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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 2, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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a chapper scooped the today show's big reveal, capture thanksgiving shot of a washington commanders logo inside the team's stadium, some are suggesting it is a smoke screen, prank, not the real name. the commanders, okay. gutfeld next. >> fox news alert. off duty police officer recovering after being shot in his personal vehicle while waiting at a traffic light. the two suspects were expecting to rob the rookie cop. the victim is in stable condition. this is the latest senseless act of violence coming as the nation prepare to honor fallen police officer wilbert mora who died in an ambush last week. i'm todd piro. >> i'm ashley strohmier in for
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carley shimkus. >> these officers put on their uniform, bullet-proof vests on and go back in with all frustration, they go back and do their job. now it is time for lawmakers. >> ashley: maryann rafferty has details. >> more officers shot. in new york, nypd police officer shot and hospitalized in queens and two suspects taken into custody same day hundreds turned out for a fallen salute of wilbert mora. chief kenneth cory blaming soft on crime policies. they are devastated and angry, people are carrying illegal guns, same people that are are arresting are walking streets and all too often using the guns
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against them. >> in virginia, two campus police officers are gunned down after shelter in place was offered. campus officer painter and j.j. jefferson, painter was jefferson's best man at his wedding. >> they were well known to students, their relationship was close, as well, it is meaningful, we feel this deeply. they were very close friends. >> ashley: in houston, texas, funeral services were held for corporal charles galloway. doshcam footage shows galloway was in the front seat of his cruiser when he was killed. oscar rosales was arrested. three houston police officers were shot in a separate incident. >> we cannot continue to serve
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successfully the community we love when there is blatant disregard for authority because it doesn't fit a particular narrative. those in authority coddeling the criminals and enabling this behavior have culpability just as much as those pulling the trigger. >> todd: thank you. john kennedy, upon senator, says it begins and ends with this president. >> some of them are woke. others are scared of the wokers, othering don't want to cross president biden. they started, well, they didn't. some of the wokers started the defund and disrespect the police movement, they tolerated it, president biden allowed it to happen and you see the result. it is safer to walk down the streets of mgodishu, than it is
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the streets of new york. chicago and to some extent, new orleans, that i love to death, they have become the world's largest outdoor shooting ranges. >> todd: president biden heads to new york city tomorrow to meet with eric adams and discuss the anti-crime agenda. the biden administration catches heat from both sides of the aisle with new program to deport venezuelans after president biden criticized the policy. >> ashley: illegal immigrants take a chance to enter the unrestricted southern border. griff jenkins has details. >> griff: good morning ashley and todd. so much for central american root causes, entire planet is coming. border chief in del rio tweet thanksgiving picture from migrants all over the world, pakistan, syria, china, sudan,
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tazchekstan and uzbekistan. this has been happening since october 1. >> this is not just an issue with central america, it is people all over the world know the border is open and doing what they can to get in. the remain in mexico order, they are slow walking. >> griff: one country being cut from the welcome list. venezuelans expelled. then candidate joe biden tweeted this, not only does president trump refuse to grant temporary status to venezuela, he used stealthy -- no regard for the suffering of the venezuela venezuelian people. well, now biden is being blasted by members of his own party.
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bob menendez says removing venezuelians through third country is disturbing. turns his back on immigrants who need our protection most. chief ortiz met with lawmakers yesterday in the wake of video we saw of him being confronted by his agents, hillary va ughan caught up with him in the halls. >> are president biden's policies to blame for that? >> no comment. >> griff: and one lawmaker, carlos jiminez who will be here next hour talking to you guys and what an important guest because he's told hillary va ughan that chief ortiz was worried title 42 would be going away, that could be a game
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changer. title 42 expelled 42,000 migrants, unclear what would happen if it goes away. >> ashley: thank you so much. abc news suspending whoopi goldberg for two weeks after she argued race was not a factor in the holocaust. >> todd: brooke songman joins us to discuss the detailss. brooke. >> brooke: abc suspended whoopi goldberg after her apology failed. whoopi is taking time to reflect and learn about the impact of her comments chts "the view" co-host was discussing a school district banning "mouse, "which is about the holocaust, watch this. >> let's be truthful about it, the holocaust isn't about race, it is about man's inhumanity to
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man. >> brooke: next day goldberg apologized and expressed regret. listen. >> it is indeed about race, hitler and the nazis considered jews to be interior race. words matter and mine are no different. i stand corrected. >> brooke: ceo of the anti-defamation league is encouraging whoopi to educate herself on the genocide. >> her comments did cause confusion and hurt that i hope whoopi can use for process of interspection and learning. >> brooke: there is growing fury inside abc over whoopi's comment, one insider telling page six that manner of the network believe whoopi is too controversial for the show. sharon osborne and roseanne barr
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were fired after making controversial remarks. tokd the white house urging spotify to do more than talk about misinformation. >> press sect. psaki: it is a positive step, we want every platform to call out misinformation and uplifting accurate information. >> todd: spotify adding the disclaimer after neil young removed his music after joe rogan was accused of spreading covid misinformation. there is that word again, ashley, misinformation. i think it is so important to point out that today's misinformation oftentimes becomes tomorrow's fact. case in point, here we go. cloth masks don't work. remember cloth masks or those -- now they don't seem to work.
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remember, you cannot spread things if you are va xed. that is big, you can spread things if you are vaxxed. that is a key point we nied to take away. >> ashley: or the vaccine issue with president biden saying if you get vaccinated or you see people on the liberal media saying if you are vaccinated, you cannot spread this thing. it is to the point where you can't ask questions if you are labeled misinformation or this situation with spotify and joe rogan. i don't think joe rogan should have apologized, he vehicled moved forward without all the hoop law. i agree with sean hannity, if you don't agree with what someone says, don't watch them, turn it off. if you want to send a message, don't say anything, hit them where it hurts issue the pocket. look at whoopi goldberg. she was suspended for two weeks,
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i don't know if it is without pay, there needs to be fine line drawn to where, i can go down a rabbit hole, you could, too, if you don't want to hear something, don't turn it on. >> todd: back to your point, why does the white house feel they need to sensor things that are not 100% in agreement with them, to your point, just turn it off. this white house wants control over the narrative, which is shocking, because they let joe biden go off and disavow that narrative. they want everybody else to censure on their behalf and it is not right. >> ashley: makes me nervous with the tech programs and how tight knit they are with the white house and follow suit with what they do. another topic. >> todd: with that, tom brady finally make its official. legendary qb announcing retirement from the nfl.
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brady writing, "my career has been a thrilling ride and far beyond my imagination, full of ups and downs. i will cherish the memories and revisit them often, i feel like the luckiest person in the world. brady appeared to snub the new england patriots, despite winning six of his seven super bowl with that team. thank you, patriots nation, i'm beyond grateful, love you all. >> ashley: ground hog day again. punx will gather after last year's events didn't take place. a major winter storm stretches from texas through maine will bring snow and ice, 90 million americans are under winter weather advisory, heaviest snow
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south of chicago for 18 to 24 inches of snow, predicted to fall. no thank you. it is the ice we're really worry body with this one. >> ashley: the ice is most concerning and janice dean will tell you the same thing. will we ever know what happened in wuhan? scientists say they were out right silenced when they suggested covid-19 leaked from a lab. we are unpacking evidence with their jay batchara. >> todd: plus, entire weekend crew, congressman carlos jiminez ahead. don't go anywhere. ♪ hi. i'm wolfgang puck when i started my online store wolfgang puck home i knew there would be a lot of orders to fill
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>> ashley: royal canadian police threatening to arrest the convoy of truckers blocking the u.s. and canada border in ontario. the standoff continues, one conservative lawmaker is slamming prime minister justin trudea for turning his back on
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the truckers. listen. >> all canadians want to see a lead erwho will work to fix rifts, leader who will work to understand, not dismiss, name call and gas light. will the prime minister extend an olive branch and listen? >> ashley: trudea one-time supporter of truckers making disparaging comments about the demonstrators, accusing them of spreading rhetoric. john hopskins university arkinal analysis shows covid death rates were reduced by 2%. the orders were found to increase covid mortality, forcing many people to hold events nsdz, rather than outside. lockdown policies are ill founded and should be rejected.
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todd. >> todd: scientists speaking out about being silenced when they raise concerned that covid-19 could have come from wuhan, china. >> from every direction, from people we now know were actually thinking exactly the same thing, but chosen to say the opposite, which is extraordinary and taken two years for that to finally come out and be exposed. >> todd: the group of experts telling fox new its is part of top-down effort aimed at protecting scientific community. how pervasive were attemptss to silence those who raised concerns aboutlet lab leak theer sne >> you could tell by the e-mails set up by foya, dr. fauci and
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dr. collins of the niech were working together, as soon as they received reports there might have been a leak, top scientists like jeremy farrar to organize cover of that fact in february of 2020. it is amazing to me, they should have been focused on the pandemic, they were working to suppress evidence that there may have been a lab leak. they got e-mails from top scientists telling them this doesn't look like it was product of evolution, it was product of some lab process, 70%, 80%, 60% likelihood, they got the reports. instead of reporting that, they organized a meeting and said it was conspiracy to say it was a lab leak. >> todd: science is supposed to be robust exchange of ideas to
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arrive at some truth or something people can take forward to better their lives. why did dr. fauci and dr. collins marginalize those who spoke out as fringe. instead of saying we participated in gain of function, we're sorry, we won't do it again? >> for the lab leak, if it were to get out it might be a lab electoral college n.i.h. might have funded it, it would ruin science. this is the way they operate, that is frances collins and tony fauci, they see inconvenient fact where other scientists may disagree with them, they organize and attempt to suppress and marginalize the rg scientists. they did this with me with the lockdown. i spoke up against lockdowns and frasence collins wrote an e-mail
1:22 am
to fauci calling me a fringe scientist and calling for takedown. it seems like a pat other than, they marginalize other scientists to create illusion of consensus that doesn't exist in the scientific community. they want to look like they are in charge of a scientist consensus, but in order to do that, they need to involve scientist necessary discussion and debate. their modus oreandius, is to deplatform people. they did this with the lockdowns, with the lab leak and early treatment, as well. it is shocking behavior from the top scientists in the country. >> todd: you heard ashley deliver the story that the studies show lockdowns were abject disaster, more harm than good, you pointed that out. dr. collins said that was not
1:23 am
correct, do you expect an ark apology from dr. collins and the scientific elite? >> i would just be happy if we never adomented them again. it was clear that lockdowns, if they were going to protect someone it was certain class of us. i was in the class that could ford to lockdown, most were not, they were called essential workers. lockdowns were never going to protect the most vulnerable people. >> todd: it is easier to make proclamations when you live in an ivory tower. we appreciate your comments, thank you, sir. ashley. >> ashley: did you see this? an armed criminal picked the wrong gas station to rob. the brave owner stood his ground and sent that suspect running and maxine waters is using
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that's a pretty tight spot. watch this. of course your buick parks itself. that's so you. it's just up here on the right. of course you know where we're going. that's so you. i kinda got a sixth sense. and a head up display. [whistle blows] [horn honks] they're here.
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hit the field. warm up. you brought all these players in your buick. -yup. -that's so you. it is. there's a buick that fits your life. because at the heart of every buick suv is you. >> todd: tom cotton placing a hold on president biden's doj nominees stemming from the 2020 portland protest. this is delaying the officials after senator cotton sent a letter to merrick garland over the concern of legal assistance saying "refusal would violate the department's long-standing practice and moral commitment to defend law enforcement officer when is sued in the line of duty."and public officials are pushing to reduce jail time citing heightened omicron risk.
1:29 am
arguing jail bookings put suspects at greater risk of catching covid in jail. they are pushing to let criminals including burglars, sex offenders who do not register and drug dealers walk free. ashley. >> ashley: caught on camera, ohio gas station owner turns the camera on robbery armed with a rival. the business owner pulled out his own weapon, sending the would-be thief running. joining me is the store owner. how big is your town in mount sterling, ohio? >> it is very small town. maybe a thousand to two thousand people. >> ashley: you own third degree bp gas station for the last 23 years. walk us through what happened from your standpoint.
1:30 am
the guy walks in and walks back out, did you have a bad feeling about snim what prompted you to stand his ground or did he have to come in with the shotgun before you acted? >> first he comes in as a customer and tried to buy canned and he chips and he put it on the counter. i scanned it and he told me he would be right back, he wants to know what kind of cigarette they smoke. i thought somebody inside the car. so i was, give me a minute, i put down my bottle of water. i was drinking water and within two seconds, he walked in with a shotgun and point it at me and told me that he was -- give me all your money, otherwise i will kill you. i had to put my water bottle down and it start from there.
1:31 am
>> ashley: just watching this video play on loop, it doesn't seem like there was any hesitation on your part. correct me if i'm wrong, you saw the gun, pull today out no thinking. that is your right to protect your business and yourself. >> yes, i didn'ttate to fire the shot. >> ashley: can we pull up the mug shot of this suspect for a second so we can take a look at him? this is the suspect that was arrested. you fired a shot. you called it a warning shot. do you think that firing that shot is what happened police slow him down, police catch up to him? >> yes. because as soon as i fired the shot, he dropped his gun and he left the prem sis and he went toward mount sterling town.
1:32 am
i called the police and police chased him down and caught him with helicopter help. >> ashley: before i let you go, this suspect is accused of being involved in two other robberies in another county, according to police. good for you for standing your ground and protecting yourself. good luck and stay safe out there. >> thank you. >> todd: i love how he said, i put down my water and it happened, so calm tloochlt after the hour. debate over school mask mandates could be settled in virginia today. glenn youngkin goes head-to-head with school districts, two parents kids were suspended for following the governor's order. yeah, i said that right. ♪
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join us next. ♪ ♪
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>> ashley: california congresswoman maxine waters is paying her daughter karen waters. progressive connection received over million bucks from her mom's campaign. she wasn't the only family member benefiting n. 2004, los angeles times revealed waters paid out $1 million to other family members over an eight-year span. waters campaign did not respond to request for comment.
1:37 am
and somalia born u.s. veteran is running for congress against omar. the mother of three saying "i'm running against ilhan omar who neglected my community and sdprikt we are slowly losing our freedoms, that scares me, i have three guilty therapy i want to raise them in this country vicome to, it gave me a safe haven," and ilhan omar saying she believes "a better world is possible." >> todd: virginia's battle over masks goes to court today challenging glenn youngkin's mask order. joining me is a parent whose daughters are facing suspension today and a fairfax county parent whose sons were suspended
1:38 am
over the mask mandate. not like youngkin is banning masks, he is just putting it in the hands of you issue the parent, why is that offensive to the school districts? >> thank you, todd, i appreciate you having me on the show this morning. i also appreciate that you're mentioning he is not banning masks, everyone is free to wear a mask. the thing i love about this executive order is the same thing i love about it is bill of rights issue putting power back into the hands of people. is this really about mask? i'm not sure it is. i think this is about tyranny versus proim. i think the mask symbolizes control now. i don't know if this is an issue of the mask as much as it is control. >> todd: clint, to this point, the fact going to the mat over this mask issue, what does that tell you about desire to control you and your kids? >> yeah, good morning.
1:39 am
my brave freedom-loving patriot daughters and many kids around this state are excited to receive suspension from this woke school system. loudoun public school system suspended national honor society students and community volunteer and student leaders, when they themselves are defying the governor's order. we feel it is about control and grooming and they are excited to get suspension if it means setting students free across the state. >> todd: you look about my age, i can't imagine like this when we were growing up, why do the districts seem more interested in fighting over masks than -- wait for it, teaching your kids? >> yeah, what is sad, i woke up this morning and realize this school year, first day of schools, my daughters were asked in class, what is your -- it has been that kind of school year and we've gotten away from true
1:40 am
education. we consider it a badge of honor, if it means liberty and freedom rang, we will be glad to do that, there are other places to get educated. we're standing up for this generation and generations to come and raising generation of freedom fighters and the youth today are standing up more and realizing this is about their freedom and liberty nethe future to come. >> todd: what we have put on the shoulder of our children in the last two year system incomprehensible. you are giving me confidence they are coming out okay on the other side. final question to you. what did the school district do to your kid? >> they have beenus sended illegally for the last seven days, seven school days, today will be the eighth day. they suspended them on dress code violation, i think they know they are on shaky ground, that put that bureaucratic
1:41 am
nuance in to suspend them on a mask amendate and are calling it dress code violation. with regard to what clint said, i appreciate that. my sons, everyday they go in, i pick them up and they get suspended after i get the phone call. each day i ask them, do you want to do this, i don't tell them you have to do that. i say, it is a weird time, it might be uncomfortable for you. i have a sign hang nothing my house that says when tyranny becomes law, rebellion fwks duty. my son said, it is time to be rebels. i appreciate the civic education they are getting right now. >> todd: i appreciate the word you used, choice, it has been ignored. we would love to have you back once we get the
1:42 am
decision to see what will happen going forward. thank you for your time and good luck, great job parenting, toughest job in the world, i'm learning efforted. ashley, to you. >> ashley: the future remains murky for transgender swimmer lee. new policy saying three person medical panel will determine if prior physical development of athlete as male gives unfair advantage and there will be test test tests for 36 months before comp tigsz, this is effective immediately. >> todd: time is 42 minutes after the hour. looks like i need to send lee to the middle of it is country. millions of people in the path of another storm expected to pummel large part of the country with ice and snow. >> ashley: it looks nasty. >> janice: it is ground hog day special, happy 2/2/22.
1:43 am
crazy, right? talk about this, this is a big deal. you can see the current temperatures, where that arctic cold air is, you can see on the map, warmer air is ahead of the front and cold air behind it. this is going to be an ice upon event and that is what i am concerned about. mississippi, tennessee, ohio river valley, some heavily populated areas like memphis, tennessee and louisville, kentucky, we have the ice storm, accumulating ice on the road and power lines, that is super dangerous. futures track is with us today, thursday and friday, a very slow moving storm and it is going to bring over 12 to 18 inches, isolated amounts of two feet and we have ice. there is snow forecast from the southwest all the way up toward oklahoma and parts of missouri, ohio river valley and interior northeast, you will get hit by
1:44 am
the storm thursday and friday. it is ice is most dangerous weather phenomenon we can have in the winter and that will cause travel to be completely crippled across the areas. that is the danger, this is what i'm concerned with, the snow will capture a lot of attention, but it is the ice that you can't see. the freezing rain, black ice, people need to be off the roads. >> ashley: this western kentucky needs to be hit with anything else right now. >> janice: ice storm warnings is a big deal. >> todd: you can have the best tire necessary the world, it doesn't matter. >> janice: you can't see it either. >> todd: leaked documents showing how -- took control of the afghanistan capital city was, live overseas with damming new details. plus -- >> it is like losing a brother. he is a captain everybody looks up to.
1:45 am
>> ashley: california fire captain gunned down in the line of duty, firefighter who worked alongside him joins us to talk about the new dangers their department is facing every single day.
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cancer research requires bold and innovative thinking. you may be able to help science uncover the next breakthrough by sharing your patient data and unique experience with researchers. join stand up to cancer and count me in at >> ashley: welcome back to "fox
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and friends first." i'm ashley hogan. ukraine and russia, other world leaders try to step in to deescalate the situation. russian president vladamir putin says u.s. and nato are not taking his security concerns seriously. he demands the u.s. pull back missile systems in nearby countries. new light on the plan show hours before the taliban seized kabul officials were holding meetings trying to decide and how and where to evacuate civilials. christopher wray says the threats are more damaging than ever before, with 2000 -- attempts to steal private intellectual properties.
1:50 am
warning olympics to stay off social media. marco rubio talked about the concern leading up to the game. >> political view that runs counter to anything china believes or says, we don't know what is going to happen. we hope the networks have courage in the news department to cover exactly what kind of country is hosting the olympics, this governments is committing genocide. >> ashley: more olympians are testing positive as they go to the games. they will spend their time in china quarantine for the next 10 days. ashley, todd, back to you. >> todd: alex, thank you. >> ashley: heartbroken colleagues paying tribute to a fire department veteran shot
1:51 am
dead while fighting a dumpster blaze in california. >> nothing will replace max, it is like losing a brother. max is one of those captains that everybody looks up to. our heart guess out to the family, big part of the fire department and he will be missed. >> ashley: mario guardia, professional firefighters union. first off, mario, so sorry to hear of what happened to your friend and your colleague and your co-worker, captain fortuna. we have heard about attacks on police, have you police and firefighters in the situation that happened in stockton and we talked yesterday about nurses, frontline workers in hospitals and er coming under ark tack. do you think this is the new normal because of the rise in crime we're seeing across the
1:52 am
country? do you think firefighters will now become a target? >> this is something we've been dealing with for a while. stockton is a violent city. our system is being taxed right now, just due to the amount of calls going on. we cover approximately 360,000 people and we are the busiest station fire department in the nation. unfortunately, we respond to calls that put us in danger. >> ashley: has this ever happened at your department that you can think of, whether the time you have been this or before? >> we've had numerous calls where we've heard shots fired, had fire stations shot at. unfortunately this is not new. it is definitely the first time that we've had any tragic accidents due to any type of gunfire to our department. >> ashley: do you think this
1:53 am
fire department or perhaps fire departments across the country will alter the way they do things now that this has happened, just hearing about it makes you think they need to step up safety protocol for firefighters. you do an incredibly dangerous job and we thank every one of you for it. something has to change to protect firefighters in a different way now. >> our department has issued body armor for certain calls, active shooter or a call or incident where we think it warns that equipment. putting out a fire, we have 3400 fires per year, it is impossible to put body armor on for the calls. we'll definitely after this is sxdz done, look at policies and how we handle some of the calls, but unfortunately this is
1:54 am
something i don't think equipment would have made a difference. >> ashley: i already touched on this, i want to hammer home this direct question. i talked to you about the er nurses concerned with their safety working in the emergency room. now this happened in california, do you think first responders across the grid are under attack? >> i think unfortunately, our society is, there is uncertainty on what is going on out there. i know in stockton, dealing with huge homeless increase in our population increase in our city. which is we're dealing with that in ways that we've never had to deal with it before. many homeless are armed, so there is a lot of unknowns, we're responding to the calls. >> ashley: okay, mario, thank you for being with us and i'm
1:55 am
sor bewhat happened to your friend and colleague, take care. >> thank you. >> todd: what world do we live in? insane. 10-year-old daniel's wish came true when he was sworn into his 100th law enforcement agency. dj suffering from spinal cancer, he wants to bring awareness to childhood cancer by getting sworn in. his single father of three. >> it is not letting him, setting him back or anything. >> todd: dozens of law enforce ments agencies waiting to swear in dj. that kid puts a smile on our face every time we see the video. world of sports rocked by news of tom brady's retirement. we're talking to will cain and sean sean duffy and carlos
1:56 am
gimenez as "fox and friends first" rolls on.
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>> todd: an off-duty new york police officer recovering from a gunshot injury, he was shot while waiting at a stop light. the two year old victim in


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