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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 9, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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two days in a row. we were watching you, you better. rich from greensburg wisconsin, are the bite and crack pipes going to be made in america, i guarantee you they are made in china. tucker is up next. and remember one thing. i'm watters, and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." it seems pretty fat fascinating to see the democratic party recent polling on covid restrictions. it must've been pretty awful, apocalyptic. because some things spooked them come about. in less than a week, the same people who systematically turned america into a quarantine camp
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called in unison for medical freedom. suddenly they sounded like bobby kennedy jr. pretty. pretty much all of them. turning covid history into a religion are now calling for a total abandonment of all corona restrictions. open everything, the time to end pandemic restrictions is now. believe it or not, that was a headline on the atlantic's website today. amazing. so even if the atlantic can give up on covid restrictions, obviously the pandemic is over. you should know this virus has killed, not by science, but by the midterm election. it turns out the only real cure for covid-19 is the political ambition of the democratic party. and by the way, that's fine beard we will take it. yes, every up site a downside. they are going to emerge from their apartment for the first time in two years, it will be loose on the streets. you're going to see them at
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whole foods again shoveling along with her tote bags looking anointed. that is bad, but it's still worth it. anything to make the insanity go away. we are also looking forward, and the question is, how do we guarantee that nothing like this ever happens again? prevent future mass hysteria events is very simple. you restore democracy. you give americans a voice in the policies that affect their lives. that was the system we had for a couple of hundred years. a pretty good system, we have to go back to it. we would have far fewer covid restrictions. and that is true of everything. every bad idea. if the congress had to follow the constitution and authorize our wars, we would have fewer pointless wars. we definitely would not be moving toward a war with russia right now because the public doesn't support that at all. so virtually every bad thing that is happened over the past two years forever has been
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imposed far outside the bounds of a constitutional democracy. in this case, governors and health authorities have emergency powers at the beginning of the pandemic. do you remember? with those powers they played god for two full years. in case you'd forgotten what that looks like, here it is. >> that is why tonight i'm authorizing the city to shut off los angeles department of water and power service in the egregious cases in which houses, businesses, and other venues are hosting unpermitted large gatherings. >> religious services will be limited to 25% of indoor capacity or 200 people, whichever is less. they are prohibited from performing. human beings are pretty predictable. if you say your paycheck depends on it or your ability to enjoy life and go do things you want to do, people will make the practical decision overwhelmingly and they will get vaccinated.
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but we aren't pushing hard enough, we need to go further. >> look, this is no different than what happens if there is a party down the street and it is keeping everyone away. what do neighbors do? they call it law enforcement. >> this is how it's going to be. we will shut you down, we will cite you, and if we need to, we will arrest you and we will take you to jail. period. >> jesse: they went to full fascist immediately and they weren't even confident fascists. these are some of the least impressive, least skilled, least accomplished, least intelligent people in our entire country. he wouldn't hire anyone to clean your gutters. all of the sudden they had absolute power. it is probably not too surprising that they went into directions no one could have anticipated. no singing, no dancing, no working, definitely no exercise. we are closing the gems in the name of public health. in fact, we are closing the ocean. in 2020 in a moment that should
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never be forgotten, authorities in the state of california arrested a paddleboard or who was exercising by himself off the malibu pier. >> fines and handcuffs for band behavior paired one man arrested in metal bill for paddle boarding in the pacific. the cited for transparency and on closed beaches. >> tucker: everything about that is stunning. less than two years later, even. it's totally normal to direct paddle border as a way for swimming alone. as of collapsed and vigorously police the pacific ocean, spread disease. our media, almost to a person, acted like the peasants they are and they cheered on the strongmen. reflexively. that is what they do. they cheer as the person oppressing them rides behind the
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horse. here is msnbc excitedly reporting on how police in new jersey used drones to spy on homeowners in their own backyards. >> elizabeth, new jersey, is using drones to spread the life saving message. it makes them easier for them to see into certain areas where access by patrol cars is more difficult. that includes tight spaces between buildings, behind schools, and in dockyards. >> tucker: some robot is screaming at you as you are having a barbecue in your backyard and msnbc describes that as the life-saving message. don't depend on his people to save you from tyranny. of course they will be cheering you on. at the same month that they aired that unbelievable report, we decided to speak to the governor of new jersey. phil murphy is a finance hack who got rich.
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how do these people get rich, exactly? but in his case, thanks to the wuhan institute of technology, he found himself king of the garden state. so we asked his majesty, where exactly did he get the right to suspend constitutional rights in new jersey? and here's what he said. >> the bill of rights, as you will know, protects americans to practice their religion as they see fit and to congregate together to assemble peacefully. by what authority did you nullify the bill of rights in issuing this order? how do you have the power to do that? >> that's above my pay grade. i wasn't thinking of the bill of rights when we did this. >> tucker: that's above my pay grade says king murphy. he's got an iq of about 70. how did you get to be governor? that's bad enough, but to given absolute power? let's never do that again.
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checks and balances exist for a reason for it we saw this all over the country. governors and local officials abusing their authority very specifically to stop christians from attending church. prevent people from worshiping their god and exercising their religion. somehow nobody noticed. but voters noticed. last fall, phil murphy almost lost his job in new jersey which is the most democratic state you can think of on the eastern seaboard. murphy seemed a little confused by this. my subjects don't like me? i had no idea. let's find out what's going on here. according to "the new york times," here is what majesty found. "across the board, voters shared frustrations over public health measures. and a deep desire to return to some sense of normalcy. and by normalcy of course they meant getting phil murphy's boot off their knocks. so murphy, as he said, seemed a little stunned by this.
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but he reacted because in the end, these people are very simple organisms. they are not complex, they are not ideological. they respond to what they have to do to blunt stimuli. he recognizes the midterm elections are coming. he lifted the states mask mandates bear that is happening in a lot of different places. governors in connecticut, oregon, delaware, california, illinois. even in new york where the governor, that is what we call an unelected leader with not a single vote are actually voting the for them, the governor reach the same conclusion. kathy hochul, the governor -- it's hilarious. by the way, in a lot of places you can be arrested for impersonating a public official. she's not the governor, she's never been elected by anybody and nobody's arrested her. she apparently has the power to lift the mandate, so she's doing that. they still have power, they don't want to give it up. so the state health department
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in new york is trying to expand the states quarantine powers just in case they ever have to put you in a camp. they've decided not to lift the mask mandates and schools. meanwhile, the cdc still requires u.s. citizens to get a negative code of the test in order to return to their own country. they have the power to bar you from your own country? where did they get that power? they are a bunch of incompetent public health administrators. the bided administration announced the mask mandates on airplanes. why would the biden administration be in charge of that? shouldn't congress make that call? they are the ones who voted for that mandate. but they didn't. congress never voted on that mandate. the agencies imposed it. it does not apply to private jet service. those people who fly private -- they rent a plane from a jet company. those companies don't have to comply, because democratic
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donors fly on those planes. they are exempt. the tsa announced in august that the airline mask mandate would remain in place through march 18th. congress had no role in this. they voted to spend trillions of dollars on covid relief, but nobody in the congress ever voted on a mandate for masks on airplanes. will we have it forever? i don't know, you've been taking your shoes off since he tried to ignite his 20 years ago. no one ever voted on that either. none of this is democracy, not that when they make you cover your face. those decisions are too important for you to weigh in on. it's not democracy. the pandemic is over, but people like kathy hochul still have emergency powers and school boards to too. they're acting like they have complete power over your children. in illinois, a court issued a restraining order against the state whites mask mandate. the school board is simply ignoring it. on monday, parents fought back.
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>> why are you continuing to enforce a mandate that has been ruled melt and void? >> this type of evil is exactly what the law was intending to constraint. yet you continue to perpetrate this evil. the judge's words, not mine. >> where is our family trust? you want your kids to wear masks, then give the masks. you want them to take their masks off? then take their mask off. it really is that simple. >> you've hurt her so much with this. everybody has got to be safe, everybody's got to have everything. we've left so many children behind. kids would be able to understand her and she would stop being picked on because they could not understand her through her mask because her speech has been delayed even more than her special needs. i will never forgive myself for not fighting more. i feel like i have filled her
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for not fighting more. >> tucker: they are doing to the school board with the truckers are doing to justin trudeau, let's hope it has the same effect. keep in mind, they are in that meeting because the school board is ignoring a lawful court order and of course blowing off the parents they serve. the answer to all of this is really simple. strip these reckless of their powers and return this country to democracy. why is that hard? victor davis hanson, senior fellow, always great to have them on the show. thank you so much for coming on. voters got to vote on all the stuff, maybe wheat it would different outcomes. >> i'm kind of thinking you are right, that the omicron virus -- a little bit different and it is boomer ringing. now hurting by at the democrats. they've really changed the voting laws and they did that to court orders and bureaucratic
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edicts on march and april of 2020. i don't think they are going to say, let's just go back to a reverence for election day. they had 102 million people vote absentee or early voting. we have never done that before. the rejection rate in many states decreased by a magnitude of ten. so we have three times the number of ballots being basically mailed in and yet the rejection was almost a tenth of what we did on normal absentee ballots and that gave a lot of room for error. i don't think they will ever give that up. that was the most important lockdown go but responds that they had. a lot of these people, they have to have foot soldiers. we have this huge administered a bureaucratic state and i think we can really address, why is anthony fauci there in that position for 38 years? he controls billions of dollars purities the most powerful health official in the world in the public sector. can he move on after eight years?
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we've got to say, there has to be a 10-year on these bureaucracies. they serve as judge, jury, and executioner. we the people have to say that the law applies to you. if you are john brennan and you are head of the cia and you lie under oath and say no, no we are not spying on the senate, then it has to be -- no, no, the nsa does not buy on people. if you are anthony fauci, we don't subsidize gain-of-function research. there has to be repercussions. if you are james comey and you say 245 times, i can't remember under oath, and there is no repercussion because they feel that they are a state onto themselves. we've got to break these people up and these administrative bureaucracies. maybe put some of them in kansas city or texas or have tenure limits or stop the revolving doors. if you are the head of a health agency, you don't go right on to a pharmaceutical board for the next do you get out of office or you don't go work for a big
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contractor and -- we have to have some way to restrict the power of these unelected legislative executives and judicial powers in one person. >> tucker: that's for sure. it sounds like a bigger task than we imagine. i've always learned a lot from your analysis of these things. victor davis hansen, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> tucker: at this point, people have been yammering about january 6 for more than a year, see you think they'd know everything about january 6th. where was kamala harris that day? the justice department has told us one thing for almost a year, now we are learning something completely different. one of the weirdest stories we have ever seen. it significance? we will let you judge. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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everything about that day. maybe not the little things. but certainly the big things. for example, where was kamala harris? on 1:00 p.m. on january 6. we know where joe biden was, we know where mike pence was. what about kamala harris? so for the better part of the year, no one really asked that question because we thought we knew the answer. has was inside the capitol building when protesters swarmed the gate. we all believe this because the justice department said so. in dozens of criminal indictments, they suggested that kamala harris was on the scene when the riot began. the doj used the presence at the capital that the democracy itself was under attack. our first black vice president president-elect physically threatened by crazed racist insurrectionist spirit that is the story that judges and grand juries heard from the department of justice. and then come out of nowhere, last november that story changed. actually we learned kamala harris was not in the capitol building the afternoon
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of january 6. she was somewhere else. where was she? no one would say. but she was not at the capitol. so in the face of that fact, the justice department was forced to file dozens of corrected indictments to fix the lie they told, which was not a small lie, but a very significant lie. but still, no one answered the more basic question. where was kamala harris on january 6? even fellow democrats began to wonder about this. why wouldn't they? last week we find out. see none reported that they were at the democratic national committee on capitol hill when the rights began. here is the fascinating part. the dmc building was the site of one of the two pipe bombs planted the night before. apparently by the same people who stormed to the capital pair the on security detail found that bomb at the dnc. according to cnn's account, came within several yards of that explosive device. really? it's remarkable if you think about it.
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kind of a big deal, why haven't we heard that before. and what in the justice department now? why did the doj think kamala harris was at the capital? it's not like kamala harris hasn't talked about january 6. she talked about it constantly since the day it happen. in fact, just last month she gave a speech in which he said january 6 was so traumatic that all americans remember "where they were and what they were doing when the democracy came under assault." she said that spirit that would've been the perfect moment for kamala harris to tell us that she herself came within mere feet of a racist insurrectionist bomb here they literally tried to kill me. you can easily imagine kamala harris saying that. this is a person who puts herself at the center of every story. who invent stories in order to put herself at the center. she told us she was at a civil rights protest as a toddler. but she never mentioned that, that she was right near the bone. and fact, she continued to hide that fact. it is completely bizarre. what is going on here? we are not sure, something is
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going on here. there's no question about that. the story doesn't make any sense. and now that we mentioned it, whatever happened to the investigation into those two pipe bombs? everyone has assumed those bombs were planted by a trump supporter, the media has told us that. who is this person? 13 months later we have no idea. the fbi has no leads at all in the case. that is very strange. the fbi has video footage of the person who planted the pipe bomb. footage of that person said in an apartment outside the dnc talking on the phone, reaching into a backpack and planting the device where they's found at the next day. give think in the age of facial recognition software that video might produce a suspect. you would think the fact that that person was on the phone might be very helpful since people are identified the time in crimes by their phones. but no, no leads whatsoever. nor do they have dna evidence, and that is very weird.
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that means the person who planted these bombs did not leave a single fingerprint, not a single skin cell, hair, or droplet on either one of the pipe bombs. this person never coughed, sneezed, or exhaled moisture onto his or her gloves or on any of the surfaces he or she touched while sneaking around the surveillance fortress that is capitol hill on camera the night before january 6. weird. people who plant bombs are almost always caught, because a lot of physical evidence for this physical evidence was in pristine condition. but this person hasn't been caught. this person, an amateur wearing nike sneakers has confounded the entire fbi crime lab and eluded the largest manhunt in american history. you should know that the first pipe bomb was discovered just minutes before the first assault on the capital at 1:00 p.m. capitol hill police were notified of the bomb at 12:49 p.m.
5:27 pm
protesters at the capitol swarmed the first police line at 1250. that is one minute later. the capital of police at the time later told "the washington post" he believed the pipe bombs were not designed to kill people, they were meant to draw law enforcement away from the capital. they were designed to be found, not to explode. in the words of capitol hill police inspector general "if those pipe bombs were intended to be a diversion, it worked." that would make sense since the bombs themselves could not have been detonated on january 6th. the bombs were planted the night before. a 17 hours before they were found. yet the time is on the bombs were the ancient kitchen clock variety. they could only be set to an hour maximum. the bombs had no remote destination function. so effectively by january 6th, they were in art. what is strange that is that in all the places the world she could have at 11:30 a.m. on january 6, she went to the dnc
5:28 pm
building or her bodyguards probably the pipe bomb. so if the bomb was planted by a trump supporter as a diversion as the capitol police have said, he got to wonder how exactly that worked. what a trump supporter have known where kamala harris was going to be that morning? probably not. even her political allies didn't know for some reason. yet it is fair to assume that if kamala harris hadn't gone to the dnc when she went, the pipe bomb would not have been discovered. in other words, if kamala harris hadn't been there, the bomb couldn't have been the diversion that the capitol police department said it was. it is all pretty mysterious. greatest of all is that the fbi has only released 3 minutes of the video showing the person who planted the bomb. why not release more tape? why doesn't the fbi release all of the videos that it has so that the public can help identify this person. if you really want to catch this person. this person, planted a bomb mere
5:29 pm
yards from the vice president elect of the united states. that is far more a threat to our democracy than anything that happened at the capitol building, by far. and if you wanted to catch this person, you wouldn't release as much information as you could, wouldn't you? it's weird. who is running this fbi investigation? we'd hate to think that person was in any way connected to the fraudulent kidnapping plot that the fbi helped set up a for the 2020 election. we are not sure the answer one way or the other, because the fbi is pretty closed mouth about all this. and that is strange too. what we can confirm is that kamala harris was not chased into danger on january 6 by insurrectionist's. she was driven to danger by the government show fire. and then critically, kamala harris hid that fact for more than a year. why is that? we have a right to know the answer to that question.
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it is not a conspiracy theory, it is an entirely legitimate question. maybe someone could ask kamala harris. trevor lohan may be one of the most qualified people in the world to speak on the question of coronavirus, and at the same time he may be the most censored doctor in america. in challenging the narrative, he did a mask formation psychosis across the country. he joins us now to react from the profound fallout from that interview. ♪ ♪ the place i love. jamaica. heartbeat of the world. let's go!
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>> tucker: is so much going on in the world we forget there is an ongoing invasion of the united states. it is happening in every state. people who have no legal right to be here are being brought here by the white house that is completely ignoring federal law. it's a crime, it's an outrage, and every day we're getting accounts and people from across
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the country on what it looks like. we just got this account last night from an employee that works out of an airport in texas. here is part of what it said. "i put numerous illegals on almost every flight. i've confirmed they have no ids. they range from newborns to their mid-80s. they have all kinds of medical issues. horrified by what they've been given by the government. money, iphones, prepaid for a year. lately it is mostly has been young males not carrying any bags and with no checked bags but we don't know who is on our planes anymore. our airline tells us they are against human trafficking, but these are not families wanting a better life. these people have no proof of anything. our company is in numbness and covers it up. that is not the only company covering. shortly before the meeting on the biden administration tried to give joe rogan fired from his job, he interviewed a physician called robert malone.
5:37 pm
they spoke to dr. malone about the attacks on him, one of his observations was that he may have made a mistake. it's an interesting conversation. here's part affect. ♪ ♪ speak on a personal level, i really enjoyed interacting with them. but i find his response to this fascinating. a journalist, kristi lynn, came to me with his first hostage video that was on instagram. and i was sitting on the comp fire at the time and this thing comes across and i'm like my first reaction is, do i have tire tracks across my back from being thrown out of the bus? then it rolled out and we watched a little bit more. i think as i look back at what
5:38 pm
has happened, i think he's been a little naive. i think that he didn't recognize, and it was part of the blindness, i think he genuinely represents a center left blue-collar frame of reference. and they have just really damaged that cohort. they basically just alienated a whole fraction. just having already picked off the moms and the african-americans with all these policies. and a lot of the youth that have been subjective to mandated vaccines. now they have alienated blue-collar centered people and unaligned people, which is really what grogan represents. but joe bend the knee. he thought that he could concede and they would leave them alone if he basically apologized.
5:39 pm
that is not how this game is played. this is full on media war. he you don't a break by saying i am sorry. then it comes out come of the next reveal is that neil young has a financial conflict of interest having sold a large part of his portfolio. and then it comes out with the does she use the n-word repeatedly. you could do the same thing to the president by going back to the old clips if you wanted to. if you are so inclined. and it comes out apparently that the group that made this that resulted in joe's second hostage video on facebook, the first one was on instagram, was this left
5:40 pm
wing super pac that is midas touch with the misspelling of midas as if it was media. apparently they want to have his head on the wall because it's going to help them with future fund-raising. and it has nothing to do with the vaccines. it has nothing to do with -- and the proof in the pudding is they -- if they really cared about the vaccine story, than they would've hit bobby who also has a spotify channel. but nothing, this was about taking out rogan. and i think he was perceived as a threat on multiple levels. he wasn't just that he was a good trophy to hang on your wall if you want to gin up more capital for your hollywood base super pac. which is what we are dealing with here. they think it was three brothers
5:41 pm
that are about this. but what joe did wrong was this appeasement. you cannot do that with these people. that is the lesson. >> tucker: there's one person in america who is qualified to assess the science behind our response to covid, the man you just saw. he is the one who is not allowed to speak in public on that topic. our full conversation with robert malone is on fox nation and you can get it free at tuckercarlson the city of san francisco is having a unprecedented experiment giving drugs do drug addicts helping them buy drugs. what happens then? the mother of one of the victims of this experiment joins us next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: with the endorsement of joe biden's department of justice, the city of san francisco is now helping homeless drug addicts use illegal drugs. as a result of this, you see addicts shooting up on the street. you won't see this if you only
5:47 pm
watch cnn or read the atlantic. because it is mostly uncovered by the media. so he just wrote a book about a collapse of our cities and decided to speak directly to people living on the streets, the homeless of san francisco, and asked, how did you get here? what is it like to be you, how do you live? one man he spoke to say he came to california from the american south because san francisco pays him to use drugs. watch this. >> where you from? louisiana. >> how long have you been in san francisco? >> since june. >> pretty [bleep] easy peter for going to be realistic, it's easy to be homeless. speak of did you mean by san francisco pain to be homeless? >> i get 620 bucks a month. >> from general assistance? was it hard to get? >> one [bleep] phone call. one phone call.
5:48 pm
>> wow. why wouldn't i do that? >> tucker: he went on to explain that he sold fat multito 15-year-old boys and showed them how to use it. so a lot of people are watching their children sucked into that and dying as a result of it. jackie berlin son is one of those who has been sucked into the prodrug experiment of san francisco. the cofounder of mothers against drug deaths and we are happy to have them here tonight. thank you so much for coming on. so when you hear people say our policymakers say this every day, it is compassionate not to judge drug users, but to support them as they use drugs. >> i tell them that they are
5:49 pm
ridiculous. the way that they've been supporting my son is keeping him chained to his addiction. mayor reed's policies and the policies and san francisco give him everything that he needs to stay addicted. they give him plus tick needles, they give him the foil, they give him candles, they give him the whole rig. they give him money. they don't prosecute drug dealers. they allow them to use on the street without any accountability. when she said she was going to declare state of emergency because of what was going on in the city with the drug epidemic, she said she was going to open this linkage center and i was hoping it might help my son, that it would have given him an opportunity to get off the streets and go into the linkage center and maybe talk to somebody about getting help, medical treatment. then i found out that they were
5:50 pm
allowing drug sales and use inside the linkage center. my hopes were bashed and even talking to my son he said that it just looks like more of the same, kind of makes them feel hopeless, makes me feel hopeless how the city doesn't do anything to help mandate treatment or encourage treatment. it is all normalizing and enabling. >> tucker: in other words, promoting drug addiction. >> absolutely. >> tucker: that is a heart-wrenching tragedy and i hope people see it for what it is. jackie, i appreciate you coming on tonight. >> thank you so much. >> tucker: promoting drug addiction. they were caught doing this, now they are denying it. the fact-checkers are backing up. this allows the media to prorate those stories claiming that they are russian disinformation, but they are not. the biden administration is promoting drug addiction.
5:51 pm
abetting it, helping people use drugs. a new bill in florida aims to stop teachers from discussing speefive and gender. you are probably not hearing that from your local news organization. they are calling this the "don't say gay bill." here is what they are saying. >> is this dangerous legislation? >> absolutely. the reason is that it tells youth who are different or whose families are different that there's something wrong with them out of the gate. >> he wants to say that florida is a free state with its own free -- if you act like him, look like him, and a republican
5:52 pm
or a cisgender heterosexual white republican man. >> it started with crt. lesser number that. if you start coming after black people, what comes next, right? of course, the lgbtq+ community. >> tucker: the made trade route between southern canada and michigan, the bridge is shut down right now. hundreds of millions of dollars stopped on the bridge. and our transportation secretary needs on tv complaining about a bill in the florida legislature that would prevent kindergartners from learning about sex. the editor chief of outspoken, he knows what's in the bill because he is actually read it. he joins us now. the hysteria about the seems a little calculated, no? >> if wacky gay activists want to drive the white house, the
5:53 pm
media like cnn after what happened in virginia last year, this year now with the midterms coming up, more power to them. it is a terrible look. and like you had mentioned, the bill is four pages long. no democrat has read it. and if they have, they don't want you to read it. the media doesn't want you to read it. because when you do, you realize it is perfectly reasonable, rational bill that would not even be necessary if parents didn't become so privy to the insane things their teachers were saying to her during lockdown. this bill says basically, you can't have classroom wide discussions from 5-8-year-olds about gender identity and sexual orientation. you can have one-on-one discussions and ask questions about what they will, but you can't have discussions with five euros about switching their gender in a classroom setting. what is wrong with us? they want to demonize.
5:54 pm
we've got pete buttigieg's husband saying it's going to kill the gay people. what are they even talking about? it is so in another world. they don't want you to read it, they don't want you to see how reasonable this is and they don't want to lose in a grip on the education system. >> tucker: they shouldn't be pushing gender propaganda on kindergartners. what a scam and we are all falling for it. i appreciate the clarity of what you are saying. chadwick moore, thank you. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: quick update, the biden administration saw our show last night in which we reported that amazing story from the free beacon about crack pipes. they are suspending that program. there is statement this afternoon, "hhs is focused on using our resources smartly to reduce harm and save lives. no federal funding will be
6:00 pm
directly to put pipes in state smoking gets." what they are missing and of course is about smoking crack is not the pipe, it is the crack. so maybe you shouldn't encourage it as they are. don't believe the lies or the fake fact-checking. we are encouraging -- it's a tragedy. we are out of time. sean hannity right now. >> sean: that is outrageous, talker. that is an outrageous position but it's going to be all over the news. thank you and welcome to "hannity." we do have a lot of news tonight. a sara carter is live with truckers in ottawa. look at this crowd. looks like they are -- good to see everybody. say hello. anyway, we have the very latest on the freedom convoy straight ahead. for us tonight, the masks are finally coming off. even in far left states like illinois and new york. while the mandates are finally coming to an end, there is one


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