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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  February 6, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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not in 2024. something i want to discuss more broadly in future shows it is crucial. i'll see you next time, on "life, liberty and levin." >> good evening welcome to "the next revolution" this is the home of positive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community, and especially pro-america. there was little to no effect on saving lives one.2 percent decrease of covid-19 mortality on average across the us and europe. what did lockdown accomplish? contributed to reducing
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economic activity raising unemployment and schooling causing political unrest concerning to domestic violence and undermining liberal democracy and the response of the pandemic is the biggest public policy failure in history. and not just an innocent mistake. we knew they were around. right from the start menu lockdowns were ineffective with the stupid class masks but the point of social distancing and those to travel is five times as far. and then to push an old playbook and public health director of santa clara county here in california. with the first lockdown. and governor newsom shut down on california.
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and then with a bioterrorism attack on mine. and at the federal level pushing the lockdown madness based on experience for aids and they were making up as they went along. then it was controlling the number of cases even though we knew from the start and vaccine mandates. but that they don't prevent infection or transmission. it was about their addiction and the rush of blood to their head. if they thought those rules saved lives they were not constantly break them.
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and then to feel the spirit. and then the football game last weekend. and now stacy abrams. they know their rules are a joke. but the impact is not funny at all. small businesses destroyed kids education setback by years of domestic violence and child abuse. you did this to america and the media and like the anderson cooper all the rest of you lying and fear mongering pushing misinformation that destroyed millions of lives. you have blood on your hands. please don't try to claim it with the virus we don't know how to respond. that is bs. we knew how long the lockdowns were right from the start as
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part of the first days of the pandemic. we could see young healthy people were barely at risk and could clearly identify those most vulnerable elderly and overweight. so let's come together. so stop the total shutdown for everyone and those must most likely to need hospitalization with the public health crisis into america's worst catastrophe. >> there is no needs to close workplaces and bars and jim's it was mental. that's why said this at the start. >> with the tv mouthpieces putting a finger over the virus. but working americans will be
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crashed by it. the cure is worse than the disease. that is the territory we are hurtling towards. and president trump said it himself at night the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. that we were putting lives that risk. donald trump partly delivered is here and now he is very seriously considering making it much worse and then to do more harm than good. and it was there lockdowns i did more harm than good. so how much time did the media stand covering the john hopkins study?
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make constantly lecture us about following the data mail was an apology and trump an apology in this man pretty much the oath only governor who followed the data. we have to learn the message of this otherwise it will happen all over again. so never again marked and out-of-control eric can't. like fauci. to invade the regulation that the administration put in place to commission rate close research like begin a function in wuhan that is the most likely origin of the pandemic. never again must we allow out-of-control medical establishments.
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the lockdown policy should be rejected as the pandemic policy instrument. and then to bury the findings of the media that's why we now must have actually independent 9/11 start commission to investigate total transparency the origins and our response to the pandemic. if you think about how much they did and the lives they ruined and turned on society and turn them upside down. an investigation is not enough. people should be put on trial. >> and while we have talked about this topic often we have
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the benefit from the studies so take us behind the headlines. what are the details in the background to this report quick. >> good evening, steve. that was an incredible mathematical analysis of 24 other studies looking at the exact question what was the impact of the lockdown? if we want to invoke the boulevard to shut down society and keep everybody in their homes, anyone with scientific objectivity will say we need to do a thorough and regular it on —- rigorous evaluation. it was.2 percent. that translates to 1800 lives on the same time and those that were above the standard
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rate that we have not yet unpacked. these were not covid death that is about quarter of elaine people that died from declining health status. we told people to stay home they gained 17 pounds so the best intervention was to stay active and healthy and using excess body weight. this is what we needed to focus on and this is what the study looked at and nobody wants to talk about this at this point. >> so we were laying it out here we know who was vulnerable. that is an immediate blackout with those zero minutes spent
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discussing it "the new york times" and they were literally ignoring it. >> so what is the criteria right now is whether or not a study is the result you like. that doesn't give a result you like it gets very little attention. we did a study on natural immunity out of johns hopkins published in the top medical journal the american medical association showing natural immunity was present in 99.3 percent of people who tested positive for covid and lasted 20 months. but i got no coverage outside of the wall street journal and fox news. this is the new measuring stick whether or not you cover something. not only is it carried issues that guidance even at the source institution putting it out in the realities have a small group of doctors making all the decisions in the united states and there is a
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number of recent meetings , doctor fauci and others are politically charged and aligned to shut out other opinions and talk about should we end this? like the uk and they have decided against it. should we recognize natural immunity? their own experts were divided so they said no. we should not have that concentration of power to decide what is reasonable information. with blisters doctor fauci said it was dramatic data coming out of israel. when it came out on natural immunity, not a word and did not even talk about it. this is cherry picking science. steve: that is an incredible powerful example you ended with. it is a really serious issue that the people who told us to follow the data to challenge
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their ideological viewpoint instead of ignoring it. doctor marty makary thank you for joining us. turning point usa charlie kirk. you are with me on the show that night when we agreed it was time. just at the end of the first period of the 15 days. we tried that, let's not do that anymore. it's hurting us more trying to protect the vulnerable. all of this has happened since then. >> no kidding. you deserve great credit and your audience deserves to know that. but even in the center right nobody was talking clearly about the lockdown. they were trending and you looked rationally and said if we are pro- worker and profamily and pro- america where we locking down the people that are not at great risk? you are a leader in that
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regard and i think it change people's opinions. and he will start to see some people we started to see the increase with alcoholism and drug addiction loneliness. and then you make an interesting point. and then they clutch their ideological agenda. and with that multitrillion dollar wealth transfer to pander the pharmaceutical companies. and unfortunately the lockdowns were used for very specific political purpose and continue to be. steve: that's right one of the most egregious examples that is still going on in getting worse is the part that you know particularly well to have all of these healthy young people with barely any risk
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that they are pushing today and just insane what you seen happening? >> they are pushing back some of these campuses and ivy league in particular these are orwellian states that call them college campuses. this is the most depressed suicidal drug addicted alcoholic and medicated generation in history. the people in charge are worried about a virus that has such a low fatality rate? how about you worried about the fact you cannot live a full and prosperous life? they cannot properly communicate? everything they hear is about the world ending with a pathogen that they cannot see. you cannot treat the next generation. acting as they will be in the same trajectory which is why
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i've long called for the lifting of all mask mandates and basking on —- vaccine mandates also time for national recovery program but there has to be intergenerational apology for what we have done. it's never been done like this before. steve: i cannot agree more. what doctor marty makary was saying earlier. so we have to restore the damage. great to see you tonight charlie. thank you very much. so if there is one thing worse from the mask maniacs after the game last sunday it was the excuses that they gave. he held his breath from the
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entire time that i didn't exhale he said while newsom said he only took it for a brief second that within minutes we have evidence that was another line in fact he had taken it for a brief couple of hours and it's all so infuriating and did get period on my podcast this week. >> they know it is crap. >> and rules and regulations. [laughter] if you want to see the full uncensored version go to california rebel base. we will be right
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steve: and the beijing with president xi and president putin and with that great form policy and with the diplomatic boycott and to send the
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athletes to light the only they claim. and then to assemble your new iphone. meanwhile back home nancy pelosi had some stirring words from standing up to authoritarian dictators. >> i would say, you dare to compete. do not risk incurring the anger of the chinese government. i know there was a temptation on the part of some i respect that but i also worry about with the chinese government might do through their reputation. >> that's what pelosi and the democrats were do and come to think of it instead of running for congress and the state of
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the world we have morgan ortagus so what we highlighted found that president xi and to ten meeting from the beleaguered athlete that was just a signal from the chinese regime and president xi of total defiance. we don't care what you say or think. and they mostly got away with it at this point. and mike pompeo we are doing everything with all these human rights atrocities. with human rights at the center foreign policy. tell me one area of the world and actually does that? steve: exactly the thing is a joke. if you look at the way weakness spread so what is your assessment right now with
9:24 pm
russia and ukraine and with the releasing of intelligence. and i use the term of sexing up and then with those to remind people that the run-up to the war in iraq. what dc is going on their? >> very quickly go back to nancy pelosi. and then to understand how infuriating that is. not to stand up for human rights or freedom and to stand up to genocide if we are that worried about our american athletes when they go to compete why are we sending them there in the first place.
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into their relationship and then the state department podium but if she's that we about the athletes that is ridiculous to tell people. that is the shining city on a hell to speak truth to power. and it is unconscionable to do that with the athletes that with the second question i would love to go around the world with you to talk about russia and ukraine that i could be one i think the intelligence community, they are in a world of hurt after what happened in afghanistan and we saw this play with a briefing and then to the administration that rafael
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afghanistan. but the biden mid-to-late on —- military commanders and the administration ignored a lot of the information and what a huge spot it was on the reputation so they are probably trying to get out in front of it is my guess. steve: finally finally what is going on with the iran situation? tell us about that. >> this is something we should watch very closely. thank you for bringing this up. in my opinion is not getting enough attention. right now again the biden administration has given concession after concession to the regime forever desk everyone to get back into the jcpoa president trump said it
9:27 pm
was one of the worst foreign-policy deals ever made. he was correct it was the iranian deal giving billions of dollars of sanctions relief to iran. not for them to have a nuclear weapon. that they would get billions of dollars in sanctions. but the truth is the ideal only kicked the can down the road to another administration to allow them over time to get a nuclear weapon at the very end of the deal. so the trump administration came back and we put the sanctions back and i ran inside peace in the middle east and then we see the biden administration did nothing for it to be capitulating with billions of dollars of sanctions relief again to the regime in iran. steve: with nothing to show for it. thank you. great to see you as always.
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biden tried to take a victory lap after the historic jobs report. >> our country is taking everything covid can throw at us and come back stronger. i'm pleased to report this morning and america's job machine is going stronger than ever. steve: only it isn't. yes it's true there over 400,000 jobs created in january beating expectations but we are still missing millions from the workforce even with the latest increase our labor participation rate is just 62.2 percent from the height of the pandemic shutdown the lowest in may 1977 with the carter stagnation that's what he loves to brag about it's the devastation from the
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steve: you have heard me say dozens of times on the show despite democrats endless virtues signaling on race that hurt black americans like school choice and free market opportunity economy the best way to fight racial injustice they have not been nearly strong enough to make that argument and that's why it's so great to see our friend launching a new organization to be the new home for black conservative ideas. here is a preview. >> this is why i created a society as a former slave was learn to read and then became the most iconic black figure in american history.
9:35 pm
the left doesn't want you to know the history of frederick douglass because his black history doesn't fit the narrative what you're selling to black america for generations i'm not buying what they're selling anymore it is time. steve: rob smith president and founder it's so great. tell us your plan what you hoping to achieve quick. >> i got the idea for the douglas society speaking at a conservative conference a couple years ago and i was one of two black people there with conservatives or republicans not that they are racist but there is no pipeline to get younger by conservatives involved so what you want to do with the douglas society is threefold we want to reach out to young disaffected african-americans and
9:36 pm
conservatives where they are. they are not generally going to mainstream media outlets so to build the website and specifically on instagram with the douglas society to highlight the amazing by conservatives doing things out there in the media like senator tim scott to the other congressmen to a myriad of black conservative that is out there and there is no place online to find all of this stuff until now. second and went to highlight these things and eventually went to build up the platform and get out of the communities and when me say this isaiah proud republican. and we don't do enough eyes
9:37 pm
party to show up where they are what is not six weeks before the election so the work that needs to be done to engage these young black millennial's that are independent conservative leaning and disaffected democrats need to start now. as a plan to do with the douglas society there's a lot of people donating and following us on social media. very exciting to launch this and be a part of this. >> if you are watching get ready but i think it's so interesting ever since i have been involved in conservative politics back in the uk it's been part of the conversation and frankly you are leaving it
9:38 pm
the energy will go out there and deleted and that credibility is what is important what kind of response are you getting so far? >> i'm getting an amazing response to the videos that i put out highlight where it is going and all the content in the coming days and weeks people are excited to share the content in that there is nothing out there reaching out to these people and social media right now. they are not in mainstream media when black americans are and then from the media sources and the entertainers and rappers so it was shocking to me something like this did not exist until now. but it does. i hope people love it. i love the content please go
9:39 pm
to douglas and go to facebook and instagram at douglas society. check us out and see what we're all about. steve: please do that. because it totally fits with what i have been arguing here. the future of the gop and conservativism is a multiracial coalition populism and this is such a positive move i really appreciate you doing it. (vo) when you are shopping for a new vehicle, how do you know which brand you can trust? with subaru, you get kelley blue book's most trusted brand winner, seven years in a row. in fact, subaru has won most trusted brand for more consecutive years than any other brand. no wonder kelley blue book also picked subaru as their best overall brand. once again. it's easy to love a brand you can trust.
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steve: we have laid out many times how the establishment
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economics both parties ended up making the rich richer while devastating working americans manufacturing jobs were sent to china and wealth and opportunity to become more and more concentrated in the hand of urban areas. that was great for new york and that they area and a total disaster for the america heartland not just economic crime. when you close down a factory at the heart of the community and has an impact the customers dry up in the stores of mainstreet with depressing dereliction of local sports teams cannot find sponsors and when the job skill away one of the top priorities of the country is to rebalance our economy with the exciting innovation and growth right across america. especially in places and have been written off. the most important ideas at the heart of positive populism with profamily and pro- community and i say it every
9:46 pm
week. is not just a slogan but a roadmap for the kind of country we should all want to see a major contribution that has just been made and then to represent silicon valley. for all americans everywhere. so lay it out for us. and of the knowledge economy to those places that have missed out. >> si your opening i thought it was spot on. the reality of $11 trillion in market cap. it has gone up 40 percent during the pandemic with a new economy and globalization for
9:47 pm
so many americans were they have the jobs go offshore , communities and churches and then to find one-way tickets out of the hometown. but they don't want to move. they want to stay in the community so the 25 million decentralize. so i would say look at intel with a republican government and who deserves credit for that. 7000 construction jobs with the afl-cio that this is a new nationalism and enthusiasm. this is what we need revitalization of the country. steve: tell us the specific policy items across the country that they can pursue to make this happen? >> the first thing is that
9:48 pm
abraham lincoln created the land-grant university to prepare us for the industrial revolution. they can all help for the skills they will need. so one of the things that i say is they need to partner with the private sector to actually get employable credentials. so the contracts what you have the sense of earl america and then you incentivize these companies to hire and then you incentivize the development. those are just two ideas but the important thing is we enlist and we agreed to invest in communities.
9:49 pm
steve: i really love this book. i mean anybody who is watching the cares about this because we talk about it all the time with the heartland it is practical and positive dignity in the digital age we really appreciate you putting that together and to champion this cause. i know you worked on this and practical ways all the members of only names like you. great to see you. great to see you. stay with us much more up i want my daughter riley to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. we're discovering together... it's been an amazing gift. [school bus passing by] [kids laughing] [bikes passing] [fire truck siren] [first responder] onstar, we see them. [onstar advisor] okay. mother and child in vehicle. mother is unable to exit the vehicle. injuries are unknown. [first responder] thank you, onstar.
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steve: let's bring in this week's closer. white house press secretary jen psaki unbelievably pray started spotify for putting warning labels on the podcast but even more censorship so the disclaimer but we want every platform to continue to do more to call out this disinformation with the accurate information. steve: issuance every platform to call out misinformation let's call out the spreader of misinformation right now. mrs. a pandemic of the and vaccinated. >> and know how they are allowed to have a platform on a spread disinformation.
9:55 pm
>> you will not get covid if you have these vaccinations. steve: are you allowed he is able to spout misinformation and a serial offender. he said how about making sure and with that pandemic quick. >> that pandemic of the and vaccinated. >> the pandemic and the and vaccinated. >> there is just so much misinformation out there. we need to call out. >> the border is not open. then misinformation if she could find out who gave that platform to spread this and if only she could get to that funny senile guy he never stops with the misinformation.
9:56 pm
>> . >> . >> nobody told your military advisor with 2500 troops a stable situation we can do that and we can continue to do that. >> except the generals that i can think of the perfect thing jen psaki could do to fight the scourge of misinformation. >> jen psaki is talking about misinformation online and combating misinformation but she distributed misinformation. >> of course. and now they wonder why people trust joe rogan and not them.
9:57 pm
>> serious the thing. that they put that out every single day if they worry about it they would not have jen psaki lying to the american people every single day. i have to make a point. these people currently right now have every single level of power you can have in this country right now to have the white house and the senate and congress and absolute failures on every single level that yet what they have is still not enough not only do they went to control the mainstream media but everything else that is what spotify is all about that is what joe rogan is all about. that people are not happy until they control everything my message is you can control spotify probably joe rogan. i don't know what will happen with that situation. you can fool some of the people some of the time but
9:58 pm
not all of the people all the time even if they controlled all of the outlets american people have eyes and ears and we can see exactly what is going on in our country right now. so everything is indicative of how massively a failure they have been and continue to be. it is crazy. steve: exactly and this whole thing about joe rogan and the elevation of this conversation and misinformation that we all talked about. and in the way it backfired because it is an opportunity for all of us so this term misinformation is really just they are term for an opinion they don't agree with. so any fact that is outside of the groupthink or the narrative. >> it's the fact that the misinformation right now at this point has now proven
9:59 pm
fact. remember the wuhan lab leaked in the series of the people that are vaccinated but they continue to spread it. remember when i was misinformation? is it any wonder that these people don't look at themselves they are not self reflective at all. after two years of this nonsense with covid-19 nobody believes them morgan ortagus that lack of self-awareness. there's a slightly different topic like dealing with the canadian truckers and go find me. we would never tolerate this on the platform but they are they are. to fund raise on the platform just one year ago. >> of course. and if i want to be positive for a minute this is positive
10:00 pm
populism, i think they are overplaying their hand so much in getting to the level where the people that are waking up to the tactics are not necessarily conservatives or republicans and they are waking up research. i am jon scott that is how "fox reports" on february 6. trey: thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy, welcome to "sunday night in america." there are new concerns about iran. that country is getting closer to gaining access to nuclear weapons. to revive the 2015 nuclear deal struck between iran and president obama, the biden administration have move something sanctions imposed by the trump administration, including freeing up 30 billion dollars in overseas


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