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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  February 14, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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act of kindness. i could not ask for more from anyone. whenever i see you, you brighten my day. i love you to the moon and back and 100 dogs. kind of a thing with us. i hope you had a wonderful valentines valentine's day. remember, greg gutfeld is next. >> greg: there for something funny set up their about me. just start clapping. it's a natural kind of thing that happens among real americans. happy monday, everyone. what a great show we have today. first of all, judge jeanine is here. he here she is pulling into town
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it's the only part -- carpal it comes a lifeguard. she arrived right behind the judge. she was a poor mountaineer. charlie kept her family said. something really big took place this weekend. a must talking about getting my work removed, which incidentally drew more beer of -- viewers tonight. it is not the super bowl but proved once and for all that masks are only for peons. is something the media the first of the cover. it is about their once favorite topic, the russians. except it's not their favorite anymore, judge. without that story line, they buried that like a drifter in the woods. it's no longer about trump, it's about hillary, but not doubt
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force white for the sexiest one of all, sir edmund. take it away, john scott. >> a shocking revelation in the durham probe of the trump russian allegations. hillary clinton paid tech companies at trump tower and later inside the white house to try to create a russian collusion narrative. >> tech expected to have an arrangement by mining the -- and other data for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about donald trump. >> they didn't do this before the election, but even after he became president. it's connected to a criminal case against hillary's lawyer. he's also accused of lying but he told the fbi he wasn't representing any client. this guy makes him look like the good marshall. >> ordered that the hillary does know how a server works except for the one that kept her
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e-mails in a bathroom closet. you will hear much about that today because the legacy media will avoid it like a fat ugly baby. case in point, we went over to take a look at what was on the cnn home page. here's what we found right now. if i could only find something that brings me that much joy. but actually it was worse than that. the big story on cnn, saying that joe rogan press that use of the letter and word is like jennifer 6. i wonder if anybody pulled a hamstring making that stretch. that's their area of news. there's a reason why the press can't cover the story.
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if they cover it, they end up having to cover their own cover-up. that's a lot of work. is the same reason we can get to the bottom of any of their claims because at the bottom is there own complicity. remember this 60 minutes moment? >> the biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign. they spied on my campaign. >> there's no evidence of that. >> of course the reds. leslie, they spied on my campaign. >> can i say something? this is 60 minutes and we can't put on things we can't verify. >> it's bad for biden. >> a rather they cover the big story come up watergate and crop tops on men combined, they go back to the rogan buffet in philip on the same old hysterics they just replaced tom trump with joe. the good news is you can see through this. you want to see hillary investigated, if only it would stop her from running for president every four years until
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24. roughly three out of four chemicals think it's important that she be investigated for her role. so you would think that the media caters to democrats, since so many democrats want to know more, but they can't because it calls into question the last six years of their bogus -- and exposes corruption. it turns out that the collusion story was just a deflection from the hillary russian collusion story. is a terrific strategy. when you are a few accused of being unfaithful, just accuse your partner first. it's harder for them to come after you. that's true of the russian story and the everyone is racist story and the buyers back story. remember what is racist to agree with the travel ban. each reflects something somewhat an awful that the leftist doing. in the brush in case they put wildfires years great conflict of anger. think of the emotional cost not to mention the trump supporters
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being targeted just because they're guy won. of course there needs to be a trial, but no doubt that they will be ignored by the same nincompoops, yes, i use that word, who drilled every time robert buehler wins. who can forget this guy likes you think you will say it is worse than watergate? >> what we are watching in the trump presidency is worse than watergate. either echoes of watergate in this? there are. we are also witnessing something we did not see in watergate, which is a meltdown by a president who is demonstratively unhinged and what we are seeing is worse than watergate. >> what i journalist one hit wonder. he had a chart topper in the '70 s. he it was called watergate and all he does is play at weddings and funerals. they actually had better material. this story barry barely merits aside because people got muddy and landed cushion just because
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of watergate. that was his bread-and-butter for years. if you don't believe become a look at stelter's waistline. so when how we did that this is worse than spying. some might say it's a conspiracy to destroy a presidency, an actual threat to democracy. but those some don't work the networks that cost this -- are they might say that is worse than january 6. because of justify yet. >> let's welcome to night's gas. >> she uses a gavel to bring justice to people and to make a chicken tender before cooking it cohost of the five, and janine rip euro. >> right before she puts that out of fox -- dagen mcdowell. and she's activated more men that i can't gaga concert. contributing editor of the spectator, chadwick moore.
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>> and for valentine's day she crushed up her candy hearts and start them up cupid's but. kat timpf. >> great to see you. you look fantastic. can i say that? >> yes. i like your tight too. >> i didn't type very well. >> the work for valentine's day. i work for you, judge. i work for you. >> thank you. i've got millions of all ages. let's get to this topic. you are already annoying me. what happens next? if you don't have the media that pushes the story to get covered, then they don't have to cover it >> what happens next, apparently some of the people involved and all of the people involved in the creation of that narrative where hillary clinton campaign hired people to make it look like donald trump is working with russia and the russian bank
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and therefore was a putin asked that, and a putin puppet come all the people know they are are responsible and they are no shivering in their boots because they know they've got that causation. the got the connection and there actually looking. this filing that came out is really about attorneys representing the same -- representing similar people. and i think one of those attorneys might be mark elias. i could be wrong about that but you can't represent several people who are going to be accused in this investigation. the bottom line is this, they are getting close to indictment and they will indict. that got an organized criminal enterprise. this is a fraud against the united states government, not on the tried to surveillance a campaign, but actually had some type of surveillance in the white house. this is an outrageous scenario
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and the american people should be curious. you mentioned in your open. we were at each other's throats. and we spent all this money. >> i actually murdered our family of five during a conversation about this. and it was like this thing was some freight, that family would be alive. i blame them. that was so often. i have my own little conspiracy theory. it's not even a conspiracy theory. the media is trying to take down joe rogan because there's nothing more frightening to them than somebody who can't be controlled doesn't get but about being a media marooned cover. somebody with 11 million viewers
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, if broken really starts digging into this russian collusion hoax, i think this is their way of trying to silence rogan and anybody else and white didn't cnn go after box. fox has been waiting for 20 years. but it's the same thing. they don't want to light shine on the media for covering up. this goes beyond just the russia hopes of what was going on leading up to the election, but it also extended into the trump tenure which is essentially a coup. what is liz cheney and adam kensinger, where the having this holier than that of january 6 committee. it is a right. i understand that, but there is plenty of videotape. why not have some hearings about -- >> human beings like new friends , especially if the new friend hated them at first, so there getting a strange new
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respect from the democrats and the makes them feel really good. it is more fun to have a liberal like me. is this worse than watergate? >> well, the court filing. yes. you are always right. the court filing says very clearly that president trump was spied on, even the white house. of my heard richard grinnell say how did you spy on the white house without help from someone inside the government. that i think is the biggest, that one of the most terrifying things. who inside government knew about this and who was in on it and who helped the spying. >> barack obama. >> what did they know during the campaign was spying on them.
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who knows. >> this is very interesting. have you covered from your weekend of super bowl mania? >> it was so bad. i was going to ask them to change the channel at the bar. that's true. everyone said, no, we like this. any relationships are parts he just like that was damaged by this incredible hoax? >> yes. obviously i think everybody has. puts crazy about this not being covered is these are court documents from a federal prosecutor which is a step toward two above anonymous sources say, but they love those they love those. and they jump all over that but not this. i get that they are busy because they have to connect joe rogan did not only january 6, but that
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was the article. there's going to be genocide because that is a jump. i consider myself a creative person. i don't think i could have thought of that. >> it was awful. you've got to be a particularly bad kind of writer. >> so many people are dominant do things but many are likes nikki. just the conversion of that that >> so he was the version of that because she is brilliant, one of the great minds of the 21st century. up next our california's elite class list -- whelp while they party mask less if you have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure...'re a target for... ...chronic kidney disease. you can already have it and not know it.
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none of the elite wear masks in their seats. they will put you right in the squeeze well i do what they please. everyone from eric are set it to a pella named lebron. they're being called up for confining the mask off at the super bowl and even ellen degeneres who took her soft only so she could spit on former employees. that's not true. she she's a delightful person. it's almost like people are realizing that the safety theater was just that, theater. the actors no longer want to play their roles. the city health department up easily out of that all attendees would be required to wear a mask in that stadium. even upgraded and 95 mask. great when you want to soak in your own to rule. but none complied and they
8:20 pm
shouldn't have to wear masks except that makes them all hypocrites when you consider the fact the kids in california still have to mask up in school. the kids will have to still wear masks even up to the california mandates of that on tuesday. if they for attractive their parents could afford private school. mi right? it raises the question with the bases covered, how will the kids learn to judge each other by race? i guess the left did not think of that. so may i called you chadwick? >> yes. >> or chad? >> week is better. did you know that they are redefining the definition of freedom. freda base great and they defined but the infringement has been so if you are not wearing a mask across the street, you are infringing on my rights. i don't have to wear the mask but you not wearing one is an
8:21 pm
infringement. >> yes. i'm taking a white your freedom to feel safe. yes. at has gone from my referrals dictating what freedom means. but the protests, they are tire prints and fascists because they're demanding more rights. how does that work exactly? >> and the picture of lng degeneration, i thought that was justin bieber. >> i think that she is quite an attractive woman but so is justin bieber. >> dagan, can i say that? you know that i don't see gender . i just don't see any gender at all. i will sleep at the manikin. >> you just say luscious eyebrows. >> were talking about that a separate. we almost have to retire at the word hypocrisy because we get nowhere with that. so what can we do? which is at the safety were not
8:22 pm
wearing masks, we are not wearing masks. >> these celebrities have been hankering to not wear masks for a couple years. at the end the day you can always count on them. that i just at the end of the day, i'm sorry. you can always count on them to be needy and desperate attention of the not going to go to the super bowl and sit in a box and wear a mask. what of the audience at home doesn't recognize them. and what is the point? they might as well just be sorry and seven home. >> we saw this coming. we knew that. that's why we ended the pandemic february 1. >> last night on my way home from the bar, i did not wear a mask and that was not because i
8:23 pm
lost it. i'm going to say now it was for the kids. honestly all the time this there's obviously different rules for adults and toddlers. i think that's good. usually that's because we don't think that the toddler could handle things. now we expect them to handle more. whoever made this rule that a two-year-old has wear a mask should have to meet the two -year-old first. >> greg: we covered this on the five. what more can you add to this scintillating topic? >> probably not a lot. the issue is that those people who are in politics and those celebrities may be unmasking so they can be seen in the public for them. they can think that they are better than the rest of us. >> maybe they are, judge. >> i don't think so. i think that they believe that they don't have to follow the rules because they are the upper class and we are the peons when it comes to politicians, we put them in office, how are we. i think the saddest part about
8:24 pm
is the weakest, the children have to wear masks inside and outside a school on the playground. that is really all about the fact that they don't have power. we should give that power to the kids. >> it is like a signal that he plays and somebody else. it is like those kids should be wearing masks. i did my business and i don't have to wear one. but as long as they force other people to follow it, i am birch is signaling by some type of action. it is like saying if you are a actress and for the right cause, you can still be a to everybody. harvey weinstein, that was his entire career. everybody knew what he did but he did nothing but liberal causes, which created a moat to protect them from all the diversions. >> there was a woman on an airplane and she does not have her mask on and she's fighting but then 80-year-old guy and the
8:25 pm
flight attendant says your mask on. she doesn't have a mask on. the flight attendants as you put your mask on. did you hear that, put your mask on. >> and woman with scarlett johansson. right? >> there's a chance that i could be right. up next, she was actually a former cheerleader. >> up next job will we be a's never have enough to put criminals back in cops? ♪ oh, what a relief it is ♪ so fast! also try for cough, mucus & congestion.
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- whether you are a religious person or not,
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inside the apartment a shower. police responded, bleeding profusely from her rope which was split by the cycle that she try to help. doctors were able to save her life. that was salt lake, far from places like la or manhattan. another woman assaults were attacked by a homeless lunatic. authorities found her bloody body of the bathtub having been stabbed to depth good guy who did it once, you guessed it, a career criminal on bail who secretly followed the woman inside. soft on crime policy fellow repeat offenders to roam the streets. so let's recap, the murder a homeless man, career criminal, check, out on the streets multiple open cases, check. the marker murder victim asian, yes. check. and how many more of these you
8:31 pm
see? time -- crime rates keep rising and the victims are women and people of color. it for them the was prescient issue is taking down podcasts podcast hosts. >> we are a fun show, but we can't just pretend -- if we didn't do this stuff, who would do it? you are a woman. >> yes, i am a woman. >> this following people home business has been happening. this is not good. how to forget the get the people who don't watch fox to get a -- >> it's hard because it is fox and everything, you have to say -- this is statistics here. this is something that keeps happening and the repeated thing as oh, done violence. a lot of gun violence the happenings of a stop working and people are stepping each other to depth now.
8:32 pm
i'm all about having compassion for people but not for violent criminals. i don't feel bad for violent criminals, which is apparently what everybody thinks anymore. >> it's almost becoming we are the acceptable to cite but the criminals pick you coined the phrase criminal privilege. the other thing that's interesting, and cap brought it up, we note that crime is very all homeless. they are stabbing people. so it's not just about the object. these are people -- we are allowing why old, insane and range criminals on the street. >> they are killing women because women generally are seen as vulnerable and easy targets and they are seen as prey. the president hers are out there that got their knife and they can overcome them. but for 30 years, you get the fight for the underdog and you fight for the picked them, but what we are doing now, with got
8:33 pm
this criminal privilege for everybody is fighting for the criminal to be out there and now the criminal is not like taking over the streets and the inner cities, they are taking over the suburban areas. they are following someone home and at the crazies on the left are saying in san francisco we talked about this on the five where said by do you help us out and take a homeless person home. are you? take a homeless person into your home. the victimization is going on at it is so great. they're going to take over the cities. we don't have a chance. >> this is like the escape from new york road warrior scenario, dagan. and the sad thing is aside from the victims, all of this amazing progress we made is just loss. i don't know we have the power to bring it back because we don't have the theaters. there is no rudy giuliani anymore that's going to command.
8:34 pm
>> there was some ap article that a friend of finds that me. he will be texting me any longer up to set this to me. it was written by the ap talking about kind of suggesting that it is all in our head that crime is that bad. it essentially said the best it's like it was much worse in the early 90s with more than 2,000 people were murdered in new york. 500 for murdered last year. that's what we have to wait for? were going to sit around for decades waiting until the number look people who were murdered in new york gets that bad? all stop cursing. >> i don't believe you but go ahead. >> i come on this show -- women are defenseless. for not allowed to go get a concealed carry permit and we have no way of defending
8:35 pm
ourselves. i came up with another one them up one of these butane torches that use the kitchen. there's one that you can buy on amazon for about a hundred bucks . works outside and in the win. it's going to walk around going the route i'm going to make some cream brulé. get out of my way. all the asian hate crimes, remember two years ago, trump's ball. because he called up though will -- wuhan flu. all of these asian women in many elderly were being attacked. >> we. a lot of attention to the origins of covid. we thought about all of the homeless can agree on. >> i am becoming a little bit more authoritarian i think that we need to reopen and start institutionalizing -- does not authoritarian.
8:36 pm
that sensibility. >> i have this impression of mayor adams. i think he wants to just hang out with robert camero and go on bill marr. look at what is happening in chinatown and what happened to her. unfortunately people that was going to be a lot better. >> the bar is low, but he is not shown, he's introducing the anti- gun units again. we need to see some serious action from asian groups. they've got to really mobilize because -- >> also businesses. if you stand up and not just threaten, you leave, you get out of dodge. anywhere but new york city. don't come here. don't come here. coming up,, frauds, illicit funds. this is during has got something
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apparently catching perch leads to a's search of it all went down during a council meeting last week, like all things do. to begin with the diatribe against ousted fishing but then a tackle. turn. >> additionally if you look up ice fishing, while on the surface of sounds good, that what happens next year. does somebody come and say i want an ice shanty? if you don't allow ice fishing shanties, then that leads to another problem. prostitution. that you've got the police chief and the police department involved.
8:42 pm
just data points to consider. >> that's quite a leap. i'm not sure who gave him those data points but i best i have frostbite in strange places. that explains ball there are some of brothels. his worry stems from experience of the former tv news producer/ reporter covering law enforcement agencies would've made a press for active prostitution in ice fishing shanties. wait until this guy hears about hotels. he'll get a broom next to the ice machine for old times sake. last week officials announced they decided to allow ice fishing on the lake anyway and after days of being mocked, he announced his resignation this morning say he was trying to be body and that his comments were misinterpreted. my intent to inject a bit of dry humor in the midst of cold and story are born was grossly misunderstood. maybe he is right.
8:43 pm
may be ice fishing does lead to prostitution. all really miserable hobbies are just there to keep you from calling a. why do you think they invented books. we would be soliciting all over the place. icefishing was a way to stay out there and stop hitting on the. where are you on this step? >> i will welcome all, icefishing and otherwise. if he was right, like so. and also why is he so passionate about this. he says he's joking and do your already made the statement doubling down. i think that he quit not because he was embarrassed but because he is going to go down there and be a one man and that icefishing
8:44 pm
puckered task force. he's going to go find them. >> this is truly a slippery slope. you're going from icefishing to him but he ranch a glacier. i don't know what to say about this guy. i would like to know more about his background. >> i think he kind the that tells you everything that you need. here is the thing, but if he is right. >> and shanties bring in more best as for the place. people are upset about covid and the lockdown but if you have got to be creative. >> if they are at that ice shanty -- >> he does seem to know a little bit too much about it. sometimes they bring those little electrodes.
8:45 pm
you could use his argument with any issue or not brush your teeth and then you are cavorting with. that's how it works. it's like at the grading situation and the next thing you know you are in the backseat with some crazy lady having the time of your life. lamont did needlepoint all those years. she was just avoiding -- i love you, mom. >> he did say he was kidding. was he probably choking? >> no, i think that if you say out loud, he clearly spent a lot of time thinking about it. i was rehearsing that phrase. >> greg: oh, man. i think when he actually said it , he puts going to buy just cross a line.
8:46 pm
did i just a rough? i do that on the five twice a day. not about icefishing. >> he was so called and if he would've said literally anything but that. >> greg: hope he doesn't ruin icefishing. a huge boom of four icefishing everywhere. just the idea of what could happen in that warm shanty. it puts the hook in hooking. >> you've got to take a heater with you. >> greg: up next, the return of a dinner for correspondence mental health. so when i started having unintentional body movements called tardive dyskinesia... i ignored them. but when the twitching and jerking in my face and hands affected my day to day... i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo.
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>> greg: it's the dinnerware no one is a winner. speaking up the white house correspondents dinner, you will pray for food poisoning. they fawn over celebrities and celebrities try to look smart and people wish the whole thing would just die. trump would have killed the thing but trump barry did. now it's back like a and the city reboot. boy, did that smell. he is a tip but this year's host . trump is the president anymore
8:51 pm
so go after who is in power. most of the jokes will be about fox news, joe broken, or -- you might get some march route and agreed at a sprinkle of tucker, which is my favorite cologne, by the way. but nothing there that will pass off all the hacks in texas. the associate expect that biden will be there. i wonder what he has to say. >> look, look, i'm looking forward to this dinner. i'm getting my tuxedo ready right now. i'm going to get jill to do that , she's a doctor. i can take a little gentle ribbing. that got thick skin. and i'm sure that there's a lot to make fun of with old joe, like with ice cream. look, and things like that. is going to be a lot of fun. i think most of these guys are going to be nice. if not, we will just call it misinformation and we will call
8:52 pm
homeland security and call you a domestic terrorist. >> greg: dagan, i think i've been ted two of these things and their awful. if you gone? >> no, i don't get invited ever. i'd like to do the noises at the dinner table. but if i did get an invite, i would rsvp because i will be attending a joy behar bikini waxing instead. >> my debt help we set don't trust anybody that can't laugh at themselves or whose fly is always down, so that would apply to everybody at the white house correspondents dinner. in one way or another. >> greg: obviously they all match his assumptions about the world. i'm not that surprised by a pope why would you say just to doing it? there is no went on this one. >> i might actually watch.
8:53 pm
i never watch and where chopra just to see if they would take some shot of what is going on. i doubt it. i just think about remember norm macdonald, conservative, roasting bill clinton. don rickles and roasting ronald reagan. and it was always good fun and everybody could laugh at each other for one night. those days are gone. everything is too nasty in the media, they let their heart show too much and you can't have that kind of night were everyone just -- you -- i remember there was the story that there was a pack of trump where they run and win -- i don't think it might've been cold air. >> no, it was fast. >> seth myers. who should help find the correspondents dinner? >> i think that greg gutfeld. >> greg: i would say no.
8:54 pm
>> that you would put three put in for doing the oscars? >> talk about safe. >> here's the thing, they are talking to each other. it is like it is an echo. no one disagrees with them. nobody currently watching. so traversed during the right thing for himself. nobody cares. is that what it used to be. rookie end they would never have another one. >> never had another one anyway. why aren't they bring it back? i don't understand. there's probably some worthwhile charity. would you do it? >> yes, but only because i always say just when somebody asks me that question the matter what it is. >> greg: it's always been a problem for you. >> it's going to be boring because this whole thing is i have an accent and you are
8:55 pm
racist over and over. just condense it to that. -- that would be great. it was awful. i think i went twice for the private it was awful but the best thing was when some members of the five wanted to get a picture take it up we were going to get a whole group picture taken. so one of our panelists took a picture of bus and there was another newscast from another network behind us who thought we were trying to get her in the picture. so she walked over to us and she said, you know, you guys could just ask. >> what did you say? >> we started laughing at her. >> what was her name? >> i wish i could remember her name. aaron? >> sports lady. >> the blonde. >> aaron andrews. that was classic. i don't care.
8:56 pm
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we are out of time. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. export to fox news that night. i'm shannon bream in washington. significant developments in the investigation into the origins up that trump russian probe. so why does most of the media seem to be ignoring it? our panel is standing by didn't break down. russia could invade on wednesday but is he serious is subject to


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