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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 18, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> harris: fox news alert a judge sentenced former minnesota police officer kim potter in the shooting death of 20-year-old daunte wright. late last year, as you may remember, potter was found guilty on all charges, both first and second-degree manslaughter. she testified that she was mistakenly fired her gun instead of her taser during a traffic stop last april. we'll continue to watch this story as more information unfolds. >> hello, everyone, i'm emily compagno here with my co-host,
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kayleigh mcenany and julie, dagen mcdowell and jimmy failla. this is "outnumbered." president biden is set to speak a few hours from now on the u.s. efforts to avert the russia-ukraine showdown after he dispatched vice president kamala harris on a diplomatic trip to meet with world leaders, all while moscow is gearing up for nuclear missile drill tomorrow. some are wondering why the white house tasked this vp, with her lack of work on the crisis at the southern border on top of her tumultiushgous tenure in office, including host of staff depart and you are head-scratching exchanges with reporters. today she's talking tough, warning russia of severe consequences if it takes aggressive action, watch. >> an attack on one is an attack
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on all, remains are perspective. our greatest strength is our unity, this is a moment that has made that clear, that our unity is evidence and is a measure of our strength. >> emily: kayleigh, your thoughts? >> kayleigh: yeah, putting vice president kamala harris in charge of stopping war in ukraine is like putting hillary clinton in charge of iphone security. it is not going to work. we talk about the russia and ukraine border, but we talk very little, other than at fox and other outlets, u.s. southern porder. this was the border czar, kamala harris and what did we get? valiant activity on the southern border issue the most encounters in january we had in 20 years, we got 7 billion.
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>> we've been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe, i don't understand the point that you're making. >> kayleigh: she hasn't been to europe, now she's in europe trying to stop world war iii, forgive me if i'm less than hopeful to believe she has the acuity to stop the war. i hope she does. >> nog to forgive, this is russia failing to launch a nuclear drill tomorrow with ballistic missiles, the seriousness of this really can't be overstated and the decision-making out of the white house continues to be confusing at best, weak at worst. >> yeah, look at the munich agreement, 1938 munich agreement failed to appease hitler's germany, did not prevent world war ii.
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the biden administration is looking at timing couldn't be better, however we're going to take the risk and we'll see if tens of thousands of ukrainians will be killed, that is essentially what could happen here. and i'm not buying it, nor should the you, this is missile coordination and they had planned on doing this. they have possibly 190,000 russians troops, the fact the biden administration is sitting back and letting it unfold, the blood will be on the united states if this actually goes through. >> emily: and dagan, what are we looking at economically? >> dagen: oil prices are high, they are off high in recent days, but burden on americans, number one because well, people who actually have to commute and
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heat their homes and is part of the inflation being at a 40-year high. it also empowers and enriching vladamir putin. let me point to over a year ago and we talked about it on the sofa, is that joe biden actively has tried to destroy our energy independence here and the strength of our energy economy, what did that do? it made vladamir putin more powerful and richer. it encouraged him in essence to go into ukraine. i'll point to in recent history, putin aggression is highly correlated to the price of oil. go back to 2008, when oil was near all-time high of 147 a barrel, that is when putin invaded georgia. 2014. oil was around $100 per barrel
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and annexation of crimea, nearly $100, now what are we looking at? putin about to go into ukraine and by the way, putin's aggression keeps oil high and send its higher. a war continues to enrich russia and vladamir putin and also putin has done a good job of getting his financial house in order in recent years, really cutting spending issue boosting the foreign reserves there, diversifying the trade, not focusing as much on europe, also making sure that china was a ready and willing buyer of energy from russia. russia's debt to gdp ratio is under 20%. in the united states, it is about 130, including all the debt. we are weak in every possible way right now. kaled that was aening version of
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the playbook scene. what does it say about biden's leadership? he's in ohio pushing a three-month-old bill and the vice president is in europe trying to prevent a war. >> jimmy: this is scary stuff, it says robert gates was right when he said joe biden was wrong about every major foreign policy decision of the past four decades. i would rather him use a magic eight-ball and shake it up and look at the screen than make his own decisions, the only strategic move i agree with is sending kamala harris, why? if putin spends time around her with that awkward laugh, he will want to kill himself. >> emily: freedom convoy crackdown entered a new phase. prime minister trudea is
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>> emily: turning into a full-scale crackdown in canada, this is a live picture in ottawa of protesters facing off with police. police are arresting two leaders of the freedom convoy, they did that last night. they are moving in to make more arrests today, just as banks begin to freeze the accounts of those linked to demonstrations on orders from prime minister trudea. now they are facing harassment after data breach revealed their names. cafe owner in ottawa broke down as she shared her story with our
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own jesse watters. >> never in my 56 years have i ever experienced a country so divided, so full of hatred toward friends and neighbors. sorry, i lost it. so full of hatred toward neighbors, might have opinions that differ from theirs, but they are still willing to publicly shame and humiliate and angryvitrial. we've been called terrorists, for the first 36 hours we were inun dated with hate red, people threatened our team on the phone. we are coming to get you. we are going to throw bricks through your window, nazi supporter. i have been called a disgusting woman and i should rot in hell. our shop in ontario, someone
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draped a large bed sheet over our sign. i'm sorry, it's been a tough few days and the sign read "tammy supports terrorists." >> kayleigh: hard to listen to. innocent business owners who gave to a cause they believed in, julie. alarming is the role of the government in all this, it is crystallized the difference in the country we live in and our northern neighbor. anyone threatening to bring gas and supplies to them could be arrested. >> julie: they have a tyrant now, justin trudeau is a tyrant. the fact he is arresting people for speaking their mind and sticking up for themselves, considering they carried us through the pandemic.
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when we had shortages of supplies, they were delivering toilet paper, for example, this country was at a loss for. the united states and canada played a huge role providing for us. now they are no longer needed or we don't care about inflation, they are being wasted and all this energy on truckers who are just trying to do their skrobs for god's sake. the other thing, it is crazy, the dog thing we're supposed to talk about later. i can't get over the pets. they are threatening owners of animals, if you, government that will kill your dog for disobeying orders is a tweet we had lined up, basically states if you are unable to care for your pet, we will take your pet away at your expense for a week, if you don't come back and claim it, they will kill your dog over this. >> the autocracy. >> government-sanctioned
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euthanasia. this disgusting, evil policy, in conjunction with the image ottawa used of this puppy, this is nausiating display and shows heartless disregard for the community and citizens. many notables are weigh nothing, congressman fazon tweeting a government that will kill your dog for simply disobeying their order on public demonstration will eventually have no issue killing you for the same. trudea is a fool and tyrant. hatch weighing in, we are taking away your puppy, show you we no longer worry about the optics of this crackdown. even el salvador president calling for more condemnation and tweeting, what would happen if a latin american government did this to its political opposition? probably a different and more pronounced uproar.
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average canadian tweeted, this is unusual form of cruelty, how will your relationship with your community survive this? really. these are working-class people, how do you expect them to trust you again, justin trudeau? have you thought that far ahead? does it even matter to you? i predict the answer is that relationship will not survive this and by the time it matters to the government, it will be too late. >> eye-opening tweets, emily. you are right. jimmy, few journalists have taken time to talk to the truckers. elitist justin trudeau will not talk to them. here is someone who did. there are people on the streets who seemed baffled by the media description of them as part of far right movement. they are infuriated by canada's pandemic restrictions, jimmy, national post reported during omicron quebec and ontario
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closed schools and enacted 10 p.m. curfew, jimmy, culaugh at the 10 p.m. curfew. >> jimmy: the person i empathize with is the gramercy park elato store owner, i look like i get paid in gelato. good point about truckers, i stop to non-stop truckers on the phone on my nationally syndicated show, hey, girl. i've talked to so many truckers, i am starting to say the word a boot, i've adopted their accent. this is not a conservative moment, this is a freedom moment. these are objective observers who have seen flimsy science used to trample freedom. they are not anti-va x, they are anti-autocracy. as a former new york city
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cabdriver, i'm calibrated to hate anyone who causes traffic. when you sit in a cab, you will get mad at a guy getting hit by a bus. how dare you. i have empathy for the truckers. why? the longer they stay, the more it exposes how shallow the left wing play book is. decrying them is every word term you can think of, none of which supported by fact. trudea lost empathy on his side. >> you used curse word that we are not allowed to say, freedom. we are told by canadian, that is a far right term, trudea says it is malleable and >> senator: says whatever that means. reminder from a president i know, i don't know, i love very much, listen. >> freedom is never more than one generation away from distinction, we didn't pass it on to our children in the bloodstream, only way to inherit freedom we have known is if we fight for it, protect it, defend
9:20 am
and hand it to them with well-taught lessons of how they must do the same. if you and i don't do this, then you and i may well spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it once was like in america when men were free. >> sober reminder, dagen. >> dagen: we all believe the united states has shared values with canada, until this. it is reminder how important it is to preserve and protect the freedoms and rights that we have here in the united states. if even if you are against the truckers, if you don't believe in them to jimmy's point, causing traffic, what have you, anyone who has read history should be ash frayed when the government exercises extraordinary powers against a certain group of people because next it will be you, it will be the group that you belong to. and particularly when it is a
9:21 am
wanna-be emporer, haircut with an ego, like justin trudeau. >> very well said, what a description. all right, coming up, you will not believe this, group launched by black lives matter helping to raise $100,000 to bail out a man accused of attempted murder? the media is silent and critics are calling out the double standard. that is next. william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital. rosland capital is a trusted leader in helping people acquire precious metals. gold bullion, lady liberty gold and silver proofs, and premium coins, can help you preserve your wealth. call rosland capital to receive your
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>> emily: black lives matter helping post bail for attempted murder suspect. police arrested 21-year-old quintez brown this week after he allegedly shot at a jewish candidate for mayor in louisville, kentucky. brown is a known proponent of defunding the police, named as a rising face by president obama's foundation in 2019. the louisville chapter of black lives matter helped the community bail fund raise
9:26 am
$100,000 to bail him out. here he is walking out of jail on wednesday. brown is under home incarceration. emily, i couldn't believe the story when i read it last night, i mean, craig greenberg, the candidate almost assassinated by this guy says our criminal justice system is broken, how do you commit attempted murder monday and walk out wednesday? >> emily: he is right wlchlt he is prosecuted appropriately, which he called for in his comments, he is out now and has a history of instability and violence. he is charged with attempted murder and wanton endangerment. his attorney says there are serious mental issues at play. his next hearing is five days what happened last time he was left alone? he disappeared for a few weeks and when found in new york city, his family said they wanted him
9:27 am
to focus on his mental health. she shot up a campaign headquarters and he's free. this is exactly the system that craig was talking about when he said this is what is failing people. you know who it is failing? brown, the defendant. how much do you trust home arrest? the people there when he shot up the headquarters, how much do they trust this? >> great point, clay travis pointing out this might have been different if the fact pattern was different. imagine what would have happened if a trump supporter attempted to kill a minority, got bail and right-wing activist paid for his bail using crowd funding? >> dagen: kayleigh, i will quote andy mccarthy, i talk to andy mccarthy on the phone, he said, if it was the federal system, this system would have been detained as danger to the
9:28 am
community. how in the hell is he out on any bail at this point? it illustrates what black lives matter is. people and to pararkphrase andy, people are standing around hoping it morphs into something it isn't. what it is, marxist racist, believe no black man should be incarcerated for anything, pararkphrasing andy, there is no justice for incarcerating anyone. you hear people on the far left talk about ending carceral center, rashida tlaib wanting to let everybody out. they are in financial -- having financial problems, the national organization was just kicked off
9:29 am
of amazon from charity platform, but we need people on msnbc and cnn and the like to stand up and say this is wrong, this individual should not be allowed out on the street or even on home arrest, this is potentially anti-semitic, what is the line that silences violence and complicity? there you have it. we are hearing a lot of silence to make a joke about it. >> the fact pattern would have been different, it would be the lead story, as was the case with kyle rittenhouse. it laid out comparison between what is going on. with quintez brown, he compared him to kyle rittenhouse, quintez brown blm activist, kyle rittenhouse was a teenager. $100,000 for quintez brown, $2
9:30 am
million bail for kyle rittenhouse. quintez brown got to crowd found and kyle rittenhouse was banned from go fund me until after he was ark quit d /* -- acquitted. >> kyle rittenhouse was acting in self-defense and his attacker had nothing to do, he was ark tacked before he shot. the fact you bring up the media, that is something i have to bring up, the media is enabling black lives matter to protect criminals. if god forbid, imagine a trump supporter goes out and attacks a minority and shoots a minority and right-wing activist tut together $100,000 in fund sourcing, it would be shut down and would be the lead story on every network. it is irresponsible for networks not to cover the story just as much, you are saying to black lives matter, go for it, protect every black person committing a
9:31 am
crime, that is apparently their mission now. >> yeah, jimmy, your quick thoughts. >> jimmy: the story is a disgrace issue nice to see black lives matter spending money on something other than a mansion. this exposes fraud. you shouldn't free any black criminal, the biggest threat to black men in america are other black men, we need accountability in the criminal justice system. it is not a matter of plaque or white, it is right or wrong. everyone should get it. >> at least blm is not spending money on the communist mansion in canada they allegedly transferred money to. more hypocrisy in hollywood. proof of vaccination and mask wearing not required at this year's ceremony, why are some getting to pick and choose when the rules apply. the panel weighs in next.
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by $615 a month. take ten minutes right now and make the call. because no one knows veterans like newday usa. >> we all know it has been getting tough to keep track of who has to follow which covid vaccine and masking rules. now the oscars, no surprise, are throwing hollywood hypocrisy into mix. hosts and performers will not have to wear a mask to the event and attendees, the rules vary. nominees and guests in lower sections will not be require to wear a mask. all this as we see push to keep our kids masked in schools and vaccine mandate threaten everyday american jobs. in los angeles county, the mayor
9:37 am
is slamming this, this is just a political push by defund the police activists. why do 4000 sheriff department employees terminated under this watch and for the oscars, everything is a-okay? >> yeah, but if celebritys and holly weirdos weren't fire-breathing hypocrites, what would we have? we would have like what is this dogma, power of the dog? every movie they made, every movie nominated is just direct, wretch-induces horrors. if you have to wear a mask at the academy award, how will you showcase all of the plastic surgery and injections you had in preparation for your big day? that is the whole trade off, you don't pay for it issue but doctors are like, you are wearing a mask, you can't see
9:38 am
the cheekbones and chin i gave you with like botox and filler injections. i'm making light of it, i don't want to hear anybody castigating the unvaccinated. unvaccinated are not a threat and this is proof, if you got the shot, great, if you didn't, you are only potentially putting yourself at risk. just shut it all down. >> that is just common sense, it still remains there in hollywood, for example, people who put their lives on the line to protect people who are okay with disposing of them, with disdainfully to dagen's point, after was mocking them and vilifying those who chose to be unvaccinated and now it is playing out in terms of. average americans livelihoods are the ones on the line here.
9:39 am
>> jimmy: no question, in terms of hollywood, what i read into this decision is that there is probably a huge percentage of unvaccinated people in hollywood and they didn't thapt out there which would be visible by who did and did not go to the oscars, they just passed this edick, a double-standard situation. be honest for a second, we're all friends here. if you're hanging out at hollywood parties, covid is not the worst thing you can catch, not even top 10. if i came home to my wife with covid, i would be in great shape, other nine -- >> one being a restraining order. >> the kiss on the cheek thing, you can still get a cold sore. >> ugh. >> jimmy, taking it home here, we just learned on monday 1400 government workers here in new york city have been terminated for refusing to get vaccinated,
9:40 am
among them 36 nypd personnel, 25 fdny workers and 914 doe staffers. >> this is hypocrisy at its worst. at 7 p.m., the city rallied and smacked pots and pans and screamed and applauded first responders getting us through the mess, the firefighters, nypd, covid infection rate with the nypd during the time was unreal. this was before the vaccination was offered. the numbers have dwindled, it is like the flu, less than the flu, it is the cold. it is the covid cold. these same people that are heroes are now enemies because they don't want to fall in line with a governmental mandate. think about the parents that separated themselves from children for probably over the course of a year. moms and dads that were hospital
9:41 am
workers, went to work and had to stay in hotels and quarantine from children, all that sacrifice for what? it is a slap in the face. it is sickening. >> that is right. kayleigh, we have the loudest performative activist die og this hill. >> kayleigh: yeah, toss it to joyless joy behar. >> if i go into the bus, theater, a crowded place, i would wear a mask and might do that indefinitely. >> jimmy: gosh. >> might wear it indefinitely as she's sitting on a set declaring her love for the mask. like jen psaki at the podium, she stands at the podium and says all of america's kids, you wear a mask and she is not wearing a mask. president joe biden yesterday never met a mask he didn't like, loves that mask, walks out to reporters, here is joe biden, watch him walking alone to the
9:42 am
reporters totally masked. gets to the reporters and takes off the mask, watch him rip it off and coughs into his hand. where is the science in this? there is no science. >> makes no sense. >> that is our president. >> like watching a nursing home. i feel like all of them, what they are doing is illustrating the exceptions and that is the point, there are a million exceptions, you cannot exist in finite existence huge advocates for the mask wearing are trying to uphold, everyone is just human and as you illustrated -- >> can i take something back, one mask joe biden doesn't like, the mask on the plane we talked about yesterday. >> neither does delta. >> coming up, a former presidential candidate says men are failing in america and warns consequences will be catastrophic, what needs to be done to turn things around.
9:43 am
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>> former presidential candidate
9:47 am
says boys and men are fail nothing america, in school, at work and elsewhere. he says it is catastrophic for our country, he cites data showing men account for 40% of college students, make up a third of our unemployd and more men under 34 are living with their parents than with a romantic partner. he points out men's problems begin at a very young age, he wrote in "washington post" opinion piece, boys are more than twice as likely as girls to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyper activity disorder, five times more likely to spend time in juvenile detention and less likely to finish high school. tip of the iceberg, jimmy. >> jimmy: i love that you came to me, first, who knows more about screwed up men. >> speaking of delinquency. >> jimmy: this is an intervention, whole point of today. >> you're welcome. >> jimmy: i love you guys. no surprise, men are not
9:48 am
succeeding, we have taken self-reliance away from them and replaced it with government dependency, there is everybody gets a trophy, the problem with that, not every kid learns to catch a ground ball and i'm losing a lot of money betting little league. >> he also went on to write, mail achieve cemetery a condition for a healthy society and male failure begets male failure to society detriment. public leadership have failed to address this crisis, flaming boys and men as the problem themselves rather than as people requiring help, dagen. >> dagen: we don't need a politician like andrew yang to tell us about the problem or solve it, it is up to the parents and the dads out there. they know what the problems are and can fix them with really great, tough loving parenting,
9:49 am
jimmy failla. jimmy failla might have stories to share about his dear lincoln, i know a thing or two. his son is one of the most awesome kids i've ever met in spite of having jimmy as a dad. >> i'm kidding, he's doing incredible job and jimmy and his wife are involved in every part of lincoln's life. they are one of the funnest families i've ever spent time with. it is not about reading the "washington post" or yang, it is about the nuclear family. >> julie, he made the point that the media and the government and social culture and a lot are furthering, however, the erosion of being a "strong male," and essentially diluting that so that was his point, instead of being men and being seen, sorry for butchering the paraphrase.
9:50 am
on cultural level, stop defining masculinity as toxic and start promoting positive marshing -- max masculinity. stronger for society, he cited data where men are falling mind educationally in the work force living with single mothers, etcetera, ripple effect happening and being perpetuated by forces in this country now, including a lot of people who are obsessed with things like pronouns and how you phrase things rather than condition. >> political correctness is to blame, god forbid you are too manly, that is almost sexist against women. he also goes on to say he's heard from men and we need to be needed. oh, gosh, seriously? men, just be men, be manly and macho, such a turnoff to hear a
9:51 am
man say he needs to be needed. do i speak from experience? maybe. >> my goodness. look, what is in the drinking water of the democratic party? i didn't know you were allowed to call out toxic masculinity the way andrew yang just did. he is kind of rogue, remember his phrase, math, make america think harder issue not left issue not right, forward. good for him, but what is in the water with ilhan omar defending supporters of the truckered docked. midterm is coming. >> thank you for summing up what i couldn't, political correctness that andrew yang is addressing, right? and seeing the light, coming into the midterm in terms of this is having a devastating effect on our society. >> no question, for america to thrive and be a world power, we need men who can save private ryan issue not men who can watch private ryan in their pajamas
9:52 am
all day. since you brought up lincoln, acknowledge, lincoln made a confession this week and it took the cops nine minutes to dpet it out of them, impressive on their part. >> my goodness. coming up, you heard of catfishing, how about woke-fishing, you will not believe what singles are resorting to to score dates in today's political climate. >> more "outnumbered" after this. ♪
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♪♪♪ >> the music, well done producers, the newest online dating trend is reportedly something called wokefishing.
9:57 am
where singles pretend to be progressive to score dates, oh. experts warn it could doom relationships from the get-go adding that it is never a good idea to tell everything about your social and political beliefs to someone you are just getting to know. emily, i know you love your online dating so of course coming to you. >> ok, everybody, kayleigh is kidding, you know how i feel about dating apps, breeding grounds for serial killers. everything about this is frightening to me, especially the notion that somehow being a democrat is more attractive. i'm sorry, i need my men intelligent. >> when i read the topic i thought of you immediately. i don't know why. something about you. >> yes. well, there was a day where i was, and i actually did use dating sites. i'll tell you a couple, because they are cheesy. i used a website called, and at the end of the date, funny story, the guy said
9:58 am
we have to kiss because it was on and wokefishing, more people are getting married at a later time. forget the fact you are waiting on your career, you are single because you are talking politics. do not talk politics on a first date. online dating that is pretty awesome, i don't know about you, but i cringe at the notion of small talk or having to talk to anybody face-to-face, like oh, especially after the pandemic, so it's kind of nice, you get to weed them out, talk to them on the phone, figure out if they are smart or not, you know what they look like, i will handle your social media account if you would like. >> i think at this stage in your career, online dating would be bad. that would blow up in your face. >> true. i met my husband on twitter, so i immediately knew his politics. kind of like online dating. >> it kind of is. >> i slipped into the d.m., and -- all right, jimmy. >> well, ok. on a personal note, this story hits home for me. a lot of people don't know this,
9:59 am
but jenny and i matched on tinder and the weird part, it happened nine years after we got married, really awkward. i'm like you are on here, what are the odds. and very important, wokefishing to land a progressive woman sounds like a good idea until you are on a date with a progressive woke woman and you have to listen to her ramble on about the patriarchy and eating cows, by the end of the night you want to grab the wheel of her prius and drive off the bridge. to go adult for a second, the best time is the hate sex. come on, everybody. cross pollinate, i'm telling you because i care. >> sound like you described a date with a.o.c. dig in. >> if you are a dude and you go on a date with a very progressive woman, she's picking up the check, so drink as much as you can. >> good point.
10:00 am
>> and leave it to her to pile your drunk back side into a car and get you home safely. >> that's actually a good point. >> and the car is charged, if the car is not charged you are stuck. >> reminder, president biden speaks about ukraine at 4:00 p.m. eastern time, watch it here on the fox news channel. thanks to everyone. happy friday. here is "america reports." >> john: thank you, fox news alert, president biden will make remarks a bit later today as the west warns about intense shelling in eastern ukraine. a bit of a change-up today. i'm bill live in new york, and shannon, great to be back with you. >> people may think they are in a bit of a time machine. john and sandra are both off today, so let's do this. l all right. we start with this, more than 500 explosions have been reportedly launched along the front lines in eastern ukraine marking a considerable increase in fighting since major


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