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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  February 19, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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eric: divided administration sounding the alarm over what it says is an imminent russian evasion of ukraine as fighting intensifies on the front lines in the eastern part of the country. top ukrainian officials coming under attack themselves earlier today as they toured a part of the region that has become the center of conflict in this a geopolitical standoff that continues at this hour. hello everyone welcome to "fox news live" i am eric shawn. arthel: hello everyone i am trying to abrade the west is
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warning the browns in ukraine could provide the pretext moscow needs to justify an attack. this, as president biden says he is convinced vladimir putin had decided to invade part senior u.s. defense official telling fox news russia has already begun the destabilization effort that would precede an invasion break rex vice president harris met with ukraine's president today at the munich and germany print vice president reaffirming u.s. and nato support for ukraine is a threat of war hangs over that country. >> the united states takes seriously the importance of the integrity and the territorial integrity of ukraine if russia further invades your country, as i mentioned earlier today, we will impose swift and severe economic sanctions. arthel: fox news team covering from washington ukraine were going to start with mark meredith live at the white house with the very latest, mark
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regrets arthel good afternoon to you. moments ago present biden wrapped up a lunch he decided not to answer porter questions they were shouting about ukraine. he certainly set a lot last night he said u.s. intelligence believes russia resident vladimir putin has made a decision to ultimately invade ukraine within a matter of days. >> russia has eight choice between war and all the suffering you will bring or diplomacy that will make a future safer for everyone. make no mistake, if russia pursues its plans it will be responsible for catastrophic and needless war of choice. the united states and our allies are prepared to defend every inch of nato territory from any threat to art collective security as well but. >> will the president said he does believe a decision has been made by putin is hopeful diplomacy could prevent war right next executive state anthony blankley back in europe getting ready to move this russian counterpart to the
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russian foreign minister abrade the question of course about what can happen between now and thursday. we are also looking to see whether or not the white house may have any response to comments the ukrainian president had to say earlier today he was talking about all of the discussion that is been building up about sanctions and whether or not russia will face severe enough consequences if they end up invading but here's what he had to say earlier today. >> we are being told that you have several days and they were will start right i said okay, then apply the sanctions today. yes, they say we apply sanctions when they were will happen. i am saying fine. but you are telling me that the war will start in a couple of days and what you waiting for? >> zelensky's comments came only a few hours after he sat down vice president carla harris paid the two talking about what they would like to see happen in terms of a de-escalation. use you can imagine zelensky make it very clear he is
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frustrated russia continues to escalate tension despite all these threats from the u.s. and its allies that there will be severe consequences, arthel. arthel: you can see from our perspective we are not the inside the intel but you can see and understand why he would be frustrated by that. meanwhile you have got, she definitely with other female world leaders, this is a big moment on the world stage for vice president harris. what do we from her today and how is the vice president being received of the world stage? >> it is a big moment for the vice president only politically but the global state she also had the chance to meet with world leaders including secretary-general thereof nato yesterday reaffirming america's commitment to nato. something of course unified message we have been hearing out of the white house now for the last several weeks. harris it though, was having that meeting with zelensky but there were a lot of questions about what kind of deliverables they will be able to get out of it. she is still there overnight and munich would expect her to come
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back i believe on monday if not sunday evening. it is also reported the "washington post" that cites an anonymous u.s. official who says they did not believe harris was getting much done there. but the unnamed u.s. official quoted in the "washington post". we have not verified the comments. it is getting around out there so an indication there may be some people back in d.c. are not thrilled with what they see on this trip so far. >> what could she get done there? >> the administration has made it very clear from the comments in the president that they believe putin has made up his mind and may continue to hope at the 11th hour this meeting with the blink and next week will be able to dissuade russia from acting. but arthel, when here's of the comets come from the white house from members of our allies in europe, it really does make you think war at this point seems like it could be days away. >> mark meredith thank you very much. eric. see for ukrainian forces are on a watch and wait mode preparing of course for the possible
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russian invasion we are told could happen at any time. adding to all this tension ukraine's military says a new round of shelling killed at least one ukrainian soldier in eastern ukraine. trey yanks has been traveling with the military on the front lines today and he witnessed the aggression firsthand. you guys right now artillery rounds -- met guys right now are moving back from the front. the ukrainian unit that we were with started to take incoming artillery rounds russian in the eastern part of the country. you can see some of the other journalists and soldiers were with us on the front lines here you can hear that explosion there. let's move a little quicker. we are good. we have just got to keep moving here, stay with us. keep moving. you guys can still hear us off to the right there's a lot of incoming artillery.
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the fire that we have coming in right now, it's being fired from a few kilometers away. russian backed separatist clearly identified there's a lot of people at that position and started to hammer it pretty heavily with artillery. you heard a few seconds ago there were explosions in the distance those were incoming around status with the ukrainian military's dealing with the past 48 hours that russian separatists identified people at this location they try to hit it quite heavily. let's keep moving. >> that very vivid indication of what is happening there. trey yingst reporting from eastern ukraine earlier today right now is on his way back to kyiv. we will check in with the trey as soon as he gets to a safe location, arthel for. >> indeed. here at home national security experts are warning of a possible russian cyber attack at could disrupt banks and power
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plants. alexander hoff is live in washington with details. alexandria to be clear are these warnings for the u.s.? >> arthel, there've been no specific cyber threats to the u.s. homeland right now. but u.s. intelligence say if russia were to attack ukraine and the u.s. responded the risk is there. russia is more than capable. >> we believe that the russian government is responsible for widescale cyber attacks on ukrainian banks this week. >> those attacks came in two waves according to ukraine defense ministry prefers to denial of service camp and the impact of the functions of bank software followed by spam messages telling users the banks were out of service. now russia has denied involvement but u.s. officials say it's part of destabilization techniques that could precede an invasion. at home and advisory has been ordered to businesses to adopt a heightened posture in order to protect critical assets in the event russia deployed similar tactics here, listen.
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>> i cannot stress this enough, we urge our private sector partners to exercise response plans and put in place these cybersecurity defenses like encryption and multifactor authentication endemic cyber attacks attacks harder for even sophisticated cyber actors. >> cyber experts say russia has been jamming ukrainian gps receivers for years now. the u.s. is not issued any warning of a cyber threat to satellite. if that were to happen it would have a grave impact on everything from communication capability to farming, arthel. arthel: alexandria hoff, thanks alex. eric. before the russian invasion appears to be emmett secretary of state anthony blink and calling it apparel for ukrainians he is sitting down and meeting with the foreign minister of russia next week. it likely will not happen at least until then. meanwhile in kyiv most going about their most weekend
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routines. a growing number are saying they're making plans to resist and fight back. live with the very latest he is in western ukraine, lucas. >> good evening eric for this is a crisis over 30 years in the making when the soviet union broke up, president putin wants to put it back together. now he penned a 5000 word essay over the summer and saying ukrainians russians were the same people. people we've spoken to her on the ground disagree. not earlier at the munich security conference issued the following chilling warning. >> war is looming again in europe and the risk is anything but averted. >> for the first time in over 20 years, russia skipped the munich security conference for western leaders gathered paid by my account the restaurants tested at least seven messes in going this a moderate intercontinental mission oak capable of carrying multiple thermal launch has capable of hitting new york. this test done with unarmed
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warheads of course. also testing the hypersonic missile from a warship very similar initial was fired from a mega 31 earlier today. his provocative missile test not a perv gathered for those in today. those exercises with belarus tomorrow after that it is anyone's guess what comes next, putin will order. earlier today hundreds gathered here, the countries cultural capitol, the coffee capitol were american diplomats flayed when the u.s. embassy in kyiv was evacuated. spoke to one of the organizers earlier. >> when you say resist eraser fight the russians? >> if there will be a need we will fight with the russians actually we live in the war for eight years this is part of our reality. we are ready to resist in any possible way. >> now, it is a saturday night here i walked the treat streets earlier. people are out you would not those of pending russian invasion people are out having a good time. and again might have built poland or france look like on
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the world of world war ii. and note some residents think it could be world war iii. before hopefully not to that level but certainly a contrast or hearing with the drink on the streets, lucas thank you. arthel part. arthel: nationally the u.s. and allies are keeping a very close eye on china's reaction to the ongoing tensions between russia and ukraine. a new report says top leaders in beijing are weighing just how far to go back and vladimir putin the russian leader in chinese and president displayed a united front in a summit earlier this month still officials say china's being careful not to throw its full support behind putin. >> for china's part if it decides to give explicit to the invasion of the sovereign nation in the heart of europe that be a very bad signal for its vision of the world. let's be real the russian economy is one tenth the site of the eu. one 15th the size of the u.s.
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economy. china may want russia as a junior partner for cheap gas or cheap oil but let's not pretend it's anything else. arthel: let's bring in gordon cheney is a senior fellow at the gates don't institute author of the coming collapse of china as well as a great u.s. china tech war. so gordon, how do you interpret the deputy national security adviser's comments? >> i think china could very well support russia. so far despite conflicting interests between beijing and moscow we have seen china diplomatically support russia at the security council puts also the announcement of $117.5 billion in oil and gas deals on february 4. that was a warning to the united states that the united states imposes sanctions on russia china will backfill as a state department calls it. in other words, russia's economic aid. arthel: it seems that president xi jinping his support of a
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president putin goes beyond the possible ukraine invasion. he wants to degrade or dilute nato. what is his motive there? >> 's motive there i think really is to show that china is going to actually get involved in disputes upon its borders. in the last month or so interesting chinese statements on the falklands and of course it nato and ukraine. which is a new indication of china's belief that it should have a say in everything that was on in the world. and while this is been going on of course in eastern europe we have seen more provocative chinese actions along its periphery. so this is got to be a concern that we will see conflict at both ends of the land masses. >> just said china's giving russia $117.000000000 in oil and gas business as president putin faces is crippling sanctions that we keep hearing about by the u.s. allies plus as you know they are conducting joint
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military exercises. it is not so indirect affront to the u.s. i would say. so how much more does that strain the relationship between president biden and she? more importantly what can we do? on the downward spiral? >> is very difficult to separate moscow and beijing because a lot of people would like large wood because vladimir putin see the world in the same in terms they think their interest at this point coincide and they identify the same adversary which is the united states. so although china is not all and on a russian invasion of ukraine and although a lot of people in beijing will be very concerned about backing putin, has done that so far all the indications are china will stand with russia. now i tend to think it's not in china's interest but that is not the way china calculates the weight sees the world in this
11:16 am
moment. arthel: why isn't beijing all in as you just said? >> i think beijing is willing to wait and see what is going on. but beijing has its own interest that do coincide with russia. so for instance if the united states is preoccupied with an invasion of ukraine or nato members, we will see china move against india, japan, the philippines, taiwan. for member on february 5, china flew a plane over a taiwan island. that of course is an act of war. that was during the so-called olympic truce because this was the first day of competition in the olympics. so beijing is acting in ways which i think do not really reflect its own interest. nonetheless he's very progressive very active it take us by surprise and things we are thinking not in china's interest. arthel: real short answer here what can the bite administration do? do they have leverage still?
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sue for police and cannot resting more than 100 protesters including four of the organizers of the truck convoy there. authorities are cracking on the demonstrators have been a rallying against covid restrictions and jamming traffic that is critical to trade routes to our country for weeks. to the underground with the very latest. >> hi eric. we just want to show the contrast from just yesterday and today but yesterday this area was filled with trucks. there was intensive pushback from protesters, but police systematically formed a human barricade, walked through this area, cleared at outcome had all
11:22 am
the trucks are driven out or removed and now this is completely under control by police pretty can see the large fencing and barricade that went up. just yesterday this was still a part of the very large trucker protest abrade notice completely under control by police. police have basically cleared the entire trucking protest area you may have seen videos of and the pictures of over the past couple of weeks. that has been cleared the protest is all but over. opposite end of parliament hill hundreds of protesters giving the final push back against the police their swat teams they are there armored vehicles there, police have beefed up their presence. they are working until the final couple of protesters may be clear. we can report the area is basically secured by police the protesters were worn for days and weeks if they did not leave they would be arrested reset plenty of people arrested and booked. ottawa police have a least 100 people been arrested we expect
11:23 am
an update from ottawa police at 3:30 p.m. local time. before matt thanks. eric: harold is one of the truckers protesting amid the crackdown in ottawa. he joins us now by skype. i want to thank you for joining us. i understand you are at the protest earlier today. you've been taking part. what made you decide to join the protest in the first place? >> because of the sadness and suffering that has been experienced throughout the world for the past two years. covid has been tough on society. but in truth has been depressed, hidden from the world when it comes to the vaccination, the lockdowns and negative effects of those things. we need to have an honest discussion about that. it is time to move on. it's time to open up the country, we need to move on from the covid restrictions and they
11:24 am
refused too. arthel: you definitely make a point that covid has had a negative impact on many lives. people have not been able to see their loved ones. people have been suffering from depression as a result. that is what countries like the u.s. and canada rolled out the vaccines that was the whole idea to get most people vaccinated. so we could try to control the virus. i understand that is your prerogative you chose not to get vaccinated which is what this is all about. have you personally lost income because of the protest? exit yes i have it. it has been very tough half of my book guys cannot cross the border to support the economy that is so important between our two countries. the bridges were shut down for a few days that was not a proper protest this one and ottawa is illegal. it has been booked and it
11:25 am
saddens us and discourages us the government is using the police who have been sworn to protect it and serve us. they are using them aggressively to suppress something that has been peaceful. it is unbelievable how they have been so aggressive against a peaceful protest. streets have been open. they have never been close completely. the narrative that is coming from so much of the media is so saddening. arthel: just today reportedly from police the police were saying some of those truckers who were arrested were wearing body armor and carrying smoke grenades. there have been images i guess they say the camera does not lie us on these protests getting out of hand. let's stay here on your particular message. as you well know 90% of canadian truckers are vaccinated. of course the concerns the 10% should not be ignored.
11:26 am
but 90/ten is a lopsided percentage. you said that you did not necessarily agree with shutting down the ambassador bridge. was there a way to convince the majority of truckers to consider your concerns and present a more united diplomatic argument? >> i think what you are saying is not correct it is not 90%. but we are saying about truck drivers having a body armor. arthel: let's do want to tie what is the percentage of truckers that have been vaccinated? >> it is about 80% may be. there is no exact way to tell but i know myself i only have 50% of my drivers vaccinated. arthel: okay. and you dispute the claims the protest being on peaceful, right? >> very hard the eye just watched a video my friend took us he was being released. he was arrested but he was the one that was actually saying stay calm guys, stay calm, stay
11:27 am
calm. stay calm guys it is okay. he was the one trying to calm the police down. when we are hearing it is false. there is nobody here that's carrying gas and weapons as totally false. arthel: you know what we're reminding everyone this is because of canada u.s. requirement for truckers to be fully vaccinated to conduct cross-border transportation. so, as you well know in the process of these protest there have been trade that has been negatively impacted. you've got the shortage of auto parts forcing gm, ford, honda to close a plant or downgrade production. compounding the supply chain issues, you have even lost money yourself. so, is it all worth it to stand up for what you have a right to say i don't want to get vaccinated but it is a requirement to do your job, was it worth it? >> i think it is worth it standing up for freedom.
11:28 am
i think that has what this is become more than covid and mandates. we was just about covid and mandates in the lockdowns are prime minister would have been at the table. but this is bigger than that now i believe. >> what is that you believe it's a bigger than that what is it about sir? >> that is for the politicians, the courts to investigate. it is pretty complicated. arthel: alright mr. jonker, harold jonker, thank you for your time today. eric: district attorneys across the country being blamed for increasing crime. and in new york, rolls out on the streets is failing next will hear from others whose son was shot to death by a 17-year-old gunman. she says we need to do to protect us all.
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if i'm all eyes aren't russian president vladimir putin and what his next move will be. the question will be will he invade your crater find a diplomatic solution? meantime the russian leader personally planned nuclear drills today involving intercontinental ballistic missiles. amy kellogg is a life in moscow with more from the story, amy. >> hi arthel birdwell, western leaders can say all they like about what is going on here. but the only person who really knows exactly what comes next is sitting right here in moscow. and today we have not heard a word from him publicly. at least about ukraine and nato and the standoff going on. however, president putin's hands were quite full overseeing the nuclear exercises quite dramatic video of missiles, cruise,
11:34 am
hypersonic, not clear how long it advances were planned. but in this week of heightened tension and confusion about drawdowns or buildups of russian troops, that shirt sent a message. putin sat with alexander the president of belarus has been hosting many of russians or troops as close as a few miles from ukraine's borders of the last ten days for heavy exercises for the two countries have been moving closer together integrating on many levels military economic and have made shared declarations in recent days about their strengthening partnership. clearly, note need to talk out of applying for nato membership rate russians in the eastern parts of the ukraine at the behest of leaders of the self-declared people republican messages last night, started to evacuate to russia. one of the leaders even asked people to take up arms to protect themselves. they say ukrainian invasion is imminent print something ukraine calls an absurd fabrication and accusation especially in light of all the russian forces out
11:35 am
sitting at its borders are. for sure there has been an uptick in hostilities in the eastern region of ukraine. but it is not clear at this point what exactly is going on. at this point it is a war propaganda rate one of the russian state tv networks ran a program on the invasion that did not happen called 17 invasions of winter which was playing off the title of a soviet era spy movie. though it had a rather mocking tone about all of these gases about dates and things that were to happen and have not yet happened. but the film also laid out a case to the russian public about how ukraine is in fact planning some sort of invasion. some think that the united states has continuously been calling potential false flag. that is the latest from moscow tonight, arthel. >> part of the putin playbook amy kellogg in moscow, thank you amy. >> here's the area that i am really concerned at and we must
11:36 am
revisit. not allowing family members to commit individuals who are dangerous to themselves and others. we need to re-examine how we are dealing with individuals showing imminent danger to themselves and others. >> that's derek city mayor eric adams demanding his fellow democratic lawmakers in the state capitol change their reform. progressive policy the critics say that the criminals out on the streets when previously they have been held behind bars where they await trial. you know the democratic-controlled legislature is defeat refusing to toughen the law is continued in murders sent shockwaves across the city are looking she was savagely killed last weekend when police say a suspect with repeated arrest out on the streets followed her home in the early morning hours and stabbed her to death with a knife from her own kitchen. prosecutors charging that
11:37 am
suspect with murder was out on supervised release for a violent attack months ago when he murdered lee. mayor adamczyk nash is a poster person for the faulty bail system. her son michael nolan was murdered by a 17-year-old back in 2015. michael was only 23 years old. donna welcome. your sense as you see this happening continually and at the state democratic legislators in albany refused to budge, your message. >> hi eric, thank you for having me. my message is they need to do something. we cannot just keep allowing the same people out on the street after they have been arrested turn out finally hold them because they have taken someone's life. and every day we hear the same story over and over. if you look at the statistic nine out of ten people have
11:38 am
taken life are a repeat offender. they say this is meant for misdemeanors what are we considering a misdemeanor anymore? gave an interview clearly stated that shooting someone is a bailable offense. how is that a bailable offense taking a gun and shooting someone? are you referring to the majority leader of the andrea stewart cousins as well as a speaker of the state senate, both art democratic politicians and they are refusing to change the law. they say better reform there they are, stewart cousins is on the left and hasting on the screen on her right. they say bail reform impacts unfairly minorities who cannot afford to bail. they talk about repeat offenders having more programs and this sort of thing. what would you say to them when their own fellow democrat eric
11:39 am
adams pleads and fags in albany last week to change the law and they say no? >> eric adams pleaded to it there is an article the papers yesterday our own mayor on the police commissioner or asking the same thing. it is easy for them to say that bail reform is working. this is not about race for this is about everyday human life that are being taken by people who are repeat offenders. and even at that we've seen that happen parade they are violent offenders there still getting out. it is not until the take someone's life that they start pointing fingers or they start asking how did we get here? we got here because of the laws that you refuse to change. because it is not affecting them. but it is affecting the rest of us. eric: one study shows almost half of 16 -year-olds release because of these laws, half of the 16 -year-olds are rearrested for crimes. does that surprise you? >> no it doesn't. when they get arrested the first
11:40 am
time ago in front of a family court judge. they get arrested on a friday night and they get arrested again on monday night the crime they got previously arrested for is a closed case we have to protect their rights they are under age. if they are man enough to go out on the streets and do what they are doing their man enough to deal the consequences. we should not be keeping that staff from not being exposed. >> it seems to be an epidemic of teenager 16, 17-year-old with guns and gangs out on the streets. your son michael, 23 years old was standing in a burger king parking lot. he was a draft pick for the oakland a's here's some pictures of him now. he was shot to death in the head by a 17-year-old. you have gone this, you think of him every single day. what do you want the viewers to know about what you have gone through, michael's life, and what the message is so this stops happening.
11:41 am
>> you know, it is an everyday pain. not only was he my son but he was my best friend. he had three brothers they were all best friends but had a dad, he had a future. because one teenager or punk as i called him, decided to take a gun and shoot it into a crowd, everything was taken for my son. everything was taken from us. my family will never be the same we live that back pain every day. a lot of these politicians, especially cousins, she knows the my family she came to the wake she's been to many functions we've had for fundraisers but she knows the pain my family is going through. why would you want any other family to have to go through that? it is just a heart ache you wake up with every day knowing he has never coming through that door parade there's never a phone call there's never a text message. none of that all that was taken from us and why?
11:42 am
why are we going to continue to have moms, dads, families be destroyed because they do not which is see the bail reform, raise the age is failing. it is not working out. just admit it. i'm not saying we should not have some type of bail reform. but to the extent they have gone is unacceptable. you need to start working for us. that's who they need to start working for the people who are being harmed every day. start worrying about us. eric: a plea from the heart from donna nolan whose son was murdered by 17-year-old. donna, we hope the politicians listen, thank you for coming on today. >> thank you erica. eric: of course, and we'll be right back. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ [♪♪] only pay for what you need. if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels
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migrant encounters for january were also on the rise nearly double what we saw in january last year end quadrupled from january 2020. senior correspondent casey spiegel is live in la joya, texas with more details, casey. >> hey arthel good to see up or let's break those numbers down a bit further. especially with the migrant encounters. they were written down a bit from december's numbers. but when you compare it to what's typically a very slow month out here in the field it was extremely busy. in fact you just mention quadrupled in fact the numbers from just two years ago. encounters here in this particular sector where we are, the rio grande valley of south texas they are up 77% in this one spot. now, the new video from an overnight where fox news camera was accompanying law enforcement and captured 11 runners, migrants trying to evade agents and police. after brief foot pursuits in the
11:48 am
dark this time around they were able to take them all into custody. as you look live now at the border here in south texas courtesy of the fox flight team and drone officials say the longer this crisis goes on the likelihood of hardened criminals sneaking through the crooks dramatically increase a scary thought for this woman whose son was killed by a migrant in the country illegally parked. >> we thought we are going to be planning as a wedding and we ended up planning a funeral. we should be safe in our own nation. we should be safe in our own cities. >> now, single adults make up more than 432,000 of all encounters at the southern border when you look at fiscal year 2022. family units account for some a 164,000 of them. and unaccompanied minors, children traveling by themselves under the age of 18 make up
11:49 am
close to 47000 of the encounters out here so far and the last several months. arthel. arthel: at the border in la joya, texas casey stegall thank you very much casey. totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. vazalore 325 liquid-filled aspirin capsule is clinically shown in a 7 day study who g off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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james: bout back to the russian threat to great military set of soldiers killed in eastern ukraine that from russian backed separatist shelling. trey yingst was on the front lines where he witness attacks. he is now back in kyiv safely. that was pretty harrowing, glad you are safe what did you see? >> eric good afternoon for today we spent the day on the front lines with ukrainian soldiers as they took incoming fire from russian backed separatist in the eastern part of this country. we got some new information from these troops about what type of fire they are taking from these russian backed fighters for they say they not only taken mortar and artillery round but also antitank missiles were they actually showed us evidence, pieces of these missiles they were able to recover. this entire area of eastern ukraine really right now under fire along the line of contact. and even as we speak right out
11:54 am
more cease-fire violations are being reported. now today i spoke with ukrainian interior minister he described a level of preparedness for the forces here in the national guard who will assist with any sort of defensive action if there is a russian invasion. take a look at what the scene was like earlier today as we were talking with the interior minister and this position came under fire. >> the fire we have coming in right now is being fired from just a few kilometers away. russian backed separatist clearly identified there's a lot of people at that position and started to hammer pretty heavily with artillery pretty hard a few seconds ago those explosions in the distance. those were incoming rounds. that is with ukrainian military has been dealing with for the past 48 hours. they say they are following the protocols and it is the russians backed forces you here in the distance there more explosions, that are violating this
11:55 am
agreement. >> that is just a taste of what life is like for soldiers and civilians living right now in eastern ukraine. they are the real story for they are brave. we spoke to them today they said they will stay in this part of the country because it is their country. these soldiers are resilient and they say they are willing to fight if there is a russian invasion. the children it's on these towns along the border, it is quite harrowing to speak with some of them they have grown up amid this war pretty spoke with one at 9-year-old described to us that if he is in school where he needs to go if there is a shelling at that time. nearly his entire life has been covered by this war that started back in 2014 between russia and ukraine, eric the. >> trey absolutely amazing. 14000 people have been killed so far in this war. what is the morale like among those troops and among the people is there a sense that may be vladimir putin could chewing off more than he expects? >> i think there is no doubt if war does arrived at a larger
11:56 am
level between russia and ukraine it will be quite bloodied. there are military units from this country spread out along their own borders and prepared internally for a russian invasion. it's very much a david and goliath situation. we saw today president putin alongside the leader of belarus alexander lukashenko testing missiles. we did not see those types of drills take place and ukraine. a lot of this has to do with the military capability of this country, eric. before the post-world war ii order of diplomacy and democracy on the line. trey yingst brave work as always thank you. outstanding reporting will have the latest on the tension between ukraine and russia later on in our 4:00 p.m. eastern program. it really brings it home. arthel: it really does, eric.
11:57 am
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