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tv   Lawrence Jones Cross Country  FOX News  February 12, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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fox nation weekdays from 12 to 3 p.m. eastern and follow or at unfiltered that does it for us on unfiltered we'll see you back here saturday night 9 p.m. and don't forget to set your dvr. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to "lawrence jones cross country" where we're coming to you live tonight from the site of super bowl 56. we have a jam-packed show for you tonight and begin with a major issue impacting your neighborhood, schools and businesses and more. mask mandates in america -- >> y'all feel like you're getting to some type of normalcy? >> like to think that, yeah. lawrence: they got to go --
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>> got to go. lawrence: got to go in depth in a moment and later tonight alice johnson here with me just outside of sofi stadium. she was pardoned by trump with help of kim kardashian alice is now using her second chance to improve the lives of countless americans, you don't want to miss this incredible story. plus, exclusive big game predictions from some of the most legendary figures in the nfl. cowboys owner jerry jones hall of famer michael irvin and smith swroin us on cross country. >> if they tell me they've had fun i'll put an x by their name they've been focused i'll put a check by their name and i'll tell you who has most and will win this game. >> all that plus bengals superfan bill hammer live on set and i ask rob gronkowski if
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he'll play next season. let's go cross country. ♪ ♪ lawrence: welcome to the program lawrence jones tonight we start with covid mask mandate. matteness across country this week some of the blue states decided to abandoned mask mandate a string making the move which would allow people to demask indoors. but not everyone is onboard as the white house in the cdc at least for now seem to be standing by their mandate. president biden has this to say. >> it is hard to say whether they're -- the science is saying now that mask work, mask make a difference. and there's a relation. i committed to that i was with science. science says put forward by the cdc and the federal people and i think it is probably premature
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but it is, you know, a tough call. lawrence: we are all confused. here in california, the epicenter of all mandates, people from all across the country and the world have upon l.a. for big game and what do you think about the state of masks in their communities? take a look. >> i feel like it is finally getting some too of normalcy being at the super bowl. >> this feels normal. >> normal even with the mask. glans how do you feel about wearing the mask? >> we have to do what we have to do i don't know if they really work but eve this to do what we have to do. >> we are definitely getting back to normal. [inaudible conversations] >> i feel we're getting back to normal, but this might be normal. so -- lawrence: you're afraid the mask is new normal. >> yeah. >> not like this back home? >> no. >> how do you feel about coming to california having to wear that thing? >> i don't like it at all. >> but i know here and where we
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live -- >> how does it feel having to wear the mask here? >> it is whatever. honestly -- i don't really care. >> i struggle with it because -- just because it's hard to breathe. >> man if it gets us to a super bowl wean we don't care about no mask. >> time to let it go and get back to normal or -- >> you know just like keep moving on? >> no -- not quite yet. does it feel like it is the new normal? >> yeah. nowadays, yeah. lawrence: so as we now see some states bucking biden administration slowing reemerging from their mask mandates, many are still refusing to budge on one major issue. is having to wear mask in schools from coast to coast outrage parents leak my next two guests would not give their fight for their children to be mask free in school. joining me now from loudon,
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county virginia a dad since been at the fore front of this fight. is now running for congress, brandon and from san diego a mom of four medical is a o'connor joins me now. thank you so much for joining me. i want to go to mr. mischa you're running for congress why is this such a big issue for you and other parents across the nation? >> yeah, this turned a year ago today we were talking about opening schools, it went from opening schools to accountability of our elected officials. now, in virginia, where i live, we have an executive order that governor youngkin put they give parents the right to choose and what we're having is elected officials who are saying we don't have to listen to you either at the local level, state level or the national level. and parents are fed up and so i threw my hat in the ring because just like so many millions of parents throughout the united states we're tired of the direction this administration is taking us. and you know, people can go to
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find out what we're about an how we're going raise bar in washington but it is a parents 'movement and together we're goapg to raise the bar movement. >> brandon i think you make an interesting point andic a lot of parents agree with you on that point of impact. o'connor imght you to hear this sound bite because of think of the senator it is the kids' response watch how they react when their teacher tells them that it is over -- no more mask. take a look. >> starting tomorrow we don't have to wear masks anymore. [cheering] [cheering] lawrence: melissa when you hear kids sharon when you see them dancing -- across the classroom, what goes through your head? >> to me it's devastating because it's why is it tomorrow
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why is it not right now? that is, i mean, you can boil off this at least the last six months down to that why tomorrow? what's so special about tomorrow why not immediately? and just to see that they would be that excited to have given back to they will what is already theirs their right to oxygen we have really lost our way. lawrence: yeah. you know brandon, interesting thing to me is that, you know, what all of these mandates, the science doesn't support the conclusion that these elected officials have gotten to. so why do they keep imposing these mandates when they know they're not ?ifng? scientific? >> it is a power struggle saying we're not able to unmask until numbers are lower. but then they're saying oh get vaccinated well we know that it doesn't matter if you're vaccinated you can still transmit this disease. this is a power struggle. this is a time where we have --
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people who are trying to push agendas and if we follow along and do everything they say, they can continue to do that. but covid has pulled the curtain back on so many parts especially within our education system that parents are saying enough is enough now is our time for our voice to res enates and we're going to do that and it is all across the nation, and there's been a ground swell and movement that has been created because of this. lawrence: you're so right parents are letting voices be heard going to board meetings toipght play this clip for you of a dad who decided to go to a meeting. give his point of view -- look what happens to him. watch. look at this. what are you doing what the [bleep] are you doing? what are you doing? that's assault. that is assault. lawrence: so this is a dad who was unmasked that was removed from the school board meeting.
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we put an inquiry in this guy is not a cop a former cop and he drug him out of the meeting this normal melissa? >> this is not normal. and these mandates all of them every single mandate in the united states of america needs to end immediately because what does it do to us? it causing so much division it gives a neighbor -- some authority they think they have dreamed up in their head to approach another human being that way. it's so sad it breaks my heart, and i would say -- whoever is listening do neferg your power to make all of this stop. speak up we can't keep doing this. lawrence: so true. brandon, it seems to me that a lot of these school boards don't have people to represent the point of view of people like you. it seems like a lot of city councils don't have people on those city councils that represent the point of views so you've made the bold commitment
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to run for congress. why? >> because what we need is we need more people to be involved. covid is exposed lack of leadership across, you know, locals, state and federal level. and this is an opportunity for us to make those people accountable and putting my hat in the ring because there's a moment in time when our boy voice can resonate to make change and i love this district, the state, and nation and i want to see my kids, my four kids grow up in the same environment i had an opportunity and we all as americans just want the opportunity to do a little better than we did yesterday and currently we're not heading there but together we can do it -- >> you about, brandon melissa, when these elected leaders see that kids are behind, and that i going through all of the mental health problems and they still will not turn on their position, i just think it is really the minute from my point of view we appreciate parents like you coming on the show to give your perspective melissa brandon thanks so much for coming on
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cross country comub politicians want this weekend to be just about the super bowl but the communities here are being torn apart by the homeless crisis that cannot be hidden. a cross country investigation just ahead and later -- i will talk to cowboys owner jay jones michael irving and evan smith they'll be here lady to talk about the tomorrow's game. more on cross country. >> give us your big prediction who will win this game? >> that's a big question i haven't figured it out yet. >> rams have a better team all around team but there's something special about this -- you cannot ignore. chef, can we hire another hostess? umm... psst. yeah. i was gonna add an exclamation point. secure payments, the tools you need, people who can help, we do that.
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lawrence: welcome back to cross country live from l.a. tonight our next story capture national attention and headlines residents of tennessee not far from here fed up with a homeless occupation of their city and demanding change. crime, drugs and property damage continue to create danger for residents i walk venice beamp and those on campus last year and saw for myself what was happening now venice stake
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holders association threaten to sue the city if the problem isn't fixed mark president of the venice stakeholder association joins us now right here on set. mark, thanks so much for being with me today. can you describe because i've been there before, our audience because you lived with this. what do you see on the day-to-day basis? >> well, we're relieved that things have significantly improved during the day. venice i invite all here for super bowl to come down and enjoy during the day the trouble is at night we have about 60 people living on boardwalk and the beach, and despite these high temperatures, that we've been having, at night it can get down below 50. and we had a string of fires being set along boardwalk, maybe just for people to get warm. but this is the anniversary one year ago where a tent went up in flame it was tied up to an old two-story building and that went up and there was nobody around
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to call it in. so we ended up having to have 116 firefighters out there to put that fire out and it -- building was destroyed. and they were barely able to save the payment building next to it. so we put the city we have our attorneys put cities on notice. that they are negligent to allow 60 people to stay out there at night because they pose a real fire risk. because we still technically are in winter -- and we also as you know still have about 2,000 homeless people throughout the rest of our little community of 40,000 people and that's still the tremendous burden for anyone to carry when the current councilman took over about eight years ago we had 400. mike bonin, and that was enough. 400 -- but he has been so catered to needs of the homeless and you know, one of those road to hell is paid with good intentions so free blanket open the bedroom at
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night free foods, tent and now up to 2,000 and it is an awful situation to deal with that. but they did with the help of the sheriff villanueva, they did start the process, they eventually embarrassed the >> put out there and put pressure on them. >> he started with deputies starting to do assessment on who was there and what did they need? and it embarrassed mayor garcetti and councilman bonin to point that they finally rolled out the services to counselors, housing vowtures and over a period of two months i know you were covering they moveds over 210 people out of there and they got rid of all of the tents, all enexamplements so today it looked -- like very inviting place you see people that are back on the grass with a picnic.
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skate dance reverse back. >> so back -- so we have a few more minutes i have to ask you this it seems like elected officials only made this move because of fresh -- when i went out there and talk with some of the people in homeless encampments they've been off services three meals day, housing, a lot of them don't want because they don't want to flool follow rules. what have you seen? >> you're absolutely right. it is only when the -- city was embarrassed that they allowed the police and the sanitation department to enforce the laws that exist. parks in all of los angeles are -- do not allow any camping. any tents, and yet they had simply dropped that and tied hands of the police and that embarrassing move by the sheriff forced the city garcetti bonin, to unleash the police and let them enforce the law and to remove the people from the park.
10:20 pm
>> we're not going to allow them joust to sweep this under rug because of this beautiful stadium that we have behind us. people can enjoy it and still know what's gong on here in l.a. sir thanks so much for joining me on cross country. >> thank you you're letting me tell the world about it. : you've got it. coming up a crime crisis and youth advocates are asking themselves one question. how can we prevent next generation from taking up a life of crime? we try to answer that next with incredible criminal justice advocate alice johnson. you don't want to go anywhere. you don't want to go anywhere. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ some people say if you want to see america, see it on the 4th of july. but america is just as beautiful on the 4th of january or february. stripped of its leaves but not drained of its color. no one experiences a true american winter the same way. but those with the confidence and capability of the all new 2022 grand wagoneer,
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will remember the adventure as long as they live.
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ashley: i'm ashley strohmier. evening is growing within ukraine while people prepare for what they believe is a coming trike from russia. ukrainian police forces prepare for potential unrest. they are holding drills in the region 0 miles from russia-occupied crimea. diplomats say recent missile
10:25 pm
tests by north korea is destabilizing the area. i'm ashley strohmier. now back to lawrence jones "cross-country." glans welcome back to cross country so my next guest is a familiar face, after kim kardashian champion for her release from prison for a nonviolent drug related crime ultimately pardoned by president trump since her release she's been a criminal justice reform advocate. now this week, she traveled to los angeles with cafe momentum a nonprofit organization that help at risk youth with a 12 month paid internship and advocate alice marie johnson join me alongside.
10:26 pm
thank you all so much for joining me today alice i've been so -- ed impressed with you every since i heard about your story. what made you get involved with helping the next generation? i mean you could have just tan your pardon and been done with it live your life with your family. but you got involved with the fight. >> yeah. absolutely lawrence. the very first place that i wanted to visit was a youth detention center and i went to one in dallas. and i know that our youth that's our future. and if we can support them at this level when they having been impacted by the justice system, maybe just maybe we can turn someone's life around help them turn their life around. so i'm very excited to be working with cafe momentum and stand together because we -- we're seeing the difference that it is making. lawrence: you can see it in you guy's numbers my first job working in the dallas juvenile
10:27 pm
justice system you have turned your life around. tell me about the program and the impact it has making on the community. >> moment tull it actually a really great foundation right all communities need to have support right the support system that's very significant to all of youth in our communities. and actually gave me an opportunity while i was incarcerated at a young age, and from there i just knew that i've a better connection with them so from there i was able to be a part of los angeles which yesterday was -- great event. glans tell me about it. >> it was supernice like it was magnificent. we was able to meet with a lot of different football players. and you know partner up and stand together and coalition arc so it was one of the goodest events ever. so i was just really grateful to be a apartment of cafe and be ambassador for them right now and just fact that i can learn
10:28 pm
so much and build as a team. you know, it helps me so much with my own personal life. lawrence: i want to speak with you for a second because there's a lot of programs that claim they're making an impact that they're using young people what made this program different for you? >> i would say cafe momentum is very different in their consistency. right, they believe in you. right -- and it's not too many programs that are like that they show real life. right, and just understanding that they want to see you succeed they want you to be a member of your community so by all means they'll forever, forever be a part of your life. lawrence: alice what do you share with young people when you meet with them because your story is so inspiring? >> i share my own journey. i shear that i was given a second chance. and that it is never too late to start over again. that today can be the day that you have a clean slate that you
10:29 pm
can begin again, don't let your past mistakes define who you are. so when they meet me -- thebe that i spent over two decades in prison they see that i care and one thing i will tell you lawrence when i left prison, i made the a promise to never stop fighting for them and that means fighting for their children that means fighting for our youth because so many times, the young, the young -- young churn young people who have incarcerated parents so often, they follow that same path themselves. so i'm not only working for them. for the mothers and fathers, i'm working for their children. lawrence: wow i love to see if before we went on air we called sean hannity he said lawrence you better take care of alice and you said you better listen to shawn. >> better listen to sean he's the man. >> he's the man alice thank you so much for joining me i appreciate what y'all are doing and i hope to spart y'all back
10:30 pm
in any home city in dallas. >> i would love that please do that because it is a cause worth fighting for. and it is good to be here again, hello fox fame. >> thank you all so much. les >> billions of dollars, are at steak this weengsd at weekent the super bowl with new highs on bets. what's driving it all? we'll show you the money, next. plus i hit the red carpet for the nfl honors and i met some of the legends you don't want to miss what they told me next. >> how about them cowboys? >> how about them cowboys?
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lawrence: beautiful shot of sofi stadium so this will be a record setting super bowl no matter who wins. up to 8 million dollars will be wagered on this year's bigs game 78% more than last year is looking to be the most bet on sport event in history. this all coming to me at explosion in sport betting particularly online. joining me now to break it all down, the host of mansions global on fox business the lovely casey mcdonald thanks so much for joining the program casey. >> lawrence i cannot be more excited for you congratulations on the going you're the coolest cat on fox news to be sure. [laughter] >> thank you, my friend i appreciate it so what do you think is driving all of this betting i think it was $3 billion a packed revenue just from the betting? >> oh, my god vegas is loving
10:36 pm
this am i right? it is just become so easy. you pick up your phone, of course, in the allowable state where you can do it i know i'm houston right now you're a texas boy out in cali my mom is watching in pennsylvania so give me a call after the show. but yeah, so easy it is to touch right at your finger tens everyone can bet now and with prop bets and this low hanging fruit. why not? glans you know, and it becomes so addictive. they're giving all of these promos they're giving you free money to bet and then they reel you in. >> 100 -- yes. bingo you lose it in the first go. so i wanted to bring use on to talk about the most hilarious big game prop bets so what are some of them? >> so let's talk about the national anthem that's one of the like low hanging fruits everybody can bet on that color of the gatorade afterwards. you know, it has been blue, it has been orange i think i'm
10:37 pm
going with orange this year. that doesn't necessarily say who i think is going to win the big game but that's what i'm going with. but over under 100 seconds for national anthem. i always bet over and i'm totally going under because i just always lose with that one. some other ones first song at halftime there are so many memes leak you know how old people are if they're superjuiced for halftime show hello -- but california love, yeah california love, obviously, is like top of the charts but -- right now there's apparently been a leak in vegas over last two days and they think next episode by drai and snoop dogg might be new one so leaked information i don't know about that. you know, just -- there's plenty to do request that what do you think? lawrence: you know, i don't know. i think they might be trying to gang people on this. we're talking about two entertainers here. >> right, absolutely. i mean, listen i'm happy eminem
10:38 pm
is up there. it is really doing it for me this halftime show it is fantastic but let's talk about rams so four point favorite out of the gate but joe burrow america darling like we all died over his outfit with the cool sun glass and fur jacket over 100,000 bets you talked about how total money wagers close to $8 billion which is just absolutely mind blowing. there are some other fun profits a nonquarterback touchdown is one of them plus 1400. ever heard of the filly special i'm a philly girl so i was told back on super bowl 52 that's an option drake has $1 million on his boy obj500 grand for him to score a touchdown and then he's got 500 grand to have over 62 and a half receiving yards so those are options aaron donald that's 1500.
10:39 pm
lawrence: you forgot snoop dogg smoke on stage? i mean that's a big one. >> i think that's a big fat yes. right? california -- how can he not maybe like one in each hand. [laughter] lawrence: you know, you know snoop doing to snoop but i agree with you joe burrow he's a comeback kid every time hi gets knocked down he gets right back up and i know l.a. think they got it all wrapped up. but let me tell you there's bengals fans here and they're fired up. casey, thanks so much for joining me on cross country. >> thank you lawrence have fun out there not too much fun. lawrence: thanks my friend so bill hemmer live here on set plus i hit the red carpet for the love of nfl honors to talk to the legendary players that were there. what i tiewk them about you don't want to miss it. stay with us on cross country.
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ lawrence: hours away from the big game nfl is taking to los angeles area by storm. and started thursday night with a nfl honors award show. i was on the red carpet and caught up with sol of the league's biggest stars great as a legend even a larger than life owner to share with me their predictions and more. take a look. ♪ ♪ with the 2022 nfl honors on the
10:45 pm
red carpet still some covid restrictions. nevertheless we're still here. we're going talk with players about what predictions are going to be for the big award show today and also who will win big game tom brady retirement next goat -- let's go talk to them. ♪ ♪ >> all right give us your big prediction who is going win this big game? >> that's a big question i haven't figure it out yet rams may have better all around team but there's something special about the cincinnati group you can't ignore. >> who will win it all? >> tough to call. i think thing to look at would be rams defense and defensive line and playoff game and eve this a way to find a way to win so interesting to see. lawrence: who do you expect to
10:46 pm
win this super bowl? >> i have rams i think it is a high scoring game by each team and rams pulling it off in the home stadium. >> because of the home field advantage why you're leaning towards them? >> not at all honestly for me as player i like playing on the road. i feel like i play my best and more focused on the road strict regime, but i think the rams -- they put it all in. this season to win it all i think they're going to do it. lawrence: super bowl pick who will win it all? >> i expect hometown team to win i think tbl so much l.a. love this year. that it i feel like it is undeniable bengals are a tough team. >> he won't stay down. >> he won't but i feel like if it is him against the stafford -- and obj and cooper kupp and well he's not playing against them but aaron donald and von miller
10:47 pm
and i feel like it might -- may not have an answer for this defense. >> stafford is a texas boy i have to agree -- nots going to let it go down like this. what does it mean to be here tonight your thoughts? >> yeah man it is really special. special to be just a part of it. i don't think me or any other guy do this recognition but recognize the blessing and -- i'm excited to be just a apartment of all the of the fun, the city to be a part of the nfl so a true blessing, true opportunity and just enjoying it. lawrence: who do you think is going to win the game? >> hometown team los angeles rams they've been battle tested. they have experience that it takes playing in their home stadium. i think they get it done. lawrence: who will win this super bowl? >> i'll know saturday night after i call everybody on every team that i know and tell me "x factor" if they're having fun i'll put a x by name or focused i'll put a check by their name
10:48 pm
i'll tell you who has most checks and who will win this game. >> what is your advice for young people? >> stay true to who you are and what is comfortable and natural and organic and who you are and everything else will take care of itself. >> you can't dream it you can't do it. be able and willing to outwork herb and you will get there. >> one last thing how about them cowboys? >> how about them cowboys. [laughter] lawrence: y'all have to do if. how about them cowboys continue the fun life from sofi stadium lifelong bengals fan coanchor of america newsroom bill help or. first super bowl. first one. i get to host my show from here. bill, i think they're counting their team out. and you got joe burrow when they knock him down they get him back
10:49 pm
up. >> they've been underdoses entire season and favorite against raid percent but clear underdog against tennessee in nashville and against chiefs and they pull them out. but look man i've been -- i'm greatest nfl road show of any football fan you can even dream of. right going on the road seeing this team after being in desert for 33 years. you finally get a crack at the title again tomorrow. lawrence: how do you feel? >> i'm getting nervous. >> yeah and the reason -- lawrence: but nerve is good. healthy. >> nerves can be -- positive if you direct them in the right way and make sure your focus is there and your preparation is on target. burrow talked about joe burrow tucked about i think america is going to get to see a very interesting american. he's superintelligent he says things that a lot of people
10:50 pm
don't expect for example other day they asked him about working out he said what kind of -- what kind of a player are you? and you know, do you work out? post it on instagram and disappear for four days he says well i don't know what you're doing for those four days imagine how he talks to his team that way and he has swagger. a little bit -- >> swagger and you have to have the especially a young guy leading the team. you have to have a little bit of swagger he's not arrogant but media report on that. i've got questions for you and by the way -- i don't know how long your show is but i can talk about this for hours. lawrence: i love it why do you think we saved the best for last? okay. and what year was the last bengals super bowl appearance? >> that was january of 1989 in miami they lost to joe montana, and the san francisco 49ers. lawrence: wow you covered -- one of the worst days of my
10:51 pm
life. okay so i have to ask you this do you remember who was the mvp of that game? >> wow, it was i don't think it was montana might have been john taylor caught winning touchdown? >> television jerry rice. >> all right. okay my bad. >> jerry rice look -- lawrence, i mean you're asking me to remember game that i wantt to forget everything about nonetheless -- you got next story. >> so we've been to super bowl twice. we, me bengals cincinnati nation and lost to ?ifng 49ers we get to meet these people, and i said to joe one time i said i'm a bengals fan he said you are responsible for two of the worst days of my childhood. he said, i hear that a lot. [laughter] let me tell you bill i'll switch that on you you don't want to forget that moment because you want to remember the defeat so you never feel that --
10:52 pm
ever -- again. >> i can not agree with that statement. >> ask another question -- okay. so who sang the national anthem that day? wow. january of 1989? >> i don't know. >> you should know him you have the same name. >> it was -- billy joel. >> mind blocks i put on that day. i think that's it. keep going. so what was the super bowl halftime show that day? >> oh, man. >> bill the producer -- >> i would like say it was whitney houston -- but that was tampa that game. >> happy to know this i wasn't born in 1989 this is group i have no clue who they are b bop bamboozle in 3d.
10:53 pm
i wasn't born i have an execution. excuse. you were there. >> no i was not. i was in -- i was the cub producer age 21. a staff of six and five went to bowl in miami and i stayed back and minded story but that turned out to be a great opportunity i'll tell you about that later. keep going. >> bill full of stories incase you didn't notice. a special prayer you tomorrow night will be first super bowl and tomorrow a prayer when i enter the stadium and before they do the coin flip i'll say another prayer for you and hopefully through completion it will be good for you. >> do you like rams or bengals? >> i like a comeback story so bengals but not rooting for anybody because i'm a cowboy fan. america team but i got your back. >> not telling you to root for a team but i'm asking you who do
10:54 pm
you think will win? >> bengals. produce reverse wrapping me coming up i have a bowl prediction to share about the season and interview with great rob gronkowski will he be back next year and what team that's up next on cross country. see you. >> going back to four -- he or partner with joe burrow to go get him at the super bowl? go get him at the super bowl? >> what does --
10:55 pm
you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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lawrence: so i did a little changings i have a bowl prediction did you it is not for tomorrow big game it is for nextier and that is the dallas cowboys will be back in the super bowl in 2023.
10:59 pm
you can bet on it. speaking of predictions for next year as promise earlier today i spoke to one of the biggest nails in nfl and asked them about his plans for next year. take a look at part of my conversation with the great rob gronkowski watch. >> what's next? >> partner with joe burrow? man to go win another super bowl. >> just chilling right now. it is really, really quiet right now. everybody is waiting -- waiting for breaking news. >> ill be taking my time. taking my time i'm not signing like next week or whatever. march 14th washington commanders are calling me because coach is here. if i told them to hold on. [laughter] but i might go on my brothers all over there. buffalo i might -- cowboys, yeah. back last night he needs a tight end play out my options. [laughter] lawrence: see why i made that
11:00 pm
prediction hear more was big stars as i join fox and frngdz live you'll see my interview with arizona cardinals deandre and dallas cowboys and you don't want to miss it guys thanks so much for watching don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode. good night time. i love you, america. brian: i'm brian kilmeade and this is "one nation." trey gowd crane harold ford are here to talk to us at the same time. hopefully they will get along. we have a special message to people who are suffering from depression. adam corolla is angry at the cancel culture. tyrus is


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