about their boss in that way is a big statement. pete: yeah. rachel: i believe, in my husband's office, not office as big as l.a. but his assistant district attorney was appointed by him. so i don't know if that is the case in l.a., will, would you say that is the case across the country? will: i think, i don't know if you were asking me that,.
4:14 am
rachel: yeah. will: quick note in our ear to move along. we have to move to some headlines. pete: going to make for an awkward monday morning. will: will make for awkward monday morning. some d.a.s are elected i'm sure they appoint their assistant as well. maybe he is ready to run, maybe that is what is happening in l.a., maybe this guy is ready to run in l.a. against gascon. rachel: yeah. will: turn to additional headlines i've been prompted, maryland governor larry hogan is doubling reward for information to $100,000 after three firefighters are killed in a baltimore house fire. the fire in a vacant row home last week caused a partial collapse and trapped the firefighters inside. police say the reward for information that will identify a person of interest in the deadly fire. fox weather alert, the quote, blizzard of 2022, how it
4:15 am
is being dubbed, lashing new england with near hurricane force winds, feet of snow and freezing temperatures and flash flooding hitting parts of the northeast as blizzard conditions were confirmed in several states. the storm grinding travel on the east coast to a halt with more than 4600 flights canceled. over to tennis australian open in the finals is happening right now. it is world number two, daniil medvedev up two sets to one against 6th ranked rafael nadal. he is entering tonight to surpass novak djokovic's 21 titles. djokovic is not competing in this year's tournament because of his covid vaccine status. those are your headlines. rachel. rachel: all right. still to come, canadians fighting for freedom as truck drivers and supporters rally against covid mandates.
4:16 am
dr. marc siegel says america needs to listen and he is on deck. plus dc comics woke "superman" reboot is not flying off the shelves. joe concha on not so super sales ♪. allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. it's our january sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and, it's temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, queen now $1,999. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life.
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♪. >> we're fighting for freedom for all canadians but canada wide, we want to end every single mandate for every canadian. >> i will be here a week joining ins festivities here, joining to bring peace for these guys. >> they should be here, talking to us directly and should be solving this issue. and opening things up yet they're not here. pete: thousands of truck drivers in that freedom convoy fighting back against canada's covid mandates and the restriction forcing any non-zit send non-citizen entering the u.s. to be vaccinated. dr. marc siegel says they deserve our respect. he is right, and dr. siegel is
4:21 am
here. dr. siegel, they are standing up, should be on the front lines in the beginning. justin trudeau saluted to them with a hashtag thank to all of our truckers. now he is in hiding, because apparently asking for freedom is a bridge too far? >> very concerning, isn't that a typical politician, pete? these are front line workers. what is the difference between a hospital worker or a medical worker like me and a truck her is trying to bring you produce to live or products to live through, thick and thin? they're not working remotely, are they? 2700 is the tip of the iceberg here. canada better pay attention. so better the united states by the way. this is happening with truckers returning across the border from the u.s. they're basically shunning us. where is the medicine behind this by the way? where is the public health? 90% of these truckers are already vaccinated. not only that, there is no evidence that being vaccinated prevents spread of the omicron variant. it spreads anyway, doesn't it?
4:22 am
what about people who got over covid? how come they're not counted? they have immunity, natural immunity? what about using rapid tests? none of that makes public health sense at all and the politicians are hiding. pete: doctor, help me out here, i know the confusion has been the so-called science and the so-called standards in the united states. what has it been like in canada? have they created a different approach? this is a massive countrywide backlash? >> they have had a real government overview, big government overreach throughout the entire pandemic. sometimes that has been helpful in terms of getting rapid identification of new variants or rapid vaccination program but it is tied to the national health insurance. this is not isolated. the whole country is tired of it. look at mother country across the pond, shouldn't they? the united kingdom is pulling back on restrictions as cases
4:23 am
fall. in canada, pete, there was only 9,000 cases, 124 deaths. how long can you tie down an entire country, the economy, the public psyche? the entire country is rebelling against this, not just the truckers by the way were terrific on your show. it's a wake-up call with the world. we can live with covid. we're used to covid. we can fight covid without tying down the entire country. of course the government is running away from this. they have been having a history of overreach from the beginning. pete: justin trudeau is a literally the government is running away from this, hides in a non-disclosed area, away from having to actually address this. real quick, whether canada or united states, doctor, when happens in uk, and london and getting rid of mask mandates and vaccine mandates. we're living with covid.
4:24 am
what is chances politicians in canada, maybe in the united states, maybe for their own electoral reason come to that reasoning as well? >> we'll get there before canada is. justin trudeau is not setting a great example here. by the way he has a child who has covid. he is supposedly quarantining. he may be spreading it as he runs away. that is another poor example. we're getting closer to that here, we better listen to the united kingdom, israel, countries in europe starting to do before we have a rebellion here. our cases are dropping here, pete, in the northeast they're going way down. across the country, we're starting to see that too. we have the tools. get the therapeutics, more of the therapeutics and testing but time to open up. pete: amen. dr. marc siegel, thank you very much for your time, appreciate it. >> great to be with you, pete. have a great day. pete: good to see you always. you too. up next are capitol police
4:25 am
secretly spying on members of congress and the people they meet with? former wisconsin congressman sean duffy reacts to the disturbing new report. still to come, who is really in charge of black lives matter megamillions fortune? it appears no one actually knows. maybe we get to the bottom of it >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates
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4:29 am
♪. >> this is the great work that they have done on this snowman. it is pretty small but does look good. a great effort but in wisconsin much bigger, bolder, oh, the dogs, the dog just peed right
4:30 am
now on the snowman. so he has got a little yellow stain on him. rachel: oh, my goodness. that was on little margarita who paid that snow man. rick reichmuth would not be packable snow. our dog skippy, just lifted up his leg there and took a pe. it happens. [laughter]. >> i thought the dog wanted to participate, add a little color and flavor to the snowman. if you pee on a snowman that is the side of a snowman a dog would pee upon. look how sad the snow was. big and bold snowmen in which is, this snow was not packable. we had this little tiny snowman, the dog decide to pee on it.
4:31 am
pete: that is why he peed on it. skip hi has higher standards for a snowman. >> this doesn't meet the standard. will: wisconsin guy showing off there. real quick, wisconsin guy showing of, no jacket in the snow. just a sweater. he is not cold. >> i -- [inaudible] pete: well-done. good job, skippy. good job, duffy kids. that snowman may stick around pathetic as it is it will stay cold. we have this piece of news we want to get your take on, sean. you know a lot about capitol hill. we know increased scrutiny and come after january 6th, members still not open to the public, of visitors.
4:32 am
the capitol police, sean, are examining backgrounds and social media feeds people who meet with lawmakers this, is not people who meet with lawmakers on capitol hill. this in some cases anyone meets with members of congress, fund-raisers, events in their own district. apparently this is wide open this, is a capitol police statement to "politico" in response to this reporting. they said quote, the more public information we have the better we can understand what kind and how much security is necessary. sean, is this role of the capitol police to look into anybody, someone like you might be meeting with? >> not just looking at donors, people hold a town hall or fund-raiser, they're looking at your spouse, looking at constituents to come to see you at the capitol. the capitol police are understaffed by hundreds of people. they don't have enough people to even release folks to go trane, to make sure their skillsets are at high level. they have taken on this whole new effort.
4:33 am
seems like an effort to attack republicans right? republicans have the scrutiny of the capitol police. i agree. their charge is to keep the capitol safe and members of congress safe. remember when eric swalwell was sleeping with a chinese spy, the capitol police might get involved in that, not our constituents and our donors. what is troubling the seen that the democrats have here, which is one that has continued. not only are the capitol police spying on republican members of congress, they also remember, have this metal detectors outside of the house chamber. any republican, any democrat walks into the house chamber, like going through through ttsa, they have to get wanded down, they drive the narrative democrats are not safe when republicans come into the house chamber. we need to wand them down. we need capitol police to make sure republicans are not a threat to democracy. we have to use capitol police to spy on them. guys, you will see what this
4:34 am
capitol police, research they gather, actually goes to the democrat party, it is used in campaign ads if at all possible. one last point. rachel: opposition research. >> you would think if there was a risk the capitol police we'll sit down with me, member of congress, they brief me, talk about, you will meet with someone, risks here safety to your family. capitol police are not briefing any republicans on risk threats. they are accumulating information, compiling it, we have idea what for. will: that is my question for you, sean, can we find out? the capitol police, correct me if i'm wrong as i ask you this question, answer to nancy pelosi, speaker of the house. this has to be public record, right? to gather all this information, what then the capitol police do wit, who they turn it over to has to be discoverable, has to be public record? >> it is not foiaable. good question.
4:35 am
only way we get the information is if republicans take control of the chamber in the november elections and are sworn in the majority next january. however, the concern with this is, if the task force that is gathering this information, don't put it on computers, put it in paperwork in their safe, and they know this is constitutional violation, when that change happens, they will grab the paperwork, even though belongs to the capitol police, belong to american people, walk away it, destroy it, or walk over the dccc give it to them to use for politics against republicans. you will not get this, the program will be exposed, maybe not the information, the program will be exposed with kevin mccarthy as speaker of the house. rachel: the most telling signs this is not on the up and up, when this came out, nancy pelosi didn't say, oh, my gosh, members of congress are being spied on, we need hearings, need to get to the bottom of this, nothing, silence. we don't know who gave the
4:36 am
order. did she direct this internal investigative unit to do this or give a wink and a nod? we have no idea. i believe this might be, this story has been buried because this news cycle is crazy, right? we have the secret flights. we have the supreme court justice, ukraine, you know the two officers who were gunned down in new york and funerals. there is just, an avalanche of news, yet this might be one of the most important news stories of the year because this is like a secret police. this is the kind of stuff i never thought would happen in america. this is the like cuba. this is like the soviet union. this is like nazi germany. this is the secret police gathering information on americans who have done nothing wrong. they are exercising their right to see the member of congress. just so people understand. a lot of people don't understand the first amendment, the right to see your congressman, to redress your issues is as sacrosanct as the right to free
4:37 am
speech. you're doing nothing wrong by going to your member of congress's office. nobody should be collecting secret files, creating a political dossier on you, you see them, about to an event to give money to your congressman. this is serious stuff. we've seen this abuse when sean was in office. many of his donors, his top donors were audited. >> by the irs. rachel: this is serious stuff. >> you have to go, democrats use the fbi and doj and cia to spy on donald trump. we saw the biden administration use the doj and department of education to spy on parents petitioning the school boards. now you see the capitol police spy on republicans this, is the democrat party using the power of government to attack their political enemies or enemies of the state that are republicans. this is a frightening new frontier with power of government used by one party to attack and go after another
4:38 am
party. if they can go after donald trump or members of congress they can go after anybody. they can go after you, frightening. rachel: biggest story you're not hearing about. will: really is. pete: very insightful stuff. sean, appreciate your time, your expertise. you go from being an expert to a being a coffeemaker, paper pusher for your wife. >> that is what i do here in the mornings, guys. rachel: gives me my coffee. pete: i love it. all right, coming up, will he or won't he, reports on whether or not tom brady will retire are sparking massive confusion. joe concha on the rumors rumbling the world of football. ♪. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a
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4:43 am
of this blizzard and nor'easter is. up to two feet of snow. what a difference. look at the pictures from yesterday, as the blowing snow, up to 70 mile-an-hour wind gusts as the blizzard wreaked havoc in gloucester, massachusetts, about 30 miles nor east of boston. tremendously difficult conditions. we looked at waves crashing up into a hotel here in new england. amazing, nantucket took a bunch of water, coastal flooding in that beautiful area, as they are recovering today. now the thing is, guys, about over 100,000 people in massachusetts are still out of power across the state. we did not lose power here in gloucester, massachusetts, thankfully. but, the sun is out but it is freezing cold, about 11 degrees with the wind, feels below zero. back to you, adam, in the fox
4:44 am
weather center with more details on this nor'easter's aftermath. adam? adam: thank you, robert. stay warm. really cooling off on the back side of the system. the snow is wrapping up, pushed off overnight. completely clear sunny skies, it is fridge did out there, freeze warning, windchill warning particularly in the interior areas, feels like temperatures, negative 10, negative seven degrees, negative five degrees in boston early this morning. if you're without power that is very, very cold. not just cold if you live outside of the region. chilly across the country. highlight an area in florida, 42 degrees in miami. hard freeze from the florida big bend stretching into southern florida. frigid cold air, not just in the northeast but stretching across the country. will: cold everywhere, thank you, adam, for the update.
4:45 am
dc comics learning a tough lesson in the truth, justice and the american way, as the n.o.w. woke superman failed to fly with readers. new issue, not breaking top 50 comic books sold in the last month. here to react, fox news and "the hill" columnist joe concha. there is a saying go woke, get broke. this idea, that very small radical minority of people are pushing this whole concept that is really seeming to dictate american culture. "superman" or d.c. didn't see, learned the lesson the hard way, joe. >> certainly have. these editions are simply not selling. i can't wait for the next edition, will. where batman tells catwoman he is asexual and break things off. dick grayson helps hunter biden open a gallery in and "wonder woman" brings joe manchin and krysten sinema as
4:46 am
crimes against humanity. these are page turners. this thing isn't selling, to your point, maybe, maybe we want to see the good guys fight the bad guys. the escapism is totally taken away. with major award shows, will, the oscars like listening to speeches at the democratic national convention. the woke mob supposed to embrace this stuff. they seem powerful on twitter, overwhelmingly number of people representing true sentiment. they're doing anything but proving once again twitter is not real life. will: that is a great point, will. the oscars have plummeted in relevance and ratings, who cares? no one cares anymore. by their own self-destruction. move to this, you're a big football fan, i'm a big football fan, tom brady, is he or is he not retiring? there are conflicted reports. respected espn reporters adam chefter and jeff darlington are
4:47 am
saying he is retiring. i laid out reasons he may not be just yet, 15 million reasons specifically that could come later this week. what do you think about tom brady's potential retirement? >> from a physical and mental perspective no reason to retire. he is arguably coming off his best season despite being in his mid 40s. the arm strength is there he is two steps ahead of his opponents mentally. in that respect i don't see him retiring. he is at the top of his game. he is a doting father. maybe full-time job to be with his family and before they go off to college. he has regret being not there for them. if he retires, seven-time super bowl champion. to put that number in context, two closest to super bowl victories, joe montana, terry bradshaw, who just have four. he led one of the greatest comebacks in history, the
4:48 am
overtime win. i frame this, like dewey defeats cover. it says a bitter end on it. tom brady on his knees a falcon defensive back, returns a touchdown. "the boston globe" goes with what they think will be the headline next day. turns out brady leads them back. if he does retire. never count this guy out. will: i never saw that i never saw that. >> crazy. will: dewey defeats truman newspaper. seven-time world champion. i love the context against montana. i was a big, montana greatest of all time. long ago brady put that debate to rest, long time ago. quick stat, joe, 20 times, 20 seasons a starter. 10 of them in the super bowl. half the time he plays is in the championship game. >> other stat. he goes to tampa bay never wins except for one season, he wins in the first season there.
4:49 am
incredible. will: great to stalk to you, joe. >> see ya. will: who is controlling blm's 60 million-dollar bankroll? our next guest explains why no one really knows. sorry, one sec. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. only pay for what you need. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. i didn't know my genetic report could tell me i was prone to harmful blood clots. i travel a ton, so this info was kind of life changing. maybe even lifesaving. ♪do you know what the future holds?♪
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4:53 am
♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." who is leading black lives matter and controlling their 60 million-dollar bankroll? new reporting seems to show no one really knows. instead public records reveal that blm transferred millions of dollars to a charity to purchase a canadian mansion once owned by the communist party. here with more is spokesperson for color us united christian watson. christian, welcome to "fox & friends." so i'm a little bit confused here. how is buying a mansion in a predominantly white neighborhood in canada helping alleviate racial justice in the united states of america? >> well it is not and black lives matter lack of transparency should be concerned to anyone who genuinely cares about black lives. this underscores a broader problem within black lives matter. the problem black lives matter ideology does not help a single inner-city kid at all. teaches them they cannot
4:54 am
control, goes ahead, they have to be radical activists for the political left. this is against the sober advice of men like booker t. washington, to encourage black folks to perfect themselves and their communities and those they love instead of changing the world. perhaps black lives matter should get their own stuff in order to supposedly try to save black folks. rachel: maybe the corporations that tried to buy some sort of be a solution, racial be a solution to blm. to call for transparency. next week is blm week in many public schools. to be clear, the schools are saying it is not sponsored by blm. we're just using the principles of black lives matter. you just gave a case for why black lives matters doesn't empower black people. what do you think about public schools holding blm week? >> well, if you go to the black
4:55 am
lives action things website, which is where they're laying out what they will be doing in public schools, it is all built on a lie. it is built on the idea that bills have been passed to combat critical race theory which is divisive anti-american ideology and stymie conversations about racial justice. in all reality the texas bill says, one of the more officer remember schuss of these bills to talk about white supremacy and slavery and klan we cannot do it standpoint of someone who didn't do. can't say someone who is white or black, has responsibility for someone who looked like them did. the principles are just as bad as the organization in my opinion. rachel: oh, christian, so much common sense. wish you could give that all to blm. thanks for joining us. this morning. always thoughtful. >> thank you for having me. rachel: christian watson. we reached out to black lives matter for a
4:56 am
statement and we have not heard back. up next, former president trump is rallying for republicans to take back the majority in the midterms. his message for voters next. >> this november you have to throw these raving lunatics the hell out of power and elect strong, smart, tough, republicans. [cheering] have exclusive techny and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ it was time for a nunormal with nucala. nucala reduces asthma attacks
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♪ muck turn the beat around. ♪ love to hear percussion ♪♪ will: the boardwalk of wildwood, new jersey. good morning and welcome to "fox & friends." we get straight to the blizzard of '22. 2022 is being dubbed slam new england with near hurricane-force winds, feet of snow and freezing temperatures. fox multimedia journalist will
5:01 am
nunley joins us live in massachusetts with more. good morning, will. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. a lot of this critical digging out now happening in 15-degree weather. that's what we're experiencing in chatham, massachusetts, out here on the cape. thousands still without power. about this same time yesterday a lot of us lost power with hurricane force winds, we're talking 70, 75, in some spots evening 80 mile-per-hour winds blasting snow onto the shore. it sure did leave a pretty scene behind. this, again, overlooking the cape here in chatham, massachusetts. boy, what a beautiful landscape that we are seeing here. and look at some of the snow drifts. if you can see that on your screen, the wind forced the snow if in some areas, and we've used these spots of green behind some of the buildings, that just shows you how fast this snow was being blasted onto the shore
5:02 am
where we are here this morning. the local utilities still reporting an incredible amount of outages, and it was pretty late last night, 9, 10:00 before the wind died down enough for the power crews to get out here and start tackling a lot of these outages. at at one point saying 89% of their service area was without power, so they're trying to do the painstaking mission of getting out, making sure the conditions are safe enough and, again, 15-degree weather to start restoring power. meanwhile, some record-setting snowfall. boston, looking at about 26 inches of snowfall. incredible numbers coming in. a lot of predictions that the fox weather team had for this storm have held true and, but, boy, what a beautiful sight left behind. thanks to the fox flight team for this view this morning. rachel: yeah, it's a great shot, will. thanks so much, will nunley. >> reporter: absolutely. rachel: all right. we're going to turn now to the rising tensions at the ukraine
5:03 am
border. u.k. prime minister boris johnson is ordering extra troops to eastern europe hoping to send a clear message to the kremlin. lucas tomlinson joins us live from washington. lucas, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rachel. two days after president biden announced he's sending, quote, not a lot of troops to eastern europe, nato's secretary genre it rated no nay -- nato forces would be sent to ukraine. >> we're not aggressive to anyone, but if somebody make aggression against ukraine, we have to defend our country. >> reporter: russian air a defense units have arrived in belarus by rail putting russian forces just 60 miles from ukraine's capital. the white house has vowed to unleash crippling sanctions if russia invades, but the "wall
5:04 am
street journal" reports off the table for now sanctions or russian -- on russian oil and natural gas exports. congressman mike if turner thinks the biden administration if should have acted sooner to ward off this potential invasion. >> they should have been giving lethal weapons to ukraine so they can defend themselves. just now they're talking about moving troops into the nato countries that are in the area. >> reporter: british prime minister boris johnson says his forces are being sent across eastern europe but not ukraine. and one more thing, if will is saying fox news weather predicted this weatherer, who does he have in the 49ers/rams game on fox later today? i want to know. [laughter] will: i took the niners. but with the points. >> reporter: make it three straight. will: make it three straight, right. i don't know if i'd pick them
5:05 am
outright. i think they're getting 7. >> reporter: of course we're talking about the spread. will: okay, good. [laughter] sophisticated man, lucas -- pete: man's always got a curveball. i like it. lucas tomlinson from ukraine to los angeles rams and san francisco 49ers, we appreciate it. definite if breadth of knowledge. it will be interesting to see what happens there. what a no man's land in ukraine. even what we call ukraine gives a sense of where you stand. if you call it ukraine, you recognize it as a sovereign state. folks that are pro-russia shah -- russia call it the ukraine, a territory of the former soviet union. even the words, you know, give an a indication of what side you're onful we'll see what happens and whether nato steps up. in texas last night if former president donald trump took to the podium, as he often does, he spoke for an hour and 20 minutes
5:06 am
at a massive rally all of which was streamed live on fox nation. he rallied supporters in texas talking about the contrast of what the disaster of what the last year has been, the democratic leadership, the lack of leadership from the white house and how their policies and their incompetence are hurting america. here's a portion of what president donald trump said last night in texas. >> what joe biden and pelosi and schumer and congress have done to our country in just one year is a travesty of the highest order. inflation is skyrocketing, gas prices are soaring, supply chains, they're crumbling. can you believe what's happening? you can't get anything. the shelves are empty. i did a book, they can't publish it. they can't get the paper, the glue, the ink. go out and buy it, you'll like it. murders are surging, illegal aliens are pouring in by the millions and millions.
5:07 am
china is threatening taiwan, iran is on the cusp of a nuclear bomb. russia may take over ukraine. this november you have to throw these raving lunatics the hell out of power and elect -- [cheers and applause] strong, smart, tough republicans who will restore your boards, protect your safety, defend your jobs and put america first. [cheers and applause] will: can't get the supplies to make a my book. go out and buy it, you'll like it. [laughter] dystopian future that he paints because it's true. can you imagine all that in one year's time? one year's time. and, you know, there's kind of a maxim, rachel. the presidencies are defined by not the things that you can control, but the things that that you didn't anticipate.
5:08 am
and more, almost inevitably, that is about foreign policy. george w. bush wanted to come in as the education president, and 9/11 happened. in a year's time, joe biden has managed to bungle almost everything possible domestically from covid to inflation, and yet here comes the curveball, the one that every presidency is defined by, foreign policy. what's going to happen in ukraine, afghanistan, potentially china and taiwan. i don't even think the hard part has yet begun for joe biden. rachel: no. i think you're so right. and remember, on the situation with ukraine, joe biden's going to get no help from germany who should be caring about what's happening in ukraine more than us. but they're completely dependent on russian gas and oil because of joe biden's policies. they've become more dependent. and we've also become dependent on foreign oil, and it's making us weaker and poorer. so all of this is a result of
5:09 am
policies. i want to bring up some other things that he said in his speech that i thought was so interesting. they torture -- this is donald trump. they torture your children with math in school while they host -- with masks in schools while they host parties in san francisco. they restrict your freedom and lock you in your home while they abolish cash bail and release thousands of dangerous murderers and criminals into the streets, etc., etc. just calling out the hypocrisy of so much of what joe biden is doing. i never thought, will and pete, that it would get this bad this fast, and you can tell from the poll numbers -- and i've brought this up continuously especially with hispanics -- there is a lot of buyer's remorse. and when you see that hispanics are 50-50 between trump and biden or republicans and democrats, you know something really huge is happening in this country politically.
5:10 am
pete: it's a great point. and, you know, rachel, they always want to accuse donald trump of being a dictator or having autocratic tendencies when he wanted to give more freedom and tax cuts to the people, autonomy to the people. no moment more significant than those early months and first year of covid-19 when, if we'd had a true autocrat or someone with left-wing tendencies to lock everyone down, america would look a lot different today. imagine if it had been hillary clinton, imagine if it had been joe biden from the beginning of covid-19. states wouldn't have had the prerogatives they had. there wouldn't have been, at least initially, choice. so that us now, citizens, now we're saying where's my choice, where's my freedom. well, you don't have to go that far to imagine what that might hook like. just go north of our border where justin trudeau, from the beginning, has taken a federal top-down, lockdown mandate
5:11 am
approach across the population. and guess what? they're fed up with it. and rightfully so. and is we've seen one of the biggest protests of all of covid-19 likely in all of north america. you know, we saw some stuff with gym owners which is super important and hair salon owners and others, we saw a rally in washington, d.c. in this week, and those are all great. they all pale in comparison to the size and scope of what canadian truck drivers are doing, overpasses packed with maskless canadians saying end these mandates, end these lockdowns, give us freedom. it is inspiring to watch and a reaction to a top-down, autocratic approach from justin trudeau who's still in hiding because he was exposed to a kid who has covid and now he's in an undisclosedded location because he's afraid of these people up there in ottawa. really all they're doing is parked in their trucks saying end these mandates. we had a chance to talk to three of those truckers many that
5:12 am
convoy this morning on "fox & friends" and, boy, they doesn't mince words. here's a summary. >> we're fighting for freedom for all canadiens. >> -- canadians. >> we want to end all mandates for every single canadian. >> i've joined in the festivities here and decided to make peace with these guys. they need a lot of, they need a lot of help. there's some aggravation out there. >> our leadership should be here, they should be talking to us directly, solving this issue, opening things up. and yet they're not here. that's okay. the people are taking the reins, and they're leading right now. they're standing up and here we are. will: it was a great interview, two of those guys from their trucks. canada is fighting back with. fighting back in europe has worked. you know in the past couple of weeks culminating in the past week we've seen the united kingdom drop passports, vaccine passports. denmark has dropped it.
5:13 am
catalonia within spain has dropped the requirements in response to public pressure to the people standing up and fighting back and making their voice heard. you know? and here we have washington, d.c., here we have new york, here we have a country where there is an active attempt to censor summon like -- someone like joe rogan where culture is pushing down on people where other places, notably in canada, people push back, rachel. rachel: yeah. the people are pushing back. and i guarantee if people had not pushed back, we would right now, all of us -- and as pete pointed out, if we didn't have donald trump at the start of this allowing governors to create little pockets of freedom within our country, we would not be on lockdown, but we would be on this passport, vaccine passport system which is really the beginning of what the chinese have is, social credit
5:14 am
score system. and that is really what the elites are after. and and that is what i believe the canadians are really fighting about, because 90% of canadians are vaccinated. this is really them fighting back against this next step which is the social credit score system. if you spoke with dr. marc siegel earlier, pete, and he told you that this is proof that we we don't need to tie down our entire country. listen. >> these are front-line workers because what's the difference between a hospital worker or a medical worker like me and a trucker who's trying to bring you produce to live or products to live through thick and thin? they're not working remotely, are they? and 2700 of them is just the tip of the iceberg. where's the public health? 90% of these truckers already are vaccinated, and not only that, there's no evidence that it prevents spread of the omicron variant. it spreads anyway, doesn't it? it's a wake-up call to the world that we can live with covid,
5:15 am
that we're used to covid, that we can fight covid without tying down the entire country. rachel: amen to that. and we've been saying that for a long time. these truck drivers are inspiring not just canadians, but americans that enough is enough. we're done with this. so good on them. i hear there might be rumblings of a similar convoy happening here in america. we're going to be following that. and we'll bring that to you when we see that the actually materializes, so we'll see. all right. pete: wonderful. rachel: yeah. i love it. and, by the way, you were so right, will, this is about the elites versus the working class, versus our blue collar workers, and maybe the good guys win in this bun. -- in this one. all right, a tragedy in las vegas as at least nine people are dead in a six car pile-up. authorities say a dodge charger ran a red light saturday afternoon and hit several other cars.
5:16 am
at least 15 people were involved in the crash including 1 who is sill in critical condition. the driver of the charger is among those who were killed. e-mails show a top virologist told dr. fauci in january of 2020 that covid-19 looked potentially engineered, but multiple scientists were told to stay away from the if wuhan covid lab leak theory. stanford medical school professor joined us earlier to discuss. here's what he had to say. >> this is a cover-up. it's just a straight up cover-up. dr. fauci knew that it was a possibility, and they worked to hide that fact from the american public. end then what they did is they made it so anyone who questioned that theory, the idea of the lab leak, was treated like a fringe scientist. rachel: yeah. you've got to wonder why dr. fauci wanted that covered up. the behind the scenes discussion about the virus happening as top scientists published studies omitting the lab leak theory
5:17 am
from research and condemning it as a conspiracy theory. colorado state university putting up this sign offering 17 resources to help students, quote, affected by free speech on campus. it offers context for multicultural counseling -- [laughter] and a victims' assistance hotline are. resources are even listed for university staff. the picture was posted by the turning point usa colorado chapter with the caption, quote, gotta love the intolerance of colorado state university. and those are your headlines. will, that was, by the way with, an incredible interview with the doctor. i think people need -- if you didn't see it, you should go back and watch it. i think it's game-changing. will: thank you. it is fascinating and deserves a ton more attention. a conservative cover-up, rachel. and not just that, but a reputation-destroying attempt on any doctor that dared question the lie, the lie.
5:18 am
by the highest levels of the american scientific community, dr. anthony if fauci and francis collins. it's something we'll be talking about more, i can can promise you that. meanwhile, the -- pete: guys -- [inaudible conversations] pete: if i need counseling with that amount of free speerchg okay? we ignored the last story. i agree it's a real thing, but we ignored the fact that 17 counseling services, if you hear free speech at colorado state university, i mean, the only counseling i'm familiar with is wall to wall counseling or a swift kick in the you know what. but apparently at colorado state if to you hear free speech, that's what you need. i'm sorry, i just had to pipe in. will: go ahead, rachel. rachel: i was just going to say, do you know what i have? if i have leo terrell on speed dial. you guys know that, in case anything goes wrong. [laughter] will: you know, i can't believe the nose dive free speech has taken in such a short amount of
5:19 am
time. in other words if, how many people are ready to let go of the idea -- the united states of america is the land of free, not just free, but free speech on college campuses or people trying to get joe rogan silenced on spotify. i can't believe -- maybe i should believe it. i just -- pete: yep, for sure. will: free speech has taken a nose dive in a really shockingly short amount of time here in the united states. rachel: yeah. well, that's what happened in cuba and venezuela. this is the marxist way, and this is where we're heading. and that story that sean and i just did on, you know, capitol police spying on members of congress and so forth, this is the path we're on. of it's very dangerous. bill: it is. so the white house says there's no such thing as secret my grant fights. well, two with lawmakers aren't buying it, and they join us next. and virginia's school district defying governor
5:20 am
youngkin's order to make masking optional for students. we get a response live coming up. ♪ ♪ girl's got a hold on me ♪♪ - [narrator] it's a mixed up world. and the way we work looks a little different. but whether you embrace the new normal or just want to get back to the routines that feel right, x-chair continues to be at the forefront of change, which is why we've launched the all new x-chair with elemax. elemax combines gentle body temperature regulation with stress melting massage to increase your comfort working from home or at the office. feel more refreshed in seconds with dual fans that actively deliver a clean air flow or you can wrap your back in the soothing warmth of heat therapy and access four combinations of massage for deep relief from tension. our patented dynamic variable lumbar support and scifloat infinite recline technology remain unchanged. order an x-chair with elemax today. use code tv and get $50 off plus a free foot rest.
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♪ ♪ will: while the white house claims there's no such thing as secret flights, law makers aren't buying it. in fact, a new bill in congress would stop federal funding for transporting illegal immigrants into the unite, and in one tennessee proposal, relocating to the hometown of president biden, vice president harris, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. here now are two lawmakers behind these bills, ashley hinson and tennessee state representative bruce griffey. good morning to you both. let's start with what is happening because the white house says no secret migrant flights are happening. bruce, tell me what is actually happening in tennessee. >> well, thanks, will, for having me. there's certainly unaccompanied minors being shipped to tennessee. we've seen video from there other states of migrant flights throughout the united states. i don't know that we have those in tennessee, but it's certainly a major concern, and that's why
5:25 am
i proposed this bill that a tracks what governor ron desantis did to try to -- let's put the burden on those districts where these people that make the policy have created the problems for the united states. will: and, congresswoman-in soften, again, to the white house it's not happening. what's happening in your state? >> well, we know these are happening in the dead of night, and the biden administration is essentially bringing the border crisis to americans' backyards. so that's exactly why i've introduced the stop the betrayal act. it's taking leaked video and audio to get accountability from the biden administration. so the biden administration, in my mind, is directly responsible for the board or crisis, and my -- border crisis, and my constituents are saying this could happen in my backyard. and so we need to stop taxpayer funding from putting up the dollars to be able to move these migrants, these illegal immigrants around our country x
5:26 am
they need to stop doing it in secret and spend less time lying to the american people and more time fixing the problems at the border. >> amen to that. will: so, congresswoman, two things. first of all, you can make the american public more aware, but the second thing is depriving funding, that you bring up. bill that you proposed would do what to help alleviate this problem? >> well, your hard-earned taxpayer dollars should not be going to fund these debt -- dead of night flights. so my bill, says exactly that, it says you cannot use any taxpayer funding to bring illegal immigrants into ther into you, or d interior, into our country. i just talked with a sheriff in my district last week, they were talking about the danger of meth coming across the border. this is a safety and security issue for iowa families and american families, and we had a secure border under the previous administration. we were building the wall, we were enforcing title 42, enforcing remain in mexico, and
5:27 am
all those policies stopped as soon as the biden administration took over. will: right. now, representative griffey, let me follow up now, the bill you're proposing not just stop the flights, but send flights to vice president harris, to president biden's districts. tell me about that. >> well, look, they're the ones that are creating this policy, they're actually ignoring court orders that they reintroduced the remain many mexico policy which the biden administration's ignoring. look, will, here's the problem. there's a threatened invasion over the ukraine, and the united states government is getting ready to send our troops over there to protect that a country. we have an invasion going on right now at the southern border. 2.5 million, i believe, encounters just this past year, and that doesn't count the people that have gotten away. and the biden administration is intentionally colluding to violate u.s. laws to bring illegals into the united states. it cost tennessee alone $730
5:28 am
million in 2017 according to the federation for americans for immigration reform is what it cost tennessee taxpayers. we need to fix this problem. this is just unsustainable. will: congresswoman hinson and representative griffey of tennessee, thank you both for telling us about your proposals if highlighting the problem this morning on fox and and friends. thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks, will. will: china has a suggestion for the u.s., just give in to russia's demands for the nato rollback in eastern europe. kt mcfarland joins us on that. and we're tracking the winter weather impacting the most this morning. adam am -- adam klotz9 is next. ♪ ♪ we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu!
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♪ rachel: we're back with a fox weather alert. the blizzard of 2022 lashing new
5:33 am
england with near hurricane force winds, feet of snow and freezing temperatures. 120,000 customers lost power in massachusetts, and waves are battering the city of nantucket, turning some streets, look at that, into rivers. let's check in with meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. adam: hey, rachel. yeah, this was a massive storm and, boy, did it leave a whole lot of snowfall. you see as much as two and a half if feet of snow if, now that entire system has push on out, nothing but clear skies on the back side of this. in fact, behind it funneling in some windy conditions and really cold air. if you're in one of those spots where you lost power, it is going to be really cold today. we've got wind chill alerts stretching from pennsylvania up into interior new england. even if you're outside of those areas, it's still really cold. feels like temperature, -3 in boston, 2 in new york city and a whole lot of negative in
5:34 am
interior new england, upstate new york, places where it is downright frigid. it's not just new england, take a stretch back across the country and you see a lot of spots in the 30s, 40s, even as far south as florida, 43 in miami right now. we've got hard freeze if warnings. it is a chilly one to start morning in this morning. pete, tossing it to you. pete: adam a, thank you very much, appreciate it. all right. communist china a reportedly urging the u.s. to cave to russia's demands for a nato rollback as tensions over the ukrainian border continue to grow. kt mcfarland served as deputy national billion security adviser under president trump, and she joins us now to react. so great to sea you on a sunday morning -- see you on a sunday morning. con congrats on your book called revolution, trump, washington and we, the people. what's happening in ukraine? is it the fact that the chinese are now backing the russians, is
5:35 am
this -- have we pushed them into the same camp together or at least how things have developed, or is this relegalling an alliance that has been -- re-- >> i think it's a little bit of both. pushed the russians away from the united states making no possibility of working together on any issue and pushed russia into the hands of the open arms of china. so the alliance was going to happen anyway, but because, i think, of our actions in the trump years we pushed them into it. and now they're working, you know, they're now totally this cahoots with each other. china is supporting russia over ukraine in anticipation that russia will turn out to support china when it goes after taiwan which i think will happen this year, in the next year. pete: interesting. let's get to that next topic because the chinese ambassador to the u.s. was on national
5:36 am
public radio on friday and had to say about the status of taiwan. take a listen. >> the taiwan issue is the tinderbox between china and the united states. if, you know, the taiwan taiwanese authorities keep going down the road for independence, it most likely involve china and the united states, the two big countries, in a military conflict. pete: you know, they almost couldn't mirror themselves more closely. you've got ukraine which wants more independence, russia wants to use this as an opportunity to bring it back under the fold. taiwan, same deal. will one signal to the other what the united states will do, or are they different circumstances? >> well, right mow i think china's sort of sitting back eating the popcorn watching the movie, you know, what will putin do with ukraine, what will putin get out of nato. will he be able to fracture
5:37 am
nato, use energy exports to europe, particularly to germany, to peel them off. if they don't support nato, what happens next? does he maybe make a move on the baltic states which are nato members unlike ukraine, which is not? i think the chinese are looking at and saying, hmm, if putin gets away with it, if the biden administration folds on ukraine, potentially even seeing a weakening of nato, boy, then china a thinks they've got open season on taiwan. when i was part of the trump administration, early on chinese leaders all came to the united states, and they said we want taiwan. it's a nonnegotiable part of our relationship. taiwan is historically china, and we are going to get it one way or another, and don't you dare stand in our way. pete: so interesting. it appears that vladimir putin feels the same way about the former satellite countries of the ussr, and what we do now will say a lot about how they act in the future. by the way, congrats on the
5:38 am
book, kt. so great to have you on this sunday morning. >> pleasure and an honor. thank you. pete: likewise. all right. coming up, a majority of virginia's school districts are openly defying governor youngkin's order to scrap the mask mandates. let's give parents and kids choice. these participants say -- parents say, mah. virginia's attorney attorney general responds coming up next. ♪ ♪ this is the moment, tonight is the night ♪♪
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♪ ♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." a new report finding that most of virginia's school districts are openly defying governor glenn youngkin's executive order to make masking in schools optional for students. the governor's office is now claiming these schools are sidestepping parents' and students' rights. here with more is the virginia attorney general. thank you for joining us this morning and good morning to you. >> great to be with you. rachel: this is really interesting because the governor's given rights back to the parents. many parents and these school boards are saying we don't want these rights, we're going to sue you, we want to mask these kids up. and what concerns me is that they're torturing the kids again. these kids are exercising their right to come back to school without a mask are being
5:43 am
isolated, they're being shamed. what are you going to do about it? >> well, i mean, listen, there's a lot of misinformation in the media. if you're a parent and you want your child to wear a mask 6, 7, 8 hours a day, that's great, that's your right. but recognize there are going to be other parents that come to a different conclusion. and what's so tragic is we're not talking about the kids. you know, if you're a parent of a child with asthma, i have one parent here with me, having a -- wearing a mask for now close to two years has been a very difficult experience. another parent shared with me their daughter that used to be an all a student is now mostly c because she wears glasses, and it's complete misery. another parent said how excited their child was, their daughter was, that for the very first time they could see what their best friend from school actually looks like. think about the mental health crisis we're having on our kids. this is simply saying, listen, we live in a pluralistic society. people are going to think
5:44 am
differently. if you're a parent if, you know what's best for you, and guess what? if that's the message i would give to these school boards. it's the explicit in the code that in the law parents have a fundamental right to the education upbringing of their children. so all this is saying right now is about parental empowerment. that's what governor youngkin ran on, the big issue that i ran on as well. we're just following through on our campaign promises. we are proud to stand with parents, and we're really hoping the school boards will get the message. we have a court case coming up next week in arlington, and my expectation is this case could get brought up to the virginia supreme court for resolution real quick. but nobody's talking about what's happening to these kids of we have a mental health crisis, and we need to make some change as. we're now going into year three of this, and we need to recognize the impact it's having on our children. pete: mr. attorney general, it appears heir not getting the message because here's what a they're saying in a lawsuit against the governor and yourself. this lawsuit is not brought out of choice, but out of necessity. with covid-19 transmission rates
5:45 am
high, our hospital at crisis level and the continued recommendation of health experts ore town universe almassing wearing for the time being, this is simply not the time to lose this critical component. this was not written by parents, many attorney general, this is written by unions, this is written by public sector folks who don't want the choice for parents. i'll kind of ask again what rachel asked, is it simply lawsuits that can be done to fight this, or what can be done to help parents and kids who are being shamed and not allowed to exercise this choice right now even though you guys are taking action? >> well, right now we're going to be, obviously, bringing this to court. we are telling everybody right now, trust the legal process. we're very confident in the strength of our legal case. right now listen to your principals. we think there's going to be a resolution not in a matter of months, but in a matter of this week it'll be resolved, i think, very, very quickly. this is what i find astonishing, this whole argument that school
5:46 am
boards are making. number one, they say they're following cdc recommendations. cdc recommends vaccines, i'm vaccinated, not a single school district in the entire state of the commonwealth of virginia has mandated a covid-19 vaccine for their students, so they're not following that recommendation. and the second is last year and the previous year under governor north a.m. through his -- northam through his broad emergency powers, the governor used executive orders to shut down private businesses, shut down schools and the issuing of mandates. governor youngkin, also under this broad authority, has the right to adjust the executive orders to say we can make parents have the option on the mask mandate. you can't as a school district say on one hand the governor governor has absolutely the right through executive orders to shut down schools and force mask mandates and at the same time say governor youngkin doesn't have a right to adjust that. we're very confident of our
5:47 am
legal argument, we think we're going to prevail ultimately in court when it gets to the virginia supreme court. but again, this is about parental empowerment. and, listen, there was an op-ed today in "the washington post" of an infectious disease expert who just showed the detrimental impact this is having on our children. it has been horrific, and they actually looked at a high school in massachusetts and went to a mask-optional policy, and over 70% of the children at that school said their education and their learning improved, over 70%. so we are, we have seen test scores in virginia just dater -- crater in so many of the areas that we absolutely are just horrified by, by areas that are just right now having 2ke6 stating impacts on educational opportunities. so this is about parental empowerment. having a child wear a mask for 8 hours a day, especially in the age of nonverbal communication, is very difficult. it's about parental empowerment. wellwell and if you live in one
5:48 am
of those school districts, you have to ask, what's the end date? the only other option so to vote with your feet, move someplace where your children are allowed to do as you as a family see fit. but in the meantime, attorney general, we wish you the best of luck. thank you. >> thank you. will: all right. coming up, could this video of tom brady showing him walking off the field for the last time be the last time he walks off the field? his former patriots' teammate ben watson is joining us to react to the rumors of his retirement. plus, a growing list of musicians are pulling their music from spotify over joe rogan's podcast. lara trump on the free speech battle, next. ♪ ♪
5:49 am
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5:52 am
like a lot, a lot. ♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." legendary singer joni mitchell is now pulling her music off of spotify in protest of joe rogan's podcast which she claims spreads covid misinformation. mitchell is joining neil young in a move that was praised by the w.h.o. director tweeting: we all have a troll play to end
5:53 am
this -- a role to play to end this pandemic. here to react is fox news contributor lara trump. welcome and good morning. how ironic is it that these so-called rebels of the '60s are aligning with oligarchs like bill gates is and the evil human rights abuser chinese government who controls the w.h.o.? >> yeah. good morning, rachel. you're exactly right. at one time neil young was rocking in the free world. i guess he totally forgot about that. and, you know, back in their youth, neil young and joni if mitchell were both people that stood up for freedom, that pushed back against government, as you just said, rebels in their own right. and now to see that they are aligning themselves with basically shutting down our first amendment freedom of speech, it is a very shocking and concerning, i think, to a lot of people. really makes grow wonder what
5:54 am
happened to the two of them. i think the good news is the base of spotify if users are between the ages of 18 and 34, so no major loss for them with the loss of neil young ask joni mitchell's music on the platform. but this goes to a broader point, you know? we have seen since beginning of covid-19 that any person, any doctor, any citizen of this country, any person that spoke out and questioned at all the very few experts at the top of the chain of covid-19 were silenced. and whenever you start cherry picking information that you put out there, we become no better than north korea. we become no better than china. it is incredibly un-american to see calls for this sort of thing to happen. so i'm happy to see that not pid down to, you know, the two people who have said we're going to remove their music, and they've left joe rogan's podcast
5:55 am
up. rachel: well, they did lose, i think, $2 billion in market share, but joe rogan has 11 million followers, neil young has 2.4 million followers. so, obviously -- and it -- they invested $100 million in joe rogan. you're right, it is troubling. where are the civil libber libertarians on the left? if there seems to be none on that side, and it seems like the democrat party has been taken over, as you say said, but a lot of people who just want to shut down free speech. i was really encouraged yesterday hearing your father-in-law at that rally saying he still wants to hold china accountable for, you know, the lab leak of covid. and yet you see dr. fauci is also on the side of squelching anybody if, squashing reputationally anyone who wants to bring that topic up. >> yeah. at least we have donald trump out there reminding us where
5:56 am
covid-19 originated, rachel, in china. where is joe biden on that topic? when joe biden has talks with xi jinping, we never heard him talk about any of this. why has no one held china accountable? this is the biggest disaster that we have seen if in, i mean, modern history around the world. let's do the right thing here. so at least we've got donald trump. you can always count on him. >> vo: my car is my after-work decompression zone. ♪ music ♪ >> vo: so when my windshield broke... i found the experts at safelite autoglass. they have exclusive technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support.
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6:00 am
♪ ♪ ♪ live shot a philadelphia little snow on the ground this meant a lot of snow on the ground on the east coast. they called the blizzard of 2022. i felt like it is just january and it snows a lot, and it's cold in january.
6:01 am
maybe they deserve that title i'm not sure. gratefully or both are great to see you rachel campos-duffy comments january 30 year of our lord 2022. january 30 very special day for mail sure the end of the show why. it was always special on this sunday to be with beau you rachel and will, will? will: when i woke up this morning an ungodly hour to join american you on the sunday morning, i checked my text messages, rachel i want to pick up on something said earlier today. i had this awesome text from a friend who is an educator. she is a teacher. she teaches at a private school. but she sent this very long text saying hey, have you seen the miseducation of america? have you seen pete's special? she went on and on about how it and lightened her on her own profession and the background of what she does and how excellent the entire thing was i said it pete at 4:00 a.m. or something like that.
6:02 am
it really is a vote of confidence and an endorsement how great what pete has edit box nation and everyone should check out the misinformation of america projects good morning to both of you. i spent my snow in day finishing the series i started it, had gotten halfway through before i had pete on our podcast in the kitchen table which you can listen to that podcast this week. it was just a great conversation with lots of real-life solutions on what you should do right now. i will tell you, the last episode i saw last night was the best. all of your experts, pete, you said what would you do? they all said the same thing which is what you and i have both done which is one, take your kids out of public education immediately, stop the bleeding. then they said find a classical great books academy for your child if you can. and if you don't have one near you, try to find one for online distance learning. i love that you did not shy
6:03 am
away from the answer parade this is the answer it's too hard to change the entire system. of course we went school choice but we need some real solutions. pete: i really appreciate you both for the plug for miseducation. i did not plan this at all. but will, in that text, well, you set with the teachers that i'm not sure i can find this liberal arts education. which is really hard to find. but rachel is right is called classical christian education pretty got a classical there are over 40 schools across america that teach latin, that teach a freethinking that teacher great books, civics, it is out they've gotta seek it out but parents have to take control it's going be a one story in this a block that's going to be the type of indicator you should be looking for as a parent to say is my school full of that woke progressive philosophy? is a bit of a tease for a few minutes from now something it might give you a hint thank
6:04 am
you very much miseducation of america, thank you guys. rachel: an honest compliment. a small piece in two weeks i am going to have the headmaster and the classical academy my kids go to on my podcast pretty good look forward to that to get a more in-depth look at what that actually means. what is it mean? you gave us the primer, pete and i were going to bring in the head master and priest in charge of a lady of not caramel school in new jersey so thank you. you're going to move onto another big story. that is that russia's foreign minister says there will be no war with ukraine despite building up 130,000 troops on its border. lucas tomlinson joins us live from washington as china, north korea and new strength to this global tension good morning lucas. >> good morning rachel. let's start with china beijing's ambassador to the u.s. is issuing the statement of taiwan part of the taiwanese authorities emboldened by the united states keep going down the road for independence, most
6:05 am
likely will involve china and the united states, too big countries in a military conflict for china's warning come days after the u.s. navy sailed to aircraft carriers troops to the south china sea in a not so subtle message to beijing for the winter olympic to begin this friday in china. russia's president vladimir putin has accepted an invitation to attend. by demonstration is not sending any officials in a diplomatic boycott. russia's foreign minister said his forces will not do battle in ukraine. but recall rachel, rush also promised to respect ukraine's borders if it gave up its nuclear stockpile which it did. the u.s. military top general predicts high casualties and destruction if russia invades. >> the potential they could launch on very little warning. that's possible you have to go back quite a while into the cold war days to see something of this magnitude. >> and finally to north korea with its seventh missile test this month the hermit kingdom is now conducted more missile tests and all of last year. north korea launched a powerful missile last night
6:06 am
that flew over 1000 miles into space, that's more than five times higher than the orbit of the international space station according to my cocktail napkin map, guys. >> always delivering appreciate it man. bad news indeed. thank you lucas. i wonder if russia's top general will call washington and give us a heads up just like mark milley lexa called the communist chinese and give them a heads up. when you look at that report you look at the reality of our moment, china is watching russia. and russia is looking at the biden administration. and everyone is calculating the olympics as a vladimir putin goes and forges a closer alliance with china. this unholy alliance of anti- american alliance all because they believe america will not do anything about them attempting to shore up ukraine. we have katy mcfarland the former national security advisor under donald trump she
6:07 am
talked about that earlier in the program, take a listen. >> the chinese aren't looking at this saying if putin gets away with it, if the biden administration fault on ukraine. potentially even seeing a weakening of nato, boy then china thanks they've got open season on taiwan. they are now totally in cahoots with each other. china is supporting russia over ukraine in anticipation that russia will turn out to support china when it goes after taiwan, which i think will happen within the next year. >> throughout the morning turbines present to the hard part is not even yet begun but it will be defined it will most likely be defined by what happens outside of our borders but that's a scary thought when you think about what's happening inside of our borders. domestically in just a year's time. but strength response to weakness are rather strength response to strength it takes advantage of weakness. you can see there's projection of weakness is causing across
6:08 am
the globe. from afghanistan to iran who was nuking up to china and taiwan, to russia and ukraine. the perception of weakness is opening the door who would see themselves as strong, rachel. rachel: it is a perception of weakness it is also really stupid policies. i mean, just think about we were energy independence. and we tied our own hands because joe biden decided energy should be more expensive for americans? when we did that we empowered russia. we also wages sanctions on russia's pipeline. we did that to appease a germany. germany gave us nothing in return. germany is doing nothing to help us by the way. when this situation and ukraine should be affecting them more than us. this is all crazy. it's hard to believe you cannot try harder if you were joe biden to put in policies to make us weaker to make the
6:09 am
world more un- safe. i'm sorry seek general millie, the guy who botched our afghanistan effort to humiliated us, and left a billions of dollars of weapons and that caliban as we exited that country and lost heroes needlessly at that airport, that guy is the guy assessing all of this? you bring up a great point, pete, you reminded us about that conversation about giving a heads up to china. this is like, who is leading us? it is dangerous. >> it is a very dangerous. contrast what they say about donald trump and what he's doing with the nato when actuality forced nato to pony up and because more of a relevant alliance if you do not have standing armies you pay for your not a real alliance. in this case you got joe biden effectively showing ineffectiveness and exposing ineffectiveness of nato more
6:10 am
likely it will fracture because of its incapability to santa vladimir putin. they are always exactly the accuse you of being. and in this case unfortunately it's playing out will destabilize eastern europe in ways that are not any way as bad as joe biden has destabilize or southern border which is something we cover all the time for it on another topic were going to talk about this morning the state of virginia a lot of hope for a lot of parents when glenn youngkin was elected along with the lieutenant governor and the attorney general. the hope wasn't going to put power back in the hands of the parents were going get rid of mandatory masking in the schools. that's when the first things glenn youngkin did he said let's stop in the classroom and let's give parents and kids is simply the option to wear a mask or not wear a mask and school hurt me if you want to double master kid in school you still can. but if you want to choose to let your kids go without a mask which a lot of people would like to after all this time you should be able too. well, school districts are defying and fighting back
6:11 am
taking it to court. we had the attorney general of virginia, on the program earlier. we asked them what are you doing about it when you going to do to give parents and kids in option? here's what he had to savor. >> to live in a pluralistic society people are going to think differently. if you're a parent you know what's best for you. guess what that's in the code of virginia that's that message i would get to the school boards is is explicit in the code that in the law parents have a fundamental right to the education of bringing up their children. we are proud to stand with parents and we are really helping the school boards will get the message. we have a court case coming up next week and arlington. my expectation is this case will get brought up to the virginia supreme court for resolution real quick. no one is talking about what's happening to these kids have a mental health crisis we need to make changes. were going into year three we need to realize what the impact is on our children. >> and mike to take which of
6:12 am
the interview outside the legal dynamics of what's happening in virginia is this. ask the question, it went well masking end? when won't mandatory masking end? what is the end date what is the inflection point. were going to get very passion, when covid is behind us, nonsensical information like that but you can see the clip at any point of why the hosts of the view sing when this is over i am still going to wear a mask on the subway, g remember that? a change though we are forever. i thought jeremy borg was a present daily wire sate that is sad but it's also not true preach she won't wear a mask forever. she will wear a mask until her bubble tells her it's okay to take it off. all everybody is doing is responding to the insulated bubble of group. what i'm getting is my second take away from that as you guys asked him, jason miyares. ties into misinformation of america for it all you can do is vote with your feet. all you can do is change her bubble. all you can just take your kids and go to different
6:13 am
school district, moved to a different state. where you do not have an insane group of people around you exerting. pressure this going to make your mask on the subway. rachel: think you were one 100% right but there's another piece of this puzzle. that lady from the view, looks at anthony fauci and so many other liberals as a god as some sort of science god. in fact fauci sees himself as science, that's how he sees himself for the truth is there is one person who can masking forever if you just follow the signs and that is dr. fauci. if he came out and said no more masks, they don't work because we all know they don't. they certainly are hurting our children more than they are mitigating any kind of covid virus, it would end. but he is corrupt and that won't happen. and i will tell you, attorney general miyares asked the question about what is it doing to our kids? you have a parents right now are finding their kids coming
6:14 am
home with self portraits of themselves all of his parents and see that your kids draw pictures of himself, their drawing pictures of themselves without noses and mouths. this is dehumanizing. this is disgusting. and it tells you the length teachers unions, democrats, democrat politicians, corrupt bureaucrats will do. what they will do to kids even their own kids in the interest of power. it is really a sad statement on what we, as a culture, we as a country think about our children. you are one 100% right will if you don't send of your own kid but if you don't do what's right if you think you're just going to sit around and wait for some teachers union or some lawsuit, don't do it protect your kids that is your job. protect your kids and i'm telling you it's masking is dehumanizing. >> i thought i want to hear from the attorney general and proud of what i was underwhelmed by his answer i asked twice what you going to do about it.
6:15 am
he said kids are at risk i know kids are at risk for december going to defer to principals. you should say principles are an contempt school boards are in contempt. if they have the power to bring in these emergency orders to begin with, we have the power to resend those emergencies orders as well once we made that determination based on the voice of the people. i was not satisfied with that answer and others a legal process that plays out and ultimately supreme court virginia will decide. in the meantime man, give it to parents who have been under siege you can't just say deferred to the principal. the principles going to say but the mask on the kid. i know you are exactly where you were. rachel: this goes right back to her to stop my earlier. i personally as a parent i'm not going to sit around and wait for miyares, the principal or the storm school board to change their mind and have to spend all of my weeknights in there fighting with them. by the way when the parents came to the schools in
6:16 am
virginia and said hey our kids are in the principal's office or quiz or in the library they're not in getting instruction there exercising the right to not wear a mask. they kick to those parents out in the cold, the freezing cold for an hour before they can visit with the principal. i am tired again my power over too these people. kick them out of the schools for these schools will hurt when the tax bases or that's what you've gotta do that's my opinion for whatever it is worth. >> it's worth a lot around here. i'm going to mention really quick i tease this. whether or not we have time for the subject maybe we'll get caught up later in the show or tomorrow, this week is blm action at school week. if you are schools doing blm action and school if you are in a school public-private or otherwise that has an agenda just letting you know red flag. okay. we've got to turn to a few additional headlines as well starting with a fox weather alert. the blizzard of 2022 as they
6:17 am
have so quickly dubbed it, rolling through the northeast yesterday with hurricane force winds dumping up to 2 feet of snow in some places for the storm leaving tens of thousands of people without power in new england. in more than 46000 that i read that right? 46000 flights were canceled as travel grounds on us a complete halt red flash flooding the some parts of the northeast underwater. and woke san francisco d.a. is accused of withholding evidence to convict a police officer of using forcing as a civilian. a whistleblower who works in the das office testified on friday she felt she would be fired if she did not fold certain evidence in 2016 to make the cop look bad. she said she kept to herself information on a witness who claims the civilian was beating a woman before the
6:18 am
accused officer began hitting him with his baton. you think that might be relevant, natural fox news alert, or fails just when the immense single finals and become the 2020 -- 2022 champion will be keeping in one eye on that after dropping the first two sets they won the next two to force a decisive fifth set which he won seven games -- five for the first men's player to win the open final after trolling to nothing since 19651 heck of a comeback. twenty-one grand slam titles in his career passing roger federer or. i was notably not allowed to play for the most of any men's player. and those are your headlines. hey when this joining government clears competition for the does help. but excellent comeback. you just read the report i did look on my ipad over your
6:19 am
little bit earlier look like it was over. that was like an hour ago and the show and he comes back and wins it. >> i'm not joking. still ahead end of an era? speculation on tom brady leaving football for good prayers for mark teammate ben watson reacts to the retirement rumors, next. real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> could be the end of an era for quarterback legend tom brady? after reports claim that tampa bay buck was right a walkways agent though says brady has not made the final call. our next guest played alongside the greatest of all time and made that decision once for himself. here with a what might be on brady's mind former nfl players super bowl champion benjamin watson. ben, great to have you on the show today. you know, do not want to operate from assumption because all the said there's a little pushback on whether or not brady is retiring. i know he has like $15 million guaranteed a little bit later this week.
6:24 am
when you think is going on? is it brady on the verge and why would he be on the verge of retiring? rex good to be with you all as well. oh tight one thing it's probably not about the money. i think for him, for tom it's really about his legacy. you look at a guy played in the national football league for 22 years. there are players that are coming into the league that are not quite 22. you look this year had 47 touchdowns at 44 years old and so for him you heard from him it's his family, what is he want to do next? how is he leaving the team? has he leave the guys in the locker room. when i heard the news or possible news or was kind of a sense of sadness because this guy is an icon that will spill outside of the nfl to be involved in so many other ventures really globally. >> been your serrated that same feeling of low bit of sadness i thought this guy was going to play to lose 50 i would love to see him keep going and defy the odds.
6:25 am
>> me too me too break. >> he could write? i think that's weird why we're all rooting for him at some level per if you are in a profession you're kind of over for some sports people understand why you want to move on there something about sports we are cheering for people to hang on a little more, how did you make that decision when you're teetering on whether to keep going? >> is a factor pro athletes that are either going to get too old and your skills going to diminish, is going to be somebody younger, or you're just going to kind of get disconnected from what you do every day. i think for me it was a combination of injuries, is a combination of family, kids and being a time when i needed to move on. but the love of the game i don't think ever leaves you. so the difficult thing in the park the thing on the outside watching tom brace that you can still do what you're doing it such a high level, we want to keep cheering because you inspire us in so many different ways. but we don't know quite what is going on with him, with his family. look at some point we know it's going to end. and usually when it comes to's
6:26 am
pro sports things on and well specially when here's good as he is very. >> benjamin first i want to tell our viewers if they have not seen the twitter exchange between you and senator warnock they need to look that up. it is amazing is when the best twitter exchanges i've seen out to thank you sir for your very powerful pro-life stance it's really impressive. i do have a tom brady question for you, believe it or not will and pete's. my question is, because you know him is he as cute in person? [laughter] probably so. and the things that is crazy about him he is a 44 years old he is still cuter i guess than all the young guys coming in. but i tell you he is a dedicated himself to fashion. one thing are about tom brady special early in my career is so many players want to be involved in things outside of the game. but tom always said was look i'm going to pour as much into
6:27 am
being the best quarterback that i can be and then those things will come later. when you watch his career, building his career he was not involved in so many other things at least publicly. but now you see them involved in nutrition, sports, motivational leadership, honestly fashion, real estate those sorts of things. he has really been a model for the thing about him that he loves to compete. so, for him i think part of this decision has to do with the fact he really truly loves the competition and bettering himself in all areas every single year. correction out last night require because of the friend of mine who played baseball at pepperdine which is a pretty good baseball program preset of the team ten guys made the show me the major leagues. you never could have picked which tent would have made it. at the beginning of tom brady's career i don't think anybody, nobody could have predicted this, that he would be the guy that rewrites all of our conceptions is because of what what ben watson's talk my discipline, dedication has
6:28 am
town everybody has talent at that level something different with tom brady. benjamin watson thank you for jumping on the show and telling us about tom brady this morning for a. >> thank you benjamin appreciate it. rachel: always great having you. >> thank you. >> for sure. >> are at the sea of blue mourning the loss of nypd detective jason rivera prompting new calls for action. to solve the city charlie hurt , carley shimkus and emily compagno next. are you taking a statin drug to reduce cholesterol?
6:29 am
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6:33 am
what she says at the end, i am sorry really it's hard to talk about. >> and emotional debt dan bongino getting choked up yesterday on our show on fox and friends reacting to the funeral for nypd detective jason rivera who was killed in the line of duty last week. there will be a another ceremony this week on wednesday. the surge of violence in the city prompting a "new york post" columnist to tell leaders in a new op-ed it is time to really fight crime in nyc but here to react fox news contributor charlie hurt along with outnumbered cohost emily compagno. in fox in front first cohost carley shimkus for the all be together for the big shout later today but first we have them here. the speeches given the reaction to it, could av a pivot point in the city were
6:34 am
leaders who have been too willing to not just flirt with the far left to get in bed with them are starting to rethink and say maybe safety is important? >> i pray to god it will be. there is anything that is a call to action it was this. and those remarks by jason rivera's widow, dominate, that was the most powerful. i love funerals, that was the most powerful thing i've ever seen and a funeral. and what she said there at the end where she called out alban bride, new york's nda, not my name called him out directly. and he was sitting there. she started talking to her dead husband and then began speaking for him and explained how her husband had opposed these very policies that led to his death. and how she would take the watch from there. it was the most powerful thing i've seen in a long time. when you take something like
6:35 am
that and put it into the sort of political realm for it is a matter of life and death for these people, you have society coming apart at the seams. and you have an ordinary person like dominic step forward and saying no, this is wrong. she shined a bright light on the politicians who are making these terrible decisions. it's terrible stuff at the thing that galvanizes people. it's a kind of thing that leads to big changes in elections. and i pray that is what happens from that amazing service. >> i could not agree more i stopped and was transfixed the entire time she spoke. powerful, powerful words. emily, before i go to hers and of the portion of the "new york times" op-ed written by michael goodwin time to really fight crime part he writes this, a reckoning that's exactly what charlie called it, so overdue toward the political class that paved the way for the spiral of decline for the far left excuse the violence as part of a necessary social transformation must either get on board or get out of the
6:36 am
way. it's no secret democrats are almost single-handedly to blame. many governors, legislatures and courts played a role in trying to make the crime wave seemed inevitable and normal. emily you break this down so well between the governor, the state legislatures put handcuffs on judges, the mayor, prosecutors, the d.a. there's a lot of people getting it wrong right now. folks that's absolute right this week mayor eric adams released a 15 page document basically the blueprint he called it to end gun violence but he said ending gun violence would quote take all of us. i interpret that to your point, pete, is all of those players for them its elected officials need to support law enforcement. that means prosecutors need to do their job and ensure that our deterrent consequences for perps. that means were cynicism needs to be extinguished to policies and the ways they can therefore be preventable. the near times also wrote an article covering this. they are they called the circumstances were officer jason rivera lost his life as
6:37 am
a routine domestic violence response. and that to me was a big problem to pray there's no such thing as a routine domestic violence call because that is such a high incidence of violence for officers and for the people involved. same with serving search warrants. that is why there's a three 100% spike in ambushes of law enforcement right now because no one is supporting them the entire chain is breaking down. when you have that media saying it's just routine they are downplaying the circumstances these guys ran every day that is so utterly dangerous. >> emily, only someone who's never been to a domestic dispute would call that routine and write it that way you are exactly right. currently, as you look at the whole thing. you are very failing chicago to which is a massive crime wave, what is your take away? >> americans are really smart people, pete's, but for the past years been held hostage by really dumb movement. of movement by the way that is been propped up by celebrities and rich people in the media
6:38 am
who live behind walls in gated communities and have private security of their own. so for the past year police officers have not just been defunded or demoralize they've also been micromanaged. no more chokehold, no more qualified immunity bring the message is we are watching you because we know you are the bad guys. well simultaneously the real bad guys, hardened repeat offenders are getting let out on bail and communities across the country and families are suffering the consequences pray to the question then becomes what are the solutions? and of course elections matter, local elections really matter. pay attention to the ones you don't normally, d.a., city town council, mayor obviously. but really were fighting back against an ideology that ideology is that america's a racist country and criminals are really the victims and therefore should be treated with kid gloves. and that ideology is promulgated in college classes across the country. so really this fight needs to start there.
6:39 am
>> every sunday will be due this segment i leave think i better watch at 5:00 p.m. and today is no different. charlie, carly, emily that has a nice ring to it. [laughter] thanks to being on the show today. 5:00 p.m. on the fox news channel joined by tyrus as well, thank you all. >> thank you. >> you've got it. all right is back in on deck.
6:40 am
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6:43 am
>> the blizzard 2022 slam zooming with hurricane force winds, feet of snow and freezing temperatures. box whether multi- media will is latest in massachusetts. , will. >> yes if we had to endure those hurricane -like force winds yesterday and just as brutal battery here. at least we have a pretty nice scene left behind. even though we are at 15 degrees right here on the cake. will take to the sky courtesy of the fox the flight team showing the landscape here in chatham out on the cape. you can probably see some signs of snowdrifts as the snow just came in with incredible force we lost power here about 8:00 a.m. -- 9:00 a.m. yesterday marksman out ever since there's thousands here in this region without power here this morning. as you move closer to boston you have snow totals at about
6:44 am
23 -- 26 inches. some incredible power behind the storm, absolutely delivering on its promise but a beautiful landscape left behind back to you. rachel: think you will. appreciate that, great report. all right, musicians are holding their music from spotify over joe rogan's podcast the free-speech battle is costing the platform big time. to the tune of $4 billion. sunday morning futures anchor maria bartiromo joins us now, maria nice to see you this morning good morning. that is a lot of money to lose but i did not note neil young could have that kind of impact. >> yes it really is. but you know rachel i am wondering if this is all part of the chinese communist party's program to quote purify the internet, and going into beijing olympics. i am wondering if he is pretty much following the narrative places in america, don't
6:45 am
forget that chinese communist party is following all of our political debates and jumping on it. i think part of this is efforts as said in the last couple of weeks, we want to purify the internet. in other words get all comments that we don't agree with off it. and anything that's not positive to the ccp. that is part of it for the other part of it is obviously neil young is quite political and he has missed all the misinformation coming out of this white house as it relates to covid. we have been down this road before. the fact that they cdc just the other date decided to start recognizing natural immunity, that's one issue the other issue the fact that the white house tells us to go suck it up and isolate for two weeks if you are sick. i might be positive or effective in managing our caring covid.
6:46 am
there's he is in this political narrative and rather than seeing the facts and sing there's so much misinformation there. i've had with the social media company thinking they are the arbiters of truth. we are going to talk about this morning, i am leading the show with senator john barrasso what's ahead with the potential build coming down for a vote whether it be big tech and the censorship, or right now barrasso and his colleagues are working on a bipartisan sanctions bill against russia. so we are going to talk about whether or not were going to get that vote this upcoming wednesday is what they are planning people talk about that. plus we will talk about information and flowing information. peter schweitzer is here exposing a number of high-level congresspeople as well as the white house and how they are complicit with china. who is making money at america's expense? of course peter has reported
6:47 am
that joe biden's family took $31 million from the ccp. john ratcliffe's ear at the intelligence behind china and russia's deception and allen will join us to talk about the supreme court pick, the nomination is one of joe biden's big calls coming up in the coming months. we will get into it in ten minutes time, rachel. rachel: it's an amazing lineup and the 31 million-dollar stories of bombshell. we are really looking forward to seeing that. thanks for joining us this morning, maria. >> see you later. so far up next tom brady retirement rumors rocking the football world. but that is not all that's happening in the nfl. fox sports, chris myers today he previews the nfc championship on fox.
6:48 am
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>> despite reports to grace about time, tom brady be retiring after 22 seasons in the nfl, the football legend said he has not made a decision just yet. so what would his retirement mean for the nfl at large? fox sports post chris myers is here with more, chris great to see you this morning but i don't know if we know, the reports are pretty solid,
6:52 am
brady's campus and not so fast. but if it is the end, i mean let's up at the bucks a side we have not even seen an nfl in two decades really without tom brady. >> yes, will he will be missed. even the anti- brady crowd who didn't like him because he always beat their team. it's going to happen soon we just don't know when. until tom brady announces it and it becomes official i think he wants to do it his way. when he is entitled to that whether we like it or not and want to gossip about it before. but it's amazing to me about it i know he said he been down in tampa for two years, won a super bowl, lost and playoffs this year he had one of the best years of quarterbacks in touchdown, passing yards he did not list miss a game and the longest history of the nfl right now he turns 45 in august, it is a family decision his choice. this is big though. we will miss them ill be tough
6:53 am
for all of us in the nfl those who root for him and against him when he does announce it. and if it is, this particular season or off-season. >> i don't think it's a huge debate greatest of all times the accomplishments -- honestly they might be insurmountable. we may never see someone do this again seven super bowls. here we are, chris on the verge of another window. a temperature came today the nfc championship game on fox. the niners, here's what's interesting to me but okay they are on this run, right customer at underdog in two straight games, underdog known a third game. also for the third time in a row playing the rams and they won the previous two matchups. it is hard to matter who you are to be a team three times. the rams pull off this third act once again. >> they are evenly matched for the most part.
6:54 am
they won the last six head-to-head meetings. the head coach of the rams. as a gritty grinding out they are very physical you will feel through your tv but the way they blocked, with a tackle as a physical game but they go overboard in this and do it very well. i think what the difference is he's put up big numbers, he fits well in the office of the rams he will have to be the difference maker will of course lead the 49ers and is not thought of in the same talent category as a matthew stafford it's going to be a great matchup. keep in mind receivers like cml's but the two quarterbacks ultimately, both defenses are playing very, very well.
6:55 am
that should be the difference for the rams are expected to win slight favorites at home. the fans will be here. >> footballs when the answer to the rams twice at the cowboys and packers will see once again for the 49ers, chris great to see this morning, thank you. >> enjoy the game by. >> oh well i promise. fox super six is bringing back stacked the cash event to give away even more of terry brad shaw's money. dell of the super six app now and play for free. more fox and friends coming up just moments away. ♪ ♪ at lowe's, you never have to be finished with your finishing touches. with aisles of ways to refresh and restyle. for whatever style you're feeling. at prices you're really feelin. shop the lowe's bath style & save event now in-store and online. >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job.
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most talented, wonderful woman i know. happy birthday, we'll have a great day together. rachel: happy birthday, jen! will: what a perk of broadcasting from home, switching your own background. rachel: that's nice of you, pete. [laughter] pete: now she's hosting just for a but moments. have a great sunday, everybody. you guys are the best. rachel: love it. ♪ ♪ maria: many good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. coming up, first year, president biden changes the conversation to infrastructure while boasting about his first year in office a. >> we learned this week after my first year as president the united states has the fastest economic growth in nearly four decades. along with -- [applause]


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