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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  February 13, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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ago, she has just been doing this for six years, look at that form. i don't know her personally but she's representing me and americans and girls, you go we love you. >> we have to go home and watch a super bowl eat a lot of wings and chips and whatever else are going to eat. ♪ >> hey everybody i am lara trump with aishah hasnie, joey jones and leo terrell. welcome to "the big sunday show". here's what's on tap tonight. leo: progressive a moderate democrat may be divided in the country is taking crisis after crisis pre-but nancy pelosi is not worried. >> i don't agonize i organize and we are fully intent to win this election but should
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democrats be worried about the midterms, we discussed. >> a new bombshell from special counsel john durham, have you heard about this. the court filing rebuilds hillary clinton's campaign, paid to spy on donald trump and worked with big tech to do it. more on that. joey: criminals are walking free, as a convicted criminal with a lengthy wrap street arrested for another brutal crime, pushing a change for the bail reform laws. lara: first freedom protesters protesting peacefully on the side of the roman ontario after police were called in to clear those who were blocking the bridge over to detroit. police making 12 arrest. the police department say the
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arrested persons are all facing the charge of mischief. of course the media is piling on the trucker convoy, the latest the new york times pondering why some canadians, hasn't he just ordered and the police or the army to squash the demonstration. ordering in the army, i wish the new york times would have the same reaction to the summer of 2020 riots. i digress. leo i had to get your professional opinion on this. these folks that have been arrested are being charged with what they call mischief. it sounded a little dennis the menace to me, it sounded like a broad minor charge. but it is actually punishable with up to ten years in prison it usually follows vandalism of some variety. people been very peaceful and kinda makes you wonder about that. what are your thoughts, is this
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going to deter any of the trucker convoys of the protesters from stopping? >> i say yes and no. they are very peaceful. you are finding out that the government does not want very, very peaceful protesters to bring up the issue of the juridical government mandates. it's all about mandates and what you see these canadians doing has impacted the entire world. i'm so glad you brought up 2020 riots in this country in the new york times they didn't call the army or the police, i want to be clear there were murders, arson, vandalism, people constantly committing crimes in the left look the other way and they go after these protesters to motivate is simple. these individuals are fighting against federal mandates and it does not fit the left agenda. i am proud of these protesters.
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lara: i think a lot of people are cheering them on not just in canada. here in america all over the world. you stated it for freedom, that is ultimately what this is all about. it might move them out of the roadway but these trackers do have another option, were negative driver checks anymore, that is option that they have to, then what avenue going to take to stop them and get the back on the road? joey: that's a great question probably the next option, what we can understand as an effective protest in the way that your protesting. in other words they've done the damaged and raise the flag and they have canadians interested in this issue and the way they probably were before. something important to notice. when we look at her own liberal media and public responding to this pre-there is a theme,
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fundamental principles don't get to just be convenient. they really believe they be the liberal media, they think because they are so set on believing that mass mandate and the vaccines of the right thing to do, that you can gamble principles to make that happen. they think they're pragmatic in that way. the think about principles, they get to be comfortable they just have to be consistent. as a conservative when the protest turned to riots in this country without a lot of personal connection to the issue that they were writing about. i support their protest, their voice and walking in the middle of the street because i want to learn about the issue. what i do not support is burning down federal buildings, causing harm and hurting people, that is not what is happening here, that is principal and that the same amount liberal colleagues if i had the opportunity. lara: it seems the folks in the
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united states in charge of so much especially white house homeland security advisor is concerned, she says her working closely with our canadian counterparts to in the blockade of crossings between the united states and canada into restore vital commerce between our two nations. we discussed the widespread damaging impact these instructions every had on the lives and livelihoods of people and both our nation and the imperative of taking swift strong action in deterring future blockade. it seems like you look at these people, they don't look to be that big of a threat. both joey and leo you talked about the fact that the reaction was so different here in america and in the summer of 2020. i show you've talked multiple times how you were yourself going out to cover the riots in
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new york city and there were people all over our country who felt threatened because cities were being burned to the ground in the interest now is being taken by the liberal media and by her own government. it's rather interesting considering as a happily never country and clearly these people are not that big of a threat. i do want to go back to the guy in charge in canada justin trudeau. he is very outspoken against instructors. how about this tweet from march 2020. many of us are working from home, there are others who aren't able to do that. like the truck drivers who are working day and night to make sure our shelves are stocked. when you can # thank you trucker for everything that they are doing and help them however, you can.
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what changed here, he was so pro chuckers not too long ago. all the sudden the worst people in the country, what happened. aishah: those tweets will get you every time. i'm glad were talking about canada and what's happening but i'm more interested in what happens here, these convoys it sounds like you're going to start popping up in the u.s. i am interested to see what the reaction is going to be. were already hear from different governor simply states like michigan, new york that are very concerned about what might happen. governor witmer in michigan calling the protest dangerous. i'm interested to see what happens to see if it's good to turn into big midterm issue because the environment has changed. i don't if you paid attention to what's happening in the state of new york in new york city. you have democrats liberals who are fed up with the mandates and what's happening with the city and did new york mom if you been
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following the story about ready for congress to try to unseat longtime congresswoman carolyn melania that tells you something is shifty, i want to see what happens when these things pop up if one heads over to the capital how is this day in the city going to respond to these convoys here in the united states. i think it will change the outcome coming up. aishah: people are frustrated. he kinda has himself in a tough spot. obviously he sees the hip critical tweet and it always comes back to haunt you. but he could meet with these trackers, hear them out. but i guess it feels like he is going to cave, is this all just politics for him is that why we have seen no movement.
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leo: is it all politics? yes it is all politics, he cannot cave that would be the right thing. these trackers have a legitimate claim when there was no vaccine like the firefighters in the first responders and the police officers and the nurses look how they treated them now they're throwing them under the bus. they are throwing all of these people who risk their lives to help us under the bus because it does not fit their agenda. lara: so sad to see, you are exactly right. we will keep an eye on this. democrats may be dealing with the rising crime and record inflation. but nancy pelosi says no worries. >> i don't agonize, i organize. we are fully intent to win this election. lara: should the democratic party be worried about the midterm, will discuss with "the big sunday show" returns.
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♪ ♪. leo: welcome back to "the big sunday show".
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abided administration is deal with crisis upon crisis in the biden agenda is crumbling per progressive and moderate democrats are blaming each other for the party failure. no wonder a lot of analysts are predicting the democratic shellacking in november. but house speaker nancy pelosi says not to worry, she's got it covered. >> i don't agonize, i organize. we are fully intent to win this election, nothing less at stake. >> what about history. >> forget history were talking about future. .leo: nancy pelosi was on george stephanopoulos today i don't know she suffering from joe biden disease or mannerism but watch how she responds on the issue of inflation. >> there has to be a cumulative effect and part of the consequences of all of that investment in infrastructure
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bill is that more people have jobs and therefore inflation goes up. it is not right with all the respect to the world, it is not right to say what we are doing is contributing to inflation because it is exactly the opposite. leo: laura, can you please make some sense of what she said and what the democratic program are doing to curb inflation, the last time i checked 7.5 the highest is 39 years. lara: the nicest thing i can say about nancy pelosi is that she changed her hair looks nice enough. that soundbite was absolutely ridiculous. no one believes anything she is saying. the fact that she said she is not worried about the midterm election, she is petrified, the democrats have been shaking in their boots the second month abiding presidency because they've seen it's a plane that
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is going to crash, it is so bad and you would think maybe the trillions and trillions of dollars that you guys have spent, money that we don't even have no one has been able to say however, get a pay back all of the spending you cannot just. money endlessly, as people in venezuela at a certain point the money itself becomes worthless if the paper printed on more valuable than the money. absolutely absurd to hear from her that they have no fault in what is happened in our country right now it is ridiculous. leo: i agree with the 100%. i think everyone's mind crime is the number one issue in this country among with the federal mandate. what you have is the democratic party who 2020 had never supported the police. if you listen to nancy pelosi you get a different argument. here she is again defending. >> cori bush from missouri is
2:18 pm
saying defend the police, he is sticking by that, you are the speaker how do you think they were cut should address rising crime. >> i have all the respect in the world for cori bush that is not the democratic party. leo: fox viewers have seen a montage of democrat from the squad even a vice president calling for not only defunded the police for supporting criminals. in the last three years, have you seen any democrat programs in which they support the police, i think they have always been defied the police and support the criminals. how do you see it. >> sometimes her liberal colleagues can give a master class on spin they can wrap it up and make it look like something completely different throw back at you. nancy pelosi cannot. that is not what this is. it is not about defend the police and overarching specific narrative. it is about the changes in people's lives or lack thereof
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that a posture towards not supporting police. this is about whether or not you find police and whether you have bill reporting that lets criminals out of jail, a $900 limit on theft before you think about prosecuting somebody or arresting them it's about seeing things happen day in and day out knowing a part of the reason that that is happening police officers have to think twice about risking their lives to do their job i don't have the quality from the police or what you call it. if all you have left is to argue a single semantic, you have lost and democrats have lost on this issue and unfortunately that means americans have lost because democrats are in charge of the white house right now. leo: it's so obvious they've never supported the police. in my opinion joe manchin kyrsten sinema has saved the democratic party in the sense of not going on with the pack better and that became a dead
2:20 pm
issue. the progressives went back after kyrsten sinema and manchin on the voting right bill in the filibuster. why are the democrats, why are they so reluctant to come to the middle of the center prior to midterms speech i'm glad you brought up senator manchin, if you watch what democrats have been doing since go back better fell apart into pieces before the holidays, they keep pivoting from one thing to another and they went from the back better to voting rights and trying to change filibuster and trying to put the moderate democrats on the record and then they turned on manchin and sinema. they do that because when you don't have any cards left that is the card that you play you play the cards you have left. forget about congress and the play-by-play in the politics that will continue on until the midterms, put that aside and think about the average person at home. no one cares about inside politics happening in congress.
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nobody cares what needs to pelosi says or what manchin says her sinema says. at the end of the day what your regular americans, i am from the heartland and what they care about are there bills, are there bills going up? are the store shelves full of food. my mom tells me i did not find this at the store. that's what people care about, if they cannot solve the basic issues then they have a major problem. leo: a new bombshell from special counsel john durham the court reveals hillary clinton campaign to spy on donald trump and work with big tech to do it. what is the media reaction, you will be surprised, that is next. once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber...
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fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone.
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♪ ♪. aishah: welcome back to "the big sunday show". this shocking revelation from special counsel john durham's investigation into the trump russia hoax. a new legal filing claims hillary clinton's campaign paid check workers temple take trump tower in white house servers and attempt to link the former president to russia. a portion of that reads this check executive one in his associates exploited this arrangement by mining the lp dms traffic and other data for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about donald trump you think the story would lead to sunday talk show but not one of them mentioned it. i want to start by reading the statement from former president donald trump we can pull it out.
2:27 pm
he says what hillary clinton in the radical left democrats did with respect to spying on the president of the united states even while in office is a far bigger crime than watergate. i want to get your response, you live through this. >> you're exactly right, you can add this to the ever-growing list of things that donald trump was right about you can generally but the more hysterical the media becomes about something that donald trump claims were said and the more that they mock him the more likely it is that it was right and this is no different, this is what the democrats do they weaponize the system and they basically never get called on. somehow he continues to get covered up, david doing it to donald trump at our entire family since the day he came down the escalator and announced
2:28 pm
he was running for president how many times have we seen him breathlessly trying to take that donald trump and any weight with a ridiculous hoax. give the attorney general of new york right now letitia james continuing to harass our family, the trump organization and the plays et cetera. this is nothing you i am so happy to see this report, every american should rejoice people are getting called out on this and my father-in-law is exactly right whoever is behind the should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. aishah: i would bring up the 2016 tweet from then candidate hillary clinton we got this on fox news the day before the election. she is pushing this entire theory. computer science has uncovered a cohort server linking the trump
2:29 pm
organization to a russian-based bank the day before the election. this bombshell where does this move the investigation and why should 70 like hillary clinton be thinking? leo: she should be worried she better make sure she has the one that a been indicted to take the full wrap for not disclosing the name. as a lawyer, that means there's evidence, solid evidence that the clinton foundation involving common activity. who are the players, we don't know it depends on those guys the individuals who accepted admission a deal. the key is complete vindication for the trump team and president trump i'm proud of that, trump went through hell for six years and continues and as lara said javid attorney general who campaigned on the obvious going
2:30 pm
after president trump. with the public needs to wake up in one final point leslie stahl and 60 minutes should apologize. donald trump but on the program made accusations and leslie said what you talking about, shame on you leslie stahl, shame on you allege credible 60 minutes, because you've been exposed a part of the agency of the democratic party. aishah: here is a leslie saul style by another media. >> the biggest scandal when they spied on my campaign. >> there is not real evidence of that. >> of course there is. leslie they spied on my campaign. >> donald trump and william barr promised durham would expose huge corruption but he has not done that. >> is an ongoing conservative republican and pro-truck project. she tried to turn the
2:31 pm
investigation of the russian scandal into some scandal itself. >> wait until the durham report and the nothing happens and they move on to the next conspiracy theory. it is never going to end. people who want to believe. >> just like lara said everybody thinks their conspiracy theories, where these people now. joey: some of those at cnn on the screen already been working there for other reasons. this is devastating for democrats or hitler equipment for our country what was talked about free and fair elections american that want to get invite at a grocery store line some believe it was included with russia in the key the common denominator is the easier to have inflamed rhetoric need to say what to responsible way to make sure we handle ourselves correctly in our elections correctly at the most appointed
2:32 pm
we could do in our country is claim power over the elitist by our abode. we have big important elections coming up. i don't have much faith even to the justice system to make something come from this evidence as far as punitive or retroactively. but i really hope it has an effect on elections moving forward. we have to have faith in our elections in one of the ways that we could do it is people running for office are honest brokers not trying to cheat behind-the-scenes speech a great discussion. big story today. still ahead criminals walking free to commit more crime, a suspected attacker in a brutal subway meeting has more than 40 prior arrest. plus eric adams called on lawmakers to change the oil reform laws. some of the media say that is prejudice. ♪
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♪ ♪. joey: welcome back to "the big sunday show" the criminal accused of attacking a tight model on a new york city platform has a rap sheet dating all the way back to 1997 that is pretty insync. with more than 40 unrest that is not unusual thinks to new york state insane bail reform laws. now with crime spiraling out of control, erekat adams is calling for crackdown on those laws. many critics, most of them in the media say the move will lead to injustice and prejudice. time magazine with the headline
2:38 pm
eric adams wants dangerousness factor in the new york bail laws, advocates say it'll bring more bias. the new lieutenant governor of virginia on "sunday morning features" says a way to address the rising crime is leadership. >> there is right and wrong and you cannot look what's happening in the streets the smash and grab and save social justice, it is theft and is destroying our economy. joey: leo you are a civil rights attorney and i think you can see both sides of the argument. is this law necessary and talking about bail reform as is necessary to protect people civil rights or is it hurting the same people because of crime, this is time magazine in this is all too often, significant level of prejudice although cultural biases can
2:39 pm
influence dangerousness in his own right, is it a metric challenging to a sense objectively and their concerns that such assessments would disproportionally impact people of color. leo i would say is a pretty much everything a judge has to sit there and way prevail, subjective bias risk but that's why we have the judges and that is their job to look at a situation and say what is in the best interest of the public that this defendant is walking back into? leo: thank you for the question. let me simply tell the fox viewers. 30 years as a civil rights attorney i know this inside and out, i want to be clear i challenge anyone of you to challenge me on a debate on this network, there is no systemic racism in this country and governmental entities by complete department they are run by people of color, were talking like l.a., chicago, democrat.
2:40 pm
that is a lot systemic racism does not exist is been wiped out 40 years ago that is an outright true statement. secondly let me be very clear the race card that is being played is a card that the democrats do not want to relinquish. they use every day. your races, your races, your recess. eric adams does he want to be the super great mayor call out his democratic colleagues regardless of color. this crime is a right versus wrong issue is not black versus white versus brown it is right versus wrong and those who commit crime should be found guilty and put behind bars. eric adams if you are watching call that you democratic colleagues who are soft on crime by first name and last name no more talk let me give you an example alvin bragg first name and last name, go after them, challenge them, recall them but
2:41 pm
the crime issue i guarantee there will be a tsunami in the midterm election to the number one issue in the country is crime because people are afraid. joey: thank you leo, we need to hear something like that. people are not calling what they see. on that topic this is per field to new york city, the topic were talking about mary adams but take a broader and national ticket to every little family in the country. crime is a problem are we crazy for saying this and reported the stories and showing what people are concerned about? lara: thank goodness we are talking about it. people are afraid and you look at the policies, we talked about a segment or two ago. you mentioned that you could go out and commit crime and steal upwards of $900 worth of anything and really there are no repercussions, at what point i wonder are the people who make
2:42 pm
the choice to let these folks out of jail, apparently this individual that you reference at the top of the segment who has been arrested 40 plus times before assaulting this woman, at what point are they responsible whether that's da or somebody else. when i was reading about this incident i cannot help but think of the movie called idiotic receipt. if you have not seen all break it down. basically a guy gets frozen wakes up 5000 years later and realizes society has deteriorated in a fashion that he is the smartest person alive on the planet and is an average guy. i feel like if we continue down this path of stupidly letting people commit crimes who we know are criminals out of jail, i don't care what you look like where your background or anything if you commit a crime you should be punished for it. that is the path we are headed down and i'm afraid for the future not just the country but the world.
2:43 pm
joey: you are right, you report on issues from capitol hill every single day and we have a poll that shows new yorkers and it shows 74% of new yorkers are worried about crime that is a liberal city, 74% overwhelmingly democrat, doesn't that show the problem the democrats on capitol hill have? aishah: whether you agree with this mayor or not, he has the mandate. this is what they elected him on not just democrats but republicans they were republican to switch their party to democrat to vote in the primary specifically so they could vote for eric adams who is going to be tough on crime, he has the mandate, let's see what he does.
2:44 pm
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leo: welcome back to "the big sunday show". tomorrow is valentine's day and were getting into the spirit by reading love letters from viewers. i'm going to read some of the love letters. here are some of your adoring fans. i have been watching fox for two decades. i have seen them, and seen them go. she has been anchoring shows. i'm not saying anything, i really appreciate her and they see a great thing and her great future. i have a couple of more. one of her fans on instagram wrote you are gorgeous. i would ask you to marry me but i'm too old, i enjoy your work on fox. aishah: i am available. leo: another one tweeted and
2:49 pm
tell i tell aishah to shut the [bleep] up. aishah: i don't know what to think but thank you for embarrassing me. leo: you are welcome. joey: we have love letters for lara as well. in instagram user commented on her photo true beauty, inside and out, thank you for all that you and your family do for the american people, we cherish and appreciate you all. we pray over you for protection and guidance, god bless you i think that is pretty sweet. another viewer who calls himself eddie the bat had this to say lara trump is quite nice, she used to live in the cave next to me. i don't know why he said actually. why wouldn't people think you're nice. i think absolutely nice.
2:50 pm
lara: by the way you must've had to work hard to dig up nice ones. i've seen some that aren't so nice. aishah: twitter is scary. lara: all taken i'll take whatever they want to say. thank you very much and happy valentine's day to all of you. aishah: i have some for leo. in instagram user commented, god bless you leo for standing up for what is right. # truth teller. here's another instagram comment, god bless you leo, thank you for the inspiration you exhibit strength and we sure need it. one viewer tweeted back, i don't recall ever seeing a smile i thought you would break your face if you did. aishah: where are you finding these. leo: go to break the rule of the
2:51 pm
only other show leo 2.0 is here to stay 1.0 will never come back. lara: we should've gotten the hat for everybody read for valentine's day. all i wanted was a leo 2.0 hat. leo: for hats when we do our next show. aishah: joe we did not forget about you i know you were hoping we did. our viewer tweeted when i hear your name i think of jack creature in the new amazon prime video series return, you kick asked my friend. very nice. another viewer johnny (joey) jones is objectively a stupid sounding name. l now. we pray for joey and the big show, i love the big show both saturday and sunday but i like
2:52 pm
them best when you are on. aishah: i thought the mean tweets were funny. lara: next time all mean ones. aishah: they really like you joey. very sweet. leo: the big four coming up. i just woke up. with ww, i lost 30 lbs and i feel incredible! i love the new program because the app does all the work for you. it's never too late to start. join today for 50% off at hurry, offer ends february 14th! my plaque psoriasis...
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aishah: welcome back to "the big sunday show" for chile i am still talking, whoever is upset about that. today we got the big four, the biggest pics for what we think will be the biggest stories everyone's going to be talking about. i may go first the white house reported that russia could invade ukraine any day, won't commit to a timeline of when that might happen but there is a warning president biden said if russia enters ukraine the response from western allies would be swift and severe. my prediction if it's going to happen is going to happen this week a huge story, my concern and the state department's concern. americans in ukraine are knocking off fast enough. there is the worry. this time around is not quite be like afghanistan which is already botched and they will
2:57 pm
not come in for americans in ukraine they already warned of those folks in that country. leo you are next. leo: we don't need another afghanistan part two type of situation this biden administration has bubbled on foreign policy and that will be a downfall in the midterm elections. that's how i see it. by the way my prediction of her prediction i campaign stop in texas near congresswoman aoc claimed the state will turn blue while pushing for progressive democrats to run against a moderate democrat. >> texas turning blue is inevitable. , inevitable. it will happen. the only question is when texas?
2:58 pm
leo: texas will never turn blue. you are wrong. what a joke. aishah: why do you think she is doing a? leo: there in a dream world, they don't deal with reality and facts it is propaganda they know it is not true, texas is blue. lara: the fact that she thinks a progressive democrat has a shot in texas is like a snowball chance and you nowhere. give me a break. i'm in a light it up it is not only the super bowl today but it is the people. they just played, you know i'm the crazy dog lady. after a three hour long competition team fluff was to win by a slim margin, look how
2:59 pm
cute these dogs are. all of these dogs are up for adoption that is the whole point of the people, great news they have a 100% adoption rate but is a great time for me too remind people. i know my husband eric is excited when i start talking about dogs as possible we can end up with another one in our house. a lot of great organizations if you think about bringing a dog home. think about adopting. aishah: i'm looking for a dog to. lara: we have a couple of dogs ready to go. joey: the super bowl marks the end of the nfl season but the next story will be the nfl next season, that question tom brady really going to retire? rumors are swirling about the return to the nfl, in my opinion
3:00 pm
i think tom brady has a couple more years and i would love to see them come back into a farewell tour so we can watch and beat up on the falcons. aishah: he has gisele there about to write off in the sunset. don't forget to catch a special edition tonight at 10:00 o'clock, stay tuned that does it for us, the "fox report" with jon scott start right now. ♪. jon: the u.s. warns russia could invade ukraine at any time the vaccine mandate protest into candida and special counsel john durham makes a stunning claim about the clinton campaign and the trump russia scandal. i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪. jon: shocking allegations and a new court filing by new special counsel john durham, multiple clinton campaign staffers hired a technology company to


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