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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  February 20, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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on the fox news channel. have a great week, a terrific sunday, and we will see you on the next "fox news sunday." ♪ ♪ arthel: president biden meeting with husband national -- his national security team today as tensions threaten to explode. world leaders on high alert amid signs russia may be getting ready for the invasion president biden says vladimir putin has already decided to launch. hello, everybody, i'm arthel neville. hi, eric. eric: hello, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm eric shawn. the president convening a rare sunday meeting of the national security council as the administration says russian president vladimir putin oversaw planned nuclear drills yesterday, and he he held a more
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than 100-minute phone conversation today with french president emmanuel macron, the french coming out saying that the window for diplomacy is still open. yesterday putin oversaw those exercises in belarus and off the black sea off ukraine's southern coast. quite a message. but despite that, pentagon press secretary john kirby is holding out hope that the russian president will choose the path of peace. >> it's hard to know what mr. putin is thinking on any given moment. he has a huge array of military forces around ukraine. he has a lot of options available to him. one of the options, of course, and you mentioned this a little bit earlier in the show, is diplomacy, and we hope that that's the option he chooses when his foreign minister gets to sit down with secretary blinken later in the week. eric: mark meredith has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: since we last talked, we've learned that president biden is going to make
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a last minute trip to delaware later this afternoon where he's going to spend the rest of his hold holiday weekend. it's certainly possible he could stop to give us an update where things stand on tensions between russia and ukraine. the last time we heard from the president on camera was on friday, and he made it very clear he believes the situation was very bleak. however, today we've heard from top diplomat ific administration officials who insist there is still a chance diplomacy could prevail at the 11th hour. >> until the tanks are rolling and the planes are in the air, that a we're going to try everything we possibly can to get president putin to reverse the decision we believe he's made and to dissuade him. part of that is the prospect of massive sanctions. >> reporter: the u.s. also says despite moscow claiming that troops would be pulling back, they have seen no evidence of russian forces pulling away from ukraine's border. and if today we are hearing from the russians, specifically the
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russian ambassador to the u.s., he was on cbs and offered his own extra nation on why he believes russia is the victim here. >> the problem is not ukraine, the problem is what kind of world order will be in the future. whether we stand together, establish firm security, garon guarantee for anybody without undercutting very important principle of security for everybody. >> reporter: we'll continue to watch the developments here out of the white house and let now you know when things change. eric? arc -- arthel: we're going to switch gears, to use a racing term. the daytona 500's getting underway, and fox corporation executive chairman and and ceo lack land murdoch is about to wave the green flag. let's take you live to the daytona international speedway and listen in. >> you got enough to stay up front today? >> i sure hope so --
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[inaudible] i think we really work well together. you have all day -- [inaudible] >> all right, buddy, time to shine. let's see it. >> row 5, chase briscoe, and kyle busch, two-time cup champion in his 17th 500. row six, the 2020 series champ, most popular driver, chase elliott. christopher bell. row 7, eric jones, won here in the summer of '18, and martin truex jr. who lost the 2016 race by the closest margin with ever. row 8, tyler redding, two-time xfinity champ and bubba wallace. row 9, kurt busch won the race in 2017, ricky stenhouse jr. won
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the july race here that year. joey logano, the 2015 winner, daniel suarez driving for pitbull and kevin harvick. >> kevin harvick, how you doing here? >> yes, sir. >> all right, man, tell us how you're going to get into victory lane today. >> first thing we've got to do is keep it rolling, i think the second thing is -- [inaudible] keep it on the lead lap and just see how this race plays out. i think as you look at the -- it's going to develop. so we'll see what happens. >> all right, buddy. i appreciate it. good luck today. be safe. bring me a race car back in one piece today. [laughter] >> 10-4. >> row 12, william byron, the summer win or of daytona, and corey lajoye, top ten here the last two years. justin haley won here in the summer of 2019. ty miller back in the series. and greg biffle in his first
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since 2016. denny hamlin, three three-time daytona 500 winner starts 30th. cole custer and cody ware or in his first daytona 500. daniel ham rick and david ragan who won here in july 2011. row 18, thursday night on the final lap of the race next to 2018 champ austin dillon. b.j. mccloud in his first daytona 500, and aric almirola nearly won here in 2018. '97 formula one champion completes the starting lineup. time for the toyota rev up to green. ♪ ♪ >> on friday night, the all-new toyota tundra did fast laps.
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today the next-gen toyota camera takes center -- camry takes center stage. catch the brand new toyota gr super funny if car. >> we have a lot of assets here for you in cay tone that and in the charlotte studio. let's get first to our crew chief, former daytona 500 winner, larry -- >> mike, winning this race in 1992 with davy allison and 1998 with dale earnhardt, two of the biggest moments of my career. i never even dreamed you would be working on a car in the daytona 500, much less winning it. the minute the season would end, that next day i was working on that daytona 500 car, and when you win the 500, it does not say with you the rest of the season, not the rest of your career, but the rest of your life, mike.
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>> in turn three. the lights are out atop the safety car, that means they are coming to green. [cheers and applause] the ceo of fox corporation has the green flag in hand. twenty rows deep, fords, chevys, toyota in two two long freight trains as they come to the flag. we'll see how they sort out as they begin stage one of three. >> home crowd. packed house on their feet. love it. [cheers and applause] >> and the 64th daytona 500 is underway. [background sounds]
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>> still one back -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] eric: man, that is a fast and exciting afternoon in daytona. the 2.5-mile track, 40-car field as we saw fox corporation's executive chairman and ceo lachlan murdoch waving the green flag to start the race. an iconic american afternoon. you know, kyle larson hopes to win his first daytona. that race in full-on fox sports right now. but meanwhile here on the fox news channel, we still have more than two hours of news ahead. we will examine what vladimir putin is thinking ahead of secretary of state antony blinken's meeting with the russian foreign minister, sergey lavrov, in a few draws. they say -- days. they say the door is still open,
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but will putin slam that shut by ordering an invasion that stay with us on the fox news channel. your cousin. from boston. ♪ ♪ wickeds all around! cheers! get it girl. robots! robots! robots! this is the best night of my life. robots! riders! robots! let your queries be known. yeah, hi. instead of letting passengers wrap their arms around us, could we put little handles on our jackets? -denied. -can you imagine? i want a new nickname. can you guys start calling me snake? no, bryan. -denied. -how about we all get quotes to see if we can save with america's number one motorcycle insurer? approved. cool! hey, if bryan's not gonna be snake, can i be snake? -all: no. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us.
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arthel: queen elizabeth has tested positive for covid-19. according to a statement from buckingham palace, the 95-year-old monarch who just
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marked 70 years on the phone is said to have mild cold-like symptom. the palace says the queen is doing well and is on light duty, staying at windsor castle. the queen turns 96 on april 1st -- 21st, and we wish her majesty a speedy and complete recovery. ♪ ♪ eric: now to the possibility of that russian invasion of ukraine. we know just when tensions between that country and ukraine could not ratchet up any if further, belarus says russia is extending military drills. those drills were set to end to the, but some now think putin by staying there will never pull his troops. meantime, ukraine's president is calling for a ceasefire after two of his soldiers were killed if shelling by pro-russian separatists in the eastern part of the country. all of this on top of the growing fears of a russian invasion. if team fox news coverage, mike
12:15 pm
to bin in poland but first to steve harrigan who is many kyiv with the very latest from there. steve? >> reporter: eric, that's the real area of concern that you mentioned, in eastern ukraine. it's there that ukrainian forces are fight against russian-backed separatests. two ukrainian-soldiers were killed on saturday, five wounded and a lot of shelling, which has increased dramatically over the past 48 hours. there are concerns that may be a pretext for a major russian are invasion. the russian-backed separatists have warned that ukraine could invade e. they've given no evidence of that and, of course, it would be highly unlikely that ukraine would invade given the enormous number of russian forces all aaround the worlder. in the meantime, the president here of ukraine, zelensky, has shown visible irritation at the repeated warnings from the u.s. about an impending, imminent russian invasion.
12:16 pm
here's zelensky. >> translator: it means crushing the national currency, money being taken out. can you live in that kind of country? can you have stability in that kind of country? no. >> reporter: he's certainly irritated about the effect those warnings are having on the economy. today more airlines announced they will no longer fly to ukraine until this has calmed down, and of course, the biggest show of force on saturday is when president putin oversaw ballistic missile exercises that can carry nuclear warheads. and as you mentioned the announcement that russian forces will stay in belarus, those exercises scheduled to end told. we expected to see those russian troops perhaps go back to their permanent bases, that's not happening. they're staying just two hours north of here. everything, back to you. eric: that is really close. steve harrigan in kyiv, thank you. arthel: well, by the way, poland not taking any chances to be president putin's new target, warsaw has signed a security
12:17 pm
pact with neighboring ukraine and great britain to strengthen cooperation as the net from russia is looming -- threat from russia is looming. mike tobin is not far from ukraine's western border. mike. >> reporter: and, arthel, many of u.s. personnel that was recently deployed here to poland ended up at this base. if most of them are prosecute 82nd airborne, some of them from the if 101, and given theistly of those soldiers and paratroopers in europe, their very presence is intended to send a message that the u.s. stands strong with its nato allies. their task is described as multi-mission capable. they may be assisting u.s. people, u.s. citizens who get in trouble here in this part of the world. they very well could end up adding manpower if the polish border gets overwhelmed with ukrainian refugees, and that is something that has the polish government very concerned. >> it would be very challenging for our country. we are aware of how big amount
12:18 pm
of ukrainians can reach poland after the invasion from rush russia. if we are creating our plan how to host those people. >> reporter: now, we visited a town right on the ukrainian/polish border. the people there are very scared. they fear that if russia takes over ukraine, that vlad a myrrh putin will just keep coming and keep taking more. we did not find a lot of affection for their ukrainian neighbors, and even if people did want to help, they fear that their numbers will just be too great and they won't be able to help. >> translator: in my opinion, we shouldn't take them in. the ukrainians are worse than the russians. >> translator: our town is too small. we don't have infrastructure to
12:19 pm
accommodate refugees. >> reporter: now, ukrainians have been immigrating to poland really since 2014 with the takeover of crimea and the destabilization of the eastern part of ukraine. so you do have some ukrainian people that are living in poland, so you would have some soft places and places that could absorb some of the refugees in the event that they materialize. but if they materialize in the numbers predicted, there will simply be too many. arthel? arthel: a potential, really complicated domino effect there. mike tobin in eastern poland, thanks, mike. eric: vice president harris is on her way back from that munich security conference where she met with ukraine's president zelensky and other world leaders, the vice president stressing need for a peaceful solution. >> we're talking about the potential for war in europe. i mean, let's really take a moment to understand the
12:20 pm
sentence of what we're talking about. -- significance. it is in the best interest of all that there is a diplomatic end to this moment. eric: a diplomatic end or there will -- will there be more? fox news contributor general keith kellogg joins us. is so, general, i mean, putin's got ukraine surrounded on three sides, he's now keeping forces in belarus. what do you expect? >> hey, eric. look, or eric, you know, one thing about putin, he's a riddle wrapped in an enigma. you never really know what he's going to do, but it's clearly an invasion force. you know, there's an old saying never bring a knife to a gunfight. well, it looks like he's bringing a cannon. he's got 75% of his army, he's got hundreds of aircraft, he's got missile systems, his air defense systems, he's got his field hospitals all arrayed around there. what i think is really interesting and i was watching the array of forces, he's now got his headquarters echeloned,
12:21 pm
and what he has is he has a breakthrough headquarters, and then he's got an expoiation headquarters. he's backed one behind the others. others. you rarely see that. you only see that if they need to have a significant expansion of their effort, and that looks like a rather major invasion going forward. when you start a war, look, you're getting the war genie out of the bottle. it's really hard to put that genie back in the bottle. it's always easy to start a fight, not easy to end one. i'd say they need to figure out how to do conflict resolution because, unfortunately, that window opened with the end of the olympics and also this is the eighth year anniversary of putin going into crimea. so he's a big guy on anniversaries, so i think the window's wide open for him going in right now. eric: can you explain what it
12:22 pm
means by having the top brass, basically, that shows you that he could be -- or he is prepared for an invasion and it's not bluffing. >> well, the reason -- first of all, putin doesn't bluff. he never has. he's a very strong -- i don't think he understands -- real well because he's only had one assignment in the kgb. what i'm talking about is east got his headquarters back one behind the other, and that is always when he decides to do a major offensive, that's what the russians to when they want to fight. you go, oh, boy, there's a reason he's doing this. so he's aligned his forces exceptionally well to fight. and when you look at the array of forces he's got, he's going to provide ukraine, if he goes, a multiple set of problems because they're coming from all directions. they're coming from the northwest, they're coming from the north, the east, the southeast and the south. so he's going to cause a lot of problems for ukraine when he goes in, more problems than they
12:23 pm
can solve. and first thing you're going to see, you're going to see some kind of cyber attack which is going to blind their forces and then an attack by special operations forces to decapitate the ukrainian government, in other words go into kyiv and take the government dispowrntion then he's going to send an exceptionally large amount of forces into ukraine, more forces than they can handle. i think it's going to be bloody but brief. eric: crimea, they thought they would roll over. that went for a decade, and the ukrainians are vowing to fight back. do you think this could drag out as a ger april rah -- guerrilla war and putin could bite off more than he could chew? >> yeah, eric, he is, to me. if he goes to the western part of ukraine, then i think he's got a big problem. but i think if he is smart and fights as he should fight if he's going to go in, then he goes to the eastern part of ukraine, the one-third that is basically russian-speaking, and he's got a huge area on the mean pa river.
12:24 pm
if he puts out one of his flanks and fights from the mean pa river to the east, i think he's going to be in pretty good shape. then he's got to go into conflict resolution, turn to the u.n. and say, okay, now what are with some -- this is not a nato fight because there are no nato forces there. ukraine is not a member of nato, so article v doesn't apply, an attack on one is an attack on all. is so they're on hair own, and it's unfortunate because they're facing an overwhelming amount of forces in the russian army. eric: the clock is ticking. the secretary of state meeting with sergey lavrov next week, perhaps on tuesday. we'll see, if anything, if the diplomatic window is still open or if putin's going to slam that shut. lieutenant general keith kellogg, thank you for your insight. as always. >> thank you. arthel: eric, here at home the white house is urn pressure to fix the nationwide supply chain crunch. we're going to explain how a piece of the new infrastructure
12:25 pm
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♪ arthel: conservative groups are calling for border states to taken matters into their that own hands in dealing with the surge of migrants. new numbers from border patrol show migrant encounters last month were double what they were in january 2021 when president biden took office. senior correspondent casey stegall is live on the border in la jolla, texas, with the latest from there. >> reporter: hey, arthel. fiscal year 2022 is what we're looking at here, obviously. it began last october, actually, for u.s. customs and border protection if, so is data has only been publishedded so far through the edge of january. and when you look at four months of figures already in the books, more than 643,000 migrant encounters have been recorded at
12:30 pm
the southern border so far this year. compare that to almost 285,000 for the same period in 2021. the number of family units caught crossing up 717%. the number of unaccompanied minors has jumped 137% according to the feds. meantime, texas governor greg abbott says his state will continue for the long term with border enforcement, filling in the gaps left by the feds. >> texas is already allocating just for the next two years more than $3 billion for the state to step up and secure the border. part of that money is being used to fund 10,000 national guard. >> reporter: now, yesterday in the el paso sector agents identified what's called as a body carrier. hay say they safely removed 41 grams of fentanyl from inside the smuggler's body. will you see the picture.
12:31 pm
that woman was arrested as were close to 400 other immigrants. they all showed up within a 5-hour time period near the el paso station last week with. officials say they were all taken into custody x they were awaiting their disposition after they are medically cleared and evaluated. arthel? arthel: all right. casey teagueing -- casey stegall live at the border, thanks. eric? eric: on the northern border just across the canadian prison cracking down on the truckers' protest. only a few stragglers remain many ottawa after police in riot gear swept through canada's capitol, arrested nearly 200 and towing off almost 60 vehicles. authorities have now regained control of the area the truckers have occupy for more than three weeks. grady trimble has more on the aftermath of that protest. hi, grady. >> reporter: hey, eric. we're expecting an update from
12:32 pm
police any minute now, but i just want to show you this area a few days ago had dozens of semi trucks and other vehicles in it. now you can see police have taken control of wellington street. this was essentially the first lawyer that trucks were blockins were locking -- blocking. and you can see all the way up the hill there were several more trucks blocking traffic all the way past parliament building here on wellington. while police have cleared all of it, now they are in control of this area blocking traffic and blocking really anybody from from if even walking into this area except for them and for media. some people watching the tactics of police over the past couple days have been critical of it saying they used too much force than they needed to to get protesters out of here. and specifically the prison oversight agency in canada is looking into two instances that took place over the past couple of days. the first was on friday, the
12:33 pm
first day that police started really moving into this area. and that's when a woman was allegedly seriously hurt by a horse because mounted police were moving into this area. the second has to do with an incident that happened on saturday and what police call less lethal ammunitions which refer to things like gas canisters, tear gas canisters as well as rubber bullets. so police are looking into both of those instances to see if they used too much force in those cases to try to get protesters out of here. there's also criticism of prime minister justin trudeau who, as you know, invoke ised the emergencies act at the beginning of this week. police say that was instrumental in being able to clear the protesters, but a lot of people say the standards were not met to invoke that emergencies act which has never been used before. we learned from federal authorities this weekend, eric,
12:34 pm
that they froze 76 bank accounts with about $3 million in them as a part of this measure to crack down on protesters here. eric: and the woman, the canadian reports say she's 49 years old, and they are investigating that incident. grady trimble on the street in ottawa. grady, thank you. ♪ ♪ arthel: >> two months ago the president launched a multi-agency effort to support access to quality truck driving jobs now and in the years ahead. secretary buttigieg will sign the charter document for the women of trucking advisory board which will address challenges facing women in trucking such as barriers to entry, workplace harassment, mentorship and more. arthel: the white house last week talking up progress in retearing america's ailing trucking -- repairing america's ailing trucking with new
12:35 pm
programs. retirements have hit the trucking industry hard, by the way, leaving it short nearly 80,000 drivers. the supply chain crisis has shown us that truckers, including women drivers, help form the backbone of our economy. let's bring in ellen voya, president and ceo of the trucking women association. ellen, mice to have you back. give us an update, how is trucking recruitment getting better? >> more women are coming into the industry, but we were thrilled that in the president's bipartisan infrastructure bill that there were actually two diversity initiatives included. and as the press secretary mentioned, one is called the women in the work force act, and that's to create a women in trucking advisory committee. this was introduced by senator moran in kansas, and so i asked my start, tammy baldwin, to
12:36 pm
sign, it was very bipartisan, and then my congressman, mike gallagher, into dis'sed it in the house as well, and it was signed into law. we should be hearing in the coming weeks who will actually be serving on that committee. arthel: that's great when you have bipartisan cooperation. of course, you advocate for female truckers, you encourage women to get behind the wheel. how's your true recruitment going with your company? >> actually very well. more and more women are coming into the trucking industry. during the pandemic a lot of women who worked in service areas lost their jobs. so if they were in hospitality or working at restaurants or conferences or hotels, a lot of them lost their jobs. and they saw that the trucking industry had jobs, and they're not going away. and so our big push is to tell women that they can do this job job, and they can do it well, and they can make the same amount of money as men.
12:37 pm
arthel: that's good us -- because that's not always the case, unfortunately. do you have any insight on the supply chain easing up? how many more truckers, male and female, would need to be hired nationwide to ease the supply chain slowdown? >> well, i wouldn't just say that they need to be hired, they need to be e towned. we have a lot of drivers who leave because they're tired of the lifestyle, they're tired of being treated by either shippers, receivers, law enforcement or, you know, customers, they aren't getting the kind of respect that they really do deserve as skilled worker. and so we lose a lot of drivers especially at first when they realize what the lifestyle is like. however, 83% of women who come into the industry do so at the urging of a family member or friend, so typically women know what the lifestyle is like and have less turnover. so women make great drivers, have less turnover and actually have been town to be safer
12:38 pm
drivers as well. arthel: so i'm curious many closing here, you mentioned that some people are kind of -- the retirement levels are up because they're kind of sick of the conditions. how is that changing though? i know you said that women kind of know what they're getting into on the front en, how do you change that for, i guess, more men who are saying they're done with it? how can you repair the working conditions? >> well, the companies are trying to have -- [inaudible] they're trying to get drivers home more by having more local and regional and putting the long distance loads on rail and ship them from california to new york on a train. so they're trying to get drivers home a lot more. they're trying to have better equipment and also raising driver pay a lot. in the last year some companies have increased pay three times. so a lot of things are changing to make it a more desirable career, but we're all for that. arthel: okay. yeah, definitely. ellen, how do you pronounce your
12:39 pm
>> it's actually voie. arthel: okay, we got it right. what is it, the name of your company, president and ceo, women many trucking. this we go. elle, thank you very much. >> thank you, arthel. arthel: take care. eric: yeah. raising the pay, that's a good thing. progressive democrats are fighting back at claims that their policies are going to end the party's chances for the 2022 midterms. you know, more congressional democrats heading for the exits, now 30 leaving their seats. what that turnover could mean for the control of congress. that straight ahead. ♪ ♪ as a struggling actor, i need all the breaks that i can get. at liberty butchumal- cut. liberty biberty- cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ ♪ no two dreams are the same. but there is one van equipped to handle them all. for over 120 years, mercedes-benz vans have been built, upfitted and ready to go. because we believe dreams - should never stay that way. ♪ if you find yourself on your feet all day, why not put a little spring in your step? it's time to try weathertech's new anti-fatigue comfortmat, for home or workplace. ♪ made in america with the highest quality materials that provide the perfect combination of support and cushion,
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♪ eric: the number of house democrats a heading for the exits hitting a 30-year high ahead of the november midterms. 22 house democrats are calling it quits, 8 more seeking another office bringing the total to 30.
12:44 pm
democrats have not seen numbers like this since 1992 when 41 house democrats decided to retire. 13 republicans so far have announced vacating their seats. let's bring in white house reporter phil westman on this. what does this mean for the democratic party when when you're seeing these defections total private sector or just saying i'm out of here? >> it means the democrats are reliving the nightmare of republicans in 2018,s and the gop has zero sympathy. if you look at 2018, you had 34 republicans who headed for the exits early. what happened? democrats retook control of the lower chamber. now you've got 30 democrats who are headed for the exit, and that means the democrats not only have to play defense, they have to rebuild by finding new candidates and play defense at a moment when the president's approval ratings are low and historical trends don't favor them. so this could be a rough november for democrats. erin everything why are we
12:45 pm
seeing this trend? is it politics? is it redistricting? is it making more money? >> it could be a mix of all three and certainly there are some on the left who are saying the conventional wisdom that the map necessarily favors republicans, they're saying that might not be true and that perhaps the median voter might be to the left of joe biden and losses could be mitigated. that said though, i think what we are seeing right now is that the unifying factor of the democratic party up this the last election day was donald trump. president biden, he ran on a number of things, certainly, but his message was i'm going to be the guy who's going to replace trump. and since he's been in office, he has kept a tenuous peace between proifgs and moderates, but with an agenda stalled in congress, i think what we're seeing right now is perhaps more animosity, more tension, and there's an argument over what is going to be the animating animosity, more tension, and principle of the left. at least for now you've got 30 house democrats who aren't ready to stick around for that fight.
12:46 pm
eric: yeah. we see in some areas the progressives and the far left kind of going after the moderates and having inter-party fights over this. >> certainly. and too often we see the loudest voices as being indicative of the party overall. but just this week at real clear politics we released new polling that sort of showed it's not just left versus right. there's something like five tribes of american voters, and if you look at the left in plan, you've -- particular, you've got your institutional democrats, traditional woke democrats and then some more swing voters who are multicultural but leaning left. their concerns don't align simply, and so, yes, there might be a lot of energy amid the squad, amid a lot of people who are very good at getting media coverage, but that doesn't necessarily mean that their message is going to be the one that carries democrats through
12:47 pm
november. and i think that, you know, it's going to be very difficult for president biden, for house speaker nancy pelosi to come up with a unifying message, one that isn't just, all right, well, let's keep donald trump from the -- eric: and quickly, do you think republicans are take the house? >> historical trends seem to indicate that they will. certainly the president's approval ratings aren't going to be doing democrats any favors. republicans, you know, unless they screw this up and, certainly, that might be possible of doing that, but, yes, it seems like it's going to be a red november. eric: okay. real clear politics white house reporter phil wegmann. always good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. eric: of course. arthel: it has been nearly two years since the coronavirus pandemic began here in the u.s. one aspect of the virus continues to baffle scientists, why some people lose their sense of taste and smell after being affected. as dr. marc siegel explains, genetics could play a big role.
12:48 pm
>> i know that if i put my nose clip on it and i don't taste it, i'm super happy. >> meet savannah hunter, one of more than 1.6 million americans -- >> coffee is one of my worst triggers. >> who still cannot taste or smell properly. >> my husband was burning it one morning, and i was -- brewing it, and -- >> hunter has what's known as pass any ya, an olfactory condition that distorts your sense of smell. 19 months after contracting covid in july of 2020, just about everything, she says, tastes like chemicals. >> meat is like rancid meat. peanut butter is disgusting. >> she can't even smell the scent of her newborn baby with. >> never did get to smell h h hh properly. even now, 17 months old. >> why do some people get it and others do not? the answer may lie in their genes. a new study by the nature yes jettics journal finds, quote,
12:49 pm
genes may play a role in the physiology of infectedded cells. that contributes to loss of ability to smell. >> it's been around even before the virus. typically the nerve if itself gets damaged. involvement of the nerve itself and rather these support cells that surround the nose. if you damage these -- [inaudible] smelling differently -- >> since the start of the pandemic, the doctor has seen an increase in patients. >> it was quite -- almost a patient a day. >> for 19-year-old emily, this is what breakfast looks like. she is suffering from a severe case after contracting the virus in march of 20 the 21. 2021. >> the smell and the taste the of everything after that day began to smell and taste like garbage. my ent told me that i only had to do scent training for a few
12:50 pm
weeks and that i should be recovered by then. >> but that day never came. if the short list of foods that she could eat were no longer tolerable. >> of the only thing i found was dried aply apricots, and they're like that's definitely not enough to keep you alive. >> she underwent surgery last november, a tube is now being used to feed her 24 hours a day. >> food nowadays is basically an art. it may look beautiful, but i just can't have it. >> in new york dr. marc siegel, fox news. arthel: wow. fascinating. doctor, thank you very much. and we're going to be right back with more muse in a moment. ♪ ♪ ide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ [inspirational soul music]
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arthel: investigations or to pair of helicopter crashes. in collington california is killed his partner critically injured with her chopper went down off the coast. that was just hours after helicopter slammed into the waters off miami beach, only a few feet from swimmers. christina coleman is live in or los angeles with more on both of those incidents, christina para. >> hi arthel part yes, there to helicopter crashes within ten hours of each other. the fatal one happened here in
12:55 pm
southern california. the helicopter crashed into the water to newport beach around 6:30 p.m. yesterday evening killing one officer and critically injuring another. they are the only two on board for the officer who survived was a disturbance call when the chopper went down. authorities are vested in the cause of the crash for the officer who died was identified as a 44-year-old nicholas a 14-year-old veteran of the huntington beach police department. ask the city of huntington beach, the residents of huntington beach, the huntington beach police officer and the law enforcement community have lost an officer that was truly dedicated to his job. that was doing what he loved doing. >> take a look at this video out of florida. miami beach police shared this dramatic video of a helicopter slamming into the water just feet away from the sandy shores
12:56 pm
of south beach for this happened yesterday afternoon. dozens of people witnessed the crash. one second they're enjoying a sunny beach day, the next they're watching helicopter go down right in front of them. three people were on the helicopter at the time. two of them were taken to the hospital in stable condition. because of the crashes under investigation. arthel. arthel: oh boy. so it said the officer lost his life in that crash in huntington beach. christina coleman in los angeles thank you so much, eric. swivel reminder of the sacrifices our law enforcement officers around the country have to go through and suffer every day almost. well, ukraine and vladimir putin, are those nations on the brink of war? we will take a look at what fox news channel continues. our coverage another hour straight ahead. with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein.
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