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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  January 31, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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we need to go to l.a. to get one more. >> dana: do you have anything to say to harris faulkner? >> i love kansas city but tomorrow begins the year of the tiger in the new year. i will see you guys back in new york. >> dana: i hope you get back. don't cause any disturbances on the plane. harris faulkner, here you go. here is harris. >> harris: wow. crispy creams and hat coming to him. i lost and glad to pay that debt and happy for bill. why we're starting with the white house. breaking news in this hour because the nation's governors are gathering to meet face-to-face with president biden and no doubt part of the discussion that could come up is the border crisis based on where some of them are located. but will anybody take the president to task for what his administration is trying to hide from the public with the
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border crisis? i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". we know the biden administration has been releasing bus loads of mostly single male migrants as well as unaccompanied children into communities and that is fueling distrust and anger within the administration now. fox news has obtained leaked video of border agents really getting into it with border patrol chief ortiz during a visit with mayorkas. >> i do think that morale is at an all-time low and we're losing way too many agents. we don't give up. we stay focused. we continue to do the job and the vision that we signed up for. we all signed up and raised our hand. it may be hard for you. i've been doing this for 31 years. it is not hard for me to say it.
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[inaudible] >> harris: dropping illegal immigrants into our communities and the shout fest was on. the administration is insisting there is no secrecy here. a white house official told fox news a trump era policy prevents them from expelling some illegal immigrants because of the pandemic. republicans say no way is that the case. >> the biden administration is bringing the border crisis to americans' backyards. that's why i've introduced the stop the betrayal act. we know this is happening and taking leaked video and audio to get accountability from the biden administration. this is a safety and security issue for iowa families and american families. >> harris: k.t. mcfarland former deputy national security advisor under trump is in
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"focus." i want to begin with peter doocy reporting liefr at the white house. >> you saw the video of the border patrol officers from laredo, texas. that kind of frustration and emotion stretches all the way along this side of the southern border. >> there is so much anger, so much frustration. you can go to any border patrol station and feel the tension. every single time a u.s. citizen overdoses we feel it. every single time a u.s. citizen is harmed by an illegal border crosser we feel it. >> one of the policies creating the most friction right now is the one that puts arrested migrants on flights to the interior of the united states. statistics show that tens of thousands of them never report to their immigration hearings but when i asked the white house official about that i was told the following. there are no such things as secret flights. the video footage your network has been running endlessly is six months ago in august which jen and others in the
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administration addressed then, too. not new or news. the footage is of unaccompanied minors being transported. some of those flights have landed in new york and that's where congresswoman stefanik said joe biden's failed policies have made every state a border state. i'm calling on president biden to cease any activity transporting illegal immigrants from the southern border to new york state. they believe they have no other choice than to fly folks and move folks around to other locations. it is simply not the case. there is another option. there is another strategy to get the border under control. >> so things at the border are not getting any better but this administration is not planning any major changes or updates to their strategy there at least not that we know of. harris. >> harris: my mother used to say all things in darkness will come tonight and it will be from the mouths of the people dealing with it. we're hearing from the border agents now. the "new york post" editorial
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board calling out president biden with this headline. what will it take for biden to stop sneaking illegal immigrants into the u.s. k.t. mcfarland former deputy nation fall security advisor under president trump is in "focus" today. let's start with the border administration video and what's happening behind the scenes. >> the irony is we're talking a lot about the ukraine border and not talking about the southern border of the united states. it turns out that to be a member of nato you have to have a secure border. not only are illegal immigrants coming across and being resettled all over the country, but it is the fentanyl. that is killing our young people particularly in the more rural areas in the center of the country. i don't know what stops this. the media is covering joe biden on this, they are covering up
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for him. the administration is trying to pretend there is nothing there. what ends up happening is when there is another election a year from now and republicans get control of the house and senate they'll hold the administration accountability. they'll have hearings and the administration won't be able to spin their way out of it. >> harris: the issue with that delayed accountability is that millions of people are coming into this country and they are flowing into areas we don't know where they are going because many of these flights are late at night and we heard even the contractors on the tarmac saying. it was leaked video from last week saying we don't even know where we're going. we aren't allowed to know it is so secret. it could be another 2 million this year and that's a lot to process. we understand some people want to be here and we want to help but we can't take everybody this way flowing in this way in secret. >> they've got to be breaking
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dozens of laws. if not dozens -- >> harris: let the attorney general tell me they are. >> we need to hold them accountable. as long as the media covers up and congress refuses to hold them to account. the only people who can hold them to account is people like you and shows like yours, but the american people and the american people are seeing this for what it is. they're seeing it in their communities and the lawlessness and fentanyl crisis and an unwillingness for the u.s. government to stand up to any of this. they don't want a political problem on their hands so they are ignoring it. in a democracy the good news is you can't ignore it forever. eventually the government has to answer to the people. >> harris: i love it when you bring us good news even though it may be delayed. let's get to this. the world is watching as more than 100,000 russian troops remain stationed along the ukraine border. you just mentioned this, k.t.
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russia called the idea it would invade ridiculous but the stakes could not be higher. let's watch together. >> they're encouraging ukrainians not to worry about an attack but we know that the attack is possible. you don't amass 100,000 troops if you don't have intentions to use them. it's an attack on democracy and i believe nobody is safe if ukraine will be attacked. >> right now there are military advisors, u.s. military advisors in the ukraine. if something happens there is no question that u.s. lives are also going to be at stake here. >> harris: is it fair for me to say it's a sudden lean in by some democrats. the president saying it is imminent and so on and so forth paraphrasing him a bit. at the news conference oh, what's a little minor incursion. now suddenly this is a big deal but it has been all along. tell us why. >> it is a big deal all along. russia wants to rewrite the
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borders of europe. russia wants to recreate greater russia and undo the cold war victory and that's what vladimir putin has been trying to do for 30 years and he has the pieces in place. a lot of that is because we've enabled him to do it. all about energy. not even about ukraine and russia. it is about germany and china, american energy. the europeans especially germany are completely dependent on russian oil and natural gas. to heat their homes, run their factories, drive their cars. and without russian natural gas and oil the germans are shivering in the dark. the germans have said to the world and to ukraine hands off. you are on your own and so as a result it's why you have the ukrainian ambassador saying it won't stop with ukraine. the russians will be emboldened and that's true. we should give them energy. >> harris: i remember not too
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long ago when there was an independent united states when it came to energy and now that has reversed. look, we could get into it and talk all day. glad to have you in "focus." thank you for hitting both those topics. we're learning no one is exempt from the crime crisis in america. the son of a veteran police officer was shot and killed in what was a robbery. his mother, an officer, said cops need to be allowed to do their job. she joins me next along with jason rantz. and we have this. >> if the republicans win power this november that's it. the american experiment is over. >> harris: that sounds so desperate. apparently america is done for if the democrats lose their seats in november. i guess we should brace ourselves since it is looking like there is a good chance many of them will.
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>> harris: just days after an outpouring of love and gratitude to fallen rookie nypd officer jason rivera, the city and nation are about to mourn again. this time for the loss of his partner, officer wilbert mora. both were killed in an ambush shooting a little more than a week ago and despite the support we saw by the thousands lining the streets of new york city on friday, vile anti- cop sentiment didn't take a break. this from a new york city actress. >> you don't need to shut down most of lower manhattan because
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one cop died for probably doing his job incorrectly. they kill people who are under 22 every single day for no good reason and we don't shut down the city for them. this is ridiculous. this is ridiculous. what if somebody is having a heart attack in this area? nobody can get to them because it is all blocked off for one cop. >> harris: the brooklyn high school teachers instagram story. may 30, 2020, nypd s.u.v. drives into a crowd of protestors. ideal conditions for reciprocity. apparently that's in reference to an incident in the wake of george floyd's killing when an nypd vehicle was seen navigating through a group of protestors and no one was injured. immediate backlash for the cop-hating teacher went this way. one police officer told the "new york post" for a school teacher to condone an act of terrorism is reprehensible. another, it is the ultimate act
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of cowardice. tony island press said the teacher no longer works at the school and the teacher told the "new york post" his words were misconstrued. jason rantz seattle radio talk show host in focus. when you call these people out and put them in the spotlight they retreat. but the hate is still there. >> yeah, the hate is absolutely still there. to be clear not everyone retreats when you call them out. some do. they know what they are saying is despicable. the fact is they represent a large and growing portion of this country and that is terrifying. we shouldn't be doing this not even just to other cops but any other humans. this is the wrong way to act. oh my gosh, you were inconvenienced on your walk to work because of a memorial ceremony. i know i can't believe it. think about it from that perspective. you are upset. the actress is upset because there are some folks there who
8:19 am
make her life just 13 seconds later than it normally would on her commute. or you have a teacher who is posting this garbage. i can't help but think of the fact that parents telling teachers not to call all white people oppressors was deemed an act of terrorism and yet when you have this kind of garbage that is being posted on instagram and seen by some students all of a sudden you have some people defending this guy. it is ludicrous. we have to call it out. we should focus on some of the good. your point at the beginning is really important here. lots of people showed up. lots of people wanted to go but couldn't and i think that's also a really good message to remind people of. >> harris: look, the pictures were just a reminder of law enforcement as they lined the streets but there were so many citizens who came out and people from all over the country who came out to recognize so goes the rest of the country if we don't get it right on a place that depends
8:20 am
so mightily on its police department. i want to back up to something you said. you said this is growing, this segment of the population, this idea and sentiment against cops. why do you think that is? >> usually not always but usually these messages are coming out of folks who are relatively young. you can tie both of these two incidents together. folks like christopher flanagan who don't seem to like cops. this is the kind of garbage being taught to kids and pushed in front of kids. up until recently parents had no clue that it was happening. so again i know i've said it before a reminder to make sure you have conversations with your kids. you want to get in front of this kind of toxic trash that is influencing their world view. kids generally don't understand what their worldview is until they have life experience. and so the people who are in positions of power in front of them that they trust who are giving them all of this stuff
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pretending that cops are evil, screaming out acab, going ahead and justifying attacks against cops, those are the messages they're hearing. we have to make sure we counter those messages. it is not -- this didn't happen overnight. this took a long time of indoctrination to change the culture how we view policing and it doesn't help we have media outlets that spew that same garbage or politicians who believe the same thing. we need to counter it. >> harris: you mix that in with district attorneys soft on crime and pulling back the reins on what we could do to make our streets safer for citizens and police officers alike. it is a toxic environment for cops i would imagine. thank you very much, jason. i hope that you can stick around near a tv to watch this. i want you to see what's coming up next, jason and everybody else. a philadelphia police officer on the job for 17 years is dealing with a crime crisis in the most personal way today.
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23-year-old son died after being shot nine times in a shooting that stemmed from a robbery. that philadelphia police officer started opening up about her son who worked as a mentor for trouble teenagers. just shy of getting his bachelor's degree in college and expecting a daughter his mom is in focus now. i am so sorry for your loss and i want you to know that on this program, we look at the job that you do and i watched the video. i saw you talking to a crowd of people saying let us do our jobs and let the homicide unit do its jobs and investigation. i want you to know on this program we support you, i am so sorry this has happened. tell me just a little bit about your son. we want to know him. >> hiram was amazing.
8:23 am
he was the light of my life. my mother used to say doing the wrong thing is so easy to do. doing the right thing is hard. but he always tried to do the right thing. my son, i just appreciate him so much, the respect that he had for me. it is hard to find a 24-year-old that doesn't have a tattoo but i begged him. i told him hiram and don't get tattoos and he died what his mother asked him to do. just one of those little things. his job in delaware an hour and a half away from where we lived. he worked 12 hour shifts and he took that drive to work for his
8:24 am
mother, for his mother. i remember i said when he first got the job i told him i am proud of you. i texted him he is still making me proud. the things i'm hearing about him. it's just so much. >> harris: officer ferguson, i want to ask about what it is like right now for you because you've been a police officer for so many years and when this type of crime hits you personally, i know it's raw and in that moment of rawness i want to ask about being a cop, too. because i saw you at that lectern and you said let the cops do their job. let that homicide unit do its job in philadelphia. you called it one of the best in the world. certainly the country you said. what is it like doing your job right now? >> i haven't been to work since
8:25 am
but i just -- you know, normally when something like this happens people go straight to street justice. but i guess me being a copy don't think that way. i have so much restraint. i am so humbled and thankful to be a police officer, ma'am, because i know inside -- so i know that they are doing everything they can. they are doing -- nobody is sleeping until they get justice for my son. people look at police and they hate the police, they don't like cops but we are human. we are human. they let one seed ruin the whole bunch but we have feelings and families and babies and children. we are just like you but we put on a uniform every day to go to
8:26 am
work. >> harris: you are generous in your description of the rest of the citizenry. we are actually not just like you. you are the brave and we are grateful for you standing watch and i am so sorry for the loss of your son and we will follow the investigation into his death. you say the homicide unit is on it and we'll follow it here on the "focus." thank you for being in "focus." god bless you. >> thank you so much and god bless you. >> harris: even people who say they vote democrat may have reached their limit when it comes to forcing our children to wear masks. so the question, is this a tipping point for that to change? and this. >> what president biden did was as a candidate make this pledge
8:27 am
and that helped politicize the entire nomination process. >> harris: moderate gop senator susan collins accusing biden of playing politics to pick a sudden vacancy on the u.s. supreme court seat. tammy bruce joins "focus" next.
8:28 am
>> president biden: wlor not there is the cost of childcare. in 23 of your states you've gotten relief with 150,000 childcare providers to help many of them keep the doors open and the critical time, the actual physical facilities. and now we need it more to get
8:29 am
americans -- keep them at work. and the essential workers on the job. and that can mean some of you used hero retention bonuses, higher pay, temporary paid leave to combat burn-out in essential healthcare workers like delaware, illinois, kansas, maine, massachusetts, michigan, minnesota and pennsylvania have all announced. it can mean paid leave as it is being done in the state of washington but keep schools open, keep kids in school, to make up for learning losses we need to bring back more teachers, more tutors, bus drivers, school nurses, and we're seeing creative efforts in north carolina for example which is providing bonuses for all school employees in arkansas as you know, which is creating a tutoring corp. we're seeing states like kansas, new jersey and nevada
8:30 am
using funds to expand the pool of counselors and mental healthcare workers in the schools that are badly needed in my view. already 27 states have announced they are using over 14 billion dollars in the american rescue plan funds to get a head start on rebuilding our nation's infrastructure. we have a hell of a lot to build and we are going to build a bunch of them and also clean water, ports and a whole range of things. we have a lot of opportunity to build back a lot better. i think it is really important, equally important to make sure we have well-trained and diverse workforce ready to fill the jobs and careers that my infrastructure law will help open up wide. that means using the rescue plan funds to support apprenticeship, community college partnerships, on the job training in key areas like
8:31 am
clean energy and advanced manufacturing and construction and we're seeing the states like wisconsin, colorado, connecticut, north carolina, maine, massachusetts doing that already. we have dozens of examples how important the creative work is underway as the result of providing a hell of a lot more flexibility that you all required. i think we've done that. if you haven't i would like to hear it today if you don't have enough flexibility. a good start and do more to retain, train and hire workers we need to serve our people and expand our economy. so because of this is a chance for us to not only come together and get through this pandemic, it is for us to come through it stronger and ready to build on our progress and deal more americans in to win the competition in the future. we're doing better than any major nation in the world. we have to pick it up. i can think of no better group of people to pick it up with.
8:32 am
it takes state, federal, business, labor. i have never seen this much cooperation that is across the board with differences, i know, but a hell of a lot of cooperation across the board including business and labor pulling together and accelerating efforts and trying to do a lot more to make sure we get out of this hole. i want to thank you all for being here and i know you spoke today with the cdc -- not the cdc. you had the head of my covid team in here. we have a way to go on that in my view but we're moving and so i think it is all about making sure we have the same standards we're applying across the board. and, you know, as you said, gov, we'll try like the devil to keep schools open. study after study and universities in your states
8:33 am
have done them is that, you know, losing a semester can put a kid back a year and a half and so there is a whole lot we can and have to do in my view to focus. and i think that keeping schools open is a big part of that. border security, gov, we're working a lot with neighboring countries. a lot to do. there is a lot -- i think one of the fundamental things we have to do in addition to some of the changes we make we won't get into today is that if we figure out why they're leaving in the first place. it is not like people sit around and say in guadalajara let's sell everything we have to get give us across the border. we don't speak the language. won't that be fun. there are gangs we're working on. there is a lot of illegal movement but there is also a
8:34 am
way to begin to deal with the reason they are leaving in the first place. i would love to talk with you personally about that a little bit if i may. but t having said that why don' i stop and take any questions you all may have and they tell me i'm supposed to call on governor cox first. >> thank you. thank you guys, thank you. thank you. thank you, guys. >> harris: that was so awkward right then becausclearly the president did not know that when you say can i take any questions all the media in the room might have a few. he called on the next governor. i want to bring in now tammy bruce fox news contributor and host of get tammy bruce on fox nation. great to have you in "focus" today. you say this all the time.
8:35 am
his communications and the president aren't on the same page. now you take a pause. let the media leave the room and start to answer and ask questions with the governors. what just happened there? >> i think he has been in politics so long normally you would have the media there when you are asking questions of other elected officials. that's transparency. that would be a natural thing but he already knew in his lead-up, his remarks of we'll talk personally about this. we won't talk about that now but later. there is still -- the american people notice this extraordinary effort to hide. so it just reinforces this lack of trust. it is a deliberate effort to not have transparency. this is exactly the conversation americans need to hear in order to feel comfortable and to have trust in the system. what the conversation is, what the questions are, how the president is answering the questions. that is why it was almost as bad as when kamala harris aide
8:36 am
symone sanders went in and tried to stop an interview because there was an awkward question being asked. all of that becomes public and that was a real debacle to hear this effort to move out effectively the ears and eyes of the american people from a public event with public elected officials. >> harris: just a couple of things here. you heard the president saying the gov, the gov. the person he was talking to was governor hutchison from arkansas. he had an opening statement. the president is answering back and you heard the sort of listing of what they were going to talk about based on what the gov just said. one of the things he talked about was the border. and you can hear the reporters shouting questions. the president says does anybody have any questions? yeah, we do. you just acknowledged the voter crisis. oh, you don't mean us. that's not what you meant. the camera pulls out and as you
8:37 am
put it, tammy, we don't get to see what really happens. you know what else we're seeing, the extraordinary hiding and leaking. we're starting to see stuff on camera. moderate gop senator susan collins joining the backlash against president biden's pledge to appoint a black woman to the u.s. supreme court to replace retiring justice steven breyer. let's watch first and back to tammy. >> i would welcome the appointment of a black female to the court. i believe that diversity benefits the supreme court. but the way that the president has handled this nomination has been clumsy at best. it adds to the further perception that the court is a political institution like congress when it is not supposed to be. >> harris: it adds to the perception that all black women are the same, be on the lookout for one.
8:38 am
we'll fill this position for it. >> this is the other problem when you have a quota. this person will likely be very qualified and yet we're left with this impression that she was chosen for an a characteristic of herself because of her skin color and gender. so it once again creates an environment, this idea that women of color in particular, people of color in general that they've got to be blessed with the hand of the beneficial person who will lift them up to something that normally they wouldn't have and that is the only reason why that happens. janice rogers brown, joe biden filibuster her appointment to the federal court in 2003. george w. bush attempted the appointment. she would have been the first black woman on the federal bench, a generation ago, 20 years ago. biden and the democrats stopped that appointment, pushed that
8:39 am
effort back considerably because she wasn't their kind of politics. so this is obviously clearly diversity has to happen. it has been to be a reflection of the nature of who america is but it can happen naturally and without this smear if you will that this person can only get this because i care about the color of her skin. >> harris: look, the nature of who america is, many of us made up of all different points of view, diversity of thought and so on and so forth. that's what i mean when i stay president isn't seeing us as individuals. we know that already. if you aren't black, i mean, what did he say? if you don't vote for him he knows we're not black. he said it. he sees people of color according to his own words as mormonlithic than we are. it takes away from the merit we
8:40 am
have as individuals. he could have appointed a black woman and said who i chose. instead it's a parade. >> you have a sense of what you want to accomplish as a president, i understand that especially with the symbolism also involved with appointments like this but then do that while considering and having this wide spectrum of individuals. choose that person and then reinforce this person won on the merits. they happen to be a black person or a person of color. but that was not the agenda, harris. the agenda as you have noted was stated even during the campaign and earlier. the agenda is signaling, virtue signaling, pandering. it has nothing to do with genuinely lifting people up. look at the condition of the inner city in democrat-run cities in this country. it has never been about uplifting people. it has been about using them,
8:41 am
exploiting that life experience and it is outageous who are classical liberals and understand the values. this kind of honesty why we need who we need there and who the enemy of equity and equality in this country is. >> harris: a recent poll by abc found that 76% of americans wish that he would make this choice, here it is to fill the opening of the u.s. supreme court do you think joe biden should consider all possible nominees? 76% of those polled said yes in the poll. it is hard to get 76% of people to agree on anything but we agree on that. tammy bruce, thank you. first of all you handled the breaking news with the president and grateful for your time in "focus." next time we see each other i hope we'll be in person in "focus." it is coming. the numbers are going down here in new york. god bless us all.
8:42 am
good to see you, my friend. president biden losing enough even more ground i should say with americans on some key issues including covid, immigration, crime, inflation crisis. those are some of the topics he just enumerated at the national governor's association he is having in the east room. some democrats are worrying it can drag it down in the mid-terms, his problems. james carville has advice for his political party. will it be enough to stave off a red wave november 8th months away. >> this has been an epic failure of a year for joe biden. he divided the country and ignored the concerns of the american people. ♪♪♪
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>> joe biden has been president for just over a year. but he has been running for president for 34 years. 34 years later, three separate runs for the presidency, eight years as vice president. is this what you thought you
8:48 am
would get? if joe biden loses the house and senate he need not blame the media or the republicans or joe manchin. just compare what he said he would do and who he said he would be with what he has actually done. >> harris: trey gowdy there tearing into president biden as he continues to lose ground with americans on a range of issues. new polling shows that biden's approval has plummeted when it comes to covid to 50% say they approve of his handling of the pandemic down from 69% one year ago. and that's actually not the end of the trouble. the president's approval under water when it comes to immigration, crime and inflation. this comes as democrats attempt to hold onto an already razor thin majority in the house and senate and some critics are raising concerns about their chances in november. democrat strategist james carville said democrats obsess over high profile races they
8:49 am
can't win where all the attention is. we're addicted to hopeless causes. there is a significant part of the democratic party that doesn't mind losing if it allows them to be pure. we're obsessed with purity. that has to stop. we have to do whatever it takes to get more political power and that means we have to win some elections. all the vegetables right there. power panel sean duffy former wisconsin congressman and fox news contributor. jason nichols, professor of american studies. james carville giving all the vegetables to your political party. is he right? >> i think there are certain things he is right about. we certainly sometimes make great the enemy of good and we're doing that sometimes with slamming people like joe manchin who i've spent a lot of time in west virginia and have a lot of friends in west virginia and tell any democrat the best you will do out of
8:50 am
west virginia is joe manchin. you are not going to get bernie sanders in west virginia. i agree with some elements of what he is saying. i do think that any party should be idealistic. i think the far right knows what they want and they go after it and i think the left needs to do the same thing. but in certain cases we need to be pragmatic and need to attack in places that we know we can win. >> harris: that was interesting to hear you defend joe manchin. msnbc had harsh words about republicans if they win the mid-terms during conversation about increased tensions between russia and ukraine. let's watch. >> putin also understands the opportunity of having a republican -- giving the republicans ammunition to topple the american government this november. i don't say that lightly. so republicans win power this
8:51 am
november, that's it. the american experiment is over. there will never be another free or fair election in the united states. >> harris: as a republican how do you respond to that? >> we're back to russia, harris? russia, russia. come on. we have open and fair elections. we want people to vote and want them to vote fairly. getting back to the original question the problem we have is that the democrats are inflicting wounds on themselves. joe biden can address crime. he is tanking there. message the american people that democrats are a party that believe-in-law and order. i think you would get prosecutors on board. he could secure the border. that would be a great thing, message to the american people. secure the border. he could take that issue off the table. james carville didn't play the quote but said only 7 or 8% are the far left progressive. they have to do common sense
8:52 am
things. they can win elections. if you do the crazy marxist communist stuff it doesn't resonate with the american people. it isn't hard. joe biden wasn't given a bad card hand, he created one for himself and his failing as president. >> harris: quick follow up to you, sean. carville 7 to 8% of the party is far left progressives. why are they so loud and listened to? >> two things. one you have the twitter and aoc and talibs. a lot of their believers are in the media. the media echoes it. that's where they are at. you don't have moderate democrats on nbc and cnn. you only get one voice that doesn't really represent the moderate democrats that i know in central and across wisconsin and minnesota who don't believe in these policies but they are democrats because they aren't republicans. if democrats could message and
8:53 am
have common sense policies on the economy and covid that work for them they would stay in the democrat party. now they are like we don't have a choice. we'll vote republican because the democrats have left us. >> harris: jason, i ask you the same question and you hear sean there talking about the aoc and all of that contingent and the twittersphere, the loud voices. why are they being listened to? >> i largely agree with a lot of aoc's goals. i just said in terms of electoral strategy i think james carville is right in a lot of ways in order to win some of these elections and get some of what you want you have to be pragmatic. however, i would say the same thing. this is a media problem that sean is referencing. on the right you hear marjorie taylor green and space lasers from jewish people and boebert. those are the headlines that seem to sell.
8:54 am
so i think the media is responsible for that. i would agree also with sean that i think president biden needs to get out there and be the leader of the party and go out and speak more and be seen more. i think that is part of the problem. >> harris: i don't know there are many democrats that would agree with you because of the poll numbers. if somebody has stuff on their shoe you don't want to wear sandals around them you know what i'm saying? sean, answer to what jason was just saying trying to put the shoe on the other foot in terms of the media and we have to run. >> so the republican party we have the same problem. the far right and you have moderates. the way you govern is from the middle. if you look at where john boehner and paul ryan and kevin mccarthy tried to say we're trying to get the most conservative coalition possible and go as far right as we can but i don't want to lose the moderates. if i go too far right i'll lose the seats. if you go too far left you will
8:55 am
lose manchin. you have to be smart how to play politics. republicans have done that. democrats have gone to the left wing stratosphere and you can't win there. >> harris: great debate between the two of you. jason and sean always nice to have you in "focus." thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". a lot of emotion this hour. thanks for being here. "outnumbered" after the break. to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i,
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>> and the latest twist in the back and forth over the boundaries between free speech and censorship, spotify announces it will display a content warning on any contact discussing covid-19, after a top podcast or spread misinformation. i am kayleigh mcenany, joined by emily compagno, leslie marshall, and fox news contributor fox nation host


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