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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  February 13, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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predictions and listen to your children. [laughter] so much fine once again. that does it for us we will be back next weekend have a great week. >> i am mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin."
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only change is change that is worse not better look at january 6 event look at how washington establishment. media democrat party . was grit greatest threat to america since civil war, that is a flat out lie, greatest threat to america is the democrat party, whether slavery or segregation or jim crow.
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republicans is never win, as i speak the board ser wide open two million illegal aliens come across, massive aims of fentanyl come across. that is greatest threat of, what else? they destroyed nation's finances, they want to eliminate the capitalist system, replace with a socialist system, and centralize government, our constitution is set up as a federalist system to divide power and protect us, whole focus of the declaration on unable yen unemploy rights of the individual. it is genes the individual, if you have a government view point, you dare not mention it in the chasse room or social media, you will be destroyed, that is the nature of the totalitarian regimes not americanism, the greatest threat we face today was not
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january 6, if you are vie violence, you should be prosecuted. what happened to black lives matter and antifa. why does attorney general of united states speak ought out on january 6, fbi history over two billion dollars of damages, one city after the other destroyed, people killed and maimed. it was mostly peaceful according to the press, joe biden could barely mumble a few words of condemnation. kamala harris donating to people to get them out on bail as quickly as possible. we believe in law in order, january 6 is a demonstration of what democrats believe in, what that they believe in, in power, whether voting rights they talk about
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nationalization of the voting system. they don't want to nationalize voting so more people can vote who should vote, they want to nationalize voting to destroy the red states, so democrat party can't lose, same reason that i want to add 4 democrat senators to senate. same reason they want to get rid of filibuster rule after 200 years of supporting it, they want to ram through their agenda with a 50 vote majority, 50 votes is not a majority, they want on rule over us, that is what the democrat party is about, that is an insurrection. that is app insurrection that under mines our constitutional system. their teachers unions, don't get get me their teachers witnesses and the democrat party are tied together at the hip, they use our children at pawns to threaten us if we don't give
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them what they want, teacher union they are pushing critical race theory theory on our kids, brain washing home day in day out, 130 billion to assist school district with the covid. pandemic, right in chicago they won't go to school in maryland they won't go to school, much of the money used to push indock -- it is racism. it is segregation, death nel of this country. that believes in individuals, that any individual can succeed who dares to work and try. let's get back to this january 6 issue. you have liz cheney, who always hated trump, and adam who always hated trump, they were never-trumpers, they were avoided by nancy pelosi
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for a reason to her stoll -- stoll analyst committee. and this guy, ties with the old soviet union, swalwell, intoed knows what swalwell surrendered to the communist chinese since he has never been. >> there they are overseeing an investigation, of january 6. they are not overseeing abinvestigation of january 6. this is another backdoor effort to attack republicans to attack conservatives to attack president trump and his family and under mine all his success, paid for by the american taxpayer, there is not any representative on this committee from the republican party, not any council on this committee represents the republican party, no constraints on this committee, just because you have a committee of
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congress doing this, they don't have unlimited power, they have separation of power and other rules in the constitution against general warrants, because the king way back in the monarchy days in britain, you have parliament, they tried people and put them in prison, our founders decided that is not what they wanted. yet listen to liz cheney and others, they want donald trump indicted for derelict of duty, who is in charge of the capitol building? the one person they will not subpoena, they will not depose under oath whose text-messages and e-mails and documents are protected from this investigation, either by this committee and department of justice, nancy pelosi. why did nancy pelosi turn down 10 to
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20,000 national guardsmen, what did nancy pelosi know on january 4 and 5, what did nancy pelosi to during the hours following january 6, if you want to know, what took place, so congress could prevent is from happening. again, you don't need to be subpoenaing the people that they are subpoenaing, you need to get information about failures of security system that was in place in the capitol and person in charge, was nancy pelosi, we know why nancy pelosi did not up vide the national guard to protect the building, because when national guard was considered to by president trump to bring in them -- she rejected it, saying you can't use the the insurcould to
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protect the white house. they are protecting federal courthouse, what did she say? she called them stormtroopers, so did the number 3 democrat, this is a party, a media a obama/biden administration working with hillary clinton campaign and dnc and mark alion and perkins cooy and a former russian citizen to put out lies to lie to fisa court, to push russia solution narrative, results in impeachment and criminal investigation and coop attempts, we have never seen anything like this in american history that is the insurrection. that is what took place, , effort to over throw a elected president of the united states they went to the floor they challenged the electoral votes that
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were cast. include from alabama they had no problem with it, they challenged 2,000 election saying george w. bush was -- he was appointed by the supreme court united states we'll be lectured by these people? what are liars? who push russia collusion for years? who drag this country through the different, who rward themselves pull iter prize are for lying to the american people. lectured by papers of "new york times." covering up the slaughter of the ukrainians who had another leader reporter in berlin, during holocaust a hitler flunky, he supported third reich they covered up the holocaust?
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new york times when sent a reporter to cuba who comes back phrasing castro? i think a lot more damage has been done by "new york times" to this nation than on january 6. let's talk about a tax on your decrease, 1954, puerto rico union nationalists, 4 sat in the house fallry, shot 5 members of the house of representatives. every single one of them was pardoned by jimmy carter. later. every one. 1971 weather underground. group that bill air's belonged to. allies of barack obama. what did they do? they blew up a room in capitol building, they went back in 1983 and gave it
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another try, and what else. that is an insurrection. it was not called an insurrection then, the people who breach the capital, broke windows and doors and attacked police officers should be prosecutors. we conservatives and constitutionalists are consistent about this, people on capitol lawn were waved in the building and charged with parading on public property without a license or permission, who did nothing. that is an example of an insurgent. a president leading the insurrection? he said if you need the national guard i'm happy to provide them, dereliction of duty, that is nancy pelosi. the massive cover-up to protect nancy pelosi, if you care about what happened on january 6, you should care to know about nancy pelosi knew, if you care about justice and the bill of rights, you should know why
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hundreds of americans citizens, why they have been prosecute forward crimes like -- prosecuted for crime like trespassing and parading on public property and how that is an insurrection, only person killed on that day, a protester, a veteran who served u.s. air force, she did not have a weapon, she did not watch a -- touch a soul, she was shot dead. when we return. we have a great gift guest. governor of florida ron desantis, we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back america, we're here with our great guest, governor desantis, how are you. >> good to see new florida, i like your southern outpost. >> i do too, it is snowing up there it is 75 degrees here. i'm not only one. a hot of people -- lot of people are moving to the state. i would like to know about your wife, casey, we've come to know her, she is lovely, how is she. >> going through breast
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cancer treatments, she is strong. i think she is responding about as well as she can, this is a difficult process there are some days that are good, some are bad, we're working through it. and it is something that you never want to have to face, but i can tell you that if anyone can beat it she would. >> local press criticizing you, talking about you as if you were joe biden in basement in wilmington. you accompany your wife to the treatments? >> yes, they actually tried -- you know this is in between christmas and new years, he said he is not doing his job, they don't say anything about biden or other governors, they tried to do a gotcha on me, i was with her, all day, in her treatments. it is something i that gone to all with her, it is what i need to do as a supportive
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spouse, it's not easy for her to go through it or a spouse to watch, they are putting poison into your wife, the idea that would be a vacation was offensive to a lot of people who have gone through cancer treatments. >> there are a lot of governors, many that are republicans, you are the focus so i suspect if you are an effective governor you would not threaten the left wing media. you have terrible media here, this is me speaking, palm beach, orlando, tampa, disaster. if you were a mediocre democrat governor, or if you were a cuomo or a disastrous governor, you would not be getting this attention. >> when you are over the target they come at you, i view this as positive feedback, if corporate
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press, nationally is not attacking me, i'm probably not doing my job. the fact they are attacking me is a good indication that, i'm tackling the big issues, we're going after critical race theory and fighting back against biden's mandates and the illegal immigration. those things that vast majority would like to see done but this threatens the rules class and regime, when you stand up in this day and age we're in and speaking the truth, they don't want it to get out, they will throw arrows at you, i think we've been able to show if you stand your ground and lead and don't back down and stand for the right things there is a groundswell of folks who will have your back that is what it is about. >> did you think an issue like a pandemic or vaccines or this month clonal
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antibody. did you think this would be politicized the way washington has, you have had to fight like hell to get citizens of this state to get monoclonal antibodies that you have focused on, that is therapeutic, as a side point, i was in florida. i got the johnson & johnson vaccine and the booster and i got the virus. we looked up on internet there was a center 20 miles away, we could go to get monoclonal antibody, you are supposed to get within 48 hours. after first day, where i felt lousy, i felt fine, it works, you have them all over the state, you are only governor who has done this. jet you are the folk -- yesterday -- yet you are the focus -- center of
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focus. >> it worked, we were keeping tens of thousands out of the hospital, we saved thousands of lives, no one disputes that, as that happened in september, federal government seized control of the monoclonal antibodies in florida and texas. now that you see omicron, you see more prevalence in winter we anticipated that increase, we are not getting what we need, we are working through this, we think we have a potential for a positive solution, h hs says, florida, you used too much, because we have embraced treatment. the other governors and people like fauci and federal leadership, they say, get a shot, wear a masking they never talk
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about treatment, we really embrace treatment, that is the reality of what we're facing, you were vaccinated, you still got it i wish vaccines were sterilizing but they are not providing that type of an immunity to not deal with treatment and be hostile to people like me who are, shows so much is about a political agenda and partnership and not about the best interest of the american people with how they are acting. >> i could be wrong. i must confess, i don't obsess over joe biden's speeches, i don't believe he is ever mentioned monoclonal antibodies, as an option, any fauci almost never talks about them, and i don't think that most americans have heard of it, is this not a grave disservice to the american people. >> when you look back at how
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the pandemic was handled, there will be a whole host of cardinal sins. mainly the school closures, but not focusing on treatment from the very beginning of a huge mistake. the question is biden mentioned it after right before they cut our supply, he said we'll ramp up monoclonal antibodies, then cuts the supply, we have not seen the ramp up, he had months and months to be ready, we have not seen it, i don't think they will embrace it i think they have tunnel vision with how they want to handle this, this has not worked.
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he demagogued donald trump during the campaign saying that trump was to blame for covid, even though china was to blame for covid. biden gets in and you see cases like no one anticipated was possible, i think as a result they try to find stap goats -- scapegoats and fighting with florida or texas is one thing they do, to divert their attention from failure. >> he said there is nothing else that federal government can do, he said they have orders tests earlier on. they have therapeutics, they have tests, he is in the presidency, as you say in has gotten out of control. so much of the country, when we come back, i want to ask
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>> welcome to fox news live, people of ukraine on high alert, they face potential russian invasion that white house say appears
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imminent. a number of airlines have canceled flights to the capital city. and a phone call with leader of ukraine president biden agreed to keep pushing forward diplomacy. >> canadian police started arresting protesters, telling trucks have have been blocking aty trade -- the bridge is open to traffic now. >> and l.a. rams narrowly defeat the cincinnati bengals super bowl lvi, cooper kupp with the mvp honors. back to "life, liberty and levin." >> welcome back. governor desantis. your schools. are open. your kids go to school, you
8:31 pm
have had battles with local school districts, you put the hammer down, you are focused on education of the students and rights of parents, whether opens of schools or vaccines or masks and critical race theory. explain your mind set with schooling. >> when covid first hit, an important thing to determine, what does it mean for our kids, do they need to be kept out of school for it after 6 weeks, it was clear based to data we saw in europe, kids need to be in school, we made sure in 2020 school year, all the kids were in person, we gave parents an option, but schools had to offer in-person instruction 5 days a week, that is one of the best decisions we made. those. we also signed in to law earlier in 2021, a parent's bill of rights, parents are
8:32 pm
in the driver seat, when it comes to health, education and up bringing of their kids that impacts issues like you can't force a kid to wear a mask to school, we sit up with parents for parents right on that, we have been battled on all those, teacher union in 2020 sued me too close the schools, we beat the union on that. then some school district fought us, they want to force mask the young kids, we won those battles and win with parents, we will do more, we did ban critical race theory. in our k-12. >> why. >> first, we're not spinning taxpayer dollars to teach our kids to hate this country, or hate each other. that is what this is. if say political ideology, divisive, it is is false, history, you look at 1619 project that claims american revolution was fought before slavery? really. we have the pamphlets you read them, you see what they
8:33 pm
were talking about in lexington, they were talking about freedom, revolving against -- it was just feuer revisionist history, all to drive a political agenda. that political agenda is they want these kids to hate this country, they want them to reject our founding, our institutions. and they want to replace that with their lowestist idea -- left edideaology, there is a problem when you can say it but you can't do it, if if they defy you, we're doing, we'll give parents the ability to get legal relief, if they are not following our stat ard with respect to history and government, i think empowering parents to be involved, making sure parents have right to inspect the curriculum, there are a lot of other inappropriate content that
8:34 pm
can be smuggled in by public schools, they have it worse than florida. parents this idea of parents don't have a right to be involved in this, that is what the left believes, they believe that these school are separate from the family they should be able to mold a kid however they the bureaucrats and unions want, we believe it is the parents and the families that are in the driver say the, we have empowered parents in florida but we'll do more. >> you raise an interesting point, empowering parents, left here, when you see this building to push and centralize government to centralize decision making and massive increase in welfare state. more taxes, more regulation. you want to empower parents, and citizens, people are flocking to your state. to escape this kind of
8:35 pm
tyrannical activity that is going on with mandates, closing businesses, getting people fired. many of the flu states people feel hopeless, they have to leave their communities and homes, and communities, they are coming to florida, is this new a political revolution in affect you see in florida that you are involved in. it is citizen participation, we the people rather than val -- it was interesting biden was criticizing you again, he said school districts should able to make the decisions. not the state, i thought wait a minute school districts are a creation of the state, they belong to the state not federal government. >> you see a movement in many ways that had its berth in state of florida.
8:36 pm
>> i don't think it is limited to florida, we have a massive migration from the states. problem with education. people who are seeking freedom are coming to florida and texas and tennessee and others, we have really been the epicenter, i think partly because we really been bold in saying that florida is a free state, we were staying that when it was not popular, now the lockdown politicians, they are found in florida vacation ing. they lockdown their people at home, then they end up on the beach in florida without a mask. that is hypocrisy, florida is that, part is because we protect people's rights during cope covid and part because we head on education, not against just crt and having school open but school choice, we have more school choice in flood, charter schools, private
8:37 pm
scholarships and lead in getting civics back into the high schools, we have high school, a requirement, it used to be, now it is again, we have a training together for teach target a $3,000 bonus if they go flew a civics boot camp. we'll have tests when people graduate school, similar to a citizenship exam, do you understand what it means to be an american, i think parents getting cited. -- get excited, they are hopeless in some other parts, if you are under the strong of a really strong union in a will ask district as a parent who is more freedom oriented you have to shot as making change. the union owns the policy, lock, stock and barrel.
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>> welcome back america, governor desantis. immigration, you know, federal government has a specific responsibility in constitution over immigration, really in particular congress. the democrat control congress. they are not doing a damn thing about it they don't have oversight hearings, president of united states will not go to border to see his great works, i calculate about 2 million people have come in country illegally in one year. we don't know who they are. massive amounts of drugs coming across, ms-13 and on. you are a governor, late at night, they were dropping people identify in your state, is the federal government coordinate with you, does joe biden pick up the phone and talk to you aboutnese issues. >> not a chance, that is why they do it at 3 in americans, we have a circumstance in florida they brought in a flight.
8:43 pm
they came illegally across the board, one of the guys that brought to northeast florida, murdered someone in the community, he is not securing the border, then to farm out people in to communities in the nation is imposing huge costs on the state, we said, we have sued biden, we have a case in federal court. two, i am asking money for legislature if we get wind of these flights, we have not had flights in last couple months, since in has become an issue, we anticipate they will try again, we have money if they drop in jacksonville, say, wild pay for buses we'll send to delaware the other places, they will than florida is not a good place, we will impose some i guess rescues on companies bringing restitution with the
8:44 pm
companies, when bring someone in there are a whole host of costs that go with it we'll be doe nag, in. we're also saying to the companies, you can't do business with the state of florida, or any local community, if you are facilitating a massive human smuggling operation, that is effectively when biden is doing, the people are from all over the world, the signal is out, just get to the southern border and you are home free to get to united states, don't apply normally, go that way, if you captured someone coming illegal leonly without drugs, you turn them over to feds then feds send them across the country, thatd not help the cause,
8:45 pm
now we're looking into keep biden's policies out of florida. impose some restitution on people who are helping to facilitate the policies. >> i wonder, how your office works, it seems you are at ways a step ahead. we have a issue with immigration, okay we'll hold people responsible financially who are participating in this. then you have critical race theory, we'll get ahead. you see the riots, we'll pass and get head of this. how -- do you come up with these ideas? do you bounce them around with your staff or legal council, it seems to be working well. you seem to be singularly a step or two ahead.
8:46 pm
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>> welcome back, governor ron desantis, your decision making process, how does
8:50 pm
that work. >> in terms of the big issues, i set the vision, i say, we have to tackle this. i have certain ideas. we have a lot of great people that work in the governor's office who also are able to research what has been done in the past. we come up with a set of options then we execute. being an executive you read a lot you understand a lot, get as much information, kind of have debate you want with your staff and sad -- advise overs, i have lived in the state my whole life, i know the folks, i am setting the agenda and put out the leadership, if you do well, they will follow and support what you are doing, we try to stay a step ahead, you always have to be on offense, if you are just sitting there not making anything happen,s some the
8:51 pm
problem can mount. we get ahead, we try to be forward thinking. >> the state population is exploding, american citizens moving into the state, economy is well. you don't have an income tax, how do you do that? >> a matter of state that are high taxed, they deplete their revenue base, people are mobile they can move, capital moves, individuals move, in florida we have lowest per capita tack burden that -- tax burden that helps attract people, we take in 500 million a month over what every is projected, it has been constant for over a year, we have a budget. no income tax, we have over 15 billion in surplus
8:52 pm
revenue, we're in very good fiscal shape. but it shows, if you want to have a virtuous cycle, you keep taxes low, create a good environment, i think not just the taxes but strong on crime, we see how that is getting out of control, and having protecting people's freedom against covid restrictions, that is coalesced to be we have a lot doing on in the economy, people are purchasing homes, and a lot of revenue coming in with low tax rates and no income tax. >> justice used to talk about 50 states, 50 different experiments, is floridian example of constitutional conservatism? that is works, capitalism works, limited government works, civil society, protecting it through just
8:53 pm
laws, that works. whereas the more radical leftist agendas that you see in new york and california, they don't work. if the mead yarp rational and sat back and looked at this, would they say conservatism works. >> looking at net -- migration since covid for example, the influx is doing to red states, almost exclusively. the exodus from the deep blue states, it is like clockwork. i tell people, i love the people we have in florida, i'm not beg are for people to come in, we're doing well, but people vote with their feet, they are more sensitive than ever to type of government they would live under and policies.
8:54 pm
i think covid really crystallized that, you find yourself in some parts of nation living under a governor who just issuing dictates and denying your freedom and livelihood, job, education potentially, they realize how important it is to have a political culture and leadership that respect and preserve freedom and their ability to live a good like. >> when we return our final comments, we'll be right back. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today. like pulsing, electric shocks,
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8:59 pm
have gotten bay more left wing, then big tech, they are taking the authority to suffocate decent and foster narrative, and corporate media and how dishonest they have been, in you therefore core values you are under assault from a wide range of institutions, you have to get policy right at federal level and battle all of the institutions. >> you are so right, they have devoured most of the culture. if we know we need to play our way back that is a chinese thing, if we don't strengthen ourselves internally, when it comes to
9:00 pm
countries like kind and russia. i want to thank you very much. part time citizen in florida i would like to doubly thank you. >> thank you so much. >> see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ breaking new scandal engulfs democrat over spying the 2020 campaign. welcome to next revolution live from los angeles, i am steve hilton. that is home of pro america. we need populism. the corruption and lies of the establishment. we have it all. truckers convoy biden's russia war games, bombshell that landed on democrat and their


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