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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 1, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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alert, pfizer expected as soon as tomorrow to ask fda for emergency use authorization for the covid vaccine for babies and toddlers. m six months to four years what is the emergency? six months, four years old? parents, prepare yourself for the pressure campaign by the covid fanatics. that is it for us tonight. up next, gutfeld. ♪ ♪ >> it is tuesday, february 1st. the police officers and first responders under siege from coast-to-coast. a firefighter in california shot and killed battling a blaze. today americans will gather to mourn at the funeral for the texas constable charles galloway gunned down by illegal immigrant. new york city will honor nypd officer wilbert mora and his way to saint patrick's cathedral one week after powerful service for his partner. >> plus there is this home cotton raising concerns for the justice department they not be
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representing u.s. marshals protective federal courthouse in port oregon for writers in the summer of 2020. and you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday morning, i am actually true strohmeyer in for carley shimkus. >> i am todd piro and wait until the details that actually read but first joe biden's border crisis, record numbers of migrants pouring into the u.s. and staying here regardless of the crimes they committed. >> as white house tend to focus on root cause of emigration the latest numbers show the people coming into the country illegally are not even from northern countries. >> you are from ukraine. >> and you are from russia. >> ashley: live in washington. >> that is significant that sound bite because not just coming from mexico or the northern triangle as we have seen but in fact, two different
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countries which the sheriff blames on the biden administration's policies, watched. >> from a community standpoint it is a mess. they won't prosecute anybody that enters the country illegally. >> todd: a number of criminal migrants increasing overnight the argument the secretary tweeting this picture of child sex offender apprehended along with two ms-13 gang members. this has president biden facing questions crisis at the border like hutchinson of arkansas. the president sitting alongside vice president harris who was attacked as the borders are had this to say. >> one of the fundamental things we have to do is today. is if you could figure out why they are leaving in the first place. >> todd: meanwhile, lawmakers on capitol hill outraged over migrant flights taking matters into their own hands.
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senator steve daines introducing legislation barring migrants with arrest warrants to aboard planes saying and equipment "it is simple. an illegal immigrant represents their own arrest warrant as an i.d., they should be immediately arrested and not cleared by tsa to hop on a plane to the usa." this is beyond outrageous. this is a threat to the national security and it must be stopped immediately." finally, todd and ashley as you mentioned illegal immigrants accused of killing a woman and a hit-and-run crash in november 2020 is no longer facing deportation after dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas with removal of the family of that woman will be with you with guys in the next hour. and we will see what they have to say, todd and ashley. >> todd: an absolute shame, just a tragedy. we appreciated, del rio border agency encountering 1800 migrants over the weekend
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including another 75 unaccompanied children. agents also apprehending seven criminals and stopping 16 smuggling attempts. jason owen's tweeting "criminals don't take days off and neither do we." this comes on cdp apprehending 135,000 migrants in december with nearly 12,000 being unaccompanied kids. >> ashley: and here is ari fleischer on the biden administration border failure. take a listen. >> they have done terribly. it begins with the failure to recognize what is a crisis and what is not a crisis. they consider the fact a healthy democracy in which we shattered all turn out records of 2020 election has a crisis of democracy in which the vote is being suppressed by the southern border where people are just flowing into the united states of america illegally because the biden administration has lit down its guard and does not enforce the law at the border. open-minded about letting people come here illegally which is why we have more people coming illegally. that is not a crisis.
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>> ashley: a couple of thoughts. i want to start with how the biden administration said, "oh, we don't know why there are migrants crossing the border." i can tell you with my words, the border is wide open. >> todd: sure. >> ashley: i don't understand what they can't get this and i want to point to this and then get to another issue. when you talk about 75 unaccompanied children. and even more research with it. there is well into 800 children. you see images of these kids being left unaccompanied at the border, but that is a human rights issue for them as well. it is obviously, you know you have to think about transparency we are not getting in the united states as taxpayers. but you see all of these people flooding across the border and justice griff said more than 50 different countries. i said yesterday, migrants coming from ukraine and russia and that in itself is concerning with everything, the multitude of things we are dealing with on top of that you read about when
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you talk about the migrants and the lack of transparency and you seem to that video of the westchester airport, that to me is so concerning peer there is zero transparency, todd, when it comes to this because when you see the body cameras video, those officers don't even know what's going on, and they get frustrated because they are not in the know of what is happening. where are these people going? where are they taking them? and why is the biden administration being so hush-hush about it? >> todd: because i know what they are doing is wrong. when ebony don't like anybody ask a question they are -- the press conference with the governors as about to take quess and then not so fast, take a lo. >> when i stopped taking questions, then tell me i'm supposed to call on governor cox first. >> okay. thank you guys.
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thank you, guys, thank you. thank you. thank you, guys. >> todd: i mean so much bad you can take away from that one, where is the coordination? we are not setting up missile launch. questions with the media and the president and the media step should be on the same page. the bigger issue is transparency. why won't they answer questions about these flights? why did these flights have to be in the middle of the night where nobody knew anything about what was going on? also from that presser, the biden administration said we need to figure it out. to your point, actually there is nothing to figure out. migrants are pouring in because of you joe biden that bordered governing -- and not only are you letting them in but once i commit crimes, you are not deporting them. we will have more but that spirit more family of that young lady killed. ashley come away are they doing this? this is a question i come back here or there is only one reason because no rational person would do this other than to support
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the democratic voting base in perpetuity. that is only reason you're that is why they are doing this and it goes to transparency. they don't want to get caught i let that be known. that is why they are doing it in secret. >> on the hills a couple of weeks ago when biden gave an hour and a half news conference to be transparent with americans and not be so involved what is going on -- not involved, but not talking to the public so much about what is going on in congress spirits of the american people have the right to know, especially paying taxes. when you have to choose whether to put food on the table or cast in the car just to get to work, it becomes a huge issue. this is sparring all kinds of problems, crime being a huge one. but i also want to point out fully before i go and i know we have to go after this. there are billions of dollars sitting there and materials. that could be one thing, one other thing to help plaintiff stop this border issue because there is an issue and where is
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kamala harris? where is she? you are helping illegals at the expense of american citizens. they are struggling with gas prices and inflation and it doesn't make sense. on the border, diluting and damaging the citizenship that you and i hold dear and it's not right in every american should be outraged. with that texas attorney general ken paxton with a family of sophia and arizona governor doug ducey on these vital topics coming up later on in the show. 9 minutes after the hour now. the white house press secretary is facing a lot of backlash laughing off a question about some soft on crime policies on criminals. >> ashley: it comes as violent crime surges the first of the year. jackie ibanez. >> good morning white house press secretary jen psaki in trouble after mark of network coverage of soft on crime policy. listen. >> and jeanine pirro talking
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about soft on crime consequences come i mean what does that even mean, right? and so alternate universe on some coverage. >> ashley: our very own jacqui heinrich pressed jen psaki on criticism of crime coverage. >> where you -- is that at all a reflection of the priorities of the administration? speak with the president has been a long time at advocate of addressing crimes. he's never been for defunding the police. addressing crime is something the root of the president's agenda. >> ashley: the national fraternal order of police demanding the white house official issue an apology. the f.o.p. president writes "i think it is wrong, very wrong for jen psaki to suggest violent crime in this country is of no concern or laugh it off. violent crimes are part of some other reality will not help the victims. jen psaki owes him an apology." her comments come as police and first responders become targets.
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a firefighter is shot and killed with a dumpster fire in california. he leaves behind a wife and two children appear at the firefighters union fondly remembering the 47-year-old. >> perhaps a firefighter who showed up every day and never complained about being on the job. i don't know too many other firefighters who enjoy the job as much as him. >> ashley: the suspect robert is facing homicide charges but meanwhile the country will mourn the fallen heroes. charles galloway gunned down by illegal immigrant is today in new york city will honor nypd officer wilbert mora at his wake st. patrick's cathedral little bit later, ashley. >> ashley: jackie ibanez, thanks. >> scientists are speaking out about being silent and raise concerns that covid-19 originated in a land of wuhan, china.
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>> from every direction, from people who we now know were actually thinking exactly the same thing. >> ashley: the group of experts telling fox news the backlash was part of a top down for him to protect the scientific community from negative attention. the group expressed outrage at efforts by china, media, and other and scientific communities to cover up the origins of the pandemic leaving little hope for a push for accountability or stricter regulations. new developments overnight ahead of high-stakes call between secretary of state antony blinken and his russian counterparts. >> todd: greg palkot as the kremlin response to the response for de-escalation and build up military along the border, greg. >> todd, ashley come another day of diplomacy in ukraine and the lone shadow of the russian troop buildup in the region. and the russian numbers continue to grow and are concerning.
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secretary blinken will speak by phone with mr. laufer off and recorded yesterday that russia submitted a written response toe latest u.s. proposal regarding de-escalation and the u.s. face-off against russia in the u.n. security council yesterday, cold war style. meanwhile u.s. active with the biden administration and continued to the deployment of additional u.s. nla forces with tornado's eastern flank as a deterrence to any russian moves on ukraine. and the u.s. will fight the pentagon said yesterday commit those nato countries are targeted. in military ukraine forces continue to arrive, the fourth shipment of louisville aid, and american ammunition, et cetera came in last night. the u.k. has supplied antitank missiles to the ukrainians. a boris johnson is in town today to meet with the leadership to back up the result.
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finally, we met with a person who has one of the toughest diplomatic jobs in the world right now, acting u.s. investor christina clothing. she told us about her high wire act. >> it is a concerning situation because we have also seen very strong rhetoric from the russians and we have also seen their demands and we wanted to talk to them and make sure of family members were safe. the president has a very difficult task to stay on. >> the investor tells us that she feels the first wave of the drawdown of americans from the country is just about completed. back to you. >> ashley: thanks, jeff. democrat senator dick durbin with the lake about justice stephen breyer came from president biden's chief of staff here and he says ron klain told
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only a limited number of people adding the white house plan to make an official announcement the next day. today, president biden will meet with leaders from both sides of the aisle to hear their response on a nomination process. listen. >> he is deep in the process and members of both parties on the hill. so tomorrow the president is going to host ranking member grassley at the white house to consult with them. >> ashley: jen psaki would not say whether expects bipartisan support for nominating. >> todd: tom brady breaking silence swirling rumors on let's go podcast. >> still going through the process. when the time is right come i will be ready to make a decision one way or the other just like i said next week. >> todd: espn said that brady will retire after 22 nfl season and super bowl titles. and his agent said, he has not yet made a decision.
1:16 am
and also a financial reason to hold on just a little while longer. $50 million with a signing bonus from tampa bay if he waits until friday to retire. there is some confusion as to whether or not tampa have to appear there is a lot of swirling rumors, a lot of stuff going on. we will know when we see it appear the nfl will make a decision with the legacy will be patrick mahomes or josh allen going forward or one more year of tom brady? >> ashley: i will not get involved with this conversation to pay. >> todd: 60 minutes after they outwork the republicans urging cdc to scrap harmful covid. one of the lawmakers leading the charge. we will talk to him about it. >> ashley: it was texas ag and tommy all coming up will live on this tuesday morning. ♪ ♪
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see how you can become a smarter investor with a personalized education from td ameritrade. visit ♪ >> todd: hear about this? today asked the fda for emergency authorization to administer covid vaccines to kids as young as six months old. the vaccine would initially be
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available as a two dose regimen. the researchers looking into the effectiveness of possibly needing three doses. pfizer is hoping the vaccine will be available for kids by the end of the month. house republicans pressuring cdc rochelle walensky to do better with school mask mandates. writing a letter "cdc is undermining its own credibility as it continues to jeopardize an entire generation development." >> ashley: kentucky congressman james comer signed off on the letter and joins us now to react. okay, congressman, you have other countries who are literally pushing back on all of these mask mandates for kids here they are saying it's not healthy for them, not to mention the mental issues. but when it comes to the issue of omicron, todd and i were talking earlier, i personally don't know anyone who had may be severe cold with omicron and now all of a sudden a push with mask
1:22 am
mandates, talking about the vaccine for really young kids. when is the cdc going to step in and take responsibility for this? because this is affecting their mental health. there is a mental health crisis. when are they going to step in and say enough is enough and who is it going to take to help these kids because somebody has to help these kids question rick >> that is exactly right. we hear from parents every day and i have three kids and enough is enough but steve scalise and i put in the litter requesting the scientific basis for the decision to continue with the mask mandates. we haven't seen anything out there. we hear from speech pathologist and different teachers that are trying to work with children that have mental and developmental disabilities. it is only getting worse. i wear hearing aids. the masks are terrible for people wearing hearing aids. there are so many problems with hearing and trying to develop speech. and just with the mental
1:23 am
capacity as a whole. so what we are asking for is a scientific basis for it. we don't believe the cdc, obviously has factored in mental issues, developmental issues in the decision-making. so, it looks to me whoever made these decisions with the cdc either don't have children or don't have children and the public schools. this has affected a whole generation, enough is enough and they cannot develop the science they have to reverse the situation. >> todd: a lot of people have pointed out to the administration, yet despite the repeated warnings, the administration doesn't care about what they are rules are doing to our kids. that is frustrating. keep us posted where your letter goes. i want to get your thoughts on this joe biden and congress tearing down a daunting month as russian ukraine conflict potentially escalates. the supreme court picked up in last week and of course, china bill looming. it is joe biden capable of handling all of this?
1:24 am
>> well, we haven't seen any evidence so far that would say he is. we are trying to figure out who the decision-makers are. if you look at the crisis in ukraine, joe biden has been all over the board on this. he had a press conference where he supposedly misspoke. a hands-off approach and now a hands-on approach with respect to build up. we don't know when congress where they are going with it. we heard pelosi wants to bring a bill to foreign aid. i can promise you republicans very few will support foreign aid for any country right now with all of the crises looming. we want to focus on the southern border first. we recognize that there is a huge problem with russia and ukraine. we feel if russia invades ukraine, that will give china a lot of potential to go in and invade taiwan. and then it will probably put pressure on iran to go and behave badly. so we recognize that, but we
1:25 am
will not continue to waste money. we have a crisis on the southern border. that should be the number one priority for the biden administration. >> ashley: makes you wonder if distinguish package locked and ready to go if this happens with ukrainian and russian border. okay, james comer, thank you for being with us this morning. appreciate it. >> thanks, ashley. >> ashley: tens of thousands of truck drivers defending freedom on the canadian border but justin trudeau said that is not the movement he supports. >> i have attended protests and rallies in the past when i agreed with the goals. black lives matter is an excellent example of that. >> todd: that is quite a statement. driver spend four decades behind the wheel responding to the prime minister next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> ashley: calls are growing for apc to fire whoopi goldberg
1:30 am
after saying this about the holocaust. >> let's be truthful about it because the holocaust isn't about race. it is about a man's inhumanity to man. >> ashley: the view cohost apologizing saying in part "the jewish people around the world have had my support and that will never waver. i'm sorry for the hurt i caused." she will appear with stephen colbert to further explain. listen. >> i feel being black when you talk about race is a very different thing to me. so i said that i felt that the holocaust wasn't about race. people were very angry and they said, "no, no, we are a race." i understand. i understand. i felt differently. >> ashley: multiple jewish groups condemning those remarks. blm is reportedly tied to shady fund-raising. report showing fund-raising in the name of jail reform with hundreds of thousands of dollars
1:31 am
reportedly went into the pockets of her partner and child's father. she denies black lives matter with the outing of her spending spree on high end homes $3.2 million. she denies to use the donations to pay for it. jesse watters says the black lives matter scam is being exposed. >> talk about no accountability. there is no one in charge at blm to tell us where the money is going. and nowhere to go look for answers either. the headquarters addressed and listed on tax forms is wrong. but it's not like they don't have any property. we told you about blm cofounder patrice colors, $3.2 million real estate spending spree on a bunch of lavish properties. the cofounders wives charity made a whopping $6.3 million purchase all in cash in july snacking 10,000 square-foot mansion to be made into an art center with blm canada. the property used to be head
1:32 am
coasts are you ready the communist party of canada. how convenient. speed to the blm global network weighs $90 million in 2020 alone and last week nonprofit with a balance of 60 million after expenses and grants, todd to. >> todd: actually come i you canadian prime minister justin trudeau speaking out in support of blm as he condemns truckers protesting the vaccine mandate. take a listen. >> i have attended protests and rallies in the past and i agreed with the goals, black lives matter is an excellent example of that, but i have also chosen to not go anywhere near the protest that have expressed hatred rhetoric and violence towards fellow citizens. >> todd: joining me now canadian truck driver, thank you for being here. when you hear your prime minister say those words and then describe you and your
1:33 am
cause like that, what does that say to you? >> it is so far from the truth, it makes me embarrassed that he could even say that. they are a peaceful group. and there has been no violence. if there has been in a violence, it was not caused by this group. >> todd: weather in the u.s. or now canada as we are seeing, why are the rich elite seemingly so out of touch with the flight of the middle class, the working man, in your case, of the trucker? >> sorry, i did not hear you. >> todd: i'm sorry let me ask that question again seemingly command the united states and canada, it seems the rich and the elites and the mainstream media wildly out of touch with the middle class, with the truckers like yourself.
1:34 am
why is that? >> i'm not exactly sure. i do know one thing, i'm absolutely embarrassed of the control that our media is up here. they have been for the most part either not reporting or slanderous reports. >> todd: okay, justice trudeau says you are the french minority but looking at the pictures over the course of the last week, that does not look like french or look like minority. it looks like a big group of people. doesn't minimizing your flight underscored just how out of touch justin trudeau really is? >> i'm not sure where he gets his numbers from. but the convoy and the people of canada, this convoy is the
1:35 am
largest in the world that has gone global. i guess a small french minority come i don't know where the rest of the people have come from the majority. the numbers are skewed, mr. rude and what is the honest truth? it's not just the choppers but the people of canada have said enough and by far over 3,000 kilometers or 1800 miles, it has grown in strength. people have come out so much just to help wherever they can help. and it is growing and growing and growing and continues to grow. >> todd: player come i think you are speaking for the truckers, but the truckers are g not only for a nation but of
1:36 am
people who are quite frankly fed up with how the government is treating them. we appreciate your time, ashley over to you. >> thank you. >> ashley: protecting the portland courthouse from rioters for more than a year appear the government may not be standing up for them in one tough republican wants to know why, plus... >> all the problems play out in the hospital. on top of everything else, we are coming to work and afraid we are going to get killed. >> ashley: the crime crisis in the streets threatening the front line workers in the hospitals and nurses are asking for help. the details next.
1:37 am
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♪ ♪ >> todd: california is closing san quentin death row and turning it into their words, not mine a positive and healing environment. governor gavin newsom plays a editorial in 2016. more than that inmates will be moved to general population. serial killers charles manson and the decision met with opposition and an advocate for victims of crime stating "this is pouring salt on the wounds of victims and usurping the law." 40 minutes after the hour senator, tom cotton to block the president's doj nominations if does -- >> ashley: life at the
1:41 am
details, brooke. >> good morning, guys senator cotton threaten to block the doj nominees comes with the justice department will not defend four u.s. marshals with lawsuits stemming from black lives matter protest in 2020. now, in a letter to attorney general merrick garland writes "a refusal to represent the deputy marshals would violate long-standing and officers when actions they are sued for in the line of duty." several lawsuits filed against the blm riots and reviewing senator cotton's letter and will respond soon. but the white house seemingly has yet to read it. listen. >> there is a letter from tom cotton today threatening to block the president's doj nominees over different -- four u.s. marshals legal defense stemming from the portland
1:42 am
riots. is he aware of this and any speculation why this is happening? >> i'm not aware of the specifics, jackie but i will check to see if there is something more specific and get back to you. >> during the riots seattle times reports seriously consider transferring the police departments east precinct building to the black lives matter will seattle chapter. protesters set up an autonomous after the police abandoned the building june 282020. but the official transfer never happen. this seattle times shows officials recommended working with the law department to draft real property transfer documents. on july 1, 2020, ultimately returned to the building which is said, by the way i've million dollars, but only after they cleared the autonomous bill set up by anarchist protesters, ashley, todd to. >> todd: brooke, thank you very much. >> ashley: thanks, brooke appeared spilling over into hospitals and nurses are
1:43 am
demanding additional protections after gunmen opened fire inside of a bronx emergency room in broad daylight. >> we've been asking for safety measures to be place for a while. and these play out in our hospitals and on top of everything else we come to work we are afraid that we are going to get killed? speak to derek retired nypd officer and director of law enforcement for local 237 nypd joining us. reaction to this, okay, asking for protections with barriers, bulletproof barriers here at my fiance is nypd and he worked at bronx for eight years. i asked him, is this something that you guys see a lot? maybe not a lot, but it does happen. what has been going on for a long time, but he says rest assured, it will happen more because the increase in crimes, especially on the streets in new york city. so my question is these nurses are wanting these protective barriers, but then we are about
1:44 am
to have our second funeral for the second nypd officer who had the bulletproof vest to protect them. and really won't do them any good and if not what do we need to do to protect the front line workers? >> well, yes, ma'am, good morning. and yes, those nurses are correct. thank you for your fiance for his service in the nypd. the hospital that day had in an individual who came to the hospital and released four to five rounds and another individual in the emergency room, elderly in that room, there were children in that room, there were women in that room. there were a family and that room to receive hospital services. it is a breakdown of law and order. a breakdown of any safety factors and measures when a person feels they can come into an emergency room and shoot at the public. and the fact that we are dealing
1:45 am
with this at a time where police officers are being murdered in new york city just signals the same issues of a lack of civility and law and order. >> ashley: do you think a lot of this comes down to the d.a., alvin bragg and soft on crime policies? do you think eventually it will have to filter in changes being made in the city? >> oh, absolutely. i think the whole soft on crime issues has led to increases in crimes not being reported in new york city's schools, and the breakdown of the administration for children's services and the riots that took place last week at the horizon's juvenile facility. and the fact that the whole deep fund law enforcement movement, you have a shortage of most city agencies in new york city. every agency is short staffed. new york city safety, hospitals,
1:46 am
police officers, everyone is short staffed. the nypd officers. and the whole deep fund the law enforcement movement is having a major impact along with lowering the crimes like mr. bragg is doing and let repeat offenders out, repeat violent offenders. >> ashley: the mayor's office has to step up on this especially law enforcement. we appreciate it and thank you for your service. have a good day. >> thank you, ma'am, thank you very much. >> ashley: todd. >> todd: move over hunter biden the adult children of the nation's most powerful democrats also embroiled in scandal. we will tell you about the allegations rocking nancy pelosi and joe biden's family. orange juice becoming the next breakfast table sweet by the supply chain crisis. head to the bank account. talking to experts from the sunshine state next. ♪ ♪
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1:50 am
>> ashley: nancy pelosi son is being tied to a fraud and bribery's scheme brought to you by the fbi. in 2017 the fbi investigated san francisco town owned by paul
1:51 am
pelosi jr. with multiple property violations. paul pelosi jr. bribed officials to turn a blind eye. jeff fox while a senior reporter for the daily mail said pelosi son involvement is involved in this scheme. though some. >> charges the feds level and the inspector and the guy allegedly paying the bribe has this clients and we don't know for sure, if it is paul pelosi jr. but the facts the feds are crawling around everyone he knows seems to point towards him. >> ashley: roderigo santos and building inspector really have been indicted for fraud and are due in court friday. a former business partner of hunter biden cooperating completely in a probe into hunter's tax filing. among four people referenced in a 2019 subpoena with chase bank for records related to any transaction involving the bank of china. archer's lawyer telling "the post" he was not aware of the
1:52 am
subpoena but he is cooperating with the u.s. attorney's office investigation. judge jeanine pyro judging into the past, who is hunter biden? it is available on fox nation. >> todd: looking forward to that, ashley, at the price of florida orange juice expected to skyrocket to ongoing wavering shortages and supply chain issues. in this. >> that is rotten, but this stem is dying here where it attaches. that is the problem we are having come of crop is dropping prematurely. >> how bad is it for guys like you. >> it is bad. it is bad. every year we see it go down. >> todd: joining us business owner and shannon executive director of the florida department of citrus. thanks for the both of you for being here. peter how bad does the o.j. price gap for the american consumer? >> well, it certainly remains to be seen because o.j. is a global
1:53 am
commodity. it is more than just a florida crop that affects the price of orange juice. it also depends on what is going on around the world. and the global crop is smaller than the florida crop. so we would expect the price to rise but it's gone up quite a bit the last year due to demand of covid so i'm not exactly how much higher it's going to go at this point. >> todd: understood but something to be monitoring, shannon, what does all the things we mention in the introduction mean for the communities that rely on these florida citrus growers so much. >> you make an excellent point, todd, a $6.7 billion industry to the state of florida. and predominantly, that is in the back of string of pearls cities that tourists may not ever visit. this is the epidemic support for
1:54 am
the cities. this is where the growers like truck drivers, growers by tractors the lunch or dinner on friday night. this is the economic driver for the center of our state and it is incredibly important. >> todd: peter come obviously the situation involving the disease for the citrus crop is extremely concerning but the things that the white house can potentially control, inflation, supply issues and the white house able to get those under control, how much would that stabilize your business? >> at this point, my own personal business primarily in fresh fruit and so in our case, it is probably not going to affect us at all because our supply comes from florida still. but in the case of the global orange juice market and
1:55 am
certainly supply chain issues would have an impact on the prices. >> todd: understood appeared shannon, before we go, i want to get this one last question to you. the industry the number of workers in the industry has decreased more than half over the course of the last 15 years. in the next 15 years, what is the picture going to look like? >> i'm very encouraged. i think florida growers are encouraged as well and seeing consumer demand and working hard to produce orange juice for anyone who wants florida and not concentrated orange juice. that number can fluctuate, but i believe it is relatively stable at this point, 33,000. >> todd: because we all love our orange juice. i need my o.j. peter and shannon, thank you for your time this morning, thank you very much. americans outraged over joe biden covid migrant operation singing illegals all over the country. doug ducey met with the
1:56 am
president yesterday and here to tell us what he learned. >> plus texas ag and tomi lahren joining us in the next hour of "fox & friends first." don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep?
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♪ ♪ >> todd: it is tuesday, february 1st. the police officers and first responders under siege from coast to coast. a firefighter in california getting shot and killed battling a blaze. today americans will gather and warn the funerals of texas constable charles galloway gunned down by an illegal immigrant. all of this as new york city will honor nypd officer wilbert mora at his wake at st. patrick's cathedral one week after powerful service of his partner. >> ashley: republican senator tom cotton raising concerns the justice department may not be representing u.s. marshals who protected the federal courthouse in portland,


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