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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 13, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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online at gaudi america or e-mail us county america thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. i hope you have a great week ahead. until next week you can find us on the podcast, good night from south carolina. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello america i am mark live and this is life, liberty and love in our first episode of the brand-new year 2022 from our florida studio. everyone is hopeful the new year will have new things that it will be a better year a freer year a happier year but i am here to tell you, lest we
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stop the democrat party and the american marxist movement the only change will be change that is worse not better. look at this a january 6 events, look how the washington establishment, the media the democrat party, democrats in congress academia have all joined together the same organizations the same people that push russia collusion the same organizations, the same people that pushed impeachment, tried to d legitimize the former president, president trump. try to destroy his presidency. now they are telling us january 6 is the greatest threat and was the greatest threat to america since the civil war. of course that is a flat out lie for the greatest threat to america as the democrat party. whether it slavery or segregation whether it's jim crow for that's what they called democratic socialism what is really american marxism. they want to destroy it for
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electoral system so they can turn the whole country into california and republicans can never win. as i speak the border is wide open 2 million legal illegal aliens massive amounts of fentanyl come across that's the greatest threat to young people in this country not the covid virus would also they done? they destroyed the nation's finances, they want to eliminate the capitalist system replace with some socialist system. they want to centralize a government even though our constitution is set up as a federal system to divide power to protect us the whole of focus of the revolution the whole focus of the declaration is on an air liberal rights the rights of the individual. the whole focus on a biden and the democrats, the media is against the individual. if you have a different viewpoint you dare not mention it in the classroom today. dare not mention it on social media you will be censored, you will be banned, you will be destroyed. that is the nature of
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totalitarian regimes not americanism. so the greatest threat we face today and was not january 6 we do not get me wrong if you are violent you should be prosecuted. if you attack cops you should become prosecuted for it so what's happened to black lives matter? what happened to antifa? what happened to those writers? why is the attorney general of the united states speak out on generally six the fbi supplied more resources to january 6 than any other event. over $2 billion in damages one city after another destroyed. people killed, people named oh yes, yes it was mostly peaceful cord to the pressure biden could barely mumble a few words of condemnation. kamala harris was donating to people to get them out on bail as quickly as possible. we opposed bones we believe the civil savant subsided we believe a lot order generally six is a demonstration of what the democrats believe and what is a believe in?
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we believe and power part whether it's voting rights, they talk about the nationalization of the voting system they don't nationalize voting so more people can vote who should vote they want to nationalize voting to destroy the red states where they want to nationalize voting to the democrat party can't lose for the same reason went out for democrat senators to the senate. same reason they keep intimidating the judiciary and threatening the supreme court the additional justices. same reason they want to get to the filibuster rule after 200 years of supporting it, why? because they want to ram through their agenda with a 50 vote majority but 50 votes is not a majority is it? they want to rule over us that as with the democrat party is all about. that is an insurrection. that is an insurrection undermines our constitutional system and our revolution but also they doing? there's a teachers unions don't get me wrong here the teachers union and the party are tied at the hip. there is a teachers unions at war with our children they are
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using our children as pawns. they're using them to threaten us if we don't give them what they want to bring the teachers unions are pushing critical race theory and marxist race theory on her kids brainwashing them day in day out. $130billion to assist school districts with the covid pandemic, right? $130billion in chicago they will go to school, and maryland they won't go to school and other parts of the blue state america they won't go to school. much of the money being used for what? push indoctrination push marxism and critical race theory. critical race theory was dressed up a scholarship it's racism and segregation it is this magnificent wonderful country that believes in individuals that any individual can succeed who dares to work and try. let's get back to this january 6 issue. you have liz cheney out there is always hated trivia adam is always hated trump these people are unhinged they were
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appointed by nancy pelosi for reason for stalinist committing she's appointed the worst kinds of people, adam schiff, bennie thompson used to hate the cops before he got elected to public office maybe he still does but he has a long record. this guy at rask and his family his father fortin organization washington d.c. with ties to the old soviet union so forth. swallow elf, and god knows what it's a wonder to the communist chinese and she's never been properly question. people who should be in my view expelled from the house of representatives. there they are overseeing an investigation january 6 are not overseeing investigation on generally six this is another backdoor effort to attack republicans, to attack conservatives to attack president trump and his family and undermine all of his success. paid for by the american taxpayer. there's not any representative on this committee from the republican party there's not any counsel on this committee representing the republican
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party there's no constraints on this committee. just because you have a committee of congress doing the sort of thing they do not have unlimited power with separation of powers. we have other rules in the constitution's general warrants and so forth. because the king way back in the monarchy days in britain you had parliament that were trying people and throwing people in prison. our founders decided that's not what they wanted. listen to liz cheney listen to the others what do they walk? the donald trump indicted for dereliction of duty. dereliction of duty? who is in charge of the capitol building? who's in charge of security the capitol building? we one person they won't subpoena the one person they will not depose under oath under penalty of perjury the one person whose text messages, whose e-mails whose documents are protected and immune from this investigation whether by this committee or the department of justice, nancy pelosi. why did nancy pelosi ten to
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ten -- 20 national guardsmen? what did nancy pelosi no one january 4 and fifth? what did nancy pelosi do during the hours following january 6? when the capitol building was breached? if you really want to know what took place so congress can prevent it from happening again, you don't need to be subpoenaing the people they are subpoena thank you need to get information about the failures of the security system that was in place in the capitol the person who is in charge was nancy pelosi. now we know why nancy pelosi did not invite the national guard to protect the building, because when the national guard was considered to be brought in by president trump to protect the white house at lafayette park she objected so did her general friend madison kelly so did millie. so you can't use the insurrection act to protect the white house. even though blocks around the white house were burning. no you cannot do that and why else? why didn't she have more cops
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there? remember what she said but the portland police? mom but she said when president trump sent more federal law enforcement department to protect the federal courthouse? what did she say question what she called them storm troopers. so did the number three democrat james clyburn storm troopers. this is a party, a media obama biden administration work but the hillary clinton campaign and the dnc. working with perkins working with a former russian citizen to put out a dossier, to put out lies to bike to the fisa court to push the russian collusion narrative holding and impeachment holding criminal investigations resulting in repeated coup attempts. we have never seen anything like this in american history. that is the insurrection that is what took place the effort to overthrow an elected president of the united states first to deny his election in
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2016, they went to the floor they challenged electoral votes that them and cast including from alabama for god sakes. they had no problem with it by the way they challenge the 2000 election saying george w. bush was an illegitimate president. he was appointed by the supreme court of the united states. they said the 2004 election was illegitimate. john kerry he really wanted was 70 or 80000 votes total but for the corrupt electoral college to be president of the united states. we are going to be lectured by these people who are liars? hope push rusher collusion for years? who dragged this country to the dirt rewarding themselves peculiar pride we're going to be lectured by the pages of the "new york times" whose correspondent in moscow was a stolid flunky in 1932 covered up the slaughter of the ukrainians who had another leading reporter and correspondent in berlin during the holocaust, a hitler flunky
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the guy actually supported the third reich and they covered up the holocaust. the "new york times" that reported cuba who comes back praising castro. i think a lot more damage has been done by the "new york times" to this country that was done on january 6. let's talk about attacks on our democracy. 1954 puerto rican nationalist did not just send people into breached the capitol, four of them sat in the house gallery shot five members of the house of representatives. one was critically wounded he survive, shots. five members of the house of representatives. every single one of those pardoned by jimmy carter later. every single one of them. 1971 the underground group that bill ayres belonged to. close associates, political allies of barack obama, what did they do question at the blue upper room in the capitol building they went back to
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1983 and give it another try print what else of the weather underground do question except for bob at the pentagon. set off a bomb at the state department now that is it insurrection but they did not call in insurrection then. the people who breached the capitol broke the windows, the doors, tax police officers should be prosecuted. we conservatives and constitutionalists are constant about that. the people on the capitol lawn are people who were waived into the building and charged with parading on public property without a license or permission, who didn't do anything that is an example of an insurrection a presence leading the insurrection even though he said if you need the national guard i'm happy to provide them to you? dereliction of duty that would be nancy pelosi is a massive cover-up now to protect nancy pelosi if you cared about what happened generate six you should care to know what nancy pelosi knew. if you care about justice and the bill of rights in this country, you should wonder by
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hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of american citizens who were not even in that building some of whom are serving in jail right now. why they have been prosecuted for crimes like trespassing and creating public property and how that is an insurrection. the only person killed on that day was a protester. was a veteran who served in the united states air force. she did not have a weapon. she did not touch a soul she walked into the building, she was climbing through a broken window and she was shot dead. when we return we have a great guest on the program tonight, the governor of florida ron desantis. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ 's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric.
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mark: will come back america were here there guest governor desantis how are you. >> i welcome to florida i love this outpost you have here. >> we do to it snowing up there it's what 75 degrees here? but i am not the only one. apparently an awful lot of people are moving to the state of florida. but, before we get into that governor, i would like to know about your wife, we have come
5:18 pm
to know her she's a very, very lovely person how is she doing? >> you know she's going to the breast cancer treatments. she is very strong but i think she is responding about as well as you can but it is a difficult process there are some days that are good, some days that are bad. so we are working through it. it is something that you never want to have to face but i can tell you that if anyone can beat it she is going to beat it. >> the local press were criticizing or they're talking about you is if you or joe biden in the basement. >> or on the beach. you accompany your wife to these treatments, correct? >> this was in between christmas and new year's there is nothing on my public calendar for one of the days they said oh he is vacationing is not doing his job. meanwhile they don't same thing about biden they don't say anything about these other governors there trying to do a gotcha on me. the point of fact was i was with her basically all day and her treatments. something i have gone to all them with her because i think
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it's what i need to do as a supportive spouse. it is not easy for her to go through it. it's not easy for a spouse to watch that they're putting poison into your wife. the idea that would be a vacation i think that was offensive to a lot of people have gone through cancer treatments. mark: the bigger picture there's a lot of governors at least 50 the last time i checked there many republican governors. you know the focus, so i suspect if you are an ineffective governor you would not threaten the left wing media, you have some really terrible media here. this is me speaking. palm beach is disaster. orlando, tampa disaster like most of the rest of the country. if you were a mediocre democratic governor or if you have been a cuomo a disastrous and governor you would not be getting this kind of attention would you? >> muir over the target they are going to come at you. what i view it as, positive
5:20 pm
feedback if the corporate press nationally isn't attacking me that i'm probably not doing my job for the fact that they are attacking me is a good indication that you know what? i am tackling the big issues we are going after critical race there we are fighting back against biden's mandate were fighting back against that legal immigration. all of those things in vast majority of floridians and americans want to see done but does threaten the ruling class and the regime. so you stand up in this day and age that we are in when you're speaking the truth those folks do not want that to get out. and so they are going to throw arrows at you. but what i think we have been able to show is if you stand your ground, if you lead if you don't back down and just stand for the right things there is a groundswell of folks who will have your back. and that ultimately is what it is all about. mark: a german think an issue like a pandemic or vaccine or
5:21 pm
this monoclonal antibiotic, did you ever think that would be politicized the way washington has a politicize it in biden, you have had to fight like hell to get the citizens of the state that monoclonal antibodies that you have focused on very heavily this therapeutic. and as a side point, as a footnote i was in florida, my family was in florida i got the johnson & johnson vaccine. i got the booster then i got the virus. and we looked up on the internet and there was a center 20 miles away or we could go to get that monoclonal antibiotic which are really supposed to go within 48 hours if you can. after the first i felt lousy, i felt fine print at actually works you had them all over the state. really the only governor who has done this yet you are the focus of washington the bureaucrats and the democrat politicians who are saying that works let's withhold that monoclonal antibodies. when you make of that?
5:22 pm
>> it is all political. we set up these centers this summer we servicing the delta variant rear its head and it worked. we were keeping tens of thousands of people out of the hospital save thousands of lives no one disputes that. what's happening in september they decide the federal government decide to seize control of the monoclonal antibodies and cut supplies to florida and texas mainly prayer is able to deal with another company and we got which is also good to paper over some of that. and then our numbers were so low there's not a lot of demand for for many months. now that you see oma cron you start to see more problems in the winter which we anticipated there be an increase in demand, we are not getting what we need. so we are working through that. we think we have a potential to have a positive solution on that but what hhs will say florida you use too much of it. part of the reason was more than other states as we've actually embraced treatment. most of these other governors and the people like fauci and the federal leadership they
5:23 pm
basically say get a shot, wear a mask for they never talk about treatment. we really embraced treatment that is just the reality of what we are facing. you were vaccinated yet you still got it i wish the vaccines were sterilizing but they are not providing the type of immunity. so to just not deal with treatment and be hostile to people like me who are, it shows so much of this is about a political agenda it is about partisanship and it is not about the best interests of the american people when you talk about how these folks are acting. mark: i could be wrong i must confess i don't obsess over joe biden's speeches i even follow most of them. so i don't believe he has ever mentioned the monoclonal antibodies as an option, found she almost never talks about them despite the fact he is on tv endlessly. the immediate almost never talk about them. and i don't think most americans have ever heard of it. isn't this a grave disservice
5:24 pm
to the american people in the healthcare system? >> i think we look back at how the pandemic was handled there be a whole host of cardinal sins. some of the chief ones of the school closures. kids were locked out of schools for over year with schools close now parts of the country unbelievably the extended lockdowns the lockdowns were a disaster. but not focusing on treatment from the very beginning was a huge mistake and faction people like him are absolute to blame for this. so once we did get these treatments online to the private sector, to ignore them and put all of your eggs in one basket was a fundamental mistake me to the question is biden did mention it once. he mentioned it after -- right before they cut our supply of silver going to ramp up monoclonal anti- vice and turns on cuts of supply. we have not seen the ramp up. he had months and months after this was demonstrated to be effective to be ready for this. and we have not seen that. i don't think they're ultimately going to embrace it pretty think they just have tunnel vision in terms of how
5:25 pm
they want to handle this. it has not worked obviously. remember he demagogues donald trump during the campaign saint trump was to blame for covid even though china was to blame for covid sink biden would shut down the virus if he were elected president. it was a ridiculous thing to say. he gets in and now you see cases like no one ever anticipated was possible. that is kind of his central promise of his campaign totally up in smoke. and i think as a result of that they try to find scapegoats and i think trying to fight with florida or texas is just one of the things they do to divert attention from their failure. >> in a strange way he has admitted failure he said there's really nothing else the federal government can do. he said he should have ordered more tests earlier on because now they are short on tests. he comes into the presidency with three vaccines and therapeutics, they have test he is in the presidency. and as you say this thing has gotten completely out of
5:26 pm
control and so much of the country. when we come back on to ask about schools you see with the chicago teachers unions during the scene of the doing in maryland and other parts of the country they are shutting down classrooms. and the effect that has on children we'll be right back. fast! verizon is going ultra, so your business can too. >> woman: what's my safelite story? i'm a photographer. and when i'm driving, i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, it had to be fixed right. i scheduled with safelite autoglass. their experts replaced my windshield
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>> welcome to "fox news live" i am jon scott. the people of ukraine on high
5:30 pm
alert as they face a potential russian invasion with white houses appears imminent. at this time several nations have advised their citizens to leave ukraine. number of airlines have now canceled flights to the capitol city. earlier today president biden spoke with the president of ukraine during which they agreed to keep pushing diplomacy to try to ward off the russian threat. canadian police today began arresting protesters have been blocking a key trade route into the u.s. for days. police also have begun towing trucks off the ambassador bridge. the demonstrators, many of them truckers are protesting vaccine mandates buried similar protests could spread to the side of the border in the coming days. i am jon scott, back now to life, liberty and levin. ♪ ♪ physics welcome back america , governor desantis your
5:31 pm
schools are open. your kids are going to school. you've had some battles with some of these local school districts and he put the hammer down. you are very focused on the education of the students and the rights of appearance whether it comes to the opening of schools or it comes to vaccines and masks and critical race theory. explain to the american people your mindset when it comes to schooling? >> when covid first hit by the most important things are made to determine was what did this mean for our kids? is it something they need to be kept out of school for? after five -- six weeks of this it was pretty clear base of the data we were seeing in europe, kids that needed to be in school so we made sure that 2020 school year we had all the kids in person but we gave parents the option they wear their kid virtual but the schools had to offer in person instruction five days a week. that was one of the best decisions we could have made her think places that had extended school closures will route that day for years and years down the line. we also signed into law
5:32 pm
earlier in 2021 a parent's bill of rights which said parents are in the driver's seat when it comes to the health, the education and upbringing of their kids. so that impacts issues like you cannot force a kid to wear a mask to school. so we stood up for parents rights on that. we battled on all those teachers unions in 2020 sued me too try to close the schools. we beat the unions on that. some of the school districts fought us because they wanted to force masking these young kids we were able to win those battles and when with parents. we are also going to do more so we did band critical race theory in our k-12 schools. >> why did you do that? >> personnel were not spending taxpayer dollars to teach our kids to hate this country or to hate each other. that is what this is it is political ideology it is divisive and it is quite frankly false history when you look at like the 1619 project claiming the american revolution was fought over
5:33 pm
slavery? really? you have a read them you can see what they were talking about in lexington and concorde and what they were writing for they were talking about freedom, revolting against executive authority, taxation without representation. pure revision of history all to drive a political agenda. that political agenda is they want these kids to hate this country. they want them to reject our founding, our institution and they want to replace that with their leftist ideology which would obviously be disastrous for this country's future. the stakes are very high on that. but there is a problem when you can say you can't do it but what if they defy you? what if they are doing and what we are going to be doing the upcoming legislative session were going to give parents the ability to go in and get legal relief if they are not following our state standards with respect to history and government. and i think empowering parents to be involved, making sure parents have a right to inspect the curriculum. it's not just about critical
5:34 pm
race theory for this a lot of other inappropriate content that can be smuggled in by public schools and in some parts of the country have way worse than florida in that regard. so parents, this idea parents don't have a right to be involved in this. that is what the left believes. they believe these schools are separate from the family and that really they should be able to mold the kids however they, the bureaucrats and the unions want. we obviously believe that it is the parents and families in the driver's seat. so we have empowered parents in florida we're actually going to do more in the next couple of months. mark: you reach a very interesting point we have empowered parents the left in this country when you see this bill they want to push and centralized government, centralized decision-making, massive increase in the welfare state, redistribution of wealth, more taxes, more regulation. you want to empower parents but it sounds to me want to empower citizens because people are flocking to your
5:35 pm
state. to escape this kind of tyrannical activity that is going on with the mandates closing businesses getting people fired taxes, many of these blue states people feel hopeless feel they have to leave their homes they have to leave their communities and their coming to florida. so do you think this is sort of a new political revolution and effect you are seeing taken place in florida that you are involved in where it is a citizen participation, we the people rather than a centralized top-down? it's interesting me when biden was criticizing you again and he said school districts should be able to make these decisions not the state, wait a minute school districts are the creation of the state. they belong to the state they do not believe it along to the federal government the unions of that much i know. do you see nationwide sort of a movement in many ways that's had its birth here in the state of florida? what's i think we are the epicenter of it but i don't think is limited to florida.
5:36 pm
i think you've seen a massive migration from exactly the type of states were talking about. we know the states the left to states like new york, california, illinois are bad policy high crime. honestly problems with education. people who are seeking freedom are flank that in their coming to florida for their coming to texas, tennessee and others as well but we have really been the epicenter of that. i think part of that is because we have been bold in saying florida is a free state. we were saying that when it was not popular. now all these lockdown politicians are found in florida vacationing so they would lock down their people are advocate lockdowns criticize florida than they end up on the beach in south florida or something without a mask. which we like people on the beach without mask we don't want them to have to wear them but come on that's hypocrisy. so florida has become that and part of it is because we protected people's rights during covid. part of it is because we have lead on education not just against things like crt and having schools open but having school choice. we have more in school choice
5:37 pm
in florida book charter schools and private scholarships than anybody in the country. we also have a lead in getting civics back into our high schools. we now have high school it is a requirement again it used to be, now it is again. we have a training program for teachers and get a 3000-dollar bonus if they go through what we are calling a civics boot camp. we are going when people graduate school similar to a citizenship exam and a naturalized immigrant do you understand what it means to be an american? i think will people see that parents get really excited and some of these other states because as you said they are hopeless and some of these parts. if you are under the thumb of one of these really strong unions in a school district as a parent who is more freedom oriented you have got no shot to effectuate any change because the union owns the policy lock, stock and barrel. mark: we'll be right back. oney ) how do your clients know that? (naj) because as a fiduciary, it's our responsibility to
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physics welcome back america. governor desantis on immigration. you know the federal government has specific responsibility in the constitution over immigration but really and particularly congress. the democrats control congress and they're not doing a damn thing about it they do not even have oversight hearings for the president of the united states won't even go to the border to see his great works, what is going on down there. i calculate about 2 million people have come into this country illegally in the course of one year that is 1.5 to 2 million people we do not know who these people are. massive amounts of killer drugs are coming across. ms 13, on come on come on. your governor late at night there dropping people off in your state. as the federal government coordinate with you at all this job i never pick up the phone and talk to about any of these issues? it's not a chance that's why they do it at 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. in the morning we had a circumstance in florida they brought in a flight of
5:43 pm
people that it come illegally across the border. one of the guys they brought into northeast florida ended up murdering somebody in the community. and so obviously he is not securing the border which is a problem. but then to farm out people into communities all across the country imposing huge costs on florida and other states. we said a number of things we have sued biden we have a case in federal court. two, i am asking for money for the legislature if we do get wind of these flights and we haven't had flights in the last couple of months this has become a big issue but we do anticipate they're going to try again. we have money that if they drop in jacksonville it say i will pay for buses and we will send it to delaware some these other places. and then they will know florida is not a good place to do it. we are also going to impose i guess restitution on the companies that are bringing them in with the federal government these are contractors, bus companies
5:44 pm
whatever. we are going to charge and per head a restitution. because we bring somebody in there's a whole host of costs that go along with it education, healthcare, social service imports and sometimes criminal justice. we are going to be doing that in enacting that in the legislature were also going to say these companies you can't do businesses with the state of florida or any local community if you are facilitating which is effectively a massive human smuggling operation that is when biden is doing. the people coming across, most of them are not mexican they are from all over the world the signal has gone out and just get to that southern border and you are home free to get into the united states. do not apply normally, go through that way. that is what you are seeing. we had people there last summer helping texas. we were happy to do that but the problem we run into is if you capture someone who is coming illegally only comment didn't have drugs or anything else to turn them over to the feds then the feds put them on a plane or a bus and send them all across the country.
5:45 pm
so that was not helping the cause. and so now we are in a situation where we are looking to keep biden's policies out of florida and impose some restitution on people who are helping to facilitate his policies. mark: i often wonder how your office works. it seems to me you are always a step ahead. so here we have this issue with immigration you say okay we are going to hold people responsible financially who are participating in this illegality. then you have critical race theory okay were going to get ahead of the crystal critical race issue okay were going to pass legislation were going to get ahead of the writer were going to get ahead of this. do you come up with these ideas question work to bounce them out their staff, with legal counsel? i am just curious to know it seems to work very, very well and this is a question for the next segment since he ran out of time. it doesn't come to mind because i think about these
5:46 pm
issues a lot myself. you seem to be is singularly a step ahead or two steps ahead. i just wonder how you come to these conclusions? we'll be right back. we just moved. so there's millions of - dahlias in bloom. over nine acres. when we started, we grew a quarter of an acre. now i'm taking on new projects on the regular. we always dreamed of having this property, so - i want to make my yard look as beautiful as butters, here. butters. how are you doing over there? we do both vegetables and large mouth bass. yep. we've got tons of them, don't we, buddy? there are millions of ways to make the most of your land. learn how to make the most of yours at looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?
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mark: welcome back. governor ron desantis.
5:50 pm
you are a decision-making process how does that work? cracks in terms of these big issues, i set the vision and i say hate we've got to tackle this. i have certain ideas but we have a lot of great people that work in the governor's office also are able to research what has been done in the past, legal, all these other things and then come up with the set of options. and then we execute. being an executive you read a lot, you understand a lot, get as much information kind of had the debate you want to have with your staff and your advisors but you've got to be willing to pull the trigger and lead. i don't take poles to figure out whether it's popular or not. my view is, i've lived in the state my whole life i understand the folks. i'm going to set the agenda, i'm going to put out the leadership and if you do well they will follow they will support you are doing. that's pretty much how we deal but you are right we try to stay a step ahead. my view is you've always got to be an offense if you are
5:51 pm
just sitting there and not really making anything happen then sometimes the problem can mount too. we do try to get ahead and we try to be very forward thinking with what we are doing. >> the population is exploding. you have the american citizens moving into the state. the economy is doing extremely well. and you do not have an income tax. how do you pull that off? >> it's a matter of the states at her high text. what they ended up doing they deplete the revenue base because people are mobile and they can move. capitol moves, individuals move to florida no income tax with the lowest per capita tax burden in the country but what that does is that helps attract people and it helps expand our economic base. and so we take in four -- $500 million a month over whatever is projected. this has been constant for over a year. we have over our budget to put out is about $99.7 billion, newark for example is a 200 plus billion.
5:52 pm
no income tax we have got over 15 billion in surplus revenue between general revenue budget stabilization. we are in very good physical shape. but it shows you, if you want to have a virtuous cycle where you keep taxes low, create a good environment think increasingly it's not just the taxes it's being strong on crime because we see how that is getting out of control. obviously having protecting people's freedom against covid mandates and restrictions. all of that has coalesced to be we have a lot going on in the economy. people are purchasing homes left and right and a lot of revenue is coming into the treasury with a low tax rates and no income tax. >> used to talk about 50 states, 50 different experiments. isn't florida an example of constitutional conservatism and it works? that capitalism works that
5:53 pm
limited government works? the civil society protecting it through just laws works. whereas the more radical leftist agendas you see in new york, california, they don't work. if the media were rational and sat back and looked at this wouldn't they say conservatism works? leftism does not pay. >> if you look at the net migration since covid for example the influx is going to red states. almost exclusively texas, florida, tennessee you name it. the exodus is going from the deep blue states, california, illinois, new york, new jersey it is like clockwork. you see that over and over again. i was tell people i love the people we have in florida we have a lot of great opportunities i am not begging for people to come into the state we are doing well for people vote with their feet. i think people are more sensitive than ever to the
5:54 pm
type of government they would live under any type of policies they would live under. i think covid really crystallize that because you find yourself in some parts of the country living under a governor who is issuing dictates who is denying your freedom, denying your livelihood job education potentially. they realize how important it is to have a political culture and political leadership to respect and preserve freedom their ability to live a good life for. mark: only return our final comments, we'll be right back. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. >> welcome back, governor what you think about the future quick. >> i think we have some difficult challenges. if you look at the threats to freedom, it's not just with the federal government and the biden administration. of course it is there to but you have a corporate america now that has will present the
5:59 pm
ideology that entails the university has gotten way more left-wing just even in the last 20 years. then look at the tech which is basically taking the authority to suffocate dissent to try to foster a narrative we would have to discuss the corporate media and how dishonest they have been so if you believe in the core principles that made the country great, if you believe in the traditional values and you are under assault from a wide range of institutions. that may be different from some of the threats we face in reagan was president or the other past cycles because the culture i don't think was as severe as it is now. you have to get the policy right at the federal level but you also have to be battling all of those institutions. >> you are right they have devoured most of the culture it'll be tough to claw our way back. we know we need to claw our way back that's positive if we don't strengthen ourselves
6:00 pm
internally then when it comes to countries like china and russia and other countries, it makes it much more difficult to unify and confront them. thank you very much as a part-time citizen in florida i aa thank you. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin". steve: breaking tonight a new scandal engulfs the democrats over spine on the 2016 campaign but others in the media completely ignore it. good evening welcome to a special edition of "the next revolution" live from los angeles. t11 this is the home of positive populism, pro-worker, pro-family, pro-community, and especially pro-america. we need some populism tonight as we see the corruption in the lives of the establishment metastasized on multiple fronts to have it all covered the biden russia workings and the


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