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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 11, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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critics spoken parliament recently? >> including senior member of a liberal -- are speaking loud and clear. [boos] b5 he got up and left. ♪ ♪ >> you are looking live. so far stadium southern california this weekend. super bowl lvi. >> so much energy right now, my heart rate is racing. >> always looking live with a live shot of the stadium. i'm legally required to do it.
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with that, we are legally required to do it. good morning friday kicking off super bowl party and you are watching "fox & friends first," february 11th todd piro. >> ashley strohmier infra carley shimkus. i know missouri come a lot of missouri people are probably going to be pulling for cincinnati because l.a. rams at one point. so, i'm not going to tell you i'm going for. >> todd: i will tell you, i'm all 100% on bill who came into the office and he's like a 5-year-old child so for his sake i hope so. >> ashley: i hope so all's so for him. but stick this news off, president biden a question with showing inflation at 40 year high. >> todd: it comes at sea and then call the majority of americans disapprove of the job joe biden is doing and they cannot name a single decision of the president that they like.
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it doesn't stop there see in an op-ed, cnn out this morning has this headline "a grim portrait of biden's unhappy america." the details from washington, doug. >> tough to sugarcoat the spear that inflation numbers are terrible. the president was irritated when asked about them by nbc's lester hole. >> back in july, you said inflation would be temporary. and a lot of americans are wondering what your definition of temperate areas. >> well, you are being a wise guy with me a little bit and i understand that is your job. >> todd: okay the president was met by protesters yesterday when he traveled to virginia to push for lower drug prices and a new cnn poll shows you mentioned it 56% of adults could not cite one thing the president has done that they like. their concern is about inflation is bipartisan including coming from the democrats that the
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president needs most to pass his big spending agenda, west virginia senator joe manchin. >> inflation is real. it is harming people. 7.5%, that is a tax. it continues to increase and is not decreasing. the feds need to step up to the plate and do something. the administration and we all have to work together to get the financial house in order. if not, it will be absolutely horrible to the american economy. >> joe manchin is doing his share to stop inflation. as you know and you laid out the cost. the president not only doesn't recognize it, he is still pushing for the build back better plan to make inflation and the worker shortage even worse. so, as long as senator manchin keeps blocking that, frankly, he will be doing his job. >> todd: and if the economy is going to hurt president biden's chances for reelection, there is always hillary clinton. cnbc is reporting she is scheduled to speak at the new york state democratic
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convention next week, tabla and ashley. >> todd: doug, not surprising we have a lot more on that coming throughout the next two hours. live in d.c., liberals and president biden and montana democrat jon tester telling cnn the party is doing nothing for middle america just ten months ahead of the midterms. >> the national democratic brand, i think rule america generally is caught because quite frankly we don't show up and we are not willing to go places we are not wanted and answer questions. >> i would even say nine months but meth is not my specialty. >> todd: bernie sanders criticizing infection, a strong agenda was popular and people responded to the president's leadership. it is no secret for five months with the exception of infrastructure, we have not been addressing the needs of the american people. and bernie sanders, when you have lost him, you have lost a
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lot ashley strohmier. look, the key thing to take away and we talk about this, literally since the start of the presidency, this administration is being polled and has been bowled so far left by the woke d.c. elite that is completely out of touch with the american people. and it's not just republicans that they are out of touch with. as you heard doug tester say, you have a picture, the typicaln democrats, there is a guy or gal probably and they want to see billionaires like jeff bezos pay their fair share and rich people pay a little bit more in taxes. okay, but you know what they are not into? not doing a tax in their homes. i don't think anybody likes that appear they are worried about being able to afford everything. literally, everything is more expensive right now. they just don't valued the values of the d.c. >> ashley: i want to talk about inflation because joe biden push this agenda when
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he was running he would be for middle america and help people out. it is pretty bad and cnn poll is saying 58% disapprove of the job is doing. that is horrible. it is also bad when the democratic party is, oh, my gosh, my can even say this but you know where i'm going. you know where i'm going. that hillary clinton will be there saving grace. but i was in the store yesterday and i bought 28 items and it cost me $255. >> todd: are you serious? >> ashley: i'm very serious. that was with my discount too purity single parent or even a dual parent family home, what are you going to do when you have to decide if you are going to put food on the table for your three kids or vote because you like the way somebody makes it sound to them. you look back at the past at that point, four years and think, "what have i done and why have i voted like this? you have to change the game here but two years ago i moved to
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new york city and it cost me $45 now. >> todd: to your point, and the voting booth, will you vote on that or gender pronouns? i think the answer is clear, you will be voting on your wallet. that is going to kill the democrats. now the crisis on the southern border, several migrants with affiliation with ms-13. the agents with three salvadoran in the real rio grande selva road the ohmic sector. the migrants removed from the u.s. in the 90s after he was convicted of aggravated sexual assault in new jersey. >> ashley: meanwhile vice president kamala harris jetting off to new york to get this, secure ukraine's border. you heard that right, the failed border czar with meetings with u.s. allies for the u.s. conference next week. the trip seeking to bolster ukraine against russian president vladimir putin. a gallup poll said many americans wish she would secure
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the u.s. border. 4% of respondents with immigration has the most important issue tied with national security. >> todd: put your own mask on before you put on somebody's else but doing the exact opposite. speaking of ask lb had a different kind of mess, or stage dropped mandates. demanding president biden put an end to covid powers and finally returned to normal. >> ashley: more on the maximum pressure campaign, good morning, brooke. >> good morning, guys. nearly a dozen democrat lead states announced they will start rolling back there covid mask mandates with the latest to follow too but not so fast president biden said any change to federal mask may be premature. listen to this. >> i committed i would follow the science peer of the science put forward by the cdc. and the federal people and i think it is probably pretty
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premature but it is a tough call. >> ashley: house republicans are urging biden to get on board with red and blue states alike calling on him to "accept covid-19 as pandemic and recognize current government interventions are doing more harm than good and immediately begin the process to unwind the public health emergencies of the country can get back to normal." even biden tells humans health services secretary agrees tearing off his mask at an event this week. take a look. >> i'm proud to tell you days ago we announced a record-breaking 14.5 million americans got themselves a health insurance plan that they could afford due to the affordable care act and open enrollment period. i'm going to take office mask. >> this is more than a dozen blue states lifted indoor mask mandates, new jersey,
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connecticut, delaware and the expiration date. larry hogan may be next in line writing in a letter to the state school board to rescind masking inside the classroom. these mask mandates couldn't do my continuing schools across the country. the school superintendent leaving in droves to up to 2,000 affected to depart at the end of the academic year, ashley and todd to. >> ashley: thank you so much. jesse watters says democrats have run out of excuses to keep us under lockdowns and mandates here at this listen. >> this is the evolution of the democrats. the parties has run out of patches to pan failures on. when trump's fault, to now it is your fault to you can save us later for saving your life. and why the sudden change of heart? or democrats thing the light or seeing their power slip away? this is about politics here that is where they flipped. do they think we are stupid? they terrorized us for two years. you could have weddings.
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dr. fauci told you not to celebrate christmas and thanksgiving with her family. the children cannot see their classmates smile and people got fired because of mandates. but the left want us to forget that. and that they were behind all of that. >> todd: today more than 4,000 workers in new york to face losing their jobs because of vaccine mandate. today's mandate city employees lost a bid for the vaccine exemption are not provided truth for the vaccination. in most poll under police officers, firefighters, construction correction officers and more than two dozen unions suing to block the city from firing those workers. >> ashley: in new york and canada the biden administration and governor gretchen whitmer ordering can i do to clear the trucker freedom convoy whatever means necessary. reporting dh secretary and pete buttigieg telling the canadian counterparts to "use federal powers to resolve the situation where the convoys
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blocking a vital u.s. to canada trade route causing disruption to the american auto sector and this adds ontario a month $8 million in crowd funding the group for the up givesendgo and two it says the occupation has ended." >> todd: senator ted cruz parking -- >> what are canadians known for, being polite, nice and they are upset and they should be upset. because there government leaders think they are rulers and dictators and have the ability to say if you don't get to make the health care choices that we demand you make, you are out of a job and fired. it is abusive, it's wrong, but the good news is everybody is fed up with it with it. >> todd: we are learning now american truckers could try to make their voices heard this sunday. you guessed it, at the super bowl in l.a. >> ashley: it is a matter of time before something like that happens. >> todd: quite a big stage appearance be to make front there.
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>> todd: but once was a beautiful beachfront neighborhood, speaking of l.a. looks like this. property tends flooding in his speech and residents no longer taking it. our next guest is ready to do something about it. >> ashley: a big lineup for you this friday morning. brian brumberg, lawrence jones, lara trump all live, stick with us. ♪ ♪ ht. of course you know where we're going. that's so you. i kinda got a sixth sense. and a head up display. [whistle blows] [horn honks] they're here. hit the field. warm up. you brought all these players in your buick. -yup. -that's so you. it is. there's a buick that fits your life. because at the heart of every buick suv is you.
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>> todd: did you hear about this? americans crime crisis with one owner taking safety in his own hands. the owner of the largest super market chain hiring thousands of burly security guards since he says politicians are failing to protect him, listen. >> shoplifting is up. our politicians have to be able to put their foot down. as a new yorker, as an american, putting my foot down. >> that of course, a frequent guest on "fox & friends first" hired dozens of nypd officers to stand in the doorways of his stores and sit in cars parked outside to deter these. john can afford that but not every business owner can bear that is why the state has to do
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it. speed to a career criminal back behind bars for attacking in new york city sanitation worker. the ambush happening weeks after he was released without bail on another charge thanks to manhattan district attorney eltham braggs tough on crime policy. >> todd: here to read for the federals and privilege victims, great to see you. let's pop off this rap sheet, this guy, eddie, can you hear us now? all right, i'm going to go through this guy's rap sheet is and hopefully we'll get eddie back. christian hall has not one, not two, 19 open cases with 14 failures to appear. not a shock criminals continuously break the law by not appearing in court when requested and of course the benchwarmers, ten of them come in fact. eddie, can you hear us now? >> ashley: it doesn't seem
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like it. >> todd: we do not have him. >> ashley: i want to talk about this. you and i were talking about this before we came into the segment. in this memo issued days prior to the robbery arrest, alvin bragg ordered prosecutors to downgrade commercial robberies and if brandishing a knife or equipment does not create a genuine risk of simple harm. this is insane to me because, you know, like you said this guy has 19 cases and 13 failures to appear at. will not appear in court to read but do they think just because he didn't do it once and didn't hurt somebody with that weapons that he won't do it the next time he is let out? >> todd: it absolutely makes no sense. we have betty back. eddie, we are talking with this guy is back on the streets and woke va and justice warriors making sure criminals like this literally are back on the streets regardless of what they do. >> i think this is what they call equity peer of the racial
1:20 am
equity that we often hear about with democrats, the biden administration. racial equity. these kinds of effects, the underserved communities, the vulnerable communities so we have to lower the penalties if not turned them right out on the street. >> ashley: okay come i want to get to a topic hear about that liberal drug group that is criticizing the biden administration were saying it is now not going to give out free crack pipe spirit i want to pul. this is from the drug policy alliance being disappointed about not distributing these things. that is why hhs and national drug policy decision today to remove pipes from safe equipment is deeply disappointing. this is a missed opportunity to be prevented above more test due to overdose or mike overdose. going back to preventative measures why are they trying to prevent these drug overdose deaths and put the resources into being preventative from
1:21 am
start the drugs in the first place. it doesn't make sense to me, what about you? >> i would say your guess is as good as mine instead of like you said resources more programming to preprint drug use is exacerbating drug use. this is an extension of the democrats preferred pandemic policy to keep everyone at home, overdose rates, drug use, alcoholism, all of those great things that was held during the pandemic. want to say this because this was actually part of the money that came from the save america or whatever biden policy was that was flushing trillions of more dollars into the welfare that we have seen. so, again, an extension of everything we saw during the pandemic more drug use, alcoholism, substance dependency. >> todd: this group is called the drug policy alliance. what kind of world do they want us to live in? >> [laughter]
1:22 am
well, this world. i think there was discrepancy with the there would be crack pipes in bold and the biden administration said no, that would never happen but we are doing drug kits for crack pipe o there is a fair amount of gap here but what they are doing is obvious and again of more drug use, alcoholism, substance dependency that has been a hallmark of the pandemic and something that i think the democrats have directly encouraged. >> ashley: you know, eddie, tom cotton tweeted good news by hh as this no longer funding for crack pipes but changing policy is because hhs got caught. we have people literally struggling to keep their heads above water with inflation, but we are going to fund all of this, you know, the drug users and trying to prevent more deaths. what is your take on this? do you think they only went back on this because it caused such a stir in outrage on social media?
1:23 am
it was insane. >> right. we are seeing a lot of that with the biden administration where they say one thing and have to go back on it because it is not popular. you see that with the border in particular and everyone coming over. it is a free-for-all. and then we will reinstitute the trump policies because things are getting out of control. so i think this is, once again, one of those cases for whatever reason in their head, this is the right thing to do. it turns out to be unpopular and stupid, in fact, so they have to go back on it. >> todd: and kamala harris going to europe to handle the situation there because that makes sense. eddie met i have to give you a gift, "silence to me" and the producers which i would give that to them now, edward, thank. >> thanks. >> ashley: unleashing crime and death is what the people of los angeles feel about the woke va is doing.
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>> todd: it doesn't stop there next.
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♪ ♪ >> ashley: new satellite images show russian military buildup in crimea with russia and surrounding three sites. president is urging everyone in america to evacuate. >> you should leave, leave now. we are dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. it is a very different situation and things can go crazy quickly. >> ashley: biden is doubling down on his decision to not send u.s. troops into ukraine even when pressed on the safety of americans. >> what scenarios would you put american troops to rescue and get americans out? >> we will not appear that his world work and rush and start shooting at one another. >> ashley: the kremlin repeatedly denied any plans to invade ukraine despite sitting 100 out there 100,000 troops to the border. >> todd: pushing the woke message in the latest tweet that
1:29 am
claims diversity, equity, inclusion are necessary in the u.s. military. former dod advisor under president trump joins me now, corey, great to see you as always but isn't the military already pretty darn diverse? >> it is extremely diverse. again this is more wokeness setting in with military and the administration. we are starting to focus on inclusion and equity and diversity over what i used to remember the ability to shoot and communicate. you know those are at a loss hear it again no adversarial nature anyone threatened the constitutional liberties and freedoms who are going through similar trainings. this is a is cultural warfare over kinetic warfare. it weakens us on the national stage and doesn't make me cope with it to defeat our enemies and have those capabilities necessary to defend constitutional liberties and freedoms. >> todd: keep in mind i've never served in the military, it does appear to me the military
1:30 am
has one job, secure the homeland, keep us all safe. how the heck does any of this improve that? >> it doesn't and actually continues to weaken us more and more. we are talking about the military and unconstitutional mandates. we are looking at warfare over kinetic warfare. when i joined the military i joined because of the capability. i wanted to go out there and kill and destroy the enemy who threatens our freedoms and liberties. i was not there to look at diversity, equity and inclusiveness. that is already there. i served with guys from new york and puerto rico, guys with their families born in cambodia. we are already a diverse military. what we need is cohesiveness that we come together on during training and those difficult times that allow us to move swift, silent and deadly. >> todd: as for that cohesiveness that you mentioned when in a foxhole neck and in fact, do you care about whether the guide to the writer of the left of you is black, white or
1:31 am
other? >> no, we are all green fighting for the red, white, and blue and those are the colors that matter and the only thing we are looking at. again, when you're sitting here and navy second airborne division or anywhere around there, your brothers to the left or right of the shoulder is all that matters. you don't care where they are from or their beliefs, you don't care their color. when we go out there -- let me make this point quickly todd appeared anyone worried about diversity and inclusion and equity go to arlington cemetery. tell me what color the headstones are because they are not dressed in the color you are or gender you are identified by here they are in the same way side-by-side because that is what it takes in order for us to maintain these freedoms. look freedom is not free. we have to get back to what the militaries about about witches increase solidarity. >> todd: that is an amazing point. you are a dod advisor. what is happening and who was pushing this? will come against the democrats pushing for identity politics. this is the democrats trying to
1:32 am
think having this wokeness entering into the military will somehow enable themselves to be more dough might get more votes. this is appeasement to the radical left. this is not about america's safety and security or increase of capability for prediction of the national security. this is certainly not about strengthening america on the world stage to make sure we can answer the call if anyone threatens us at any time. >> todd: what i don't understand presumably at the highest levels of the military you have a lot of stars on your coat, you got into this not to be a bureaucrat at the end of your career. you got into it because you wanted to defend your country and you wanted to fight, quite frankly. how do these individuals push this get so political in the first place? >> well i will tell you right now, this has been going on for a long time. the differences big-time generals, generals, secretaries of defense or they are in the joint chief of staff looking at $1 million boards later on, which is why they are advocating for endless worlds we cannot get out of. now you are looking at woke
1:33 am
corporations. now these people think to themselves, if i wanted job after i leave the military to my need to push this woke agenda with all these corporations have adopted appear this is why i look at the idea of having military, you know, moratorium, if you will, the one star coming up to sign something that says it will not go $1,000,000.2 million deemed conflict of interest but it's about service. that is what it has to be about, public service but again all these big generals one, two, three, four stars are already in politics and how they look at the woke corporations what is next for them. >> todd: cory mill amazing insight that not frighten everybody in them the military but in america. appreciate your time this morning. because thank you, todd to. >> todd: not so much for the rich and famous, the oscar still deciding if the left will be vaccinated or not. >> ashley: what about everyone
1:34 am
else? we dig deeper into the devils standard.
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do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? a 4-wequnol sleep formula pluscombines 5 key nutrients a digital scale that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. ♪ ♪ >> todd: popping up around l.a., dod gascon has released climate on the city. and freeway overpass as yesterday morning. disapproval comes as a series of emails said that he solicited prescreened questions from a group of public defenders for a
1:38 am
town hall event july 2020. and the ram skipping the questions to the bengals if you want to keep in the super bowl thing. and they call for his resignation. >> ashley: okay, crime, drug use and property damage. they are fed up with the home occupation of their city. a stakeholder association threatening to sue the city for negligence. it is a problem is not fixed. >> todd: joining us by phone, mark, thank you for joining us. we see the pictures on the screen right now. these do not look like the pictures when i was living in southern california and going to venice to visit my friends on a weekly basis. >> so those living at on a date in and day out basis, how bad has it gotten? >> well, in some ways much better, but the real problem is despite the fact we have 90 degrees during the day, some nights can get really cold. some of the remaining 70 campers out there on the beach or
1:39 am
lighting fires. we had two nights in a row where we had fires lit, and this is the anniversary of a year ago when someone lit up fire in a tent tied up to a large office building and they exited the tent. the fire then jumped from the tents to the building in the middle of the night. so, nobody turned it in, and it took over 100 firefighters to put it out. our concern, and we put this to be on notice, if you don't enforce the curfew down here, we run the risk of that happening again and the potential loss of life. the attorney to prepare a letter basically putting the city on notice that they are negligent and they will be liable. there won't be any question about it. previous events like that down at the beach have resulted in
1:40 am
multimillion dollar settlements. >> ashley: when you said it has gotten better, there was 1901 homeless people living in venous area in 2020. now 70 people give or take in that area. but also, when you talk about the fire the tent in the middle of the night, you have to think about the resources it takes the firefighters. that particular pair you were talking about, 160 firefighters and two hours to put it out there these resources can be used somewhere else, what is your solution to this? what do you want the city to know and if you had to offer information to help them solve it, what would it be? >> well, look, the cities on role the micro strong grounds to force the curfew 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. here they also stronger force of no tents. right now they are sending out a crew of the sanitation department to pick up the stuff along with the l.a.p.d. they only do one night a week.
1:41 am
basically, the folks that are down there or fighting cat and mouse with cops. they simply will leave for several hours, and then they come back. the city never finished the job. we propose that they go out there at least three times a week at night with the cruise and make it very clear, particularly to people, most of these people are not from l.a. but all over the nation who wants to be homeless on the streets of chicago or, you know, new york, or that is the population we have. the message needs to be, you know, you will get removed. you will get arrested. most importantly, your stuff will get compensated. speak to my question to you a car the police his hands tied because put in jail and sometimes let's be honest, the jail is better how these people are living on the street so is t just the sheriff's department and l.a.p.d. just can't do anything and more or
1:42 am
less a waste of time because they will be let out? >> what is a waste of they are -- they will just be let out, but the real punishment here as they lose their stuff. and clearly the police are telling us that they need more officers, more often come up with the sanitation department because under our construction f l.a. city law, it is only the sanitation department that can pick the stuff up and hold it. and that is the only deterrent. and the mayor that are assigned the officers during the summer for two months work to move 250 people off of the boardwalk. in then, declare mission accomplished. and cut those resources back. they never got the last 50 pure those are some of the most mentally ill, most drug addicted. >> todd: that is the problem.
1:43 am
>> right, they are the ones that are inclined to be more sold end. >> todd: mark, we have to leave it there. these are heartbreaking, market, we appreciate your time. hopefully keep us posted. staying out in the south lands of southern california, guacamole will cluster this week and as you watch the super bowl. the fans shelling out for the most expensive ticket for the game and so far have problems of their own because apparently the food is not good. >> ashley: to kick off the big weekend next. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: many americans facing a choice between getting the covid vaccine or losing their job. hollywood's elite have to play by a different set of rules. the oscars will not require attorneys to get the vaccine, despite sweeping mandates in the city of los angeles. the hollywood reporter saying star-studded event will require negative test, but planners did not want to exclude certain celebrities based on vaccine status. speak to former acting attorney general matt whitaker said the left caters to the elid ignores the rest of us.
1:48 am
listen. >> this is what liberals do, they find something inconvenient. you still have to have a fax card and i.d. with a hamburger inside the restaurant in d.c. so they are still applying this to the working class people. the people that have to drive the cabs and actually do the work and i'm sure people serving at this oscar gala are going to be masked. so, this is a fake coming around to our way of thinking. >> ashley: okay, dana perino made a good point that i completely agree with on "the five" if they do not require a vaccine passport or mandate, be what it is for the oscars for the celebrities, they better not -- they better do the same thing for the people serving them. and she said the limo drivers, taxicab drivers, you know there will be police present there. the police officers outside. i'm just so sick and tired healthy elites can say on social media, "if you don't
1:49 am
comply with this you're part of the problem" but yet here they are. >> todd: the last two years they have lectured us about how we need to live our lives. one day a year, it impacts them pure they are like, "oh, we have to change the rules and we can't do this anymore." the people cannot be elitist if they tried, not only talk about the oscars themselves, but nobody in middle america has seen any of those movies, whatever the heck it is, they said it was horrible. aunt up for the awards. that is on the content part of all of this but they just have no sense as to what real americans are going through on a day-to-day basis. they can have a tone-deaf mood that will not go over well with the majority of the country. it is going to alienate the elitist even further. >> ashley: i mean most of america's not sitting around thinking about the oscars. they are thinking about how --
1:50 am
at the mecca, oh, yeah, that was in the peak of the issue with covid to. people were getting sick with covid, my goodness if you come to our state you don't have to wear a mask or show vaccine passport. such an oxymoron with that statement there. but you know, not only that, but the kids. you mask your kids but you will not ask these elitist at the oscars? it is infuriating. >> todd: a crazy chart right there. you literally see all the workers with the mask on and then aoc and the rest of the democrat all he would elites, they are one in the same here this fashion, met gala and on the screen, two years of this from america, two years of this peer that is where the people are finally pushing back. you see it in canada, coming here too. let's talk about football. >> ashley: something fun.
1:51 am
>> todd: trashing ahead of the super bowl, in the meantime, restaurants across the nation scrambling to fulfill orders. >> ashley: okay, that is because there is a chicken wing crunch. price is up 11% since last january and almost 1.5 billion wings are in demand. headlines 24/7 sports entertainment reporter mike gunzelman is joining us. let's pull this up january 2021 to january 202211.6 that i just said. you know, matt, i had 26 wings one time in one city for a wing eating contest. when i say this many people are going to be eating wings, you better get the tongue and the pepto ready. >> you are exactly right. listen, when you talk about the most important sunday in the country, easter sunday, and then come up course super bowl sunday. we talk about football, fun, friends, the food and whether actually going to the game, the
1:52 am
food, by the way looks disgusting at the stadium come a couple of people sent photos out and it looks gross. or eating at home, the bottom line it will cost you across the nation. chicken wings especially, you mentioned the price 1.4 billion and wings eaten on sunday. but the thing is, everybody should be affected by this. everybody will be coming together, high gas prices, the food more expensive, lots of inflation going on. not good if you are one of the leaders right now because people are not pleased with you when it comes to food and high prices because of inflation. >> todd: let's talk about the disgusting images coming up. while we show you, are you the reason for the shortage and all of the wings? >> so here's the images of the food. talk about the media push back to this. >> so here is the thing. the average ticket price for fans right now to go to the game is anywhere from $3500 to
1:53 am
$4,000. i don't know about you, but that is not getting your money's worth. that looks like something me and my buddies in college use to cook up, a shoe in an era prior and present as food. it is disgusting and not worth it but they don't care, it is los angeles and do as i say and not as i do from the leaders. and already bought the ticket, here we go whatever. >> ashley: i don't know i feel -- >> who is having a salad on super bowl sunday? >> ashley: i might. i feel like this, you pay $5,000 for a ticket and then you see on the fast food commercials, the burger look so good. you go to mcdonald's to william and the drive through, well, this is not -- >> i'm supposed to go to a super bowl party and already discussing with my friends and we are not bringing as much because it is so expensive weather sliders, wings, guacamole. so we are definitely cutting
1:54 am
back on that will happen across the country. it is too expensive. >> ashley: of the most outrageous super bowl lvi bet. here is what is at stake. how long is the rendition of the national anthem last year? the first song performed at the half show, this is an interesting one will snoop dogg go on the stage during the halftime show? i think as. >> i say no. >> ashley: okay, onstage, definitely before. the first song, you don't want to drop it like it's hot because it snoop dogg. >> i disagree. these are a lot of songs and people template at home. the national anthem is 97.5 seconds. i would say the less nine national anthem has been 107 seconds. mickey is a great country singer. she might sing at a little slow. i will take that over on that. gatorade, okay the favorite
1:55 am
right now is orange. the bengals are more inch and that is a favorite but number two is blue. blue gatorade appear that would be the rams. so i would probably go rams. the blue, i should say just because you get more money for your bank. and of course more but for your money. and the other thing would be like you mentioned, the first performers and the song. i think that kendrick lamar comes out first. i think it goes to snoop dogg a little later and eminem closing it out. that will be a lot of fun. >> todd: it will be california with snoop dogg. yes -- come on! because the gatorade will not be yellow because that looks like something else. enjoyed the game. we appreciate your time this morning, sir, thank you. >> ashley: okay coming up the next hour of "fox & friends first," we are live on the ground in ottawa
1:56 am
with the freedom convoy and president biden and democratic governor now weighing in on the protest. >> todd: boy, who did it come a jam-packed show this morning. joan dimmick joe concha luke to join us. do not go anywhere.
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♪ >> fun shot to start your friday, you are watching "fox and friends first" on this friday morning. i'm ashley strohmier in for carley shimkus. we'll be talking a lot of super bowl stuff. >> todd: sofi stadium, the scene of the crime, super bowl lvi between the rams and bill hemmer's cincinnati bengals, at this point, he owns


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