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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  February 12, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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cincinnati, eric garcetti will have to wear the teams jersey and if the rams win, cincinnati mayor has to wear their jersey. making a donation to the children's hospital in the city. good luck to both teams. that's how fox report tonight. i am john scott. ♪♪ >> that's where it what does that say? i do. cap away. cap away you can clappers. happy glorious day. i shot out to quasimodo. who wants to have fun at the media's expense? >> the gutfeld show presents you can't fix the media, you can only let them, they are beyond
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help. a million vacuum cleaners by black holes. this claim is backed by science. >> remember when glenn youngkin seized resurrection researching on mask mandate? the media mocked andio condemned him like a roman jesus. >> and ordinary suburban, moderate and in defense of use. >> exactly what a republican does make it into power. but look what's going on, move the state back 50 years. >> glenn youngkin. >> it makes a lot publican governors. >> now that they are doing the same thing about the media changes their tune quicker than a jukebox onset. youngkin. >> they change their tune quicker than a jukebox. >> more signs the country is pushing to get back to normal. >> new jersey, delaware, connecticut, oregon, and
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california, all move to relax their mask mandates. >> these are all states led by democrats and once hard hit covid zones and they seem to be driven by science, not politics. >> we're headed in the right direction. >> the responsibility should shift from a government mandate imposed from the state or the local district of the school, rather, it should shift to an individual responsibility by the family. >> it's official. you can now add these gubers to the other invertebrates. >> you they say they follow the science but why be fair when they really followed the political science. just days ago, when youngkin suffered a legal setback over ending mask mandates, now there is legislation that copies them.
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they are like the dumb kids copying the answer off the smart kids' text. so you think they would praise youngkin, but you have a chance of pelosi's -- it ain't in their dna. i doubt they know what that word meansful while it's great change your mind based on data you think they would think ahead about that possibility before mocking that dude who made that right call first. but no, they are obviously two-faced fair weather liars jumping on the bandwagon. it's not amnesia. it's arrogance. they believe they can get away with it. i call them flip phonies. pretty clever, huh? i came up with it this morning. they will de funds actual rioters and brand protestors as insurrectionists. they will claim the canadian truckers are violent radicals without evidence but then ignore the antifa militants who plowed his jeep into the convoy
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protests. in another they will defends defund the police and claim they never did and when homeless men start beating women with baseball bats, they hide it like it's an ugly baby. [laughter] >> they question the validity of an election in 2016 and then call anyone else a traitor if they do the same thing four years later. though just run away from the crime scene like smash and grabbers from kaye jewelers. maybe it's how they are able to sleep at night. that or hanging upside-down but it stems from one insecurity. they can't admit they are wrong. it's quite the contrast when you see the podcast world exploding or successes like this little weird show that comes on at 11:00 p.m. what do they all have in common? other than most of us can't pass a drug test we all admit that we're wrong. i try to do it a few times a
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week, though it's hard when you're almost always right but every now and then i have to take off my cape. back in 2016, i was wrong on trump. and initially i was wrong on covington. i was wrong to take advice from kill immediate and it was wrong taking the under on how long jesse's show would last. finally i was wrong on canada. it turns out they do have indoor plumbing. anyway, being able to admit you're wrong is like having opposable thumbs or no tail. it's a sign you've evolved but being resistant to it means you're like the dying legacy media which can never admit they are wrong because maybe they are wrong so much, they do four hours of knew and have to do four hours of undoing their news. mayor they are coming around. under joe biden's white house or whoever is responsible for changing joe's battery and steering him toward the podium the department of homeland security just issued a heightened terrorism alert due to, get this, the proliferation of false or misleading
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narratives, which will sew discord or undermine public trust in u.s. government institutions. they also cite conspiracy theories introduced or amplified by foreign and domestic threats. this advisory, much like cat's house arrest remains in effect until june 7 but this morning's big news, the dhs finally got around to watching cnn and msnbc because it's the legacy media churning tout false and misleading narratives that bring discords. they pedal the russian collusion hoax, they lied about kyle rittenhouse, and a terrorist who ran over six people at a christmas parade. and they deny the lab leak. they embrace every hate crime hoax they can find. they push defunding the police and no cash bail. though even call parents terrorists. no, wait, that one was the government. it's going to be funny when they have to kick down their own doors at dawn and arrest
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themselves. maybe they should put up that fence around the capitol again and just put a padlock on it. anyway, it's good to see the president and his administration coming around to seeing the destructive nature of a vin dick active media. i bet it will sure be lard to slap the cuffs on your best friends but i could be wrong. i probably am. not hard but at least i'll admit it. [applause] >> a jailhouse lawyer. always appealing. co-host, outnumbered, emily. >> greg: this comedy show, bring down the house. when the club is demolished due to low ticket sales. writer and comedian joe -- [applause] >> greg: the early bird catches the worm. is there an excuse for morning
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tequila. my massive psychic. the champion. emily good, to see you as always. glad you could make it. >> do you remember the last time you were wrong on a topic, and would you care to explain it? it might make you feel better. >> i was thinking about this for a while and i think the times i was wrong was when i just read headlines. >> greg: excellent point. >> you brought up kyle rittenhouse earlier, and when that situation started unfolding, before i looked into it, before i read about it, i thought, you know, i made the assumption that the head lines was correct and it was a vastly different situation than it really was and it took in depth research to determine that the people who died were not a certain type of group that they were portrayed as. that he was not a certain type of group that he was portrayed as. it was a completely different
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situation. i think what i see is different here than the mainstream media, there is not group think. you say what you think about time and that's why later on you can say, you know what? i was wrong, or i've changed my mind. i've changed my mind. that's okay, too. no one in the mainstream media is doing so because they have their group think collectively that they have to do. everyone points to like a higher authority that's infallible, so everyone points to the cdc, you have to wear a mask, mask your kids, virginia pass as state law saying we'll rely on cdc guidance for everything we have to do. and this is why we're arresting people right and left but that same cdc says 51% of kids have seen a 61% increase in suicide. the cdc is saying kids are declining in mental health, by double digits right now. they are saying that our kids are dying on the inside.
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so if they are infallible in this and that's what we rely on, says mainstream media and state law, why can't the other things they say also be correct. it's only covid. it's only in these certain instance that is these authorities are correct. >> greg: excellent points, emily you get a passing grade. joe? how are you doing? >> joe: good. >> greg: beard coming along? >> joe: growing in. >> greg: going to shave off the mustache? >> first, you know why i don't grow a mustache. my mustache is racist. >> greg: you have white hair? >> yes, my grandfather. it's blond. doesn't get along. division have you ever on my face. >> greg: yes. joe, do you remember the last time you just said something that you now think you were wrong about? >> joe: yes. i used to spend a lot of time making fun of canada.
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if this whole system is brought down by angry canadian truckers i'm going to laugh my ass off. >> greg: who would have thought? >> when i saw them starting to do protests up there, it's a canadian thing, i don't really have to pay attention. i've been watching them and it's so funny how canadian it is, too, to see such canadian pride. what's more canadian than honking. it's the geese that do it. the truckers that do it. they are enjoying the canadianness of it, and to see the way that the media is attacking them, and their own prime minister, he's accused them, they are nazis, transphobic, racists, he's going down this long list. he set up bouncing houses. >> greg: yes. you can't spell honky without honk. >> this is true. >> greg: pretty amazing. but you're right. people are talking about terrorists while you're looking
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up at the tv and you're looking at the tv and there is a little baby in a baby carriage and another lady holding a baby. who brings babies to a terrorist activity? hamas -- >> care to admit -- >> i'm wrong a lot. at least that what show tells me. but the biggest thing i was wrong about was bus a gate. i came on the show and said, it's over, he's done. it was wrapped. and more recently the biggest one, i was completely wrong about president biden. i was defending him saying, he was going to be a moderate, tough on crime guy. my bad america. >> greg: i remember the bus thing. you know what i did? when we did the five, i entered my segment with the song "it's over" by scaggs, and i was laughing the whole time. >> we talked about this before the show, after the show, at the
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bar, like, we're going to have four years of hillary. here we go. >> greg: totally wrong. >> kats, do you remember anything in your past? i know it's hard to remember. >> because i'm blacked out drunk all the time. >> you're going to whoop your ass. >> i'm not proven wrong a lot because i'm libertarian, so we never get elected so we never have a chance to be proven wrong. we don't win. i would say, i was definitely wrong, i thought there was no way trump would win in 2016. no way. i was wrong. i did not think that i would get so much covid. [laughter] >> i don't go anywhere and i got so much covid. i got covid after i got two vaccine shots and the one covid, there is no way i would get covid again that same year. but i sure did.
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>> greg: you just won the segment because i've had it three times. i've had three boosters. i'm looking for the fourth. i've had all three versions. like a badge of participation. >> greg: oh, my god. >> i kept getting tested and i was positive. at the beginning, covid, no big deal. no big deal. it heard me. >> the good news is -- after a couple of days it left. >> i was fine, but i just had to be -- i don't do well alone. >> greg: that was educational. >> up next, if i had my druthers, oblivion is where we wo seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage. new parodontax active gum repair kills plaque bacteria at the gum line. to help keep the gum sealed tight.
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>> greg: one is a perb and the other has a lot of nerve. he brought down zuc. it's the cuomos. i'm your host sandy duncan. i can't believe we got a second season. >> tonight's episode from grabbing ass to grabbing cash. following the cnn exit, disgraced anchor chris to demand as much as a $60 million settlement, almost a million bucks for each of his viewers but it's a bargain to help destroy cnn's credibility. that number according to the "new york post", which is owned by the parent company tom cruise. apparently chris, who was candid for helping his brother andrew
4:20 pm
fend off sexual harassment allegations instead of helping women fend off his brother, claimed that zucker not only knew about it, but that zucker had inappropriate dealings with andrew as well. one source, he intends to fight for every dollar on his income and the loss of income from the 15 to 20 years left in his career. that sucker not orchestrated a f job on him. i won't spell that out, emily, because you're here. [ bleep ] meanwhile, cnn reports the older cuomo is considering a political comeback. if he gets one nursing home vote, though, i'll alleging fraud. after resigning last summer following sexual harassment allegations andrew avoided impeachment which means he's still eligible no run for office again. this isn't new. he says following in the footsteps of other disgraced horny democrats like spitzer and weiner, who both tried to run for office once the courts
4:21 pm
removed their ankle monitors. for more on this we go live to larry cuomo. yes! the other cuomo and some say the smartest but forgotten brother. >> i'm normal. [laughter] >> greg: that's why he's the smartest cuomo, joe. he stays out of this mess. >> i think that was -- >> greg: i couldn't get -- but i got larry, mo, he's passed on. what do you think, joe, he has a chance at a comeback and is chris cuomo's career resumed? >> he said he's got an extra 80 years in the business. two weeks ago, i was riding the subway, i don't need to brag, and i saw a woman wearing a cuomo sexual t-shirt and i thought, when is the last time she did laundry? because it's time to retire that, and then they are back.
4:22 pm
they are back again. we're going to spring -- from jail. it's amazing, i think it's funny that of all the people to bring down cnn it's chris cuomo. that's hilarious. his brother running for office again is frightening. he killed more old people with the early bird special but i guess we'll let that slide. >> greg: that's the thing no one talks about. i've got to bring this up. i love how don lemon, you know, when he did that talk, the love affair, and now he's mad, he's saying, you know, giving cuomo money, don't give cuomo bane because it will show lack of journalistic integrity. it's a pay-off. >> awful. >> it looks like no more beautiful dinners in the city, greg. it looks like that's over. you know what? i side with chris cuomo. i think he's right. i don't know about the money thing but a hundred percent, he knew what was going on because
4:23 pm
he was doing the same thing with trump. so, yes. he thought he was going to jump from trump -- his big brother, and ride that to the white house. so everything that he did he was getting advice from a hundred percent. so i do feel for him. as far as being disgraced, i don't think so much it's what's happened at cnn but probably the sexual harassment thing, zucker is not responsible for that so he's got to deal with that one but he's going to get some money. >> greg: you know, kat, when you look at chris cuomo, what would we spends $60 million on, what do you think? >> i don't know. protein shake. glamour shots. i really thought he was going -- that's what he wants to do. i'm accidentally -- [inaudible] >> he should just do that it's crazy because now you know for a fact that they are both actually
4:24 pm
narcissistic, because andrew thinks he's entitled to have power over tens of millions of people and chris thinks he's entitled to tens of millions of dollars even though they have both screwed up so much that it's like hard to keep all of them straight without forgetting something. >> greg: i think he should get a gold and diamond big block necklace because, let's get after it. wear it. just go walk around. >> give him my culture stuff. i don't know. graovac i grew just want to see him shirtless wearing it in the hamptons, hopping on to a helicopter. a solid gold helicopter. graovac. >> whatever that is worth is not worth $60 million. these guys are like the procedure herpes. right when you think they have gone away they show up again like a disgusting sore or wart and my favorite part about andrew trying to make a comeback is he's such a petulant child.
4:25 pm
nothing takes away the fact that multiple investigations concluded credibly that you are a serial harrasser, and abuser and a lot worst and he's like, i didn't resign because i said i did something bad. i left the door open. he's like the emoji, today will be a great day. i can do it but the more i thought about it the more i realized, that would be a gift. that would be a gift to new york politics because all it's going to be is a civil war between the democratic party, because right now no one is defending him but no one is also saying he's a disgusting waste of flesh, so let them eat each other when it gets to the primaries. if it gets all the way the gop candidate will win. >> greg: you stumbled into a good point. but let's be honest. the rest of america doesn't care about this, but he is still better than the current. kathy, the current governor, they managed to find somebody less appealing that andrew
4:26 pm
cuomo. she's like your crazy aunt, right? isn't she? i don't know, anyway -- [laughter] >> he's a harrasser. he's a harrasser. >> i don't know. bring a big magnet, his nipple rings -- he needs to get maced. >> nobody risk that. country coffee. >> greg: i started to say shut up to you, bit way. >> that's a burner that doesn't go away. >> greg: i learned that at >> greg: i learned that at mcd i looked on ancestry and just started digging and found some really cool stuff... it was just a lot of fun. just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we're all related to look
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>> greg: de funds the cops, the left -- defund the cop. defund the police won't fall into an security thanks to this democrat with private security. leftist congresswoman cory bush is sticking to her guns and preventing cops from using theirs. she told axios, political website, not my greek pool boy, you better wake up, continue to use the defund the police slogan even though it will hurt fellow democrats. she stands by her defund the police idea which makes voters run like they had diarrhea. it's music to the ears of a thief who bungled beef, stay out of his way, they say, when he steals 10 filets. on tuesday morning, a new york guy, i love that, a new york guy, you do all of these great rhymes and then you just throw in a guy, per loin sirloin and waltzes right past trade or joe's employees who are told not to foil this thief of london
4:32 pm
broil. what a jerk. doesn't he know there are meat-free options cries mayor adams? an anonymous worker told the post that they have basically been ordered not to do anything when the shortage happened. they didn't even offer a bake potato and side salad. now i'm hungry. the photographer who took this video wanted to get to the bottom of it. >> those two guys were chasing him from the store. >> why are you stealing it? >> what? >> for the homeless. >> what are you going to do with it? >> what are you going to do with it? >> greg: yes. he's going to cook it on his lovely grill out on sixth avenue. he's probably taking it to a chop shop where they reassemble the whole cow for resale. other retailers have told cops perks have been stealing pricey things to resell them later.
4:33 pm
i wonder if those kinds of tactics sneak into the workplace. >> oh, man, another brutal week at the office. >> i couldn't even get posty notes because of the supply chain. >> we've got tape. all of this, you can own. >> what are you doing? >> can i talk to you about a surge protector. it's the top of the line. >> that's the one from my desk. >> that's my phone. >> it does look similar. i'll grant you that. if it's not your speed, you know what you need? a brand-new printer-copier and a fax machine. >> this is all stolen. are you out of your mind? >> i'll give it to you for $12. >> make it $10. >> deal. >> get your auto supplies, definitely not stolen. >> greg: i was quite impressed with how he just pick up that
4:34 pm
printer. like -- like it was a hollow prop. [laughter] did you notice that? >> nothing is tougher than lifting a printer, gutfeld. you're spoil. >> greg: they are heavy. they are a heavy thing. joe could not -- he barely made it. >> joe was outside. >> standing next to gene's hip. that was not a good look. >> greg: would you buy a stolen steak? >> i would buy stolen steak? no, i would not. i would not. but, you know what? the best part of that video was not deceiving. he steals another homeless's trash bag. hey, you stole my bag, yo? oh, sorry.
4:35 pm
i'm assuming it stopped there and the ass whooping ensued so he can steal steaks from a store but if he steals another guy's bag, you get street justice. >> greg: at least we have some justice. whose fault is this? is this the store's fault for not doing anything or is it the city's fault for not backing up the stores? >> i mean, i don't think it's the store's fault. i think if you're working at trader' jones, you're not going to risk getting stabbed at trader joe's but he put the steaks in the bag that the street sweeper was using to clean up the streets so you're not eating that occasionally you'll throw food away and get it out of your own trash. we've all done that. but not someone -- >> i don't see the problem. you've done it. >> greg: yes. of course. >> i can't tell you how many times i've eaten food out of
4:36 pm
your trash. >> greg: sometimes it's not even food. >> you know i'm married. >> greg: i don't know what that means. let's talk about the legal angle here. what i'm interested in, isn't this weird. i sometimes say we live in a simulation. last night we were talking about mayor adams talking about -- and then the next day on the front cover of the paper it's a dude with meat. >> obviously shopping for super bowl. that was my first thought. like great party at his house but i think, look, the bottom line, in contrast to what the left will have you believe, number one, this is not a victimless crime and it's not about the retail. nypd has video of a known shoplifter assaulting one of their officers at midtown. the same that's closing and they are losing that entire clientele that depended on that pharmacy,
4:37 pm
that served the elderly. all of that gets waysided by crimes of opportunity as left wingers like to call it. this guy walks out with like 40 bags of coffee in a bag, and, like an open thing. cops happened to be there. made him return it but here's the point. the store didn't press charges. the cops didn't arrest him because they knew nothing was going to happen. >> greg: was that yesterday or today? >> so the bottom line is, because of the system, it ensures there is no accountability for this, that's why these guys keep getting away with it and they keep getting emboldened to violence and that's why we see security guards getting shot, beaten to death in st. louis. it's not just about taking a steak. it's about a system failing all of us who pay for stuff and who don't want violence. whatever. >> greg: whatever. last word, joe. >> you can't expect trader joe's
4:38 pm
employees to be enforcing the law. it goes to show that, you punish people who do good things and you reward people who do bad things. you incentivize it. one last thing, he wasn't stealing any beef. he was going for the real stuff. >> greg: plant-based food, more prosecutions. i should run for mayor but i'm lazy. lazy. coming up, i need more protein, like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you.
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. >> greg: gawker's reporting. publishing instructions for identity theft. gawker, the trash gossip blog famous for being sued out of
4:43 pm
existence for publishing hogan's sex tape, wow, has been resurrected a second time. they have on stained a social security number. damn it, all i wanted was her phone number. gawk co-echos the progressive leftist attack on cinema for her refusal to support the build back better, and they are telling the world they have her private data, obvious pay back, perhaps a threat and washing their grubby little hands like this info won't be used to harass her by people even grosser than them. if you thought following her into the bathroom was bad, gawker said hold my pee. [laughter] >> greg: how they scored this amazing journalistic cue, the records came back unredacted full of private
4:44 pm
>> best eight bucks i ever spent. with government fraud protection so lax it's no wonder people don't trustee lexes. this kind of docking is a good thing for freedom of the press and transparency for our elected officials. the only thing that's transparent is a woman holding a knee. verify if her birth year is 1940a.d. only anily, if this information is used for i.d. theft or to do something with cinema, like some kind of fraud, would gawker be held legally responsible? >> not really. this is what's so frustrating about the situation is that it's legal but it's dirty. they are playing into exactly what got them into trouble in the first place. remember, existence of the sex tape was news worthy but the contents itself was not and that's what got them shut down. so here they are reporting they have her ssm because, as they
4:45 pm
put it, they obtained it for $11 because it wasn't redacted because her records, they were part of the public record there in arizona before the law changed, whatever, so they are just reporting that they have it, it's legal, but it's dirty. remember, when rebekah shaffer was skilled by a stalker fan. at that time it was legal to obtain an address of anyone from the dmv and that's why the laws changed. this is a disgusting, dirty play. it might be legal but them going about how they obtained it and putting it out there. >> just because you obtain it doesn't mean you, should joe. it seems to me gawker is becoming a punishing arm, an enforcement tool for the left, and they are almost advertising it, say, this is what we'll do for you, if you be nice to us, and plug us, and use us more often. >> and like emily said they don't seem to have learned anything from the hogan thing. one thing interesting on the sex tape is it looked like he was
4:46 pm
unconscious but then the fans brought him back. >> greg: watch it, joe. [ bleep ]. [laughter] >> careful. >> here's what annoys me the most. when she was first elected the left was like, she's a bisexual woman, she's a true arizona maverick. no one is going to tell her what to do. she said, i don't agree with build back. burn the witch. burn the witch. they immediately turned on her. what they are doing is this idea, oh, hate to see somebody -- if you read that article there is no news or even an opinion put forth. it's just a threat. it's disgusting so why aren't we saying why is this press threatening a woman who is a member of the lgbt community who standing up for what she believes in and i hope she puts one of those boots up their asses because what they are doing is wrong. >> greg: it stands to reason they might actually use this information. >> gawker, to him doing this is
4:47 pm
kind of like creepy perv behavior. they don't like, i went through this woman's underwear store, they are trying to make something bad happen to her because this is going to change anything policy-wise so that's clearly not what they care about. all it could potentially do is make something horrible happen to her. they just want bad things to happen to her as a human being. journalism. >> and they got some free press from us. >> we need 20 stop sugarcoating this. this is not bullying. this is a type of discrimination. if she was a different color people would be screaming out but once again i think women have probably been hit worse during this woke era. of everything about what makes you a woman is taken away and whenever a woman is standing on her own and showing that she's strong she's gripped down. i have a question, emily.
4:48 pm
if putting her information publicly, as a result of that somebody finds a way to hack in and take all of her money and ruin her life as a result of that story she can't go after them. in that case, yes, but they didn't publish it. >> yet. >> correct. it's the tape existence versus the tape contents, but they didn't publish exactly what it was and necessity made a stupid joke, number we put in the top is from a music video, call you later. they are withholding the information but they just published that they have it. >> it's a way to go about getting it. >> $11. >> $11. >> yes. >> up next, are couples more likely to mate if the woman made likely to mate if the woman made ♪♪ and one chicken salad. anything else? yeah, do you also take orders online? yeah, we do that. yeah, we do. secure payments, the tools you need, ever get a sign the universe is trying to tell you something? people who can help, we do that.
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>> greg: do hookups get more traction if ladies start the action? it's time for "researchers r perverts!" that's right, they are. a new study of the dating lives of college students finds 63% of dates ended with sex if the woman was the one who asked the guy out, which seems low unless the lady's a real pig. a sexist would say that!
4:53 pm
but that's compared to just 56% of the time if the man asks for the date. one thing is for sure, humans are sluts. repent. researchers asked more than 20,000 students detailed questions about their dates like two initiated? who paid? what kind of sexual activity happened later? they then asked the students who they were wearing and started breathing heavily. turns out just 36% of college dates followed a traditional script like the one where my wife's a welder and i'm selling girl scouts cookies and women just initiated one out of every 10 hookups, that's 10%. talk about inequality. i feel like marching. the most important take away is asking thousands of college students detailed questions about their sex lives actually counts as research now. if that had been the case in the 80's, my uncle steve wouldn't still be in prison, grant the his subjects -- granted his subjects were tied up at the
4:54 pm
time but it was all in the name of research. kat, thoughts this? >> yeah. what else is there to say? i can't believe they asked tens of thousands of people when they could have just went outside. >> greg: that's exactly it! and they're perverts, emily and perverts need to create ways to talk to girls so they create these surveys, am i right? >> yes and they surveyed college students. i don't know what your college experience was like but i lived in a sorority. my dating involved a lot of fraternities. the women initiated the date? yes, they close the deal after they initiate the date. women sleep with whomever they want. men are the ones that have so many failures.
4:55 pm
>> that's true. you're speaking the truth! >> i'm 6'8", 3 -- 316 pounds and i'm black. i'm described as a lazy panda in that department because i just wait. i'm not taking a chance. >> greg: i hear ya. i hear ya. you're the opposite of that, joe. >> he's like a little hamster. >> it's like a koala when i clamp on. >> leg, arm, whatever's there. >> he ate a lot of eucalyptus leaves. >> keeps my breath fresh. >> what if the first move these women make is with a container of pepper spray? this goes to show you that researchers by definition have a lot of time on their hands. women control access to sex. men control access to relationships. you don't need a survey. >> greg: pretty deep for
4:56 pm
the little guy, plenty of time for the koala. >> i have plenty of time on my hands. >> you used those hands. don't go away. we'll be right back. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip.
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>> greg: greg: we are out of time. i love you, america. brian: i'm brian kilmeade and this is "one nation." trey gowd crane harold ford are here to talk to us at the same time. hopefully they will get along. we have a special message to people who are suffering from depression. adam corolla is angry at the cancel culture. tyrus is here.


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