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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 14, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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together. the comment by xi, the statement that they issued in february was sort of tacit approval for russia aggression against ukraine. as i said earlier in the day, that is deeply alarming. >> charles: john kirby, thanks for being -- for your time and the questions and answers. we appreciate it. folks, that's all the time i have for today. catch me on fox business today. "the five" starts now. >> hello, everyone, i'm judged and impure along with harold ford, jr., jesse watters, dana perino, and yes, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ big time hollywood celebs making a mockery of covid roles with the super bowl, frolicking around the big game mask list without tear in the world while students in the same state are forced to cover up inside and
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outside of their classrooms. the nfl warning fans beforehand to comply with all l.a. county health and safety protocols. masks were given out at the big game, but few of the more than 70,000 fans were seen wearing them. repeat offender, los angeles mayor eric garcetti once again holding his breath, allegedly, after he got caught maskless yet again in this photo. it all begs the question, when will all democrats finally give up on mandates that their biggest supporters keep breaking? it doesn't sound like president biden will be coming around. he says opposing mask mandates isn't about freedom. >> many of those people won't be wearing masks despite the local law in los angeles. what is your message to people who want desperately for this to be over and to be able to resume the lives that they remember? >> president biden: well, look. i love all people talk about
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personal freedom. if you're exercising personal freedom puts someone else in jeopardy, their health in jeopardy, i don't consider that being very freedom. >> on what happens when you try asking democrats where they actually stand on the issue? >> i've got to tell you that i had a very hard time getting straight answers out of democrats on the hill this week as to whether or not they thought it was time to lift mask mandates because in part they are listening to their governors, in part they are listening to their constituents, in part they're looking over their shoulder as to whether they have a reelection or not. so many of them were like we should follow the science. okay, well your governor is saying one thing, the president and cdc are saying another, which one do you think is the science? very hard to nail people down on the question. >> okay, so i will start with you, dana. >> okay. >> which is the science? >> if they were calling the signs the kids would have been the first ones to not have to
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wear masks and unfortunately, the kids are basically at the mercy of the teachers unions, which seems to make no sense to me. i also think it's good news that 78,000 people went to the super bowl and ignored the mask mandate, which basically means everybody else can too except for the kids, but that's when the absurdities will turn into outrages and also i think about eric garcetti, who had the nerve to say what he said about well i didn't inhale. >> i held my breath. >> i held my breath. and he says does that make you happy you make and basically these people that are in charge of these cities, they don't care about the citizens. they think they are stupid. they don't care at all about them and they get to go to the super bowl, got a free ticket i'm sure because he's the mayor, and ever but also sitting there going but my kids still has to wear a mask and any minute now you're going to see all these reporters, they are going to start to write another round of articles about they are so concerned about the lack of trust in institutions in
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america, and then they don't have the nerve to look at themselves in the mirror. >> so jesse, do they really think that we are stupid? >> yes and no because as a celebrity you have to be seen, and you understand that. it's actually more unhealthy to not be recognized when you're a celebrity then to catch covid when you're is liberty, and that is a medical fact. how are people going to know that affleck and jennifer lopez are at the super bowl if they're wearing masks? the point is to be seen, and why haven't fauci and biden come out today and shamed all of these people? 100 million people watching, flouting his rules. these guidelines are here to save lives and to do that sends a wrong message. i'm shocked fauci is not on every single program shaming these people. i think actually what happened is when the people in los angeles saw magic johnson, who has aids, a pretty serious
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comorbidity, not care and not wear a mask you, i think people figured maybe they didn't need to wear one also. i would love to be able to watch children host a tv show. imagine if kids have their own tv shows. there would be a lot of banging on desks today. a lot of "do as i say, not as i do" kind of stuff because you have 70,000 people shoulder to shoulder screaming inside and then you can't have 12 children inside without a mask on? it makes no sense. if the only reason kids still have to wear masks is they don't have lawyers and tv shows. if they did, obviously this wouldn't happen. i have a new thing what i do with masks. i don't carry one out. i don't think anybody here does but when you don't carry one out and you go into a store they hassle you and you say i don't have one, sorry and they either slink away or they give you a free mask, so then you put the free mask on and as you leave you just take it off and you drop it in the wastebasket and you walk out. and that's kind of the dash a
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passive-aggressive way for me to fight the man. >> that's really well thought out. >> thank you very much. >> harold, what about the fact that biden says if you don't wear a mask it's not a matter of your personal freedom? >> i think in fairness, what he said is your personal freedom, if it infringes on someone else's health or freedom -- but your larger point i guess. i think that democrats and republicans, the country alike, is coming to grips with the fact that we have made great, great strides against this virus. we talked about the numbers. 80% more have one does, 65% or more or two's, 43% of eligible people are boosted. a year ago i wasn't vaccinated. i think -- didn't get fully vaccinated until the beginning of april, so the conversation today versus a year ago is far different and now politicians and public health experts are really -- not doing -- as much is trying to reconcile things. we've set on this show before,
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greg, you said it a few weeks ago, but it will eventually be the people who will push the politicians and push our health experts to tell us when and where -- i should say go faster in how they are doing things. my kids -- my kids are no vaccinated, i have a six year old and an 8-year-old. i feel far more comfortable going out, being out, being social, knowing that if i do go home, if i transmit something, my kids are likely not going to be hospitalized. but 12 states, blue states, loosening these mandates and restrictions, i think it's a positive thing and i think everybody should take a victory lap, president trump and president biden. >> de planta getting your kids the vaccine? >> they arty have it, they've been vaccinated since early december. i didn't hesitate at all. >> interesting. all right, would you like to wrap it up? >> i would love to wrap it up. >> on valentines. >> did you get my gift? >> i'm afraid. >> i forgot to put holes in it.
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>> that's mean. >> i don't know that means. we keep complaining about hypocrisy, i think we have to admit that talk but hypocrisies talk about oxygen. it's never going to go away so it's almost pointless. the other thing is, it is about -- who are you to allow who says what is infringing versus not infringing. the moment you get into a car there's a potential of infringing a pedestrian's rights right? but you still get into a car. you see the president and the media redefining the idea of freedom that in a weird way when so many talks about freedom, for example the truckers, it is something like a dog whistle for anti-vaxxers or even fascism come up be very wary of anybody who talks too much about freedom, which is bizarre coming from an american president. we are all about freedom. we are also seeing a new kind of virtue signaling here, which is "i can do what i please as long as we tell -- i tell the children to mask up. "every governor in every mayor in every little siri has been doing this. it's not famous actresses who
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have really bad repetitions, but i care about climate change so i can still be an absolute jerk. so what you're saying is kind of an insistence of masking up kids to assuage their own guilt. they're basically just encouraging child abuse so they can continue having a good time. so i don't know. i think we live in a two class system. by the way, we called this. again, it was another light protector. we set the super bowl, this was going to happen, so it was just declare it over before it happens, we have a two class system, the one that wants to do what it wants and the one that wants to tell you what to do while they do what they want, we have to crush that. we can't have people telling us what we can do to our kids because they believe it's infringing on their lives. that is a slippery slope but just go straight into something really bad. really bad. >> you would think that the burden -- you would think that the burden is on the person, you know, who has more to lose at that point, but they don't want to do that. >> they gave 78,000k95 masks away for nothing. could have gone to actual
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nurses, first responders that needed them. >> giant eyes wide shut party. >> coming up, hillary's operation exposed. the dirty tricks the durham investigation just uncovered. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> special counsel john durham dropping a bombshell that could lead right back to hillary clinton. the court filing alleges multiple clinton campaign staffers hired a technology to "infiltrate servers at trump tower" and then later the actual white house in order to try to establish a link from donald trump to russia. and breaking this afternoon, sources tone fox news that the probe has accelerated, with more people cooperating and coming before a grand jury. republicans say it is proof they've been right all along and that heads should start rolling. >> this is what is so egregious and wrong about it.
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they spied on a presidential campaign. that's as wrong as it gets but then we found out from this filing that they've spied on the sitting president, which is even worse. >> i would expect there to be, frankly, quite a few more indictments. i think this conspiracy -- and they do think there was a criminal conspiracy -- is broad and deep. >> after endless coverage of the russia investigation, the media seems to be silent on this particular development, and away they covered the durham investigation in the past is drawing even more scrutiny. >> the biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign. they spied on my campaign. >> there's no real evidence of that. >> yes there is. it's all over the place. they spied on my campaign. >> donald trump and william barr promise durham would expose huge corruption, but he hasn't done that. >> apparently an ongoing conservative republican and pro-trump project to try to turn the investigation of the russia scandal into some kind of
2:17 pm
scandal itself. >> oh, no, okay, wait until the durham report comes out and then nothing happens and they move on to the next conspiracy theory. >> i could just keep watching that montage but we should take it around the table. judge, what about the developer that fox news is reporting that there is additional cooperation that's happening which is why this is sped up a little bit? >> that makes sense in a situation like this. i think everyone who is a potential defendant knows who they are in these cases and they are probably recognizing that they've gotten to the guts of this. look, this was an attempt to frame a presidential candidate and the president of the united states. to frame him as being a russian operative, a putin puppet and if you recall, the damage here is unbelievable. we've never seen anything like this and america was torn for four years, we were at each other's throats because hillary clinton, her campaign, hired people to try to make a connection between a server in
2:18 pm
the trump tower and one in a russian bank that's connected to putin. i mean, this is outrageous, and this woman who's always smiling and, you know, is like donald trump is evil and i am the great salvation, the truth is she's been through more criminal -- quasi criminal activities from erasing 33,000 emails, many of them classified, said she never had a classified email on her laptop or her iphone when she was the secretary of state, and she's got all of these problems and now they're getting to the guts of it and i think by trying to frame the president of the united states, every american should be furious and every potential defendant out there knows that they're coming for you. >> does that include, i would assume, hillary clinton, harold, who is going to be one of the speakers at the new york state democratic convention and flirted with the idea of running again. it seems to lead right back up to her door.
2:19 pm
in 2016 she put out a tweet that says there needs to be -- seems to be a connection here but it looks like they were fabricating that connection the first place to drive news coverage. >> if these allegations by mr. durham turn out to be true, the one that's been leveled against these two lawyers or maybe a third lawyer, you have to let the chips fall where they fall. i'm a rule of law person, i think the constitution, all of our rule of law derives from that. i would be careful so far to link her to this. i've heard some people conflate the rhetoric and equate between watergate. president nixon approved and actively engaged in the cover-up. is that is proven, judge, or if anyone around the table, anybody watching, mrs. clinton will have a lot to answer for but before we go there, make that leap with her, i think what we have on the table alone is disturbing. >> so you're saying it's obama behind this? >> the two or three lawyers that esther durham has leveled these charges with, they went out and perhaps hired someone to infiltrate then-candidate trumps servers, that should disturb any
2:20 pm
american. anybody who believes in the rule of law, anybody who believes politics should be litigated on the up and up. if that is proven with the chips fall where they may. >> one of the reasons they figured this out is that lawyers build for their time and when you go back to the billing records you find out that they were all billing it to the hillary campaign. >> amazing. this is worse than january 6, 9/11, watergate, hindenburg combined. that's what cnn would say if this were trump and not hillary. in this case they are focusing instead on joe rogan, claiming that his use of the n-word was another january 6th. this is another illustration of the news spigot. with -- they can turn that awful, blast it 24/7. hunter laptop, turn it off. everybody's like what happened, where to go. biden wins an election, you don't hear about hunter. trump flushes papered on the
2:21 pm
toilet, and the spigot comes up. now you've got this collusion, real, authentic russian collusion, this is all about hillary, end of spigot goes off. at this is something that, you know, we see this every day. and also, they blame you for the things that they do, so it is like, you know, you're putting kids in danger while they don't wear the masks. they accuse you of racism while saying that, you know, the toxicity of whiteness is everywhere and in his case created a hoax behind a different hoax. >> in order to drive news coverage that everybody would follow. mark elias is this attorney that everybody should pay attention to. democrat. democrats are even mad at him for screwing up the arizona case but when you are cooperation, it sort of means to me that people just don't want to go to jail so they start talking. >> i think hillary should be banished from polite society. our not comparing her to o.j. because, you know, we have no proof that she ever murdered anybody, but i would like to see hillary treated the way o.j. is.
2:22 pm
he's not really welcome places, he's kind of a pariah. right now she is a certified political criminal. if her husband has been #metooed and has been finger to be on epstein's island and you know the foundation, that's just a washed up money laundering operation. this is what happened. she paid people to hack into trump's computers and frame him for being a russian trader! that would be like paying someone to break into trump tower at 2:00 in the morning, plant a bunch of drugs and guns and russian documents and then call the fbi and say hey guys, is got a tip, why don't you go raid the tower. that's the same thing. and we now know too that this was happening as far back as 2014. the cia knew crooked was trying to frame him, they briefed obama that hillary was going to frame. they briefed the fbi that this was a frame job so robert mueller was just a -- and it failed.
2:23 pm
it's not -- i think greg was being facetious i think but when you look about january 6th and then you look at this, what did more damage? i mean, think about how many people's lives were destroyed, how we divided the country, how it made us question our democracy, question our election and our institutions. it ruined multiple thanksgivings for me personally. i think we need to get to the bottom of it. as they say, big is true. >> you know who worked on the watergate committee, remember? hillary herself. >> that's right! full-circle, as they say. >> it a lot of people want hillary investigated. not just republicans. >> even democrats. >> democrats. >> coming up, nancy pelosi trying to do a 180 on defunding the police, but will americans buy it? ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> with the midterms just around the corner, house speaker nancy pelosi is speaking out forcefully against defund the police after the democrats were cost dearly in the last election. >> cori bush, congresswoman from missouri, is saying it's time to defund the police, she is sticking by that. you're the speaker, how do you think democrats should address rising crime? >> that is not the position of the democratic party. i quote one of my colleagues from new york, richie torres, a brand-new member of congress way on the left saying that defund the police is dead. that causes a concern with a few in our caucus, but public safety is our responsibility. >> those comments come amid
2:29 pm
another shocking weekend of violence. if 13 police officers shot in just 24 hours, nine of them during a shoot-out in phoenix. the national police association calling it a war on cops and a young new york city woman stabbed to death inside her own apartment after the suspect followed her in. police arresting the perp, who was hiding under her bed. it turns out he's a career criminal with three open cases against him. a lot to unpack here, dana. it's unbelievable. greg and i were talking about this in the green room, why we are unable to -- this guy should not be on the streets if he is violent, if he's been accused of violent things, but separate that for a moment, nancy pelosi saying that defund the police, democrats are not associated with that. republicans say things i know that you don't personally agree with, what should the whole party, should she -- how should you have handled it differently if at all? >> they cater to their far left wing, "the squad."
2:30 pm
so often, so early on, she has to say with all due respect to cori bush, she gave cori bush all due respect and that's one of the reasons they have the problem now. she wants to defend herself from the slogan, but increasingly i think americans understand it's actually that they can't defend themselves from the policies. you can't divorce it. i couldn't believe that last week in the state assembly in new york they were actually having a debate that bail reform is actually very good and eric adams: what's left of his hair out to try and get them to pay attention. i think "the squad" is about to cause a lot more problems for nancy pelosi and the democrats because if you make about the things that they said they were going to demand and to get, they haven't -- they haven't gotten any of those. voting rights, no. they didn't get anything in the build back better plan, especially the climate provisions that they wanted. i don't have -- the fact they don't have -- they had to swallow their pride and vote for the infrastructure bill knowing they were probably not going to end up getting all the other things that they wanted and you had alexandria ocasio-cortez go
2:31 pm
to texas to primary a decent member of congress, a democrat was possibly going to lose in the primary. and require, who's been really good on the border for his constituents and for americans, national security. i think "the squad" is about to cause a lot more problems for biden, pelosi, and schumer. >> if she calls you speaker pelosi, i need your advice on how to deal with some of those who don't appreciate how much crime is impacting cities and everyday americans, what we do? >> out throw them in the back of a truck and take them to the victims houses and talk to the dead -- the families of the dead. there is a pattern here that is just unmistakable. homeless male, career criminal out on street. charges, female, asian, can't report that for some reason. there's always asian. the murder weapon is not a gun, it's a knife, just like the murder victim california. how many of these do we need to have before we get to say it's an epidemic? he had been arrested multiple
2:32 pm
times with 27 counts of criminal mischief. he'd hit somebody on the subway, so the conclusion is in order to lock up the perpetrator you have to let them kill a young asian woman first. and then they'll go "oh, my god, this is repulsive." there is an anti-asian movement going on, and it's not the murders alone, it's the distinct lack of coverage about it. it's the dog not barking. it's the silence around these crimes that are making me think there is something to this that's not just about the loan maniac, or else we would be all over this stuff. i want to see -- i want to see an electrified asian leadership get out there and just get pissed off and do something about this. it's already being treated like a new normal. it's like a weekly occurrence. it's like -- it's because the community isn't amplifying the
2:33 pm
crime. what if they amplify the crime the way george floyd was amplified when you just play the video over and over again. what if you did this for these four women were being murdered weekly? how would that change? i would like to see that. >> your honor? >> women are murdered silently across this country every day of the week and the problem is that no one takes up their cause. what we are seeing, and we started with nancy pelosi. let me just say this about nancy pelosi. i don't believe a word that comes out of that woman's mouth. all of a sudden she says oh, no, that's not our stance. are you kidding me? you, with your mouth, for a while year, the united states is burning down citizens and businesses, neighborhoods people dying, thousands of cops being injured, they don't say one word, the democratic national committee, not one word. now that they realize that their power is may be pulled back because americans are fed up with her nonsense, they're going to say that's not really our cause, when you're full of crap
2:34 pm
and you always have been. here's the bottom line. the criminals are taking over our city and no one is standing up for us. we are all left to defend ourselves and take care of ourselves. i don't want to see any more of kyle rittenhouses, but i'm telling you there will be more of them and there will be people who will be attacked, great. no one will talk about them. it's like kids wearing masks. they don't vote, so no one really cares. the women were being silenced and murders, nobody says anything because they are not a voting block. this is about americans who are every one of us who don't want these people roaming the streets. i don't care about social justice or what you call social justice. i only care about real justice. you commit a crime, you go to jail. and that's the end of it, if we don't do that we are losing the country. we've lost the borders and now we are going to lose the country. >> they defunded the police in san francisco, nancy didn't say anything at the time. they defunded in d.c., or other
2:35 pm
home. she didn't say anything at the time either and now she says something only because it's poison for democrats. in the midterms she only goes where the wind blows in the wind is blowing against "the squad." "the squad" owns this crime wave more than the democratic party. "the squad" gave air cover to those street radicals and the state legislators that did this crazy stuff and pulled money out of these departments. they own that. nancy knows it. notice she said with all due respect, with all due respect. no. nancy can get tough when nancy wants to get tough. she's afraid of "the squad," she doesn't want it to spill over in a midterm year but you might be right, they are just as angry as she is and this could be a lot -- there could be a lot of action between those two this year. >> joe biden, eric adams are not leaders. up next, president biden getting hit with a crushing blow from voters in his own party. ♪ ♪
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>> joe biden getting another brutal reality check from democrat voters in his own party, don't like him. is that grammatically correct? don't like him with a majority -- i should have reread it again. they think joe shouldn't run in 2024. am i crazy? and when democrats were asked who they'd like to replace him with, 72% said they just want someone besides joe biden. you know, jesse, 72%, big number. that's 7 out of 10. yeah. >> a little over that. >> yeah, 2% over. >> that's a lot. it's a lot.
2:41 pm
i think something is got to be wrong with the cnn polling unit, greg, because this man won 81 million votes. that is the most in american history. that is more than barack obama, donald trump. just judging by those vote totals, this man is a historical figure. it doesn't make sense. it's like getting engaged to a supermodel and then all of a sudden calling off the wedding a month later. something doesn't add up here. enter think it's clear what this is. the guy can't score a policy win and he's not running for reelection. and he just doesn't send a frail down the legs of democrats. >> or up the legs. >> up the legs. >> or down. >> if it's going down, it's not a thrill. i don't know why i said that. stop it. you think is going to run again, don't you? >> i do. >> you do? >> for what? >> for president. [laughter] the last few president that
2:42 pm
primary challengers or people thought about running against him, everybody thought ross perot and bill clinton -- they did, but it was buchanan that primary to him early on. you look at even obama. sanders talk about running against obama. running against bill clinton when he is president. these kind of things happen but the last time i checked the presidency is four years, right? this is just one year in. the numbers aren't great. >> you've got just one year in and it's this back. someone else is kicking joe's butt. >> anyone. >> that's usually true that any generic does better because you don't have any flaws in the generic candidate but i do love the kamala harris pulled it 2%. she's really moved up. >> i think that's also dragging it down because i think a lot of people think that joe biden will not run again and that the second in line is kamala harris, and she's not inspiring a lot of confidence. i also love the story this week from the "l.a. times" about the frustration that democrats have with the direction that
2:43 pm
chuck schumer and the white house chief of staff, ron klain, have gone in the direction of basically bending over backwards to the left, that their strategy was off. so when you start seeing articles like that, you know that there's a lot of frustration. >> judge, when do you throw thik straight, how can you support him? oh, no, he's really very smart, he's going on policy, but wait, he's never been right on a foreign policy issue in his whole life. they can't explain it anymore so they are fed up. that's it. >> it's going to be fun, stay tuned. it's valentine's day and "the five" has got some important advice for your love life. not me. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
2:44 pm
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♪ ♪ >> happy valentine's day, america.
2:48 pm
we hope everybody remembered to get their significant others a gift. we hope. we are celebrating with some personalized 5-themed cards for greg. for greg, animals are great, but -- dana, i choose you to be my valentine. do you get it? see what i did there? >> i got it. >> harold, i don't have to write this down, you're my everything. judge, the verdict is in, i love you. you cannot appeal. and for yours truly, every hour is prime time when i'm -- >> that is cheesy! >> plus we have a joe biden card. it says inflation may be high, but my love for you -- [laughs] dana, and you are going to be on a love quiz tonight on prime time with peter. >> looking forward to it. >> how well do you know your spouse? >> we met 25 years ago this year. married 24 years, so we better know something.
2:49 pm
>> you better know something and if you don't, make it up. greg, what are you doing this special day? >> nothing, and i will tell you why. only an idiot would marry a russian and then tell her about valentine's day. the whole point of marrying someone who's not an american is not introducing that holiday to them. why add that to your responsibility? she has no clue that today is valentine's day. >> does she know about july 4th? >> she does know about that. >> does she think there is a bomb going off? run for cover! >> hammers hot tub because he's out of town. >> pretty good. >> it's wild. by the way, we all got tested for everything. >> judge, your phone's been going off, a lot of valentines, admirers. how are you going to choose? >> i've already chosen. i'm having dinner with a friend and two guys. >> wow. >> i saw that video. [laughter] speak of the guys are ted and read and develop.
2:50 pm
>> you really had me interested! [laughter] what about you, harold? what have you planned? >> so all these holidays i never plan, i go late and then i just go overboard. so we've got a good -- you like that, judge? >> guilt is good. [laughter] >> i'm going to write that down. guilt is good. so we will have a fun night. my kids like to be part, we will have a little dinner and to my number one girl, i love you, happy valentines. >> is going out on valentine's day here in the city and then you get gouged at the prefix dinner? is that a rookie move? >> i go to the early bird special. 6:15. >> oh, dana. >> it's good. and then you can get a table. it's not a problem. >> you're still awake when you get home so you can party. >> yeah. >> got your name written all over, gutfeld. >> what are y'all doing?
2:51 pm
>> what are we doing? i'll be getting home late at 8:15 so we will be going to bed early so i can wake up and have my miracle morning. >> that's it? >> miracle morning! [laughter] >> oh, no, i will be making her very happy. we hope. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals.
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aahhh let's get you lovebirds flying! book with priceline and you save more... so you can “ahhhh” more. - ahhh... - ahhhh... - ahhhhh!!!!!!! - ahhhhh!!!!!!! ahhhhh! ahhhhh! aaaaah... i'll see you at the hotel. priceline. every trip is a big deal. >> judge jeanine: time for one more thing. dana. >> dana: love story of a different kind. nic comptell low. this is his canine companion. those who remember spike part of "the daily briefing" show for a long time.
2:56 pm
this match just happened. he waited two years to get this dog. i asked him a couple questions. here, check it out. >> i had to wait for about two years to get him. then went through a two week training course up in long island where it was a prematch going over simple commands. you know, graduated and here i am. >> how many girls have you met. >> obviously i have a little just trying to get them situated. >> dana: you might see him around the building or see him around town. that is steele. a wonderful organization. they do incredible work. so look forward to getting to know them better. >> children's national hospital charity auction officially begins today. near and dear to many of us in the fox family bret baier's son received treatment for
2:57 pm
congenital heart disease. all-star panel event as well as a silent auction to benefit the hospital this week. the hospital is jam packed. you could win a personal message from me. your opportunity to take over dana and jesse's one more thing. it's open to everyone today through february 19th at 9:00 p.m. visit www.all-star panel and click silent auction button to register and bid. okay, jesse. >> jesse: my one more thing is for sale. >> greg: you don't have to say www anymore. >> judge jeanine: i know that but it was here. some people don't know for sure. you know what? you started the show wrong this afternoon. go ahead, jesse. >> jesse: you want too take this outside? congratulations to the my sister aliza watters she has been named assistant dean of undergraduate curriculum at johns hop constituency. we're very, very impressed. tonight on "primetime" we have
2:58 pm
the aforementioned valentine's day couple's quiz. dana will be featured. we will do a deep dive into the russia hoax. also a kid that was locked up in a closet by the teachers union for not wearing a mask in class will be joining me. and there is some cannibalism afoot amongst the cartel. >> greg: afoot or an arm. >> jesse: do you see what i did there? viewer warning on that one. >> dana: good thing they got a warning. some people didn't get a warning. >> judge jeanine: okay, greg, do you want to add to that? >> greg: yes, let's do this, shall we? animals are great, animals are great. >> greg: cannibalism at 7:00. when you film a baby. >> judge jeanine: a hot tub. >> greg: it's stupid. i like to see animals seeing other animals for the first time this little baby rhino never saw the animals. completely thrown off by tall
2:59 pm
neck creatures and walking around and saw some zebras. i thought there was more video being surprised by a zeb bra. kind of surprised. i don't think animals see race. look at that. >> jesse: i think you should do that more often mix all the animals in one room let it play out. >> why segregate. >> dana: play it at 7:00. >> jesse: viewer warning. >> judge jeanine: all right, harold, hit it. [laughter] >> geraldo: valentine's day. >> harold: children's national hospital. play golf with bret, too. >> jesse: i'm going to play. i don't know what bret is going to do to me. >> harold: my one more thing. anybody that watches the phoenix open, year after year right after the super bowl know they have a 16 hole unlike anything in golf. sam ryder experienced it he aced the 16th hole. i don't think he was ready for what came after. >> dana: wow.
3:00 pm
>> harold: the crowd, 20,000 people they sprayed beer. you would think soccer mask. they threw beer cans, took 1515 minutes won't forget this congrats general jean that's it for us. "special report" is up next. >> hey, judge, thanks for the pitch and i like the www. >> judge jeanine: thank you. i appreciate that bret. they are so mean to me. >> bret: thank you very much. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight we are covering two big stories. court documents allege that control the court infiltrate the trump tower servers to spread false information during the 2016 campaign. we will have a live report on new information tonight in the john durham investigation. first up though, ukraine's president says russia will invade his nation on wednesday. however whether he was being serious or not is the subject of debate. is he a comedian. the pentagon says russia


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