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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  February 1, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> do you want to come back tomorrow? >> i think i'll come back tomorrow. >> see you on radio. >> so long. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning. fundamental question today will president biden take crime seriously? that's the question on the minds of americans who find their cities increasingly under siege. tuesday, back in new york and back together i'm bill hemmer, good morning. nice to see you by telephone yesterday. >> dana: how are you doing? >> bill: good. >> dana: how was the flight? >> flight was fine. >> dana: i suppose you didn't get on any trouble. >> bill: keep a low profile except for the hat. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." congratulations to the bengals.
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much more to come on that. the white house struggling to articulate its response to the surge of violence on american streets. just yesterday nbc a man was shot and killed during rush now coming off a year where more than 16 cities set new records for homicide. >> bill: jen psaki doing damage control arguing that critics of a liberal prosecutor were living in an alternate universe. she defended that yesterday. >> in the american rescue plan there was additional funding to support local cops program. every single republican voted against. i said in that interview i know they don't like it when we call them out. i'll keep calling it out because it's a fact. >> dana: we'll talk to jason chafe neither a moment. let's go to washington alexandria is standing by with the latest there. >> it has been the tone of the administration and officials that struck a cord with those facing crime.
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jen psaki said in that interview about crime coverage that took place last week. take a listen. >> jeanine pirro is talking about soft on crime consequences. what does that even mean, right? there is an alternate universe on some coverage. >> talking about crime coverage. when pressed about the sentiment yesterday she was brushing off the notion biden administration has been soft on crime. >> i'm sorry for people who feel i need to be critical but the president -- has never been for defunding the police. >> dana: president of the fraternal order of the police sounded off with a statement saying i think it's wrong, very wrong for miss psaki to suggest that violent crime is of no concern or just laugh it off. she may feel safe in the white house one of the most protected buildings in the united states but not everyone feels safe in their workplace. that proved true over a mile
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from the white house yesterday as a man was shot dead on the street in the upscale georgetown neighborhood of washington happening around 6:00 p.m. a busy time for shopping and residential district. a separate shooting around the same time yesterday in the northern end of the city. something dealt with in d.c. as well. >> dana: thank you. let's bring in former utah congressman jason chaffetz. let me put up statistics for everybody here. this month found across 22 major u.s. cities murders rose 5%, gun assaults increased 8%. aggravated assaults increased 4% and domestic violence incidents increased 4%. january and february since we're on the first today. >> bill: almost every metric is going in the wrong direction. last year 346 police officers that were shot. historic number. 63 police officers were killed. ambushes are up more than 100%.
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you don't have to go very far to look at your local newspaper and understand that these criminals, the crime rate is going up, the prosecutions are going down. a year and a half ago kamala harris was out there trying to bail people out and get them back into the riots. i dare the white house to put up a bill that is about funding for police just that sole bill and see where republicans and democrats vote. democrats have not been supportive of the police officers. they've been totally tone deaf. >> bill: she said in the american rescue plan the end of march 1.9 trillion there was additional funding to support local cops and programs. the "washington post" gave that three pinocchios. i think in the end if your city or county received hundreds of millions of dollars, a lot of that money was given out you then had the option perhaps to
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use that money to hire cops. but it was not earmarked for that. and the post says this was used for the variety of budget plugging purposes and the amount of money given in that category is $350 million. this is important stuff right now so people understand what was passed and what wasn't. >> yeah, this is always a trick. a multi-trillion dollar bill and say the other guy voted against it. that's just not true. you are right. this money is very -- it can go to a state or county and then they can make some decisions about it. but for her to suggest that there was an up or down vote on police funding and republicans voted against it is laughable. it is a joke, not true, and it is political spin that people see right through. >> dana: let me ask you something about the state department and "the new york times." "the new york times" asked for a frae dom of information request about some hunter biden emails. the state department has said
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yeah, we might be able to get it to you in 2023, "the new york times" pushing back saying it seems ridiculous regarding hunter biden and possibly the romanian government or officials there. "new york times" spokesman saying we're hopeful the government will promptly release any relevant documents and we're prepared to pursue our request through a lawsuit if necessary. you will assess the newsworthyness of the material once we receive it. ink they'll ever get it? >> good for "the new york times." they've been pursuing this for years. i did it for eight plus years in the united states congress. the state department request office is notorious for not providing this information. this is about a romanian real estate tycoon who tried to get favoritism on 550 acres. he engaged hunter biden who called louie free.
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he puts in 100,000 to joe biden's kids into a trust. there is a lot of information that you really, really need to go look at and see how biden as vice president was using his office and influence via hunter biden. there is a lot to look at. >> bill: just ask miranda devine. thank you, jason. nice to see you today in salt lake. >> dana: for more be sure to check out who is hunter biden, a four-part series available right now on fox nation. >> bill: do you remember last year we had the mayors on and what will you do with the money? you had a windfall of cash. democratic mayors and republican mayors. the mayor in cincinnati, no longer the mayor said we'll hire cops and fix our roads. >> dana: did they do that? >> bill: i would have to check on the cop portion of it. but the money on the roads is
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still -- in all likelihood in the pipeline. i will get you an answer. the point is we asked them what will you do and they were like it's up to us. remember, they were holding call-in shows in multiple american cities. that was the process america was going through. infrastructure on top of that at 2 trillion. >> dana: another covid bill they want to do as well? we'll talk about it later. >> bill: more to that. this thing goes for miles. this is a convoy of truckers in canada driving across-country to the capital city of ottawa protesting the prime minister's vaccine mandate for their industry. thousands of canadians joined it over the past couple of days. >> the mandates going on in
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canada it is infringing on a lot of people's movements, freedoms. >> i understand the pandemic has taken many lives but you know what? there is no reason to lose my freedom as well. >> bill: david lee miller live in new york city. good morning to you. >> good morning. the canadian truckers are angry unless they can provide proof of vaccination when returning from the u.s. they must get a pcr test and quarantine in the capital of ottawa. mostly peaceful protestors. a gofundme campaign raised the equivalent of more than $7 million for the so-called freedom convoy. thousands of miles away at a border crossing between montana and alberta, another group of truckers has staged a demonstration interrupting traffic between the two countries. prime minister trudeau, who has
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tested positive for covid and has been located to a secret location to security reasons denounced the demonstrations as a fringe group and said he would not meet with them. >> freedom of expression, assembly, and association are corner stones of democracy but nazi, socialism, racist imagery and desecration of war memorials are not. it is an insult to memory and truth. >> while the demonstrations began because of the impact of the vaccine mandate on the trucking industry it has started to become a general protest against government-imposed restrictions aimed and curtailing the virus. >> mandates are too invasive. it goes against everything that we have known as a democratic people. >> we cannot kill the patient in the name of curing them. we cannot do that, guys. so we'll stand free. that's what we're going to do.
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>> both former president trump and musk say they support the canadian truckers. >> bill: it will go on for some time. nice to see you in new york. >> dana: fascinated by the story. two years into the pandemic americans believe the virus is here to stay and losing faith in the biden administration's ability to handle it. >> bill: gavin newsom appears to have caught of the case of rules for thee not for me. >> dana: again. >> bill: when it comes to wearing his own mask. check it out. >> as we all -- when i had a glass of water and encourage everybody else to do so and that's it. psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis
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>> dana: here we go again. governor newsom has explaining to do. he was caught on camera breaking his on indoor mask mon date at the nfc championship game in la saying he removed his mask for a section to take a picture from magic johnson. he was watching the game maskless. stadium's policies fans must mask up unless eating or drinking. here is how new some defended
6:18 am
himself. >> i was very judicious yesterday and see the photo i did take where magic was kind enough, generous enough to ask me for a photograph and in my left hand is the mask and i took the photo. the rest of the time i wore it. >> i'm not buying it at all. >> dana: remember the french laundry he had -- he was recalled for that. he won the recall so if you do that it is not a cat with nine lives. you could have one of these mistakes but to do it again? >> bill: go back to the picture of the game. do we have that? >> dana: with magic johnson. >> bill: everybody in that suite. no one is wearing a max. >> dana: you know why? they know -- >> bill: they're okay. they've been vaccinated. >> dana: this is before vaccines in tampa. everybody wore a mask and did contact tracing. how many cases of covid did they trace to the super bowl last year. it was zero.
6:19 am
and so this is complete nonsense. he should have taken the opportunity to say mask are over at large outdoor venues. his approval rating probably would have gone up. >> bill: a lot of americans right now are -- they will pass on the masks at the super bowl in l.a. voters are saying they might be ready to move past covid as an issue and a new poll backs that up. 70% say that covid is here to stay and we need to get on with our lives. that includes 78% of those who report having gotten covid and 65% of those who say they have not. jerry baker fox news contributor host of wsj at large on fox business. what do you make of the numbers? they show a clear decline month after month. >> i think bill and dana, thanks for having me on again. i think they show extraordinary and clear disconnect between the american people and the
6:20 am
people who still think that they are ruling the american people. most americans as that poll suggests are ready to move on. they formed a sensible judgment than as serious as the covid challenge was, it is now thankfully we're past the worst of it. the latest variant is clearly not as serious in terms of producing hospitalizations and deaths. and that we are now at stage two years on where it has become endemic and we have to learn to go back to normal lives. take precautions and do the things we would normally do. our leaders especially blue state leaders that we've been talking about newsom there. they still want to keep us under their control. they still want to make us wear masks, still want to require these vaccine mandates and still want to impose all kinds of rules and restrictions on our lives because they can never let go. american people are ready to let go and it's time we moved on. >> dana: you can see that in the rest of the polling.
6:21 am
the trend on masks. in september 63% of people said they wanted masking and reinstituting social distancing guidelines. that was september 63%. now it's trending down to 52%. also vaccinations a similar thing in terms of the mandate. that was really shown that people have realized if you can be twice vaccinated and boosted and still get omicron. thankfully if you have the vaccines you won't be seriously in hospital or risk of death, they are showing some logic. that's what people are asking for. >> exactly. people are also aware. not just the inconvenience of masking. it is not just the imposition and damage that is being done to the economy by these mandates where a lot of people can't go to work. job numbers friday are bad because people are unable to work. damage being done to kids at
6:22 am
school and we've had two years of this and people are saying it's time to move on. interestingly we are starting to see signs that even some democratic leaders are saying it's time to move on. the governor of colorado and governor of new jersey soegt baig we need to get life back to normal. it is about politics, control, authoritarian instinct that so many on the left have that we know better than you. we're the experts and you will do what you're told and stay in line. that's very hard to break. >> bill: i want to squeeze this in. i call it mission creep in the military. you might have a different phrase for it. here is your title. covid restrictions and other overreach bring america toward a libertarian moment. the line we picked out. instead of franklin d. roosevelt, truman and
6:23 am
eisenhower we have joe biden, kamala harris, fauci. if people of this had been in charge in 1942 we would all be speaking german. >> my point was historically speaking it is a fact of life when the nation faces major crises government tends to grow. it happened during the great depression and second world war and happened in response to other public health crises. government tends to grow. as you say, bill, mission creep and the ratchet effect. ratchet only goes one way. you go up a level and it never goes back. the size of government always seems to increase as a result of these crises. my argument is that maybe this time we can expect something different in part because in those previous crises whether you like it or not. it was at least presided over by people who knew what they were doing. the way the government expanded
6:24 am
in the second world war, america was successful because of the caliber of its leaders. we have an attempted expansion of government by a group of leaders who as i said and you quoted it there who are not up to that kind of standard. there is a libertarian moment. i don't think we'll shake off the shackles of government completely as a nation but i think people have looking at this and saying i want to be free again. i don't want this government controlling me. i don't want to be subject to all these restrictions and above all i don't want a big government controlling my life and telling us what to do. i'm ready to shake that off and to actually reassert my independence. >> dana: happening at all levels not just the federal but state and local and school boards. thanks, jerry, good to see you. >> bill: thank you both. >> dana: biden administration shrugging off a video shown migrants secretly flown to airports in the dead of night. border patrol agents tell leadership they are furious at
6:25 am
migrant releases and revoked the deportation order for the migrant who killed this teenage girl. her mother venting anger and grief. >> him not being deported is like you telling me my daughter's life doesn't mean anything. there's an old saying in the navy that the toughest job in the navy is the navy wife. and if you've made deployments, and you've been the wife at home or you've been the at home, you understand what i'm talking about. your spouse has earned the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday 100 loan allows you to borrow up to 100% of your home's value so, if you're in a situation where you need some help financially, give us a call.
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>> bill: white house responding to video like this showing migrants flown under cover of night to a suburban new york city airport. saying it is neither new nor is it news. the former border patrol chief rodney scott is standing by and we'll talk to him about that. peter doocy live from the north lawn at the white house as we begin a tuesday there. good morning. >> some of the president's guests here at the white house don't think he is seeing the whole picture when he talks about immigration like this. >> president biden: you know, the gangs, we're working on. there is a whole lot of illegal movement but there is also a
6:31 am
way to begin to deal with the reason they are leaving in the first place. >> minutes later the head of the national governor's association hutchison walked onto the president's driveway to say he didn't hear enough here about the border. >> they obviously talk about the concerns in honduras and guatemala and changing the culture of moving to this country. so, you know, we want the hear more about the border security itself. >> there is something else missing from the federal border response. the long termers report why mounted border patrol officers were whipping migrants because most evidence shows nobody got whipped. now a group of republican lawmakers are writing to secretary mayorkas for four months the biden administration and your department have gone without even apologizing to the
6:32 am
agents that were smeared. to make matters worse reports indicate the investigational report dhs was doing will likely never appear. this report may be the only way to back up what president biden said about all this in september. >> president biden: people being strapped is outrageous. i promise you those people will pay. they will be investigation underway now and there will be consequences. >> none of that has panned out yet bill. >> bill: we shall await. peter, nice to see you. >> dana: let's bring in rodney scott former border patrol chief. you listened to the press secretary yesterday talking about how important border patrol agents are. >> the role that border patrol agents play in insuring security and safety at our borders is something that there is great value for in this administration. >> dana: the issue is when you go talk to the border patrol
6:33 am
agents they're not feeling that way. is that how you see it or hear about it? >> yeah, looks like she had a hard time saying that. border patrol agents do not feel supported. morale is at an all-time low. they look for evidence, not words. and the evidence is that this administration is completely walked away from border security and they are focused on the rest of the world, not america. >> >> dana: show you a picture of the mounted border patrol. these agents were accused of whipping haitian migrants. they said it's not what they were doing. utilizing the reins to do maneuver the horses and do their jobs. what is that situation now? the republicans have released this letter as peter doocy just said. have they been able to go back to work these workers here? >> i can't confirm that. the last i heard they are still on administrative duties. >> dana: that's ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous.
6:34 am
we train with long reins. it helps the rider and horse bond. from the videos i saw they didn't do anything wrong and the reason the report hasn't come out. it shouldn't take this long. >> dana: they indicated it may never come out. what happens to those border patrol agents? >> they'll have to return to work. so when they say it won't ever come out they might not release it but at some point in time border patrol bargaining unit organization, the union will fight for those guys and they will have to be put back to work at some point in time. >> dana: call for number three, a former border patrol agent we spoke to. listen here. >> risking lives every day catching human and drug smuggler for what, to be released? it was a slap in the face to us. we're thousands of agents short. the more people are leaving we're not replacing those agents that are leaving so your manpower is dwindled to nothing and you have agents covering miles and miles of border by themselves. >> dana: a similar problem for
6:35 am
police forces. so many retirements. you loose the institutional knowledge, memory and experience and you can't find enough recruits to replace police officers and border patrol agents. they didn't want to leave her job but she decided she had to. >> i had those discussions before i retired and i hear from a lot of agents today. it's worse than that. this administration tore down the policies but stop building the border wall as well and made every agent safer and more effective. every time the agents turn around they're pushed into a facility to process immigration cases and less of them doing the mission they signed up to which was to protect america and make sure we know who and what enters our home. they're frustrated because they can't do that and know it's because of policies, not because of anything else. >> dana: rodney, call for 2 body cam footage from one of those flights in the middle of the night last summer. >> trying to figure out what this is?
6:36 am
>> dana: rodney, the white house maintains that those people that were getting off the plane there were unaccompanied minors going to be reunited with family. is that your understanding? >> for that specific flight that is my understanding. that is not necessarily unusual but it is news. the sheer numbers, the fact that we aren't supporting anybody under 17 -- under 18 and what happened on the southwest border that is news. the fact this administration claims to be transparent but basically shut down all communications with the public on january 21st and even locals
6:37 am
don't know where these flights are landing, i think that is news. >> dana: rodney scott, thank you, former border patrol chief. great to have your experience and expertise, thanks. >> dhs is reportedly rescinding the deportation of an illegal immigrant accused of killing a 19-year-old while driving drunk. the woman died in november of 2020 when a drunk driver hit her car. alleged driver reportedly no longer qualifies as a priority for removal after a change to deportation rules under dhs secretary mayorkas. the victim's mother speaking out to "fox & friends" first earlier today. >> my message is look out for the american people first because truth be told, this was literally my first time voting and i voted for you, and i am disappointed right now.
6:38 am
i don't understand. >> bill: strong interview there. i remember seeing a sound bite from her last week and both of us said wow,. >> dana: an impressive person who can get up and think -- you see the smile on her daughter's face and how she must miss that so much. this isn't the first time you have had drunk drivers, that kind of conviction for an illegal immigrant go unpunished and they're back on the streets and reoffend and in this case killed that young woman. >> bill: we shall follow that unfortunately. >> dana: remember these protests in portland, oregon in 2020? watch here. senator tom cotton is threatening to block doj nominees if the department refuses to defend marshalls. covid cases on the rise in beijing with three days to go until the opening ceremony. how is this affecting athletes'
6:39 am
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>> bill: so here we go. two days later the news is official and the goat, tom brady, the greatest quarterback to ever wear a football uniform has now made it official on his own terms.
6:44 am
tom brady posting on instagram a moment ago he is now retiring and leaving the sport that he has given so much toward. he concludes his message by thanking his family, extended family and friends, naming his mom and dad, his wife, sons and daughter. so tom brady, the greatest ever, has said goodbye to the nfl. what a day. i have to think this was in the works over the weekend, dana, i have to think at some point it probably leaked. i know for a fact that the brady news all day saturday and half of sunday pretty much dominated the conversation in america. there was a lot less attention that went to two games that were still pending, really good games, too. los angeles and san francisco and kansas city and cincinnati. a lot of that overshadowed the news leading up to those games. i always thought that if brady
6:45 am
made a decision to retire he would have done it more in the line of this on a monday morning so as not to take away from the nfl that has given him so much and he in turn. >> dana: whenever you have a big announcement like this. the more people you have to tell to get it ready. like justice breyer who didn't want it leaked from the white house or perhaps someone on capitol hill. you want to make these decisions on your own. last week in a phone interview with a radio station he said that he was thinking about it and that his wife needed him to be the husband he could be and that his children needed him to be the father that he could be. >> bill: a class act the entire time. to the brady family you've raised a great son and it has been such a joy to watch a guy who goes out every weekend and says i will win this football game. really remarkable stuff. congratulations. >> dana: a young man. a lot ahead of him.
6:46 am
>> bill: time to do a lot of other things. the one record that i thought that brady had always wanted is that if memory serves, no quarterback had ever switched teams or switched conferences and went on to win the super bowl. the super bowl we were at last year in tampa and joe montana was a childhood hero of his and montana couldn't do it for kansas city. brady did. once you achieve that what else is there out there for you? >> dana: i was 31 days late on my prediction from "the five" the january of 2021 i said he would retire. it didn't happen. no prize for me. >> bill: we'll get jim gray and find out what he is learning from brady or others. news is official, tom brady is retiring from the nfl. >> dana: with just three days
6:47 am
until olympic opening ceremonies in beijing covid cases are on the rise big time. organizers confirming 71 new cases among olympic athletes and personnel this weekend alone. officials are keeping athletes and media inside a bubble to try to contain the surge. we're talking to an athlete in beijing. >> we were out there three months ago for a wheelchair world championships. it was a surreal scene flying into beijing airport. place was almost empty. not a lot of people on the roads. they looked fearful. full suits and face shields. they were very careful with what -- treating everybody and from all different countries. >> bill: they said earlier today out of beijing we have this within controllable range was the quote as it was
6:48 am
translated from mandarin but the public, people like you are not allowed to move around freely when you are there. what was that like and how does it feel for you? >> it was difficult at times but with the right mindset we handled it fine. got tested every day and temperature taken three times a day. it was difficult. we had separate buses. each team had a separate bus to go to the arena where we competed. it will be different when we get over there. now where we stay will be closer to the arena so it is not a 45 minute bus ride. they are trying to keep everybody away from each other. there was not one positive case of covid when we were out there and 60 or 70 people out there for the world championships. there wasn't case of positive covid. what they are doing is working as far as i know. >> dana: it hasn't held for
6:49 am
everyone. a russian athlete. my olympic dream will remain a dream. maybe one day i'll find the strength to rise again but a completely different story and then this from american luger to reporters. you can listen to it, steve. >> there has been a lot of athletes testing positive now, and it is scary because you put in four years since the last games. johnny put in 24 years to get here and for all of that to go to waste in the last week, last couple days it would be a tragedy. >> dana: omicron being so contagious i can understand the anxiety is very real out there, steve. >> it is. for me it's been eight years working to get here. it has been eight years and i can't imagine if somebody were to come out and test positive and lose it all in a matter of minutes.
6:50 am
we're isolating ourselves and masking, vaccinated, boostered. we're trying control as much as we can. >> dana: are you going to win? >> of course we're going to win. we are expected to win, yes. thank you so much. we appreciate that. >> bill: you get a medal you come back, okay? >> absolutely. i'll be back on your show in three or four months with a medal around my neck. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: stay healthy. >> have a great day. >> bill: tom brady is now retiring. you heard that right after the back and forth over the last three days, dana. check it out, right? two teams, two conferences, seven super bowl victories in 22 seasons. tom brady the greatest of all time will no longer wear an nfl uniform. terans. at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're holding the line on purchase loans
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>> bill: the news is official. tom brady announcing he will
6:56 am
indeed retire from the nfl. this will be his final season. jim gray sportscaster fox news contributor had the interview with tom brady last night. it wasn't official last night but it is today. good morning. welcome back to our coverage. have you spoken to brady today or since last night? if so, about what? >> no, sir, i have not. we left the podcast last night and have not spoken to him this morning. >> bill: my sense either someone jumped the gun over the weekend or he hadn't yet made up his mind. now it looks like somebody truly jumped the gun because this news or rumors or reports over the weekend stepped on two great football games before they had been played. did you talk to him about that? >> he expressed yesterday during the radio interview he was disappointed that those guys were playing in the afc and nfc championship games that this would come to play because he knows how hard those guys
6:57 am
worked to get to this position and he didn't want it to be the story of that day so yes, he did express his disappointment and felt bad that had happened. his career had nothing to do with what was going on on the field other than he lost to the rams the week before. you could tell in his voice and what he said on and off the air he was sorry that had happened. >> bill: did he enjoy playing with the tampa bay buccaneers? do you get the sense his relationship with his coach was where it should be in order to continue, which clearly is not happening? >> he loved playing with the tampa bay buccaneers. he loved the general manager, the owner's family. had a lot of fun down there. he loved his teammates. the guys on defense. he enjoyed it thoroughly. he was able to leave the patriots, go down there and win a super bowl last year, seventh super bowl victory.
6:58 am
cementing further a legacy putting more icing on the cake. no, he really loved and enjoyed tampa bay and liked getting out of the cold weather and blizzards of boston. grateful to boston and its fans and patriots. when he went there he was a nobody. he loved his time in boston and equally loved and enjoyed the last time in tampa. >> bill: he is as healthy as he has ever been. why retire if that's the case now? >> he is 44 years old. 45 before next season. it is pretty hard to keep getting hard time and time again like big players. when you play against guys and telling them i played against your father and it his son jack is 14 or 15 and closer in age to his teammates than he is. how much can you do? 22 seasons as a quarterback is unprecedented and leaving on top. he led the league in all the
6:59 am
statistical categories, number one this season. he probably just felt it is time to be with his family. he has young kids who need him. he said my children deserve to have the father they need and my wife deserves the husband that she needs and he has put himself in the forefront and they have put him in the forefront and now he feels it's time for them to have them be the first consideration as opposed to what he wants to do. >> bill: can you capture his career in a sentence? >> mohammed alley, the greatest of all times. no records will be broken. these records won't be broken in my life and probably not yours and are you a much younger man. >> bill: what will he do? dana wants to know where he is going to live? can you answer both? >> i believe his plans as of now are to stay in florida. he is building a home in miami.
7:00 am
he has autograph which is a big company. he has brand brady that he just announced. he wants to change how nutrition is for youngsters and how athletes and adults can train themselves and be in better shape. that's his big goal and his wife has all kind of things she wants tom to be involved with, environmental stuff and be with his kids. a lot to do. it won't be the last we'll hear of tom brady. >> bill: the nfl had a good one and brady knew it, right? it was a great relationship for a long time. thank you, jim, nice to have you back on, jim gray in l.a. >> dana: breaking news. america's top diplomat is reaching out to his kremlin counterpart today as russia's military builds up troops and fire power along the ukraine border. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: good interview. >> bill: he will live in nra. >> dana: the honey do list is
7:01 am
probably pretty long he might be busy with that for a while. >> bill: russians officials denying report that moscow sent a response to the u.s. proposal deemed at de-escalating the ukraine crisis. the latest communication involves a different issue and they are still working on a full response to the u.s. proposal. meanwhile the pentagon is on high alert. >> we want to make sure he understands unequivocally that won't be acceptable and the united states will fight to defend our nato allies and our commitments to our allies on the continent. >> dana: steve harrigan is live in ukraine with the latest. hi, steve. >> this call today negotiations really follow a bitter back and forth at the u.n. on monday. russia and the u.s. going at it. russia saying the u.s. is formeanting hysteria and trying
7:02 am
do drag ukraine into war. u.s. responding the chief danger is 100,000 russian troops on ukraine border. >> i can't say i am surprised by my russian colleague's comments but i am disappointed with threats of action if russia's security demands aren't meant is provocative. diplomacy is not prove octobertive. your actions will speak for themselves. >> ukrainians know they are out manned and out gunned but trying to prepare for once was just a hobby has become a business. training civilians how to fight. >> what i am asked most is what kind of rifle do i need to defend my home. >> when you talk to a lot of these young ukrainians out there training many say they see the 100,000 russian troops as really a life or death threat. >> we all try to be prepared in
7:03 am
every way we can to defend our country. this is really, really important. >> the government's goal is to create a militia of 100,000 strong to defend their towns and villages. dana and bill, back to you. >> dana: thank you, steve. we'll stay in touch. >> bill: "wall street journal" editorial headline going after the kremlin mafia. putin's cronies need to know they won't be safe from sanctions. big debate as you know. we had it last week whether you put the sanctions on now or if the invasion occurs you do it afterwards. the white house has staked out its position later. if we need to go in we still have this to hit over the head. >> dana: the british, the woman that runs the home secretary office there said basically we are going to put you on notice that you, you and you as a deterrent before the deterrent which makes a lot of sense. >> bill: naming names. >> dana: they won't like that. >> bill: more on this as well.
7:04 am
democrats are struggling to push through build back better and so-called voting rights legislation. are they back on the table? they've made them their priority of china. the house expected to take up its version of a bill designed to increase competition with the communist government and boost u.s. semi conductor manufacturing this week. republicans say they're skeptical in many aspects of the legislation. chad pergram picks it up from the hill with more on that. good morning, chad. >> democrats are trying to change the narrative after failing on build back better and voting legislation. this comes as f.b.i. director chris wray characterized the economic and spy threat from china as, quote, insidious. >> it's reached a new level. more brazen and more damaging than ever before and it is vital that all of us focus on that threat together. >> that's why democrats are pushing their bill to help the u.s. compete against china.
7:05 am
it is good optics for democrats to train their focus on a bellicose beijing just before the olympics. >> china's rhetoric has been pretty inflammatory recently and i think one of their diplomats in the last few days has been talking about potential military conflict. >> labor groups and the teamsters argue the bill will help with trade and ease supply chain issues. the legislation differs from a bipartisan senate bill okayed last year. gop says don't expect many of their members to support the bill when it hits the house floor later this week. >> bill: we'll watch it. thank you. congratulations on your bengals, too. >> dana: let's bring in jim banks. you have all the committees going on. are you a bengals fan is what we need to know. >> i'm from the midwest, go bengals. >> dana: now that we have that cleared up. i was interested in what your
7:06 am
position would be on this china bill because it had been sort of on the back burner. chuck schumer didn't make it a priority. when you dug into it this is the republican study committee a few points saying the new bill invites more chinese communist actors in the u.s., more opportunities for china to steal intellectual opportunity and off the hook for the pandemic and policies inspired by critical race theory. there are more points that your study group put out but those are just a few of them. give you a chance to give your overall take on this bill and what concerns you the most. >> if i learned anything in washington, d.c. over the last five years is that democrats are very talented at the bait and switch. they name a bill something that it doesn't have anything to do with. the infrastructure bill was less than 6% about infrastructure. in this case this so-called
7:07 am
competes bill which i believe rather should be called the concedes bill mentions corral reefs if you do a search of the 29 pages you'll find corral reefs mentioned more than the word china mentioned in the bill. gives billions of dollars to the u.n. climate fund. creates a cheap diversity officer at the national science foundation to advance critical race theory in many of the radical agenda items of the left wing democrats. it doesn't do anything to compete with china. doesn't do anything to sanction them and hold them accountable for their behavior. it gives hundreds of billions to woke universities to do research when we know those same universities are being raided on a daily basis by the chinese communist party who steals their research and intellectual property we pay for with our taxpayer dollars. i've rarely seen a bill that republicans in the house are this unified in opposing but i believe republicans are there. we oppose it and for good
7:08 am
reason. >> bill: sir, there was a lot of criticism justifiably so directed toward russia right now and sometimes you hear left of that directed toward beijing. -- less of that toward beijing? >> we're at a place where democrats seem to think that russia is our greater adversary and threat. i don't minimize it. they certainly are a great threat to our way of life and to american interests abroad but the same democrats who want to sanction russia and go to war over ukraine's border with russia are completely silent about the greater, the much greater threat that we face and that being china both economically and militarily. i can tell you the republican study committee where i'm chairman 160 members of our caucus have our own bill countering communist china act, 45 co-sponsors. a tough on china bill tantions the chinese communist party for
7:09 am
their malign and causing the spread of covid-19, negligence on that part. restricting us from going in and studying the origins of covid-19. these are serious issues that democrats have completely turned a blind eye to and you almost wonder do they want to focus on ukraine and russia to distract from the greater threat that we face with china because of their political entanglements, their wall street and silicon valley big tech donors who own the democrat party today deeply and financially entangled with chinese interests. that's the only theory that i can come up with. >> dana: interesting. i've been following this for a while and i'm going to do the search word for corral reefs. that is intriguing. thank you so much for explaining that to us and we'll watch it as it continues. >> bill: thank you. a pregnant new zealand photographer has finally won her battle to return home and leave afghanistan. the new zealand government was
7:10 am
refusing to allow her out of the country because of their strict covid policies in new zealand. they backed down shortly after she appeared on "america's newsroom" pleading for help. >> we got here and we thought we're running out of time. we asked for a emergency and they rejected us. if i don't meet the threshold what about all the other pregnant new zealand women around the world? there is no rope for them. >> bill: one of the few quaranty -- she is expecting to head home and finally see family and friends. >> dana: we read the story over the weekend. she was trying to do it the right way trying to go through the website process and nothing was working and finally wrote the story. it happened in many places including the "new york post" where we saw it. she came on and i think she is a compelling wonderful person. she said she did not want to go public to try to get special
7:11 am
treatment but she is 25 weeks pregnant and hoping to be out of afghanistan by the 30th week. the amazing thing was she had to leave qatar because it's illegal to be pregnant and unmarried in that country. she couldn't go to belgium for longer than three months without the visa. they had visas to work in afghanistan. she called the taliban and said will it be a problem? i'm not married and pregnant. that is up to you. your culture. she said congratulations and new zealand finally let her come in. >> bill: if you want to bring good natured cheer to your country. >> dana: bring your pregnant lady back from afghanistan. good luck to them as they head back to new zealand. a major roadblock for nominations to the justice department tied to riots in portland.
7:12 am
one senator is demanding d.o.j. support. >> bill: are the city's prosecutors in new york on board the mayor's plan? >> make ate federal crime to assault the police officer. enough of the talk. we want action because we're being murdered in the streets and hunted down. with 30 grams of protein. scientifically designed with carbsteady to help you manage your blood sugar. and more protein to keep you moving with diabetes. glucerna live every moment and it's easy to get a quote at so you only pay for what you need. isn't that right limu? limu? sorry, one sec. doug blows a whistle. [a vulture squawks.] oh boy. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty♪ psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. i felt defeated. the pain, the stares. no one should suffer like that. i said, enough. i started cosentyx®. five years clear.
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>> dana: california governor newsom announcing he is shutting down death row at san quentin. the inmates will be sent to other maximum security prisons around the state and live in general population. the governor said he would like to transform death row into a more positive healing environment is what he calls it, bill. >> bill: rising crime, gun violence how to fight it. eric adams new york mayor met yesterday with top prosecutors for the city's five different counties. the mayor and d.a.s released a joint statement saying they agreed among other things that safety and justice are not mutually exclusive and must go hand in hand. the meeting comes as city police get ready for the funeral of officer wilbert mora who was shot and killed in the line of duty 11 days ago. the director of policing and
7:19 am
public safety and former nypd intelligence bureau supervisor. eric adams met with the city's five d.a.s on monday. read between the lines. what do you think came of that? >> very little. their statement was just they all care about public safety as well as justice much like the governor said after she met with bragg. perhaps what president biden will say after he meets with adams later this week. it has been a brutal year so far this 2022 in new york city. over 100 people shot including five officers, two of whom have died. crime is up across the board. grand larceny autos have doubled. a young woman pushed to her death in the subway. a growing sense of reckless violence and danger. mayor adams is saying it's the result of bad policies that have unleashed and emboldened young violent men with guns,
7:20 am
boys with guns and left severely mentally ill individuals with violent history unsupervised and on the streets and calling out the local d.a.s, federal prosecutors, state legislators, mental health services, judges and courts to change specific policies to make that difference. looking again at bail reform, raise the age. things that seem to be connected, are connected to this rise in crime. so far out of these meetings we haven't seen that kind of commitment. >> bill: you know it's the talk of the city everywhere in all five areas. 25 years of progress to make it a safe city to live it and make a decision to raise your family here. it was phenomenal. the city just went boom with its growth. how much pushback the mayor is in for from the five d.a.s or does one stand out more than others? >> they don't have to push back they just have to stone wall.
7:21 am
they have discretion over the way they want to have prosecutorial law in their offices. manhattan d.a. has gotten a lot of public pushback. more than he expected for earlier this month saying he is not going to prosecute ever trespassing, resisting arrest, you can go into a store with a gun and rob it and you will be charged with a misdemeanor. these used to be a thing that would be felony and time done in state prison. even though he has also sort of softened in his public statements, we don't see that on paper. we don't know what it will look like. had the killer of those two cops one of whom is having his wake today had he survived, would alvin bragg have tried to sentence him for life without parole. he said he would only do going forward in exceptional circumstances. we don't know. >> bill: shoplifting up 32%.
7:22 am
people are just stealing things and -- because they can. they can get away with it. you mentioned biden's visit on thursday. i don't know what comes of that. maybe you have a sense of that. one thing that dana and i have been paying very close attention to is that the mayor, former cop, wants the assassination of these two cops to be released to the public but waiting for the family to give their permission. it is the family's call here. if that goes public, and if we see that assassin possibly standing near or over the bodies of these two cops the d.a. will have to answer to that and really that's where the issue really is going to meet the road here. >> it's been very moving. the widow of officer rivera spoke right to bragg at the officer's funeral last week and touched people all over the city and country and i think the world saying your policies are having impacts and they are
7:23 am
harming us. stop right now. >> bill: what do you think biden will hear on thursday when the president comes here? >> biden has been so focused when he talks about crime just about guns, circulation, trying to regulate guns more. that's of course important but the real impact is going to be getting people with illegal guns to leave their guns at home and not bring them out and not be involved in crime and i really don't know. it will be interesting to see. hard to feel optimistic. >> bill: i'm sorry to hear that. hannah, thank you. we'll check in with you soon. hannah meyers in new york. thank you for your time today. >> dana: whoopi goldberg has caused a firestorm with her comments on the holocaust. plus this. remember those riots outside the portland courthouse? a top republican senator
7:24 am
suggests the biden administration is turning its back on the officers who defended it and what he is doing in response.
7:25 am
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7:28 am
800-630-8900. that's 800-630-8900.
7:29 am
>> bill: there is a ton of reaction coming in over the past 40 minutes since we announced tom brady is retiring from the nfl. made the announcement on instagram at 9:45 eastern time, right? 43 minutes ago. 22 years in the league. most of that spent with the new england patriots. last couple years in tampa. won a super bowl. league commissioner roger godel says it has been a privilege to have him in the nfl and thank him for his many contributions to our game and wish tom and his family all the best in the future. brady walks away as a five-time super bowl mvp and a seven-time super bowl champion. will that mark ever be met
7:30 am
again? good question. we'll debate it from here to the end of time, right? tom brady, thanks for the memories. >> dana: president biden will talk to durbin and grassley about his nominee to replace retiring justice breyer. as the chair and ranking republican both will have a say in the confirmation process. the president said he would appoint a black woman to the supreme court. a new poll shows 76% of americans think he should consider all candidates. so that -- you look at that poll convincing. the president said he will nominate a black woman. several that he could choose from that are already judges. so you don't have to be a judge, he said. >> bill: so he can pick me? >> dana: no, there is criteria you do not have. >> bill: i gotcha. we showed it. 76% said consider all possible nominees. lindsey graham has been leading
7:31 am
the way for a woman out of south carolina and whether or not she gets in a poll position. >> dana: she is supported by representative clyburn and first justice who didn't go to the ivy league. >> bill: your school was? >> dana: university of colorado pueblo. >> bill: i went to the university of miami in ohio. 10:31 now. watch. sounds of chaos in portland as u.s. marshals tried to secure the federal courthouse during the blm riots of 2020. senator tom cotton threatening to withhold d.o.j. nominees unless the justice department represents them who are being sued for doing their jobs. we have that part of the story now. >> dana: good morning, bill.
7:32 am
senator cotton is not messing around given the department of justice until today to respond to him and a letter that he sent to a.g. merrick garland that we have obtained. in that letter he says that he would be compelled to object to the department nominees both in the judiciary committee and on the senate floor if they don't explain to him why they are failing to defend their own federal agents? you'll remember in 2020 the trump administration sent a fleet of u.s. deputy marshals to portland to protect the fed -- one of the deputies who was sued has been outright denied legal representation by the d.o.j. three others say they're waiting hanging in limbo for a decision but they've already been forced to seek help from law enforcement legal defense fund so they don't go bankrupt.
7:33 am
d.o.j. says it will respond to cotton's letter soon and point out they have paid for attorneys fees for more than 70 employees already and only have rejected one. why reject one? why keep three others waiting? we don't know that, bill. we can tell you that all of these federal agents as far as we know are still actively employed, still working for the d.o.j. and as far as they know they are not under any investigation. more to come on this. >> bill: thanks, aishah hosni on the hill in washington >> the holocaust isn't about race. it's about man's inhumanity to man. that's what it's about. >> it is about white supremacy. >> it is not about race. >> these are two white groups of people. >> dana: whoopie goldberg is facing backlash that the holocaust was not about race.
7:34 am
nazis called them an inferior race. she has since apologized. we'll talk about that, morgan ortega. thank you for being here. i want to show you a tweet from stop anti-semitism. news flash whoopi goldberg, 6 million of us were gassed, starved and massacre because we were deemed an inferior race by the nazis. how dare you minimize our suffering. here is ben shapiro. >> you have to understand the basic left wing intersectional theory of life. all is society is structures of power. problem is american society and jews are disimportant portion naturally successful. they're beneficiaries of the white supremacist system are either white and ties do the idea jews are white people and jews aren't the victims of the holocaust, it is all of humanity. >> dana: i want to show whoopi
7:35 am
goldberg apologizing for this last night. >> i feel being black when we talk about race it's a very different thing to me. so i said that i felt that the holocaust wasn't about race. people were very angry and they said no, no, we are a race and i understand. i understand. i felt differently. >> dana: morgan, your thoughts when you first heard what happened and then after what she said on colbert last night. >> i think unfortunately jewish americans like myself are used to this. it is quite sad. one in four jews in america have said in the past year they have experienced some form of anti-semitism. and dana we've talked on your show and i've talked how we've seen this from some radical leftist members of congress. the bigger picture here, too, which everyone is missing is not only did hitler exterminate the jews in the holocaust
7:36 am
because he believed they were an inferior race. not all jews are white. you should see there are jews from around the world all colors. it is a complete lack of ignorance about the jewish people. incredibly offensive and unfortunately just lines up as ben shapiro talked about the leftist agenda toward jews and americas but to israel as well. if we look at the u.n. and their resolutions condemning various countries around the world last year guess who got 14 condemnations? israel. north korea got one. iran world's leading state sponsor of terrorism got one. so this is a continually rampant problem. unfortunately whoopi goldberg stepped in it in a way that perpetrated lies about the jewish people we've heard for decades but specifically those lies were pretty rampant during
7:37 am
the holocaust. i'm glad she apologized but it just speaks to a broader need for people to really understand how jews -- american jews are being targeted by leftist institutions in my opinion. >> dana: great to have you to help give us some perspective on that story as it continues. >> bill: nice to see you, morgan. 23 minutes before the hour. he was with us a week ago. hit a clutch game-winning field goal and he did it again in overtime over the weekend. the bengals are in the super bowl. rookie sensation evan mcpherson plays for the underdog. how did they win? you have to stay tuned for that answer. plus the ukraine crisis may seem far away. what happens there could have a major impact on your bottom line. we look at that and we'll explain coming up. >> if you look at the crisis in ukraine, joe biden has been all over the board on this. he had a hands-off approach. now he is having a hands on
7:38 am
approach with troop build-up. we don't know in congress where they are going with it. the entrance they make, the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you.
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>> bill: as the crisis continues to unfold overseas a russian invasion of ukraine could hit you hard in the
7:43 am
pocketbook raising prices from gas at the pump to food on the table. senior national correspondent rich edson watching the story in washington, d.c. >> russia and ukraine are providers of wheat and corn. more money for corn animal feed making meat more expensive. >> that continually shores up corn prices. much more directly affects your meat prices. beef, hogs, chicken, primarily beef and chicken. >> then there is energy. russia is a major world supplier in europe, russia accounts for about a third of europe's natural gas. war could disrupt that and possible sanctions on the russian economy. >> one of the key areas will be on the energy sector. even though the biden administration probably won't
7:44 am
target any russian ports directly, the reality is that commodity markets will be fearful of the impact and will probably see increases in energy prices. >> u.s. government says gas prices here are up more than a dollar a gallon from a year ago. >> bill: watching it. good story there, rich edson watching the money. >> dana: president biden putting russia on notice warning moscow it will face swift and severe consequences if they attack ukraine. our next guest just returned from a trip to kiev, ukraine, congressman bera of california. describe what you saw and the back and forth between the united states and ukraine president. they think the united states is overstating the risk of an invasion. what did you think? are the ukrainians understating it? >> thanks for having me on. i think the ukrainians very well understand what the risk
7:45 am
is. i'm sympathetic of the ukraine president. his concern is as you were saying the impact it is having on the ukrainian economy. that said they are taking this very seriously and preparing to defend themselves and their country. we may be using rhetoric in terms of what the threat is but i think we're on the same page as the ukrainians. >> bill: when you think about 2014, how much do you think has changed for them over the last seven or eight years? >> 2014 the ukrainian military, their afwoilt defend themselves was not that great. it is a much more professional military today. they've been at war with russia in one of the regions for eight years and reminded us that the threat of war is ongoing for the last eight years. that said they are also -- >> bill: sorry to interrupt. answer this question, too. the amount of equipment that we
7:46 am
have sent into the ukrainian military and government since then has been much more significant than in 2014. has that made a difference? >> very much so. obviously we've been working with them as have other countries training them. they are training their civilians. this is a full scale invasion by the russians they won't be able to stop the russian military which is better equipped, has more modern equipment and more personnel. this will be an insurgency and won't be easy for the russians. the hope is we can get mr. putin to back off. >> dana: let me talk about a little something more close to home. it is a global pandemic. there is a feeling in the country that people might be ready to live with the endemic, not called a pandemic anymore. a monmouth poll. 70% of people saying covid is
7:47 am
here to say. 28% saying it is not. they're ready to get on with their lives. do you think the biden administration is ready to make this pivot that the american people want? >> i will put my doctor hat on which is my profession. i think we have to start getting ready to learn how to live with covid. it has been disruptive to our lives over the last two years and had a big impact on our children and so we do have to make this transition to learning how to live with covid and get our lives back. >> dana: do you think the president is ready to help us do that? >> you know, i think they're moving in that direction. let's get the doctors out there and others and take it seriously. we learn how to mitigate risks. there will be times when we might have to postpone a party or something because there has been a flare-up of covid but we've done that with other illnesses.
7:48 am
>> dana: california is about to host the super bowl, the rams versus the cincinnati bengals. talking about that today. we have a big bengals fan on set right now. i have a question. we went to tampa bay last year before vaccines. there were masks. there was not a single case of covid traced to the super bowl. now we have vaccines, now we have treatments. >> boosters, -- do they need everybody to be masked at a large outdoor venue at this point? >> when vaccinated and boosted they may catch covid but their risk of getting really ill or ending up in the hospital is extremely low. so best thing to do is make sure you are vaccinated and boosted and you should be okay. obviously if you have chronic illness and other concerns wearing a mask --
7:49 am
>> dana: call the governor, okay? thank you, congressman. >> thanks. >> bill: thank you. man, he did it again. the cincinnati bengals head to the first super bowl in more than 30 years. the guy who sealed that deal is bengals kicker evan mcpherson back for another week. it sounds so good to say. coming up. ♪♪♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. veteran homeowners, need a financial boost? one gram of sugar, the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call.
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>> harris: now the crime crisis is not far from the white house. a deadly shooting in the georgetown neighborhood and a manhunt is on. what is it going to take the get the president's circle to take action? the unrelenting hunter biden
7:55 am
toothache. "the faulkner focus" at the top of the hour. >> dana: funeral services for charles galloway ambushed, shot and killed during a traffic stop. suspect in the country illegally and fugitive for more than 25 years. jeff paul is live in houston for us. hi, jeff. >> somber day as crowds gather to remember the life of corporal charles galloway. there will be a 21-gun salute at some point today as well as a church service as funeral services are about to get underway in a few minutes. galloway was working night shift on january 23 when he flipped on his lights and tried to pull over the driver of a toyota avalon. the driver identified as oscar rosales got out of his vehicle
7:56 am
and fired shots with an assault style rifle and galloway was still in his patrol vehicle when the bullets were shot through the windshield killing the corporal. prosecutors say they will push for the death penalty for the defendant. >> dana: seeing the flags at half staff behind you. thank you, jeff. >> bill: let's end on a good note. the sweet sound of the bengals winning the afc championship game. >> mcpherson and cincinnati is heading to the super bowl. he told it again, i'm sure. >> bill: first time in 33 years they're going back to the big bowl. they beat the kansas city chiefs in o.t. the man who kicked his team into the bowl in back-to-back weeks is back with us. evan, congratulations to you and how does it feel?
7:57 am
>> it feels amazing just to give this team what they wanted all along, you know. this was our goal throughout the season. now it's finally here. we're all stoked. we're in the building today, a little treatment work-out and getting ready to go. >> dana: when we were watching -- bill was at the game, my husband peter and i were watching at home and i kept saying i think this is evan. how do you know this guy? he was on our show. i think i don't know anything about sports but i did know at the previous week's game right before you went out to do the game-winning field goal you said we're going to head to the super bowl. -- nfc championship. did you say it again this time? >> i didn't say it unfortunately, i guess. >> bill: what did you say? >> i had a word with kevin huber right before the kick and i just told him i was like let's be legendary here.
7:58 am
it's where legends are made. let's make this kick and let's celebrate. >> bill: that's great. you are 22 years young. the youngest kicker in the history of the super bowl when you land in los angeles later this week. really great stuff. kelly was 23 a couple of years ago. we got a charming picture here. you found your mom at arrowhead stadium. >> yeah. >> bill: that's beautiful. what did she say? >> just probably everybody else was saying, we're going to the super bowl. to have my family there and you embrace them after the game, super special. my fiance wishes she could have been there but she has a campaign to run in auburn. she is still in school there so she wished she could have been there and i'm happy my family was there to kind of just
7:59 am
experience that moment together but we're definitely going to have both mine and my fiance's family in the super bowl so hopefully we can all celebrate that game together. >> dana: what is her name? >> grayci. >> dana: you are engaged. you have the super bowl and possibly even a wedding this year i would imagine. last week you told us it was hard to go around without being -- you could go around unrecognized but now not the case i'm sure. what is it like in cincinnati this week? >> i'm sure it will be amazing. the city is on fire for this team and for this organization. it's just what they honestly deserve for the past, you know, some odd years and to be able to give this opportunity to the city is amazing. like i said the last time i came on i'm sure we'll have the whole city come to l.a. and support us and this city is so excited and this team is so
8:00 am
excited to get the chance to play in the super bowl. >> bill: you know what i say? two words, one more. one more. do you prefer shooter mcpherson or money mac? >> people can call me what they want. you can call me evan for all i care. >> dana: first-name basis. >> bill: best to your mom and fiance. thanks for coming on. nice to see you. good to be back with you. harris faulkner has a great hometown of kansas city, missouri. she put a major on the wire and she paid up. the staff loves you, too. she paid up. >> dana: here she is. >> harris: we'll begin with a fox news alert. americans are desperate for the white house to do its job and to get serious about stopping violent crime. but instead of confronting the issue dead on the president's chief spokeswoman has decided perhaps her best strategy is to bob


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