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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 4, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> tucker: convicted once again of a felony. we are not celibate in, but if you want to celebrate, you can. we'll be back monday. we hope you have a wonderful weekend. you are free. enjoy it. see you monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." as you may or may not have noticed, the winter olympics are underway. yes, that's right, the hostile regime of the communist chinese in beijing, make no mistake, this is an international disgrace. because of its file communist dictatorship, china is a uniquely -- well, awful, terrible place on earth. the vast majority of their 1.4 billion people who live in
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abject poverty and squalor. by the way, they are the lucky ones. china's ethnic minority muslims are forced to live in camps where they are used as slave labor, torture, and one of their star tennis players disappeared after accusing a communist official of rape there is no freedom in china. no freedom at all. you could be thrown in jail for using the wrong words, believing the wrong things, or sharing the wrong links online. and if i were in china, i would be locked up probably right about now for this monologue. let's not forget, china infected the world with the covid-19 virus and they covered it up. and millions and millions of people worldwide died as a result. we are going to have a lot more on china outcome of the olympics coming up. but let's be clear, this is a shining real-world example of
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the left's ideology and practice. authoritarianism, we call it. if bernie sanders had his way, this is what the u.s. eventually would look like. this is why we are so adamantly opposed to censorship, cancel culture, boycotts, all the things we discussed often. one of the reasons we criticize fake news cnn is not just because they frequently lie and spread conspiracy theories and advance one hoax after another, but also under jeff zucker, recently fired, cnn wanted to and fox news. he hired multiple high-level staffers, their only purpose was to watch and to track and to stalk people like me and others on fox news and people on talk radio and get us taken off the air or boycotted and silenced. and because as humpty dumpty humpty dumpty wants hysterically squealed, our opinions are poison. this all happened while zucker
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and his girlfriend coordinated with cuomo and presumably other democrats wanted to take down trump. they were trying to build up andrew cuomo into a presidential candidate. and i'm sure we are going to be learning even more about this unraveling scandal in the weeks ahead, but it is now official. fix fake news cnn is imploding. the knives are out. and according to reports, referring to chris cuomo is a terrorist, jim acosta is openly worrying that scene and will become fox news lights. caitlin collins apparently had a fit of rage and get this, the discovery executive who is soon going to take over fix news cnn had this to say about the so-called facts versus network. take a look. great entertainment venue which should keep people in the home from the kids to the
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grandparents. why would they go anywhere else? with the friends news to the left and now one of the leaders. >> you are right. you weren't kidding. >> sean: not even the news to the left, that would be msnbc. it would later issue a clarification and claiming he was referring to the left side of the portfolio, not the left side of the political spectrum. it adds a little mystery to it. one of the smartest guys on tv. i don't think i was. pretty weird for --
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sounds like they are putting all of their chips in the zucker basket may be anticipating they want to be there long. maybe he knows his days are numbered. maybe he is trying to hop onto the zucker bandwagon. he might be actually right. meanwhile, another guy who love censorship, mark zuckerberg is also facing severe consequences after a terrible earnings report on facebook's record drop in the stock market. zuckerberg's net worth just prom plummeted by $31 billion. by the way, i think his old company was 250 billion. facebook has been hemorrhaging traffic ever since zuckerberg decided to meddle in the 2020 presidential election.
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remember, he was also responsible for censoring a very true and damaging report about joe and hunter biden in the days leading up to the election. maybe zuckerberg could be more worried about creating a usable platform, less worried about the political opinions of americans who are not from silicon valley. and don't share his radical left-wing views. it wasn't that long ago that actual liberals promoted transparency. they so-called hated censorship. they existed inside the democratic party. now with cancel culture, one aligned group just raised $100 million from unidentified donors. here with more as the cohost of the five, judge jeanine pirro along with the founder, clay travis is with us. by the way, don't forget to watch jeanine pirro's brand-new series on fox nation entitled "who is hunter biden." it is out now.
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congratulations, judge. good to talk to you. i don't know what i'm more concerned about. because we have a media environment -- we have science, for example. we have the john hopkins report who says these draconian shutdown measures were a disaster and you can't even consider it as an option again. abc, nbc, msdnc, fake news cnn. they didn't mention that science one time. so it is really an information crisis. how do you see it? >> it's clearly a decision that was made by the mainstream media and the left-wing media that they would not cover the fact that these lockdowns only prevented .2% of any depth. and that the number of deaths that resulted as a collateral consequence of these lockdowns far outweigh the numbers that they protected.
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so you've got their narrative on the left pretty cut the lock everyone down, because what we are doing during this covid lockdown is putting fear and control into society. and in addition to that, we are moving huge amounts of money to the unions come up to the school unions, $190 billion. we are moving all kinds of money from small businesses, mom and pop to the big box stores like, you know, amazon as well as lowe's and costco's and those other companies. but they are in it together. it is no surprise that they decided that we are not going to even cover this stuff. they are the individuals who are deciding what we see, what we hear, and how we act. and what they are going to allow us to do. letting us out of this covid lockdown is the last thing they want us to do. we have to keep looking at the numbers. rachel, there's nothing to look at. the numbers are down. there is no issue right now. and what is going on at sea and
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on? the left is going nuts. because they lost jeff zucker, they lost the guy who backed them up, and i will tell you what's coming, sean. if chris cuomo ends up suing cnn, you are going to get all kinds of emails that jeff zucker was involved, not just with chris cuomo, but with andrew cuomo. and what they were doing and trying to be not only anti-trump, but the pump up andrew cuomo and prevent the sexual assault allegations from coming out. >> sean: that is how i knew immediately that this was a total b.s. reason. well, at the exact time he started dating you inform the company we were dating. okay. that is not why he resigned. the very thing -- the very things they themselves are guilty of. if they he will sue. it would be stupid not to.
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i would argue he would probably get more. >> look, sean. first of all, thank you for all the democrats watching your show right now. i was reading in the raft -- msnbc is doing so poorly. that they are all watching you now, sean. i want to say hi. i want to say, thank you for abandoning fake news cnn and coming over here to watch us on fox news. people think i'm kidding about this. the data is out that there is actually in the 25-50 fear-year-old age range. often more democratic aligned voters watching "hannity," tucker, laurel. it is a sign of the fox news dominance. i want to hit on something you had on. they said that 70% of americans are ready to get back to normalcy as it pertains to covid.
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i came out and argued against the mask mandate. i think parents and genuine people with functional brains out there are suddenly becoming aware, it's taken a couple years, that they have been lied to about kids needing to wear masks and schools. i want to share a data point. you talked about that lockdown study that got no attention. sean, i live in the nashville area. you can see it in my background. my kids go to public school. i've got a fifth-grader and a first grader in public school. directly south of nashville. six months now, nashville public schools, and i used to be one of these kids. have required every kid to wear a mask. williamson county has not, directly south. at six months of data. do you know what the data has shown? williamson county and davidson county virtually indistinguishable. people say, why do you focus on masks. i know you talk about it on your
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radio show. i do on your show and also on my radio show. because if you destroyed masks in schools, we get back to normalcy with covid in a quick manner, because wearing masks as cosmetic theater. it isn't real. and once that disappears, the dr. fauci's of the world lose their power, "the new york times," "the washington post," that is why they won't cover it. but i appreciate all you democrats watching right now. this is where you come to get the actual truth. and that is why you are here. >> honestly, i'm loving you on the five. i think -- i really believe that judge jenny brings them all in. it is an educational process. anyway, good to see you both. have a great weekend. judge jeanine, thank you. we turn our attention back to china. nancy pelosi, this is very bizarre. she has a message for our u.s. on the big athletes. watch this.
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>> i would say to our athletes, you are there to compete. do not risk incurring the anger of the chinese government because they are ruthless. i know there is a temptation on the part of some to speak out while they are there. i respect that. but i also worry. about what the chinese government might do. to their reputations, to their families. >> sean: let me get this straight. this is the land of the free, the home of the brave, and you are telling americans to turn a blind eye towards human atrocities, country with territorial ambitions. what they had me show the world with covid-19. the weaker minority community, tibetans, and you don't want americans to talk? that is why the olympics should
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not be in china. is it not safe? is that what you are saying? is it not safe for their fans? is it not safe for journalists? that is a dutch reporter being handled by one of those communist thugs while he's lied on the air. but of course, fake news and bc, they were more than happy to paint a rosy picture. how nice of them. take a look. >> it is quite provocative. it is a statement from the chinese president to choose an athlete from the weaker minority. it is an in your face response. diplomatically boycott at these games, there will be much discussion about these choices. >> sean: it sounds like -- remember baghdad bob. it sounds like chinese
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propaganda. here's the reality. as we speak, china is detaining around 1 million ethnic minorities in concentration camps. many of the products manufactured in china are produced -- they used slave labor. last year, biden dismissed concerns about the saying welcome to china just has different norms then we do. in reality, we have no idea how many of these minorities might've been mass murdered. it is definitely in the tens of thousands. meanwhile, aside from a few well-connected individuals, the rest of china's population is incredibly poor living and cramped, filthy conditions peer there no freedoms, no natural rights in china. of course china is also a global leader in intellectual property theft. i have friends of mine who have been impacted by it. their aggression is downright scary. let's see what they do after the olympics. china's murdering dictatorship is now hell-bent.
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in other words, the violent seizure of a sovereign country, taiwan. let's not forget about covid. it originated in china from that lab in wuhan. china covered it up with the help of their friends at the world health organization. we know there were scientists and doctors that tried to warn the world that they were murdered. never seen nor heard from again. they sealed off wuhan domestically. they have their own travel ban. you couldn't leave to go anywhere else in china nor could you go from anywhere else in china to wuhan. but you could leave and go around the world. while continuing international travel. and as a result, this virus spread and millions and millions of people worldwide died. without a doubt, the chinese government is both incompetent and evil and this is a very dangerous combination. here with more, fox news contributor's tammy bruce and --
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i'm trying to understand, because we have evidence now that both nancy pelosi and we know all about the book debuted number one on "the new york times" list. $31 million, the bidens making money in china on top of the $1.5 billion deal with the bank of china with a zero experience hunter. pelosi is making money and she is saying, don't talk, shut up if you are an athlete. and joe is saying they just have different norms. i dunno, maybe i'm just a little suspicious. but it always seems to come back to the money. >> yes, it sure does. it's amazing. i had no idea nancy knew how to translate the chinese into english. because she did a really good job there. sounding exactly with what the chinese communist party would be saying. don't anger us. don't be mad. we are ruthless. just to set a tone for the world
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as our leadership is obviously under question about whether or not we have any power left was effectively saying, to athletes, we are afraid of the chinese. we have to tell americans to shut up and to be careful because of the powerful, wild, crazy, ruthless chinese bear the same people we are inching up to almost 1 million deaths in this country because of the wuhan virus. this is an obscene dynamic. we shouldn't even be there. but because there is so much money involved getting to your point, so much money involved in the status quo, in the dynamic of this bubble of criminals where they have this entire planet clamped down and the one country that could stand up and say no is america and our leadership is afraid, the nation can do it. we want to do it. and yet this is the position they put us in. the taste left in our mouth is a
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taste of disgusting, putrid garbage from the chinese communist party. words coming out -- the third in line for the presidency saying be careful, don't upset the chinese. this is pathetic. it is shameful. and this is got to end. fortunately a great deal of it will in november. but americans have got to realize across party lines, as clay noted, across party lines this is about everyone's families, it is definitely patriotic. it exists nowhere else in the world. the one i take the opposite approach. my attitude is there's got to be the equivalent of "let's go brandon" by american athletes in china. that everybody knows exactly what to say. >> i completely agree. to piggyback on what he was saying before, i would like to welcome them and the rest of the democratic families that are tuning in right now to the show
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and this network. amazing stats coming out as far as who is really watching fox. but look, it is amazing the links that the house speaker democrats in general will go to to protect china. he never would have ever uttered such a thing when he was standing up to china. he would also be saying "give them." an meanwhile, nancy pelosi -- i never heard her tell lebron james or steve kerr or any of the outspoken athletes or coaches who were patently vicious and personal in their criticism of president trump to sit down and shut up like she's telling her at least to do now. do not dare criticize china after as tammy noted, and hundred thousand americans dead from covid or covid related illnesses. by the way, the left also doesn't seem to have any interest in defending the ccp in any way or investigate to determine if this virus came out of the lab in wuhan. more and more people including
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jon stewart said likely happened. by the way, on the same day as the opening ceremonies, democrats held a vote today to rebid the 2022 olympic winter games away from beijing, which, you know, the game started. now they are saying they should rebid it. too little, too late i'm thinking. >> sean: all right, we appreciate it. straight ahead marla's and fairmont green and zero signs. signs only when convenient left covid lunacy that is out of control. rand paul has a lot to say. he will join us later. a hannity exclusive. president trump's message to china you will only see here. straight ahead.
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>> people in the northeast are urged to stay off the roads as a major ice storm is turning them into hazards. more than 200 crashes involving injuries or property damage have been reported in massachusetts alone. there are reports of 70 accidents in new hampshire. nearly a foot of snow has blanketed texas, ohio, leaving hundreds of thousands without power. omicron is has a grip on the united states with the decrease in cove infections for the national number has dropped nearly half a million said don't knock since january. total deaths are still averaging 2400 a day, similar to early last year before the vaccine was widely available. nearly 92americans have died from the virus. i matt finn.
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now back to "hannity." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: it now more evidence tonight that the lockdown liberals just can't let go of their pandemic power grabs because, get this, the fake news networks, fake news cnn, msdnc, abc, cbs, abc, all of them completely ignored the explosive science from johns hopkins, a study that revealed that lockdowns only reduce covid mortality by 0.2%. but that they imposed a tremendous economic and social cause and should never even be thought of or used in the future. ask yourself, why would the media mob ignore such major scientific findings? and what happened on the science? only follow the signs when it's convenient.
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they were all playing doctor. it didn't work out well for them. everything they told you to do ended up being wrong. and why did they instead continue to spew outright lies about covid on their own airways? listen to this guest saying this about kids and covid. to take look. >> with the omicron variant, kids are either going to get the vaccine or they are likely to get a serious condition of omicron having omicron with the vaccine is almost invariably going to be better and safer for children. i am confused about parents attitudes. spew on he's not even reading the cdc's website. everybody else is saying the exact opposite. why haven't those comments been flagged as so-called misinformation? why is there an uproar over joe rogan explaining to his audience what he did when he got covid. him and his doctor decided to
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throw everything out it. monoclonal antibodies, each iq, et cetera. and he's spewing misinformation. the misinformation, the media spews, joe biden claiming that if you get a vaccine, you are not going to get covid. dr. fauci said the same thing. they lied, that wasn't true. that is misinformation. because of course the biggest purveyors of misinformation are the so-called experts. the people who have been wrong the most are people like that guy, the highest paid government employee in the u.s., doctor flip-flop file cheat, who's been nothing but wrong the whole time. some accountability may be coming. if republicans take the senate, ron paul says he will launch an investigation into dr. doom and gloom as it relates to the wuhan virology lab. now the push against boxing
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coercion continues to build more and more momentum, especially from canada's convoy of truckers and farmers were taking a stand against one-size-fits-all medicine. we are learning that two canadian provinces, one, alberta, the other saskatchewan will now start taking steps towards removing all covid restrictions including vaccine passports. now, when is the prime minister justin trudeau has called these truckers and other racist and other horrible names, when are he and his minions going to get off and go meet with these truckers? how about listening to their concerns and how about ending this newest division in your country at all about embracing a concept that seems very alien to you, which is called freedom. instead of spewing endless social justice talking points. trudeau should talk to these essential workers, because you know it? he is a disgrace. if you want to call him a later,
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a disgraceful one at that. he is a failure. he's feckless, he's a meandering fall. and by the way, he's been wrong a lot himself as well. the news out of virginia where a virginia judge decided against parents issuing a temporary restraining order against the governor, that is the new governor, youngkin's mask optional policy for schools bear that is pretty unbelievable. where is the science? senator rand paul also is a medical doctor. he joins us now. why was the main stream media -- because the mantra has been, correct me if i'm wrong, doctor, senator -- i think it rather be called doctor. i will defer to you on that decision. how come we have been lectured about following the science and john hopkins comes out with the science and nobody in the media wants to talk about the science? >> i think the dirty little secret is that it's always been more about submission, it's always been more about collectivism, growing government power over your lives.
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masks for children. sweden didn't have the school kids wear masks at all. the incidence of the disease and the teachers did not rise from the kids not wearing masks. i worry about the future of america. the europeans are leading us towards freedom. the canadians are ahead of us and trying to unwind mandates. but yes, for goodness' sakes, we've got to stop the ridiculous mandates on children that dr. emanuel put forward saying that kids are dying from home are gone. the statistics are this. the science is this. the wild variant was 1,000 times less deadly for kids than 80-year-olds. it's been progressively less dangerous from the delta to the omicron. the kids as far as whether you vaccinate your kids -- that's up to you. but there should be no mandate. the evidence is pretty strong that the more vaccines you give young males, the higher the residence -- i personally, if
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you are asking me about your children, i would get them checked first to see if they've already had covid. a future world has already had covid. i don't think they need any treatment. spew on the cdc says that they're very comparable. the last time i looked up, the average influence a year. we don't want anybody to die. at the end of the day, nobody has given me any valid answer to this question. over christmas, how is it possible heading into the third year of a pandemic that we ran of of tests knowing hanukkah is coming, knowing christmas was coming when large gatherings tend to take place. they didn't prepare for it. how is it possible life-saving medical antibodies -- how is it that these -- give me your opinion. swears that they are very helpful. they are not available either. how did that happen?
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>> it's an example of central planning not working. central planning does not work for an economy. witness venezuela's economy and the disaster it is pure socialism doesn't work. that is what we have now is a socialized or centralized distribution peer the government -- private manufacturers are having their tests taken from them and they're still in absence. it all leads back to bad advice. dr. fauci and his disciples are saying, everyone should get tested whether they are sick or not. that is a mistake. so we are using tests by the millions that we don't need to be doing. if you are not sick, that is a craziness that we are testing people. we've never done that in the history of medicine. but that is one reason there's a shortage. the other reason is the government owns the masks, the tests, and the government is distributing them. it's a monthly monoclonal antibodies. put the government in charge of the sahara desert and before you know it you will have a shortage
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of sand. that is how incompetent the government is. >> sean: senator, they give for being with us. when we come back, democrats continue to preach unity, inclusivity, while spewing nonstop eight, division. plus, newly unearthed video, wait until you see this. the new new york city mayor, eric adams. wait until you hear him talk about -- let's call them crackers. those are his words, not mine. later tonight, we also have a clip of the president. that is donald trump, exclusively. you won't see it anywhere else. straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: their networks
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implode. the corrupt media mob is doubling down on the basis, disgusting smear attacks on all things conservative. one guest actually claiming that "make america great again" is a code word for wanting to murder. take a look. >> is that the proper historical context? back in the day, missouri had the second-highest number outside of the deep south. it's not about making america great -- they want to return to. they want to return to days when you could lynch for murder. and they would be absolutely no retribution for it. that is not hyperbole, i'm telling you as a black missouri and undoes a protester. >> sean: nbc news, is that acceptable standards for you? unfortunately it's pretty much -- especially joy reid of late. here is a small sample of the
6:41 pm
unhinged far left lunacy that she is delivering to her small number of viewers every night. >> you have to be willing to vocalize that these republicans are dangerous. this isn't a party that's just another political party. that at this point, they are dangerous. they are dangerous to our national security. for so many reasons, being a freeloader and selfish and -- elon musk is the absolute worst. but if somehow they managed to stumble into the supreme court, do any of you guys trust until clarence and amy coney barrett and those guys to actually follow? >> thought basket full of words. >> controversy swirling around new york city mayor eric adams tonight over this newly surfaced 2019 video of him talking about kicking those crackers when he was a cop.
6:42 pm
this is all the video starts. take a look. >> every day, i kick those crackers. i was unbelievable. [applause] >> you know the story. leave this stuff alone. you hear me? i wake up every day -- they are going to beat me up. the people who stay with our real leaders -- they are going to say listen, you run. >> sean: earlier today the mayor apologize for those remarks and said it was inappropriate, but it all gets even worse because the party inclusivity is excluding conservatives more than ever. look at this. an african american republican virginia delegate says that the
6:43 pm
states black caucus, guess what? rejected him. why? anyway, the delegate joins us now along with florida congressman who experienced something similar himself trying to join the congressional black caucus. and gentlemen, welcome back to the program. thank you for being here. i'm looking at this and you are a delegate. why did they reject you in virginia for joining the black caucus? what was the reason. >> well, they said i had a difference of opinion with their their's stated agenda, which i did, because it was based in a bunch of leftist policies that had nothing to do with being black. ed is a shame that i wasn't able to get my voice to the table as some of my colleagues had just said the day before that they
6:44 pm
wanted it for the table. >> we went through a similar thing too. here we have the congressional black caucus. you want to be a member. why are you not a member? >> it's all politics, let's just get right to it. i saw your statements on the florida and virginia house, i commend you. but at the end of the day, they are committed to a liberal agenda. they are committed to the bernie sanders agenda. and anybody that stands in the way, even if you are blocked, they don't want you to be a part. it is sad to see, because in the black community we actually have a wide diversions of thought. we have an ability to have opinions on so many things when it comes to economics, policing, schools, national security, immigration. much at all be represented in these black caucuses as opposed to just the liberal conservative bernie sanders wing of the democrat party. it is quite sad to see. >> i'm looking at polls around
6:45 pm
the country and we see more and more minorities, hispanic americans, african-americans. they are leaving the democratic party in droves and in the case of hispanic americans, there is an equal amount of hispanic americans supporting democrats and democrats. you see a decrease of over 25% of african-americans for joe biden. why is that? >> we as a people are seeing the democratic party has had our vote for so long and they haven't done anything to help our communities. every community that has democratic leadership and a large black population seems to be falling apart. the democrats use our faces to push their agendas. and then when it comes time to help us mama we are left behind. people are starting to see that and we are tired of it. >> when we come back, an exclusive interview of a friend
6:46 pm
of the program sat down with president trump for that interview. we are going to play you a clip. the first time we will exclusively play, coming up straight ahead. cranky-pated: a bad mood related to a sluggish gut. miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight we have an exclusive sneak peek added new interview with former defense department chief of staff. remember, it was cash to reveal to us exclusively right on the show that then-president donald trump on january 4th authorized the use of up to 20,000 national guard troops ahead of january 6th, which by the way, these required to do by law. at that authorization, the chain
6:51 pm
of command -- they decided not to call up the troops. that he legally authorized. here's a preview covering a large range of topics including what they would do if elected in 2024. >> what is the first thing you would say? >> first of all, the wall. even for him. you know why? because when he sees millions of people pouring into our country, he loses respect for our country. this is before the afghanistan disaster. you close it up. he forgot to close it up. that would send a big signal, really big signal. >> the full interview with president trump will air on monday. good to see you again. what other news did you make with the president?
6:52 pm
i have a specific question about something you know exclusively. >> the president flat out he would and all mandates around the world. we talk russia, we talked china, we talked to ron, and we talked about putting national security first. he said the simple answer is you need new leadership across the board from the commander in chief. we are just not seen it. those issues and policies are not going to change until we have that. and that starts in november's midterms. >> sean: you had just been before the january 5th committee. you have information that nobody else has. you were in the white house in the oval office i believe, i think it was the oval office. with the chairman of the joint with the defense secretary. you are the chief of staff from the department of defense. i think mark meadows was in the room.
6:53 pm
and on january 4th in that room, donald trump the eight use of up to 20,000 national guard troops knowing that there was going to be a large crowd coming to the nation's capital that they would be marching on the capital. knowing that we came off the summer of 2020 rioting with 574 riots happening. knowing that in big crowds, they are usually bad actors. give us more insight into that meeting and why didn't nancy pelosi or muriel bowser or take advantage of the resources that donald trump signed off on? >> look, the interview that i had with donald trump was exactly that style meeting. leaving the defense department, helping meet the defense. i had many instances where i reach the president and the oval office and he made a divisive decision. i want of the american public to see those types of conversations that we had on january 4th in
6:54 pm
the oval office with donald trump when he was president and he authorized it. the law requires his authorization and the love requires nancy pelosi in the capitol police to request national guard, otherwise we are prohibited from doing that. why nancy pelosi refused, i don't know. he would have to ask her. maybe she took a breather, i'm not really sure. she put it in writing that she refused and i wanted to give the american people some insight, not to just how and why, but the tenor with which it was said. not many people know this, sean, but on january 4th we were just talking january 6th, we were talking to ron and safeguarding our border. we were working right through the echo of the whistle. >> knowing all of this, knowing this in retrospect, the troops had been called in. i think it is fair to say january 6 never happened. when you were before the committee, did you inform them of all of this? did they ask any questions about
6:55 pm
this? >> when i was before the committee i publicly asked them to release the transcript of my deposition because america needs to see and hear it. they have delayed in that process. i want to be careful with what i say. obviously not going to go in and testify under oath and tell you something different. my actions speak for themselves. we did talk about january 6th and information like this did come up, but they spent more time questioning me on afghanistan, russia, and conversations i had with president trump and the actions than they did about january 6th. that i can say with absolute certainty on your show. >> sean: congratulations. thank you for sharing with us. maurice "hannity" coming up.
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never miss an episode of "hannity." in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. the "the ingraham angle" is up next. have a great weekend. see you back here on monday. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle." nbc is trying to shamelessly white wash the genocidal epic. raymond arroyo has the details in friday's follies and the most powerful 2 minutes i have seen of a parent confronting a school board this time on the issue of masking kids. but first, michelle to the rescue? that's the focus of