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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 10, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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it could cost her team the gold medal. the latest untold story podcast is out today with enes kantor freedom. he told us his amazing story of growing up in turkey and why the olympics should not be in beijing at all. we'll see you back here tomorrow. have a good day, everybody. >> sandra: consumer prices surging 7.5% last month. the liest in 40 years. americans are feeling it. >> i'm seeing prices increase. i use my charge, keep track of it. it's up 10, 15% the last several months. >> you see the signs, help wanted, $18 an hour. in and out burger. so i think it's filtering down. >> it's hard on businesses, hard on consumers and it's a tough
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time. >> sandra: you name it, chances are you're paying more for it. from gasoline and heating fuel to every day items. americans are dealing with run-away inflation with no end in sight. those inflation fears hitting stocks. the dow diving 526 points. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." claudia cowan is at a supermarket in california where shoppers are not mincing words. hello, claudia. >> good afternoon as well, sandra. consumers are seeing higher prices. but not only that, lower inventory at markets like this in marin county, san francisco. inflation soared the past year to a new 40-year high. the labor department says consumer prices as you mentioned jumping 7.5% last month compared to january of 2021. the steepest year over year increase since february of 1982. fueled by shortages of supplies and workers, low interest rates and robust consumer spending and more spending out of washington
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d.c. on covid relief and that big infrastructure bill. inflation is costing americans $250 a month and that was before today's hotter than expected report wiping out any pay raises and forcing some shoppers to cut back. >> i'm seeing higher prices in the basic things like bread, milk and yogurt. >> we have to be careful on what we buy. >> it's painful. maybe i reduce in some areas but not the wine and the fresh fro deuce. >> a lot of suppliers are shorting us on 10 to 20% of our orders. we're talking hundreds of cases that we're not getting. staple items. distilled water, cereal. things that are always on the shelf that we can't get lately. >> this morning at the white house, president biden was sympathetic and he promised
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relief. listen. >> i know food prices are up. we're going to bring them down. as i said, i grew up in a family where price at the pump went up, you feel it. i understand. these things are necessities. we're working to bring down prices where they're not totally what the families in fact have to pay now. >> so how much more are families having to pay now? well compared to 12 months ago, take a look at the figures here. meat and eggs are up over 13%. poultry up 10%. milk up 6.8%. bread up just under 6%. coffee, wow, up 8.6%. consumers paying a whopping 40% more more gas and 10% more for electricity. just sticker shot, sandra, across the board, putting more pressure on consumers. >> sandra: thanks, claudia. how much longker americans put
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up with this? former walmart ceo bill simon is with us. how long can the consumer hang on here? inflation is outpacing wage growth. if all the extra money you're earning is going to your grocery bill, it doesn't do anything anybody good. >> no, you're right. the consumer has been remarkably resilient the last two years of pandemic and systems shock and shut down. i think they've reached the end. they're looking at the utter shock of walking into an american supermarket and seeing empty shelves and pricing that, you know, really hurt not only the pocketbook but the family and the psyche of the americans. you know, i think they're about to the breaking point. i also don't believe that we've seen the end of it. prices are going up, input prices haven't been fully priced in yet.
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so i think we're going to see this through the year. >> sandra: i was talking to my good friend, larry kudlow that suggested that there's no end in sight based on current policies and lack of strategy, it appears prices -- look at that spike to the end of the chart. years of inflation. just recently in the past year that significant spike. in real dollars, this is quite remarkable, bill. the "wall street journal" decided to tally it up. people are feeling it. they want to know exactly how much the american family is getting hit by this. the "wall street journal" said the average u.s. household is spending $276 this month because of that spike in inflation that is real pain for the average american family. >> you're not kidding. that really hurts. you'll see that when the retail sales reports come out. you'll see that when you start feeling about this, you know, the confidence and the the right
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answer wrong direction of the economy. the resilience of the consumer when they see an end in sight is always there. right now we've got this inner connected tangle of problems. we're not going to solve inflation until we solve supply chain issues and we won't solve supply chain until we solve the labor issue. untangling those and knowing where to start without any real policy direction or guidance or leadership on a federal level is going to be very difficult. >> sandra: final question to you on this, bill. you have observed a lot of consumer behavior having led walmart. we do see a consumer that is resilient. we haven't really seen demand wane just yet in the face of these higher prices. there's a change in behavior when you so i high inflation. people go to generic products. they look for cheaper products, alternatives. shed some light on that on how
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the behavior of the average american consumer will change in the face of this inflation. >> sure. you can see the consumer make changes in choices to keep their lifestyle going as long as they can. they make changes in protein, beef to chicken and they change pack sizes. that shop at different locations, change-up some habits. but where we are today, there's very little relief in some of those changes because the component costs of everything have increased. when fuel raises at the rate that its risen, the fuel component of every product that we consume is impacted by that. so i think that resilience -- that's why it's going to be challenged in the current operation here. there's really no relief point. beef isn't cheap. the increase of beef is not cheaper than the increase in
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chicken. we heard that bacon and coffee on the rise now. there's no where to go. >> martha: you wake up and can't enjoy that start to your day because you're know you're paying more for it. it's a real thing and it's not going away any time son. bill simon, former wamart ceo. >> you bet. >> sandra: joe manchin saying this today. >> this inflation is real and harming people. 7.5%, that is a tax. it's increasing, not decreasing. the feds have to step up and do something. we all have to work right now to get our financial house in order. if not, it's going to be horrible what it's going to do to the american economy. >> sandra: senator manchin says spending more now will throw more inflation on the fire. kevin brady, ranking member of
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the house ways and means committee is joining us now. great to see you, sir. it's been awhile. >> it has. >> sandra: interesting observations from senator manchin. this is real, this is harming people and the ultimate tax. he's pleading with the president to do something. democratic senator joe manchin says you have to do something now. especially politically speaking, we're in a mid-term election year and there will be consequences. >> at this point, joe manchin is doing his share to try to stop inflation. as you know, neil laid out the cost estimates. because of inflation this year and more americans are getting pushed into higher tax brackets because of wages going up. together,er higher prices and higher costs cost an average family almost $5,000 last year. that's a huge amount and that hits senator manchin's folks, families even worse. what worries me is i do think
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consumer price inflation goes up even higher. all of those housing costs, whether it's in rents on the cost of your home isn't even reflected yet. we're seeing wage inflation accelerating in america. my worry is that we're on the verge of or already in a wage surprise spiral. those are so damaging, it ends badly for workers in the small u.s. economy. the president does not recognize it, but he's still pushing for the build back better plan that will make inflation and the worker shortage even worse. so as long as senator manchin keeps blocking that, frankly he will be doing his job in helping us try to get control on these rising prices. >> sandra: to your point, he said it today, build back better, that's the solution to the high prices. so spending leads to higher prices and now the solution is to spend more. that's remarkable. last week i spoke to brian dietz, economic adviser to the
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president. also jared bernstein. it appears that's the strategy. they're telling the american people that that is the solution to spend more. brian did talk about how important it is that the fed maintains its independence. so the fed's next move is key. as far as making matters worse, if we continue to spend more, what is the impact of that? what does inflation look like a year out? >> yeah, it's going to be rougher than now. it's not just the government spending in build back better. there's crippling tax hikes that will slow investment in the u.s. including in to the plants and investment in the technologies that can help us work through the supply chain problem. they also have several programs that together discourage americans from working.
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as long as we can't get people to assemble the products and deliver them, inflation will continue to increase. so it's not just the spending. it's the labor shortage and it's inflation that goes with it. that is so damaging. for the life of me, i don't understand how the president isn't clued in to how damaging this is. >> sandra: voters might clue him in. i get texts from friends and family. it's amazing. the white house refuses to say they have a strategy of increasing oil production in this country. what harm is there in that considering that we're already paying sky high gas prices? >> yeah, not only do they not have a strategy to increase production, they're damaging and depressing production here in america while encouraging
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foreign countries to do more and sell more to the united states. frankly oil and gas that is produced much less cleaner than here in america. so look, i think the fed is directly responsible for inflation. the white house is definitely responsible for inflation. if they maintain this attack in restriction on american-made energy, energy prices that affect everybody, every american, every small business, the economy certainly will continue to rise. >> sandra: congressman, thanks for coming on. thank you. >> good to see you, sandra. >> sandra: we'll stay on it. one more quick look at the corner of wall and broad. stocks selling off on that inflation report. the yield on the ten-year treasury note hits 2% for the first time in three years. so everybody is watching for the fed's next move. we'll keep watching. with prices spiking, the president's poll numbers are plunging. lee carter on why his party should be worries. and yet another blue state
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>> sandra: read'em and weep. the president's approval rating dropping 40 points in the past year. juxtapose that with inflation. how much of this will impact the mid-terms? the read from lee carter. great to see you, lee. what impact will this have? >> listen, i think the fact that
1:19 pm
his polling numbers have dropped so dramatic especially among independents. it's more than 30 points. that signals to me that he's got significant problems. the democrats will have significant problems going into the mid-terms. the republicans have a moment to capitalize on it. the biden administration is finally getting the memo that people are more concerned about the economy than they ever -- than they have been in years. because they spend time trying to tell us it's the strongest economy we've ever had, inflation is temporary. there's nothing i can do about it. today announcing a plan that is the biden harris pan to address these things. he says he knows it's an issue and he has these actions in place. he's trying to shift the narrative. i'm not sure it will work. >> sandra: i noticed more folks from the white house being deployed to talk about the situation especially job numbers and inflation data. i had the opportunity to talk to
1:20 pm
jared bernstein and brian dietz. it's appears they're getting out there but are they talking about a strategy to get the inflation down. >> he's still insisting it's temporary. the announcement from the white house today, he says that he's taking action now and it's a big issue. i think he's trying to talk about things in a way that are relatable for folks. he says he's going to fight to lower kitchen table costs. he's going to have a speech about lowering prescription drug costs. he's going to lay out this plan and say he's going to make things better. the problem is he comes across as defensive. this is what i'm going to do. three things to make it better. he says this is the best economy we've ever had. jobs are at an all time high. he is trying to be defensive.
1:21 pm
the truth is people are more pessimistic about the economy than since 1977. it doesn't help for him to make the case on how the economy is good. he needs to say i understand and i feel your pain and i'm here to address it. i'm not sure that he's going to carry that through. >> sandra: it's a great point. if he acknowledges the inflation, and he has. it's another thing to sympathize with the average american family that is now shelling out an extra $270 this month because of the inflation woes. so saying we're going to get a grip on it would help. >> absolutely. he has to touch on saying i understand where you're coming from and i'm going to do something about it not saying things are better than they have ever been and things are temporary. he has to shift the narrative. the whole democratic party does. >> sandra: your point too about
1:22 pm
shifting the language about fighting inflation to lowering costs for hard working families and kitchen table costs. that's what this is, right? fighting inflation is can go over people's heads. when they look at receipts at the store and see how much more they're paying today versus last month versus last year, that as i keep saying is real tangible stuff for the americans. mid-terms, the big question, lee, where is inflation going to come election day? that's the big question. larry kudlow suggested to me that it's going to -- there's no end in sight and it will keep going up. 55% of ceos say that it will continues into next year. >> the american people feel like there's no end in sight either. the people's attitudes right now, they're hunkering down, they're concerned. we're seeing housing prices
1:23 pm
soar. some people are able to capitalize on that. a lot of people are hurting. overall, i don't think people are feeling optimistic. i'm not sure there's enough time between now and election day to make people feel terribly different and terribly optimistic. >> sandra: especially with gasoline to rise above $4 by memorial day when people pack up their cars and go on family vacations. lee carter, thanks very much. >> nice to see you. thank you. >> sandra: are war games cover for all-out war? what russia is up to now. and did these truckers protest slam the brakes on something that will get both sides talking? et and the chaos. you shouldn't have to miss out on all the moments you love just to lose the weight you want. ww's all new personalpoints program. for the first time ever your
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>> sandra: russian troops arriving in belarus, about 140 miles from kiev. that's where you'll find lucas tomlinson with the very latest. hi, lucas. >> hi, sandra. boris johnson says this is the most tense time in europe since the cold war. >> this is probably the most dangerous moment i would say in the course of the next few days in what is the biggest crisis that europe has faced for decades. >> russia's top generals has flown to belarus to oversee the exercises. the u.s. says they're trying to
1:29 pm
reduce chances of miscalculation. there's 30,000 troops in belarus right now. since 1999, nato has expanded closer to the borders, putin says. he feels threatened. russian warships in the black sea. now russia has blocked the waters offshore. russians aren't the only ones on the move, sandra. american b-52 bomber as arrived in england tied. the u.s. air force said they're sending f-15s to poland to help bolster defenses. i spoke to the u.s. head of army europe. he says do not expect an all-out invasion by russia. >> what the russians are doing is like a boa constrictor that is continuing to squeeze ukraine. i don't anticipate an all-out assault with the red arrows
1:30 pm
coming in from every direction simultaneously. united nations that the russians have the assets. >> general hodge says he expects a russian invasion to come from the sea where the coastline is not well-defended. this assessment is at odds with the pentagon. sandra? >> sandra: thanks, lucas. i spoke with arkansas republican senator tom cotton earlier on "america reports." >> i think this is a cover. we could be a down to a matter of days, not weeks for the potential invasion. >> sandra: what does our next guest think? lieutenant bob mcguinness joins us now. you think we could be days or week away from this invasion? >> putin makes that decision.
1:31 pm
what i'm looking at in belarus with 30,000 troops, sandra, is -- it doesn't make sense if it's just an exercise. keep in mind, they had an exercise this past september, a major one. to have another one now doesn't follow the logic. plus, they brought in some of their most sophisticated weapons. f-400 air defense systems and the s candor, a nuclear capable intermediary ballistic missile. so they're sending a number of messages not only to the ukrainians but also to nato. meanwhile, of course, the president or the chancellor of germany scholz haas indicated that nato is united. we'll have to wait and see. we heard what prime minister johnson said. it's a dangerous time. any mistake here could result in some very bad outcomes. >> sandra: is going about
1:32 pm
diplomacy to try to prevent putin from attacking still an option do you believe? >> well, today in berlin, you have the germans, the french, the russians as well as the ukrainians discussing, you know, the possibility of diffusing what's going on. president macron was in russia the other day. he was in the ukraine as well. he discussed with those leaders perhaps something like making it similar to what they did with finland. you know, neutralizing the country. so it won't become part of nato but at the same time they're basically going to bend to what moscow wants. that might be a diplomatic outcome. that doesn't jive with the minsk accords. keep in mind, back in 1994 under president clinton, we had an
1:33 pm
agreement that if the ukrainians gave up their nuclear weapons to moscow, the west would prevent moscow from taking advantage of kiev. that doesn't appear to be the case. at this point, sandra, we find that the tanks, the personnel have left their motor pools, especially to the east. they're in exercises in belarus. as your reporter indicated, the ships are south of odessa. the stage is set. if putin decides to pull the trigger. if he does, it will be something in concert with what he came to agreement with this past weekend with president xi when he was in beijing just before the olympics. >> sandra: maybe he's already made up his mind. >> that's quite possible. you know, all of the back and forth between the leaders, mr. biden, mr. scholz, macron
1:34 pm
and zelensky in ukraine. he may have calculated much like in 2014 after the sochi olympics that he could go in and annex a part of eastern ukraine, which is quite possible. make that the buffer that he's saying to nato that he needs. but you know, that would be the first and probably not the last move on his part. >> sandra: struck me that according to u.s. military and intelligence, this new assessment revealed that the russian military could take nine different routes into ukraine in a full scale invasion. something to watch. we'll see where the goes next. appreciate you joining us, sir. >> thanks, sandra. >> sandra: nevada joining new york and other blue states lifting the mask mandates. now the guy behind this billboard in times square wants to know why the white house won't do the same. the trucker standoff prompting
1:35 pm
something that could bring talks on. molly? >> the freedom convoy continues. there's big concerns what it could mean for trade and supply chains across the country. more on that coming up. now, there's skyrizi. 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪nothing is everything♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save. hearing is important to living life to the fullest. that's why inside every miracle-ear store, you'll find a better life. it all starts with the most innovative technology. like the new miracle-earmini, available exclusively at miracle-ear. so small that no one will see it, but you'll notice the difference.
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>> sandra: to the protests in canada. automakers are forced to scale back production. could it be the impact on the auto industry that fuels the stalemate? we have the latest from ontario with mollie hemmingway. hi, mollie. >> the trucks are still on site firmly placed. the vast majority of protesters and truckers that are protesting the covid-19 vaccine mandates remain in place. as you mentioned, the ambassador bridge is a significant scene in
1:40 pm
effort by the truckers. they're shutting down traffic and snarling traffic. the mayor expressed fears for the auto industry where plants were being affected. the plant in windsor was forced to shut down production. >> we have a lot of healing to do as a result of the pandemic. it's time for that healing to begin. in windsor, that healing can only start once the ambassador bridge reopens to international traffic. >> justin trudeau are raising supply concerns with gretchen whitmire. they want the bridge reopened because the auto industry is feeling the effects.
1:41 pm
there's other trucker rumblings going on around the world in the u.s. and france. we have not observed specific calls for violence. here on the ground, there's the protest at parliament hill and the major bridge crossing. >> martha: thanks, molly line. as the protests persist there, a growing number of democratic states here are scrambling to lift mask mandates. what impact will all of this have on the mid-terms? joining us now, alfredo ortiz and kristin hahn. welcome. >> thank you. >> sandra: this is a debate happening all over this country, alfredo as more states are dropping the requirements. you're urging the white house to do the same with this billboard in times square. explain. >> joe, time to axe the mask.
1:42 pm
even in delaware, his hometown state, sandra, is pulling the restrictions away. so the dominoes are falling. democrat governors one by one are starting to see the writing on the walls and they're giving up on the mask mandates. as extremely unpopular with americans across the country and frankly extremely unpopular mask mandates in schools. so joe biden has the power to lift the federal mandate across all federal facilities. he has the power to lift the mandates in the air, public transportation, et cetera. i think it's time for him to really do this. >> sandra: kristin, admiral giroir was talking to martha last hour. it struck me when she asked about the cdc and their guidance, whether or not it's still respected based on the fact that these democratic-led states are rolling back the mask mandates. it gives the appearance of them following, not leading.
1:43 pm
>> you know, it's the -- it's a shame that the pandemic has been politicized to the extent that it has. of course, nobody likes wearing masks. we're getting tired of it despite -- in addition to the hundreds of thousands of people that have unfortunately died. you know, it needs to be scientific based decision. a lot of these governors are taking a look at saying we had a spike with the latest omicron variant and the numbers are coming down. so now it's responsible. go to school. lift the mask mandate. you know, it's just a part of moving forward which everybody wants to do. >> sandra: are they leading or follow something i'll ask you, alfredo here in new york kids are still required to wear masks in school. and many lifted the mandates on businesses. if anything, keep it on for the businesses and let the kids get back in the classroom, see
1:44 pm
teacher's faces and express themselves. if anything we have learned is that in the classroom is where we see the lowest spread. >> yeah, that's absolutely true. when you look at the social impact that it has had on our children and our schools, it's devastating to think about that. to think that randi weingarten came out today and said sure, we'll go ahead and support lifting the mask mandates as soon as we get to zero tran mission. zero? come on. this is ridiculous. when will it stop? it's a shame that it's been politicized by it was politicized by the democrats to start with. >> sandra: she said that while on a tv set with anchors and they all had their masks off. if anything, can you stand in solidarity with the kids? they're in the classroom eight hours a day wearing their masks. those that are telling them to do so take them off so they can be better understood and heard. case in point.
1:45 pm
stacey abrams in her apology for taking her mask off in a classroom filled with kids that were required to wear them, she said i wanted to make sure that they could understand me. we get it. but let the kids be understood and let them hear from their teachers. >> yeah, it's time. we've -- just like everything else with this, we learned so much about the science and how this impacts people over the course of the past few years. you know, we know that the cases are dropping. the kids are being impacted. it's time for them to be able to communicate. it's helpful that, you know, we'll have vaccines available for even the youngest children, which, you know is helpful and helping them back to a normal life and normal school life. >> sandra: we want them to thrive, not just surviving. we love our teachers, we love our classrooms, our students, the schools. we want people to feel safe.
1:46 pm
as admiral giroir said, you can wear the masks. many might choose to, many teachers as well. give them the choice. great to have you both. thanks for the discussion. >> thanks, sandra. >> sandra: nancy pelosi shifting her stance on the stock trading ban for lawmakers. but with a catch. aishah? >> hi, sandra. that's right. speaker pelosi, the tide was too strong to her. she has to bow to her conference eventually. she says if she has to face a ban on stock trading, so should everybody else in government. more on that coming up.
1:47 pm
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>> sandra: all right. nancy pelosi seems like she's now open to some sort of stock trading ban for members of congress. but with a condition. fox news correspondents aishah hasnie is live with more. hi, aishah. >> leave it to speaker pelosi to start a major conversation about government like this. basically she's saying look, if congress has to face a ban on stock trading so should every other branch of government. watch. >> it has to be governmentwide. the third branch of government,
1:51 pm
the judiciary has no reporting. the supreme court has no disclosure. it has no reporting of stock transactions. and it makes important decisions every day. >> she's right about this. the judicial branch does not have a ban on stock trading. the executive branch bans stock trading for cabinet members. members of congress, there's no ban but they have to report their trading under the 2012 stock act. that is prevent any conflicts of interest. it's not working because according to recent media reports, 55 members of congress violated that law and were slapped with fines. so right now we have a number of bipartisan proposals in the house and senate. there's some pushback from a couple of democrats that don't like this idea. there's questions about whether lower to middle class americans might be discouraged from serving in government if they can't build a nest egg.
1:52 pm
>> we want to make sure those that come with business experience are not dissentivized from coming here. we don't want to make sure a member of congress can't become wealthy on inside trading. >> there's overwhelming bipartisan support for some kind of ban and this is coming together fast. >> sandra: thanks, aishah. and by the way, coming up, we will have saturday morning senator danes will be telling us more about his bill to ban stock trading in congress or "neil cavuto live." are you dreading a trip to the supermarket ahead of the super bowl? the crazy can you upon lady is here to help you score deals to help you cut down on the pain.
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speak of those price hikes are taking a height at shoppers. they are here to break it all down here for us. >> they are said to be the most expensive ones we've ever seen. they are way up, nonalcoholic
1:57 pm
beverages are up 5%, meets over 13%. so expect to pay more for your burgers and poultry, that is up over 9%. within those categories, certain items have skyrocketed. a chicken wings they are up 53% and costs compared to last year. you guys know that this is happening, you have heard of that price increase would have you had to do and what is your reaction to my? >> we did raise our prices significantly to help with our out cost. >> would've customers mincing about this cost? >> we've had a little bit of backlash but most people are very understanding. >> we are seeing an across-the-board. demand is still way up, 50,000 wings for this sunday and they are almost all sold out. we love our wings and we love our football. >> spicy or mild is the only question now.
1:58 pm
if you're hosting a big bash for the game, you're gonna want some deals to keep those grocery bills from sacking you. who better to ask them the crazy coupon lady. thanks for joining us we have a bunch of things to go through so give us some tips how can we save some cash at the grocery store? >> okay, so one of the biggest things is to be willing to shop at different stores. instead of heading to the same grocery store you always go to, think about other stores that you might not. drugstores, actually have really good sales around the super bowl. you can get food coming get some liquor at cvs right now for 63% off with a store promotion and a rebate opt. that is a good one, another thing you can do is actually look at store brands instead of name brands. this is the best time of the year actually to buy all of that snacking food. all of the stores and be running really good promotions on both name brands and store brands.
1:59 pm
so just you get to the isle let's say for chips. compare those prices to make sure that maybe the store brand is cheaper right now. another thing a lot of people don't think about is you can actually use coupons with clearance items. so you're gonna see, on the end caps you'll notice a lot of clearance, things are still good to buy and used but the stores are trying to clear out. so look for produce, especially if you're shopping for the super bowl and you know that you're gonna be using at the same day or the next day. look for produce on clearance, even meet. it's all my favorite ways to save on me right now is to go to your butcher, ask if they have any markdowns. again, this is stuff that you can still use, but then you're getting your burgers for 20-30% off. >> i always say wherever you are shopping, go to the store's website to see if they have any bar code scans, that would help you out the register as well to take those prices down.
2:00 pm
we only have five seconds go ahead. >> thanks so much. they have six freebies right now they can get for the super bowl. >> thank you so much and have a great simple sunday. and that'll do it for us, thank you so much for watching. thanks for joining us here on your world i'm sandra smith in the five starts now. ♪ ♪ >> jeanine: and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. ♪ ♪ covid mandates are finally going away and democrats say you should be thinking joe biden for getting your freedom back. if it sounds a good joke, sadly it is not. despite the fact that the white house and the cdc are not


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