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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  February 7, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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all 10% off for valentine's day. all profits in february go to the wonderful women at the shady grove pregnant center in maryland, and carbo people. that is it for us tonight. i'm laura ingraham, it's america now and forever. greg gutfeld is next. maybe i'll send him one of these ♪ ♪ musical mystical >> greg: the worst jacket i've ever seen. happy glorious monday everyone. we were on top of one trend, cancel culture. the idea that if your passes and adaptable to current standards he would lose your friends, social status, and fa's password and career.
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he would be shunned from polite society. political correctness on more steroids than lance armstrong which allows no forgiveness relating to not just to your past actions, but to who you are. generally it's things that can't be changed like your race, or pete davidson's bedsheets. in the world of the woke are either oppressed, or the oppressor and early flows in one direction. suddenly we know longer measure anyone by achievement but by different status. which creates a new kind of segregation that is now spreading like omicron and the olympic village. i call it the idea of segregation that we cannot share our knowledge with the ideas of we are not of the same tribe. now we see this with crime, this show is been blaring about rising crime. but the people who need to hear it won't listen because it's coming from us. it is the fox crying wolf. they would rather drown in raw sewage the lesson us.
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in fact all issues from the border, to crime, to cope it. the division of ideas and none shall mix. no mention of this kind of thing existed before we had a chance to make things. mike did you ever wonder about how a pencil is made? i certainly hope that we have some grainy footage of him lying around that with the playwright now. >> from which it is made from all i know comes from a tree that was cut down to the state of washington. to cut down the tree, it took a saw. to make the saw took steel. to make the steel it took iron ore. this black center we call it led but it's really graphite, compressed graphite i'm not sure where it comes from, but i think it comes from lines in south america. this red top appear, the eraser, a bit of rubber. probably comes from -- were the rubber trio isn't native it was imported from
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south america by some businessmen with the help of the british government. i haven't the slightest idea where it came from or the yellow paint. or the glue that holds it together. [laughs] >> greg: the moral is obvious it's not like one person sits in a room makes a pencil. as the lady in a pantsuit once said, it takes a village. now you can use that pencil to write whatever you want, or the guy was eyes out if you're watching. this is the case for everything we use today. it is the division of labor. which is not referring to twins being born more than 30 minutes apart. this clipboard right here, the chair that i am in, kat's hair extensions it probably weren't made by a single entity but a single of sources, ideas, and of course labor. from people who never even met each other.
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i wish this is how the show is produced. imagine a focus existed before the pencil was made, could the division of labor exist? think of the macro aggressions. why does the pencil to be yellow? why is in a black? are you black? given of transgender people of color grading pencils? talk about carbon footprint. and why number two? why can't they all be equal? woke is and prevents cooperation needed for any shared label. it will just be pencils, but everything you use. if the work together whether you like it or not. and sometimes you know we have no choice. take the alec baldwin tragedy. if there was an idea of segregation, that woman could be alive today. because there would've been an nra and structure onset and that's cooperation, idea sharing. sure alec baldwin might not like these instructors politics but is not there for that. he's there to share his safety expertise. an nra dude what kept a loaded gun out of his hands.
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the idea of segregation, you can't benefit from a person's expertise if they are not like you. the political is nonpersonal. sure, you're having engine problems with their car in your brother-in-law's great mechanic, but he has a black blue sticker on his truck, your walk home. now to joe rogan, this will be no one on earth who is doing more to dismantle idea of segregation than him. the roster of his desk or my diverse than the opening ceremony and they're allowed to speak endlessly of whatever so the listener can decide. it is the antidote to cable-tv wear shows rely on same people say the same things over and over again. look at the show. get 42 minutes of content, divided by five segments, and five talking heads. no wonder i'm on drugs. no wonder cnn hates joe rogan. he's widening the universe as they shrink it. at first the legacy media try to take him down with his covert content. he had doctors on who disagreed with dr. fauci.
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but the takedown didn't take, so now some mysterious people released videos of him saying the n-word from decades ago. the fact that the montage was released after spotify stuck with joe rogan tells you it's also about the words and more about canning joe rogan. he is apologized sincerely. but we all know me watching the first magic mike movie, that will never be enough. the n-word is being used as a tool. they want joe rogan destroyed, i wonder what the angry black male has to say? ♪ ♪ >> greg. this is not to be your normal everyday hateful black man. all them angry. but not for the reasons you might think. yep, joe rogan said the n-word, he said it with a hard r.
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a bunch of times on a podcast. and yes, it is me off when i first saw it. very clever woke, would you kindly left out a few things like it was 12 years ago. nobody cares what he said 12 years ago. , you didn't. where were you? i will wait for a response but we know that will fall on deaf ears. maybe it's time you stop using us african-americans to do your due or work and fight your battles. i get it you use your favorite little words to get us fired up, racist, systemic, critical. in her new favorite word misinformation. and that will get us fired up and won't even look at the facts or what not. we will just jump in and cancel it with you. your fight would joe rogan was about covid. which were losing that conversation so you needed something else. he went right to the good old oak playbook.
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but you went one too many times. how about this? by joe rogan yourself. leave us out of it. look, the n-word is bad. i learned its meaning at four years old. that was the first time i was called [bleep] by a family member. i consider myself an expert on it. now i know the signal be a news flash to woke us blacks we understand the word context. joe rogan should keep that word out of his mouth, everyone should. he said it then, but you're saying it now. for no other reason but to cancel a man that you can compete with. you know what? that sounds racist to me because that is usually when i was called. so you to pull that out of your bag of tricks because you couldn't compete. i think he just told on your woke selves.
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now, i just may be a [bleep], but that sounds a lot like i'll use your words. misinformation. ♪ ♪ >> greg: that was some good stuff. will there you go. you don't have to agree with him or you can. either way, we get along what we always do any helps me me and i help him. that is how it works and why. in making good pencils, making good friends. >> greg: former presidential candidate author and candidate marianne williamson. she was drawn to this show by the scent of deer. radio one podcast host buck sexton. [applause] ask if you will help crows.
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jimmy failla [applause] fox news contributor kat timpf. [applause] >> greg: i've been waiting with baited breath. i'm such a fan. what you've been good to me. we've been good to each other. what we doing later? i saw a great appears to be have that was about joe rogan i don't know. my eyes are so bad. so i can even read that but it says that i'm triple backs but unless they are standing for hate or calling for violence banning some of podcast's too much like burning a book to me, joe rogan should talk and is podcast whatever he wants. i can read what i could. do you still feel that way? would you make of this climate where this people using whatever weapon they can to take people out? >> marianne: i'm nothing anyone has a monopoly on truth.
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i think a free society is where many voices chime in. i think we all need to listen to each other more than jump to judge each other and condemn each other and shut each other down and out think either side the political spectrum should be to self-congratulatory on it. i think we all need to self regulate right now. i think that things honestly have gone too far, people are talking about how were sort of in a state of emotional psychological civil war. i think all of us are having to find that place but we want to passionately say what we believe, but also be somewhat careful. so i think that joe rogan, i agree what you said. i think that he was honest and sincere in his apologies, i believe that the angry black man that we just saw, i think that there is context. and i think if people really wants about racial issues in america the issue is not joe rogan. the issue is the minneapolis police department.
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star and ourselves we are supporting saudi government and a genocidal war in yemen, will be be willing to do that if those people were yemen were white? your serious issues of race to talk about, joe rogan is not one of them. >> greg: i'm glad to a jacket. [laughs] that is probably the real crime. [laughs] are you going apologize for that? [laughs] you can't bring me down. every day, every time you are here you just shocked me with the things that you wear. >> kat: there is no repeats. >> as a parent it is just so refreshing to be a small child without a man. [laughs] >> greg: just a note to my staff that is sitting in the audience laughing. you laugh when i make a joke.
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[laughs] >> there are so many points here. first of all their brilliant and saying that they don't care about the use of the n-word, they care now. it's important right now because he is in the way of their covid narrative. okay, but understand that that is why they care. it's a same reason why jimmy kimmel and jimmy fallon are always siding with the regime because they didn't they would get fired because suddenly them wearing black face and other points in their career will become viable and overcome liability. >> jimmy: but the thing that drives me crazy is i'm so sick of this idea that comedians, even paul casserly joe rogan was also comedian. should be subjected to the same standards as language as an elected official. full point of being a comedian, that was a bargain as you didn't have to take life seriously. >> greg: right. >> jimmy: he spent 24 hours a day watching weed? you don't center for scrutiny
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but here we are. >> greg: that is so true and it drives me crazy when the poses at cnn equate watching, this is a four hour podcast were at least 50% of the people there are high. it's like suddenly your holding this standard that you would for i don't know, edward r borough you for that. it just popped into my head. >> no one can actually define with these on the long term. you can even look at this as revolutionary mob mentality right? as everyone who worked around joseph stalin until i didn't anymore. the reality here is that nobody can actually be pure enough to withstand the constantly shifting mechanism of who gets canceled. >> buck: on the committee in front i think a lot of people have gone super woke because they are afraid if they don't, they need to create a kind of insurance policy for themselves. howard stone as a whole bunch of
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things back the day day, different sketches and things that were done. when you look at the realities of who is getting canceled on who is not. all that matters right now is at the left-wing apparatus one of us on this joe rogan and they found a reason to. they didn't wait very long, they want to silence them on the issue of covid on so they went back and they did the deep dive and they found stuff but they did this on so many people. if the accident a lot of people i feel like i was calling amount, guess what you find that they don't withstand the wokeness. >> greg: the author came out against joe rogan and took all of the pages from his book where he uses the n-word just post them on twitter. it was quite interesting. do you member the weekend and how was it? >> kat: like saturday and sunday? [laughs] yes. it was all right. >> greg: good, good. >> kat: some highs and lows. is that it? [laughs] >> greg: you may address the
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topic now. and i brilliant monologue i would know what to ask you. >> kat: that is my struggle right now. yes, look, again he it was sincere in his apology and he is sorry. you forgiven you move on. again he everyone says stupid stuff. joe rogan, and will be goldberg are talking and having conversations on a camera, on a podcast. he is doing at high a lot. and that's good to be there, and if what people say with a one is progressive and they want to have these conversations so we can learn from each other issues such as race, the last way to do that is to say that because someone has been a mistake, even if they are sorry and they do learn from it. they could no longer have a job ever again. >> if you want to get anywhere is a country, how about a kid of going against hose are discovering covert remedies us take a look at the genocidal commonest regime that gave it to us. it is not amazing that joe rogan
8:17 pm
gets more scrutiny than china. [laughs] yet to be dying laughing right now. >> there is actually a lot of envy around joe rogan right now. that is a reality. i demeaned this current situation. >> 8 million viewers a day. >> he is crushing all of these legacy platforms and given, cnn comes to mind because of what they just went through with sucker. in the digital space in general and the left is losing to rogan. someone speaking from within the tent, that is a apostasy for them. that is why so an excuse. >> greg: don't use words i don't understand. [laughs] >> my bad. >> i do like this, standing in solidarity with nightclub owners. [laughs] >> greg: defund the fashion police that you go. up next, truckers are taken on the chin while they show off her
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>> greg: stop laughing. fund-raising cycle fund me has backtracked on disputing money protesting covert regulation. if rose to 10 million donation saying that law enforcement convince them that it become unlawful. but unlike the people seattle rioters that go defund me have no problem helping a 2,020 where there is multiple cases. they are now refunding all donations automatically. even the ones in canadian money which have learned it just
8:23 pm
colored maple leaves. [laughs] is that true? still not only is the protest continuing sunday big rigs blocked the street. as ottawa declared a state of emergency. truckers in the netherlands they have them there, england, new zealand, australia hit the road to stop the mandates. meanwhile they are defending a photo of her on mast alongside mast school children as the same person who called him incompetent for trying to block mass mandates last summer. her campaign called this a false political attack, even trying to hide behind it being black history month. >> shin's he had read the room there, i'm a little bit shocked because she is one of the most intelligent people and politics. >> brilliant. >> she kind of slipped up here. >> it was in slip up.
8:24 pm
>> she is not wearing a mask when she is one of those proponents of mass mandates. >> greg: for a view of the rest that mandate review correspondent good time gary. [laughs] >> you done? >> wow. >> greg: you know he could be in pain. what we call good time gary? it seems like the nickname doesn't work. i'm also realizing that might be a hypocrite but the truck convoy because i'm totally for it but i probably would be passed off if i was stuck behind it in new york. [laughs] >> one on stacey abrams, she is mathematically at least 100 and more like a thousand times greater risk than the children around her that is a fact. to the fact that she sits there and acts like this is normal
8:25 pm
come the viruses and five people when there are important photos to take and she is not feeling one, democrats a been this for a long time. you have democrats who appear that's a gap masks don't really work. >> buck: they are starting to say this but are allowed to but i'm not allowed to from saint for two years because i can read numbers. that is on the situation. i do i can. first of all i think the canadians, i love these guys. because some people shut down traffic i flip out so i will admit hypocrisy. i'm in a lead a little bit, they are missing some branding opportunities though. using a guy like writing this backs, spreading maple syrup moats around the trucks. there's a lot that they could be doing here. >> greg: you are like a match in a canadian watching this happening in new york and saying you know what they need to do, they need a poor gasoline. you would hate that person. >> buck: it probably artie chew and they don't want to punch in her face. >> greg: a lot of people.
8:26 pm
>> buck: i do love the truckers at us not just in canada anymore. they are in australia, the netherlands, there is of can voice even once forming america. >> greg: that scares me. what he think of the optics of stacey abrams mass close or would he think of the convoy? >> marianne: starwood stacey abrams, this has nothing do with masks. this is nothing to with a photo op. this has to do with the fact that she is talking about millions of people in georgia who have to work 2-3 jobs in order to have the ability to rent an apartment. she sighed about how many millions of people in georgia don't have health care, she thought about how millions of people in georgia do not have an education, cannot go to school. so her political opponents pick one mistake, one moment where she did one thing stupid and try to get to the politics of distraction. a site about a mistake that she did a photo ops that people will not listen to the important things that she's trying to say. >> what she is devastating there
8:27 pm
is a very callous indifference to children. masking children as child abuse. i'll concede that half of these children are wearing masks as they don't see their face for the stacey abrams they are embarrassed. i think they're there to challenge the class president election in 1992. i love you not giving a hard time. people are mad at her is not even a hypocrisy we are immune to democratic hypocrisy when it comes to massive this point. >> jimmy: we saw last week who said he was holding his breath which of the scientific equivalent of saying honor to cocaine i just like the smell of it. come on. the point is that people, people are you looking at that you hypocrisy is the art of the fact that they are kids and masks in the background that shouldn't be. >> marianne: i will give you that. i will give you that, however the policies of her opponent show callousness towards children that is way beyond. >> buck: but those are policies. >> marianne: policies that deny the food that they need.
8:28 pm
we have millions of children, 2 million children in this country a year are homeless. we should be talk about policies and this is all just ways that we stay on the shallow subjects. both the left and the right. >> jimmy: is child abuse. >> marianne: are you saying that her not having a mask on a moment with child abuse? >> no. >> i will say that because it is interesting. >> greg: you said earlier that it was child abuse. didn't you in the green room? >> kat: i've set everything that she's ever done is child abuse. [laughs] [laughs] >> marianne: whether or not children can be educated. hold on. we have found that they are losing academically because -- it shall be focused on one
8:29 pm
thing. >> kat: this wasn't her opponents that post at this photo. she posted a photo which is something to then call them and attack, who attacked her? did you launch the attack? >> there were summing very disingenuous about the photo, also topic of conversation is the photo. but it's black history month. that was our initial explanation from the press as if that is anything to do with anything. >> that is so absurd. >> greg: are we at a time? i know she posted the photo though. >> marianne: she made a mistake just like joe rogan made a mistake. >> greg: they can all make a mistake. i never make mistakes. i'm the perfect host. [laughs] all right good. [laughs] we have to talk about canada but we are at a time. before we go, quick reminder my book tour i will be in phoenix march 19th and salt lake city
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may 21st, go to greg pertain information on next brian had a scare but cnn, the doughboy declared. ♪ ♪ [fire truck siren] [first responder] onstar, we see them. [onstar advisor] okay. mother and child in vehicle. mother is unable to exit the vehicle. injuries are unknown. [first responder] thank you, onstar. [driver] my son, is he okay? [first responder] your son's fine. [driver] thank you. there was something in the road... [first responder] it's okay. you're safe now.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: cnn is stable. and we will keep lying on cable. yes, tiny network is been a soldier on says the man who lives on cinnabon. it's time to celebrate. ♪ ♪ got filled media victory. resignation on sundays reliable source from the station's home auditor assured us that his network is here to stay and then he put the rogue. >> mcgough a little bit here so bear with us. the people who say that we are lacking journalism that we have become an all talk channel, that we have run off from where all opinions all the time.
8:35 pm
that he led us astray, those people aren't watching cnn. >> greg: news flash no one is watching. lester handing out pamphlets at krispy kreme. so what are they watching? there watching complaint about cnn and other channels i don't know what to write about. >> we lost our leader this week. but were not going anywhere. [laughs] will see her next week. [laughs] >> greg: thank heavens. this is great news for gutfeld!, there goes half my content. with chris cuomo gone i can't afford to lose any more cnn anchors. then all i will have left his jokes which is why we are celebrating. ♪ ♪ gutfeld! media victory. ♪ ♪ >> greg: i am so happy that they got fight song in there. what are your thoughts? no one says that trump
8:36 pm
supporter's are occult, where you describe of this guy? >> he made to an international laughingstock. they're basically giving him a lifetime achievement award a postmortem. slick for real if you are throwing a man of the year for the guide future the titanic he think about boat and the like no, he's amazing we love this guy. i'm blown away by it. >> jimmy: would love people don't know his other jokes okay. and of these people who focus on the show and the like he keeps calling him fat. it's never to stop. >> greg: i never called fat. a >> jimmy: you know what i mean. i don't care i can say it is like my bad word. >> greg: i could see of forming a sense with your mouth. >> buck: were getting it into there for a second. is a show at cnn because he looks like jeff zucker he thought it was the biggest tv talent and history of the world. so all of these guys now who had the show's over realize that in a new regime, which i guess when called that because it does feel like leader anyway with him
8:37 pm
gone. it did seem like he might cry that segment. what exactly are they missing? because they made cnn into as you mentioned international laughingstock. they went so anti-trump that i think at some point even msnbc was like you guys might want to come down out of it. mom wanted to let out. >> greg: he created trump. cnn did nothing to play trump. he made them president. >> buck: he was involved in a personal feud and weaponized a legacy media network against donald trump for four years. they don't like each other and that's actually what happened. >> greg: kat what are your thoughts on this penetrating topic? >> kat: if you are going rogue you don't mention you're going rogue. when i go rogue it's far more interesting. >> greg: yes. >> kat: of things are going super well don't come out and say we are not dead. were not going anywhere. that is never a sign that things are going well. [laughs] >> greg: last word.
8:38 pm
>> marianne: adding a media company saying that's out for the american people as a joke to most american people. we understand what they are really doing. >> greg: when you can equate us with cnn. we are wonderful. we are the truth, we are the truth, i'm trying to complete that. >> we report things as we see them factually which incur a lot of wrath. you never in a cap cnn going against their own brand. when tina brings on a republican, it's like a chicken that works on the board at popeye's. he's not exactly operating with the constituent's best interest at mind. we will report against the republican party of its factually accurate. >> which is what we know what the purpose of a clay pigeon is. is not to educate the public
8:39 pm
again about republicans. >> greg: with move on guys. come on next, high school grad degree you can succeed without a degree. ♪ ♪ breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. get fast relief of your worst allergy symptoms including nasal congestion, so you can breathe better. claritin-d. breathe better.
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feel the difference with downy. ♪ ♪ >> greg: today's youth. they prefer practical stills over financial bills. recent high school graduates don't think i'm a college degree is necessary to have a successful career. commission by boot maker wolverine, love their onesies. the results are more surprising. he claims is close. [laughs] 45% of respondents thought that college was a requirement for success, but hundred% agreed that a requirement for success was quote, trying to emulate greg gutfeld as close as possible. most recorder said it was important to consider alternatives to a traditional
8:44 pm
college. a lot of numbers, meanwhile nearly 80% of vocational skills like mechanics, electrics, and welding should be taught in high school. from what we go to expert on higher education. >> form for higher education i would not be at the client today. think i could do this without my degree in advance textiles management? [laughs] need to disagree tell it to a mime. they to listen. and wolverine boots, you let me know when you start to make comically oversized shoes. until then, you sound like a much of bozos. ♪ ♪ >> greg: while i do know what i just saw but i wish i didn't. i say college sucks but it's easy for me to say because i already did it. >> kat: i don't think that college sucks even though that is a great take. [laughs] i think that the reason that so many young people have so much
8:45 pm
debt is because the overwhelming narrative was that it's always worth it to further your formal education when really should be no across benefit analysis with a period as may be not worth it if you're going up to take out huge amounts of, huge amounts of debts for these huge loans they have to take out. you have to think about it like anything else. because there are other ways educate yourself too besides going to a college. putting yourself in debt. >> greg: it's a lot like stripping. >> marianne: is just an argument for free college and cancel in the college system. you know who i was before you invite me. [laughs] [laughs] [laughs] although a person who went to college education does for every dollar we spend on education $7 into the economy, it expands your community. >> greg: no one ever does the second part of that equation. >> you are canceling debt from people who make less. a ghost of the tax bill of someone who didn't go to college for someone who's making more
8:46 pm
money. >> marianne: if i that is canceled. as a stimulus for the economy. >> greg: the college not say it's canceled. we don't want the money. truck drivers, anyone -- >> jimmy: on the side of the room was dealing with it. is all about this was can help you make more money. it's actually an arms race to see how it can help you get jobs. but we are seeing now is increasingly a lot of jobs actually don't really care are that much so a lot of us have learned skills earlier and sooner than you would in four years of school and everyone goes to undergrad guess what. going undergrads no is no longer sorting mechanism to whether or not you're gonna get hired by place. >> buck: that's okay. i just want to do that real quick. [laughs] [laughs] you can go to commute to college and is basically free. go to state college and most of
8:47 pm
them are pretty reasonable. the people who are a hundred thousand dollars in debt from college loans, they decided they were going to take women and gender studies in my alma mater which cost about $60,000 a year. a real major i think i deserve an $80,000 a year on fireball job. us on how the world works. >> greg: i agree with marianne that if there is free college i want the people who can afford it. but i'm not paying for that. >> marianne: education is not about how much money you make. it's about expanding the mind. we are shrinking the american mind. if people don't have access to education, they can also be trade schools. it could also be mentorship programs. but should we should be supporting people and expanding their horizons on every level. both educational, economic -- >> there are some of the finest baristas.
8:48 pm
[laughs] committee college i heard you say it. go to commute to college, you save so much money. nobody teaches you to hate america. >> i still hurried out the nypd, i want anarchists making my coffee. [laughs] >> marianne: they should be unionized. >> greg: anarchists? [laughs] [laughs] >> marianne: it's a queue for unionizing starbucks. [laughs] >> greg: up next we are love life prosper if you change your posture? [applause] ♪ ♪ >> announcer: this program is brought to you by garth sica. you can already have it and not know it. if you have chronic kidney disease... ...your kidney health... ...could depend on what you do today. ♪far-xi-ga♪ farxiga is a pill that works... the kidneys to help slow the progression of chronic kidney disease. farxiga can cause...
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>> greg: for when you have to look attractive for your just won't. [laughs] judy james, a body language expert has come out with a list of the dues of don'ts to make you irresistible, first, tilt your head yeah because she is ugly if she didn't do that. [laughs] i knew this was a scam, but she says is not only a classic flirting technique it makes you more attractive. yes, that works. especially to confuse golden retrievers. so also, show off your thumb. experts say that keeping the thumb and view it an attractive
8:53 pm
trait that models have used for years. yes, that's what i call signs. we looked at models. it works especially well when you tuck your hands in your pockets and leave your thumbs hanging out. she has nothing on this lighting. also do the backward glance look at that. simple over the shoulder glance as you walk away it makes you look and cooler, i can read that joke now. keep going. don't cross your legs at the ankles because according to the bitingly which expert, it lacks sex appeal. also it shows where you've been duct taped. don't cross your arms. whatever you do don't put your hands on your hips, apparently the mesa looks like you're up for a fight or your salsa dancing. now my opinion this is a b.s., if you're good-looking it doesn't matter what you do with your thumb, and if you're ugly on crossing your arms won't help. so do i do? i just make a suit out of money i'm a look at that.
8:54 pm
yeah, put that on i'm beautiful. all right, does anyone believe and body language quickly? i think this is just silly. >> marianne: it's a thing for sure, but when i read that article i was so's shocked the thing about the thumbs. no wanted everyone suggested to me. >> kat: i feel like we do summing thumbs. show your thumbs. >> greg: they show people in a study, pictures of people that the people found were just good pictures and they just said the model at one time had the model of the thumb out. and they said it's a thumb, they didn't know what to do. it's researchers trying to hang out with young college students. [laughs] >> kat: what is your qualifications for being a bitingly which expert? >> greg: it's when you have no more expertise and need someone on local tv station. >> i want to build off one of my
8:55 pm
colleagues just said. body language is real. for my friend i should say that experience in the field if a female after your first date recoils from you at the very end, that is generally i am told not a good thing. [laughs] >> i learn something new. i showed the thumbs and i'm good to go. [laughs] [laughs] >> if a female recoiling away fume is a bad sign then you should call andrew cuomo. i'm killing over here. >> greg: and he's running again. >> all these people are going to die alone that's what i love about the studies. these are real studies someone probably got caught and they were to get me to it in the lab creeping on girls. but it's research. guys don't care. you could be folding our mothers into a suitcase, if we are sleep i made a loud splash would be doing after this?
8:56 pm
>> that's true and who hasn't done that? >> greg: don't go away we will be right back. [applause]
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>> shannon: i'm shannan bream in washington. breaking


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