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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 16, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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it will take time to do this right. we have lawful members of people who refuses. every step will be considered a methodical, we ask for your patience and confidence. continue following it, and curvature on the fox news channel, thank you for joining us. the five starts now. ♪ ♪ >> jeanine: dana perino and greg gutfeld, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. ♪ ♪ the tierney against the freedom convoy truckers is getting much work. for a crackdown, and his desperate attempts to get a stop to their peaceful protest. ottawa's police issuing a notice
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telling demonstrators to leave the canadian capital now or be arrested. but the truckers aren't backing down. telling them to go pound sand. and justin trudeau, other leaders are saying enough is enough. >> this is again about democracy of freedoms and liberties. i hate is a government telling anyone what to do. we just at the keep moving forward and get out of this and protect the jobs, everyone is done with this. we are done with it. let's start moving on and cautiously. we have followed the rules, mostly 90% of us for over two years, the world is done with it. luscious move forward. >> jeanine: it is not just the truckers that are being harassed it as their supporters as well. reportedly got their names leaked after the website was hacked. and now a government staffer is
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out of a job after she donated $100 and the owner of a cafe in ottawa closing down her shop after her name appeared on the hack to list. her business started receiving threats after her donation was posted on twitter. all right, i'll start with you greg. it seems like justin trudeau who was trying to be tough, but the truckers are digging in just as strongly. is he motivating them at this point? >> greg: i think it might be too late for him to do it. should've walked back some time ago. when he jumped the gun and should've tried to talk to them. instead he is trying to grow his hair out like at 2020 version version of kate jackson. [laughs] he could have gone outside and hid like captain girly pants. i want to talk about the doxxing
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and what they are doing to supporters. we live in a time where the media is help docs people who are donating to a nonviolent protest, by the way they're saying this is in a peaceful protest but there isn't one single example of it. we saw months, and months of violence and arson and we will told her that was mostly peaceful, the same people saying that are calling this violent without any evidence. so we have people happily doxxing people who donated to a nonviolent protest but they want do the same for black lives matter chapter who used a hundred thousand dollars of donations to free a would-be assassin who tried to kill a jewish democrat mayor candidate. those donors are actually trying to free a would-be masked killer. we hear let's go after these truckers because they believe in freedom, that is the other ironing. what a hypocrite prime minister
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is. he always used act like he supported human rights and all the stuff. and then he cracks down on a protest movement that is just asking for freedom, he has such a joke it's time for him to resign. go back and become a worker at a restaurant, you'd probably get great tips. >> jeanine: he has to make sure that his eyebrows stay on. jesse i will go to you, we are not limiting freedom of speech. this is justin trudeau, were not limiting freedom of assembly, who posted that they support the freedom convoy. it is not exactly what he's doing, limiting speech and assembly? >> jesse: if you're saying and not doing it then you're not, that's how he gets away with it. i think it was rfk who said that democracy is messy. democracy is an easy all the time. it's kind of messy and canada. things get crazy sometimes. there are strikes, there's labor actions, we had a civil rights movement.
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a war movement in this country, and it's up to a strong leader to hear the primal screen of of the population and deal with it with a little finesse. don't think about it like dr. evil would, these are your countrymen. [laughs] [laughs] treat them with a little bit of respect. greg talks about it. you're all for freedom of expression and rights, and then someone complains that a teacher conference and they treat you like a terrorist. they turn the federal government against you, it is the same thing that he is doing here. he is treating these people i terrorist and you can't do this to your own people. if you protest someone policies that doesn't give you right to cancel them, to docs them, to throw them in jail, to freeze up their bank account. democracy is dying, she might be a right in the is killing it. >> jeanine: justin trudeau in
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order to use this national public emergency act. parliament has to agree with it. it would in two weeks, parliament has to vote on it. my understanding it's is not that popular in canada. how is this gonna bring it to an end? >> geraldo: this freedom convoy. what about the rhythm of the homeowners that leave in peace? the freedom of the shopkeepers to do business? what about the freedom of the autoworkers to get parts? i did more than that i condemned it. i condemn anyone who feels so -- so empowered that they can take away your right to establish their rights. that's with or taken away. the taken the right of the shopkeeper to do business. the autoworkers to get parts.
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>> greg: are not parked in front of people's houses. they are parking there in the middle the night. you're actually being welcome. >> geraldo: this conservative media. it is conservative media that is gone from support to incitement. they are violating the rights of others in canada. >> greg: do you say that we are inciting it? >> geraldo: 65-66% of american canadians disagree. open your eyes and look at it. >> greg: no i actually read into research. i don't sit here and yell. but sometimes i do. >> geraldo: you yell every day. >> jeanine: we will speak at a very normal level. even the police chief resigned. the police chief is not happy
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with what justin trudeau was doing there. >> dana: justin trudeau is gonna blame him. he is the prime minister, he's also a dope. he is can be this wonderful young leader of freedom of the world and now he is a complete and total joke because the other thing is if you start talking about freezing people's bank accounts because there protesting and that information is leaked. they tweeted this from a source, "the washington post" is contacting people who donated asking them why did you give? these respond to this email. if you just gave a hundred dollars and you got that email you might think, oh, my gosh, what is gonna happen? [laughs] >> jesse: i do know they were allowed to do that. >> dana: i hope this comes to an end soon because a lot of the promises are saying that we don't need the mandates anymore because either through natural
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immunity or vaccines i know we have treatments were all good. i don't understand why justin trudeau doesn't just say were good here. everyone just work. >> geraldo: do you think the vaccine mandates are really issue now? >> dana: justin trudeau use these workers for a year, two years exceeds me. i made them go to work every day, call them essential, basely didn't provide them of what they needed. and then one stroke of the pen on monday said you're no longer an essential worker. now you're not essential. very rude. >> greg: i have to respond to the sink because geraldo say that blanketed a right wing media is inciting this and also he is implement plummeting us because we are. >> geraldo: how dare you. >> greg: we have always been on the right side. >> geraldo: the right side but not the right side. >> greg: we have disdain for the working class. >> geraldo: oh please, i am the working class.
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that's 50 years of hard work and more charity than you'll ever do in your entire life entire life. >> greg: my point is that you don't like these guys. >> jeanine: they blame it on baby formula now wait to you see what the white house has to say who is behind the crime surge? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: keeps rolling on and keep getting outlandish after they claim the explosion in the smash and grab thievery some desperate moms and dads getting some baby formula, the white house is doing its best to downplay in over 300% surgeon hate crimes over asian americans by blaming donald trump. >> we have seen this rise unfortunately because of hate filled rhetoric and language around the origin of the
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pandemic. a meta-something that asian americans across the country have been feeling. >> jesse: i want to teleport myself to the briefing and say can you point to any evidence that anybody was motivated by the covid-19 lab link theory? to smash some asian woman in the head with a baseball bat? >> jeanine: you actually have to add some circumstantial evidence to point that it is based upon hate. in this case based upon donald trump saying it's a coronavirus from china. >> greg: especially if you see this is a problem which is the political problem it's what they always do. if they make it up. she is a huge problem for saying that. there are women being murdered, i just can't imagine homeless men standing around scrolling on their iphone saying [laughs] did you see what donald trump said about the lab leaks let's go beat up an asian woman. how insulting to the family of that dead woman that you've a political leader who represents the party who goes up there.
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if there were asian lives matter right now, you would be out in front of the white house, unfortunately you're not out there yet. these guys need to mobilize because no one is helping the asians right now. especially new york city. they are putting more homeless shelters in chinatown. no one cares. they aren't politically viable to the democrats. democrats don't care. >> jesse: you have heard a lot of outraged about that and you were just mentioning these homeless shelters that are going into chinatown, listen, if you see someone who is deranged maniac and you see a woman who was walking around by herself you're probably going to take a shot if you're that crazy. >> dana: also stick around for the next block because we are going to talk about the increasing voting power of asian americans which is starting to happen in certain places we will see that in california for the school board, and this case there is a concerned citizen. they said, i asked what is the one thing that you love to do
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that would help your committee? don't put an additional homeless shelters and our neighborhood. only one of those would be for families, the rest of her single males. we didn't even mention the other crime, there was a woman shoved in front of the subway, the woman who was hit by the baseball bat, what about the woman who was attracted to our apartment and stabbed multiple times on the guys found him hiding under her bed. that guy's deafly not doing this because of donald trump. >> jesse: one at they ever attacked the criminal? >> greg: the criminals are victims. >> jeanine: it is to protect the criminal, the criminal is the victim. here is a connection between all of those excuses. we want city safe, and democrats are trying to come up with any excuse they could come out of the air whether it's mayor eric adams, aoc, or just hockey. yesterday you just talked about aoc saying that the editors are gone so everyone is stealing and committing crimes. i called my accountant.
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i'm not involved. the bottom line is of the child tax credit isn't gone, it's been an increase to 3,000 from 2,000, to 3600 for children under five. it's called the advanced child tax credit. he said that i'll give you the exact section. okay, so that's a lie number one. number two, when eric adams says that this press conference room is nothing personal. no you are smarter than that, talk about the decline. you proved to me just as you did jesse that there is a nexus between donald trump and his people like are they yelling? i hate you because of the coronavirus or that's because i got covid? because that's my mother-in-law? >> geraldo: this is a lot deeper, it's a lot more disturbing, this points to something very stick and society, this is racism. it's racism directed at asians,
2:20 pm
most of the perpetrators have not all in recent cases are black men. there is something awful going on here that we can't get our arms around, we can't face it. i think i'm the only comic creator on tv that actually identifies who the perpetrators are racially speaking because this dancing around the issue, this is a sweetness. this is a cancer. eric adams has to do with it and i like him, i support him. i think he is doing as good of a job as he possibly can in the last month that he has been in office, only one month that he has been in office. this is a very tough city, this particular problem -- i have a dear friend of our family who goes around with great big glasses so you can't see that she is asian, puts her hood on and her elderly mother, it is pathetic, it is sick that this is happening but we have the confronted for what it is. this is racism. >> jeanine: one with the mayor
2:21 pm
confront? >> geraldo: this is so incendiary. can you imagine eric adams saying this? >> jeanine: i imagine him fighting for victims is what i imagine. it >> geraldo: i think he has to understand that this problem, this is a deep, deep, deep problem that has to be confronted. they need al sharpton on this, they need every single one of the civil rights leaders. >> greg: people are so far gone that this is not about tweeting out asian hate. it's about locking them up and putting them away. i nothing at this point, these people up and locked up, let go, locked up, let go. a dozen times. >> geraldo: i just wondered if anyone has ever been asked during a lucid moments. >> greg: he mentions the china
2:22 pm
virus. >> jesse: it's on the police report. i think that the five to take a field trip to the briefing room we will all ask. starting with greg. coming up, parents revolt were bold and liberal sam at cisco by throwing out far left school board members. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ riders! let your queries be known. yeah, hi. instead of letting passengers wrap their arms around us, could we put little handles on our jackets? -denied. -can you imagine? i want a new nickname. can you guys start calling me snake? no, bryan. -denied. -how about we all get quotes to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? approved. cool! hey, if bryan's not gonna be snake,
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the country, free far left members of the school board there getting recalled in a landslide, heavily criticized for putting their agenda ahead of students needs during a pandemic. for example, when schools were closed and the people were really suffering, the board was more focused on progressive priorities like renaming 44 schools because of suppose it ties to historic racism. one of those schools for example named after abraham lincoln for god sake. the guy who ended slavery from fracturing during the civil war, even liberal san francisco mayor london praising the recall. >> we were in the midst of a global pandemic, kids were struggling. and we weren't spending the type of time and resources on helping address the challenges that our children were facing. that is why it was so offensive because we are talking about renaming a school that doesn't even have the children in it.
2:28 pm
>> geraldo: there renaming the schools judge and set of really dealing with some of the problems that you saw. san francisco is a very troubled city in many ways. [laughs] they are the host of the city, first of all this was unexpected this route. for what reason do you believe san francisco liberal as it is decided to throw these three out? >> jeanine: parents believe that their children have a fundamental right to an education, it gives them the ability to survive later in life. these people were not interested in putting kids in school, they were only interested in renaming schools. why is abraham lincoln whose legacy is basically defined by the emancipation of the. why is that a bad name? why should i be removed from the school? is about everything in life today, if you're not on top of what's going on whether it's law enforcement, or schools, they are going to change things when you don't see it. with the be on everything.
2:29 pm
this woke nonsense i'm glad that they are gone, the liberals, 70% of them voted for the three of them they get out, thank god for mayor london breed because she gets to replace them and she at least is on the side of the parents. >> geraldo: i love that name. that's not good enough. [laughs] [laughs] >> jesse: i don't know geraldo this is not what it's about. >> geraldo: had these woke up board members were against standardized tests because they thought that standardized tests are racist, that is why only asian americans get into the elite schools. >> jesse: that was one of the many reasons why they got the boot, and good for the parents to give them the boot. they are ridiculous people and everybody knows that and if the left camp when a culture war and san francisco, go look at the midterms in the swing districts. this is the feel-good story of the day geraldo.
2:30 pm
[laughs] because we all know, the left finally hit the limit. i thought it was can be. with the children's float or the monument, it was renaming a racist abraham lincoln elementary school when you quit and let children learn inside the abraham lincoln school. this is a good day for america and i think everyone is really proud of what would happen. if the treat these politicians like children. yep to say no, this might be the first time san francisco ever says no to anything. [laughs] >> geraldo: do you think that they are losing the culture war with the fund and the police? >> dana: they put out a memo saying holy we are about to lose everything because what they set about what we are doing, because even the democrats are calling themselves judgmental and preachy. we know that they are going to lose it.
2:31 pm
of course a senior advisor for obama, he said that parents should absolutely be involved in the schools that they attend. politicians should not, be aware. the covert moms are on the march, they are going to be very powerful voting block. the asian american families were so upset about the fact that it's not just standardized testing, they basically said is -- we are no longer going to have advancement by merit, were all just go to a lottery. so all of these kids will work so hard they have to go into a lottery system? i think that's even more than the schools being renamed, i think that's one of the reasons why they fought back, my last point on that is at the and is in virginia as well. when they were running for governor, he would have an applause line, there will be advance math offered in every high school in virginia. the parents got up and cheered. that is how important this issue is. they want their children to be challenged, they don't want the other nonsense that they're getting at school.
2:32 pm
>> geraldo: what about the nonsense? do think that this limited victory in san francisco, or even the election, he has much a politician at some of these lefties. do you think that ed it is possible the seeds have been zoned for a culture shift? >> greg: keep going with your question i got all day. [laughs] >> geraldo: 75% asian, is that right? or should be reflecting the ethnic makeup of the city? >> greg: are you done? i'll take the first one first, let's go back to what you said in the b block which i thought was important about racism against asians. that teacher in the middle, it wasn't just about standardized tests it's about what she said about asians. humor which he compared them to whites or premises? they adapt using the same principles of whites or premises, now she has said it suing.
2:33 pm
she felt that these hard leftists that they were immune, that they could say anything that they want that the woke sensibility has everyone on the run because we disagree with them there can find a way to call you racist and they are calling asians racist. all agents are doing or just achieve right? do well on tests, they felt that they had the intimidation factor, and out to your point the tide is changing. at the tide is turning, the parents, the party that becomes the party of the parents wins. does the only people who will fight to the death with the woke because when you put the kids -- i can handle the woke i don't have any kids, but when you get parents with kids dealing with the woke, they will shred them. >> geraldo: what about the other question would you do about high schools are based on merit? >> jesse: i would try to get at that school. >> jeanine: it's like saying what's wrong with merit?
2:34 pm
the same thing with capitalism versus socialism. >> jesse: make room for the legacy submissions geraldo. [laughs] >> geraldo: alec baldwin's lap with a major lawsuit. over the movie said shooting that could cost them millions. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth.
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2:39 pm
having -- having him firing the deadly shot, as you may remember that the actor denied any responsibility. >> do you feel guilt? >> no, no. i feel that there is -- someone is responsible for what happened and i can't see who that is, but i know it's not me. >> dana: posted that everything is going to be all right. i'm not sure if you got my book. [laughs] judge, i have two questions for the lawyers over here. one about the lawsuit themselves and also about this video but they have put forward and if that hurts their case in the long run? >> jeanine: they don't need a video in this case. who is not just the actor hold in the weapon where the bullet killed her. he is also the executive producer, and as an executive producer he is responsible for a lot of the
2:40 pm
safety that is going on on the set, what we know so far is that alec baldwin refused any kind of training to work with the gun that he was handling. the daughter of someone very famous and not at all qualified to be one of the armors. just handed him the gun without checking the gun, and alec baldwin didn't check the gun, they were under tremendous time restraints, they were rushing, and they were cutting corners left and right. there had also been to live accidental round set up and shot ahead of time and i'm not even getting started. right now for alec baldwin to get up there at there at a know it, it took a lot of time to make that statement where he says that i am not responsible for this. how dare you you arrogant, condescending shooter. it is what you held back on with the bullet came that killed her. >> geraldo: i will go further and say that if you are texting
2:41 pm
while driving and you kill somebody, that can be involuntary manslaughter a criminal case. i believe as the judge indicated, everyone that touched a gun should be sued, could be sued. moreover, the new mexico authorities still have not yet made clear whether or not they will indict alec baldwin or any of the other participants. involuntary manslaughter. if you are doing summing negligent and someone dies, you didn't intend for them to die, but it is your negligence like texting while driving. you did, they are dead. it is not voluntary manslaughter because he didn't intend him kill them, but involuntary manslaughter i think under the facts in this case. >> jeanine: the case is also not clear, they are still looking at it. >> dana: jesse from your perspective what you think? >> jesse: wrongful death lawsuits settle from
2:42 pm
10000000-15000000. o.j. got hit with 33.5 million he killed two people. we all know what happened there. he probably won't get hit with that type of damage, but he's worth what? 20, 40 million, 50 million? it tops? damages, that explains why he rushed so fast back to get back to work. because he had been through divorce, he has a lot of kids, he might not be that liquid. he might really, really get hurt, i shouldn't say hurt, financially hurt by being on the hook for that type of settlement. >> dana: remember when he was so devastated and even remember that picture of one he met the husband and the son and was all his compassion and he does the interview, what happened there? >> greg: once money enters the picture and every thing changes. there is to be a big settlement, you took a man's wife and a
2:43 pm
son's mother in the prime of her life right? this is such an improbable absurd accident it should never of happened which makes even him more culpable the notion of happened. why is live ammo there? i don't have much to say on this, it could've been solved just by having someone who was an expert there, the nra would have the very best people there. but when you demonize a group of people, you won't use that group of people so you use as you said an incredibly unqualified person when you could have just gotten the best. every nra -- call i had, coming to mike i think that is the lessons that motion pictures should learn in the next three years. >> dana: coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: time for the fastest,
2:48 pm
huber is letting people see a breakdown of their ratings and how many one, and five-star reviews that they see. with this data we can see who the worst passenger on the five is. geraldo does not use huber because he is a man of the people he prefers to walk. [laughs] judge has 205 star ratings. what is average on that? 4.8? nicely done. and i've tipped them all. i apparently only have 255 stars, 15. dana has 285 stars. >> dana: on the use huber all that much, i don't really understand exactly how to find the car so i always take a taxi. i'm really upset, i have two four-star ratings and i don't know why. what i do? >> greg: that's gonna keep you up at night, my god.
2:49 pm
jesse you have 445, 440, five stars. >> dana: i'm surprised it's only 12. >> jesse: it's because i don't wear a mask and i don't tip. i'm still getting a ton of five stars. >> greg: maybe you're just chipping and you don't remember it. >> jeanine: you have to add it. you have to tip it. >> greg: you're making the big bucks now come on. i've only done over 27 times. i got 25, one and two star review. i would make sense. [laughs] >> jesse: greg, you look like the over driver.
2:50 pm
>> greg: who is the worst? >> jesse: i have 4455 star ratings. if you have that many rides you can have a lot more low ones. >> dana: 4.93. >> greg: should we move on? let's just have a chat between us. i'm talking to the audience it has spun out. did anyone check his ticket a snake slithering on the overhead lights. i wouldn't tell anyone this. a pilot found out that the flight was rerouted, i would be so passed off at the person who reported this. >> jeanine: do we see it?
2:51 pm
>> greg: if you point that out immediately there and it's on the plane around. >> geraldo: you know snakes on a plane was based on a real incident in mexico city? [laughs] i'm so glad that you brought that up. along with semi l jackson, the star and i said that it's great acting is really terrific. >> greg: day go that was marvelous. >> jeanine: they had to land to get the snake off? >> greg: yes. >> dana: passengers to be panicking. >> jeanine: just chop his head off and keep going. >> greg: you seem perturbed, or disturbed. >> jesse: i would leave it up in the overhead and if someone happened and try get something in the overhead i would turn my camera on and just watch it happen. >> greg: day go. more like pigs in a blanket. one more thing is coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> judge jeanine: time now for one more thing. i will start myself. listen, good friends are hard to come by this. little hen met the jackpot when he met francisco the pig. 4-year-old vietnamese pot belly pig. got too big and went to the sanctuary. met the hen at the sanctuary now they are inseparable. they are cute but more to tell you this. is a picture of me and my pig. this is wilbur. i had two pigs, wilbur and homer. that's me feeding him after work. i put on my boots and go into the pig house and i feed them. okay. right now it is dana's turn. >> dana: i have a feeling we are going to learn more about those
2:57 pm
pigs. >> is that a rooster or a hen? >> dana: deign's corny jokes how do you organize space party. how do you organize a space party. >> judge jeanine: organize, organ. >> dana: you planet. what kind of shoes do spies wear. >> dana: sneakers. what's a lawyer's drink? >> jesse: blood. [laughter] >> geraldo: something green, lemonade. >> dana: pena colada. february march. >> jesse: april. >> dana: no but april can. >> geraldo: good. >> greg: sometimes i have to rest after that one.
2:58 pm
let's do this. humans are great ♪ humans are great ♪ humans are great >> greg: this is a water head moment. i wish i had watershed. >> geraldo: what a watershed? >> greg: anyway, i saw that great tape. do you know who the great person here in this? it's not the sloth, it's the guy saving the sloth. a sloth climbing up electrical pole and was about to die but victor hugo lopez, vic to his friends got out there. he was working nearby. this is actually in columbia and rescued the sloth from certain death. >> judge jeanine: what do sloths do. when he rescued him what did he do? >> partying. >> dana: keep him and live happenly ever after. >> judge jeanine: like the pig and the hen. jesse, hit it. >> jesse: national do a favor
2:59 pm
day. i got him some of his favorite ribs. [sighs] >> dana: wow. that's so nice. jess. >> geraldo: burping all day. >> judge jeanine: eats it all right away. >> judge jeanine: i still do with candy. >> jesse: bongino, senator hawley, kayleigh mcenany, and most ridiculous report i have ever seen. tune in for that. >> geraldo: time for geraldo with geraldo news with geraldo. i didn't see you since this weekend. it was blast. it was super bowl, the neighbors came. my darling wife. the neighbors came. mark and sarah and stacey and brian e played the line for youngstown state, big, big team. and valentine's day. that's noah on the right and i love you. >> dana: wow, geraldo.
3:00 pm
>> judge jeanine: that's it. >> jesse: you were rushing me and that was it. >> geraldo: green showed up for valentine's day. >> judge jeanine: i think we are running out of time and i think that's it for us. no we have 10 more seconds. what do you want us to tell us about those ribs? >> greg: this is from king gawk downtown. >> judge jeanine: wonderful. "special report" is up next. hey, bret. >> bret: that looks good. thanks, judge. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic. the nation's top federal health official says the u.s. is moving closer to the point that covid-19 is no longer a, quote: constant crisis. centers for disease control and prevention director dr. rochelle walensky saying at a white house briefing the government is contemplating a change to its mask guidance in coming weeks. this comes as more cities and states relax pandemic restrictions. and the biden administration pushes for another $30 billion in coronavirus related spending.


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