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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  February 3, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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push enough to ask the hard questions. then the you know what hit the fan. this can't happen again. good for matt lee, it was painful, but really revealing t watch. they're not varsity, they're no jv, they shouldn't even be on the field. up next, gutfeld. ♪ >> sometimes coffee makes me stutter. you are a bunch of jerks if you don't clap. shut up, it's over a. it's a thriller of a thursday. like you joined us. he's got a new show on saturday because apparently he is cheape than infomercials for nonstick pans. luke who else is here?
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you can still smell the moonshine on her breath. i hope that's me in china and she's not drinking hand sanitizer again. the things you learn from kat. >> do you know want to know how the media manipulates that news? which what happens when they become the new sprayed. >> on cnn, jeff zucker announce his resignation effective immediately. >> his resignation is standing. >> it's a tough day here at cnn. >> this is a huge surprise and it leaves the leadership void. >> that's funny. >> they're shocked. they just had no idea, includin captain donat is turf is media scandal. so like my creepy baby shoe collection, this story just doesn't add up right you think this is a relationship between two consenting divorced assaults , and if you do, do you
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mind sharing half of what you'r huffing with me? or does it mean a story like by cnn to dupe everybody else. it appears they arty dupe their anchors bright but cnn is the expert on deflection, first it was trump and russia, four year of hysteria that was more fake than kamala's laugh. they miss the covid outright, and there is the crime wave, something that cnn mocked to deflect from their culpability they made january 6 there 9/11. the fact is he should have been fired, out of a cannon into the east river over the huge errors in those tiny tiny ratings. they are saying it's about a relationship. it's like saying al capone was arrested for tax evasion. it's bs which stands for [bleep] . maybe he was shocked that a woman would sleep with a guy they came in second behind
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stelter at george stanczyk look-alike contest. with radar online was about the reports on the indiscretion, cn had him run a story aiming to discredited. that was a month ago when he is called the story garbage and a ally which sounds exactly like something he would order his media to do, so he knew, but it gets dumber come at the lady wa he was involved with is allison gaullist as senior vp at cnn perigee remained at the relationship same we have been close friends and special partners for over 20 years. recently our relationship changed during covid right i regret we didn't split at the right time to write so yes, it changed during covid like it wa a symptom of a micron. apparently there jab came in th form. that's almost as real as this great moment in cnn covid journalism. >> here is the official of the basement cleared by the cdc.
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this is what i've been dreaming of. >> you can dream a lot now. >> but the covid thing, it's a lie, everybody knew about this for years. and like don lemon stupidity it was accepted. they tried to sell make counterfeit viagra, i'm not buying it. not again. the outrage we are hearing abou now is just a cover like andrew cuomo killing nursing home residents by getting kicked out for a scandal. he got canned for the lady that he was in a relationship with also worked for andrew cuomo an according to the new york post it's like what we've always bee saying about the dnc and the media, they are literally all embed together. so this isn't about the quote affair, it's that he was smart enough to use the affair to get
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out of cnn on the tail end of some other truly gross cnn scandals, that is clever timing. he looks better, but what do i know i get all my investigative jobs from scooby doo and this whole time i should've been watching to catch a predator an yet they worry about joe rogan being more trusted than their pathetic station. >> if you think about major newsrooms that have health departments and operations and work hard on verifying information on covid 19 and the you have talkshow host like joe rogan who just wing it they mak it up as they go along and because figures like rogan's ar trusted like people, but don't trust real newsrooms, you have problem much better then spot a five. >> stop your crying. you will mold yourself, frosty. why not ask america, why not as yourself why america trust as stutter more than they trust you . what happens two reliable sources when you're most reliable source just resigned? and who is going to protect the
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anchors as they bleed more viewers than a 50 pounds sack o leeches. it's funny the guy in charge of media scoops, misses the scoop right under his nose. perhaps he was too busy watchin fox to see what was happening around and ignoring the obvious. >> alright, great meeting, everybody, that's it for today. >> ted, did you do anything fun this weekend? >> oh, you know what? big i didn't know you did stand-up comedy, that's called. >> i murdered an innocent coupl while they slept. >> good one. to get you don't understand, i tortured a husband-and-wife to desecrate. >> right. do you do cooking with raspberries or something? i stabbed a drifter on the way
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here. >> sounds good, ted, i will see you at to o'clock. >> know you won't. so about cnn a famous man once said you can keep hating entere but that turned still stinks that famous man was me. i came up with it while it was watching jesse getting his makeup done. to me cnn is like a decent card that got carjacked, it's defiled , destroyed, the wall street is shredded, and the owner once the insurance compan to total it so you can get something new. that is cnn, the once decent network that got carjacked by creeps that turned it into a conflict chasing. if that sentence had anyone see 's it would be joe biden's report card. like joe the brand as a shell o its former self. constantly trying to forget wha
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he jested because it's so embarrassing. cnn, the most trusted name in grooves. i know just the guy. why not, after all the that wen down over there, this has to be a step up. >> welcome tonight's guest, his new saturday show let's it ruin your weekend to hope. on fox nation with brian kill me . this southern southern belle went from attending balls to raking out. foxbusiness anchor mcdowell. her therapist says she should see other people, fox news contributor kat timpf parity puts a red light on his head before landing aircraft.
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tyrus. congrats on the new show and finally naming it. one nation. >> it took a wow. >> c or hopping onto the populace bandwagon. he was brilliant to leave now because of all of the other big scandals, and then it helps the cover up what might be hiding. what's auo fox and friends use. >> i have a lot. i'm going to say something like gutfeld. they paid off the raft, they ha the home crowd, they turf they feel their own way, they took t the field their direction and they still lost. i mean they went after all the media that allowed them to do everything. they know that everything is going to pocket the government is in their pocket and they still can't get their act
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together. we glance at the meetings every day, if you talk about people a cnn they don't know that ratings . that's how we're trained to swing. and they don't get close right now they probably don't want to see the ratings, so he leads an act fake failure. gave the today show in his 20s he helped turn it around since then he advocated couric talkshow less maybe one year than he went to nbc and that brilliant idea having conan o'brien take over and then hit the panic they put jay leno back , and they you destroyed the late-night franchise so go to cnn in a very short time, he wa fixated on trunk, he had a moment and he could not get ove it. january 6, now he failed and he leads in disgrace very beyond thing i would say is this we know a fraction of the story, but he loses the ability to tel his side, he lost his microphone . >> the thing is the other reaso why is so he doesn't have to answer anymore questions in
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court. i'm not a lawyer. i just noticed that. >> teske nini. >> okay, this is a problem for me, it may be not a problem for you. they can't get rid of seltzer, if they get rid of seltzer, wha am i going to do? there's only so much joy read t go around. >> paris tried to counsel you o an early also about getting off the seltzer cake. and they are hard to turn down grade i think you might need, you need to work on that over the weekend. find another source of material. why wasn't the dude fired for his ratings? he's an executive, you're a business leader, you get canned purely for that reason. they don't even have one show and cable news in the top 20. you know why? because they don't program for
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their viewers straight if the viewer, if you turn cnn it's like being downwind from a hog farm or driving by paper mill o the way to the beach. you're like oh my god, what doe that spell. instead they program while he programmed or did, his own ego, and then the anchors are just there to moralize and what did allison he had this uncanny ability to make everyone of us feel special and valuable in ou own way it's not about you. it's about the viewer. i could go on. i have a lot to say. do analogies it was like he was running a sandwich shop that only served head cheese because he liked head cheese. >> reps lewdly write. it somebody that opens a
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business that something that no one else like straight i'm goin to open a record store and it's going to be nothing but i don't know. cheap trick. >> cheap trick i love cheap trick that. >> and may not see anybody for weeks in then some by me walk b and say trick. surrender, a rumor that. and that made my day bird that' true, but think about it. he is the media watchdog pretending that he isn't very you have any new theories? >> i have an image in my head that is going to take years to get out of. if there is any if you could just please draw me a picture o baby gutfeld that would be so amazing. >> have to be a good artist. to get you i really don't think you have to be. a great artist would be great. but i'm worried about you because he has been your nemesis . the tale of the tape. he's got you by a few pounds,
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but your around the same height. >> a thinking style of the main. >> anymore. apparently from inside cnn, they're asking him to leave cnn. >> i feel like we become espn o that cable news. >> you just get a small little highchair, you just have them sit there and every once in a while you just smack him in the back of the head. can get you could be my little doctor evil, kat, did you see the new york post they said tha there is new information that him and his girl were helping the governor appear on his brother show great that's not surprising.
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what piques your curiosity? >> i just think there is so muc more, there has to be. i actually don't believe that everyone knew right i think mos people did, but the one reason think maybe everyone didn't is because it is so boring. light gossip is supposed to be interesting. if people came up to me and sai these two people at my work mother both divorced. >> that is actually like if somebody came to you with a can of gossip you would say get out of here. to give their adults, they're i their 50s and they are seen each other. >> consensually. >> that's not gossip, that's boring to gait they had a preservation lawyer of text messaging between her and the governor. it she going to say that it wa her idea to have cuomo on with
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momo? is that going to be the chris cuomo case? >> they were working with to protect big cuomo, slashing stories, helping battle strategies. >> he's going to make the case were spread. >> if i'm going down, i'm going down big time. he's not going to fall on the sword. >> he's going to get fired anyway. john malone on the board at discovery doesn't like the way that cnn was being run number one, number two, this prevents them from paying out the $18 million to chris cuomo because because cuomo went to at&t who currently owns them an said, hey, i will rat on him, and they said we don't care and now you're not getting your 18 million. >> we've got to make some calls.
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>> law-abiding citizens live in terror, but the dems will never admit their error. unusual that joe biden will go down in history is one of the worst presidents ever. only 15 percent think he will b remembered as the best rate for survey included the taliban. this abysmal bowling provided the backdrop for his visit to nyc where he met with officers to talk about crime. meaning he wants to talk about
8:22 pm
guns, not the gunmen. just a fake irrelevant way of showing he cares and the wake o two nypd officers in his own party that fell in love with defunding the police. >> they're are some issues we ask police to do like policing and schools and all the rest that perhaps we can shuffle som of that money around fred. >> so defunding the police has to happen we need to defund the police. >> take some of the money from policing about $150 million freight. >> not only do we need to just invest in police, but we need t completely dismantle the police department. >> it now, it's even grocery to see them swooped down to claims are going to solve a catastroph they themselves created with their policies. speaking of anti- cop ignorant coming here is tonight.
8:23 pm
>> and slain officer's funeral, so if all these cops weren't needed for crime that day, doesn't that mean they aren't needed any day? speaking of not being needed, it's been 27 years since dead man walking. a photo of the funeral and a caption. it's weird, funerals remind me of her career, but good point, susan. if every house isn't burning right now, why do we still need fire departments? those guys are just sitting around most of the time. now biden is trying to get toug on crime. joe, what say you? >> we are getting tough on crime . there is a new sheriff in town and i'm telling you, we are going after the worst of the worst. like those parents who show up at school board meetings. you can't run school with parents involved.
8:24 pm
joe rogan, he talks too much. is on many served and many word and the day and he's taking too many of them. don't give me this thing about free speech. bird were just taking some of the words bird i slept like a baby last night. >> this is the cycle. they create policies that creat crime and the may have to come back to fix it. the only people that can fix it are the republicans because they're the only ones that are going to say this is bad. the democrats can't even say it's bad. >> i think the regular folks wh live in these blue cities will fix it because more and more people will stand up and demand their constitutionally protecte right to bear arms and carry a gun and i do think it will swin it the other direction just knowing that somebody might hav a carry permit, maybe that will prevent crime, i'm not talking about vigilante justice, but i
8:25 pm
feel sorry for susan sarandon because bull durham was 34 or 3 years ago and she is best known for her giant and nobody cares. >> i think she should never cal the police commission should never go to a funeral, and no one should go to her funeral because funerals are like that' a problem, brian. i'll go to your front funeral. to gait i'll be the cause of it. >> i'm saying right now on tv i case you're murdered, i did it. i don't even care if some deals did it, i will just say i did i because i want to be known for that is my legacy. >> you don't read practices at fox freight if you care on of the anchors at fox, you have to take their shift phrase that means you have to do the fox an friends and the saturday show a 8:00 a.m. in gifted to my radio show. i will say this, taking she mad
8:26 pm
fun of your backpack. >> i'm not used to getting it from this site side, usually just from the side. >> i didn't library it. >> i like backpacks. i have a lot of stuff. at any moment i could be out on my own. >> this is an interesting gimmick you really do like a good backpack. >> i do. i was a shoulder bag guy and it was unbalancing me. >> president biden is right whe he says i never said defund the police, but he's never refuted with they said. they say things like dismantle all police, many times, so everyone if he really wanted to
8:27 pm
do good in this midterm electio he would have said i want to combine with whatever political capital eric adams has and i'm going to ask the dch to start cracking down. i'm going to say we back the cops and i'm going to give everybody a federal funds $15,000 raise, do you know scop start at $32,000 and now they'r making them live in the city? there is no way to do that. for everyone that is called for that, he's got to call them out or he's complacent great. >> katz, he is complacent, what say you? to get i'm so confused at how you can look at new york and sa what new york city needs is stricter gun laws. they're already very strict great i just don't know how you can get away with it because obviously they realize that, bu they don't, so easy they don't care or other dumb. >> know, your krait rate, the guns are already here, they're trying to stop the flow of guns.
8:28 pm
>> real quick about the president's speech today he tried to make jokes you don't make jokes with this subject. i was did you see the cops, i was waiting for them to turn their back on him. i would not have been surprised. but real quick on that susan sarandon, if we in her little fake fantasy will world, if we take the day off, one day off, all that crime that they keep down in the cities around from mountain high is going to come to you. and when they're coming to your door in your home and emmys and oscars are reduced to ashes, there is not going to be a retake, you're not going to be able to go dear taylor, your agent is not going to be able t renegotiate, there is no stuntman you can't yell cut and when you get ready to cry out,
8:29 pm
just say makeup. to half the crime is here. crime is up on the street. intact into california we have distance and they are and i'm neighborhood miles away from al the trouble, that's why they ca say all the there only seemed pleased when they're given an escort to the city. they didn't like me there. >> they probably like you less. >> up next, more abandon silenc to fight the covid tyrants. it's never too late to start. get started for just $10 a month at hurry! offer ends february 7th!
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8:34 pm
don't mask up punishable up to 12 months in jail at 11th grader , aren't they all, it stone bridge high school was sent home for willful disabilit didn't of the mass policy. and then of course they will tell call the parents terrorist. >> until you arrive, your children will be held and restriction situation here at school it's important that i point out to you that they are not allowed on campus or allowe in loudoun county school property and starting tomorrow, it will be considered trespassing. >> what magical voice. >> so soothing. meanwhile, a democrat consultan called massless kids flee.
8:35 pm
he also called their parents dumb, who is dumber than a democrat consultant in virginia eight you were la's maker, seen during the rams game on sunday, don't worry, he is massless, he said he held his breath during the photo. his go fund me has had within 10 million bucks has been froze colder than a winnipeg street marker. i did my civil disobedience to know what i did? >> i am not playing this game, just tell me. i walked in its two floors, i didn't wear a mask and went dow there i wanted the i made eye contact with everybody and was just the whole time. nobody told me to put on a mask freight i got my appointment, t tubes, i think i have a problem. anyway, than i left and i bough
8:36 pm
them gatorade, walked around some more, you know what i do i nuts, they're not just for eating. >> did you find your good place? >> please make me a bird so i can fly far far far away. >> is there a time for civil disobedience? >> tyrus, you through your voice . >> for the record, he said that. >> you know what, i think were getting to that point. i find it hilarious how it's so sad you cry that these leftists will treat immigrants better than our own children going to school. they want our kids locked up an penned in charged with trespassing. they wouldn't do that people coming over the border illegal. it's okay for our own children to be in cages, and charged wit a crime for being on property
8:37 pm
that they shouldn't be on, but in the same breath, we will be talking about how it's fine to drive people from another country with no masks no vaccines, at nights, which i'm curious about because i would love to redeye flights. to any location in the country, but our children they are the trespassing criminals getting called names. but when they stand against something like that, call my ki that. you're gonna look like one when i'm done with you. >> this makes me kind of sad that i'm childless. as are you because i want to be angry. >> you can be you can be becaus you can just be angry for other people's kids. i think that's the easiest way to do it. without having the kids.
8:38 pm
take it onto raise some. >> they require constant care. >> they're like a plant have to water them. >> i've killed every plant i've ever had. >> i don't have kids, but i kno you're not allowed to call them leap publicly. so you have to do that and private. >> also, that guy said they should be graded poorly by the teacher. like it should affect their grades, what kind of freak is that? >> someone who is more angry at kids than not just they are treated worse than criminals ar reeking of criminals, not you, great, but the reason you can g in a drugstore in new york city with no mask on is because they've got their eyes out for shoplifters. my cvs, by 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon a week ago had been hit by shoplifters six times during the day so they are more worried about thieves who they
8:39 pm
can't really do anything about other than giving them a good talking to and they're also kin of afraid of you, if you're going up to them they don't wan to catch what you've got. >> that and gatorade. >> i went to the whole foods an shop for an hour with no mask on . so i see your and raise you a whole foods. >> brian, last word to you. >> eve got me ticked off six different ways. first of all, i feel as though need a belt or something. number two, that would be the problem. the mass don't work, only 5 percent effective, this thing is over, we are done, we are finished, overthrew. everybody knows it, this is done . i know i'm speaking to the choi here, this is done. if you are young and healthy, you take your own risk, we've
8:40 pm
got the rules, we are done with this. these kids go, go to a state that let your kids go to school and make their own choices, thi is not enough for entertainment and 95 mass protects you and nobody else. i want everybody at the super bowl, no one to wear a mask. i was never in the choir. >> for him to say i held my breath,. >> i was just holding her. >> do that around. >> did she pull of lebron james for repping china at the olympic games. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:45 pm
winter olympic games, this gear who was born and raised in san francisco shocked shock the american ski community there is one with her switch to team china. in terms of communism, lateral move. if she wins silver it will come in 30 pieces. for my mom was born during the 2022. as they say in china, i'm sure shall get a standing o if they weren't changing their workstation. it was skepticism for those who say there were who has more tha 20 endorsement deals in china.
8:46 pm
it is referred to by locals as the snow princess. that was my name in high school. arresting star and gold-medal favorite. lebron james ears just perked up, cat, you are also a woman. >> i sure am. >> what are your thoughts on this woman? >> well, i hate her. for a lot of reasons for it first all, obviously shooting with all the human rights abuses , white saying it's because your mom was four and there. your mom moved, you're doing it because you're going to get mor money. and then there was an article somebody said she's not just a skier she's smart and she likes to make the boys skiers feel stupid she will just bring up other stuff like chemistry because can you imagine hanging out wisdom like that. i would be like get out of my house. everything about her is awful. >> do you agree?
8:47 pm
>> she trains like crazy, at 15 she was a world champion, and they say people are just on because usually people do that when they can't make the u.s. team. also this is stunning, she is obviously she's like a model, she is an elite athlete with an incredible work athlete, you're going to tell me she's not goin to make more money here. >> i'm telling you she won't great you won't make more money here. >> there is a reason why china is bankrolling everything. as much as you think wow, that' not very patriotic, she knows that that will change things no just for them, she has any family there, their status will go way upright she will have more opportunity. >> it's tomorrow, and nobody cares. i have never been. >> i am going to watch her so i can sit in front of the tv i
8:48 pm
don't wanted to get hurt. >> what is that? >> it's caddy shack right. >> i want her to fall in racket i don't want her to get hurt, but i want to see some puffs of snow where she is in a ball. >> in a how great america is? >> if a chinese individual trie to compete for the united state team, where would they go? home, they would have been disappeared. she has endorsement deals and the united states is 76 million americans who got the wuhan flu you are really winning them over . and longer when you need it most. its non-habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil.
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>> his vocabulary and art that can make you sound smart? or is using words from obscurit proving the speakers insecurity nearly three and five people, there are three and five people? >> watch it, they admit they us or utilize big words to sound smart or even if they're not
8:53 pm
sure what the words mean. and six out of four people didn't understand that sentence. this is all according to a new study that found 70 percent of think people they met 56 per cent said a big vocabulary was sign of intelligence. articulate, accolade and brevity . at the bottom of the list, kilmeade. you like words, brian? >> that was very punctilious of you, greg. mary at time, my colleague catherine has been visually impaired by some of your behaviors hence, i will bid you a good day. >> that was beautiful. who's the smart guy and all the movies, it's the british guy.
8:54 pm
>> they're are words i use ever day in writing and then i've never said them before and that embarrassing. >> i'm embarrassed for you. >> it just sounds better. >> i never knew what it meant. >> 's trumpet. >> i wrote it down. related to being a prostitute. >> kat, there is nothing better than that word. say something. >> okay. hello, everyone. i don't know, i mean i'm sorry, i just that think that people d this all the time and it's remarkable to me because i can' thinking that much that before talk very. >> i like a little word a day
8:55 pm
calendar. >> one thing, don't resent me i think that you have a preconception so i stopped the summit i said let me just right and see if i fit the bill very tell me if this sounds like me. if you want you must dress and way that makes you look chic, but yet germinates a sense of adulation and presenting a conundrum to the audacious cavalier young male who only wants to prove his modified and he does well then in all candor i guess shem shumpert. >> why young man? >> all those on the wordpress. >> do you have a knife and that backpack? >> it brings out the game where you write down the words. >> if it were legal, i would se you on fire. >> it's illegal? >> look what they did to her tree.
8:56 pm
>> we ended up taking it down anyway. >> exactly. don't go away, we'll be right back.
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>> greg: we are out of time. not the spice. brian kilmeade, dagen mcdowell, kat timpf, tyrus. i love you, america. >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight: critics are slamming president biden for not calling out soft on crime progressive policies in his visit to new york city, the epicenter for america's growing crime crisis and attacks on law enforcement. meanwhile, americans are growing weary and frustrated not just with rising gun violence but other skyrocketing


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