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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  January 30, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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congratulating rafael nadal over social media and he could have labored injury. >> the 21st grand slam, how about that. >> tom brady is not going to announce, $15 million. >> i don't blame tom brady. >> wait for it ♪ ♪ >> hello i am carley simpson along with charlie hurt, emily campagna entire race, welcome to "the big sunday show", here's what's on tap tonight. >> president biden's promise to base the supreme court justice on reasons that is not sitting well with americans the new poll that is bad for biden. >> the convoy sending a clear message to stop covid mandates has immediate so concerned they
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are calling the truckers racist, white nationalist and dangerous. and you know what that means it is working. tyrus: college students need to hear this, one school seems to come out against free speech while other bows to the woke mob and changes their mascot, the campus madness is coming up. >> on wednesday the nypd will gather for the second time in a week tomorrow a police officer killed in the line of duty, funeral services for wilbert mora is set for wednesday at ste show of support for detective jason rivera at his funeral was breathtaking. an outraged one woman who posted this shocking video on tiktok. >> we do not need to step down most of lower manhattan because one cop died were probably doing his job incorrectly they kill people under 22 every single day for no good reason and we don't
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shutdown the city for them. >> that woman was fired for that rant and one offensive post another, a teacher called for wraparound city for the caps together to mourn detective rivera for drawing comparison with the nypd suv drove into a crowd of george floyd protesters, there are calls for hands to be fire tonight. in los angeles outrages growing over radical district attorney george gascoigne on the debut of maurice jones cross-country, what are the deputy district attorney's slammed his own boss in a powerful interview. watch. >> my bosses implemented a lot of bad ideas, he is not charging obvious crimes, he is advocating on behalf of people to be released from prison shoot sooner than they should. he is not meeting with victim. >> is he upholding state and federal all right now? >> absolutely not, district
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attorney is nullifying important laws and is doing explicitly and unapologetically. >> those comments from the deputy district attorney remind me of the video that went viral on the gang member in his jail cell to george gascon because he knew he was going to get out of jail early in the criminals are raising the celebratory glass to you that the problem not just in los angeles but in cities across the country, what needs to change. emily: so much needs to change but i appreciate the va in l.a. hello george gascon refuses to meet with victims in the will find the mob, the reason the system is in place because everyone that plays their part in the interlinking chain also have a specific person under purpose and the victims advocate, that is a different purpose than defending the
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defendant, now we have these district attorney's that are essentially not only not doing the job but they're filling a different role and we don't need them to build a roll of the defendant protector because we need someone to represent the victim there, that is why so many ada's around the country are resigning in protest in san francisco who is doing the exact same thing and we know mayor eric adam submitted a 15 proposal to reduce gun violence which he called a blueprint that would take all of us to combat that's what it needs to take its larger than that not just the citizens it includes the das in prosecuting so deterrent prosecutors and those policies were put in place to create the consequences and have accountability to ensure recidivists are not led out on the streets and engage in violence one after another we know that three fourths of those were arrested and convicted for violent felonies are rearrested within five years after they are released, the statistics are lying and their only be
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exacerbated the current circumstances where everyone seems to be abated either possessing chief among them elected officials. carley: two stories to note today one is the woman on tiktok that criticized police officers then she got fired when her video went viral and then there is a teacher in new york city who is being accused of encouraging violence against police and he responded to that saying that was not his intent, i was just trying to show the vulnerability of all the police officers being in the same place at the same time which seems like a dangerous situation for anyone that would be gathered together, i respect nypd and i do not condone violence these two stories are getting a lot of attention, is there value and focusing on them? >> honestly there is not, one is a former teacher i'm shocked that he thought he would be so clever trying to use real prophecy instead of revenge, and then you have somebody who is
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ill-informed, ignorant but we live in america inasmuch as i'm disgusted by both comments we have freedom of speech in this country i don't necessary like the idea people being fired for the things that they say because i feel like the falls back into the woke is and i cannot stand that but i would like to say on a personal note i got attacked by my brothers and sisters after because i said and felt they should be just as outraged and angry what happened to george floyd and these two cops, men of color and young men who didn't have to be murdered and did not choose this to happen and you should be just as upset, it doesn't have to be one way or another you can't hate the police, you can fill both sides of the line there is a line trying to be drawn in the country to where your skintone is on the line if you support police you can't do both. i'g and if you talk to every other american that
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doesn't tweet whether they have a bad day or their feelings we all feel that way there's more of us and there's more of you keep your hate comments coming because it will not change you will not divide us. carley: every life has value and every life that is lost should be mourn and you were spot on for begin the there is an op-ed in the new york post from michael goodwin, it's time to really fight crime in new york city and he goes on to write a reckoning is overdue toward the political class that paved the way for the spiral of decline then look the other way as the carnage spread like cancer, the far left is obscene funders in the coldhearted media that excuse the violence as part of a necessary social transformation of either get on board or get out of the way, it is infuriating to think that the people who were promoting the
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idea of you from the police, a lot of them are celebrities and rich people in the media who have their own private security were living very safe communities and also let's not forget vice president kamala harris also supported the fund to get rioters out of jail. charles: literally promoted to get writers out of jail so they can return to the street and continue more make him, it really is appalling and i think when you step back and look at the present situation the new york post is exactly right michael goodwin is exactly right, the real breakdown here we were talking about last night in the border patrol agents standing up to their officers talking about jason rivera's widow standing up to the da during the funeral and you're talking about last night with lawrence jones and the assistant
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da standing up to d.a. gascoigne you're talking all these people it is not their role in emily you're exactly right if we have this adversarial system where people are supposed to do their job and if everybody does their job justice comes out but you have half of the people abated either post and not doing and you wind up people like jason rivera's widow having to pick up the mantle and say you need to o your job, what you are doing is getting people like my husband killed and that is a real work of politics, thank god there truly heroic people out there like jason rivera's widow in the border patrol agents in the assistant da allen california but they should not have to be doing that the people at the top of the politicians should be doing their job and they're not. carley: i want to ask you about eric adams he was elected into
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office to make things safer in new york city and one of the more controversial things is bring back a plainclothes anti-gun, anti-crime unit, except his version of it, they are not going to be close to get a body cam is in some sort of sign that they were for police which to me defeats the purpose of catching criminals by surprise. he really is trying to walk a fine line he is a democrat need is when anger progressives but is trying to fight crime, dfa fit him you think he will be successful. >> what i am is optimistic, in general that is my nature and i want to give him all the benefit of the doubt i want to give this man who served 22 years in uniform and testified in front of the civil rights commission while in uniform against racial
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animosity on the force he's taken a stand and i know he represents a lot of different factors in a wood given the benefit of the doubt and respect them from the get-go and see he's trying to walk a fine line but we can't really go back to the way things were no matter what as we move forward we need reasonable, rational common sense approach to law enforcement to in-store law and order but until and unless there is some type of peace achieved in the civil war that is going on right now we are not going to get ahead. i appreciate he's accomplishing while also trying to appease those that do want reform in certain ways. carley: i went in the segment saying officer morris funeral will be winced as he patrick's cathedral and flags are still lowered at half staff to honor him and his partner who also died in the line of duty. on the big sedation president biden valves the supreme court
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emily: welcome back to "the big sunday show". president biden is going over who his supreme court justice will be his plan to pick a justice based on the fact that she would be a black woman is not sitting well with americans. three quarters of america without their biden consider all nominees not just black women. the looming decision was a hot topic on the sunday morning shows. watch. >> the bottom line is in terms of african-american women if they have achieved a level of success in the practice of law and jurist prudence and dave done against great odds extraordinary people. >> and the opportunity of bringing somebody to the u.s. supreme court is an amazing opportunity. >> it adds to the further perception that the court is a
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winced like congress but it is not supposed to be. emily: tyrus, i appreciated the point last week on greg gutfeld when you said why does he just do it why does he just pick someone on the basis of the criteria and then it happens to be an african-american woman, and great but why is this commitment that reduces justice to immutable characteristics. tyrus: it is virtual signaling and racism, one of the things that respectable president biden when he was asked by president barack obama to serve as vp, he was there i doubt very seriously he walked around the white house every time barack obama said something and he said yes black president, thank you black president because he would've been there very long, what drives me absolutely maddening
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this whole situation, you do not have to say the color of their skin anymore, i don't need people to tell me, when people turn on the tv, that's interesting, that christ different, that's not what i'm about. if you can put a woman of color in the supreme court, talk about her compliments and when you introduce her to the world and she comes to the podium we can say she's african-american, cool, most of america has moved on. things like what luther king said judging by the content of the character not the color of their skin we all came on different ships and were all in the same vote more americans feel that way and it belittles her and gives fuel to those who have an issue with skin and embrace racism the small percentage in the country they are gonna say we told you she's only in there because she's black you are writing the narrative for the group that
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you're so much against, you are helping them continue this, the good news they are 10% 10%. what you do is no better than someone sitting with a white hood on calling me names from outside the building, there is no difference but do it with a smile on your face and everyone applaud you, it is gross. emily: against the backdrop of a national conversation that has argued or promise that the supreme court has been politicized for example representative collins she went on to say biden's comments adds to the perception of the supreme court is just as political politicized as congress and that the furthest thing from their function in the furthest thing from the perception that american should hold them in. carley: i think it's great news that 76% of americans think that president biden should choose all nominees and pick from a large pool of people, it is kind of surprising that that would be
2:20 pm
the number, that means the loud voices in the progressives and the people in the media are just that they are loud voices but in the minority, a majority of people the republicans don't look at skin color anymore they just look at a person, you at home watching a home you're not the only one that agrees with martin luther king. i will have to see the president biden is likely going to pick a progressive and as it was explained to me and everybody else who listen to kimberly's straw soul wall street journal podcast picking a progressive could hurt progressive causes because justice breyer was old-school and had a way of finessing kavanaugh and roberts constitutionalist tendency but if you get a progressive in there that is not going to happen it's good to make it easier for the conservative majority to overrule, that was an interesting point on future
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cases that are good to be coming down the road and there are really important cases especially with abortion rights that are coming down the pipeline that the supreme court will decide on. >> justice breyer was known as a resident intellectual and he certainly had a subtlety about him and also precariousness with fellow arguments that people appreciated. when he announced his recognition after the leak out of the court in the white house to hear him follow the president's remarks were the president was stumbling and committing to choose a justice based on these characteristics and breyer comes on his official breath there, will play a thought of what this president has done it will get your thoughts on the other side. >> number one i committed to five elected president to have an opportunity to appoint someone to the court and i will appoint the first black woman to the court it is required that they had representation. >> i'm looking forward to making sure as a black woman on the
2:22 pm
supreme court to make sure -- [applause] charles: it's really insulting the way that he does this and it takes something that should be a great moment in american life that a lot of people choose to politicize obsessively intruded into checking off a list of grocery list or something and it takes all of the power out of it and most importantly it is so insulting to whoever it is that joe biden winds at picking. >> that is exactly right, mandate media coming up, the american media goes all in fighting for freedom in canada and the next step is revealed in a legal fight in virginia to give the choice about masking kids back to parents. that is next. ♪ memories growing up
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♪ ♪. charles: welcome back to "the big sunday show", this weekend the massive trucker convoy reached the canada capital and organizers with the vaccine passports and mandates are gone but the media does not like their message, they are going all in, the washington post op-ed describe the convoy as toxic, political calling them risky, other calling them dangerous and linking the truckers to white nationalism and racism, meanwhile in virginia the attorney general fights for parents rights in court challenging seven school boards trying to block the state new mask optional executive order for schools, as you know
2:28 pm
democrats are always taking a couple of steps ahead my theory about their obsession over smearing the truckers in canada has been racist is because eventually they want to politicize truckers that come election time they can blame the truckers for joe biden's broken supply chain, and then of course the racist on top of that, is not completely far field or is that some like something up to. tyrus: i agree the only argument two steps ahead but they're on the wrong damn road crew there always just lost they do not get it. i also find when you're running out of stuff to do if you call sub video white nationalist and you come back with you are racist that's like saying you are dumb and stupid that's like the same thing a white nationalist, isn't racist, it is not wanting to deal with the
2:29 pm
national issue in our supply chain in crisis, empty stores everywhere and although it's not there stuff the order everything online because of the money to do it it's easy to go after the truckers who were all the same group in one group but that's hilarious because you calling one group of people you are combining them to be one thing, this is all that they know the good news is the american voter and i'm pretty sure in canada there gonna see right through this, another white nationalist racist but what about the issue your white nationalist two, their ego. >> i don't spend that much time but i been the truck stops and i've seen plenty of truckers and the idea that the all white nationalist is sort of comical except obviously these truckers are talking about serious stuff. take a minute and listen to what
2:30 pm
he said about the racist toxic, dangerous truck drivers. >> the small fringe minority do not represent the views of canadians who have been there for each other. >> do you think it's only infringement ready that the truckers are talking about. >> he also said they have unacceptable views is the most thoughtful thing ever. i think if you are a trucker in canada or in virginia you are united insane enough it is time to learn to live with the virus and return to normal in being a trucker is the most isolating profession that there is you not spreading covid to anybody it even if you do get vaccinated you can still spread covid to someone and after masking in
2:31 pm
schools and what glenn youngkin is doing is giving the choice back to parents you can still mask your child but if you don't want to you don't have to by the grace of god children are less susceptible to covid that other age groups. it is all about choice in the need for choice in making your own decisions for both of these groups of people and the last thing i want to say scott gottlieb said something notable, he said as omicron stays we should be as forceful and removing restrictions as we were and putting them in place and he said what are the most destructive restrictions is masking in schools. charles: amen, absolutely. obviously in virginia this fight is as hot as it is anywhere, touching in a political sense, listen to what virginia ag jason said this morning.
2:32 pm
>> if you are appear and you know what's best for you, that is in the code of virginia that is the message i would give to the school boards is implicit fundamental right to the educational right of the children. being brought up to the virginia supreme court for resolution real quick but nobody is talking about what's happening to the kids we have a mental health crisis and we need to make some changes were going to year three and we need to recognize what the impact is having on children. charles: invalid you get a sense democrats are learning a political lesson from all of this? emily: it only result of them shooting themselves in the foot and a red wave in 2022 and 24 because to carly's point, we are exhausted everybody is exhausted and if people cared about the health of their children it would matter the statistics, the absolute plummeting of mental health of these kids in the disciplinary action and the violence between students and teachers from these kids because
2:33 pm
they have been isolated a detrimental effect can never be overstated and i want to quickly, for viewers so they understand how much democrats are using the last think it is in their favorite, in keeping with the state constitution which says supervision at schools is invested with the school board and they say that a break state law passed recently and said they will follow cdc guidance but that goes against the grain of common sense application that. make the best decisions for their children, to the ag's point i said the court would absolutely so literally the constitution that the school board would truly have purview over child health over a period. charles: it turns out the parents do care about their children, absolutely shocking. great stuff. they do no better and as long as the media is not lying to them that is great stuff. still ahead a war on drivers and
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movements mimicking parkinson's disease, fever, stiff muscles, problems thinking, and sweating. (jackie) talk to your doctor about's time to treat td. td is not ok. visit ♪ ♪. tyrus: welcome back to "the big sunday show", the biden administration is starting a war with drivers transportation secretary pete buttigieg new road safety plan spends $14 billion on a program that can install more speed cameras across the country so more money for big brother, emily i'm going to you first. we hear the constant complaints that nobody wants to be pulled over by a police officer anymore so they will install cameras to give you tickets for speeding but democrats are upset about
2:39 pm
that because not because of the fact that you're gonna get caught for breaking a minor traffic infraction but the money might go to the police officers. what do you do? this is crazy. emily: i will continue to drive fast, someone who has plenty of tickets from the robots i have to say let's go back to the common sense, this will be a portion of the 14 billion-dollar infrastructure plan going to our traffic but all of this all that they do they make money they do not save lives, the reasons that they are supporting this because they it looks good to them the notion that it reduces the amount of actual stops where he promotes the fact that you're getting your accountability without being on the basis of skin color, they argue they have not save lives, it's better current medical technology, all this does is take money from your pocket and unconstitutional way and then diverted back into
2:40 pm
the community but to that point in a highly inefficient way i do not want my tax dollars going towards robot narcs, that is all this is. >> robot narcs, i feel like this entire weekend i've been doing the angry black man impersonation. they want to put a camera on every corner and it is supposed to help people but if you have facebook or tiktok, you have to be excited about this because now you will have way more films of carjacking the terrible things happening to people in no help coming, this is not the solution. it's videotaping more problems. carley: i guess it could be part of the solution, i don't entirely hate this idea, do you follow the rules of the road, but i also don't drive so maybe
2:41 pm
i more detached from the situation because i live in new york city when i read this i said if he is going to put the speeding cameras up and he catches people from doing dangerous things on the road i don't see anything wrong with that. you did bring up the big headline of the story the reason he is doing this, he said it would be a more equitable way of enforcing speed limit laws because it alleviates traffic stops which could be dangerous to minority communities and that the sentiment i completely disagree with. tyrus: rights. charlie if you were sitting on the hill right now in this legislation was coming out, what would you be doing would be something that you vote for, i'm assuming when you drive and follow the speed limit, i myself if it's at 55, 64, how would you twist this?
2:42 pm
>> they managed to beat me down to the point where i am 11 points over all the time. i never very anymore in the last and is working out for me right now. the problem is you still get the tickets if you run through a video narc, they still bust you and they don't give you allowance for the 11 miles over. the whole thing is idiotic that this is good to take racism out of policing talk about not fixing a problem, the problem if it's a real problem the young racist cops the need to get rid of the racist cops. this does not fix that, here is the other thing i live in washington, d.c. for 15 years there was not a single agency or department in the whole city that worked effectively except the parking department the meter maids were the most efficient
2:43 pm
only efficient city workers in the entire city in the reason as you point out they made so much money off of it. it was the biggest revenue but at the did the day the same problem we don't pay enough taxes and we need to pay more money to these people. tyrus: carley we are surrounded by a gangster of operators. "the big sunday show", parents with kids in college need to know about the latest craziness happening on some campuses. ♪ tisserie-style chicken. it's sweet, it's tangy, it's tender, it never misses. you could say it's the steph curry of footlongs. you could, but i'm not gonna. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing and re... your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost.
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carley: welcome back to "the big sunday show", a lot of crazy things happening on college campuses near you like college under colorado state university that thinks free speech is a problem this shows more than a dozen resources for students affected by it and the university of nebraska is changing its mascot hand cast her from the 70s from an okay sign to the number one because somebody could think it would mean white power.
2:48 pm
what is going on on our campuses, it is only getting worse. charles: it really is, these people are lunatics, it's really tragic because it's happening to young people who are the future of the country, the reason to go to college is supposed to get your mind blown not your prejudice confirm, you don't go, you go to be challenged not to be coddled, when you have these things like this and these kids are taught that the good to be safe spaces in the world there are no safe spaces in life that's what life is when you get out into life you have to confront awkward situations, bad situations in tough situations. if you go to school and this is what you get you will be completely utterly and am prepared and you will leave into the world with the same
2:49 pm
prejudice and stupidity in ignorance and everything else that you went into it with which is the exact opposite of higher education. carley: my mind continues to be blown to charlie's point the obsessed of this campuses, to his point were not preparing them for the real world we are falling behind globally so drastically in math and science we are being absolutely overtaken by so many other countries as we however, focus on pronouns and things they don't have the impact on the daily life. carley: i could not believe in the span of one lifetime we went for the greatest generation people storming the beaches of normandy and forgotten countries to 17 counseling resources when you hear free speech, we have become soft as a country which is so sad, it's very scary that a group of very powerful people in silicon valley don't value free speech there are real-life implications that happen all the
2:50 pm
time, a year ago they posted something about the lab leak theory on social media it will get removed. how crazy does that sound given what we know today or also it can affect elections, hunter biden and the new york post reporting that was conveniently removed when it was at the time that it was. it starts at the college campuses and you are right this problem is only getting worse. emily: if somebody tries to come for my hearing the husky i don't know what i would do i cannot imagine this overhaul, this is why attendance is plummeting in the alumni is like what is going on can i just have a student body that learned something rather than learning to become formative and capitulating coming out of the campuses. tyrus: first of all the only person that would take the okay
2:51 pm
sign to make it a white racist sign is a white racist. you are just making everyone aware, what is that they just don't get it. stupid is as stupid does never admit anything more, to carley's point is not about free speech is about my speech, the bottom line if you do anything if i'm the medium blue like nebraska shout out if you do anything to the huskers take down corn husky you know what corn goes through with their house the leaves are pulled off and the ripped from the family, i guess if you could go after something, go after the huskers, that in itself what i just said was done as well, i have nothing for the segment other than all i do scratch my head and say okay. emily: the big four is next. ♪
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2:56 pm
longer, i have to be honest i've never been more disgusted with adam schiff and espn, tom brady for literally has lifted the nfl to hold another level and you have a lot of the sportscasters jobs grew because the coverage the nfl was getting and demanded in the fact that you wouldn't give him the opportunity to retire on his own you had to be first, are we a sports channel or what we inquire, i would delete my tom brady retirement stuff but you do not delete the same tom brady so i have to leave it up there when he does retire or if tom brady decides to stay for one more year, if he stays on for one more more egg on the face, but shame on espn. charles: does that mean, do you think he is going to retire or he's not going to retire.
2:57 pm
tyrus: i'm really sensitive about tom brady right now, tread water very carefully, he probably will retire but it should be his choice, we should hear from him but not espn tried to be in the front of it. carley: if i could i would give you a big hug to make you feel better because of the situation. tyrus: you're playing with my emotions. carley: this is new from spotify, the outrage, i guess this is why they're doing it, there could be no other reason is joe rogan and accusations of covid and misinformation, i emphasize the word accusations, they said they are going to add a content advisory to any podcast episode that includes a discussion about covid-19 and also on this front. megan michael reached out to spotify to express their
2:58 pm
concerns, charlie the royals getting involved in something else. charles: exactly this is the worst thing about them coming here. they have an opinion about everything. i thought when they got stripped of their titles we would have to hear from them anymore. carley: what your pick. charles: my pick is not just for next week sadly but probably for the next couple of weeks and probably the next couple of years, new poll gives joe biden low marks for his response to inflation, only 29% approve. that means 70% of americans disapprove of joe biden's handling of inflation which of course getting 70% of americans to agree on anything is absolutely amazing but the real
2:59 pm
question who are the 30% that are applauding his efforts to control inflation? emily: i thought that myself and i think it is people who are extremely uninformed or maybe members of his own family. those are the only people i think about. charles: i think it is college students. tyrus: or the people the last name sanders and pete buttigieg, aoc. charles: emily what you got? emily: i don't know if everybody's talking about this next week but me a bull giller bay is feeling hurt, a convicted felon # so hot and the internet is wild the comments were like if i find them can i keep them and someone said what was my crime breaking hearts, there were so many comments that the police deleted the facebook, d activated twitter because the internet was going wild remember
3:00 pm
jailbait the other hot guy he went on to be a model, i first say burglar bay, i'm here for i don't mind. tyrus: it's crazy if there's two they can have a teardrop on their i. carley: that doesn't for us the "fox report with jon scott" is next. >> the united nations security council said to me tomorrow as russian troops unmask along the ukraine border but tension for invasion, good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". jon: the meeting will give the u.s. the opportunity to directly confront russia over the military buildup the meantime president biden says he will remove as many as 8500 troops to eastern europe in the near future, we have team coverage with steve here again


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