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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 8, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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solution. they are recommitting to ukrainian sovereignty and may be the ability to defend the eastern flank, should russia become very aggressive. that will do it for me. thank you for watching. catch me every day, fox business at 2:00 p.m. eastern. the market is all over the place. "the five" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> greg: all because of thee. "the five." ♪ ♪ they don't call him slow joe for nothing. president biden running to covid mandates and getting left in the dust by a slew of democratic governors. that's how they travel: in a slew. four liberal blue states announcing plans to rollback
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mask mandates. a new study says kids find it more difficult than adults to recognize people wearing masks, which could hamper their ability to socialize and make friends read the biden white house still insists on masking america's children. >> reporter: do you believe the democratic led states who are breaking with the cdc on this guidance, that they are throwing science away, and that the cdc has acted differently? >> secretary psaki: we don't look at it through that prism. these states still allow for decisions to be made by local school districts. where we have concern is if a kid or parents chooses to wear a mask or a school district decide they should keep mask edits in place, and there are leaders preventing them from doing that. >> greg: the doctors on cnn think it's time for a return to normalcy. >> case counts aren't declining.
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the science has changed. i'm not saying, i don't think anyone is saying that no one should wear masks, but rather that the responsibility should shift from a government mandate, imposed from the state or local district, to an individual responsibility by the family who can still decide that the child can or a mask. >> greg: even though biden has been slow to act, one democrat things we should be thanking him. >> the omicron variant is in retreat. that's not by accident. under president biden's leadership, the public health and the structure was put into place, beginning with the american rescue plane without a single republican vote, to ensure that we can do everything to crush the virus. that's what's been happening. >> greg: dana -- i know, that was hard to believe. [laughter] should we pretend that never
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happened? they claim that they are acting out of science. or, did they see the parade forming, and they wanted to appear a part of or in front of the parade but not behind it, which is how they look now? speech of the heel turn on masks is too quick >> dana: that he'll turn on masks is too quick for me to not believe that there was a memo sent out in democratic circles. president biden is coming to the obvious conclusion, the japanese soldiers who were still fighting the war after it ended. everybody is leading him into this conclusion. what you had today is the dash from the teachers union, she was asking the cdc to clarify. i don't know where clinton young can come of the virginia governor goes, to get this apology. all these democratic governors are doing the same thing. >> greg: harold, we were in
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the green room and you said "congratulations, greg. you should take full credit for this." but, i won't. [laughter] isn't it amazing when there is a change by the people, the leaders have to obey. they saw february 1st as the turning point, and they saw who was in charge? the american people. >> harold: i think you deserve some credit. [laughter] i gave jim jeffries a lot of credit. leadership can be messy. it's not always perfect. we have to secure this journey to where we are, republicans are right or wrong, democrats are right or wrong. i've said many times president trump deserves credit. the vaccine development pace -- two, we are able to distribute things. where we have fallen is we still rely on overseas supply chains
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too much for our drug of element and manufacturing, and that should change. hospitalizations are down, deaths are down. we should be celebrating everyone wearing masks and people getting vaccinated. the first night i came on this show in april, my friend to my left -- she doesn't like to be called my friend -- i called you jesse greg. [laughter] he said if everyone got vaccinated you wouldn't have to wear masks and we could go places in public, businesses could be open. 4 out of 5 people are vaccinated, and -- >> jesse: you remember things i say on the show? >> harold: -- 2 out of 5 are boosted. republicans want to criticize democrats, democrats want to criticize republicans. i am glad we are in a better place today and i am in months ago. >> jesse: joe biden crushed it. thanks, joe. about 1 million dead almost. >> greg: a question about joe.
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he is late to everything. do you think he doesn't feel the actual effects of stuff going on unless he views it politically? >> jesse: yeah, he's slow. he reminds me of reina. he is just bad weather. [laughter] i think of clouds when i think of joe biden. i think of rain putts reading -- >> greg: a little late. [laughter] >> jesse: i need help. it >> greg: it is a great book. >> dana: stands the test of time. >> jesse: i'm not going to argue with democrats and say "this is why you are wrong on masks." they are going to cling to their beliefs because they have pride and are not going to admit they are wrong, song going to let them figure out how wrong they are. i don't know how because i haven't finished reading the book. left to i'm going to do. i took dana's advice the other day and booked someone you said i should: a danish guy.
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you know that they declared it in denmark. >> dana: february 1st. >> jesse: i asked "how do do do it?" he said "we had the government say it's no longer a national health emergency, and it's up to each individual to navigate the pandemic." speech of the country did not fall apart. >> jesse: they are fine! they are drinking -- it is about right and wrong. now that the democrats have caught on, we are not going to rub it in. the governor was on cnn the other day, murphy from new jersey. one of the hosts said "do you have evidence that masking kids works?" he couldn't answer. they asked again, and he couldn't answer. i don't have evidence that it works, so we are not going to tease them about it, we are going to let them figure it out.
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>> greg: do you think they are being stubborn because they mistake the will of the people for a political adversary? it's like they look at the truckers, which we will talk about -- the more you tell them it's time to do it, the more they dig in. >> jeanine: they see themselves as a separate class. jesse, you said something that is not about right or left. this poll, 71% of independents think it's time to move on, 89% of republicans, 47% of democrats. the democrats still want -- i have this image in my head. the more i'm on this show, the more i have these crazy images in my head. people on fire saying "what should we do?" new jersey, connecticut, delaware, oregon. no more masks. no one has any sense of what's going on. although randy did talk about the fact that dominic
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although she talked about wanting to move on, she was on television today and said she was not ready to move on until there is a 0 transmission. >> greg: impossible. >> jeanine: that tells you that randi weingarten is not ready to move on. she got into this thing with the cdc last year and said "i want to influence the cdc," emily thanked her for her input. "now, waiting for you to tell the cdc." >> dana: i think that's why there was a polling memo. she is asking the cdc "help me convince the futures it will be okay." >> jesse: randy savage? randy savage. [laughter] put you in a choke hold. >> harold: just want to make sure i'm following. >> dana: the wrestler. [laughter] >> greg: up next, the media and justin trudeau slamming the
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: the freedom convoy of truckers continuing to press the point on vaccine mandates. the mayor of auto asking the canadian government for an additional 1800 police officers. the demonstrations creating a traffic jam in the u.s. even, after truckers temporarily shut down a bridge that connects detroit with canada. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is ramping up his criticism, comparing them to nazis. >> pm trudeau: people of ottawa do not deserve to be confronted with the violence of a swastika flying on a street corner, or confederate flags, or the insults and jeers just because they are wearing a mask. >> dana: some media outlets using terms like "sedition,"
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"threat to democracy" to describe the protests. >> it sounds familiar: a threat to democracy, insurrection, sedition. >> the movement is being called an insurrection by some, paralyzing the canadian capital. >> those with the so-called freedom convoy say they are staying put. >> it's... a... cult. >> dana: it is not a so-called freedom convoy: it is called the freedom convoy. >> greg: they are so stupid. >> dana: the media angle, please. >> greg: this is a class issue. they don't like the working class. what's his face, the bozo who is -- trudeau, an elite cupcake. what you are saying right now is bad appling. they are trying to find the worst example of your group and generalize it to the hole. when they can't find one, they
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make it up. for example, one of trudeau's staffers, henchmen whatever, took a photo of an anti-semitic flyer and said "look what we found amongst the truckers." that was a 2-year-old flyer that appeared in miami for something completely different. they couldn't even bad apple correctly. they are so irrational. a lot of people, $1 billion of damage done in the united states because of the riots -- there were a lot of critics. some of them in canada, some in america saying "mostly peaceful. when the lid and got out of hand, it is a social injustice. that is why people loot." these are the same bozos that embraced law and order on january 6th, and are calling canadian truckers seditionites. i invented that word.
2:18 pm
we advocate justice as long as you don't cause damage, do not make the local's lives worse, do not give your opponent something to smear you with. i think that is important. in the protest world, these guys do not protest. >> dana: jesse, we've been covering this, but these truckers were planning this for at least two months. justin trudeau, had he read dale carnegie's book, "how to win friends and influence people," he could have nipped it in the bud. [laughter] instead, they are calling them nazis. >> jesse: the elite cupcake? delicious. [laughter] i am impressed canada is making the news. i've been in this business for 20 years. [laughter] we had the mayor who smokes crack in toronto. i have not heard a peep from toronto since the crack-smoking mayor. we should send these truckers down to texas. i don't like how trudeau is
2:19 pm
fielding democrat talking points. those are american talking points: the race card, those were made in america. we should slap a tariff on the race card. not going to pay his price. you made a point of the other day, the confederate flag. it doesn't make sense. it's a confederate flag in canada. that is like the japanese celebrating thanksgiving. [laughter] it makes no sense for it to be celebrated there! i don't like how they are smearing them. mainstream articles are saying "the angry truckers." blm was like "these are broken --" no one was angry! >> dana: they are calm and purposeful. justin trudeau gave additional comments today. >> pm trudeau: we are sick and
2:20 pm
tired of mandates. but, mandates are the way to avoid further restrictions. >> jeanine: he is full of it. [laughter] thought the spot was going longer. >> greg: they say that a lot about him. >> harold: i don't fully understand this story. [laughter] what i do understand is the truckers are engaged in civil disobedience. it doesn't seem to be moving the leadership of the country. in our country, when you disagree with what politicians are doing, you can protest and stand up. the 2-3 ways you tried to get a lot repealed is go to court, encourage or impress upon lawmakers to do a petition, or you unelect those lawmakers. it is like wanting to be involved in decision-making in schools.
2:21 pm
i hear this. attorney generals are making a point about this, and showed about the gofundme thing. a big tech company redirecting people's money to any organization, to an organization that the tech company wanted to give. that is illegal. i thought the judge handled that well. this strategy, it does not seem to be working. if i were them, i would go to ottawa, to parliaments, or litigate in court and try to get this overturned. if the majority over to if the majority agree, then it gets overturned. >> dana: many have said "we agree with you, because the government is overly heavy-handed." it's not just mask mandates and that the vaccine. if they can get to a deal on that, maybe the truckers would go. >> jeanine: everybody is fed up. i don't care if you are in canada, australia, the united states, podunk iowa. >> harold: that's in the united states, for the record.
2:22 pm
[laughter] >> jeanine: everyone is fed up. if "janine, you are sitting on the bench and they came before you and said "we want an injunction, we want them to stop doing what they are doing,"" the judge in me says absolutely, these people should not be interfering with the livelihood of those people in ottawa or in the area. however, that does not apply to sedition ists or the insurrectionist. $1 million in damage to businesses. that is another issue. mark to me, i support these truckers. this is about people saying "we are going to join together, we are fed up with you, and your nonsense, your make-believe this and that." i am vaccinated for those of you who are going to send me hate mail. enough is enough. damaging children. there you have it.
2:23 pm
earlier, he did not have a mask on. same with stacey abrams. end it expect to be too they just got rid of their conservative leaders in canada. they need better leadership on that side, but justin trudeau could have nipped this in the bud, but he decided not to. next, biden and kamala harris in serious problems. why democrats worry they could drag down the entire party, harold. [laughter] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the president and his approval ratings seen as toxic. candidates in tough races are refusing to say if they want the president to campaign with them. this liberal governor admitting he's not sure whether biden should run for reelection. as for kamala harris, she's trying to reboot her image again. staffers reported they wanted a vice president on the road doing more interviews, even though every single sit down has been an utter disaster. is biden a hazard to the political health of the democrats? [laughter] >> harold: on the show a few days ago -- politicians are not the most courageous when it comes to looking at politicians and saying "i want to be with that person." you what win collections by looking ahead. i gave president biden credit
2:29 pm
for seeing mistakes and trying to correct them. he was here with mayor adams, the most dynamic figure in the party when it comes to safety issues and crime. two, this president is two weeks away -- $20 million investment in columbus, ohio, with intel, a public/private partnership with a company that made semiconductor chips in ohio. i think the real legacy is figuring out what we did not have in place when covid hit, and how do we ensure we don't have that problem again? pharma, semiconductor chips, ai, more robots. he made that mistake in afghanistan. building a coalition, building with ukraine, and sending the ultimate, powerful message to china that if you are not going to push sullivan, lincoln, this congress and democrats are going to -- if we want to talk about where we will face division, an hour ago at the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said to those in his party and
2:30 pm
president trump and the rnc "you were wrong. dominic to senator lynch chaining." a leader in our party, nancy pelosi, chuck schumer, and biden are on the same page. >> what about -- >> harold: president trump has been criticized by mitch mcconnell and the rnc. i wouldn't play that if i had it either, but those are the facts. it >> jeanine: what it seems like, in 2021, what the democrats did is try to make the election all about president trump. now, it appears that the democrats are trying to make -- or, the republicans are trying to make the election all about joe biden. they think it is a winning policy. >> greg: the premise of this segment i think is that this ticket should come with a warning: may cause you to lose 48 states. [laughter] it's the equivalent of smoking. having said that, it's a good
2:31 pm
problem to have. means they have won since they are in the white house, but they have terrible ticket. they have won, they are supposed to figure out the rest later. but now, it's later, and they haven't figured out what to do with this terrible ticket! it's weird. when harris is missing, you are like "where is she?" when she pops up, you remember why she's missing. joe, he has lost an entire ladder, not just a step. i understand why they are hidden, but at some point, you are going to have to pull him up out of the ground. they are either going to run or they are not. >> jeanine: one of the things they say about kamala harris is that she has been given the tough assignment -- like the border. she went on there and said "we need to follow the border," and she would be okay. she is not considered -- isn't
2:32 pm
she redeemable? >> dana: the problem with their ticket is that the damage is done. the governor of nevada, when he said that president biden shouldn't run again -- i don't know if i'm saying that exactly how he set it to come but he was basically saying the quiet part out loud. that's what all the democrats think, but few are willing to go on the record. i think more and more democrats vote continue to separate themselves. look at the mask mandates. murphy does not want to hurt joe biden, but he's saying "i'm going to try to do the right thing." for kamala harris and her staff, constantly doing interviews about how she wants to go out on the road. you don't have to keep doing interviews about that! go out on the road! people will follow you read it's a great idea. she could create something like "the kamala harris good citizen award." she could go to these communities and say "you are
2:33 pm
doing great things for america." she would be out on the road and out of joe biden's thinning hair. [laughter] >> jeanine: can she answer question without laughing? >> jesse: no, and i have made a list. it's only been one year. she has had a reboot, a reset, a relaunch, she has redefined. [laughter] she's also had a shake-up, adjustments, and a course correction. i heard a new one. this isn't a reboot, she is just turning to chapter two. if you had an ipad with this many problems, you would return it. [laughter] >> jeanine: 11. up next, shocking video shows a brutal school attack and classroom violence. horrible. ♪ ♪ for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset...
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>> harold: a shocking video showing a brutal beating in the las vegas school. students laughing as one of their classmates gets pummeled. if you are warning: this is tough to watch. >> stop. get off of her. [laughter] >> harold: the attacker has been charged with battery. it's unclear what injuries the victim suffered. the school district says it takes every incident seriously, is committed to safety, and will not tolerate violence in the high school. all of the country, higher reports of violence, misbehavior, assault, and drug use among students. i don't know if you saw these in the classroom or courtroom, these kind of cases, or if you prosecuted these, but how should we think about this and what should they be doing in las vegas school districts and other school districts? >> jeanine: there's only one way to think about that.
2:39 pm
that's a crime. that's a crime that not only dehumanizes the victim, but the crime that is being committed in front of other students with no one stopping this young woman who's doing this, the defendant, at this point. it's the kind of thing that has to stop. if there were other students that were laughing, if there were other students that were involved -- i don't know at what point that video started. i don't know what happened before that. if one of the things the public has to be aware of is when you get one piece of a video, you never know what happened. right there, that is a beat down, an assault. they call it battery in nevada. i called the police department, and they said the student who was doing the beating was given a citation, and could not be given more because she is a juvenile. she is in juvie.
2:40 pm
what is her record? does the law in nevada allow people to prosecute her as an adult? that is not a girl just slapping another girl. she's punching her with fists, a beat down. i don't know the injury to the victim. has she got cerebral injuries, any concussions? is it a simple assault or felony assault? what has to happen, this has to stop. i want to know why this teacher is standing there. "get her off this student." it is unacceptable. this is a reflection of the violence that is going on around this country. from people getting nuts in rob green versus people fighting in dunkin' donuts over a mask. i'm talking to jan saki. the only time it waltzed opposite if we are soft on crime and there are no consequences,
2:41 pm
this will continue. >> jesse: i was going to blame her too. [laughter] the teacher doesn't want to get involved because the lawyers will sue her. this is happened. i was sitting behind a kid junior high and spanish class. i was whipping rubber bands at the back of his neck. >> harold: this is the part -- >> jesse: the back of his neck got beet red, tore his flesh up. after the last one, he turns around and went -- i blocked all the shots, but he definitely got a few shots off. >> jeanine: did you get in trouble? >> jesse: yes. i threatened we would fight after class. we got suspended, in school suspension, and then patched things up. we ended up stealing beer from the special office where they used to entertain for fund-raisers, and stashed outside. >> harold: should i interrupt?
2:42 pm
statute of limitations? [laughter] >> jesse: i got the beer later before a dead show. at >> greg: this did not help this story. [laughter] >> jesse: someone needed to help. pick the kid up after grading blows down. you cannot have someone launch off on some girl and not intervene. >> greg: maybe should have been hitting him in the back of the neck. >> jesse: i deserved it, and maybe that's what they called it. >> harold: police officers, law enforcement's in school, should we have more? >> greg: in some schools, absolutely. this brutal beating remind you of prison. that's a jailhouse beat down. no one intervenes, because no one wants to get on the bad side, including guards, inmates, and men which is sad. school districts like this are holding cells for kids. they never learn anything but how to throw a good punch. apparently, she knows how to throw go to punch. that's something you throw in jail. forget kamala harris. the reboot has to be about our
2:43 pm
corrupt educational systems. we are producing kids learning nothing but stuff like that. they are already in the hole in high school. what do you do? >> jeanine: they have school resource officers, most schools. >> harold: i saw you on trey gowdy's show. you were excellent talking about the way to address these challenges. there are clearly mental health issues may be as well. >> dana: in terms of what was the beginning of the video, also, the beginning of their lives. someone beating somebody else up like that may have been beaten up herself. i don't know. i would look at the graduation rates of this school district. it will surprise you. for many decades, we will be analyzing the impact of school lockdown on these children and teachers, and what their lives are going to be like having been asked up and in remote learning. there are some school districts where there are problems at school, where there are many parents who want permanent remote learning so the kids don't have to deal with that.
2:44 pm
>> harold: the problem is around bullying, and i hope we address that as well. ahead, a big city mayor telling people to dig ditch meat to and go vegan. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: new york city mayor erica adams telling people to give up meat. adams like to brag about his strict all vegan diet, but we know it's baloney. the mayor pressed after reportedly getting caught ordering fish at two nice manhattan restaurants. >> i.e. eat a plant-based center life. some people want to call me vegan. vegans eat oreos and drink coca-cola. to those following me in restaurants, wondering what i'm ordering, listen: i'm not doing that, that's noise to me. a plant-based scented -- >> jesse: as lovers of freedom and tasty meats, we have a message for mayor adams: command
2:49 pm
take it! [laughter] we won't allow that. especially greg. >> greg: morgan's brooklyn barbecue is where i get my ribs. this is the best ribs in new york city. >> jesse: that is a nice rack. >> greg: and the ribs are great. my fourth one. [laughter] >> jesse: would you like to make an analogy? >> dana: erica adams -- remember mayor de blasio? remember when he dropped that groundhog and never lived it down? this is erica adams' moment rated no one will that he is a vegan. tongue and cheek, but this is a guy i have heard thanks could be president one day. iowa state fair, you are going to be eating a lot of things you never thought you would. >> jesse: a presidential faux pas over here like i've never seen. harold ford jr. just ate a rib
2:50 pm
with a knife and fork. >> harold: i'm not picking up -- >> dana: it's a stake! >> harold: i've still got it on my face. >> greg: i've got to tape a show later and i'm disgusting. >> jesse: you could never -- not letting them have meat at school on mondays and fridays, and fridays is a vegan friday. i used to have to play sports after school. they are going to be passing out. >> harold: i try to limit the amount of red meat, but i give the mayor a lot of credit. he is the mayor. get the crime issue, get public safety done. eat whatever you want. [laughter] >> greg: a tofu burger will not protect you. >> jesse: i want everybody to know that we had a decision what kind of meat we all wanted to get. the judge chose chick-fil-a. [laughter] >> jeanine: i want to make a
2:51 pm
comment on what the mayor is saying. he is saying "i got to get new yorkers to eat a plant-based diet." worry about yourself, not what we eat. this is what reminds me of bloomberg -- that 32 ounces thing. then aoc says "get off hamburgers. "sorry, greg. [laughter] >> jesse: i hope you do not eat in front of your wife, because that is revolting. [laughter] >> jeanine: that's all i have to say. >> jesse: i'm going to have a lamb chop like a real politician, straight off the bone, harold. this is how you do it. "one more thing" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for
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guted gut a lot of meet in front of me. all right. one more thing. i'm going first. animals are great ♪ animal are great >> greg: celebrity sighting but everybody believed i would have been too mean to use a certain person. instead, look at this adorable baby elephant in a kiddy pool. apparently the kiddy pool wasn't big enough for the zoo keepers fort worth, texas or for the adorable baby elephant. look at this rolling around. definitely not a celebrity sighting. >> jesse: what was the name of the elephant? >> greg: might have been. >> dana: brian? >> greg: bronzos sounds like brian. 3-month-old elephant splashes around helps ward off cabin he
2:57 pm
will fever when you are a baby elephant. i feel like a baby elephant now. going to have. >> jesse: baby litter. >> greg: sauce over my lip and my ty. i'm disgusting. where am i? judge? >> judge jeanine: my pigs used to have a pool like that go in and swim in the pool they don't have sweat glands so they go in the pool they roll around in water. that's why they roll around in mud they are trying to get cool. that's not my one more thing though. [laughter] >> judge jeanine: uplifting story about dogs finding their forever home. dog relocation networks have been springing up across the country to solve an issue that many people don't know exist. some states have oversupply of dogs others struggling with scarcity states that have too many to states too few. those help dogs in a packed shelter avoid euthanasia. they have been instrumental in connecting these shelters. a huge shoutout to all the animal welfare organizations out there. these groups are doing everything they can to actually
2:58 pm
save the animals because animals are great. >> greg: they certainly are. stay out of my turf. jesse? >> jesse: hostile tonight. >> dana: yeah. >> jesse: feeding frenzy to goat with the meat segment. we couldn't leave without having a little dessert. here is a new treat that i don't think anybody has ever asked for ham and jam ice cream. salt and straw figured this out and teamed up with the salty donuts to put together new flavors. ham and jam. come on, guys, dig in. bacon and jelly snraferred ice cream. there is real jelly in there and real ham. i love it. >> greg: you don't like it? >> judge jeanine: really good. >> judge jeanine: i don't eat anything with ham in it. >> jesse: no sweat glands in that ham. tonight, "primetime," we have encountered a demon at the border and now we have definitive proof that joe biden is working with the cartels and peacocks are invading.
2:59 pm
and we're going to also be doing a deep dive and do girl on girl fights. it's a phenomenon that's new. >> greg: it is new. >> dana: all in one hour. >> harold: and with that a doorbell camera catching this sweet exchange has gone viral. watch this. >> thanks for grabbing the ball for me. that's really nice. >> can i get a hug? >> i was knocking on the door. >> too scared to knock on the door. >> it's okay. >> harold: when 6-year-old asher lost his ball. his neighbors 7 and 9 years old returned it asher's mom said about the video this is about pure love and i hope they don't lose it 8-year-old and 6-year-old. i hope they behave the same way. were they wearing masks? >> dana: that's all i want to know. >> greg: that's all i want to know. >> dana: 30 seconds. this woman was at the right place at the right time at home working at home conference call. zoom call, hold on a second and
3:00 pm
hangs up on a team. three fishermen were in the frigid water for 45 minutes. because of her sharp eye they were able to rescue them way go pam hart is her name. congratulations. >> greg: all right. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hello, bret. >> bret: hello, greg. [laughter] >> bret: that was a good one. [laughter] >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight we will take you live to ukraine as tensions mount there from russia in a bit. mask mandates and the politics around them. especially when it comes to schools. but, first, crime and punishment as crime spikes across this country, senate republicans now want answers on one specific case. a black lives matter activist who authorities say burned down a building during a protest and active arson that ended up killing a man. the senators want


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