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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  February 19, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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been found to use performance-enhancing drugs in december. and made the skating competition a complete fiasco. i'm going to give russia a quadruple axle and lying and cheating. >> right thank you that's it for this week show thanks to my panel into all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. ♪. arthel: the biden it ministration to tighten the economic news against russia as the fighting intensifies in eastern ukraine. his ball is very much in vladimir putin's court as the world waits and watches for his next move. white house official telling fox news the russian president would pay a heavy price in sanctions if he invades ukraine. but ukraine's president today asking the west what are you waiting for? hello everyone welcome to "fox news live". hi eric. eric: thank you everyone for
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joining us on the saturday paid present biden warning a russian invasion could be imminent even as he leaves the door open for diplomatic solution to the crisis secretary of state antony of lincoln meeting with his counterpart next week. we not vice president harris meeting with the ukrainian president of the security conference today she said we are at quote a decisive moment in history. fox news coverage on all of this let's start with mark is the latest in the white house by. >> good afternoon u.s. intelligence said vladimir putin has already decided he's going to invade ukraine within a matter of days. it was a pretty bleak assessment that came from the present and the administration given the ongoing talks of ways to avoid war. >> of reason to leave the russian forces are planning an intent to attack ukraine in the coming week. in the coming days.
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we believe they will target ukraine's capitol kyiv a city of $2.8 million people unchecked make no mistake of russia continues its final be responsible for catastrophic and needless war of choice. >> and munich, journey road city vice president kamala harris met face-to-face with ukraine's president. in her remarks the vp once again reaffirming america's commitment to ukrainian sovereignty. she says russian aggression will not be tolerated by the u.s. and its allies. corrects any threats to your country we take seriously and we have rallied our alleys and our partners to speak with one voice. and those voices have been reflected throughout the course of these last couple of days and before. >> out long after that meeting broke up we saw president zelensky of ukraine speak to an audience there in germany in which he said he said the u.s. and its allies were not imposing
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sanctions now as we've seen as well as the belief here in washington and elsewhere that war may be only a few days away. >> we are being told we have several days than they were will start and i said okay then apply the sanctions today. yes they say we apply it sanctions when the war will happen. i am saying fine but you are telling me one 100% the war will start in a couple of days than what you waiting for? we heard from not responding directly with his comments but insists there is already a sweeping sanctions package ready to go and it's already been a lot of action taken by the united states and its allies including the massive military aid deployed not only to ukraine but across eastern europe. >> meanwhile on capitol hill and congress failed to agree on a bipartisan sanctions package for the senate did agree on a
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resolution showing support for ukraine. but what is that mean? lateral putin is going to say congress cannot even agree. >> some lawmakers even said they did not believe russian president putin you do bring up a good point when it comes to the timing of the sanctions there was some disagreement upon capitol here. we did hear she believes president biden has the authority he needs to impose sanctions when he feels ready. >> the president has by executive order the authority to implement. from what we have heard from different meetings that i mentioned to you earlier, there is a readiness on the part of nato and the nato countries to be very. >> there's a lot of debate and that nato countries including italy yesterday about what should and should not be included in the sanctions
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particularly when it comes to energy expert imports meant many depending on europe when it comes to the energy supplies we're looking to those in important developments tomorrow or if we hear anymore from prison by later on tonight. eric: oil and gas would certainly hurt putin. mark thank you. arthel: mean what meantime ukrainian forces on high alert preparing for a possible russian invasion that could happen at any moment. ukraine's military said a new round of shelling along the border killed at least two soldiers, trey yingst traveled and is now live in kyiv with the very latest. >> arthel good afternoon we did spend the day with ukrainian troops on the front lines speaking with them and learning more about the attacks they have been under from russian backed separatist. we do know according to this troops they're not only receiving artillery fire but also mortar fire and antitank
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missiles they showed us evidence to support the statements. i spoke with ukraine's minister of the interior who said his country is prepared for a variety of scenarios that could unfold in the coming days but here's what it looked like after our conversation. >> the fire we have coming in right now is being fired from just a few kilometers away. russian backed separatist clearly identified there were a lot of people at that position and started hammer pretty heavily with artillery. you heard a few seconds ago the explosions in the distance. those were incoming rounds. that is with ukrainian military has been dealing with the past 48 hours. they say they are following protocols and it is the russians backed forces you are in the distance more explosions that are violating this agreement. >> to ukrainian soldiers have been killed so far in the unit fighting for this is separatist in the east continue to stage an evacuation of civilians claiming
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without evidence that it is ukraine that's planning to attack. they also ordered all men 18 -- 55 to stay and fight. this is the russian state media outlet across the board are calling what is happening in the region a genocide. worried this could all be laying the groundwork to give russian president vladimir putin a pretext to invade but as for the front lines today you got a taste there of what it is like every single day for civilians and soldiers in the eastern part of this country. they are the story here not the journalist covering them and it is extremely important to get their stories. they are vowing to state despite the fact in many could be killed if russia launches a larger offensive. arthel: you make it excellent point their trey. are the ukrainian people believing this propaganda about ukraine genocide? and apart from that how are they reacting? how are they reacting to the very tenuous situation? >> people in ukraine are quite
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cold right now. most feel we talked to said they are prepared but they have heard the story before but the threats from russian president putin and the rhetoric coming out of moscow. in terms of what they believed statements that are made by the kremlin and by officials in russia often times go to the wayside here. they understand what is happening on the ground. they can look at the facts of the region. president putin says things like genocide the international community and the ukrainian people say they want to see evidence. president putin has western intelligence officials have indicated is going to be continuing to push these narratives and effort to get basically his people on his side before he launches what all western officials including the president of the united states believe will be a major offensive against the country. >> indeed the story is about the people but trace unchecked trey yingst great thank you for reading the story out.
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eric: 's russia appears poised to invade secretary of state antony blinken says we are at a quote moment of apparel. the restaurant with the russian counter off the foreign minister of russia sergey lavrov scheduled in europe is maybe a last ditch moment to try to avoid a potential war. this as people in ukraine you can see are still going about their normal weekend routines. but a growing number we are told are making plans to resist the russians. lucas of tomlinson and western ukraine with the latest on that hi lucas. >> hi eric. this is a city in western ukraine were american diplomats fled to after vacuuming the embassy in ukraine's capitol city over fears of a russian invasion. now earlier today we went to a unity rally and spoke with a nun in the ukrainian orthodox church. >> do you think the russians are going to invade? >> it is possible though it knows what is in the head of mr.
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so we have to be ready. >> with dozens of world leaders in munich russia not only skip to the security conference for the first time in over 20 years, it also sent a very undiplomatic message launching multiple unarmed but nuclear capable missiles from land, sea and in the airport over whether 50000 russian shoulders continue to surrounding country in the north, south, east and seaford that rushes joining military exercises with belarus tomorrow and after that who knows for the pentagons is in behalf of the at the border are poised ready to invade and ready to strike. the new satellite vintages show there's more attacks to belarus to the fourth and 50 more helicopter gunships to the southeast and crimea over 60 more helicopters have recently landed her vladimir putin personally oversaw this missile test today. last summer he wrote a 5000 word essay calling ukrainians and russians one people. i asked the locals about that at the unity rally he disagree with
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putin. >> ukraine has its culture and history. belarus has its own culture and history. and russia. we are not russia but ukraine is not russia believes is not russia, russia's russia. >> all of the calm here in levine and western ukraine west of the capitol. some people are tense but this evening the german airline canceled kites to kyiv in the port city of your dessa. quicksort lucas thanks so much, arthel. arthel: backer of national security experts are warning of a possible russian cyber attack that could disrupt communication banks, power plants, right here in the u.s. alexander hoff has more from washington. if russia were to attack ukraine and america responded u.s. intelligence officials said there is a risk of becoming the target of russian cyber attack. critical infrastructure would be the areas of greatest concern that includes power plants, banks and watertube facilities here in the united states.
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private companies have been called on to make sure they are equipped. >> we have exercise the maximum government authorities to mandate the steps needed. we know that should anything occur we will work closely with the private sector to rapidly respond and recover prey. >> officials advise there is no specific credible threats to the u.s. homeland at this time. but intelligence agents have identified the russian government as the likely force pride widespread cyber attacks on ukrainian banks this week but russia has denied involvement but u.s. officials say it is part of a destabilization technique that could proceed and invasion. cyber expert say for years russia has jammed ukrainian gps receivers. >> russia has enormous capabilities and solid weaponry. at a local level and has significant probably some of the best in the world known as electronic warfare capabilities essentially jamming signals. that talking to the allies
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signals from the outlet progress u.s. is not issued any warning of a cyber threat to american sunlight cyber experts doubt russia would go as far as to wage a war against america in this way. but they do have the capability and that could impact not just gps and communication but also farming. even oil exploration. >> alright alexander hoff hoff reporting from washington thank you alex. >> the west is looking forward in 11th hour solution to the crisis in ukraine. with that meeting between antony blinken and sergey lavrov perhaps on tuesday. despite the signs going up to invade vice president harris at the conference of the u.s. and our allies are prepared to act quote with one voice if vladimir putin does move-in. >> we are also clear that we would prefer that this be resolved in a diplomatic way. and we have remained open to a diplomatic path to resolution.
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however, if russia takes aggressive action against ukraine we are prepared to implement. and to do that work and a unified way with our allies around the world. james: is putin really want a diplomatic result? what affairs analyst is here. also professor at carnegie university research fellow at the hoover institution. so why do you think isn't putin's calculations right now as he has amassed this force on three sites of ukraine? >> as you and i have talked, eric and the last few weeks it is always been my position putin would rather not have to invade neighbors to be frightened. that would be a great solution. some of that but most of it has not. i think what really remains now
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is for the west even more unified with the biden administration officials have talked about. it worries me that in fact is not happening. the vice president spoke about the u.s. a rallying european leaders to the cause of resisting an invasion. i don't think united states is rallying anything for the united states is playing catch-up. it is a year behind. just now do we see the kind of shuttle diplomacy from european capitol to european meeting with the vice president, secretary stated others in the administration attempting to talk with our partners about how to shore up in flank. the problem with crimea, russia go back to 2014. this should be top of mind with
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it was in office a year ago but it wasn't. many of our partners and allies in central and eastern europe complain they cannot get meetings with the white house never going to provide leadership it and think the leadership is coming from the europeans themselves. though they may be divided on issues and they sanctioned packages being talked about as the most severe and unprecedented targeted at russia. without them without the mechanisms they are activating their osce from the agreement, through the normandy format eu without them nothing happens. that is the sad part for the united states played well it plays catch-up the europeans are figuring this out for themselves what. >> you think their sanctions at the president is enough? some estimates say putin has
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scored a way like $630 billion he is survived the sanctions since 2014 from crimea as a historical figure trying to reestablish the soviet unit by grabbing ukraine and being off to other nations. >> yes we have talked about this before. i want some examples were determined great powers have stopped their behavior because of the threat of sanctions. that is why ukrainian officials are going to use a punishing sanctions do them now. even if we do them now they bring up a really good point, eric. it is so critical for the united states to be credible when russia has the kind of putin ambitions of a greater russian empire event type sanctions and russia.
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though they would be damaging it may not be enough. before you think will see something next week, quickly? >> i think we may see some movement next week from russia i am really interested in seeing the movement from the united states and the diplomacy beginning to bear fruit. that is the movement i would like to see. >> all right the world awaits we will see what happens in the next 72 plus hours, thank you. arthel: meanwhile canadian are defending their crackdown on this capitol city of ottawa arresting people so far today. officers deployed tear gas and pepper spray earlier when police say a protester set off a flare. the trucker protest against canadians vaccine and masking mandates began weeks ago. matt fenn is an ottawa with the very latest. matt has it been three weeks
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now? >> yes, today is day 23, arthel. the protests have largely wanted down. police have basically gained control of the main area outside of parliament hill we are outside of parliament hill beds were a lot of the pictures and videos have been coming from over the past couple of weeks. police formed a human barricade spread walked in line and tactical gear in riot gear and squeeze out all the protesters they arrested anyone who counted them or resisted arrest. they also smashed into a couple of trucks eventually will remove them. we also saw a lot of truck drivers and the few minutes drive off. they do not want to be arrested they did not want to have their truck towed away. we can report now the purchase are pretty much winding down here and police have gained a lot of control in this area. it's nothing like it was six, 12 or 24 hours ago.
1:20 pm
we talked to a truck driver not long ago who sat in his truck until the final moments he said he was preparing to be arrested or have his truck towed. he said he feels like the protested way less damage than the covid mandates. >> all i'm worried about pianist's get my truck back. however this plays it back i just need my truck is the only thing i have let's keep it in perspective folks. but we have done the last three weeks it's got everybody's attention because it happened all at once the last two years has been an absolute slow motion disaster. full stop there. >> police report they towed at least 38 vehicles today resolve the toe, a few yesterday as well but will keep you updated hear from ottawa arthel pay. arthel: thank you met fin live in ottawa thank you. eric: 's former associate of jeffrey epstein is dead too in a paris prison cell just like epstein was found in new york.
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survived french prosecutors say a modeling agent was a close up jeffrey epstein was found dead at his jail cell today. 76-year-old was accused of helping epstein traffic under age girls. he was being held as part of an investigation into the rape and sexual assault of minors. christina coleman is following the story live from los angeles, christina. >> yes arthel, jean-luc was arrested in december of 2020 as part of the investigation into the late epstein's global ring. they believed he was provided hundreds of women and girls to epstein modeling agencies he managed over the years. the 76-year-old death comes just days after uk prince and it reached a tentative settlement and a lawsuit with virginia roberts dupree. she accuse the french of sexually abusing her while she was traveling with epstein when she was 17 years old. the prince denied those
1:26 pm
allegations. she is disappointed that she won't face them and try but gratified she did get to testify against him for today her attorney released a statement saying quote most people do not realize that virginia roberts testified in france and that her testimony was a significant factor in the french government's decision to hold jean-luc without bail. roberts is a highly credible person like epstein, jean-luc had no realistic way of ever getting out of jail. told french newspaper that his apparent suicide was not driven by guilt but deep sense of injustice. eerily similar to that of jeffrey epstein both men were accused of multiple crimes and both were not on suicide watch when they were found dead in the prison cells. epstein's body was discovered in august of 2019.
1:27 pm
a medical exam it ruled his death a suicide by hanging. epstein's longtime companion who was convicted of abuse crimes in december serving time at a enteral prison and new york. her brother tells "new york post" he fears for her safety in light of a burnell's sudden death which is of course now under investigation, arthel pay. >> christina coleman live in los angeles pre-thank you very much. ♪. eric: new government data shows a spike in functional seizures at the southern border. rose 57% from december to january. that's on the only thing that is increasing, for january there were nearly doubled the same time last year. four times more than two years ago. life at the border fence in la joya, texas that is where casey
1:28 pm
stangl is standing by. >> hey eric good to see you. customs and border protection quite revealing was finally released the latter part of the week. 154,000 migrant encounters record along the southern border for the month of january. believe it or not that is down from the previous month because in december they had nearly 179,000 of them. however, when you compare it to the previous january's this typically a slower month for this traffic it is much higher for fiscal year 2022. one of our photographers was shattered dps troopers they chased it down 11 different runners who took cover under the darkness and attempted to hide everyone was eventually apprehended but the crisis here impacts every single american, listen. >> they do not stay in arizona and texas. it distributes throughout the
1:29 pm
entire united states we are talking to ames, iowa. we are talking about kansas city, kansas, kansas city, missouri. we are talking throughout the entire united states that these individuals go too. >> this past week agent say reason for ms 13 gang members in the rio grande valley parade live a picture the really good perspective of just how vast and rugged the terrain is out there on the international boundary in the spots. walls and barriers only cover a fraction of the nearly 2000-mile long border we share with mexico parade so obviously is a 24 hour a day, seven day a week operation. as we and now approach the one-year anniversary, very quickly of when this most recent surge began. a full year, eric. >> and it continues. life on the border thank you casey. see five, the world is watching.
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russian president vladimir putin for his next move on a possible full-scale invasion of ukraine. we are live and moscow coming up next. linically shown in a 7 day study to cause fewer ulcers than immediate release aspirin. vazalore. the first liquid-filled aspirin capsules...amazing!
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eric: all eyes aren't russian president vladimir putin try to fight what his next move will be. will he invade ukraine or agreed to a diplomatic solution question if there is a meeting between secretary of state antony blanket and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. meanwhile the russian leader himself personally oversaw planned nuclear drills are that involved intercontinental ballistic missiles. if that is not a message for amy kellogg why with the details live in moscow. hi amy. >> hi eric. and it really looks like russia is building what many would call a serious case that ukrainian soldiers are committing crimes
1:35 pm
against citizens in the region of eastern ukraine. interfax news agency tonight is reporting, eric, the russian investigative committee is sending specialist to interview people who are evacuating the area as they arrive there. now, no word from putin today on the claims yesterday by president biden that he is certain potent is planning to invade ukraine. instead a show of force, large military skill exercises like nothing we have seen in these last tense months. president vladimir putin walked from his situation room together with l.a. president alexander lukashenko across russia or loss. these are the self-proclaimed people's republic and today they were urged to do so yesterday by their local leadership which warned of an imminent ukrainian invasion for the state department calls this call for
1:36 pm
people to flee part of false flag activity going on to build a pretext for russia to take some sort of action to protect these ethnic russians living in eastern ukraine. maine won't brush or running a show tonight on state tv about the invasion that did not happen mocking the west timeline on this. but also making the case that ukraine is in fact about too go -- mike russia is about too go in and invade ukraine. and here hooton and the government have said many times, even in the past that the lives of russia and ukraine are at danger for the making the case they did not use the word genocide. it's one of the reason sank ukraine matters to them so much. it's interesting to point out also, eric in the past few years she's given three quarters of russian passports to eastern parts of ukraine. we have to say on the cease-fire
1:37 pm
it's not clear how to frame it at this point. >> before he clearly was to grab it. amy kellogg live in moscow force thank you. arthel: a president biden that's reached a 40 year hyatt last month you may recall earlier in his term the president said the rise in prices would be temporary. republicans have hammered him for failing to bring costs down inflation by the way has made its way into every corner of the u.s. economy with cost of food, energy and housing all on the rise. gas prices are up 40% on the same time last year let's bring in john bussey of the wall street journal. so john has president biden changes messaging and if he has is the redirect driven by the
1:38 pm
covid conundrum supply chain pricing racing and check raising prices or politics? works all those things. catherine lucy has a good story on this. look, the federal reserve said last year they expected this inflation would pass after certain amount of time. the white house picked up on that message. the white house has a tricky road to walk it has a terrific story to tell on the economy, robust economy this is not a recovering economy this is a recovered economy very strongly growing economy at the fastest rate in years, job growth the same way. on the other hand it has a surging inflation problem. hence of the president's message is going to have to address is 27% of people said this was the
1:39 pm
top concern they have right now. he is going to have to say look we still think it is transitory we are just not exactly sure how long is going to take to transit but here's our best estimate. you contain inflation for. >> i think a lot of this is going to continue to be driven by supply shortages around the world which are created by omicron coronavirus. you are still think the surges in countries right now we are seeing in south korea and hong kong places that manufacture goods that come into the united states for your singing in the u.s. over the winter. this is going to continue to disrupt the economy so how long is not going to take to play out we do not know for their other factors like what you and eric have been reporting on throughout the program which is instability between russia and ukraine. russia's a huge oil exporter to the world.
1:40 pm
oil prices are up that's driving inflation further because of the instability there. it is going to come down largely to what the fed does next but this is iraq and a hard place for the administration, arthel. on the one hand they want to address inflation. how did they do that by raising interest rates and what is that new? it slows down the economy what does that do? creates a troublesome political message for the administration but it addresses inflation it slows the economy perhaps a job growth that's not necessarily what biden would want going into the midterms. arthel: you laid out several potential or actual domino effects but he is the presidents of the buck stops with him. we are going to find out what he has to say to us in a state of the union address. john bussey, i have to leave it there but i always appreciate talking to will have you on again soon, thanks john. erica. eric: the fate of the 2022
1:41 pm
baseball season is in limbo. the major league baseball and the lock out to read the players have not reached a deal get the stalemate is also impacting minor league teams. one team in gm is here to explain how the mlb wants to keep them out. stay with us. ♪ can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ [♪♪] only pay for what you need. if you have diabetes, it's important to have confidence in the nutritional drink you choose. try boost glucose control®. it's clinically shown to help manage blood sugar levels and contains high quality protein to help manage hunger and support muscle health. try boost® today.
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of this bacterial infection,... allergic reaction,... ...or ketoacidosis. and don't take it if you are on dialysis. take aim... chronic kidney disease by talking to your doctor... ...and asking about farxiga. if you can't afford your medication,... ...astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪far-xi-ga♪ ♪ ♪. eric: pitchers and catchers worth to report to major league baseball spring training this week but nobody showed up. mlb delaying spring training games until at least march for the lockout is container for the longest one in history dragging on for it turns out issues are with the minor league system among many sticking points between the two sides. major league baseball was the power to eliminate hundreds of minor league roster spots. the players association rejects that. so regardless of how long the lockout goes, all minor league
1:46 pm
teams will still begin their season in april but let's bring in brian he's general manager of the winston-salem -- a minor league team. final league team for the chicago white sox but brian minor league baseball is fantastic for the kids are close, the players are nice, they signed autographs. man, are the games enter job you feel a part of it why does the mlb have it out for you guys? they want to tag you out. cracks will eric that is a good point. i appreciate your saying that we are family friendly, affordable entertainment we are in so many communities across the country who do not have access to mlb games nearby that as we look to provide for this latest pickup is difficult. it's difficult to see because obviously you can actually cut they also could increase actually the number of minor league position of the most people's opinion is they will not do that. so right now were looking at 30 players that would be removed
1:47 pm
from a minor league roster across all teams that is 900 total minor league players were talking about here which is a large number them in the roster size would be smaller that would change the way the team operates in the way we play games. it is definitely an interesting proposal. but obviously is been rejected at this time. so far there also talk might limiting 42 minor league teams, why do they want to got the system? >> that was part of the 2020 reorganization. a lot of that is financial. there are travel purposes you're looking at players who want buses for 12 hour bus rides for the trying to consolidate and get it to a place those a little bit more convenient for everyone and financially more accessible. that is what happened in 2020. they did cut those before the players association you say wait a minute we arty lost of these teams weight loss these players are jobs where were going to attacks on the one still remaining? this was the 120 teams that made the cut they were talking about
1:48 pm
eliminating 30 other guys to get to those spots. it makes it a very, very difficult response for major league baseball. their partner of ours were here to provide a service to them and this is a financial decision. they are looking for ways of how we can cut costs. i would like to see ways they could raise revenues and maybe that can cover some the cost as well. there's ways to do that and change the game of baseball. right now this impact is not for 2022 either way. they made that very clear were going to play all the games and move forward this year. this would be a 2023 moving forward. eric: i hope they keep moving it forward and not do that. if you love a baseball in the minorly guys especially especially it is the passion for baseball. they're not making big poppy money you know that you just said they are on buses. let me read some tweets from one player a former ranger know he's a former angel in the ranger system. lester started the season in aaa. as a two-time minor league
1:49 pm
all-star was one level below the bigs i was set to make $12000 the whole year. they have their heart in it but is it fair? they do not get housing. some teams have a system where you get to put up a player in her home which is a great thing for the kids to have a player living in the spare bedroom. but people do not realize what you guys go through. >> you are absently right. it isn't difficult. these guys are trying to make a living for the do the thing they love and are trying to make it to the next step. if you are aaa felt the expectation there's a real chance you could make the 40 man roster get represented talk to some the salaries we have seen some of these players sign as of recent that are in the thread or million-dollar range. for these point the guys the minor leagues are not doing that for there have been strides made were teams are responsible for providing housing. the mlb level and responding that for each team. there are a little strides being made in this part of the wide the negotiation is happening. there's a lot of gaps that have
1:50 pm
occurred over the last collective bargaining agreements for the trying to patch those right now. for the next five years we do not have to dress on those issues again. everybody's looking for money. that is what this is can be cut in savery going to increase revenue? i would love to see us increase revenues but i don't have any thing on the table at this time. eric: quickly remember the strike will we finally be playing ball this season? >> if you had that answer going to make the big bucks. the strike though does not affect minor league baseball thankfully will have all 60 of our games and all across the minor league baseball mlb has the strike that is the question what happens the televised games? maybe you will see some salem minor league games if we cannot get them finalized here in mlb. for right now are going to plan to move forward and have regular baseball. hopefully mlb does resolve this because they want more baseball glove to the ballpark.
1:51 pm
eric: april 8 can you go see the game on the -- website? >> yes going check our website, either when you're going to be able to get all the access to baseball that you need too. all right then forget the yankees i'm sorry we will be looking at. we will see. thank you so much brian. arthel. arthel: eric. virgo to stick with sportswear less than 24 hours away from the opening of the nascar cup series. we will have all the sights and sounds from the daytona international speedway next.
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arthel: lesson 24 hours away from the daytona 500 and the start of the 2022 nascar cup. charles watson is live at the daytona stupid speedway it will festivities are well underway charles what's happening there? >> hey arthel look i am a man of the people today i am up here hanging out on the dedicated nascar fans on the fan deck i'm told this is what the best locations of the daytona international speedway not only do these folks get one of the viewpoints of all the action out on the track but they can actually yell down to some of their favorite drivers and their teams on pit road in the garage
1:56 pm
area here below us. arthel, you don't nascar fans they enjoy a good party that is exactly what we are seeing today for just a few moments ago nascar led a huge bunch of fans out on the track you can see some of them trickling off right now you can see the smiles and energy out there as these folks got the opportunity to interact with some of their favorite drivers. you can see some fans up in the grandstand over there not fully packed about 100,000 folks expected to be here tomorrow, arthel. >> nice man of the people charles watson thank you very much bill see you tomorrow we'll see you tomorrow at noon eastern thank you for joining us. before that looks like a lot of fun to walk out on the track. (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. to see my ancestors' photos was just breathtaking. wow, look at all those! what'd you find?
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(man 2 vo) i am living longer with imbruvica. (vo) ask your doctor if it's right for you. learn how we could help you save on imbruvica. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello everyone i am raymond arroyo along with jackie dillon answered doctor nicole saphier and tyrus. welcome to the big salish overhears what untapped tonight, tyrus perry. >> police move in freedom convoy protesters using pepper spray to to radical emergency powers. could this attack of freedom happen here? nicole? >> democrat run states are at risk of their mask mandate but


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