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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 11, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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that announcement needs to be announced so they know that they do not belong in office. they are a danger meant to our country. they do not belong in our office. it >> jesse: we are defunding the squad. you heard it here first. always remember, i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." after months of informing the rest of us that ukraine's territorial integrity is more important than our own, it looks like the bottom administration may be getting the conflict it has longed for. multiple outlets are reporting tonight that russian military units may move across the border into eastern ukraine. there are number of credible indications of this including the fact that russian ground forces appear to be heading to
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training areas to assembly points. officials have said that the thy expect the russians to move eminently in days. this feels a little different, which is why we are bringing it to you tonight. according to politico, joe biden has told fellow nato members that date could be of february 16th. >> we encourage all american citizens who remain in ukraine to depart immediately. we want to be crystal courier dell not clear on this point. any american should leave as soon as possible and in any event in the next 24-48 hours. we obviously cannot predict the future. we don't know exactly what is going to happen. but the risk is now high enough and the threat is no immediate enough that this is what prudence demands. >> tucker: a good number of the americans he referred to as
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currently served in the u.s. military. fox news reported that there were more than 300 american troops in ukraine including an unspecified number of special operations forces. if a hot war doesn't indeed begin, they will be in danger of being killed. will our troops leave before the shooting starts? john kirby asked that question today. "as of this moment, they are still there." when will they get out, we asked. he wouldn't say. whatever happens between russia and ukraine, the unit states will be at the center of it. it's not hard to imagine how the next few days could go very wrong very fast. russian troops kill american troops inadvertently or not and suddenly we are at war with russia. a nuclear armed nation whose military stronger than all the wars we fought in the last 50 years combined. fighting russia is not the same.
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it could quickly become a war we couldn't control. our side of that war would be overseen by the same generals who failed to beat the taliban, guerrilla fighters and sandals who don't use toilet paper. given that fact, you've got to wonder if the biden administration's current wild posturing is it worth the risk. we are open-minded on the question. if it's worth fighting russia, tell us how it is worth it. explain how joining a conflict in eastern europe would benefit the united states, not just benefit joe biden who is obviously desperate for a distraction from domestic disasters, but how would a war with russia make us stronger and more prosperous? that is a fair question. at the central question. while you are at it, tell us why if the russians are such a grave threat to europe, the europeans seem a lot less concern than we are. biting keep suggesting that
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putin wants to swallow western europe. but if that's true, why in the western european scrambling to defend themselves? they could certainly afford to. germany is one of the richest countries in the world. in many ways, german people have a higher standard of living that we do. after 80 years, we are still paying for their defense. is that a good reason for that? could it be that defunding western europe from russia is the pretext for other goals? goals that remain largely hidden from the american public. it is worth asking those questions and demanding clear and logical answers to them. in fact, it's essential to do that. a lot hangs in the balance. in the current environment, it's not easy. skepticism is announced as disloyalty. that is why we need to fight putman or they will accuse you of working for putin. for a rational conversation on the subject, we are honored to be joined by rational person,
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tulsi gabbard. thank you so much for coming on, congresswoman. it's hard to know what to believe always, and especially now, but let's stipulate, agree to agree, that it seems likely we could see some conflict between russia and ukraine soon. how should we view that? >> first of all, president biden could end this crisis and prevent a war with russia by doing something very simple. guaranteeing that ukraine will not become a member of nato. because if ukraine became a member of nato, that would put u.s. and nato troops right on the doorstep of russia, which, as putman has laid out, would undermine the national security interests. the reality is that it is highly, highly unlikely that ukraine will ever become a member of nato anyway. the question is, why do some president biden and nato leaders actually just say that and
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guarantee it? which begs the question of why are we in this position then? if the answer to this and preventing this war from happening is very clear as day. and really, it just points to one conclusion that i can see witches, they actually want to russia to invade ukraine. why would they? because number one, it gives the biden administration a clear excuse to go and levy draconian sanctions, modern day siege against russia and the russian people. and number two, it's the months this cold war and place. the military industrial complex is one of the benefits from this. they clearly control the biden administration, warmongers on both sides of washington drumming up that tensions. if they get russia to invade ukraine, then again, it locks in this new cold war. the military-industrial complex starts to make a ton more money than they have been in fighting al qaeda or making weapons for al qaeda.
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and who pays the price? the american people pay the price. the russian people play the price. it undermines our own -- it control so many of our politicians and they run to the bank. >> tucker: you are seen this. i think you got a credible view on this. i just have to ask, they have been telling us with increasing hysteria, wendy sherman, jake sullivan, and the president himself, the threat here is to western europe. vladimir putin has aims on our allies in western europe. why don't the europeans seem as afraid as our leaders are if that is true? >> i think that is a legitimate question that no one in the biden administration or the nato leadership has responded to in any way. it seems they have forgotten that they are supposed to be accountable to the american people. that the answer to the american
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people. and yet they have failed to answer this very, very simple question and justifying why we are continuing to send more troops to europe. why they are can send down my continuing to oxalate and push for something and making ukrains highly unlikely to ever happen. and if it did happen, it would undermine our own country's interest. >> tucker: it doesn't seem an upside. no one has been able to explain why americans should want ukraine to join nato. is there something that we are missing here? is there some benefit to the united states from having that happen? >> i've looked at this carefully, tucker, and i've yet to find any benefit that a political leader has used or could use to justify this to the american people. all you here as well, we have to defend democracy. we have to defend the democratic country of ukraine. but as you know very well, this current president shuts down --
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throws them in jail, shuts down tv stations that are critical to him. i have a hard time seeing how president biden or anyone can say with an honest face, we are defending democracy. and the reason is because our own government has publicly supported these authoritarian actions by the ukrainian president and shutting down their own political opposition and it begs the question, this sounds familiar to some of the things that unfortunately we are seeing play out right here at home. >> tucker: i was just about to say that, it seems like there kind of democracy. tulsi gabbard, that is the smartest analysis i've heard. i appreciate you laying it out for us. thank you. so the standoff on the, speaking of borders, american/canadian border, continues. you are hearing a lot about how the truckers are racist. why are they telling us that? why are they hysterical about truck drivers? because they feel deeply threatened by the disobedience.
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it's very revealing. we will tell you how, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so we've been
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covering this truck strike in canada all week and at the end of the week there were a couple of different images that kind of floated around her head. picture the cops stealing the fuel from the freezing truckers. picture the smiling trucker is talking about love and waving canadian flags. totally nonthreatening. but if above all, you remember the hysteria of the people in charge as they lookout of the sea of working class people. the people in charge are extremely upset about this. hysterical. and it's hilarious but he could just picture a transportation secretary, little pete buttigieg jumping up and down, shaking his little hands, screaming at the truck drivers, get off, right now! [laughs] and it's not just mayor pete, you member those angry tweets saying that we should cite for their diesel fuel, throw them in prison. they are talking like they are
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scary. but keep in mind, these are not displays of power. this is not how confident people talk. these are squeaks of impotence. our leaders are furious at the truckers because they know that there's not a lot they can do about the truckers. they don't know anything about trucks, for one thing. how do you get a truck off a bridge, especially when it has no fuel or tires? you just order someone to do it. it's kind of like an uber eats. the problem is, the people who drive the trucks don't feel like following orders anymore. they are ignoring pete buttigieg. if you actually want to move a big rig, you need tow truck operators. and those tow truck operators -- they know truckers are not a racist, they. so some of them aren't inclined to help. gary allen told canadian media
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"we have all the capabilities on our tow trucks to do it, but i don't think anyone would want to." another tow truck operator said even if tow truck operators wanted to help, it would be very hard. "in the end, the truckers get a say on whether you are taking that truck away or not." there are technical reasons for this, it turns out trucks are heavy. they have air brakes and steel belted tires. some of the truckers removed their tires completely. so what now? now is when you start to panic. and they definitely are. this afternoon the prime minister of canada clearly who is fidel castro's illegitimate son, came out from hiding to threaten them directly. watch this. >> if you join the protests because you are tired of covid, you now need to understand that to you breaking laws. the consequences are becoming
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more and more severe. you don't want to end up losing your license, and up with a criminal record which will impact your job, your livelihood, even your ability to travel internationally including to the u.s. >> tucker: you could be breaking laws! that's the funniest part. these people don't care about the law at all. they believe they make the law. this is the prime minister who ordered the cops to steal people's fuel. there is no law that says you can't have fuel in ottawa. he just made that up. now he's lecturing about the law. joe biden who was violating federal law on the grand scale every day by importing 2 million people illegally without your consent, he's upset about the law. justin trudeau is so upset he is threatening the truckers children. "it's time to go home be it especially if you have your kids with you and go. don't lock." only justin trudeau is allowed to do that. which he has done for more than a year. so what are we watching here?
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it's more than hypocrisy. what we are watching his panic. justin trudeau knows that nobody joined the protest because they are "tired of covid." they are tired of trna. they are tired of being told to inject something into their bodies they don't want to be at these long-term effects cannot be known. sold by companies that are protected. fear that have immunity. we also know that what they told us to do but didn't work. the lockdowns didn't work. johns hopkins came out and set at the other day. pretty conclusively. that is what people are mad about. they want their freedom back. they are not tired of the virus, they are tired of the leaders who have used the virus to give themselves more power. here is ontario's premier doug ford. he announced today that instead of lifting his useless mandates, he's going to steal the truckers money, find them, and send them to jail. >> there will be consequences for these actions.
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and they will be severe. we've already started by going after the money funding the illegal occupation. yesterday an ontario court granted our request to freeze the funds for the convoy. fines for noncompliance will be severe with a maximum penalty of $100,000 and up to a year imprisonment. we will also provide additional authority to consider taking away the personal and commercial licenses of anyone who doesn't comply with these orders. >> tucker: when you start making threats like that, you've already lost. what you are showing is that you are impotent and that is why you are unreasonable. that is why you are hysterical. when you start stealing things from people, outside of the law, speaking of the law, everybody knows you are weak. keep in mind that truckers raise
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$10 million on gofundme, a california company. canadian politicians had that effort shut down. and then a delaware company raised almost the same amount and canadian politicians went after that money too. the attorney general of ontario successfully got a court order to freeze access to the 8.4 million raised. who is paying for "housing, water, food, accommodations, and shuttle services." but all that money has just been stolen by the canadian government. it has been seized. all of this is pushing people away from government issued currencies. it because they are in control of lunatics like the guy you just saw. they are moving towards cryptocurrency like bitcoin. just like 18 will is, blockchain is pretty tough for them to control. therefore this is how you know it's a threat. the crypto guys must be white supremacists. that is exactly what they are not telling us. >> it is an avenue not just to
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make a lot of money, but it is also an avenue for money laundering and it is also a place where white supremacists apparently are taking options. it is problematic at best in so many ways. >> tucker: it's problematic at best. how do people like that get on television? by putting dumb people in the anchor chair, they are perfectly compliant to the people in charge. crypto is white supremacy. but the hysteria gives them away. as a trucker explained, these people are terrified peer they are scared of losing control. >> they blocked the bridge. that is the busiest border crossing and between canada and the usa. most trade goes through that port. so it's hidden up good, you know? >> tucker: of the downside of all of this is it starting canada into a legitimate police
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state, for real. here's one of his police officer is woman at her home because they have something that she rode on facebook and support of the truckers. it's one of the creepiest clips you will see today. watch. >> just some information about protesting, that's all it is. >> you saw something on my facebook? >> no come on the facebook group. >> saw the ontario provincial police are watching what people are doing on facebook and different groups whether or not they are commenting, participating, liking. and you are now doing service calls to get people information about peaceful protest? >> it's a proactive measure to make sure you understand your rights. >> tucker: in 2020. we are here is a proactive measure to inform you of your rights, not because we are spy and a new social media. so to recap, donating to the truckers is criminal. that is why truckers are the new
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queue and on, extremist threat. watch. >> do police need to begin arresting people in the blockade? >> not going to weigh into how they proceed. i went to tell you right now, they have to get it done. and using whatever tool it takes to safely and swiftly and this is what we are calling on them to do. >> trucker inspired protest in the u.s. potentially in your state, would you forcibly clear people? >> if people are breaking the law, obviously we will assess it at the time, but we are working very closely with our federal partners. the fact of the matter is we will do everything we can to prevent that from happening in the first place. >> tucker: working closely with our federal partners. even mind, they're not talking about -- these are truck
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drivers, the people who bring you food. they are waving flags and talking about love. you should see security contributors and those attacking them really weigh into this? no. because they can't win it. one side is too sympathetic. they can't help themselves. they are so threatened by disobedience that they rush forward with swords drawn. so they must crush anyone who questions the high priest of neoliberalism. that category includes plenty of people on the right, obviously, but it includes plenty of people who aren't on the right. but just feel like thinking for themselves bid that includes anyone who invests in bitcoin. it seeks truck drivers in ottawa who now work for pruden. those are just people who dare to say what they think.
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that slander hasn't worked. and it won't work here. you can't cancel a bridge full of 18-wheelers and shane them into driving away. they are going to drive it tomorrow. there's going to be a showdown in ontario. but the rest of the world has already learned the lesson. which is, if you resist, if you say you've had enough, they have to pay attention. it's the only thing they pay attention to. will cain is the host of fox and friends we can. we are happy to have him join us tonight. >> they are hysterical. you out or two words in that wonderful monologue that really caught my attention. panic and a bit tense but i want to handle those if i might one at a time. you are absolutely right what you are seen from these leaders as panic. it's resulting in a great at masking. down like on masking. on one hand, he got a character who would censor anyone who disagrees with him, smear, use
5:27 pm
the power of law to arrest people, threaten their livelihood, and call anyone there a domestic terrorist. on the other hand, the other character in this drama is almost universally a working-class individual in western civilization. perhaps they are podcast or, investor and crypto, but they are almost invariably small in every way. at least on the surface small. when you boil it down to those metrics, who is the good guy and who is inevitably the bad guy? here's the other word you used. use the word "impotent." if you think about it, what you are suggesting is poking a bear. the bear is the people. they are poking at you relentlessly. may be ignorantly. but they are observing their will over and over on censorship on joe rogan, on canadian truckers, parents, school board meetings. and wow, what happens if the bear wakes up?
5:28 pm
what happens if the people step up? it leaves me with just this question. how long have we unnecessarily complied? and how long have we been following this corruption? >> tucker: i think that is such a poignant and real question. when i was in college, this picture emerged from china. one of the most famous photographs ever taken. a loan protester in front of a tank. it was very obvious who's side americans were on. i wonder now if that picture came out if cnn contributors wouldn't be rooting for the tank. >> i don't think you have to wonder. i think that they would most certainly be rooting for the tank because they are rooting for the tank. right now in every modern iteration of it. and across international borders come across western civilization, they are rooting for the authoritarian, the apparatus and the system against the individual. the ultimate minority, the individual.
5:29 pm
>> tucker: i'm stealing that. thank you, will cain bear the ultimate minority is exactly right. i appreciate you coming on. so kathy hochul has never been elected governor of new york. sometimes she is pretending make governor of new york. and while this continues, she is working to expand her powers but she wants to be able to arrest and detain anyone with a particular disease or health condition. someone needs to stop kathy hochul. we will have details, next. ♪ ♪
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because i trust their quality. they were the first to be verified by usp, an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. >> tucker: savvy politicians across the country started to roll back their coronal mandates. not everyone got the memo.
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the new mayor of boston seems to -- she is a more vapid version of justin trudeau. that is a bad combination. so she continues with the restriction such as requiring vaccination documents and masking little kids. people are very sick over this. but michelle will somehow had no idea. so earlier this week she's found out the truth. she hosted an instagram live event complete with comments. >> happy new year, year of the tiger.
5:36 pm
what's my favorite thing about boston winter? i love snow. >> tucker: [laughs] she's going through looking for a positive one. she missed the one that said "you are ruining boston." didn't repeat those on the air ordained to answer them. our leaders assumed emergency authority to deal with it and they've been holding onto that authority ever sense. now they are trying to make it permanent. of course. in a moment when we are all
5:37 pm
fretting about democracy isn't real. here you have someone who is not actually the governor pretending to be the governor. >> governor cuomo actually instituted these quarantine powers back in march of 2020 and they are temporary at the moment and they have to be extended every 90 days or every 60 days. this governor, as covid cases go down, seeks to make these powers and the executive branch with no checks and balances permanent, forever, without any legislative authority. not only is she not elected, she is not asking the elected branch of government to help out with this. she is doing this unilaterally.
5:38 pm
i wouldn't want this governor to have these powers. i wouldn't want an elective governor. it's not just covid positive patients. what does that mean? therefore we are going to whisk you away and put you in some gulags and you have no due process after you've been in the gulags for a little while you might be able to petition the court if you get a lawyer. that is the kind of thing we are talking about. it may sound a little far-fetched, but think of where we've come in the last two years. it wasn't that long ago that we thought if you wanted to go to church you'd be allowed to go to church. new york state said you couldn't go to church and in certain. new york state is crushing
5:39 pm
free speech and first amendment rights. and this governor in the past month went ahead and fired union medical workers and to replace them with the military, replace them with the national guard. >> tucker: the defender of the democracy, the liz cheney, for example. piped up and said hey, unelected state government pull back on your quarantine powers, you are not god. has anybody noticed this? >> i haven't heard anyone say that. i haven't even heard members of our own party here in new york state say that. this was proposed as a bill in the past and never got anywhere in the legislature. i think even in past legislatively this kind of power would be unconstitutional. basically throwing away habeas corpus. this is done in the executive branch with no checks and balances. i was on your show about 13 months ago talking about that bill, tucker. and afterwards a reporter from d
5:40 pm
that that is an insane idea, there's no way we would have a pass that bill. but at the time, we didn't know it. they had given themselves this power. all they had to do is ask themselves, can be extended for another 90 days? can be extended for another 90 days? >> tucker: yeah, and if we are saying that anybody who has been exposed to covid qualifies for involuntary quarantine, that would be three to 45 million americans for there is into person who hasn't been exposed. thank you so much for coming on tonight. and congratulations on holding office legitimately has an elected official. >> it's a great honor. thank you. for more than a year, the biden administration repeatedly told americans that they had to take the coronavirus shop. they said that even after it became clear that people who got the shot were still getting covid. the question is why they never admitted this. we don't know the answer, we can
5:41 pm
only guess. but a new report from alex thompson offers up one possible motive. it turns out that the white house's top vaccine pitch man owned up to $1 million in, wait for it, vaccine stock. his name is eric lander. he was confirmed at the senate for his role in late may. he subsequently defected from various stocks he owned in june as mandated. he didn't sell that stock until august 5th. as you can see from the chart on your screen, that stock has been falling ever since that day. pretty amazing timing. as to what happened to the value of the stock during the time that he owned it? he again led the biden administration's effort to promote use of the vaccine. to his ethics agreement suggests he should not have been doing that. it stated he could not
5:42 pm
"participate personally and substantially in any particular matter that to me elledge has a direct predictable effect on the entity until i have devised a debt." in other words, you can't promote a product that you are benefiting from and what you really can't do is force people to take a product that you are profiting from. and you really, really can't do it if that product is protected from lawsuits. because that is totally corrupt. if you do that, no one will ever believe anything a gun. with a super bowl coming up we thought we would sit down with an inspiring high school football coach. we don't interview a lot of high school football coaches, but mike stephens, uses football to change the lives of his players. we think it's great, and we think you will too. it will be right back.
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♪ ♪
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>> tucker: you may not remember this, but not too long ago, he ran for president. not of the school board, but of the united states. he was dreaming big. at a debate and september 2019, he made a promise to the people of this country. he promised that when he was elected he would clean out your gun closet, because you don't need all that. those are the two rifles you mentioned. he didn't mention anything about other guns or knives. it was just a r's and ak's. >> yes, we are going to take your ar-15, your ak-47. you are not going to be allowed to use them to hurt fellow americans anymore. >> tucker: that tape still exists. three years later, beto o'rourke is still looking for a job. he doesn't work a ton. now he wants to be governor of
5:49 pm
texas. and in texas, people like ar-15s and ak-47s. so on tuesday, beto o'rourke was asked again, are you going to take people's guns away? and here's what he said. >> i'm not interested in taking anything from everyone but what i want to make sure that we do is defend the second amendment. >> tucker: [laughs] actually, i misspoke. what i meant when i said i'm going to seize your guns without compensation was, i'm going to defend the second amendment. okay. so if you like your kalashnikov, you can keep your collection a at.super bowl sunday is coming . young athletes and everyone around the country will be watching. we just spoke to a coach called max stevens who we think is particularly impressive. he's a head football coach at cleveland heights high school in the state of ohio. he's focused on football, but he is much more focused on the
5:50 pm
lives of his players. and he means it. we thought for that reason we would want to hear it. here's part of the conversation. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so you are a football coach, the head coach. a spigot that's correct. >> tucker: presumably your goal is to win, what you care what grades they get or are you they treat girls? >> in order to do big things in life you've got to do the small things right. when i interviewed for the job, the one thing i told the committee that was interviewing me was that if the idea is for me to win a state champ egypt, i'm not the guy. but if you want to change lives, that is what i can do. >> tucker: you said that in the interview? >> absolutely. i said that to the committee. i had that interview with the head principal and i interviewed with the superintendent and the human resources director of the cleveland heights school district. and that is something that i still emphasize to this very day. those kids still excel.
5:51 pm
i like to believe that a big part of that is because of the expectations we put on our kids. we don't allow them to come to us with excuses. and i think unfortunately in society today we give young people too many excuses. we just keep that expectation on them every day. an example is, when i was raising my sons every single day, the questions they got to for me was, how was school, how did you do will not test, do you have a quiz coming up, when is your next game. things like that, just basic questions he would think all parents ask. well, with the kids that i coach, to be quite honest, most of them got home and they don't get that. they get that from myself, they get that for my coaching staff. that is one of the reasons why so many kids have been successful coming out of our football program. i think at our first six years we've had 75 kids on various football scholarships.
5:52 pm
>> tucker: amazing. how many of the boys do you coach have their dad at home? >> a lot of them don't have very involved fathers to be quite honest. and it is not that myself or our coaching staff try to become the father. we tried to become good and decent man. when i interviewed my coaching staff, i didn't ask them what they know about exes and all is and for both games. i could care less about that. but what i do ask the coaches, are you able to coach these kids, love these kids as if they are your own son? and if you can't do that, then you can't coach on my staff. >> are they confused by the question? >> it surprising to some people. to be quite honest, just with the philosophy with the ultimate goal is not to win a state championship. the ultimate goal was to change lives. to some people with that.
5:53 pm
but in my mind, we can't lose. there is no way we can lose to cleveland heights if you embrace that philosophy. because of a young man goes through four years of high school and then goes on to college and gets a college degree, how can that be a failure? i just had a couple young men, actually to that just graduated from ohio state. one will probably have an opportunity to play in the nfl paired the other one has an opportunity to get a very good job. how can you fail? >> we interview a lot of people who explain how screwed up the country is. max stevens is living proof that it's a great country. that whole interview is on fox nation. we recommend you check it out. hillary clinton is back all of the setting. she speaking to the near democratic party convention next week. why is she doing that? it's not -- there could be a reason and we support that reason.
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>> tucker: we are going to end our friday night show with some good news. something for you to savor. here it is, hillary clinton said to speak at a near democratic party convention next week. according to one source, her appearance is good because it will galvanize the party and keep her relevant. wow. wait till you see her at almost 80. an added layer. we like to say this on the record with total sincerity, please, hillary clinton, run. we've covered it so many times before. but because that would be hilarious. we will be monitoring that speech next week. don't miss it. for the meantime, have the best weekend. new episode of "tucker carlson
6:00 pm
today," featuring max stevens. and of course more than anything, we hope you have a restful weekend away from the chaos and lunacy but the ones you love. we will be back at 8:00 p.m. on monday night. guess who's next? you know the answer. sean hannity. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." disturbing news from europe. u.s. defense officials now believe that a russian invasion of ukraine is imminent, or in the words of joe biden, a minor incorrigible happen. anyway, it looks like maybe next week this could happen. the biden administration is now telling americans to evacuate immediately, but they are all so


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