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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 18, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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makes stephen miller smile like you do. we have a special connection. i am not afraid to say it that is all for tonight's. tooker carlson tonight is up next. always were number one thing, i'm waters, and this is my world . ♪ >> tucker: welcome to tucker carlson tonight. happy friday. we told you at the beginning of the new week that canada had just ended into tier tyranny an invective has. he has controlled all the money in canada and he can take yours at will pray today, he had nonviolent protesters and the independent reports arrested in some cases they were trampled with horses. these are the most egregious home yet human rights violation
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by a western government in recent history. and yet the biden administratio is encouraging all of it. the state department has refuse to come to size in any way. instead our manikin and chief spent another day em ring on about the ukraine as if we're supposed to believe that is mor important than our own problems. what country is this guy in charge of? in fact, we were going to tell him right at the top of tonight show, that was the lead, as serious topic for a serious time . then, out of nowhere, we received a copy of take up space , the unprecedented it is a book length sucked up to aoc by the editors at the new york magazine coming out next week. sandy cortez is like a box of fig newtons, you know it's wrong , but the temptation is strong so we did. before we knew it we consumed the whole thing. so that is what we are opening
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with tonight. the new sandy cortez book, it's a lighter topic than tierney in canada. we will get to that in a minute part our only excuse is it's friday and we have it's an amazing book. it opens by comparing aoc to jesus and then it suggests that because he once got second plac in her high school science competition she could have gone on to win a nobel prize. it is a remarkable piece of journalism. we plan to put extensive excerpts from the look on the screen tonight for you to read, but we thought who reads anymore . we've asked him to read the passages for as. in may remember his melodious outer limited and selective void . from the three featured on the show. we've asked them today to compare these two projects righ he said he found this one creepier. we will let you be the judge. here is a section in which the
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fan girls at new york magazine lit does know why they wrote this book and the first place. they're were a lot of politicians they could have found over a. to get to say she is of feminis is to understate the facts. she is the first politician in to live fully out loud while female in the depredations of womanhood are personal to her. >> so she's not just the first woman to represent her congressional district in the first of new york pray chi is the first woman and human history to get elected and then live fully out loud while female . what does that mean? is that we did understand, the next thing. the degradation of womanhood ar personal to her. that is certainly true. no one has done more personally to degrade american womanhood than she has. she is living proof that 60 years of feminist liberation di not work great she has done
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empowered, she is neurotic and silly. she is far more frivolous than any 1950s housewife ever were sprayed june cleaver was the more serious person, at least she made dinner. here is what she does great she puts on makeup, while talking about herself,. >> as the youngest woman in congress, and as a woman of color, it is so hard to be take seriously. it is like any workplace where sometimes it feels like you hav to jump up and down for anyone to listen. it's just really difficult because some people are just born in bodies that are naturally taken more seriously. people already have diminished me and diminished my voice is. i'm young, i am frivolous, unintelligent. >> they don't take me seriously. people are calling me unintelligent just because i'm dumb. but the funniest of all was
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hearing her describe herself as a woman of color. she often does. nobody ever jerilyn said that every honest person knows it is deliriously absurd. there is no place on earth outside of american colleges an newsrooms where she would be recognized as a woman of color because she's not. she is a witch entitled whitele be preachy is the pampered of noxious ski bunny and a matchin snowsuit but ask you to pull up your mask. it's not there all the same. apparently, they don't ski, the spend the entire book pretendin she is just emerged from some teaming novella in the slums of rio to sell save the world's poor. you would have literally no clu she was up manager of the week would think she was st. francis. >> the date of the house votes, she stood up in the chamber and again wearing all white and looked like a a medium tacking at delp well of popular fury.
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>> radiant and white and her gowned bathed in the glow of holy righteousness. in profit for our time. that is out new york magazine described hers. that's weird because we live in this country to end that is not at all how we remembered the moment. here is a clip from the speech that he is referring to. look at this person and ask yourself, if you can feel. >> but we have to go into this vote i white open. what did the senate majority fight for, one of the largest corporate bailouts, one of a fe strings possible in american history. >> a prophet? proof that adderall if use is more rampant than we admit. we will tell you that editors a new york magazine are impressed with the way she looks great it's a major theme in the book great and it's a major theme
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with ocasio-cortez herself righ she talks about her beauty constantly. she tells us how hard it is tha everyone wants to sleep with he all the time. what a burden. it's like living as it in the men are so aroused she can barely get through her take him out yet she does her job anyway. the burden of wears hard on her but she bears up under it. >> ocasio-cortez would've been well aware of her impact on others, she could be confrontational, and her politics countercultural. but her appearance conforms to societies conventions. with her wide apart eyes, arche brows, and tawny confliction, she could have modeled for a skincare line. and in fact, later capitalized on these assets by shooting makeup tutorial for vogue. >> she could have been a model for a skincare line. that is why she is such amazing
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political era, because she's so pretty. imagine a man saying that. that would be considered patronizing, but new york mechanize isn't shame to object if i ocasio-cortez. it makes you wonder what would happen if one day she gained a hundred pounds and got eczema o her nose and quit forgot to tri her your hair. she is not the leader of an ideological movement, she is living marketing campaign. >> i really like starting to blend with my fingers, and then i will go and afterwards and polish it off. i've been playing with lots of eyeshadows. i go in with a little lighter color. i just washed it all over my lid . i tried their shimmer, and it looks fire, it looks good. when you see me wearing a red lip, most of the time, it is
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this one. again, i start small and i star working my way out. >> so makeup is a process, is start small and then your worke way up, in circles, that's the way she uses cosmetics. she's pretty good at it. painting her own face may be he one real skill, but something useful, watch this cnn account of her attempt to assemble her own ikea furniture. >> 52nd rule. >> hi, everyone. >> as she was watching popcorn, sipping white wine, and assembling furniture on an instagram life? >> what am i doing here? >> aoc moved into her washingto apartment three months ago but has been too busy to furnish it. >> boom. >> obviously there are lots of
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self-involved people in politics , all of them pretty much. but it takes a special kind of narcissistic imagine the world desperately wants to see you bolt together up particleboard coffee table. here is their account of what you just operate. >> on this night and again in another session assembling furniture in july, she shone a bright light on her own complicated multifaceted self sulfate in that video, ocasio-cortez looks through and her trouser side, she's wearing her glasses and her hair is up and sloppy just about to wash m face buzz. she's wearing an old moto jacke and sitting on the floor eating a bowl of popcorn and drinking glass of wine. for dessert, she has a small pack of fruit snacks, set to he and bulk rate she has no agenda anything particular to get off her chest, it's as if she were exhausted and wanting to talk. i'm alone today, she said pointedly at the camera.
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>> imagine if you were the person who wrote that. so here is this grazed filming herself as she puts together coffee table and eats popcorn parade the least compelling fil made since andy warhol died. this is what you call it, she has shown a bright light on her own complicated multifaceted. that is time to be honest with yourself and say it's time to retire. she didn't even perceive how creepy it was great i am alone today. is it just us or does that soun like an invitation to a booty call. may be one step away from what you're wearing. it's definitely over sharing. and yet according to the book, over sharing as the key to her success. >> she offered the reassuring the fire and brimstone. the inspiration of john f. kennedy, the intimacy of an fdr
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fireside chats. it was exhausting and reassurin and scaring and comforting and extremely weird. >> the intimacy of an fdr fireside chat, except fdr never told us about his skincare regimen. sometime he won the second worl war anyway. you wonder how he did that. you also wonder what brand of concealer heat used great sadly there was no instagram than so the details have been lost to history. think in god we know what sandy cortez uses. we are happy to have him on our show. trevor, thank you so much for coming and. social media makes us more self-involved, but it does seem like she is the kind of living example of what could happen if you didn't get out of leak meet before you drowned. >> the book is called take up space, and she is a veiled theater kid.
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one thing about failed theater kids is they just take up space so it's aptly named. firstly i was shocked when i read it i heard about the book and i peeked through the pages had, i was very shocked until i realized who it is written for and who it's written by. the strange cult of people that they are not really people, journalist, right, and for journalists, aoc is a sort of christlike figure, she is the second coming, but not christ because they worship some multi breasted voodoo witch doctor god , but when you read it, it's like gospel. it's like a testament, it is witnessing and it's like christ came to us through the birth, sandy came to us through an ngo christ was resurrected, sandy was interrupted from several buildings away from the capital that day. she almost went on a science fair, screaming second place,
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almost like turning water into wine. you have to approach this book from an anthropological study t the people writing upright the people known as the brooklyn journalist. and you really learn a lot abou their creation about the worldview, and how they see things just by thinking a look at it. one thing i really loved about this book is that they have a whole section called the arts o the junk, so coming to new york magazine discovered this for dunk, and they feature a bunch of aoc tweets. what they do is they take the tweets and they dissect them with lines and numbers, and the explain how each part of the tweet is successful in the effective dunk aoc has. and, they say the left-hand, bu i don't understand. they even have diagrams about it , so it's quite amazing. >> so there were serious people then when i worked at new york
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magazine. freight years you were a journalist in brooklyn, where the other journalist you knew i brooklyn as hysterical, neuroti and personally unhappy as ocasio-cortez's? >> is, there were but at the time it was bottled up there wa a lid on things, you could always see it, there were alway miserable people when i looked for the liberal media for sure. you didn't really see it come out in the way you did after really donald trump came along. they really haven't been able t put that back in, they just kee doing what they're doing now, and there is really no hope for them. it's kind of sad to watch, but it was always there for sure. they just had more control over it i think and they were more sane ashamed of it back then. >> i think that's right. so they are telling us all.
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reaches you, thank you so much. >> thanks. my pleasure. >> tucker: we fell for it, we open their show with sandy cortez, as privileged as she is. it felt good. now we feel better. now to the real news. trudell continuing to crackdown on human rights in canada. protesters arrested, finances frozen. please tonight locking and the truckers read the very latest from canada.
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♪ >> we have been telling you all week that justin trego has ende democracy in canada, but he actually day. canada is no longer run with th consent of the government he created martial law, he's given himself the power to end their freedom assembly, he has seized private bank accounts and crypt while it's great he reserves th rights to control all money. meanwhile, his state broadcast has been targeting and even
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criticizes specifically donors to truckers. they are now under attack by state media. they have distilled up pets of truck drivers in euthanize him if the drivers are unable to care for their animals as the enforcement act very in the fac of all that, demonstrators remained in ottawa, that is her legal right very they weren't damaging property or hurting anyone. they were protesting the obviou to any of their government whic is the right in canada as well as any citizen in a free society . in response he ordered the violent crackdown of police officers that marched into ottawa, this is happening right here in north america. when they arrived downtown, the shot at truckers windows and derived they need several demonstrators and the head, it
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one point this afternoon horses began trampling canadians as they protest. the horses ran over several demonstrators including a woman on the mobility scooter. reportedly one man had a heart attack him at least one, instea of helping, police stood around him. this kind of violence sponsored by justin trudeau continued all day. police repeatedly arrested people for the journalist for the act of filming it on camera. >> this is disgusting. disgusting. >> oh my god. >> here is the definition of tierney. it is oppressing your own citizenry, ignoring the most basic standards of human rights and then preventing the rest of the world from seeing what you're doing.
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that is exactly what justin trudeau has done. there aren't many independents, the only reason we know it's happening up there is that is exactly what his forces have been doing. today, they put a fox news camera crew in jail. they also arrested the lifestream of someone whose footage we've been using for tw weeks now. they arrested him while he was reporting. watchlist. your going to be arrested. >> okay. >> okay. >> you can't go that way. figure under arrest. >> for what? >> so where is our state department? this is our closest ally and th world, canada is one of our guest trading partners.
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we share a border of 5500 miles of canada. our state department exist to wag his finger and the face of foreign governments. which i said not a word, becaus today to see if any reaction at all to this pensions of civil liberties in canada. they refused to condemn any of it or even comments. >> so the wall is cracked on yo just saw going on in canada right now will have consequence for all of us because trudeau has not just ended freedom of assembly and speech, as part of his emergency authority, he gav himself the power to control al money in canada. sees the bank accounts of private citizens, on what basis we don't know. the deputy prime minister has announced that the seizures our in process now. acutely individuals and attendees as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the
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rcmp with financial institutions . and accounts have been frozen very and more accounts will be frozen. >> when you imagine tierney, e imagine people loaded into a transport to go to camp pairing this is 2022, tyranny is different now. tierney is when they take all your money and you have no powe whatsoever. that's exactly what the government is doing to anybody who dissents. that's where they converted quickly into cash. money on those exchanges is no longer safe which is the whole point of crypto currency. he just wrote to canada, 100 percent will force his company to freeze assets withou judicial consent. again, wirelessly, they're just doing. if you're worried about it, don't keep your funds with any centralized regulated custodian. we cannot protect you.
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you almost nearing never hear businesses tell customers we can't protect you. so what are the criteria? on what basis are canadian authorities rating their currency platforms in seizing the original currency? canada so-called justice ministers announced that canada's government doesn't nee a court order in order to take all of your money, here is the standard. if you've ever supported donald trump, than you could lose access to your bank account, your political views will determine whether you have any money at all. >> i think if you are a member of approach trump movement donating hundreds of thousands of dollars,. >> we are not becoming hysterical that we cannot overstate the importance of wha we're watching. it's a preview. canada is not the last country in which this will happen.
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the bite and the again has not condemned this, they are emulating it. the white house is currently right now preparing to release an executive order that could come as early as next week that the plans for the government to come up with a government wide strategy to regulate digital assets. the fbi just formed a new unit focused on digital asset seizure . what does that mean? we are learning from canada. lock chain based lob making means donated money to a cause the government doesn't like, th state department has no problem with that at all. what does this mean for a financial system? if you have a big bank, you can be very concerned about this. once a government announces the can zero out people's bank balances if they don't like their twitter feed, people tend not to trust banks.
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there is a lot of volatility. it's a scary moment. the founder of steals from crib toy, crypto podcast joins us to explain. thank you for coming on great i don't think i've ever seen anything like this. it's easy to play the tape of people getting run over by horses but the fact that they could grab you're financial currency strike me as a big deal . >> thank you for having me on, they can only seizure digital currency if you're owning it on exchange rate it's much harder for them to cease if you are in control of your bitcoin by holding your own private keys which is the beauty and importance of bitcoin, it allow you to control your money. it is a digital instrument, it is digital castrated borrowing as people are taking control of their own private keys, it is significantly harder to stop th spread of bitcoin.
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>> so, without getting too technical here, and thank you for saying that. the problems of crypto currency is still in place that you can operate transactionally without government oversight. how complicated is it not to us in exchange, for the ever perso to do something like that? >> it's very easy. they're are plenty of mobile apps you can download, whether it be google wallet, green wallet, these are open-source open sores wallets that anybody can download and can create private keys directly to a wallet. they can backup their wallet with 12 words, if they were abl to memorize them, theoretically they could walk around with their bitcoin in their heads. it's very simple to access the software is that enables it enables you to take control of your bitcoin and custody of it yourself. >> you got to think, if they ar gearing up people's bank accounts for political reasons,
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there is going to be a rush to crypto currency. do you expect that? viewed expected to become more after this? >> i think we have certainly seen the actions by the canadia government if they can do this to our bank accounts, fork protesting about silver liberties, how far will they go to stop us from transacting and using the traditional system? i think over the last few weeks people are beginning to recognize the beauty of bitcoin the utility provides that nobod can control as long as you can to control your own bitcoin, yo have those words written down and secured, you have the freedom to control your money. >> which turns out to be the core of freedom. thank you so much. >> good to see you, tucker. >> youtube. we learned last month that are closest ally and the world is ukraine.
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we have been hearing that any day now, russia is going to invade our closest ally, the ukraine. we have the details.
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>> for days, repeated claims from the biden administration that the ayden was going to invade the ukraine which was tw days ago. today, joe biden did not addres that disinformation that came from his ministration he said h was certain that they were goin to invade ukraine any day now. >> we have reason to believe th russian forces intend to attack ukraine in the coming weeks. in the coming days. we believe they will target ukraine capital city of 2.8 million innocent people. we are calling out russia's pla loudly and repeatedly.
5:38 pm
>> no reporter asked the obviou question which is why is this a deep concern to america. why is that more important in but some did ask why we can trust biden's assessment when the previous assessments were wrong and here was his answer. >> do you have any indication o whether president putin has mad a decision on whether to invade. >> as of this moment i'm convinced he's made the decision . i have reason to believe he has. you were convinced that president putin is going to invade ukraine, is that what yo just said a few minutes ago? >> what reason do you have to believe he is considering that option at all? >> we have significant intelligence capability. >> may be they are right, we have no idea, may be russia is invading right now, the point is , why is this the president central concern?
5:39 pm
there is so deeply worried abou the ukraine's territorial integrity meanwhile we don't have a border, its white open u.s. border authorities reporte 154,000 encounters with the illegal aliens in the month of january, almost double that number will number of encounter from last year. many of these are flying on commercial aircraft at your expense around the country to b settled at your expense in places where no one's has even requested. author of america's covert border war, he we are happy to have you join us tonight, but i thank you for coming on. give us a sense of the scale of this. it seems historic. >> 154,000 in a single month is unacceptably high. you mentioned that it's double from january from last year, bu the year before that january, i was 36,000 just to give you an
5:40 pm
idea the number is totally are about 2 million for just one year, the last first year of th biden administration, and this is directly on his shoulders it was his policies that set this thing off the rate i don't thin anybody should forget that. there is something interesting about these numbers though, 154,000, they are declining month by month, at the peak of this what i call the biden border crisis was in july at 219,000. last month it was 178,000 and s the numbers do seem to be creeping down. there might be a few good reasons for that, some interesting explanations for that as well. one of which is that the biden administration is looking at these numbers. terrible polling for the midter elections. they are ordering up some prett
5:41 pm
kind of deterrence based policies like air deportation flights, very significant numbers of wild mullen women an children flying back to look tarmac in guatemala and hondura and all all the door. they justt started flights to haiti. i think there is a possibility that those are radioactive to migrants who are coming up. nobody wants to cross the border , spend a whole bunch of smuggling money if they think they're going to be heading all the way back to square one. >> if you made them cool their heels in tijuana, it might be a greater deterrent for them. great to see you, thank you. so come out one upside of the coronavirus pandemic it gave parents at chance to see exactl
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>> we open this hour with breaking news on sandy cortez, obviously that's where to go to with your looking for news from the pop stars. trace gallagher joins us to explain. >> tucker, it's not often a public health department gets into a twitter battle with a celebrity or anybody, but here we go. this week, she's been outspoken about not taking it saying nothing like watching someone speak confidently about something they know nothing about. the philadelphia department of thought it was important to cal her out about reminding everybody about her tweet from last september when she stated her cousin trinidad had at friend who got became impotent with swollen and told everyone to pray on their vaccination decision and make sure you are comfortable with your decision and not bullied. she didn't say don't get it or that she wouldn't take it, she said pray on it, the department
5:48 pm
of health included a wide-eyed emoji which is a subtle way of saying she doesn't know what she's talking about. because health apartments acros the country have been spot on with this whole covid thing. nikki is not responding quoting and begin philadelphia's public-health account saying he tweets of engagement, they are attempting to shame people who are advising others to pray, be comfortable and not be bullied for it and never seen vaccine trigger this amount of shaming and the tactics. she retreated somebody else tha says the health department goin after nikki, they decided not t get the vaccine. she wrote, good job guys, you just convince more people to no get the vaccine. you want them to get. ea, she said. we will keep you up-to-date on the battle as we go forward. >> chris gallagher, thank you s much. >> people don't think or talk too much about architecture about where they're homes are designed or even their towns ar designed, but there is a reason
5:49 pm
that things are built the way they are. they are either pro- human or antihuman. unfortunately, so much of our architecture and semi city planning is antihuman pride one of the very few planners that plan architecture in a way that brings people together and make them happy. the congress for the new urbanism has got a plan to buil cities where people might actually know each other once again. we have an amazing conversation. here is part of it. >> the town plan is really affect your life. for example, a kid that has to be driven everywhere as a kid with no freedom at all. a person that can no longer drive as a prisoner. so when we design are places that are above all walkable where you can get to your by
5:50 pm
walking, you can have a car, bu you don't have to use. and i think what makes america pretty awful is that the car is mandatory. if you did not have a car almos to the individual level, individual with a car, you woul starve to death in a couple of days. >> we are so used to that, that we don't imagine ourselves 50 u until about 1950 before the car were widespread, before everything essentially have one every place, right across cultures, you needed your daily meats within walking distance. it was normal. the romans did it come at the chinese did it, everyone did it right then the car eradicated it . >> you would think we would be thinking and talking a lot more about how we actually live. how our lives are, underscoring one of the few who is in definitely one of the smartest right if you're interested it all, we recommend that topic.
5:51 pm
>> parents are voting up there school boards, pulling their children out of public schools, they didn't want their children to be indoctrinated by a crazy people. the scale of it she joins us very think you so much for coming on. so how big has homeschooling become in the face of the collapse of public education? >> thank you for so much for having me on, tucker. this pandemic we are now two years into it, and homeschoolin has increased fourfold from the beginning of the pandemic until last fall according to the u.s. census survey. in addition to that, the bigges that we've ever seen, and in addition to that, we are hearin data scientists tell us that a full 25 percent of all jobs and north america will be remote by the end of this year. i don't think the trend is goin anywhere. i think a lot more parents are going to be finding themselves at home a lot more often with
5:52 pm
their children which i think is a wonderful silverlining for th situation. i don't think anybody watching the show would say they are fully satisfied with how authority figures have handled this pandemic right we see all around the world trying to institute a great reset and trying to remake society in their image, but the good thing is that what man intends for evil, god uses for good, so we have a golden opportunity here which is the biggest demographi of people who have left the workforce and either stayed hom or started working remotely are mothers of school-age children. so come out we are in special situation to take advantage of this and use it to our own benefit to kind of get away fro sending our kids somewhere seve or eight hours a day to be indoctrinated by people who quite frankly our enemies to a more traditional conservative christian way of life. instead of those people teachin our children our morals, our
5:53 pm
culture, our values, we can go back to having parents and mothers teaching our kids those values. >> what you described is beautiful. they are an amazing family in your children. very quickly, i think that main concern for all people thinking about this is will my kids grow up to be world if they socializ with no classmates. >> people have a lot of concern or worries when they think abou homeschooling. public education is kind of knew , it's only been the standard for about a century an prior to that we had other ways of educating people. so the good news i tell people is it's really not that hard, you don't have to be an expert's , you don't have to be a teacher and you don't have to worry about not being able to socialize your kids either. we have so many ways we can do that now, especially with the internet, all of the bat, but a lot of good comes with with it
5:54 pm
to. we can get children into church we can get them into intramural sports and a lot of public schools also let kids do sports and band and things like that through the school as well pride . >> they should, you pay for it. thank you for joining us. great to see you. >> thanks. >> republicans almost offended their own voters last night. but then for a u.s. senators decided to betray their voters.
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>> republicans in the senate came so close to defending thei voters for the first time and a long time. they could've blocked the vaccine mandate, they had a chance to ask that amendment last night, they were absent because the mandate as part of the most on the sending bill, but the measure failed by one vote why? because four republican senator didn't bother to show up.
6:00 pm
needless to say, lindsey graham of south carolina. they were over the expense because this isn't the first country on their priority list. ukraine is what matters. so they refused to show up very just so you know. have the best weekend with the ones you love. we will back here monday at 8:0. ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of hannity. the left failure straight i am in for sean in tonight deeply troubling news both at home and abroad. and just a moment we will take you live to canada where wannab dictator justin trudeau is cracking down on peaceful protesters. and the reporters on-site covering their freedom convoy. also tonight we will bring you the latest covid 19 piermont graham from dr. fauci and jen


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