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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 3, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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city for many years now. even though more recently in new york city, we've had some challenges, mr. president, we've had some loss of life of officers, of childrenand that's devastating. one life lost is too much. we still have to look at the prevention and intervention work as we were speaking earlier that goes on. because those numbers as my mayor has said before are the numbers that don't get counted. many times we don't look at the amount of preventative incidents that would have occurred. so today i'm going to introduce you to again a couple of my comrades that do this work. you'll hear from a gang specialist. hot topic is gangs. why are young people finding themselves in these units of protection or gangs what is that about? we'll introduce you to mr. campbell. we also want to talk to you about the trainings that ccv, community capacity development, the organization i founded, that we provide. we provide human justice
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training, we provide diplomacy training, provide sustainable growth planning. so with your permission, sir, we're going to proceed and get into it. i want to introduce you to mr. bryant. >> how you doing, mr. president? >> good to meet you. >> he's a trainer. >> this man has some guns. >> no more guns. >> no, i mean these guns. look at these guns. poor choice of words. >> mr. president, my mentor in the e.d. has explained, i'm the field training specialist. my role at community capacity is development and bringing these trainings to the community and the young people and the staff. we have a host of trainers on hand. i'm going to touch on one of them. sustainable growth frame. that's my favorite. he designed this plan to foster
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self-discipline. it's broken up into three categories. >> martha: that's a live look in new york city where president biden is in a meeting with leaders including governor today and the newly-elected major adams trying to combat crime. now meeting at a public school. we'll monitor this event for you. the president spoke just a moment ago. all eyes are on the president as he says he's here to combat spiking crime in this city. we'll monitor the president on the ground in new york city. if there's any further comment, we will take those. first to bryan llenas with the latest on that meeting that i just described between president biden and new york city mayor eric adams. it was earlier, but the president continues his visit here at this hour. bryan? >> sandra, that's right. he's meeting with community violence interrupters in queens. earlier today he was here with mayor adams and governor hochul
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to talk about their priority now which is to bring down gun violence by bringing down illegal guns and gun trafficking. this is happening as the homicide rate is the highest it's been in 25 years and with 81% of voters saying that rise in crime is a priority for them. earlier the president delivered this message. listen. >> the answer is not to defund the police. it's to give you the tool, the training, the funding to be partners, to be protectors and community needs you. mayor adams, you say gun violence is a seed fed by many rivers. i put forward a plan to damn up some of those streams. >> the president said the department of justice will prioritize nationwide the prosecution of gun crimes, crack down on gun trafficking, go after homemade guns, ghost guns and ask congress for $500
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million to help fund community policing and violence intervention. the murder rate in new york city is up 53% over the last two years. so too is other crimes. burglary up 17%. car thefts up 92%. biden's plan won't help with the soft on crime policies pushed by democratic leaders and progressive district attorneys. democrats in new york have so far shown little appetite, sandra, to change the state's bail reform law, which the mayor here has been pleading with them to do so. just last week, a 16-year-old somewhat shot and nypd officer was released on bond. one more thing, sandra. despite the fact that 6,000 illegal guns were taken off the street, new york city experienced its highest murder rate in a decade. sandra in. >> sandra: the numbers are astonishing. bryan llenas in new york. thank you. what does my next guest think of the president's plan that he laid out today?
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howard safer joins us now. thanks, commissioner, for your time. you heard the president. you heard him again as we played a clip there. is he clearly laying out a way to combat gun crimes in this city? it's a bigger picture than that. we just had a young women, a graduate student pushed on the subway tracks and killed. she was not pushed by a gun. is he addressing the root of the problem? getting to the root of the crisis? >> he's not. what we have is an unpopular president realizing through his polls that the majority of americans want crime reduced. visiting with a popular mayor that was elected based on crime. the fact is that it's not about guns. guns are just one part of it. what is about is bail. what it is about is returning to things like broken windows, stop and frisk and send a message to criminals that if you commit a crime, there's a certainty of
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arrest. what this president has done in the past in the george floyd riots, he said we should be defunding police, restraining police and he's now changed his tune because he sees his polls are going further and further down. the way that you'll change crime is to protect not just the civil rights of criminals, but the civil rights of the victims. i believe the number 1 civil right is to be free from harm. >> sandra: well, officer mora's sister spoke at his funeral yesterday asking the question, who protects the police, commissioner. listen. >> how many wilberts, how many jasons, how many more officers have to lose their lives been the system changes? the nypd protects us but who protects them? >> sandra: what is the answer to that question in this moment? >> the answer is to send a
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message to police that if you take assertive action, that you'll be back. we have more police killed last year than in a decade. we've had more police killed in this month than in many months like it in the past. we have to make sure police understand that they can take forceful action. that's the message that's been sent the past year by this president and certainly the de blasio administration. >> sandra: the men and blue sent their message with their presence in the streets. governor hochul was asked about her meeting with district attorney alvin bragg earlier this week. she said this about it. >> someone who has been on the job a very short time, people like -- i reflect. let him work with the other direct attorneys. let him work with nypd and the
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mayor to identify areas that they need to have prosecutions and work together, let the process play out so he can do what he needs to do, which is help establish a sense of security and involves gun prosecutions. >> martha: many were hoping the president would call out bragg's policies today. he did not. but with her words there, she wants to cut him some slack. does that make her part of the problem considering it's the da's far left policies that are partially to blame for this spike in crime. >> absolutely. the governor should be doing the opposite. telling bragg if you don't prosecute the cases, if you don't go after violent criminals, if you let people out, i'm going to believe you. she has the power to do that. they sent the wrong message. bragg's first message was talking about releasing criminals and not protecting
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victims. we need a new district attorney in manhattan. >> sandra: commissioner, crime in new york city continues to spike and affects the businesses. we have heard from so many business owners that say it's hard to operate in this environment, hard to get workers to show up. they're fearful to come in from the suburbs because they might get attacked. crime in new york is up 38% and the most recent monthly period, that includes hated crimes, subway crimes, shootings. how do you get businesses to return when the situation is so bad? i'm sure you saw a bunch of major bank ceos had written a letter telling the mayor we support your crackdown on crime, but also reminding him that this isn't just about gun violence. this is -- that is part of a bigger picture of spike in crime. they're demanding something to be done about it because they can't get people to work in this city. >> sandra: this used to be the safest largest city in new york. it's interesting that crime is up 38%.
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when i was commissioner, we reduced crime by 38%. the fact that if you let smash and grab mobs run in to jewelry stores and department stores and walk out with their booty, without anybody paying attention to them, nobody is going to work in the city. when you have people being shoved off of subway trains and nobody is protecting them, people are not going to come into the city. new york city used to be the economic capitol of the country. it's going in the wrong direction. corporations are leaving. they're going to states like texas that understand what you have to do with criminals. need to change that message or new york city will become nothing from chaos. >> sandra: you don't see the folks. many are home. many moved across state lines. thanks for joining us, commissioner. hope things get better. we'll remain optimistic. >> i do too. thank you. >> sandra: thank you. it's not just the robberies and shootings, carjackings on the rise. fox news obtained this video of
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a carjacking in washington d.c. to mark meredith with more. >> this is shocking. good afternoon. d.c. police say they're still looking for the man that carjacked this woman and her 11-month-old child while their car was blocked in the capitol hill neighborhood. this happened around 6:00 p.m. when a driver seen in this white mercedes sedan pulled his car over, he puts his hazards on and appeared to be running an errand. the suspect who police believe is between 20 and 30 years old seemed to notice that the car was left unattended. so he crosses the street, opens the passenger side door with a kitchen knife in his hand. at first the woman was confused and realized she had to scream to save her life. take a listen.
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>> it's hard breaking to watch. police say the woman and the child escaped. the suspect in the mercedes is still missing. this is one in a string of carjackings all over the u.s. sunday in orlando, a 78-year-old man was killed after two suspects approached him at a cvs. he was shot and his car was stolen and run over with his own car. the orange county sheriff's office tweeted out a video saying they're charging a 19-year-old man an 25-year-old woman over this alleged attack. there was a costco in new orleans that saw a carjacking. it's a real problem coast-to-coast. police are warning people to be careful. to see these videos, people are not doing anything wrong and they're being carjacked, it's terrible. >> sandra: thanks, mark. thank you. now to two major developments today. the pentagon looking at details
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of the isis raid and confirms what russia could be planning as a pretext for invading ukraine. we'll seek with john kirby in just a moment. first to jennifer griffin with the very latest. hi, jennifer. >> hi, sandra. officials say the two-hour raid was incredibly complex and dangerous. planned for months. with characteristics reminiscent of the bin laden raid. the mission was to capture the isis leader who instead decided to blow himself and his family up. >> a massive explosion occurred on the third floor of the building. the explosion that was more massive than a suicide vest killed everyone on the third floor. >> the target, the head of isis that replaced al-baghdadi in 2019. abu al-hashimi that officials called abdullah had a $10 million bounty on his head.
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he lived on the third floor of this compound with his wife and children and relied on couriers and a lieutenant that lived on the second floor. he occasionally went to his rooftop to bathe. president biden gave the final orders tuesday morning in the oval office opting for a commando radiusing ground forces given the number of civilians after seeing the operation from the pentagon op center, lloyd austin and general mark milley went to the hill for classified briefings on ukraine and russia. at the pentagon briefing today, i asked pentagon press secretary john kirby about newly declassified u.s. intelligence suggesting russia had approved at the highest levels of the kremlin a false flag operation to justify a russian invasion. >> russia would produce a very graphic propaganda video which would include corps and actors
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that would be depicting mourners and images of destroyed locations as well as military equipment at the hands of ukraine or the west. even to the point where some of this equipment would be made to look like it was western supplied ukrainian equipment. >> nato allies in washington are taking this intelligence warning very seriously and preparing for punishing sanctions that will place russia in the company of iran and north korea. so far nato unity is holding strong from the conversations i'm having at the highest levels and that includes germany. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, jennifer. and we will be asking pentagon spokesman john kirby for more on these major developments in moments. later on, if those migrant flights are costing taxpayer dollars, meet the republican senator leading the charge to get answers. tom tillis on what he's
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>> sandra: john kirby detailing new details on the isis rate and what russia is plotting now. john, let's start with your confirmation russia is planning a false flag operation.
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do you have details on when? >> no, we don't know when, sandra. but we certainly have indications of the what and the how. i tried to detail a little bit of that at the briefing. this is very much out of russia's playbook. a false flag. some way to create an event or to manufacture a crisis that would be a pretext, a justification for them to move in. again, we think the information that we have pretty solid and we don't think this is the only false flag event that they might be trying to create. >> sandra: do you still use the verbiage this is an imminent threat? >> we believe and have said a long time, that they have enough capability -- putin has enough options available to him militarily to move any day. now, it depends what he wants to do. you know, he's still adding forces to his complement that he already has there. so he continues to create opportunities for himself. we don't know exactly what he is going to do, if he's going to do
1:21 pm
something militarily. he has enough capability that if he wanted to make another incursion, he could do it any day. >> sandra: 2,000 troops are leaving fort bragg for eastern europe to help deal with the russia ukraine situation. one republican senator saying the administration is putting the u.s. in a horrible situation with this move. it's throwing gas on the fire. what would you say to that? you believe that to be the case? >> what we're trying to do, sandra, is two things. one, we continue to throw security assistance to ukraine to better defend themselves against this threat. number 2, really important, to make sure that we're re-assuring our allies, allies to whom we have significant security commitments under article 5 of the nato alliance. we want to re-assure them that we take those commitments seriously and we're committed to adding skin in the game to help them with the defense of the
1:22 pm
alliance's eastern flank. that's what we're doing. i remind that we're fixated on the 3,000 troops. we have upwards of 80,000 troops already in europe. so we already have a sizable u.s. american footprint there in europe. >> sandra: switching gears to the successful raid taking out the leader of isis. obviously this is being applauded by both sides of the political aisle. you confirm there was a $10 million reward for information on that leader. can you give us details on that, if there's further information that helped with this raid? >> i don't have anything on the reward. there was a $10 million reward for him. i don't have any updates whether that reward will get delivered or not. there was -- this was a month's long process, sandra, to get ready for this. part of the preparation was this intelligence lay down and making sure that there was a vibrant
1:23 pm
enough mosaic of information coming in to give us certainty that this was the right target, that this was the right place the target was at and that we knew last night that he was the right guy. he was there. we were ready to go. it took a long time to get to that point. as you know, intelligence, it varies day to day. sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less. without getting into specifics, i would tell you there was a range of sources that helped us lead to yesterday's raid. >> sandra: admiral, after praising the raid, republicans as well, marco rubio, had this to say. listen. >> isis growing in afghanistan to target not just american interests but to come after us here at home. good to see raids like this. it's concerning that we don't have the ability to do the same thing in other parts of the world where isis are found and
1:24 pm
organizing. >> martha: how do you respond to that? >> he's right. abdullah was a leader trying to do that, trying to metastasize the isis threat. we are aware of that we're constantly trying to improve our over the horizon capabilities and organic capabilities as well pass partnerships around the world where we see isis growing to try to deal with that threat. we showed last night that we do have the ability and this was a unilateral u.s. operation. we got assistance from syrian democratic forces. this was a u.s. operation. we prove that we have the ability to operate at sometimes great distances with great effect. we're constantly watching this threat and going to continue to work to hone and improve our over the horizon and counter terrorism opportunities. >> sandra: because we know it's a growing threat. can you use that threat in afghanistan where terrorism grows? >> we do.
1:25 pm
we talked about -- even know we don't have boots on the ground in afghanistan, that will make the job harder. we do have over the horizon capabilities available in the central command region. we showed that last night and we'll keep an eye on afghanistan. the senator is right. isis-k is trying to grow. they have suggested intent to attack the west and attack our homeland. we're mindful of that threat and watching it closely. we'll continue to look for all kinds of different ranging of capabilities available inside and outside the region to keep that from happening. >> >> sandra: is there any tie to the raid that just played out and our show of force there and whether or not we were sending a deterrent message to vladimir putin? >> this was not about sending a
1:26 pm
message to vladimir putin. this was about trying to decapitate isis and their leadership -- abdullah's leadership of isis. that's what this is about. to prevent this man and that organization from posing increased threats from our partners in the region. that's what this is about. look, we also i think showed very quite effectively showed the whole world that we do have this very unique, very precise, very capable military ability to go after terrorists and terrorist threats where and when we need to do that. >> sandra: god bless our troops. a senate gop report finally today blame ago lack of planning by the white house in the chaos surrounding the afghanistan evacuation. there's still great frustration with how that played out. i heard general keane going off on this just last hour as he has. how do you respond to that criticism? >> look, we've been very honest
1:27 pm
about the fact that we could have done some things better here over the course of the 17 days. we've been very transparent about that. we're going to do an after-action -- >> sandra: and account ability. not just moving people from their jobs because they didn't do it right but accountability. >> we all feel a sense of responsibility and accountability for what happened over these 17 days. we're going study it and look at it and an after-action group participating in an effort to grab the lessons learned and to make sure that we don't make similar mistakes going forward. i also remind, i understand -- we've been honest about things we could have been done better. think habit what we did in -- >> sandra: have to go. perhaps as general keane said, should more responsibility have been given to the pentagon to take the lead on that rather than the white house which botched it? >> this was an interagency effort.
1:28 pm
we all had to participate. the pentagon can't own every aspect of this. a large equity for the state department. we were working hand and glove with them. we will learned from, this we made some mistakes and could have done some things better. will let's not thrown out the baby with the bath water. 124,000 people safely moved out with the help of allies and partners literally around the world. now these individuals and fair families are moving on to safer more security lives here in the united states. >> sandra: admiral kirby, thanks for your time. >> you bet. >> sandra: with 2,000 of the u.s. troops deploying from fort bragg, what does north carolina republican senator tom tillis make of it? he's here after being briefed by top administration officials on all of it. plus the move he made today prompted by those migrant flights. what is he finding out? that is next. ♪ ♪making your way in the world today♪
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1:34 pm
hostage situation. he's trying to negotiate in bad faith. he needs to recognize if he goes down that path, there's severe consequences to follow. >> sandra: you believe the economic consequences should be suffered now? should we be imposing sanctions to cripple his economy? >> i voted for the sanctions bill sponsored by ted cruz. we came up five votes to get it passed. there should be consequences for the activities already if he goes into the ukraine. then what he will see is a very strong response from not only the united states but a number:0 our european partners. >> sandra: should we be sending troops there is the question. >> well, we're not sending troops to the ukraine, nor would we ever. we don't have an article 5 obligation to ukraine. the reason the 82nd airborne and 18 airborne corpses, about 2,000, going to poland and germany is to re-affirm our relationship with nato allies
1:35 pm
and partners. the american people need to understand that. i've spoken with five ambassadors in the region this week. across the pond, we may not fully appreciate the concern that our nato partners have. this is an effort to re-assure them that in the same way that they fulfilled their article 5 obligations with respect to afghanistan, we stand ready to do for them. >> martha: is it fair to say you agree with the deployment? >> i do. i don't take it lightly. these are men and women from my home state. i spent a lot of time with military families. they're there to make sure that they understand the most important alliance in the history of the planet are standing together against putin. >> sandra: it's a big deal. and seems like the white house is walking down the world
1:36 pm
"imminent invasion." would you use that word? >> there's a couple of weeks before the environmental conditions would be right for putin to make it in move. i would like for us to stay on heightened alert and continue to focus on multilateral response if he were to move forward. i would hope the administration is right. they're seeing a change in posture, a willingness to stand down. right now i don't have any evidence to suggest that we should reduce or let down our guard. i think we have to be very forceful in our response to putin and russia. >> sandra: senator you and your colleagues send a letter to alejandro mayorkas looking for answers on the use of flights to transport migrants throughout the country. can you tell us what you have learned from that? by the way, we did call secretary mayorkas and have not heard back. what can you tell us? >> we have not yet received a response. i was struck by the administration saying you did a
1:37 pm
great job of reporting were four or five months old. they're using planes, trains and automobiles to send people to all of our states. i found out about a detention center that they were going to open in north carolina with thousands of detainees. they were going to do that without consulting with senate members. i guarantee you, there's centers being opened up disbursing people that crossed illegally. most will be released in the community. this administration owes it to local law enforcement, all of the people affected by these decisions to be transparent and held accountable. >> sandra: the white house says there's no secret flights. those pictures that we just showed you in suburban new york when police approached government characters --
1:38 pm
contractors, they said good luck. >> we'll use options that every senator has with respect to the judiciary committee to get answers to valid questions. the american people want to know, too. >> sandra: absolutely. affects all the communities around and we want more information rather than less about their transportation. thanks, senator. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> sandra: a new york city business group turning down pressure on manhattan d.a. alvin bragg. details on why it's softening even with crime spiking. first, freezing rain, ice and snow. you name it. more than 100 million americans are now facing it. we're on it. the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives.
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1:43 pm
touching down in alabama. the twister hit in northern hale county. there's reports of injuries and damaged homes. we'll have more details as we get them. a massive winter storm dumping ice and snow and freezing rain across a 2,000 mile stretch of the country. it's impacting 107 million americans we're told and causing major travel headaches. rick reichmuth has been tracking this for us. how is it looking at this point? >> i tell you what, sandra, the pattern of weather we've been in is just amazing. the severe weather that you just mentioned in the south, we have that threat. all part of the same system. this is the warm side of the storm. we have a warning that just expired across alabama. sorry about that. areas towards birmingham. that has since expired. you can see the heavy storms that moved through. expect wind and rain and flooding with this. you go a little further to the
1:44 pm
north, it's where you have the icing. a major ice storm we've been dealing with. to the north of that or to the west of it is where the snow is. snow so far, areas of illinois and indiana have over a foot of snow from this storm already. crippling any travel and the travel crippled because of the ice. these are the winter weather alerts that we have in effect. stretching from texas to maine. part of the same storm system and there's ice concerns as well for additional ice that we'll see fall. watch what happens here with the future track over the next 24 hours. tonight this storm is done across areas of the middle part of the country. by tomorrow, we have the storm across parts of the northeast. significant snow across interior sections, over a foot. we'll see icing and maybe towards the cities, boston and towards new york city. this is how much snow left to fall. areas of oklahoma still seeing that. parts of missouri and throughout
1:45 pm
areas of the ohio valley and then we still have the icing that we'll be watching anywhere you see that pink, that's ice and that will accumulate on everything. you cannot be on the roads if the ice is there. if you can, stay inside. sandra? >> sandra: areas that are not used to seeing or getting this water. thank you. to journalist robert ray in columbus, ohio where wintry mix is making a mess there looks like it is still coming down and the streets need plowed. >> yeah, we have the trifecta here. freezing rain, sleet and snow. an inch or two of slushy sleet. if you come with me, you take a look at the sidewalks. they remove this and the next thing you know, boom, here we go again. it's so terrible out that this car right here, right
1:46 pm
underneath, there's about ten little birds down there trying to find shelter. so what a situation as we have this massive storm that continues to wreak havoc here. over 200,000 people have lost power across these multiple states. we're under a winter warning until 7:00 a.m. you can see starting to have the big snowflakes begin. what a situation. went from sleet to snowflakes. the temperatures drop and the weather continues to deteriorate. here's the headline, sandra. stay off the roads. >> sandra: looks like a lot of people did that. a couple of cars. the sidewalks look empty. great reporting from there. hope everybody stays safe as this storm slowly makes its way through. new york city crime surging. so why are business leaders backing off pressuring manhattan d.a. bragg? hear what they are saying next. ♪ limu emu and doug.♪ and it's easy to customize your insurance
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>> sandra: after reeling after alvin bragg for his soft on crime policies, new signs that new york city business leaders are softening their stance. so what is going on here? charlie gasparino has the
1:51 pm
details. or the scoop. by the way, i wouldn't want to start off -- d.a. bragg is always welcome to join us. go. >> we're talking about the new york city partnership. the biggest lobby group for the business community in new york. they represent all the big banks, the top private equity firms, the real estate firms. i heard that they're backing off. they put pressure on bragg. they demanded meetings about this crazy nonprosecution policy. he came to them, seemed to backing off. then they let the pressure off. from what i understand, they want to work constructively with mr. bragg who is by the way never disavowed those comments. >> sandra: that's fine. is he going to work constructively with them? >> i don't think so. neither do the people that tipped my off. to understand how gutless this is on the part of the partnership, you had to be there and watch that sea of blue up
1:52 pm
fifth avenue yesterday. >> sandra: which you did. >> which i did. so moving and touching. a sea of blue, brave men and women that want to stop crime in the city if the elected officials and the business leaders weren't so gutless. they want their tools back to return the city to normalcy. that is how gutless this is on the part of the partnership and the ceo, kathy wild. i asked her and is this true. you should put the statement on the screen to see how absurd their comment is. she's trying to blame it on me saying i'm going after brag. here we go. give me a break. you can see the rest. i can't get through it. >> sandra: let's talk about the angles from the businesses. why are they doing this?
1:53 pm
small businesses feel helpless. you can stop down any bodega down new york city, any avenue, any street. they feel like it's gone out of control. >> the people that work at big businesses, the secretaries being chased around by homeless men, people getting thrown off of subway plate forms feel the safe. why are they doing that? governor hochul side she wants to work with mr. bragg, cut him some slack. this 180 occurred when that happened. my guess is that kathy wild, some of the senior people in the partnership are like the governor wants to cut them some slack. we do tons of business with the state. guess what? do we give up that business? do we threaten some largesse from albany flowing to our pockets through bond deals, asset management? that's why they backed off. >> sandra: absolutely.
1:54 pm
the reason why i point it out, you have the big bank ceos that say we need to get people back in the city. they don't feel safe. and they wrote a letter saying we back your safety plan but don't just talk about guns. >> the whole thing with biden talking about guns. new york city has the stuffest gun laws. the crime that occurs here -- gun violence is bad. the real crime that is threatening average people that go to offices are people -- basically random attacks, not with guns. homeless people attacking you and the cops being unable to crack down on that because of bail reform and other measures. eric adams talked a good game. people say they're worried about him. bragg is the chief prosecutor of
1:55 pm
manhattan where the banks and everybody located is really bad. >> sandra: sometimes they're missing the point. there's career criminals that even if arrested they're let back out within an hour. they're recommitting crime. >> think about this. kathy wild wants to work with the guy, cut him some slack as the governor said that wants to let people out of jail and terrorize average working people in the city. >> sandra: okay. >> that is -- you can't get any more outrage. i'm supposed to be objective but it is what it is. >> sandra: and you're friends with so many in the law enforcement community. thanks very much. okay. meantime, the white house tamping down expectations for tomorrow's january employment report saying omicron could bring the numbers down. all of this comes as prices keep going up. more companies warning about price hikes. we reported how amazon is hiking their prime prices by 17% this year. so should democrats worry voters
1:56 pm
will blame them come the mid-term elections? let's get the read from patrice of the independent woman's forum. welcome. start with you, patrice. something that i can add to this picture that just happened. oil topped $90 a barrel for the first time since 2014. gas prices continue to spike. this is stuff every day americans feel and they're feeling it when they reach into their pocket books. there's less money with this inflation. >> absolutely right. i mean, real wages have fallen almost 2.5% over the past year. so americans are feeling it. it's no wonder that abc news found this week that 69% of americans disapprove of president biden's handling of inflation and over half of them disapprove of his handling of the economy. tomorrow's jobs numbers are not likely to be good.
1:57 pm
adp found that 300,000 jobs were lost. i think it's bad and it's tough for the biden administration because they have had a news cycle that slung in their favor and will swing back in the opposite direction. >> sandra: it's not been polling well, inflation. this is a huge problem. democrats are acknowledging it. we have to get ahold of this because this is real tangible pain. >> sure. you know, you can look at -- you can make statistical arguments but you're both right. it's about what americans feel at home. so six million jobs last year, we know it will deep a little bit. omicron took people off of the payrolls. they were home, either sick or taking care of relatives. you'll see that number bounce back. you can cheer lead and use a statistic or a number. this is really about how people feel about joe biden and also about how they feel about the alternative. you know, we have people like newt gingrich and other
1:58 pm
republicans saying they're going to run a campaign of vengeance, we'll have chaos in government. you have to look at the alternative. inflation could come under control by then. you don't want to necessarily cheer it on if you're a republican. we should want -- all americans should want america's economic health to get stronger. the question is do they swing back to biden? a lot of the numbers that patrice talked about are in the democratic base. so can he bring them back? with things -- and across the board. that would help -- offset the gas prices -- >> sandra: i heard you suggest -- >> can he take a part build back better and help americans, we'll see. i think he can. >> can i jump in here? >> sandra: real quickly. as far as inflagrants getting under control by the mid-terms, that would make absolutely every economist that is predicting otherwise wrong. patrice, to you first. >> depends how you define under
1:59 pm
control. >> sandra: let me jump in here. you plaid plenty of time to speak here. absolutely there's some real concerns on the horizon. i would -- i don't think anyone is advocating as laura is suggesting that we're cheering on inflation. nobody wants to spend more for milk and diapers. i have two kids. i know that. i think the question is, what policies are driving that. and the federal reserve of san francisco has found that -- >> what would you do different? >> how -- >> sandra: what would you make different? republicans are arguing that we could go back to energy independence, which we achieved years ago. it's a different picture now. >> did we? >> sandra: yes. >> and being able to source to source our own energy.
2:00 pm
a lot of it is high energy prices. also, increase energy spending. >> we have to leave it there. i appreciate the spirited debate. thank you both for coming on. thanks to you both for joining us. that is it for us. we will be on that jobs report tomorrow, 4:00 p.m. be sure to catch me 1:00 p.m. eastern time with john roberts for "america reports." "the five" read >> greg: i'm not joking. why would i lie about that? [laughter] i'm greg gutfeld. with joe jeanine pirro, geraldo rivera, jesse watters, and on her hawaiian vacation she swam with the goldfish -- [laughter] -- dana perino, this is "the five." ♪ ♪ democrat's excuses for breaking their own rules, somehow getting more pathetic. l.a. mayor eric garcetti got busted over this mass close photo took with erik johnson at the


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