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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  February 17, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> ainsley: we like a woman that drives a pickup truck. >> steve: thank you very much. it's crazy in this story, apparently a 2019 chevy equinox -- they sold it. the initial sticker price is $26,000. now the price is 3,000 more as a used car. crazy. good luck. >> thanks, guys, good morning. standout >> bill: we say good morning. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. off we go. hello to you. >> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." the prime minister hasn't figured out a way to de-escalate. >> bill: a little bit at the border but the centerpiece right now in ottawa. >> dana: police are telling the truckers to clear out of downtown ottawa and face arrest in response to vaccine mandates. it clogged up the city for
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nearly three weeks and it prompted prime minister justin trudeau to invoke the emergencies act. >> bill: he is taking heat blasting the protesters as racist and extremist and yesterday he accused a jewish mp of -- >> got out and talk to people rather than calling them racist and miss oj nice. he can drop the mandates and restrictions today. i think we'll have a much more cohesive country. >> dana: matt finn is standing by in ottawa for us this morning. hi, matt. >> the music, honking and protestors is still alive in downtown ottawa. our crews have noticed an increase police presence and want to show you there is now a fence going up around parliament hill where the truckers are protesting. they are bracing for a crackdown and a growing suspense on the ground of what
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that will look like. canadian police handed out letters and flyers telling protestors to go home. they set up a toilet to put the flyers in. within the hour 10:00 a.m. local canadian prime minister justin trudeau is scheduled to debate emergency measures in parliament. it gives him the power to prohibit the truckers from blocking the streets but the truckers aren't giving in. trudeau accused a jewish member of standing with a message of hate. >> conservative party members can stand with people who wave swastikas, stand with people who wave confederate flags. we will choose to stand with canadians who deserve to be able to get to their jobs and get their lives back. >> after that moment the canadian speaker of the house admonished both parties and reminded them to be civil.
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we want to show you another live look. people with tambourines and posters and gathering and the owner of a cafe said she was forced to close her business and threatened for giving a $250 donation to this freedom convey. elan omar tweeting it was unconscionable for the media to report on that donation. lots of small business owners here who say they have been forced to close because they can't operate properly or safely. send it back to you guys. >> dana: it seems like it is escalating. >> bill: i would say the rubber is about to meet the road. a lot to go through including those giving money to support the truckers. a lot of money came from canada. a lot from the united states. gofundme page was shut down and so all the supporters went to another page called give send go. that has gotten a lot of attention. the "washington post" wrote up
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a piece if you give money through this site you must register your zip code. all the zip codes were leaked the night of the super bowl and the "washington post" wrote up the story. >> dana: many of the reporters reached out. ilhan omar is familiar to our viewers, a congresswoman from minnesota very progressive but she said i fail to understand why the media gave out the names. >> reference to the shop owner. joe concha on the "washington post" idea. watch. >> the state of journalism. trust in media being at an all-time low. we're well past bias. journalists becoming activists and steering a side and trying to get a result. >> bill: a lot of cross border traffic is working again and ottawa is the focus of this.
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seeing the fences right there the first time we've seen them. so the government is getting ready to do something. >> dana: we'll watch it today. matt finn on the ground for us and other reporters as well to keep you informed all day. >> bill: the battle of mandates unfolding at home. the cdc resisting calls to change its mask guidance. even as more and more states have lifted restrictions. a dozen. griff jenkins at the white house with more. hello. >> good morning, bill. classrooms all across the commonwealth of virginia looking different this morning after governor youngkin signed that new law which by the way had bipartisan support giving parents the power to allow their kids to opt out of mask mandates. >> it is a bright, sunny day in virginia and we're seeing a big win for parents and students all over the commonwealth. and yes, the science and medical opinion from so many folks has changed. but also the politics have
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changed. >> he is right about a political shift. half a dozen blue state governors lifting mask mandates. massachusetts, rhode island, new jersey, delaware, connecticut and oregon ending requirements in the next few weeks. politics remain the same at the white house as cdc director is taking heat to update her guidance ahead of the president's march 1 state of the union speech. >> we'll soon put guidance in plate that is relevant and encourages prevention measures when they're most needed to protect public health and hospitals. we want to give people a break from things like mask wearing when the metrics are better. >> when the nation's top doctor was asked directly should kids be wearing masks right now in schools here is how he responded. >> the answer to that is yes and the cdc does recommend that there is masking in school given the current dynamics of the outbreak right now.
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>> we can hear marine one's chopper spinning the wroteers now as is president is about to take off for lorraine, ohio talking about build back better. when he gets there he will learn that lorraine city schools on monday decided to lift mask mandates. >> dana: it appears to me that the state of the union will make significant announcements. february 17th today. a long way to go between the 17th and first. all this month the democratic mayors and governors are ahead of them. no problem announcing it today and talking about it at the state of the union. i wouldn't wait if i was them. >> bill: you have been looking at san francisco. three school board members were recalled. this is what nancy pelosi
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represents and where she lives. the san francisco chronicle their editorial board is saying it was not a rejection of progressive politics. we don't live there. this is the case they are making saying san francisco school district faces a $125 million budget deficit thanks to mismanagement by the board. schools were closed for a year. what are you spending money on? buses aren't running. no school lunches for a year. how much money did washington give school districts during covid? maybe that's one problem. we pointed out yesterday the asian-americans who live in san francisco were ticked off because they are changing all the rules. they wanted this high-end school that was giving entrance on merit and they moved it to a lottery system. >> dana: and one of the school board members was revealed she had said something about the asian-americans acting like white supremacists and they had
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enough and they've worked very hard and merit based means a lot to them. they fought back and it has been a wake-up call for democrats across the country. >> bill: only three of the seven were able to be recalled. i think there is a good chance they could have gone 7 for 7. >> dana: covid moms are furious. that is happening here. fast moving developments this morning on russia. state secretary antony blinken is heading to new york to address the united nations security council. we expect to hear from him at the top of the hour. russia has added another 7,000 troops along border despite putin's claim of a pullback. accusing russian-backed forces of firing shells into a village hitting a kindergarten and reportedly injuring two teachers. it could have been much worse. trey yengst is live in kiev
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with the latest. good morning, trey. >> good morning. concerning escalation overnight in eastern ukraine as 29 cease-fire violations were reported. a joint forces officer tells fox news his troops are now responding and that the exchange of fire continues at this hour. we do have some video from that kindergarten in ukraine this morning that was hit by a russian-backed group in this part of the country. the event was confirmed by ukraine's foreign minister who said heavy weapons were used on this village. analysts fear the escalation could act as a pretext for russia to launch a larger invasion to ukraine. satellite images show additional russian troops arriving. detail a platoon brej constructed miles from ukraine. at least 7,000 new russian troops have arrived in recent days. kremlin spokesman said without evidence that ukraine's army
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has taken provocative actions. there is an ongoing information war now. any of these statements we get from russia are being used to create confusion and chaos amid the growing crisis and potential invasion. >> dana: trey, thank you. talk to you later today as well. >> bill: hillary clinton breaking her silence on john durham's court filing. her reaction on the blockbuster revelation coming up. >> dana: a disturbing attack caught on camera. police searching for a homeless man who allegedly assaulted two women. there is also this. >> channel the frustration into something that will lead -- inautomobile. >> bill: they are saying enough is enough. san francisco forcing out three school board members in a recall election. is it is a warning before democrats in the mid-terms? we'll break down the politics of it all with karl rove coming up live.
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>> bill: hillary clinton breaking her silence in revelations in john durham's investigation. court filing alleging the clinton campaign paid a tech company to infiltrate computer servers at the trump tower and later at the white house in an effort to link donald trump to russia. mrs. clinton brushing it off so far tweeting trump and fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real one. it's a day that ends if y and on and on it goes from there and we'll see where it goes from here with john durham. he is still working. >> dana: this has gone back and forth between the trump camp and hillary team. trump's accountant said we can no longer confirm all the things in the past for the past decade. hillary clinton is pointing to that and then this has all happened with durham. the clinton team there is
6:18 am
nothing to see there at all. it is going back and forth. a lot of the stuff happening behind the scenes and we don't know what is happening. >> bill: durham has kept a tight lid. white house yesterday jen psaki. >> the durham investigation. durham says there was an outside company with ties to the clinton camp monitoring server data info on the executive office of the president through the obama and possibly into the trump administration. is there still a system picking up on thatened? if not, when it stopped? >> i know you asked my colleague a few questions about this the other day. any questions point you to the department of justice. >> dana: good question asked and a good answer from the press secretary. while it is under investigation it is important to not taint it but it goes for all investigations to be consistent along those lines. >> bill: got that.
6:19 am
we have this, too, right? we talked about this today. >> dana: pushback against progressives in san francisco. it could be setting the stage for a red wave in the mid-term elections later this year. voters in the democratic-led city recalled three school board members by an overwhelming margin. fox news contributor karl rove. this seems to have sent shock waves through the media but amongst the democrats across the country. can a school board recall like this tell us what might happen in the mid-terms? >> it shows us that even in the deepest blue of blue areas, san francisco, voted 85% for joe biden, that parents are upset about mandates and masks and virtual learning rather than in-class learning and wokeness. this is a school board that wanted to retitle schools named after abraham lincoln for example and george washington because those were racists whose names needed to be erased
6:20 am
off public school buildings. even in this progressive, very progressive stronghold, parents rose up and said enough is enough. we need to focus on teaching our children to read, write, add, subtract and not all this craziness. yes, it is a statement. >> bill: the san francisco chronicle editorial board today says this recall is not a rejection of progressive politics. however, you look at the voting makeup of that and you know 85% voted democrat in 2020. this wasn't 51/49. this was 70% throw them out or greater than 70%. one almost reached 80. >> one of the things about woke progressivism is it's completely out of touch with the ordinary feelings of ordinary americans and clearly the san francisco chronicle is suffering from that disease. if they can't look at this and say something has happened in our community where people who vote left, think left, live
6:21 am
left are rejecting the craziness of our school board, something is wrong. look, this is not the only place it is happening. it is happening everywhere. we saw it in the virginia elections. there is no way glenn youngkin would have been elected governor had he not emphasized education and being a sensible, thoughtful person on education who came down on the side of parents when all the wokeness appeared in northern virginia. you take what happened in fairfax and loudon and reaction to that across the state among parents and that's a difference between glenn youngkin coming in second and winning the governor's race, which he did. >> bill: in virginia only three democrats in the state house voted with the republicans. zero in the house. only three in the senate side. there are clear lines on this issue, karl. >> absolutely. the difference between the stances of both parties is pretty clear on these and a whole series of issues that have to do with the education of our children and the
6:22 am
wokeness that is corrupting our education system absolutely. democrats defend this kind of stuff. democratic office holders. ordinary democrats and a lot of ordinary independence say enough is enough. we aren't going for this craziness. >> dana: what about the asian-american voters rejecting the taking away merit-based advancements. one of the things in san francisco what they wanted to do is turn a high school into a lottery system and it was also a big issue here. >> absolutely. a very highly-praised magnet school that admits on merit and significant percentage of the students are asian american and that was the direct reason why the school board was going to change it from being a lottery and they were explicit about it. same thing happened in fairfax county. a very highly-praised magnet school that was going to be changed and an african-american parent led the effort to oppose that saying this school has
6:23 am
succeeded because it is merit-based. for us to begin to allocate seats based on race or to compensate for the smart kids are getting in and we are going to dumb it down a little bit in order to allow different kids to come in, we object to that. and again, this is the difference between the education establishment in these places and ordinary parents who regardless whether they are republicans, democrats or independents say we need to put our kids first and you want to dummy down our schools and less likely that our kids will be able to succeed in life. >> bill: you could say the progressive policies put forward were rejected in san francisco. they weren't rejected in virginia. so i think this debate is still active. and -- >> >> i think youngkin's victory was a rejection of some of this wokeness and why it was very
6:24 am
important for -- >> bill: no democrats went with him even after the victory in november. show you a headline. your piece in the journal democrats better start praying about the mid-term elections. you are on this topic and we'll talk very soon. did you have something else? >> i was going to say there were a large number of democratic state senators who joined with the republicans on mask mandates i believe. >> bill: on the first bill but not in the final bill. >> right. >> dana: we'll see. >> viewers are saying what are bill and karl arguing about here. they joined on the first vote but didn't join with them on the second. >> dana: that's when somebody read the second page of the article. thank you so much. >> bill: new york now. they are pleading for help with a career criminal to get off the streets who stabbed a woman 40 times in her own apartment.
6:25 am
has the city reached a breaking point on a case after this? politician in finland is facing possible jail time for quoting the bible. the unbelievable story unfolding in that country coming up. >> i would never have believed that this happens in finland because we are a democracy with freedom of speech and freedom of religion in our constitution. [zoom call] ...pivot... work bye. vacation hi!
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i'd like to take a moment to address no way! my fellow veterans because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is your eligibility, for a va loan, which lets you buy a home with no down payment. helping veterans buy homes - that's newday usa. >> dana: police in los angeles are looking for a suspected homeless man seen assaulting two women in broad daylight. attacks occurring within minutes of each other. the suspect is seen pushing one victim into a garage before she manages to escape. authorities are urging people to walk in pairs and be on alert. >> we walk with a whistle now. even in the daytime. this was not like this before. i have lived here for 46 years.
6:31 am
>> dana: they attacks took place in the area many empty houses are been taken over by squatters. >> bill: gruesome murder prompting soul searching in the city of new york. a woman was killed early sunday. the man on the right side of your street followed her inside of her apartment building and made it inside your apartment and stabbed her 40 times with her own knife. the suspect had been arrested and released seven times in the past seven years. miranda devine writing the woman's blood is on the hands of democrats. that's strong. here to talk about it leo terrell. is she right? >> she is absolutely right. the soft bail policies applies to everyone including career criminals. they are taking advantage of these soft on crime policies. the democrats refuse to acknowledge that. there are certain people who should not be on the streets.
6:32 am
you just saw this person. he is a career criminal and he is exploiting these soft on crime policies. >> bill: she continues devine. with cops demoralized and resigning in droves democrats are running a million miles away from what they wrought. here is the issue, leo. our new mayor went to state lawmakers on monday of this week asking for them to change the policies. he was given the back of the hand. what does the new mayor do now? he publicly shames those who supported his policy. go. >> bill, not good enough for eric adams. he loves to talk, beautiful suits. he has to call out the progressive democrats in the state house and call them out and go after them and primary them. it is one thing to just talk, bill. but he has to go after them and work with conservatives,
6:33 am
republicans. i just saw your piece with karl rove. crime is an issue that affects everyone. you don't think democratic people want law and order? he doesn't do enough other than just talk. then he doubles down and played the race card. there is a disconnect, bill, between doing something and talking about it. so far eric adams hadone absolutely nothing other than give speeches. i'm not impressed with him, bill. >> dana: we were talking about this murder of the woman. the landlord and what he said to the "new york post." we as a community are beyond fed up and beyond angry and tired of being attacked. we're tired of seeing this hatred and we aren't going to stand for it anymore. leo, asian hate crimes in new york city were up 900% in 2020 and unbelievably high number of 4,333% in 2021. it seems like it is not abating at all. can the mayor do something specifically to try to address
6:34 am
that issue? >> yeah, let me tell you right now. increase in asian hate crime targeting women. why hasn't there been any hate crime charges filed? listen. it's an elephant in the room. disproportionate number of black men attacking asian women. no hate crime. why? why hasn't hate crime charges been filed? is it because of the race of the suspect? i hope not because crime is color blind. but hate crimes are taking place against asian-americans across the country. especially in new york. that is one of the issues, dana, that eric adams has to address and that is going to get him upset with the progressive wing, so be it. he has to be a mayor for everyone. >> bill: nancy pelosi on sunday asked about crime what the position is to the party answered this way. >> that is not the tradition of
6:35 am
the democratic party. community safety, protect and defend in every way is our oath of office. >> bill: the problem is you break the thing, you bought it. they bought it, leo. >> thank you very much, bill. let me be very clear to the fox viewers. she lied. ever since the george floyd 2020 you can't show me democrats who have been supporting police, they've been defunding the police and look the other way when all the crime during the summer riots of 2020. here is a continuation. they are trying to mislead the american public prior to the mid-terms of 202. it is not going to happen. democrats have been non-supportive of police officers. >> bill: it is true. the president came to new york city and said police need our support. we have breaking news. thank you. >> dana: moments ago president biden was leaving to go to lorraine, ohio and spoke about russia on his way out. let's listen here.
6:36 am
>> how high is the threat of a russian invasion now? >> president biden: it's very high. they have not moved any of their troops out. they have moved more troops in, number one. number two, we have reason to believe that they are engaged in a false flag operation to have an excuse to go in. every indication we have is they are prepared to go into ukraine and attack ukraine, number one. number two, i've been waiting for a response from putin from my letter and my response to him. [inaudible] i have not read it yet. i cannot comment on it. [inaudible question] >> harris: my sense is it will happen within the next several days. >> any diplomatic path still available. >> president biden: yes, there
6:37 am
is. that's why i asked secretary blinken to go to the united nations make a statement today and lay out what the path is. i have laid out a path to putin as well on sunday. so there is a path. there is a way through this. >> are you going to call putin? >> president biden: i have no plans to call putin right now. >> dana: that's the president on his way to do an event in ohio. he will talk about the infrastructure bill and build back better. russia and ukraine on his mind. diplomacy is still a path but has asked secretary of state antony blinken to come to new york to speak to the united nations security council. >> bill: today is the day we thought we would get a response to the letter that the e.u., nato and u.s. was sent to putin.
6:38 am
our u.s. ambassador was kicked out of russia. the fact that he said very high risk within the next several days. it sounded the same a week ago i would argue. this has a different pitch to it already. the fact that he talked there on camera outside the white house without a mask is rare. he wanted people to hear him. hear his words and get his message. new polls 3 in 5 americans have a bleak outlook on the economy. gas prices soaring to a 7 year high. maria will join us on that and tell you what to know next. >> they are seeing the loss of spending power because they can't afford the price of gas per gallon. we can do better for the american people. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks!
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>> dana: 59% of americans say the economy is getting worse according to a new poll. 40 year high inflation take a toll on family budgets. let's bring in maria bartiromo on mornings with maria on fox business. gas prices in california now at $4.73. on average a year ago $3.4. the ripple effect of energy costs is being felt throughout the economy. >> that's right. good morning. i think you are hitting on exactly the right point. the fact that gasoline prices are up 40 plus% year-over-year is undermining any increase in wages that consumers have seen and that is why they are looking at an economy that they believe to be weakening. we did get new data out this morning. one of the data points is troubling. that is housing starts. this is new construction.
6:45 am
new construction down 4.1% in the month of january. this is the first decline that we're seeing in housing in four months. this is very sensitive to higher interest rates so you've got the gasoline spike that we're looking at right now. layered on top of that is the expectation of multiple interest rate increases this year by the federal reserve. yesterday we got the so-called minutes from the federal reserve which tells us what was talked about at their last meeting and the minutes suggested the federal reserve is stepping up its pace of interest rate increases. it will continue to tamper the housing market and the housing market overall being as big a part of the overall economy as it is will ultimately weaken the broader economy as well. you have a lot of moving parts here. there are some areas of the economy doing well because people want to get out. they are done with covid. they see the number of covid cases dropping and spending money trying to travel, planning vacations, services, doing better.
6:46 am
we saw a good retail sales number this week up 3.8%. the threat of higher interest rates at a time that the economy seems to be weakening particularly as it relates to housing has people worried. >> dana: retail sales up 3.85%. it could be a lot of people pent up buying power, right? they've been waiting, want to refresh your wardrobe, new pair of shoes and things like that and people want to get out? >> absolutely. we've been locked up for two years. people want to get out and spend on services. the 3.8% move in retail sales was stronger than expect educating people have strong balance sheets personally and are spending on retail. again that threat of higher interest rates coming is certainly a worry because that is going to make everything more expensive. we're already seeing inflation on goods like we just showed. now you will see higher rates on your borrowing limits. >> dana: another poll by pew asking what should be the top
6:47 am
priority for congress and the president? strengthening the economy was 71%. reducing healthcare costs 61%. we're 10 days away from president biden's state of the union address. reports he will try to refame the narrative about the economy and his approach. do you expect any new policy that will address the issue of inflation? >> i don't. we saw the president tweet out build back better. my agenda will be positive. let's do it and get to it. that tells you right now the administration and democrats are continuing to push through more spending even in the face of 40-year high inflation. that would only stoke inflation. so there is a debate on why this administration continues to push through this agenda when all of the spending has resulted in higher prices for the american families. >> dana: one more thing. the president warned everybody that if russia does invade ukraine, that gas prices would
6:48 am
likely go up. energy costs across our continent and europe as well. you just saw the president sending antony blinken to the u.n. security council to address this issue. if there is an invasion and you have gas prices up even more at the state of the union the president will have an additional problem on his hands. give you the last word as i muse aloud this morning on that. >> for sure. a headline right now circulating trading desks. russia said there is no ukraine invasion. nothing planned. so this back and forth between russia and the united states is really a mystery here. certainly oil prices are already elevated on the expectation of further conflict. gasoline is expected to move higher. and that is going to represent a further pressure for american families. goldman sachs predicting oil prices the reach $150 a barrel and gasoline prices will be higher as well. >> dana: the market is down 350
6:49 am
points. you'll watch it all day and we'll watch you on "mornings with maria". thank you. >> bill: let's get back to it. fox news alert. ukraine matter. secretary of state believingen set to speak at the u.n. security council. he changed overseas travel plans to do this. his remarks are forthcoming. moments ago the teenage russian figure skater after reportedly testing positive for three heart medications and one banned substance. she was going for gold a few minutes ago. >> who was advising this young athlete, a 15-year-old to have the wherewithal and resources and knowledge to go out and financial resources to buy these three substances and use them all to enhance a performance? purchase loan,e you can buy a home with no down payment. and they're still holding rates in the 2s. already own a home and need cash?
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>> dana: golf superstar sharing new details about his recovery from a brutal car accident
6:55 am
nearly a year ago telling reporters he may never return to golf full-time. >> my golf activity has been very limited. i can chip and putt really well and hit short irons well but haven't done long stuff seriously. it takes time. what is frustrating is at my timetable i want to be at a certain place and i'm not. >> dana: he suffered severe leg injuries after crashing a car into a tree at 80 miles an hour. he hasn't played in a major tournament since winning the masters in 2020. >> bill: look at the car. how did he get out? we are working on a show on fox nation scaring the tiger woods accident to ben hogan. many similarities. he will play golf again. not there yet. >> dana: maybe not full-time. >> bill: the best news i've heard since the super bowl, by the way. major upset in beijing. spoiler alert. if you don't want to know turn down your tv.
6:56 am
russian figure skater kamila valieva was the favorite to win gold. she stumbled and loss one of her teammates who took gold. reportedly she tested pos fifsh for three heart drugs including one considered a banned substance. still she was on the ice. travis tygart u.s. anti-doping agency ceo. thank you for your time. good morning. what did you make of the decision to allow her to compete although finishing fourth, but the controversy is still out there. >> thanks for having me, bill. on the one hand my heart breaks for her because of the failure of the adults in her life and the ioc, russia run system put a dark cloud over her performances but the entire olympic games unfortunately and you have to have a lot of sympathy for her trying to compete under the pressures and hopely she gets the help she needs.
6:57 am
she shouldn't have been there. we are sick to our stomachs while it may be a slight sigh of relief she didn't place, it still doesn't make up for the fact she never should have been there and the medal ceremony in the team event is undecided and that robs clean athletes from the moment they deserve to have their olympic moment and dreams fully fulfilled. >> bill: can you explain to us the rationale for why she was able to continue peating anyway? >> at the end of the day i think the russian and also the world anti-doping agency failed. you have to remember the russians are here under a ban. it is a farce of a consequence but it is them competing not on behalf of their country but the russian olympic committee because of recent history of state-sponsored doping. they gave the world assurances this ban is sufficient because we'll individually scrutinize every russian athlete that competes for that olympic committee. they didn't in this case and the russian anti-doping agency
6:58 am
failed to process the result. the court of arbitration that decided to allow her to compete had a lot of sympathy for her and the fact the system is what failed her but it came at the expense of clean athletes. >> bill: we talked to a cardiologist from nyu on this drug. you call it tmz. i can't pronounce it. here is the quote. it might allow for an athlete if you take this medication to train at a higher intensity for longer periods and could provide that capacity to train longer and harder potentially which translate into a better performance in competition. her mother argued the skater's grandfather was a regular user of this tmz which would explain how it got into her system. do you follow that logic? >> yeah, listen. i think you've combine the fact the tmz and other drugs she declared, another one aimed and used to enhance endurance and
6:59 am
reduce stamina coupled with another substance that she declared really undermines the story it came from some grandfather's medication and they didn't have any proof, receipts, medical records, prescriptions when asked. of course that very well could change at this point but undermines the credibility of the story and raises further red flags. >> bill: i didn't know that fact. on a bigger scale here what does it say about these international committees, world health organization and what happened with covid? the international olympic committee giving china the summer and winter games twice in 14 years? the russians allowed to compete despite the fact there was evidence they were cheating for years? what does it say? >> it's time for change. we have made calls, the sponsors, the money behind the games and most of it comes from the united states, companies and broadcasters have to step up and say enough is enough. we're not going to allow states like russia we've seen in the past taint the most important
7:00 am
event of these athletes' lives and we have to ensure the athletes come first and really step up and make sure this changes. we can't trust at this point the leaders of either the ioc or world anti-doping agency to get this right. it is time for others around the world that have the power and money to demand the change that is necessary. >> bill: great point. think about american companies that were all up in arms about a georgia voting law, wow. and you've got this. sir, thank you for your time. travis tygart with us today. please come back. >> thank you for having me. >> dana: fox news alert. secretary of state antony blinken is about to address the u.n. security council as the u.s. says there is no sign of a russian pullback in ukraine. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: hello i'm bill hemmer. haven't changed. the attitude i think really has shifted over the last hour. they've been playing cat and mouse game, chess game publicly and privately. it seems like we've taken it to
7:01 am
another level with the events of today. secretary blinken changing travel plans at the last minute to deliver this address. official topic russia's threat to peace and security. >> dana: first let's go to kiev, ukraine. lucas tomlinson is standing by. >> good morning, dana. that's right. secretary of state tony blinken raced to new york to try to stop a russian invasion of this country where 150,000 russian troops have massed on border. this comes after moscow announced earlier it expelled the u.s. deputy ambassador to moscow earlier today drawing outrage from the state department. no question another reason secretary of state tony blinken raced to new york to confront the russians over this incident and blinken had to postpone his trip to munich to do this. russia is one of the members of the security power and veto power. his speech will be symbolic.
7:02 am
58 countries abstained from punishing russia in 2014 after russia annexed crimea because they were afraid of russia. i'm here where u.s. diplomats have abandoned to. i spoke to the top u.s. diplomat here who says she had to order sensitive documents shredded before fleeing the capital. >> if we're not there we do have to -- anything that is sensitive for classified yes we have to destroy it. >> do you think it sent the wrong signal to the world? >> i think what we had to do was keep our american employees safe. >> defense secretary lloyd austin arrived in brussels in nato to discuss the situation in ukraine. an invasion could come at any moment. nato conference in 2008 nato said it would welcome georgia and ukraine into nato. putin invaded four months later. ukraine six years later.
7:03 am
>> despite moscow's claims we have seen no sign of withdrawal or de-escalation so far. on the contrary, russia's build-up appears to continue. >> cities in western ukraine and this university town like boston back home. i spoke to a number of students on the streets. many are nervous making contingency plans. others are just going about their business. >> dana: you are in liev. the secretary of state about to speak and kamala harris will be in munich at the munich conference. a big national conference. a lot of allies will be there and a big topic there. >> bill: the games are winding down in beijing. >> dana: russia has expelled our deputy ambassador after getting the response of a letter. it is all high stakes at the moment. >> bill: a lot of data points
7:04 am
following up. >> dana: the president spoke before he went on his trip today said he believes diplomacy is an option. he doesn't have plans to talk to putin again but said there are several off ramps should putin choose to take one. >> bill: hillary clinton breaking her silence. this on the latest allegations by the special counsel john durham linking her inner circle to the russia collusion scandal. she responded and playing the blame game saying trump and fox are desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from the real one. a day that ends in a y, the more his misdeeds are exposed the more they lie. laura engel live in new york city at an event today. >> good morning, bill. there is a lot of business to handle here today for new york state democrats at their nominating committee but all eyes will be on the podium here at this convention to hear what former new york senator hillary clinton may have to say about the rumors surrounding her
7:05 am
political past and future. all of that taking center stage later this afternoon. now the former presidential candidate, secretary of state and senator is expected to speak to rally her party before the mid-term elections. if there is any truth to the rumors about clinton taking a pass at another presidential run in 2024, many are responding to her tweet wednesday addressing that reporting on the court filing by special counsel john durham alleging that her 2016 presidential campaign paid for computer research to the then candidate donald trump to russia. and durham's filing last friday included allegations that clinton campaign cybersecurity lawyer sussman shared information gathered from trump tower and the white house from his tech executive friend with the f.b.i. and c.i.a. to establish an interference and narrative. in her response and second part of her tweet klin son said this. for those interested in reality here is a good debunking of
7:06 am
their latest nonsense. attaching a link to a "vanity fair" article saying you'll never believe it. hillary clinton did not spy on trump's white house. the former president donald trump had a quick response telling fox news the accusations are quote bigger than watergate and called on the justice department tuesday to declassify and release all documents saying they have the declassification order and should do so especially in light of what just happened and what has just been revealed. now of course we don't know if clinton will be addressing any of this today. we expect her to talk about the mid-terms but we'll be here to see what happens, bill. >> bill: thank you, laura engel here in new york. thank you. >> conservative party members can stand with people who wave swastikas and who wave the confederate flag. we will choose to stand with canada yand who deserve to get to their jobs and get their lives back. >> dana: canada's house of
7:07 am
commons erupted into chaos after justin trudeau makes ex closeive accusations about conservatives supporting the convoy truckers and comes as ottawa police say a crackdown is on the way. let's bring in jonathan turley. you are following this. it has escalated to a point where you might see people forcibly removed from this protest today, jonathan. >> yeah, it is just an unfortunate turn of events. the trudeau government has really thrown fuel on this fire. they have escalated the rhetoric as you just saw. they've tried to demonize all these truckers and in the effort the government has been assisted by the media not just in canada but the united states. it is further marginalizing these truckers but adding to the anger and the lack of dialogue. it is really quite baffling why the trump government wants to
7:08 am
push this to an even greater level of confrontation. >> dana: the trudeau government. >> trudeau, i'm sorry, government. used to be the emergency mowers are draconian. he claimed the right to freeze the accounts of truckers, the government has frozen donations of others to support the truckers. all of this is unnecessary. and it is only making the situation worse in my view. >> bill: here is the police chief. he is pretty hell bent shutting it down. here is what he said. >> the entirety of the downtown core and every occupied space. we'll remove this unlawful protest and return our city to a state of normalcy. >> bill: in the meantime you have this funding page that was -- these people are being docksed publicly. >> it is really something to watch. what is most disturbing is how many on the left and many in
7:09 am
the media have supported these efforts. what this government has done is quite authoritarian. it is banning assembles, limiting accounts, freezing donations. all of that has free speech implications that should concern all of us. you don't have to agree with the truckers to understand that this is a protest. it is a form of civil disobedience and yet they can be arrested for blocking roads. that's happened for generations. the civil rights movement had people arrested because they blocked roads. we've had these types of confrontations in the past. but we have to be careful about the exercise of free speech and how it is addressed by the government. so the government has every right to clear the streets, clear the roads, and they have done that. this announcement from the police chief is so over the top of taking control of the downtown and every inch of it. what's missing here is any
7:10 am
sense of dialogue. there is a clear preference in the government to push this to the farthest extreme. >> dana: it does make you thankful for first amendment in our country. >> it does. but what concerns me is the lack of support for free speech in this country. the truckers are being demonized in the media. anyone who actually expresses concerns over their exercise of free speech is being labeled as a conspiracy person. you saw that with the prime minister's comments. he said anyone who was expressing support for the truckers is supporting nazis. and white supremacists. that's outrageous. this is not a convoy composed of nazis. these are canadian citizens who are very upset about the mandates. we may disagree with them. i support vaccinations but the government's conduct is adding
7:11 am
a very really dangerous element to these protests. >> bill: very good. jonathan, thank you so much for coming in today. >> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: last hour we talked about ilhan omar coming to the defense of the shop owner who was outed and came under a lot of heat. she said th. i fail to see why any journalist felt the need to report on a shop owner making such an insignificant donation rather than to get them harassed. it is unconscionable and journalists need to do better. very interesting. >> dana: calling the citizens who donated is overboard. what happened also the ottawa citizen wrote the story about that particular woman because her shop was vandalized and that's why the story ran. but her shop was vandalized. she donated an insignificant sum of money and she had to
7:12 am
borrow a lot of money to stay open during the pandemic. >> bill: president biden on his way to ohio in the air to test the economic message before the state of the union. approval ratings continue to sink. >> dana: plus could quoting the bible land you in jail? a lawmaker in finland on trial for doing that. a case that christians around the world are watching closely. what is at stake up next. >> we are a democracy with freedom of speech and freedom of religion in our constitution. now it is the time for christians to be open about their faith. tell openly about the message of the bible. and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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>> dana: finland former interior minister now on trial for quoting the bible. she landed in hot water back in 2019 for tweeting bible verses to her lutheran pastor. lauren green, help us understand what's going on. >> the bible is the biggest selling book of all time translated in part or whole into more than 3,000 languages. a finnish member of parliament says her trial is about whether or not it is a crime to believe in what the bible says about gender and marriage. closing arguments this week in helsinki at the trial. she is on trial for hate speech in 2019 when she tweeted her minister questioning her pastor and quoting verses from the bible. it ignited a national debate where all her writings and interviews were scrutinized and questioned by police for 13
7:19 am
hours. >> my warning is that if this can happen in finland, which has so long and strong roads in freedom of speech and freedom of religion, it can happen in any democracy. >> the publisher of a pamphlet written by her is on trial. it quotes the bible, a separate hearing determines if it should be banned and a radio station forced to edit out her marks in an interview. the publisher of a pamphlet written by her is also on trial. it has garnered international support. pastor brunson traveled to finland to support her. we reached out to the prosecuting attorney who delined the comment on the case. a ruling is expected march 30th. the woman is facing a two year
7:20 am
sentence plus a fine. >> dana: lauren has more of that interview and catch it on the lighthouse faith podcast which you should follow. >> bill: bring in shannon bream. fox news legal correspondent. how are you doing, shannon? this is finland. what is going on? >> it is so interesting because it is a western advanced country so we're always looking to see what's going on around the world in critical legal cases. the statute in finland says if a person expresses an opinion or another message that is deemed to threaten or insult someone that person could face imprisonment for up to two years. it is hard to imagine how in this day in age of twitter and everything else out there how insulting someone could get you two years if jail. whether you agree with this former member of parliament once the interior minister.
7:21 am
medical doctor married to pastor and involved if her community and contributing to better it in the best ways she knows how, she is not some fringe element that hasn't been engaged in public life. whether you agree with her and this bishop on their view of the bible and homosexuality you should be worried if a statute could put you in jail for two years for insulting someone. there is a lot more at play than just the bible verses. >> bill: they have freedom of speech in finland. it doesn't add up. got a piece by a representative chip roy and tony perkins. the title is war on religious freedom. we must stand up for finnish christians standing trial for their faith. the implications for a growing war on faith in america. do you agree on that point and see a connection there from helsinki to hear? >> we have to look around and see what established advanced communities that we see many western similarities with, what they're doing. we also look to canada and some
7:22 am
of the things that have gone on there as well with respect to putting pastors in jail and hate speech and i think for a lot of people they think all right, we have to look around to these communities and civilizations that are like ours, countries much like ours in the idea of freedom of speech and religion and democracy and take note of what is happening there. it's why so many in the world are watching this trial. i've been keeping an eye on it for months and this doctor member of parliament now says obviously i don't want to go to jail. i won't step down on what i believe the word of god says. more importantly i worry that what happens with this case could lead to censorship for decades to come far beyond finland. >> bill: she faces two years if prison. something we'll watch. shannon, we'll see you tonight. shannon bream from d.c. thanks. >> dana: new warnings on american cybersecurity. why some experts say the biden administration is not doing enough to keep us safe in the
7:23 am
digital realm. >> we need to increase our cyber defense. >> i don't think they're prepared. we've seen cyberattack since this administration took office. >> dana: san francisco voters tossed out three school board members in a recall election. is this a sign of what's to come in the mid-term elections? bret baier will weigh in. he is next.
7:24 am
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by $615 a month. take ten minutes right now and make the call. because no one knows veterans like newday usa. >> dana: feds sounding the alarm about the potential for a russian cyberattack and security experts are warning the u.s. is losing the battle online. they say americans need to prepare now for possible hacking attacks on critical infrastructure here at home adding that our way of life is very much at risk. aishah hosni is following the story live in washington >> good morning. the u.s. is stronger in its offensive than it is in its defensive because we rely so much on tech for really everything we do. i'm told the most vulnerable industry right now and you might be surprised by this is water and sewage. so a year ago you might remember this.
7:30 am
hackers believed to be from russia gained access to a florida water treatment facility and they tried to poison the water supply of an entire town in florida by raising the sodium hydroxide levels. here is what you need to know. i'm told that other vulnerable targets include the electrical grid, government communications and major companies which if they are attacked would absolutely disrupt our way of life and create panic. >> if they do use cyber, that we are prepared to retaliate as well using cyber. i think that's probably the more likely scenario in these next few weeks is that we start to see a lot more use of hi-tech and cyber as a way to see if you can kind of throw the other side off balance. >> the government is advising companies right now how to secure their assets but cyber experts say americans should secure their online accounts right now and also keep a stock
7:31 am
of some basic supplies around. >> i always make sure i have extra things around. i am not expecting to be some end of the world attack. you shouldn't expect that but you should have some level of preparedness like you would for a hurricane. >> just like a hurricane. because of this looming threat bipartisan cybersecurity package has been introduced on the hill that would require companies supplying critical infrastructure to report any attacks to the government. a different world we live in. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: voters in san francisco recalled three school board members by overwhelming margins. bret baier anchor of special report on this and a host of topics. how are you doing? "wall street journal" quoted toreall today. if it can happen in san
7:32 am
francisco of all places democrats should be worried. they need to escape their union bondage and woke fixations. republicans have a great opportunity to press parental choice on curriculum, charters, vouchers, the woke may wake up to a far bigger shock in november, end quote. do you see it the same way or similar? >> i think so. i do think this is a canary in the coal mine. san francisco is san francisco. and you had this recall which is really rare for recalls to happen let alone three, 4 to 1, not a squeaker of a recall. these three people were tossed out 79, 75, 76%. the president of the board of supervisors of the school board said that it was really closet republicans and conservatives who voted a different way. that's quite something because only 6% of san francisco is republican and 85% voted for
7:33 am
joe biden. so i do think that this is a little bit of especially on the issue of education as we saw in virginia a major, major moment. >> dana: we haven't seen education on the top of people's list in a long time. here is the "new york post" cover. woke revolt. what you saw in san francisco was the election results but you also had this week, bret, the democrats releasing a memo basically making it public that they have done internal polling that shows the republican message against the wokeness is very potent, very successful and even democrats when surveys say the party is too judgmental and preachy. we're about nine days out from the president giving his state of the union address. up the now he has been pretty faithful to the far left of the party. does he try to change any of that going into the state of the union? >> i think so. he has to do something. you've worked in white house houses if it's not working you have to change. i think that there is going to
7:34 am
be some kind of change. what that looks like we don't know yet but state of the union is the marker to do that. i do think the mask mandate may mysteriously disappear by march 1 but we'll see. the cdc director kind of signaling that yesterday and recent days but on this back to san francisco, if you have a school board that is renaming schools in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic where kids -- parents are worried about what their kids are doing, going to school, wearing masks, there is a disconnect. democrats see that in the polling. >> bill: those schools were closed for a year. no kid in the city of san francisco went to a classroom. during that time they are taking roosevelt, lincoln and washington and jefferson names off the facades of buildings. they tried to do it. it didn't go forward. i encourage our viewers to check out the san francisco chronicle. they say no, san francisco school board recall was not a
7:35 am
rejection of progressive politics. they say it was a reaction to bad governance and a school system that was in debt to the tune of $125 million. i don't know how you run up that deficit when schools are closed, buses aren't running, you aren't serving lunches every day and washington is doling out billions of dollars for school districts all over the country. doesn't add up. >> and that haven't been spent across the country. in the first one of march of last year that money is not all expended and now there is an ask for another $30 billion. there will be a lot of pushback on that on capitol hill. again back to education, it is the one issue that crosses party lines. if you are a republican, independent, democrat, you have a kid in school, it affects your life and it's really not ideological. >> dana: do you think that hillary clinton when she speaks to the new york democrats
7:36 am
tonight will bring any of this up? >> i would be interested to see. you know, she has portrayed herself as kind of the middle of the road and i bet she is going to say the party needs to get back to solving problems. if i had to guess. now what that is foretelling about her political future, if there is one, i think is all speculation at this point. >> dana: also i can't let you go without mentioning i will see you this weekend and i'm looking forward to it. this is bret's charity silent auction going to be amazing. we have an all-star panel. i'm honored to be on it with my friend jesse watters, shannon bream and brian kilmeade. if you go to www.all-star panel we have it on the screen. you can register and bid and donate. you have some great prizes the year. >> silent auction started monday. >> dana: has it gone well?
7:37 am
>> talk to bill hemmer on a zoom. >> right, priceless. >> dana: what i wouldn't pay. >> you want to talk about the bengals. oh, sad cloud, sorry. >> bill: good luck this weekend and raise a lot of money. great cause. >> dana: see you saturday. as a former nbc sports reporter trading in her press pass to politics? new york city's vaccine mandates keeping one of its basketball stars on the bench and now the entire league agrees the rule doesn't make any sense. voiceover: riders. wanderers on the road of life. the journey is why they ride. when the road is all you need, there is no destination. uh, i-i'm actually just going to get an iced coffee.
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>> bill: a new bombshell report claiming black lives matter help freed to suspect accused of trying to assassinate a kentucky canned for mayor. 21-year-old brown stormed into the campaign headquarters in louisville on tuesday of this week, opened fire, no one was injured. the bullet he fired grazed the shirts of the candidate. local media claiming the cities' black live matters chapter teamed up with a community fund to post his
7:43 am
$100,000 bail yesterday and back on the street despite facing charge of attempted murder and wanton endangerment. an interesting twist there in louisville. >> dana: senator mitch mcconnell of kentucky will speak about this on the floor of the senate. is this how we get tough on gun crime we let people back out after they try to shoot a person who wants to be the mayor? is that a rhetorical question? >> we'll see what he says about that. >> this law in new york. the oddity is it only applies to home players. i think if ultimately that rule is about protecting people who are in the arena, it just doesn't quite make sense to me that an away player who is unvaccinated can play in barclay's but the home player can't. >> dana: questioning that has
7:44 am
kept kyrie irving from playing this year. it is true since the beginning of the rule. >> there is no science behind this. we know that. if they were to stick with the rule the dumbest basketball decision ever made. i once bought season tickets to the knicks. here is the money deal. i bring up money for a reason. adam silver has a lot hanging in the balance financially here. why? the nets have gone from first to -- this is a monster tv market and they need this market in the playoffs for tv ratings. and their only hope if thenets fall is the knicks. that won't happen. they're so bad if you get there early you can play. >> bill: they are better than they've been in a long time. i want to get back to the silver sound bite. so absurd what he said. i don't know why the commissioner didn't step in on this. if you are not vaccinated and you travel to new york to play
7:45 am
basketball in brooklyn you can play but the guy on the team can't take the floor. >> it's insane. >> bill: that's absurd as the super bowl in the stadium kids were playing instruments wearing masks and adults were singing without a mask. >> different rules there. the nets -- it's him k.d. you can fly in from milwaukee and get on the court. we're not talking science. eric adams i want to bring him up quick. >> dana: here is eric adams, mayor of new york on this. >> i think it's unfair. i'm not sure if a boston fan created this rule. i don't know. but i am really, really leery about sending the wrong message. the rule was put in place to start changing it now i think
7:46 am
will send mixed messages. >> dana: it is okay to be bold and to make a decision and say we're done with this. >> i will talk in basketball terms. an air ball by eric adams. whoever is drawing up his political strategy sending the plays is dopey. here is the thing. it was a rule that came into effect under bill deblasio the least popular mayor we've ever had. if you're eric adams your job is simple. repeal anything that happened under deblasio. push back against anything. your approval rating will go through the roof. instead he has been deblasio lite right now. >> bill: a well-known reporter on the side of nfl games with nbc is leaving a great job a lot of people covet. she will go into politics and help run a campaign for governor of minnesota. she told tucker about that. >> my view, my middle ground kind of moderate viewpoint is
7:47 am
not being represented to the rest of the world. rather than, you know, just banging it out on twitter on instagram every day i thought i better do something. i feel like for the sake of my kids and because i so love this country, i have to start giving back. >> bill: i love the line instead of just banging it out on twitter and instagram. >> there is good news and bad news, michelle. there is a lot of banging it out on instagram and twitter in this job. 9 times out of 10 if you want don't want to talk about -- michelle is right. never a bigger gap between what people believe and willing to say in public. a lot of people are so frustrated. i don't think it's as risky as we think only because there is this real silent majority that is getting emboldened now and showing up to school board meetings that realizes that helpless feeling we had in the summer of 2020 is not inevitable. michelle is making a good move here although if i was her
7:48 am
stick to that thing about twitter and instagram. >> dana: she is a covid mom, right? she is saying i'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and also interesting to me to see a woman rise to that level in her career and decide to make a change and reinvent herself and get involved in politics. impressive. >> that's genuine. it was cruel of your staff to bring up another person who worked at the super bowl. they do it over and over and they booked me. you didn't deserve this, hemmer. >> bill: thank you, buddy. more records about bob sagette as death will stay private. her daughters don't want the public to see. what led to those two deadly boeing plane crashes a few years back. >> boeing has never reached out
7:49 am
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and as i pass it on to my daughter, it's an important part of understanding who we are. ♪♪ >> harris: democrats, republicans, independents, voters unified in saying we're done with the woke. now the lawmakers on the left are trying to manage the damage ahead of the mid-term elections plus mask restrictions are dropping like loose change out of your pockets as americans say they've had enough and texas is not waiting for president biden to catch on. the state with a new lawsuit against biden's federal mandates. texas attorney general ken paxton, will cain, marc thiessen, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> dana: air traifl has become so routine that most people take its safety for granted. boeing, one of the top airline manufacturers in the world had a pristine safety record for many years.
7:55 am
all that changed in 2018 and 2019 when two boeing max 737 jets crashed within five months of each other killing a combined 346 passengers. a new netflix documentary takes a close look. >> they talk about jedi mine tricking regulators. >> they had a monster waiting for them. it is just unconscionable to me. >> dana: rory kennedy is the filmmaker. tell me about your journey to get to this point to tell this story. >> well, as you pointed out, two airplanes crashed within five months of each other killing all 346 people aboard. i was really interested in looking at the story to understand who was responsible, who knew what when, and do everything i could do to
7:56 am
contribute to this not happening again. >> dana: what did you conclude on that end? >> well, i concluded that boeing was very aware of the challenges of this aircraft. there were a number of compromises to the aircraft. there was a system on the aircraft called the m cast system the forced the nose of the plane downward and that system was relying on one sensor, a single point of failure, which is not allowed today. there were a number of decisions made over the course of the production of this plane that focused on finances and bottom lines at the expense of safety. >> dana: you talked to a lot of the victims' families. any stories that stick out to you in their commentary in this documentary? >> yeah. it was very difficult process
7:57 am
talking to the families, as you can imagine the suffering that they went through losing fathers and mothers, daughters, children. i think the thing that was most upsetting to these families was finding out that the faa and boeing had done a report between the two crashes. after the first crash and that report concluded that this plane had a likelihood of crashing 15 times over the course of a lifetime of the aircraft. and they made the decision, boeing and the faa, to keep that airplane in the air and with the hopes that they would fix it before the next crash. so they made that bet on people's lives and of course, you know, it ended tragically with that second crash. talking to michael, whose daughter was on that second airplane, the ethiopian airplane, you can imagine the horror of not only losing your
7:58 am
child, but knowing that your child is no longer with you because this company made a decision to prioritize profits over human lives. >> dana: do the families feel that boeing has been sufficiently held to account here? >> many of the families do not feel that boeing has been held to account sufficiently. they have had to pay money as a result of this, congressman defazio who led the congressional investigation, 18-month investigation concluded his feeling was it was a slap in the wrist, the financial burden. nobody has spent any time in prison as a result of this and mullenburg walked away with $62 million. the head of boeing at the time who oversaw the company during these crashes. >> dana: we can see the documentary on netflix. thank you for giving us a
7:59 am
preview. >> bill: very interesting there. before we get out of here i want to tell you about the florida judge temporary blocking the release of details in the investigation of saget's death. his daughters filed a lawsuit for seeing the public records. he was found unresponsive in his hotel room in orlando a month ago. autopsy revealed he suffered blunt head trauma after falling and cracking his skull. >> dana: family in grief and having to do some legal work as well. before we go check this little thing out. well, i want you to meet rosie the penguin. she was born with skeletal issues and made it hard for her to get around so her caretakers in arizona built her like a baby bouncer and it helped her learn how to walk and she gets around just fine and become an ambassador for the odyssey
8:00 am
aquarium in scottsdale tells kids to embrace differences. >> bill: how did you like the show today? >> dana: good. how are you feeling about the bengals? how many more days? >> bill: i'll tell you on friday. >> dana: harris faulkner with "the faulkner focus" is up next. here she is. >> harris: being woke may be time to stick a fork in it. there is a rallying cry with huge consequences, a movement across the nation, voters across the political spectrum are fed up with activist politicians and far left agendas. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the "new york post" cover declaring the woke revolt. san francisco, the neon blue city that elected speaker nancy pelosi, overwhelmingly voted to remove three far left members of its school board. parents had cola


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