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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 2, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> emily: fox news alert, president biden has ordered more than 3,000 troops into eastern europe in support of our allies. this adds all fines and suggest that rush is moving closer to an all-out war with ukraine. this is this is "outnumbered," i'm kayleigh mcenany and i'm joined by harris faulkner, morgan ortagus, and in the center virtual seat, radio and podcast host, ben ferguson. president biden ordering american forces to poland, germany and romania, and the
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pentagon says this is a temporary deployment and that no u.s. troops will be on the ground in ukraine. vladimir putin has amassed more than 1,000 troops along the border in the ukraine and that includes 5,000 troops in belarus which would give a direct route to the ukrainian capital. u.s. officials also say russia is moving keep medical supplies to the border, further suggesting a plan to invade. but given how hard it is to determine russia's true intentions, the united states isn't taking any chances. >> do you have any evidence that potent plans to move beyond it ukraine's borders? why are you bolstering these eastern flank allies if you do not have evidence of that? >> because it's important that we send a strong signal to what mr. pruden end up frankly to the world at that nato matters to the united states. what we see, jenna, is clear evidence every day that he
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continues to destabilize the environment by adding more forces in the western part of the country and along belarus. he clearly is providing himself many options, lots more capabilities, and for exactly what purpose, we don't know. >> kayleigh: morgan, this is a very significant element, that barbara starr followed up on jennifer griffin's questioning saying what about the situation merits 3,000 u.s. troops going to eastern europe? what about it? he didn't have any clear answers there. he also pointed out, why are we doing this before nato and many other countries? your thoughts, morgan? >> morgan: that's right. we are lucky to have jennifer griffin in the briefing room, always asking crystal clear questions. the countries where biden is sending troops are our allies right there in nato, and you will remember that poland left president trump so much that there was talk of having fort trump there. so i am all for protecting
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people that are our allies and our friends. however to follow-up on what kirby said it depending on spokesperson, kirby said, they wanted to back up nato to show them their resolve. i agree with all of that but my question is, where the french and the germans? do you k clearly understands that the situation with russia is in europe and it affects them, as they are doing security agreements with the ukraine and poland and others. the united kingdom is sending equipment and i know, the brits get it, they have to fight themselves and protect their own sovereignty and i always believe in protecting our allies. my big question, and i think it was right for jennifer and barbara starr who asked it and pushed kirby on this, where is nato, where is germany, where is france? this is why we had a continual problem with the biden administration streamlining the
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pipeline which makes it europe on russia for gas, and the bigger problem in all of this is the germans have refused to take the energy and secured into their own hands. they have backed russia at every point of the way until a lot of people are saying, this is making nato a lot stronger. i don't see it up that way, i see a fractured alliance where not every country is fully in the fight and that's the principle behind why president trump's that allies in nato must to pay their fair share. he wanted to make sure everybody was in the fight equally and that's called into question today. >> kayleigh: that's so true, it's not unified action, it almost feels like unilateral action on the part of the united states. this part stood out to me because john kirby was press very hard on, could there be a further development? he answered this way. let's listen. speak of the steps i'm talking about today could very well be preliminary steps to future ones that we might take.
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>> but can you rule out the any of these troops, particularly some from the 82nd airborne might be brought into the ukraine in the coming day to help with the evacuation? >> i think you heard the secretary say on friday, our troops are multimission capable and they will be prepared for a range of contingencies. >> kayleigh: a range of contingency plans? that's not ruling anything out, and i don't trust this commander-in-chief after what happened in afghanistan. >> ben: it's also very clear that the president is not leading on the issue and doesn't really know what his own plan is. if he was leading he would be calling out nato and he would be doing things to put pressure on russia now instead of after the fact, when it's very clear that i think you have vladimir putin checking boxes right now. it's almost like he's using america's game plan before we went to war in afghanistan, where we go and talk to everybody, check that box.
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go to other statements, check that box. then, you say you are a victim as he just said where, we have to protect ourselves. it's obvious what his intentions are right now, at least what he's leaning towards which is an invasion and it's like we are all sitting here and we don't know what's happening because we have a president that doesn't know what his foreign policy actually is. these troops really are a p.r. move at best. they certainly aren't about american interests or nato's interest because they don't know what their job or their plan is for these troops. that should be concern for anyone serving the military right now and it should be concerning for members of congress if we have a commander in chief that doesn't understand what are strategy is for vladimir putin if he does in fact invade. >> kayleigh: right because remember as a minor incursion, he told us. here is has anywhere from 100,000 to 130,000 troops on the
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border. we know 5,000 troops in belarus which is about 140 miles from kiev, the capital of the ukraine. at the u.n. security council meeting, he said we might see 30,000 troops going into belarus by mid-february and this is an extraordinary department. >> harris: is what you said is really critical previously. you said, before all of this, what we knew from the president of the united states was, there wouldn't be any punitive action taken for a minor incursion. i think he still feels that way. how do i know that? because originally, it was 8,500 united states troops that we were going to mass and potentially deploy. now it's a number much smaller than that, less than half. so what does that tell you? russia's troop buildup is getting bigger, as you just pointed out, and ours is just like a toe in the bucket. now two things, our military is amazing and we could accomplish
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i think more than with five then many more than can with the thousand. but you don't necessarily want to approach it that way. 3,000 troops, and you're the only country. why is that? it sounds political. it sounds like a clap back. and why didn't you do anything as you are amassing 127,000 troops he didn't trip up on the number used, he didn't trip up on anything. he said we will punish them when something happens, and make no mistake about it, and i'm paraphrasing him, if they invade, we will go do something. then all of a sudden, the game plan changes. why? because of politics are changing. americans are waking up to the fact that we don't want to go to war over there. we want to do something preemptively. this feels like it, and that's the other thing you said. it feels like the precursor to
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the horrible deadly exit for our military troops from afghanistan. the president needs to come out tonight and address a country, and it tell us why those families will miss their loved ones who are now going to eastern europe, for what exactly? he's got to tell us this. >> kayleigh: definitely, and she brings up that point, emily, but this is a unified action among all of our western european allies, and in eastern europe, too. i wonder if they've lost faith in biden? when he came onto the scene there was that cozy welcoming of biden, and all of a sudden very frosty relationships with our allies and i just wonder if they've lost faith? >> emily: i know the american people have, i have, for many reasons. morgan, i'd like to cede my time to you. my question is specifically when secretary austin said these diplomas are expected to be
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temporary, in light of everything my colleagues have said, afghanistan is really fresh. that 20 year war and botched exit is fresh in the mind of the american people, myself included. so when we hear something like that, and assurance, the deployment will be temporary, i don't believe that. so what question should the american people be asking right now? >> morgan: i think harris and ben hit the nail on the head. the point of dessert deterrents, or sending 3,000 troops, after president trump took up the largest terrorist in the world, qassem soleimani, there were different points where president trump had to send troops. but why did it work when president trump did it and potentially network when president biden did it? because the iranians knew that president trump meant business because he had taken out the largest terrorist in the world, like i said, qassem soleimani. so the difference whenever president trump makes a deterrent action and whenever
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president biden makes it, there's just not a lot there to back it up. the only thing backing up biden in this move of sending 3,000 troops as a deterrent to russia is afghanistan. where they said they planned for all contingencies and instead what we actually got were 13 dead americans. >> emily: that's right, what did biden do? he gave it to enormous gift to our energy comic enemy and that was the north stream to. coming up, remember those months of locked down? schools are closed, businesses that were shut down and many that went under? the bombshell study admitting that it did next to nothing to save lives. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> harris: bombshell new study finds that those lockdowns in the first wave of 2020 only reduced deaths by .2% in the united states and europe, according to research published by john hopkins university. based on 24 studies, which analyzed the effects of lockdown measures such as school shutdowns, mask mandates, all of it, the effects that they have on people dying. it is one of the conclusions. while this met meta analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no health effect, they have imposed an enormous economic and social costs where they were adopted. a consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy and served the mike instrument. jen ferguson?
9:17 am
>> ben: the politicians are going to do politics and do whatever they can to get power which is continue to do stupid things like lockdowns that don't work in liberal places. but let's table that for a moment and look at the science of this. if you are dr. fauci, how do you keep your job? right now with this coming out. if you are almost any of the people around fauci, how do you not resign? because it's very clear that you got it so wrong and you have effected the american economy and mental state of the mind of children and people that are doing things for depression, for two years, you got it wrong. how do you not apologize to the american people for getting it so wrong? because this is about public health and not about politics, then you have to have the trust of the american people. fauci is clearly more polarizing now i would argue is a medical
9:18 am
expert then donald trump ever was as a politician. if you want anyone in this country to ever listen to "health experts" again, there's proof of a study that says this dude had no idea what he was doing or advocating for. he got it wrong on masks, vaccines, he got it wrong an outbreak cases, got it wrong on children in school. got it wrong with the 6-foot rule. he got it wrong with limiting people going to places, he got it wrong on everything it it's time for him to resign. >> harris: i'm going to kind of come back to you on this point, because you so eloquently listed all of those things, some of which the study looked at. i want to reinforce this notion. this is johns hopkins university. many times when you see the numbers on the side of the screen of all the cases, they are like the most trusted source. they are looking at this, nonpolitical. if they didn't just look at a
9:19 am
few things, they call it meta-analysis for a reason. i mean, two dozen of these studies looking at all these different things, and that was at the beginning. why didn't they learn along the way? that's what my question is. if you knew the lockdowns were working because people had come out of their houses, they had already gotten covid because they were locked inside? >> why would you tell people you were going to kill grandma if you have christmas or thanksgiving, when the data was clearly showing that you weren't going to kill grandma. why would you run businesses and have so many small businesses closed? it's because fauci became political and he did states like florida and texas and others who didn't do what he demanded. it's about narcissism, and we are going to have another health crisis in this country and it may not be covered related. if you have that that no one is
9:20 am
going to listen to these experts if there is no or apology, and not bringing in a new fresh face. but we need to right now. >> harris: morgan, that's part of the problem because we have to be able to trust those people. this isn't the end of the road, there's more out there. we can't envision it yet but we know life doesn't just stop because you had a pandemic. >> morgan: harris, the statistics around us are so troubling. i read that teenage girls have increased their suicide attempts during covid by 50%. 50%. also, and you've talked about this a lot on the show, when you look at the opioid crisis, the overdose rate going up and soaring over 20%, there are real-life consequences. let me offer my opinion for what a good president does. a good president does what president trump did and you bring everybody to the table to make a decision. you don't trust one people exclusively as if they are the priest.
9:21 am
you listen to people in public health and then you talk to people in education and you say how does this affect children? then you talk to your treasury secretary and you go how does this affect the economy? then you check to your commerce secretary and say how does this affect small business owners? when you talk to secretary of state and say how does this affect, a good president takes all the opinions from around the table and then makes a decision. they don't coordinate or crown one person is a single authority to affect everybody's life in the united states. >> harris: so that brings me to you, kayleigh, because you would have seen what morgan was talking about in motion. we wouldn't have the vaccine without his efforts in operation warp speed, so he must have done that. did it suddenly stopped? what have you experienced? 's before i begin as press secretary in april of 2020 right
9:22 am
in the middle of a lockdown. i has been an i had to drive a truck up, we didn't even take a flight. no one wanted to open the country of more than president donald j. trump. i sat there and watched as top bureaucrats on top health officials said you can't do that mr. president, you can't do it. we only opened as soon as we did because we had a leader who said, i don't care what you are telling me, i'm telling you that this country needs to open up. there's a lone voice in the administration and his name is dr. scott outlets. he was vilified it, and they tried to ruin his career and as it turns out he was right. we should have never locked it down this country, and he was right, we should have never closed our schools and i'm just waiting for dr. fauci and his next interview to be asked about this. this is johns hopkins. thankfully at the time we had a leader, president trump said i want to talk to dr. deborah katz who gave an alternative view about what this does to people's mental health. harris, just one last point.
9:23 am
cancer diagnoses dropped by 80% among the lockdowns. mammograms dropped by 80%, colonoscopies at dropped by 90%, missed cancer diagnoses all because we had a drumbeat in the bureaucrats that said keep the country shut down. >> harris: if we have the biden administration pushing the lock down, let's take a peek and i'll come straight to you. >> president biden: statewide lockdowns, it's so under four months were intended to buy us time to get our act together. >> when you have an acute situation then an extraordinary number of cases, the answer to that is really closing down to go back to our basics, to shut things down in flatten the curve? >> the fact that we shut down only data and the rest of the world did has saved hundreds of millions of infections and millions of lives. >> harris: i wrote down one thing, it's a time for capitol hill hearings?
9:24 am
i want them to count. >> kayleigh: i don't want my tax dollars to go to anymore this garbage. my heart goes out to all of the small business owners. remember them, they couldn't afford to close and they use the health department and various regulatory agencies in both the civil and criminal sector to punish these people. remember sunday river brewing company in maine? they couldn't afford to close. it was deemed an imminent threat to health and public safety on the day that it was shut down by the government, and there were 65 covid deaths in the entire state but that brewery employed 60 families. they couldn't afford to close, they were summoned 25 times criminally and the month of december while the homicide rates in new york city spiked double and triple digits. they faced fines of over $100,000 and they were indicted
9:25 am
federally. the final point, there was a farm boy restaurant in washington state, same thing. they couldn't afford to close. find $200,000 a day. they were prosecuted federally, you guys. our tax dollars contributed to prosecuting a business owner with a line with out the door because a community saw the tragedy, even though the government didn't. there are a million stories like this and it's heartbreaking. >> harris: is so much on this topic, great discussion, glad i'm with you guys. coming up, abc news suspends "the view" cohosts whoopi goldberg for two weeks after she claimed that race was not a factor in the holocaust. how it's reigniting the council culture debate. what's going to happen, in two weeks, ten working days? next
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>> kayleigh: and cnn's top boss jeff zucker resigning after he did not disclose in that relationship with another senior executive at the company. he told colleagues in a memo "as part of the investigation into chris cuomo's tenure at cnn, i was asked about a consensual relationship with my closest colleague, some when i have worked with for more than 20 years. i acknowledge the relationships evolved in recent years and i was required to disclose it when it began and i didn't, i was wrong. as a result, i am resigning today. jeff zucker, out at cnn. >> let's be truthful about it, because the holocaust isn't about race, it's about man's inhumanity to man. >> kayleigh: whoopi goldberg's remarks on the holocaust leading a two week suspension, despite written apologies, abc news is benching her and asking her to "take time to reflect and learn about the impact of her
9:31 am
comments. cohost joy behar briefly mentioned the suspension at the start of today show. >> good morning and welcome to "the view." are you all saw the news, whoopi goldberg will be back here in two weeks. okay? >> kayleigh: harris, is this count of gnomic accountability, is this enough? >> harris: this is shortsighted on the side of abc news. and i know kim godwin has been going to national journalism work expos, so i don't know what she's like as a boss at abc news but she is a tremendous leader. the fact that she didn't deal with this on the day it happened is a mess. like, we whoopi goldberg on stephen colbert before we heard from abc news. why is that happening? why doesn't the president of abc get a word in before the talk show host goes on another talk show? that just doesn't seem like
9:32 am
leadership to me. it seems like a big mistake. and it's problematic for the show because now, into weeks, you're going to say you are going to fix that inflicted wound -- and i don't say self-inflicted because it was inflicted on anyone who is watching who was hit by that garbage because it wasn't true. what do you say to those people when you want them to watch your program when she comes back? the anti-defamation league has said they accept whoopi goldberg's apology. but she apologized, and on the show the next day, how does she get back on the show after them up, up that she had on stephen colbert? all of it is lack of leadership. we know who she is because through the years she shown us. she showed us who she is. we had it on a montage of video yesterday. so now, what does abc do now? the ratings go down when she's off the show and they hope for the best, do they try to bring
9:33 am
her back or ease her back through the back door? >> kayleigh: when council culture comes from the counselors, i don't believe in cancel culture, i really don't. what's ironic about this is these ladies do believe in council culture. i just had to do a cursory google of the times they've talked about cancel culture, when gone with the wind was the cancellation of cops and other shows. they said sometimes when they do something horrible, the combined patients, this was a long time coming about cancel culture generally end it should have always been a zero-tolerance policy for racially insensitive behavior at work. it was only meghan mccain who said this is a slippery slope, maybe we should stand up against cancel culture. and good for meghan mccain. but interesting when the cancel culture errors become the subject of cancel culture. >> ben: at the two week vacation, let's stop calling it
9:34 am
a suspension. it's a two-week vacation in the media wanted to protect her, abc wanted to protect her, cbs wanted to protect her and put her on their show and she screwed up the apology multiple times. this is no accountability, this is a vacation. she will be back. i would argue it's in a fireball offense, not opinion. it's pure bigotry and racism from whoopi goldberg and what she said. but i would say this is not even a slap on the wrist. it's a two week vacation and many americans wish they could have right now. >> emily: jonathan perez wrote a really interesting op-ed for "the new york post" where he pointed out that her real name is karen johnson. drop the goldberg name that you co-opted it, you don't deserve it. moving on, california's deferment of justice ordering black lives matter to disclose its finances, a move that could shed light on how the group's cofounder afforded millions in real estate. that is next.
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>> harris: california's department of justice has ordered black lives matter's, the organization, to submit financial records within 60 days. the group failed to disclose what it did with some $60 million in charitable donations but the last known person in charge of the group's money was cofounder patrice colors, who left the organization in may after critics started asking how she could afford a $3.2 million real estate buy. >> kayleigh: yesterday i brought up the fact that blm transferred money to a canadian charity run by a cofounder of black lives matter's wife to buy $3 million mansion in canada happen to be the former headquarters of the communist party and that's all in "the new york post." as you pointed out, she stepped down last year although she vigorously denied blm donations
9:40 am
going to any of these real estate properties. this is the first organization of any organization that needs to be answering questions about their finances specifically, harris, to the people who took to the streets for supporting a cause, grassroots organizers to groups that they trusted. >> harris: i love the fact that you advocate for that because you and i will both remember that while that was going on, you were inside the white house and i was covering what was happening. there was very little organization of the peace protest which made it easier for insurgents like rioters and looters to come in. the organization basically didn't organize and then now to ask questions about the millions of dollars that they were raising, because they were fund-raising while all of those protests were going on, to now realize that maybe some of that money was given in pockets that could barely afford it and it's gone to things that, well, we
9:41 am
need to know where it went. >> ben: and no one should be surprised by this by the way. when you have an organization that's filled with anarchists and i would argue domestic terrorists based on what they did in so many cities, they did shakedowns of corporations as well as the small donations from people that probably were actually sacrificing, thinking they were doing a good thing. they were shaking down america's corporate elite saying if you don't give money to black lives matter, you are on the naughty list. so all this cash comes in, and after you have someone leave that looks like they misappropriated funds, then what they would have done with the misappropriation of funds and everyone there any organization was also misappropriating funds. and what do you think they don't meet the deadline?
9:42 am
and that's getting rich off of blackmailing people, and morgan? >> used to be an intelligence analyst, and in this instance and it leads back to such a chart of a trove of indictments of the leadership of this organization, and i'd like everyday americans, especially black americans who contributed to this organization, and they are enriching themselves potentially for families and friends and enriching themselves in real estate. i'm not a lawyer, and i know that you and kayleigh are, but this doesn't sound very legal to me.
9:43 am
>> kayleigh: and just for xs and os for the viewers, what saves us as the doj requesting financial records and that has to do with our tax exempt status. essentially the doj is saying, show us what you've done with $60 million in finances, and then you will lose your tax-exempt status. it's unclear which leaders they are talking about because the three founders are no longer associated with the organization and we now know that no one was in charge of the finances since ms. colors left. so before we get out of ourselves legally speaking, after the doj analyzes data and after our follow the money team goes through it, then we will see where that money trail has led and when that action will undergo. at this point they are saying show us everything or you will lose your status unless he in 60 days plus a little bit of time what conclusions that the irs and the doj call then.
9:44 am
>> harris: if, in fact, the leadership was gone and nobody at the pot of money with the use that as defense of, we can't come forth with the document because nobody was in charge? >> kayleigh: if you can't use your terrible assets to pay costs and, regardless of if there is no one in charge, that speaks to their incompetence and their ineptitude, that doesn't absolve you of having to comply. >> harris: and that's it about the trust that people had, and moving on, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez back on twitter after saying she needed a break from social media. my goodness, she didn't even take a day's break, she couldn't stay away. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ try. hope. fail.
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>> u.s. troops to another way to nato's eastern flank but will they be a deterrent to vladimir putin? and is the u.s. repaired to cut a deal in missiles to get put in to back off? john kirby and congressman august pflueger are joining us just ahead of. tim scott sounds off on crime
9:49 am
and keeping our kids educated on senator braun to paul on who is right when it came to covid markdowns. john roberts joined sandra smith in me at the top of the hour for a jam-packed "america reports." see you then. >> kayleigh: alexandria ocasio-cortez returning to twitter after a very brief hiatus, the squad member telling her followers on monday that negative social media comments were giving her anxiety and that she needed a break. 20 hours later the progressive congresswoman was right back on twitter throwing shade at fellow democrat senator joe manchin. she said in part, where should i direct them to wait out in the cold, manchin's yacht? so, she essentially written response to all the negative vitriol on twitter but can't be away from it, comes back and throw say it just like she was getting which caused her anxiety. >> kayleigh: how can you be this blind to what a disk lazing
9:50 am
double standard? it's right there in front of you, aoc. as the ball it was an accountability they gave you anxiety, not twitter because you accountable. if you are truly having that much anxiety about twitter, i get it. there are a lot of troubles and i don't like the low level of discourse on twitter, it's on both sides of the aisle, but take a true break. when you come back and break your own break, don't target senator joe manchin and say, go to his yacht, at what could be considered a veiled threat. how can you consider this being blind to your own double standard? >> emily: was it really vitriol or being held accountable for her actions that she couldn't handle? >> kayleigh: and >> morgan: to follow up on kayleigh's point about the boat that he lives on, he has talked openly about how he and his family have received death threats and security issues has been a really big problem for them, so it's not
9:51 am
that she just came back and was nasty. she came back and leaned into something that has been physically threatening to him and his family, and that's really dangerous. listen, we are all on social media and we know that there is a lot of vitriol and hatred out there and i suggest everybody try the mute button. i use it on a daily basis. so if you are squawking at me and i don't like you, i just to mute you and i don't even know you're doing it anymore. >> emily: this is essentially approved by our commander in chief who said it following people into bathrooms and things like that, that's all part of the process and it only doesn't happen to you if you have secret service protection. essentially giving a green light to congresswoman and others, pointing out people's addresses and encouraging them to go to people's homes. >> ben: there are two things. one, i'd have a lot of anxiety if i was aoc after what happened to her in florida so i would totally understand why she wouldn't want to use twitter it after it was all coming about her hypocrisy. but i think the real reason she
9:52 am
came back to twitter so quickly was she may actually be trying to do her job for a couple of days and realize that no one wants to work with her. at democrats don't want to work with her. so if you are aoc and you'd try to stop using the opera and do your job and no one will take your phone calls, maybe the next best thing to do is go back on twitter because that's all you've accomplished in your career anyway. >> kayleigh: perez, take us home. >> harris: she so disappointing. we are having the second of two funerals for officers who were ambush. where is she, young 22 year old jason rivera and 27-year-old wilbert morrow. she's only on twitter to go after a rich man in his yacht in her own party.
9:53 am
>> emily: perfectly said to. all right guys, more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . . with our unique tub over tub installation in just a day, bath fitter doesn't just fit your bath, it fits your busy schedule. why have over two million people welcomed bath fitter into their homes? it just fits. bath fitter. call now or visit to book your free consultation.
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no bank, no lender, no one knows veterans like newdayusa. >> pivot, pivot, pivot, pivot! pivot! pivot! [laughter] >> shut up, shut up, shut up! >> well, now it is time for another heated debate "friends" beat out "seinfeld," the two most watched and beloved series.
9:58 am
"friends" 43% "seinfeld" behind that. and why do you think you agree with the "friends" number one? >> original "90210" was in the on the list. where was the greatest american hero. of course i love "game of thrones," i call into question the entire list. >> i kind of do, too, harris, are you a "seinfeld," consider the source, cbs evening news with walter cronkite. my dad and i watched it, he started watching before i was born, and gave birth to a lot of dreams and i look back very fondly. we both loved the truth and the news and dad taught me that walter cronkite's voice rocked. >> yeah, that's beautiful, harris. i absolutely love that. ben, i think you are a "game of thrones" fan, may not be right on that.
9:59 am
>> no, i have to being a knowledge "friends," i'll be sleeping on the couch if i don't say it's amazing. we watch it literally every night before we go to bed in my house. but i miss "the west wing," i miss intelligent dialogue and conversation. in american tv shows, i know it was more left leaning, i don't care. i don't think "the west wing" would make it on tv today, because we dumbed down the conversation so much and i miss it. i hope somebody will create a show like "the west wing," great intellectual dialogue in it. watch it. >> they did, it's called "outnumbered." no one's show made the list. did yours? >> yes, "game of thrones" all day every day. >> the last season was terrible, and mad at the show writers the last season, but i'm one of the nerds that went on the fan blogs and read it, and deep dark holes
10:00 am
in the "game of thrones" theories and if we have another hour he can tell you all of them. >> i watched the series, but "the golden girls," how can it not be in the top ten? for me, number one, i used to watch it with my mom, sister and grandmother. all right, everyone, thank you. great segment. thanks, everyone. here is "america reports." >> thank so much. fox news alert, damning new analysis by johns hopkins university showing pandemic lockdowns and closures had little to no impact cutting the deaths in united states and europe. the same time, serious damage to the economy, mental health, and the education of millions of children. >> sandra: researchers going so far as to say lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a way to stop the pandemic. we will be joined in moments. >> we start with another alert, the biden adm


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