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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  February 20, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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daytona 500. the great american race. we're finishing it up the right way. >> there we go. pete: to corey johnson, sean duffy, joey jones, go to church and then watch the daytona 500. how about that? ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. today, on the ropes. vladimir putin keeps joe biden dancing and guessing as to when and if he will invade ukraine. >> how confident -- [inaudible] >> as of this moment, i'm convinced he's made the decision. maria: plus, it has been two years almost to the day that our first guest said this on this program:
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>> this virus did not originate in the wuhan animal market. epidemiologists who are widely expected from china have published a study in the international journal of the lancet have demonstrated that several of the original cases did not have any contact with that food market. the virus went into thatted food market before it went out of that food market. we don't know where it origin nateed, but we have to get to the bottom of that. we also know just a few miles away from that food market is china's only super-laboratory that researches human infectious diseases. maria: coming up, the realities of the russia standoff and the impact on the china threat with arkansas senator tom cotton now two years later. plus, the other russia story of potential entrapment and dirty tricks by the clinton machine. coming up, truth teller devin nuñes unleashed and out of congress on who knew if what and
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when. plus, his launch plan for president trump's few truth social now just a few weeks away as the battle with big tech begins. then, the senate walkout. senate republicans blow off joe biden's climate change pick for the federal reserve, but will sarah bloom raskin still get the job of overseeing all of the major banks in america? senator tim scott on picking winners and losers of the climate change agenda and his team eyeing -- is he eyeing a spot on the gop ticket in 2024. then the russia hoax exposed, will media update their reporting? remember this? >> in spite of my -- >> there's no real evidence of this. >> yes, there is. >> no. >> all over the place. they spied on my campaign -- >> i say something? you know, this is "60 minutes" and we can't put on things we can't verify. maria: oh, yes. coming up, "the new york post"'s
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miranda devine on journalism, hunter biden and pulitzer prizes. all that and more as we look all that and more as we look ahead right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and first this morning, winter is coming, apparently to europe. with an estimated 190,000 troops now surrounding ukraine and the russian and belarusian forces conducting exercises, the threat of a russian invasion and war in europe is intensifying this morning. arkansas senator tom cotton sits on the senate armed services, intelligence and judiciary committees, and he joins me now. senator, it's good to see you. thanks very much for being here. >> thank you. good morning, maria. maria: are you expecting an invasion, and if so, what should the u.s.' response look like? >> regrettably, maria, i do
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expect vladimir putin will invade ukraine. i think it could come in a matter of days, if not a matter of hours. he has almost 200,000 troops on ukraine's border. that's almost half of his forces. they've started stockpiling blood on the board, you you don't usually do that for an exercise. the news overnight, the president of belarus and putin have announced they are going to extend these exercises, really nothing more than desense designed to give a reason for this massive buildup. unfortunately, president biden has once again put us on the back foot and ceded the initiative to vladimir putin. the ukrainian president put it very well yesterday in a speech in which he said if joe biden and kamala harris are convinced vladimir putin is convinced to invade, what are they waiting for?
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why are they not imposing sanctions now? why are they not at least announcing the kind of sanctions they will impose, the kind of sanctions i've been calling for for months as the only possible detenter to vladimir putin? unfortunately, it seems like the president's going to wait until putin decided to go for the jug la and announce half measures that will not have that kind of effect on vladimir putin. maria: so what kind of sanctions would those be whether it be right now since everyone seems to believe this is imminent now that the beijing olympics are over, maybe that also opens the door for putin. i know that mario draghi was saying we should not touch the energy situation in russia as it relates to sanctions. then what do we have? what's our leverage? >> well, maria, what the italian prime minister, mario draghi, said last night was disgraceful, that we shouldn't impose sanctions on the russian energy sector. that's one of the most effective
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sanctions we can impose on russia. but it's singing from the same hymnal that the german if chancellor has sung from as well. too many of these european nations have made themselves beholden to russian gas and, therefore, russia has leverage over them. if we wanted to truly punish russia for invading ukraine, and maybe as important if we want to send the signal to china about what would happen were they to invade taiwan in the months and years ahead, it's obvious which sanctions we should impose. we should sanction russian oil, their minerals and their mining sector, we should sanction their biggest banks. we should impose secondary dollar sanctions as well, we should remove them from the international financial system. that would send a signal to china that we mean if business, that there will be severe consequences if they attempt in taiwan in the months or years ahead what vladimir putin is on the verge of doing in queue crane. maria: well, it's an interesting point that you make because i was going to bring up why there are eight of russia's largest companies -- and, by the way,
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they're already sanctioned by the united states for the 2014 invasion. four of them are also on the commerce the president's entity list -- department's entity list. they're still being held in investment portfolios in scores of portfolios of unwitting americans. as we look at a map of the russian forces around ukraine, they're surrounding ukraine and, obviously, set up shop many belarus which is a direct -- in belarus which is a direct line to the capital of kyiv. if. >> maria, a lot of this goes back to the very weak response that president obama had eight years ago to the invasion of crimea and eastern ukraine which signaled to vladimir putin that as president biden's concessions and weakness over the last year on things like the nord stream 2 gas pipeline, the colonial pipeline hack or the one-sided extension of the nuclear arms control agreement we have with russia signaled to vladimir putin once again that president biden was not up to the task of
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deterring him. isn't it curious, maria, the last time we had a democratic president, vladimir putin invaded ukraine. now we have a democratic president, and vladimir putin is on the verge of invading ukraine. but for four years when we had a republican president who who democrats accused of being in vladimir putin's pocket, for some reason putin didn't invade ukraine. it's because the only way to confront aggressive autocrats is to show strength from the very beginning. that's a way to deter the kind of conflict that is likely about to happen in ukraine. maria: so do you think that the administration is considering sanctioning in terms of the energy if business -- energy business in russia? i understand that he's taking a billion dollars a day right now on oil given where the price of oil is. give us your take on the impact of all of this including cyber activity. i know you're expecting cyber or attacks as well. >> yeah. unfortunately, i don't think the administration will impose those
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kind of severe sanctions. they've even signaled they're not going to impose them which, again, is effectively encouraging vladimir putin to take action because he knows the sanctions he faces will not be the kind of severe sanctions he most fears. again, it also signals to china that they can go for the jugular in taiwan and not fear those kinds of crippling sanctions. unfortunately, i do think there could be cyber attacks against american allies and interest and maybe even against america itself. remember, maria, last year it was russian-affiliated hackers who attacked the colonial pipeline, and there was barely any response from america against that attack. that, again, simply signaled weakness and hesitancy by the biden administration to vladimir putin. that's one of those long trains of condition sessions and -- concessions and moments of weakness that has brought us to this point. maria: let me move on to ask you about the response on covid-19 because we still have yet to see
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evidence that joe biden has raised the origins of this pandemic to xi jinping. so there, too, we're showing weakness. china will not allow the investigators in, and it's almost two years to the day that you appeared on this program with me and said what was obvious, the circumstantial evidence. you gave us real important intelligence that day in terms of why it was impossible that it was a wet market and likely leaked from that wuhan lab are. assess the situation on covid told and what you would do if the senate takes the majority in that regard. >> yeah, maria. two years ago after we had that conversation, liberal media outlets like "the washington post" attacked us for spreading misinformation and discredited conspiracy theories, and now almost any informed observer knows that this virus almost certainly came from those laboratories. that was two years ago at the very start of the pandemic when i was saying that. it remains the case today. i am doubtful that china will
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ever open up, i'm doubtful that any of the evidence still exists. i hi it's -- i think it's been destroyed. but there's a lot that we can do here in america. when republicans win back the congress later this year, of course, our first priority is going to be getting inflation and crime under control, but oversight is an important constitutional authority for congress. one top priority for oversight will be getting answers from francis collins and tony fauci and what their agency was doing to fund very dangerous research inside those wuhan labs. maria: yeah. senator, before you go, all of this questionable response from joe biden leads me to question what will happen this upcoming week when we have truckers planning to do a convoy in the u.s. let me show you their route, because we know that the people's convoy taking a page off the canadian truckers' route, will start on the 22nd, this upcoming week, they will start in california. they will truck through ohio, they are going to end on march
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6th in washington, and there are some expectations they may be there for joe biden's state of the union. how this administration respond to the truckers who are mere wily pushing back on mandates for this vaccine? >> maria, i expect not very well given how they've encouraged justin trudeau's administration if and what he himself has done. when it was radical environmentalists shutting down pipelines in p canada, justin trudeau called for patience and dialogue. now that it's conservative truckers protesting his mandates, he's invoking emergency powers and using authorities typically designed for terrorist groups like al-qaeda. and joe biden and liberals in america are cheering him on. remember, these are the very same liberals that marched in the streets and celebrated the blm rioters in 2020 that caused billions of dollars in damage in
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looting and resulted in many deaths whereas these canadian truckers have set up bouncy houses in the capital city. the hypocrisy knows no bounds. maria: it's pretty incredible that trudeau is invoking emergency powers on this. senator, it's great to have you on this program and, certainly, your leadership. thanks very much, sir. >> thank you, maria. maria: all right. senator tom cotton joining us this morning. quick break and then former congressman turned social media executive, devin nuñes is here on special counsel john durham's next move and the big fish he expects him to reel in. it's all coming up right after this. ♪ muck
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michael sussmann's is the first of what i would hope would be a number based on the fact -- now, i've provided not just those declassified documents, but a thousand intelligence community documents that i think support additional charges that i would expect john durham to bring. maria: that was former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe on this program back in october on why he expects more high profile indictments in special counsel john durham's probe into the origins of the trump-russia investigation. durham's latest filing about potential conflicts of interest in the michael sussmann case alleges that tech executive one, identified as rodney joffe and his associates, exploit internet traffic at not only trump tower and donald trump's central park west apartment building, but also in the executive office of the president of the united states during president trump's sitting time as president. devin nuñes cracked open the russiagate case while chairman of the house intel committee. he retired in congress in
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december to become the ceo of the trump media and technology group. he joins me mow. good good morning, den uniyes, sir -- devin nuñes, great to have you on the program. >> always good to be with you, maria. martha: the launch is just a few weeks away now, but you came out with your infamous nuñes report, the knew necessary them e -- nuñes memo back in late 2018. tell me how you assess is john durham's most recent filing. >> well, if you look at our investigation that led to 14 criminal referrals that we've talked about numerous times over the last few years that house republicans on the intelligence committee made to the department of justice, a lot of that had to do with circumstantial evidence largely because we were misled or outright lied to by government officials. so the documents that you then see that john ratcliffe was able
7:19 am
to get -- you know, that is something more along the lines to get -- you know, that is of direct evidence that we should have seen in congress being that, remember, everybody was running around the country, every fake news organization in america was running around saying that, you know, every republican from donald trump to me to anybody who disagreed with them that this was a hoax. and when they would say this was a hoax, they would say things like, well, you must be a russian agent. now we're starting to talk about direct evidence, and i think that's the difference. we made our referrals largely based on circumstantial evidence versus direct evidence and other types of evidence that john durham is now getting to the bottom of. for example, missing phones that suddenly just reappearedded a few weeks ago that, obviously, we would have wanted during our investigation, and durham couldn't even get to them for a year and a half. so what they've creatively done here, maria, is they set up legal avenues using lawyers to essentially launder all of this spying that was done and communicate to top doj and fbi
7:20 am
officials. and durham is starting to piece all of that together. look, the hope would be here that he could bring some type of conspiracy charge because, i mean, god with knows there's got to be a dozen or more laws that have been broken here, and people need to pay a price for it. maria: well, we have picture of president obama in the oval office when he was in office talking with joe biden, john brennan, and i know that, i know that john ratcliffe declassified john brennan's hand written notes about understanding and knowing that hillary clinton was creating this story that trump was tied to russia. how high up the chain do you think this quos in terms of who knew -- this goes in terms of who knew what when? >> look, we've always said that it appears to us from what we've seen that this started in late 2015 my good, this is -- my god,
7:21 am
this is sense six, seven years ago now. all of the high-level people within the obama/biden administration knew about this. and then look at it, look at all the people now that were involved in perpetuating this hoax, the damage that it's done to the american people, to our system of justice in this country, to our law enforcement. a lot of these obama/biden people have now failed upward, and they're now at high-level positions across, in the new biden administration. maria: yeah. >> so, look, there's a lot of people that need to pay a price here, and i'm glad that durham is not leaking and, hopefully, he can bring more indictments. maria: stay with us, i want to talk about those people who abuse power who are now back in power. we're talking with devin nuñes, and we'll be right back of after this short break. ♪
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maria: welcome back. i am back with devin nuñes. and we were just talking about people who were abusing power over the last three years who are now back in power. one comes to mind, jake sullivan. jake sullivan pushed out the idea that trump was colluding with russia. we have these tweets from hillary clinton to show you, and i want to get your take on whether or not we are actually going to see big fish come under john durham's microscope. what are your thoughts? here's hillary clinton's tweets back in 2016. it's time for trump to answer serious questions about his ties to russia. all of the time that she was actually working to undermine a sitting president. >> yeah. i mean, look, it was a classic frame job. it's just -- the challenge with this is is it went to all levels of the government, right? so from the fbi to the department of justice, all the way through most of the
7:26 am
intelligence agencies. and then, look, probably the worst thing in all of this, if there is a worst thing, is the culpability and the involvement of the media. and, you know, you've basically seen the media completely detier rate over the last five years -- deteriorate. and i think it largely starteded as they were left-wing biased, but now they've gotten into becoming a propaganda machine for the left-wing party in america. so, look, durham -- we don't know what direct evidence he has. it looks like, to me, because he's not leaking, and east making very strong statements in the court, in court in legal documents, i just find it hard to believe that he doesn't have the goods on a lot of people. the question is how high can he go and who can he get. we need to let him do his job. maria: yeah. and this last friday it was jake sullivan who told us russia was going to invade ukraine on wednesday of this past week. i know your thoughts on what's going on in russia and ukraine
7:27 am
have everything to do with putin's power right now. >> yeah. i mean, look, i don't know why you would be releasing -- even if you do believe he's going to invade ukraine, you know, clearly these guys are getting the best intelligence there is, why would you talk about it? it makes absolutely no sense. look, i've followed putin for a long time. he's a very cunning, very smart guy, very dangerous guy. i don't think he's going to have to fire a shot, you know, in my opinion. what he's trying to do is he's trying to surround the country and basically choke it, choke it financially because he wants the government to fall, and he wants to put in a puppet regime. it's a classic kgb tactic. so, you know, he's already -- remember, they invaded ukraine back when obama and biden were there. maria: yeah. >> they're supporting both financially and with weapons the so-called resistance movement in the eastern part of ukraine. so, you know, look, my guess is, is that he's going to be
7:28 am
successful, ultimately, in bringing down this ukrainian government, and that's what he wants. maria: let me move on. you've got a huge week ahead for social. i know you're just a few weeks away from official launch, but you've already been up and running. i know, i've been on the platform. tell us where truth social stands right now. >> yeah. i mean, it's really exciting because we're now at day 10. every day we bring on more and more americans, and we're getting to you as quickly as possible. we're doing something that is really, maria, it's just such a, it's such a great opportunity for president trump, for me, for our whole team that's working ak especially as you see the excitement of people who have been booted from social media over the last two or three years. there's excitement on our platform, and it's inspirational. it's actually very moving for me to see people what are on -- that are on the platform that
7:29 am
have had tear voice canceled. that's our main goal here, to give people their voice back. people are giving us feedback. we continue to make changes, make improvements, we continue to roll out more and more people. this week we'll begin to roll out people on the apple app store. that's going to be awesome because we're going to get so many more people, and, look, our goal is -- and i think we're going to hit it -- by the end of march we're going to be fully operational at least within the united states. we're having a lot of fun and, like i said, we're focused on customer experience, right? we want to value our customers, and we want them to tell us what they would like to have on the platform, maria, which is the opposite of some silicon valley tech oligarch freak telling people what they want to think and deciding who can and cannot be on the platform. i mean, we're really taking just the opposite approach which is valuing our customers. maria: well, this is a really big week for you, i know, especially being on the app
7:30 am
store like that. but are you going to be beholden in any way to big tech? look what apple did to parlor -- parler, and i know you're launching truth social, the social media company, but you've got other products down the road as well. you're looking eventually to take some market share from facebook, right? >> yeah, i mean, look,st it's all about customer experience. as we continue to build out the platform that we have now, there is a need and a want out there to have components of meta, i think that's what they call it now, so the old facebook. a lot of people want to be able to post pictures, videos and have groups. so, you know, in the future we'll be looking to see, you know, what can we build to meet our customer demand, to meet what the customers actually want. and i think the main thing is what people are mainly wanting out here, maria, and you see it on the platform -- i know you see it because i know you're on there -- you see people just want to be left alone.
7:31 am
they feel like they're free. wow, i can actually talk about this on my platform. i got banned from twitter two years ago. maria: yeah. unbelievable. and a lot of the stories that we've talked about which are true and, like what tom cotton said a few minutes ago about covid-19, we're banned from the internet. that's extraordinary. devin, thanks very much for being here this morning, we appreciate it. deafen none yes, sir. coming up, president biden's state of the union address now just about a week away. south carolina senator tim scott is here on the gop assessment of the state of affairs and why president trump says leadership is a disaster. we'll get tim scott to you next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. we are just one week away from president biden's state of the union address next tuesday. with inflation at 40-year highs, questions over biden's foreign policy decisions and approval ratings at all-time lows, what will the president plier -- prioritize? my next guest delivered the gop if response to the president's first joint address last april. joining me now with what we might expect is south carolina senator tim scott is. he sits on the senate finance and banking committees. senator, it's great to have you this morning. thanks so much for being with us. >> good morning, maria. thanks for having me. maria: are you expecting to be
7:36 am
the reactor, the response to the president's state of the union next week? >> no, ma'am. i think they only give that job to you one time in your career, and mine was last year. this one might be a little easier because it's going to be a target-rich environment. there are so many fires around the country and around the world, most of them we can focus right back on the biden administration if's failure of leadership. more more so what does 2022 look like? do you think they'll try to get portions of the build back better agenda through? will they be able to? >> i do think they have not read the tea leaves, that know not -- they're not listening to everyday americans. what they're saying is simply this: we don't want any more spending. but what the democrats seam to be hearing is somehow -- seem to be hearing is somehow the solution to what ails you is more of the problem. the problem is spending. more spending is not a solution. but the democrats believe that this once in a lifetime opportunity to add more
7:37 am
entitlements, to ad more spending and raise taxes somehow is a solution, that's an alternate universe. it doesn't really exist. maria: senator, do you think he'll bring up crime? crime is spiking across the country. you know this. -- >> yes. maria: murder at a 25-year high in certain cities, wreaking havoc on communities. you sponsored a bill to give police officers more funding, more resources and training, but the democrats filibustered it. where are we with on this? did anything change after nan su pelosi -- nancy pelosi actually the went against what some of her colleagues are saying with regard to defunding the police, or at least she said she did? >> well, maria, what speaker pelosi said was that defund the police is dead which means that defund the police was alive. it was alive for a couple of years, and the crises that it created is undeniable across this country. officers feel less represented, less respected and, frankly, with a 70% increase in shootings
7:38 am
of police officers, they are less safe. so we needed to do the exact opposite. western sit at a table and -- we should sit at a table and finish police reform as long as police reform means we're protecting the qualified immunity and giving them more money for body cameras, training, resources and equipment. those are necessary components that keep the communities where they patrol safe along with the officers. this is not a binary choice. we have to do both to do either. and i hope the democrats wake up. i don't believe president biden is concerned with the crime, i think he's concerned with the issue of crime. we should think about americans, not politics when we're thinking about safety. maria: well, of course. and, senator, thank you for that. you're absolutely right. i know that people across the country are grateful to you for backing the blue. are the republicans united at this point? we see what's happening on the
7:39 am
democrat side, but there seems to be a divide when it comes to president trump. i want to know how you're navigating this. here's president trump on this program just a few weeks ago. watch what he said about the leadership in the senate. watch. >> yes, ma'am. >> mitch mcconnell's a disaster. the republicans have to get a few leader. mitch mcconnell allowed this to happen. the unfrom structure bill, it's only 9% infrastructure. so that means you take 90, 91% of the money that we're raising is going to be thrown out the window in order to get 9% infrastructure. there was no way that should have been passed. should have been 100% for infrastructure. maria: president trump calls mitch mcconnell a disaster, how are you navigating this? >> well, maria, you're right, president trump's position in our party is powerful, and i think he's still the most powerful voice in politics without any question. i enjoy a healthy relationship
7:40 am
with the president, and i am thankful for that. the is we should spend our time creating the contrast between 2016 and 2020 when president trump led us to the most inclusive economy in the history of america. 7 million jobs created, two-thirds going to african-americans, hispanics and to women. what we know for sure, maria, is that the road to socialism runs right through a divided republican party. and while we may have some fractures and even some fissures, the truth is putting america first means uniting the republican party. let's have these conversations, debates and fights after we win back the majorities and prove to the american people that we can lead and lead them to what i consider the promised land or the american dream. maria: do you think you'll take the majority in the senate come november? >> you know, recruitment is very important for our ability to win back the majority in the senate. we are working really hard at it.
7:41 am
i'm seeing some amazing candidates come to the forefront. we need to finish our job, but we also need to make sure that the american people know what we're for. we are the party of parents. we are the party of freedom. we are the party of liberty. and we need to be able to distill that with the specific legislation and policy positions that speak to the american people about their future and not the future of 535 so-called servants, not leaders, for the american people. maria: senator, you said that president trump is still the power in the party. does that mean be willing to join his ticket? are you going to run in 2024, or would you be open to a vice presidential role in a trump ticket? >> well, i think everybody wants to be on president trump's bandwagon without my question. one of the things i said to the president is that he gets to decide the future of our party and is our country because he is still the loudest voice. what i hope happens is that we rally around the principles that
7:42 am
lead to our greatest success. i am, i am not looking for a seat on a ticket at this point. i am, however, looking to be reelected in south carolina. so my hope is that you win next friday's football game before thinking about any other one, so that's my primary responsibility. maria: and before you go, you rallied around the principles this past week boycotting the nominees -- nominee's vote for the federal reserve. where does that stand? a lot of pushback on president biden's nominee for bank overseeing, zaire -- sarah bloom raskin. will she still get through? >> i certainly hope ms. raskin does not make it to the board of supervisors at the fed. maria, you are a guru in the business world, so i won't pretend to tell you what you already know, but here's the truth: ms. raskin has been, she has lacked transparency, and i
7:43 am
don't understand why. she refuses to answer the questions that are simple. she can't remember a phone call that she made. how can we move forward with someone who has so little transparency, and her position about what the fed if should do in picking and choosing winners and losers in our economy? that's bad for america. maria: in other words if, she would like to see the banks say no to lending to fossil fuel companies finish. >> you got it. maria: what you believe she already at her priority, climate change. >> well, what a she has said is what we should believe. not what she said during the hearing, but what she's said in op-ed after op-ed, writings after writings about her position that the fed should be as political as possible, choosing companies that they like and punishing ones they don't like. i believe -- maria: wow. >> -- that we need a fair and
7:44 am
consistent fed that's apolitical. if it's legal to do business in america, the resources to do business should be available for those companies. you cannot pick winners and losers because you don't like their ideology or their direction. maria: yeah. >> it's like when bank of -- when some of the banks decided to make bad discussions on the georgia voting law. we don't pick winners and losers from those positions. we allow the economy to decide the winners and losers in america. maria: yeah. it's a big issue, and you raise a very important point. senator, it's great to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> look forward to being back, maria with. have a great day. maria: and to you. senator tim scott. coming up, the $31 million question. miranda devine on how the bidens managed to rake in tens of millions of dollars from china while joe biden was vice president. are they still selling influence from the oval office, and is it possible that the media will ignore this story as well? we'll be right back. ♪
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>> my son has not made money in terms of this thing about, what are you talking about, china. i have not had -- the only guy who made money from china is this guy. the only one. nobody else has made money from china. maria: that was then-candidate joe biden at the final presidential debate back in october of 2020, insisting that his son, hunter biden, never profited from china. thanks to senators ron johnson and chuck grassley, with we now know that is not true. here are just some of the doles their -- deals their senate investigation uncovered that the biden's raked in from beijing. let's take a look at that graphic. my next guest has been instrumental in exposing hunter biden's corruption and conflicts of interest, and she believes the walls are closing in. miranda devine is with us,
7:49 am
author of "the laptop from hell: hunter biden, big tech and the dirty secrets the president tried to hide." thanks very much for being here. congrats on the book. it is absolutely outstanding. your thoughts on what you heard from joe biden and where we are today. today. >> well, it's really remarkable, the chutzpah that joe biden has whenever he discusses hunter biden or his brother jim biden's overseas transactions which are pure and simple influence peddling done with his say so and with his full knowledge and with his involvement. and he lies so effortlessly, it's -- it shows, perhaps, a lifetime habit of lying to people about what he's been doing because, of course, the influence peddling is something that's second nature to him since his very earliest days four decades ago in delaware. he just internationalized it and made a lot more money for his
7:50 am
family when he became vice president for eight years and barack obama put him in charge of areas of the world like china and russia and, as we see now, ukraine. a lot of money was made by the biden family, tens of millions of dollars, and as you just said, chuck grassley and ron johnson did really masterful work in uncovering one as% of that corruption. and for their trouble, they werd russian agents accused of peddling russian disinformation. there's nothing to do with russian misinformation, this is pure and simple treasury department reports, so-called suspicious activity reports from banks which are obliged to report when suspicious money comes into american bank accounts. a lot of that came into bank accounts associated with joe biden, hunter biden and their
7:51 am
partners. and i think you're seeing as deafen archer is about -- kevin archer is about to be sentenced and also as the -- devon archer and we now know there's been a grand jury and various testimony given to that grand jury in delaware investigating various aspects of hunter biden's business dealings. maria: yeah. i want to ask you about that because this is really a joe biden story, not just a hunter biden story. they were sharing a bank account and, apparently, hunter biden was paying the family bills. let's slip in a short break. i also want to get your thoughts on what your sources are saying about joe biden's mental fitness. dozens of republicans are calling for him to take a cognitive test. we'll be right back with you, miranda devine. ♪ hello, kevin hart! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback?
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maria: welcome back. i'm back with miranda devine, new york post columnist and fox news contributor. miranda, throughout the program we've been talking about the media. you saw the clip of lesley stahl on "60 minutes," "the new york times"es, "the washington post" got pulitzer prizes for their reporting on the russia hoax. hay censored your reporting on hunter biden. do you think they'll be updating their reporting? >> no, they won't, because they can't. they've had egg on their face with all these things including the russia hoax. they are not going to rescind it because to do so would really be to invite investigation into what's gone wrong, the corruption really now in the media, the establishment media, let's say is, the formerly prestige media. i think it's a disaster, and it's terrible for democracy. martha: -- maria: and really what a shame, not telling your own readers and viewers the truth. miranda, roger marshall, senator marshall from kansas, was with
7:56 am
us last week, and he said that weaver all very concerned about -- we're all very concerned about joe biden's health and that it is a national security issue. what do you know about this? >> look, i mean, he's obviously cog cognitively slipping. you know, i know people from overseas who have been in really high-level meetings with joe biden, and he has periods of lulu sis did. and they say -- lucidity, and they say he was following agenda items, running the meetings, was respected and deferred to by people around him, state department people. he's competent enough to know what he's doing. he knew what he was doing day one when he signed those executive orders which were so disastrous to the country's national security. i think by focusing on this unless you have an end game, what is that? great. you remove him, you get kamala harris in, that if that's what the republicans want, okay, great. but don't just be throwing autoallegations willy-nilly, because it could come back to bite you. maria: and real quick, do you
7:57 am
think any investigation will ever happen around hunter biden? >> well, certainly not in the media, but, yes. i mean, if the republicans take back the house and the senate, they will, and we know that the delaware attorney is doing an investigation, so let's hope. maria: okay. hank so much, miranda. great to see you. that'll do it for "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. i'll see you tomorrow on fox business.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
>> the press has been on a war footing without national work suffering whiplash with president biden sounding the alarm about a russian military buildup aimed at invasion of ukraine and vladimir putin, not that he is any credibility insisting he was pulling back troops. biden told journalists were was coming any day now. >> is going to happen? >> yes. >> in the next several days. >> heading into the weekend the


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