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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  February 6, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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crowd watching. that gives you vertigo, just looking at that. arthel: his wife is like what do you think and his parents alike is not worth it don't do it. seriously, he's a pro and he made a nice shot but that momentum had gone the wrong way, we have to go, see you next week. ♪ >> hello everyone i am tammy bruce along with alicia acuna, shawn duffy and joe kania. welcome to big sunday show here's what's on tap tonight. >> our kids suffer wearing masks in schools, stacey abrams proves the rules do not apply to her what is she doing without a mask closing with a roomful of kids with masks on. sean: a gofundme that was to
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stop the convoy in canada per promoted in the hypocrisy coming up later. alicia: i have some good news, police officer saved a middle school students life from an oncoming car. we will show you what happens next in the incredible display of heroism and selflessness. tammy: america's crime deepens. according to fbi data under president biden a number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty, more than a 25 year high. in 202173 officers were killed, the last time it was as high in 1995 with 74 law enforcement officers paid the ultimate sacrifice this as crime is running rampant, shocking video is emerging of recent brazen robberies in new york got a high-end mall outside of new york city thieves brandon and
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grabbed all the merchandise they could get a louis vuitton store and smash and grab robbers targeted a string of eyeglass stores. this is from maryland. we have seen these videos before. this is not surprising, it is shocking and frightening, store workers are at risk whether it's in san francisco or d.c. or other blue cities it is remarkable thing to watch. we have a dynamic way seems to be a perfect storm of the rhetoric the anti-police rhetoric but no bail laws, police units and departments underfunded and they also don't have enough officers themselves because of retirements and politicians still have their back, where you see this leading at this point. alicia: it doesn't seemed like it could get any better that is
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the feeling. when you watch these videos all the things that you just mentioned over the course of the last year, we can see this is been building and it is becoming ever more tragic. also in the data we see the ambush attacks against law enforcement officers is also up 32 from last year and what is striking it didn't reach that number from 1987. things are clearly getting worse, were seeing the criminals evermore fearless and brazen and who knows how up-to-date they are on policy but you get the sense that criminals know something has changed on the street because they are clearly not that concerned about the possibility of consequences. tammy: speaking to that, i want you to take a look at this shawn, jason johnson of the legal defense fund has this to say. law enforcement officers have essentially been marginalized and demoralized and cast aside
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and encouraged to enforce the law. a lot of these leaders and cities and leaders in congress and leaders in the white house that voiced a lack of respect for law enforcement officers. he said that to the fox news digital team. give me your take on this. >> this is called reimagining law enforcement. reimagining law enforcement means you decriminalize misdemeanor and give light sentences for felonies and diversion programs instead of putting people in prison or jail you send them to counseling you refills bail and let them out the next day they commit a crime and if you look at the results of the policies crime has not gone down with the ideas, they've actually skyrocketed and i have businesses and individuals being terrorized by the scumbags on the street and i was a prosecutor for ten years.
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they want to serve to protect the committee displayed what is happening you see good cops actually leave early and get people who normally would come in to engage in law enforcement they are not coming in. you get a whole new crew of people may not be the guys inserted in the past, that can transition and we might have a whole new problem on our hands in a whole new problem of different people in law enforcement. >> the good news obviously the majority of cops are great cops. this is supposedly being done because this is supposed to make life better or improve the quality of people's lives. i want you to hear from lawrence jones cross-country the interview with new yorkers who have a reaction to the rise in crime in newark. >> we feel safe in the city. >> yes, i do. >> i've not had any experience
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with crime i think new york city is fairly safe and i don't walk around being afraid. >> there's police all over i love new york. >> is a woman i always think about my surroundings and i'm not really scared all the time but i think it's always a thought, it's 11:00 o'clock maybe i should take a certain way home. tammy: i live in new york, my experience is very, very different. i live in manhattan perhaps that is the difference but i think new yorkers and liberals tend to not want to admit what is going on and that prolongs the problem. what are your thoughts on this? joe: first of all i hope everybody is checking out lawrence jones new show on fox on saturday night. he's actually getting out there talking to people if the thing in journalism. a lot more other people in this business should do more get the feeling of the pulse of the
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people. remember cnn insisted on the media program just recently the crime crisis was greatly exaggerated by this network to scare people into watching. i said it was the dumbest most insulting segment in the year we are only one month in and these horrifying numbers that we see around cops being shot only underscores how dire things are this is a direct result of outlets like cnn, the new york times others referring to 2020 as mostly peaceful. a direct result of democrat leaders not condemning the carnage that we support in advocating police reform that sean talked about while demonizing police while there is an election to be one. donald trump offered to send portland or chicago, he was ridiculed by democratic mayors, it is up to the silent majority in this country to let their voices be heard with full throated margins in support of
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law enforcement and all the great men and women who keep us safe. i want to see more marches like that supporting police instead of condemning them. tammy: i give you a final word we have a dynamic where the people are getting mixed messages and when you have biden visiting new york they don't even talk about the real issue which is policy and can be changed. they talk about one of their favorite narratives which is gun-control will that help or hurt the situation this is only
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happening awoke liberal cities where they reimagine policing and alchemist cataclysmic for the people who live in the cities and until they get in change leadership they will have the crime run rampant. tammy: let me mention, that is actually not really covered all we see are the crimes that are happening which matter because it speaks to the issue of policy and what bad policy does. the fact that the federal government is sympathetic to these issues when biden was in new york erekat m's said biden's favorite. he really ran as a biden guy but he did not tell anybody. it's like he misled new yorkers.
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joe: so true. tammy: we have to realize there's a variety of things going on and all of us thank you for chiming in. rules for the but not for me. our kids have to suffer wearing masks in school, democrat stacyy abrams think she doesn't have to wear one, we discussed hypocrisy coming up next. ♪ real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> welcome back to "the big sunday show" rules for thee but not for the as the democrats. stacey abrams stopping by an elementary school for a photo op but when the students were masked out ms. abrams did not have a problem taking pictures without one. look at that, this comes at chicago's public school system elected to keep the mandates despite the judge ruling against it. all right let's discuss.
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i'm gonna go to alisha first. tammy: we have no opinions. shawn: are repaid to do that. let's warm up. joe: that's get the reaction from the abrams camp, what are they saying she is caught red-handed just like with all newsom and garcetti caught red-handed ethereum's 49ers to chip game what silly excuse this time was she holding her breath? alicia: our d.c. office did reach out to her campaign and they did issue a lengthy statement and i'll give you the first statins in shameful our opponents are using a black history month reading about for georgia children as it falls political attack and predictable that her opponents continue to look for opportunities for the failed record et cetera. it's a long statement goes on to attack all of her opponents. i think it is telling that they did not address the question in
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our fox news pushed again, subquestion did she regret not wearing a mask. they refer back to the lengthy statement which does not address the very simple question. we have seen this before this is been going on since the pandemic started and clearly a lesson has not been learned here. >> clearly not i did not see an apology and there also, was there and i'm sorry i did not, just wanted to make sure it's a rhetorical question. all right mr. duffy, no football today since august. i had a little time on my hands and decided to put together a list of the hypocritical lawmakers who demanded mask mandates especially for our kids will be to break them. here is my top ten joe biden has broken the rule in the d.c. restaurant, gavin newsom broke it several times, sufficed adm, nancy pelosi had to get a heerden in san francisco, aoc multiple times she has broken
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the role, lori lightfoot in chicago also had to get the heerden, bowser also broke the rule, san francisco, gretchen whitmer, michigan, eric garcetti who i mentioned earlier. if we had a two hour special i continue to go through the list more. but what is going on don't these people realize that everybody has one of these and they will take a picture if needed and it's going to go viral, they don't seem to care. his arrogant. shawn: it doesn't take a whole segment we need democrat to buy rated their own rules the hypocrisy. i imagine a stacey abrams sat there she thought this mask is an comfortable mixer hard to breathe and it's probably hard for the kids to understand what i'm saying and talking about if i have my mouth covered. as a father this break my heart to see these little kids sitting there and masks all day long eight hours a day, this is all they've ever known, they don't
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see smiles and laughter or facial expressions. this is horrific in child abuse. if you look at that picture i'll tell you if you look at what doctors say about risk factors, stacey abrams is in a high risk of going to the hospital or dying from covid then any of the kids sitting around here but stacy is not massed in those poor little kids are, this is shameful, stand up and fight for your kids, take the dam masks off. joe: well said, let me read you quote from the chicago board on mask mandates. i believe we have a full stream of data. the court's current ruling does not prohibit c.p.s. from exercising its authority to continue covid-19, migration policies and procedures including universal masking by students and staff, during the commercial i decided to look up covid in chicago these days there averaging about 30000 cases a day on january 10. just two days ago there down to
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2000 cases i'm not very good at math but i think that's 95% drop in cases, omicron is leaving the building. what is a scientific, the scientific data that supports putting kids and masks even at this point when cases were heightened because schools are the safest places around, are they not. tammy: i think with omicron leaving or becoming less the peaks are going down but this has never been about health it's about control we've been fighting out from the beginning when it comes to lockdown, the masking, the omission that the cost mask mean nothing all of this is about control and with the teachers union it's about the last in their agenda they really been obsessed with taking control of children and reinforcing the message that parents do not know what is best in the system knows what's best, this is a demonstration of their power of what they think is
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right. it is important that it is contrary to what everyone else is saying to reinforce the power in that photograph stacey abrams is a perfect illustration and one-shot of what this entire thing is been about. the politician sitting there grinning, none of the rules apply to her and all of those children reduced to having this thing on their face. that is what the democrats in the system have offered up american parents, parents have been radicalized this is exactly the reason why she is presumed democrat nominee for governor of georgia, this photograph should be used over and over again and it will be the first time if there is an arrogance and the lack of reason why they should be answered, you saw that in her response and i think overall this goes beyond her this is
2:21 pm
what the entire system has been doing. >> my crystal ball says that is your campaign at congratulations stacey abrams you got quite the gift to your components. gofundme says noted trucker convoys in the fundraiser but promotes a protest that was actually dangerous the what in seattle, more on the hypocrisy next. ♪ >> woman: what's my safelite story? i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, i chose safelite. they replaced the glass and recalibrated my safety system. that's service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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♪ ♪. shawn: welcome back to "the big sunday show" new controversy building for gofundme after stopping the multibillion-dollar fundraiser for the trucker convoys in canada, the site got the fundraiser because they called a dangerous but actually
2:26 pm
promoted on social media on fundraiser for a farmer in 2020. but there is a website supporting trucker convoy already raising more than $3 million, senator ted cruz on "sunday morning features" slamming the overreach by tech companies like gofundme, take a listen. >> the corporate media hates it that the trend has silenced them, look at what gofundme did people get $10 million to support the freedom convoy because they were so proud of the courage of the truck drivers in the thieves in silicon valley decided we don't like your politics so we're going to take your money and we will give it to people that we like. >> take you for calling them thieves in silicon valley. i gotta tell you i'm so happy they can make sense out of the
2:27 pm
senseless, it's an occupation they took a police precinct in the violence and raping and assault the gofundme supported blm where they have a billion dollars worth of property destruction, how does the tech company get away with the hypocrisy of shutting down the trucker convoy which is completely peaceful. >> go afscme strikes again, the numbers actually back that up, i'm you to make that go viral. people talked about chaz and it's kind of funny you think it's funny to look back on it was seattle and hippies that took over police precinct and several city blocks but as you mentioned people were murdered at chaz chop it's not like it was a bad time, gofundme had no problem with that.
2:28 pm
remember who occupied chaz chop it was mostly antifa you cannot support antifa black lives matter in all of these groups were violence actually occurred in major cities and look at a trucker protest in canada and say that is a bridge too far they are to peaceful we have to cut them off, the gate attendant backlash and they deserve every ounce of it. >> the getting backlash but i'm concerned about the business model because i care about gofundme, arthur brooks wrote a book ten years ago called who really cares. he did a study and found that conservatives are far more generous than liberals. you have a website of people being generous and give money and they cut off half of americans are conservative and half of america, does this make sense as a business model? tammy: clearly is not that of the liberals have a wrap on nothing that they do make sense
2:29 pm
especially when it gets rooted into the dump of their political theory. they forget whether it's politics, to the president of the united states you supposed to make decisions best for the people the united states but it becomes all about their theory and their wishes and punishing political opponents and then you start thinking we are protected by the system the government likes as the media likes us and they feel like they have to virtue signal in this episode indicated that they feel they could do whatever they want when it is clearly something that indicates there may be a crime happening which is what is so excited about the fact that there is some attorney general that are saying wait a minute this is a problem and even though they reverse course there is a point if they're doing a publicly, the question has to be
2:30 pm
what else are they doing that we have not seen yet. shawn: has been the public were attorney general's are pushing back and willing to prosecute these companies that are lying to the american people. what gets me this is what we want to see happen he raised over $3 million for the trucker's, not gofundme, isn't this what we want to see an alternate ecosystem where people have the freedom to give money to the causes that they believe in. one other point callie coyne has gofundme yourself or you can give bitcoin to the trucker's 0 fee, isn't this the answer spivak it appears we'll have to see diversification of the way we can express her generosity. for me, i don't know about you but gofundme was a representation of generosity in all the different ways we can help people it was needed and
2:31 pm
has done so much good now we have a damning display of biased men that goes to the heart of what you are saying about how the 70 people willing to give and now the gofundme turns into a representation of her political model, what is that, that is really sad there are people who need help and there are ways to do it and now they have to be more than one way to do it because once again politics answers into a place where it does not belong. tammy: can i added one more thing, if you needed money because your mom got cancer and she was in the hospital and you needed money to pay for everything that was happening, this is also very good way for americans to see that there was things that transcended politics. all of the things we have in common in one place that's a value of not having to silo and i think that threatens the system as well it's not that
2:32 pm
that did not exist we saw that existed for everybody it did not matter what your politics were we would all chime in this is so disgusting about leadership has done there which is destroyed this because the politics. people will get the support that they need but this is part of the excitement we had something that we could do together to help. .shawn: i think it's important they defund funded other resources of pathway to give to the causes that you care about. great point. senator joe manchin is defending his decision to blow what the biden agenda. what the media thinks democrats are back. >> democrats, biden are they getting their route back? >> it certainly feels like it. shawn: who is right, that is coming up next.
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2:38 pm
spending plan a move that delivered a major blow to biden's agenda, listen. >> are not a washington democrat, never forget where you came from a forget your purpose i am an american. alicia: the question about the back better came toward the end and the weight is manchin internet is kind of like i said no, tamia spoke to the power. tammy: at the same time he only has the power and it's only obvious because the sun is split it was creating a 50/50 senate. you have to care about that or not. if there was a majority of republicans were majority democrat that didn't have to worry about one vote joe manchin's approach would not matter that all no one's
2:39 pm
individual approach would have that much of an impact but here it does, the americans appreciate that. and we appreciate his attitude, he knows who brought him to the dance and his constituency is. it's not like is a local politician in a state senate but it matters of having two senators per state each state has interest have to be represented in the entire framework in each state their happiness and attitude makes a difference for what happens for the rest of the country we want this to be the case. he clearly represents that to the problem emotional problem of the democrat i think were seen as now and thank goodness it's happening and i wish we would see more of this attitude not just based on irritant, his
2:40 pm
belief about economics and what's best. now would be the inflation out of control and i get over 30 trillion seems like he was on the right side all along. alicia: we love the democrats leaders are saying that they are still going to make bill back better happen in the biden administration says they will get the vote look like they're really not listening or watching television. >> maybe the having conversations behind the scene and offering smaller packages that for america i don't know what's happening but i think it is interesting joe manchin is not a conservative democrat he's a liberal democrat when he comes from west virginia state that went for donald trump within 70%. if joe manchin once the political future he could not go along with bernie sanders and aoc in the radical joe biden, he is smart politicians actually listen to the people who send
2:41 pm
them into washington in the senate or the house. this is not a principal play it is a political play for manchin. i just hope it is you look at the clock, the clock will run out as more candidates look to the election coming november there's a lot of time to get things done if we run the clock. i could get any of this agenda done republicans will take control of the house in the senate and go back better in any form is going to be dead, thank god, save america. alicia: i have two questions, the first one will come after we take a listen. he was asked on abc news this morning. >> democrats fighting are they getting their route back? >> it certainly feels like it. you can see the scenario where democrats look at the job numbers in omicron nvc president acting strong and foreign policy and aca opportunity with the supreme court not to just get it confirm that bipartisanship.
2:42 pm
alicia: you respond to that the inflation, so much but i will let you go ahead before let's see how get the group is getting along from reuters they found 41% approve of the president, 56% disapprove. not very good at math but that is 15 points underwater. to your point inflation has not gone away in the kite we talked about the show is not going away and the border will allow another 2 billion people into this country illegally that is three times the population of washington, d.c. democrats see the inside. party on education like we talked about -- appears to be on the verge of invading ukraine. and they hear that question on abc are they getting their groove back this is the pride on election night 2016 after it appeared that donald trump was
2:43 pm
going to win that election. i don't expect anything less from abc because the right now maybe he could make a comeback until conditions changed in terms of what people are feeling it is not good, it will not change. >> my second question could you have found a brighter phone with you lifted up your phone for thomas blinded me like the sun before let's explain this. why neon yellow. i have a six -- 11-year-old. i have this will bring your batna if you look at it for more than ten seconds. i put it down for america's benefit. you can't find the thing. >> if you drop in the snow no one will go.
2:44 pm
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's people welcome back to "the big sunday show" all the violence against the police we want to highlight one of those heroes. there are so many but a quick thinking police officer pushing a middle school student out of the way of a fast-moving car, extraordinary squawk, the hero's name is officer a great name to boot, and net goodyear with the northeast police department in maryland she works as a crossing guard the car clipped her but she was not here to hurt. the bad news we see everyday we know negative rhetoric about the police. we only see dramatic events regarding crime but this kind of
2:49 pm
thing happens every day, there are an ominous acts of heroism. tell me what do you think of this remarkable event. alicia: this is wonderful and it was caught on camera so were able to talk about it. but the fact of the matter is every single day there's members of law enforcement to put themselves in between danger in the public all the time and they need to be recognized. i am so glad were playing this it's remarkable that this officer after she got out of the hospital went to meet the kid and everyone had tears in the warm moment but this happens all the time it's so easy to forget and so important to remember. tammy: it is, the moment, you think you're in the crosswalks, you have an orange jacket on, who could miss you in the car kept going, thank god that person did stop, often cars keep on going but this is the kind action that you know your job is
2:50 pm
when you're in the crosswalk not just to say hi but when there is a problem he gotta be able to know what to do. >> this is what americans see with law enforcement every single day many women who keep the community safe this is a perfect example. this officer stated in the rain with her reign jacket on directing traffic. you could see as the car comes in that the child is going to get hits. what is officer due grabs the child throws a child to safety and get to themselves on behalf of the child that is what cops do and that's why we should support and love are law enforcement throughout the country, this is an example as alicia just said, what cops do every sickle day protect us at their expense, god love this officer. tammy: joe, what are your thoughts' people 100% i am sure and not making light of this, i don't know if i sell that car that i would thought to get the
2:51 pm
person out of the way. my natural instinct would be to jump and not think about anything else. that is sean's point that is the way police officers across the country are programmed to serve and protect those first before themselves that was remarkable to see. that driver i don't know i read some reports it has been determined. i am willing to bet good money that that driver was on their phone probably reading something or texting something. with that jacket on it was not dark, there is no way you missed the police officer in that kid unless your head was down so many times in new jersey i look over and the highway going 80 miles an hour and on their phones or texting or reading this is a problem and we need to adjust it. tammy: one of the reports she came back over immediately to the officer in the distracted driving that is the thing that is inflicting all of a sudden some point or another if you
2:52 pm
have the phone on and were so used to conducting business 24/7 in the moment of phone rings were like that is her boss that the mentality that has to change. >> so often we take that look reading e-mail, texting a phone call nothing happens you continue to do until this happens and thank god nobody died and so often they don't pay attention because on their phones and begin a great lesson get off the phone and drive. >> a great billboard honk if you love jesus, text if you want to meet him. tammy: a very good reminder the heroism of the police the how your life can change in a split second and everyone else's lives as well and this technology. thank you. the big four is next, stay right there.
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2:57 pm
first video blog for his youtube channel. he was visiting the philippines and he shocked as you can see this is an endangered equal in the philippines. he eventually i don't know if we have the full video. he closes the window and he gets out of the car and he has a towel in the back. he recognizes the bird is injured in the car. he eventually takes the bird home, his fiancée is a vet and he ends up getting this bird rehabbed after four days and released back into the wild, he mentions what she will not hear an expletive that this is the national or graphic moment and it was good stuff everybody wins
2:58 pm
congratulations to the bird. >> it seems like the youtube it was just as shocked, he sat there with what just happened that is a cool story. china and argentina have agreed to economic ties and cooperation between meeting with the two presidents. the deal expands china's influence in the south china sea, when you have china in the western hemisphere with argentina exclusive jurisdiction over the south china sea in american companies stumbling over to get in bed with the communist country every day trying to get stronger we have to pay attention or we will regret the consequences. joe: the jackass franchise with a huge opening of the box office for the new movie jackass forever, this thing is going away everybody else. after the two years of the bs
2:59 pm
pandemic we need stupid fun, johnny knoxville is 50, when did that happen he gets run over by a bowl where he fractured his wrist, ribs and another concussion his 17th filming these, he will not back down even though he can qualify for aarp. >> my pick for the big four another dose of the truth from bill maher. watch this. >> there's never been any research showing after transmission is likely or common the l.a. county since were supposed to mascot for outdoor events like we will be at the super bowl. >> supposed to. >> watching athletes mix it up on the court and then mass, sideline. >> i just love about bill maher
3:00 pm
he calls out somebody think that we are seeing so ridiculous i been to basketball games and they're all playing and then everyone has masks on the sidelines, i could not agree more. i had to share that especially with the super bowl . the "fox report with jon scott" start right now. ♪. jon: the war in the southwest to neighbors arm conflict, i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". the face-off at the russia ukraine border appears to be a breaking point ukrainian forces ramping up their training efforts as a russian threat looms over them. chairman of the joint chief of staff general mark milley giving a chilling prediction if russia invades he says kiev would fall in 72


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