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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 21, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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chain-link fence. precisely. daphne from st. augustine, florida, "if joe biden shows more concern for the ukraine border than our southern border i will scream out loud and you will hear me in new york and go. tucker is up next and always remember, i'm watters and this is my world. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if got to feel a little bad for the many heads of western democracy, for them the end of the coronavirus pandemic is really the worst thing they can imagine. put yourself in their position. for two years you've yielded unprecedented power over your country. you told citizens where and when they can work, shoop, worship, and go outside. you controlled what they wear, you decided how their children will be educated and what drugs
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they must put into their body. for a person with no useful skills and limited job prospects in the economy, and that describes all of them, it's been an extraordinary experience. no democratic leader in history has ever been this powerful. as powerful as you are right now. you are like a god. each morning you wake up and survey your creation and do you revel in your omnipotence. he could hardly believe how far you've come. the last thing you want is for all of it to end. but of course, it is ending. the virus that gave you these powers is in retreat. it's no longer a public health emergency. the vaccine you promised didn't work in the ways you pledge that they would. they didn't stop infection or transmission. you've done your best to hide that fact, but everybody knows it. for you, the jig is up. the ball is over. it's almost midnight, just a few hours from now you will once again be merely a scullery maid. he will be taking orders from your citizens rather than giving them. and the thought of that sends
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you into a in a panic. what do you do next? how do you make this moment last forever? you must find a new emergency that justifies making your powers permanent. if you are going to remain god, you're going to need a devil to fight. so if you're wondering why so many western leaders are vilifying their own populations, people they were supposed to represent, this is why. find an enemy, create a crisis, stay in power forever. it's the oldest recipe for tierney that there is. if we don't recognize it in her old age, it's because nothing like this was supposed to happen in a democracy. but it is happening. last week justin trudeau use a peaceful trucker strike to declare martial law appeared he sees control of the police, shut down opposition media coverage, declared himself the final arbiter of all financial transactions in the nation of canada. these are dictatorial powers, but they were necessary, because
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this was an emergency, trudeau explained. they threatened the very existence of canada. the truckers were effectively an invading army. over the weakened, trudeau defeated that army. he cleared the truckers strike by force. in his emergency powers remaining. today, justin trudeau explained he will remain in full control of canada indefinitely, and that is essential, he said, to keep them safe. but the video tease tells a very different story. it's a crackdown on human rights that is put canadians in danger. watch trudeau's forces tell this woman that he's not allowed to record what happens in her own city. >> i just want to get a coffee, okay? you walked into me. >> i want to go for a coffee down there.
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>> we see it again, it will be different. >> get out of here! do you understand that? walk away. your phone doesn't need to be in our faces. go. >> tucker: i just want a cup of coffee. get out of here. multiply what you just saw by an entire country and that is canada tonight. there is no longer any pretext, this is about the covid pandemic. no one is trying to protect canadians from anything, much less the virus. this is political repression. if you doubt that, consider what happens to a place called the ionic cafe, a coffee shop in downtown ottawa. they tried to break into the cafe and shut it down. why? because the proprietors had dared to serve coffee to the truckers during the protest. under justin trudeau, that is now a crime. a man who works at the cafe said he saw trudeau's forces mistreat a civilian on the sidewalk.
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when he told them to back off a come of this is canada, they turned on him. >> get it out everywhere, now. get it out. they are saying they are going to break the window. they already walked around back, you guys. here is your taxes at play everyone. welcome to absolute tierney. >> tucker: that's kind of thing is happening all of the capital city of canada. the virus is in retreat, but there is a new crisis. last week we showed you the footage of trudeau's forces trample in a woman with horses. now internal texts show the officers who ruled those horses
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celebrated what they did. "just watch that horse video, that is awesome" said one officer. an elderly woman being trampled by a horse. the canadian government has confirmed that those texts are real, but none of them supposedly progressive politicians in canada care in the least. no one on the canadian left or the american left for that matter has condemned md of this for any other protest violation of human rights in canada. they aren't even reporting that it's happening. but it is happening. watch as the man in the orange jacket is need to repeatedly by's men. >> you could hear the noises of people getting shoved around outside. being arrested. a man being speethirteened.
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>> tucker: again, and a gun and a gun, and a gun. the man who shot that footage is david paisley, he runs a website. they've arrested and sees the video. we alerted several media outlets over the weekend including cbc and ctv to this footage and gave them his contact information, news organization to news organization, but none of them reported on it. so we looked into it ourselves. several protesters who were there said the trucker in an orange jacket was attacked by police officers during the crackdown. we reached out, and he confirmed it. it shows him exiting his cab calmly, kneeling down in front of his truck, and clasping his hands behind his head. watch. >> i don't speak french.
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[indistinct] >> i'm going down on my knees, hands behind my back. i am peacefully protesting. >> tucker: the man surrenders on camera and then he is need repeatedly into submission. we would love to show you more footage, but it turns out none of justin trudeau's men was wearing a body camera at the time feared no one in the canadian state media cares to follow up on that story, so they are not. they don't care either. in a moment we are going to speak to the man who you saw being beaten on camera. and he will give you all the details. he joins us in just a moment.
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the brutality that was just one element of this crackdown on saturday, ottawa's new police chief said he will hunt them down and to ruin them financially. watch. >> i stand here today again and say, this demonstration is over. go home. if you don't go home, we will remove you from the streets. if you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. absolutely. >> tucker: if you are involved in a protest, you will be sanctioned and charged. what does that mean exactly? last night, justin trudeau's government announced that it's also going after anyone who "directly or indirectly participated in the protest." according to mark strohl, this is an ensnared one of his constituents. in response "her bank account has now been frozen. she's a single mom working a
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minimum wage job. she now has no money at all. so under trudeau's two orders she won't simply lose access to her bank account, she will also lose access to trusts and loan providers. this is with the collapse of democracy looks like. subsequently beating people in the streets, it's making it impossible for them to live because you scale all their money. you award yourself the power to control every dollar in your country. where does that power come from? it's a self-appointed power. you prevent anyone from speaking out against you. it's a justin trudeau is not just targeting people who parked their trucks in ottawa, he is crushing anyone who supports them. he's going after their employers. over the weekend, the owner of a trucking company receive this threatening call from trudeau's authorities. >> my job is to phone the registered owner of the trucks to ask them if they are still in ottawa, and if they are still in
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ottawa, i was to tell the registered owners that they could be subject to the new measures under the emergency measures act so they could see his assets and that all that kind of stuff. >> tucker: trudeau's government is promising to seize company assets and zeroed bank accounts because one company truck parked on the street in ottawa. it's not a grotesque overreaction to a peaceful protest, it is a wild and unprecedented expansion of powers that is permanent and make democracy impossible. canada's finance of ministry explains that trudeau is not going to give up his power, ever. >> we will be putting forward measures to be put those tools permanently and place. they do need to be expanded to cover crowdsourcing platforms. and payment providers.
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so that is something that we need to do and we will do and that needs to be in place permanently. >> tucker: you will notice that some of the harshest authoritarians, not simply in canada, but across the west, speak in light, wilting voices going up on the last syllable. they don't sound like mussolini, but they've awarded themselves greater powers. this all seems to have be happening overnight in canada, but that's a bully because most americans don't pay attention. that bill would allow activists to head to court and accuse someone of "contemplating hate speech." not even saying something on authorized, thinking about saying it. so what is hate speech, exactly, and what does it look like to contemplate it? back around 2020, a man wrote to complain to a canadian government official called bob ray. he wrote that the government has blood on their hands would not
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quarantine canada's borders before we imported covid from around the world." you could disagree with it, but it is a wild opinion and will always be permitted in actual democracy. the canadian officials response? "worthy of a block, hate speech." criticize me, the person in power, and now it is hate speech. now contemplating something like that is itself a crime. gaining government officials like bob ray can send people to jail. trudeau's government has moved to reintroduce as quickly as possible. the biden administration, you should know and not forget, has encouraged all of the spirit vladimir putin has the tyrant, they tell us, not justin trudeau. at this point it's pretty clear that if you want to know the future they are planning for us in the united states, look north to canada. as promised, we are joined by one of the truck drivers who was attacked by justin trudeau's police. he arrives in canada after
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fleeing communism in romania. he joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on. thank you. so the video we showed appears to have you surrendering peacefully and the next we see you are being kneed in the ribs by justin trudeau's men. did you fight them? >> no, sir. i got done for my truck, i went down. i put my hands behind my head. and i was waiting for them to take me away. so in that moment, the police officer -- he speaks. he's telling me, go back, go back. and i just told him hey, i'm the driver. they yelled, arrest him, arrest him. so they drove me in, they lied me down on my belly, and i
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don't -- i don't remember how many were on top of me. i felt like i was beaten, but i took it like a man. >> tucker: good for you. at least someone's behaving like a man. you seem to be having trouble breathing, i could hear it. were you injured by this? >> yes. they broke my body a little bit, but not my spirit. >> tucker: not your spirit. did you expect this kind of behavior in the formally free nation of canada? >> no, sir. not at all. i moved to canada -- it was everything wonderful. people talk to you in the street, asking you hey, how are you? i had never experienced stuff like that before. so i was so happy. i said jeez, that is so nice.
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everything was beautiful. and the last 20 years i can say that the last two years -- it's impossible to live here anymore. >> tucker: we hope you will come to this country, which is freer than canada. we appreciate you coming on tonight. god bless you. thank you. speaking of tierney, ed is a weird expanse, but probably not entirely unexpected, to be denounced as unpatriotic by people who despise our country. we say that a lot all of the sudden pure the very same politicians who claim the united states is systemically racist, a white supremacist escape defined by slavery, in other words an evil nation. those people are always the first to claim that you hate america if you dare to disagree with them. that happened to us over the weekend. for months, we've criticized joe biden's lunatic push for war
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with russia. nothing about that makes sense. it is not foreign policy, it is self harm, and it is a lie. russia is not america's greatest international rival. by every measure, that is china. ukraine is not our vital ally, we have no legal or moral obligation to defend ukraine's integrity even as we surrender our own to the rest of the world. letting millions in any single year. ukraine is not even a democracy despite what joe biden claims. ukraine is a corrupt eastern european autocracy that has spent millions of dollars lobbying politicians in washington and made joe biden's family rich. those are not russian talking points. they are entirely true. and because they are true, no one in the administration is willing to debate or rebuke them, not for a second. instead, they just call you a traitor. >> what does it say when you have people like tucker carlson
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and fox drumming up support for putin? >> look, it's not first frustrating, it's sickening. this is the same person who went to hungary to interview viktor orban. this is a continuation of the propaganda machine of fox. it's not surprising, but really, really disappointing. >> tucker: now it is un-american to defend america's national interest. that was congressman david selenium of rhode island. he was particularly exercised -- they had sought to interview vladimir putin. i nbc news interviewed vladimir putin, but our efforts are not allowed. they are "un-american." joe biden's legal advisor agreed with this. on twitter he accused us of treason, which is a former harvard law professor he knows is a death penalty offense. so how seriously should we take this? it's pretty clear where it is
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going. first they spied on our emails and texts. now they are accusing us of treason. we got it, they want us to be quiet. but we won't be quiet, not just because this is a news organization. because we are americans and we can talk to anyone we want. we can have any opinion we feel like having. that is not treason, it is not un-american. it is our bill of rights. to date we sent another letter to vladimir putin asking for a interview. we also sent a message to the president of ukraine. we would like that too. neither one of these men runs a democracy by traditional american standards. but they are in the news and we would love to talk to them. an interview is hardly an endorsement. in that same spirit, we've reached out to congressman cicilline's office inviting him on the show. david selenium is a former mafia lawyer. he is a repulsive man.
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it's not a moral to talk to him, it would be interesting. we hope congressman cicilline accepts our invitation. gofundme continually cuts off funding to any group opposing progressive's. they allow blm to crowd fund for violent criminals. at some politicians see that is fair. we've got details straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so we broke down on friday and reviewed the new book about sandy cortez, the entitled congresswoman from westchester, which was ridiculous and of course it was -- it compared her to jesus. she responded because it was about her. so then she gets on twitter and assumes her natural pose, which is victim. the most powerful people in the country telling that she is a oppressed person of color pit "i genuinely want to know why tucker carlson is allowed to engage in clear harassment that endangers people and drives so
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many violent threats so that people love to fund raise for their own safety. why should they have to pay for his harassment? make it make sense." [laughs] again, note the narcissism, but note, above all, here is once more one of the most powerful people in the united states of america telling you that she is a victim. she's a lawmaker, but she's oppressed. this is the posture they all assume. it is passive aggression, something especially disgusting and dishonest about it. here's the most interesting part. sandy cortez talks about how she's threatened, she's got to pay for protection. taxpayers fund her ample bodyguards even as she defines the cops for everyone else bear the truth is, some people do need to fund raise for production in the society that she created.
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those people who do need to fund raise for protection would include the canadian truckers or the january six defendants. but they are not able to do that anymore. why? because people like sandy cortez agitate to choke off their fund-raising. this is an attempt to suppress their speech and put them in danger. so if there is a victim of the system, a system she helped create and support, it is not her. it is the people who actually need protection, but can't raise money. they always accuse you. so we brought you the story a couple days ago, a blm activist called quintez brown walked into the office of a mayoral candidate, craig greenberg, last monday. and then opened fire. it was an assassination attempt. here is the weird part. the gun control advocate who started shooting at people is out of jail. how did he get out of jail so
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fast? blm helped him crowd fund on gofundme. gofundme is the same website that just got off donations to nonviolent groups like the canadian truckers but how does this work? miranda devine is a columnist at "the new york post" and honestly one of the best journalists in america and we are always grateful to have her on the show. thank you so much for coming on. so gofundme got this attempted assassin out of jail instantly? >> thanks, tucker. yes, his blm comrades managed to ground fund $100,000 to get them out of jail within 48 hours. this attempted assassination over a jewish mayoral candidate and of course, quintez brown has some sort of affiliation with anti-semitic groups anyways judging by his social media output.
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he has a darling of the joy reid class, so of course, he has privilege. he has blm privilege. and he is a protected person. whereas if you are a canadian, nonviolent, trying to kill anyone on armed. if you are a january 6 defendant to his nonviolent and not charged with any violent -- was completely unarmed and spent more than a year in jail, then you are not eligible for gofundme funds, because gofundme deems you to be dangerous, but not feel them attempted assassin's and not antifa rioters who also have no problem raising funds on gofundme. >> tucker: what you are seeing is gofundme and other tech companies like gofundme are acting as enforcers for the most radical and violent political
5:30 pm
factions in our country. that is my take away. >> exactly. they are enforcers of the regime just like facebook, twitter -- they punish people who say that they are and typical, antithetical to the that we are all to go along with. anybody who steps outside the regime's behavioral norms is punished by big tech. >> tucker: ray lima michael rea. we appreciate you coming on tonight. thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: kyle rittenhouse attempted to defend himself in the summer of 2020 when people tried to murder him. he was brought up on murder charges for that. he was found not guilty. we followed his trial for an episode in our documentary
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series. tucker carlson originals. and now kyle rittenhouse has a major announcement he will make on the show, next. ♪ ♪ alright, so...cordless headphones, you can watch movies through your phone? and y'all got electric cars? yeah. the future is crunk! (laughs) anything else you wanna know? is the hype too much? am i ready? i can't tell you everything. but if you want to make history, you gotta call your own shots. we going to the league!
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>> tucker: district attorneys backed by george soros refusing to enforce certain laws of concern people if you live in this country you know that because it's all around you. new jailhouse audio shows that criminals, including child molesters, also know it. we have that story. hey, bill. to bill. >> hi, tucker. this case has to do with a 26-year-old transgender child molester who was sentenced to only two years in a juvenile facility because l.a. county prosecutor refused to prosecute him as an adult. this is 26-year-old hannah tubbs who sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl inside of a denny's restroom in l.a. county back in 2014. at the time of that crime, he was a couple weeks away from his
5:37 pm
18th birthday. they showed tubbs going into that restroom and fleeing the scene, but tubbs wasn't connected until being arrested for another crime in 2019. the prosecutors say tubbs began identifying as female after being taken in to custody. he refused to prosecute tubbs as an adult. just last month, they sent in tubbs to spend two years in a juvenile facility at 26 and he will not have to register as a sex offender. i've obtained some tubbs calls back in november before being sentenced. in them, tubbs is on the phone with his dad and he talks about gloating about avoiding prison time. take a listen. >> don't worry about it. i'm going to plead guilty, they will put me on probation, and -- i won't have to register.
5:38 pm
>> you don't have to register? >> i won't have to do any of that? >> what will they do to you? >> nothing. >> in that same call he made some extremely crude disparaging comments about the 10-year-old victim openly discussing the attraction for her and laughing about it. so crude we have decided not to air about audio. the victim is 18 years old and speaking out for the first time pitt "the things he did to me were beyond horrible for a 10-year-old girl to have to go through. it is something i struggle with and it is insulting this was all he was given as punishment and i want something done about it." the d.a. said he didn't even know about those recordings until they reached out for him last week and told him his office about it. he said if he did, he would have handled the case differently and now he's claiming that he plans to change policy moving forward he said he will consider prosecuting some juveniles as
5:39 pm
adults, but only in extreme circumstances. like this one. send it back to you, tucker. >> tucker: thank you so much. great to see you tonight. you should know that there's a lot of people in this country, mostly in positions of power, who are more upset about the fact that we referred to the man you just saw, the child molester, as a man. because that is what he is. then they are about the crimes he committed against a 10-year-old girl. so for over a year, media outlets in this country have lied about kyle rittenhouse in an effort to have been put behind bars for the rest of his life. they called him a white supremacist, they told us he crossed line with an ar-15, which he did not, therefore he was a terrorist. here is the selection. >> what does it say when a white teenager can cross straight lines with a gun, killed two pe, and get to walk away a free man. >> we are being told that someone can cross state lines
5:40 pm
with a semisemiautomatic rifle. >> he came across state lines with a firearm that he purchased a legally driven mother. >> self-defense -- traveling across state lines with an ar-15 to intimidate people is absolutely white supremacy. >> tucker: "white supremacy." everyone involved in the story was white. they are aligned to at the kid in prison for the rest of his life. but they just told you there are lies. he didn't drive them across state lines, he borrowed it from a friend in wisconsin. he lived about 15 minutes from wisconsin. he worked in wisconsin. so the question is, after a full year of watching these people lie in order to imprison a kid for the rest of his life, who is going to hold the lawyers accountable? kyle rittenhouse has thought a lot about this and he joins us
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tonight to explain his point going forward. thank you so much for coming on tonight. i can't think of many people who have been at receiving end of this much sinister line from so-called news organizations as you have. how are you going to respond? >> tucker, thank you for having me. me and my team have decided to launch the media accountability project as a tool to help fund raise and hold the media accountable for the lies they said and deal with them in court. >> tucker: interesting. so the idea is, may be like the covington catholic kids, you will be suing news organizations that maliciously lie about people who are in the news, is that the plan? >> yes, sir. we are going to be holding them accountable, tucker. >> tucker: i have to ask a dumb question -- why isn't there a group like this that exists
5:42 pm
already? the media are participants in the news, why hasn't someone done this before? >> that is a good question, tucker. i'm not sure, to be honest. but i don't want to see anybody else have to deal with what i went through. so i want to hold them accountable for what they did to me, because i don't want to see anybody have to go through what i had to. >> tucker: they tried to imprison you for the rest of your life. you have a lot of potential targets to sue yourself, will you be suing any of these news organizations, and if so, when? >> right now we are looking at quite a few politicians, celebrities, athletes, whoopi goldberg is on the list. she called me a murderer after i was acquitted by a jury of my peers. she went on to still say that, and there's others, don't forget about -- they continue to call me a murderer.
5:43 pm
>> tucker: what about the people who called you ground mostly a white supremacist, which makes it pretty hard to get a job for the rest of your life if you are a white supremacist. will you be responding to them? >> absolutely. we are going to hold everybody who lied about me accountable. such as -- everybody who lied called me a white supremacist. they are all going to be held accountable and we are going to handle them in a courtroom. >> tucker: a kyle rittenhouse, i appreciate you announcing that tonight. the media accountability project -- we are rooting for justice. thank you very much. >> if anybody wants to help join us in this battle, they can donate at we had behind the scenes access. during that, that is called the trial of chicago, we are proud of it.
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you can get it for free at tuckercarlson here is an assault on democracy you haven't heard much about. democrats nationally trying to prevent republicans from running for office. and getting on the ballot. they are having some success in the state of north carolina against congressman madison hawthorne. keeping them off the balance of voters want people to vote for him. did you know that was happening? the congressman joins us next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: "the new york times" has been so completely discredited so many times over so many decades it's tempting for rational people to dismiss. who cares what "the new york times" thinks? the truth is "the new york times" has more power than it's ever had. "the new york times" has more power than any single elective legislator in this country. "the new york times" can destroy members of congress, they can't destroy "the new york times" print they are incredibly powerful. ashley rensburg as a novelist he was thought a lot about this and then decided to look into it. the book he produced is the
5:50 pm
"new york times" misreporting distortions and fabrications radically altering history. which they have and do. here's a conversation we had with them on "tucker carlson today." >> "the new york times" is shaping the news agenda, it is shaping the policy agenda, and it's shaping the reality around us because it amplifies the message or its message gets amplified by the rest of the media. we are talking about thousands and thousands of other outlets who syndicate their content, who license their content, who spread these ideas like we've seen -- now we've got this crazy new book out about it. steve got this echo chamber and they are the ones making the most noise all the time. >> tucker: you should listen to that whole thing, it is absolutely worth it. it is all on "tucker carlson today." democracy is a system under
5:51 pm
which you get to vote for whomever you want to because it is your country, you are a citizen, the people rule. the democrats are working and they are effectively working to subvert the most basic of democracy. he is seeing this up close -- activists are trying to get the states election board to keep him off the ballot in this fall's election. you can't vote for him and he democracy. a group called "for the people" is trying to do it. they are alleging that "hawthorne is constitutionally disqualified from public office under the 14th amendment. the constitution based on reasonable suspicion that he is help facilitate the generous 62021 insurrection. in other words, he is like a confederate general. he is like a foreign adversary pier that is what they are arguing. and they may win not. we want to talk to madison hawthorne directly today to hear what this all stands. thank you so much for joining us.
5:52 pm
i can't think of a clearer assault on democracy itself than preventing voters from voting for the candidate of their choice. how close are they to preventing you from running for office? >> tucker, they are actually very close. what is going on in north carolina is that the state board of election, a panel of five people asserting that they have the ability to borrow 740,000 plus americans in my district from being able to elect me to send me to washington to be their weapon to fight against the deep state. why? they are saying that this is a viable choice in north carolina because of the 14th amendment to the constitution. i'm sure that you are as puzzled as i was after following januard saying that we were insurrectionist's, traders. i thought they were just trying to get a flashy headline. but the reason they were trying to set this basis for fact is because they had a plan to execute a version of l'affaire hatched by mark elias, the quarterback for hijacking our
5:53 pm
election in 2020, to try and actually bar america first candidates for being able to hold office in 2022. the reason they tried to set the stage it because they knew that their geriatric despot was going to be so bad and the midterms would be as lodging? i don't know. but what is going on here is that they are actually very close to being able to subvert the will of over 700,000 americans. and make no mistake, this is not just about a 26-year-old from carolina in a wheelchair. this is about the future of every nation paid if you are able to set this president in north carolina, they will be able to keep anybody with valid or legitimate concerns to be not be able to hold office. >> tucker: this is so smart, you are exactly right. that is why they called the rioters insurrectionist spirits of many conservative officeholders and news organizations have ignored it. they don't see what this is really about. and i hope you will keep us apprised at what happens.
5:54 pm
congressman joining us tonight, we appreciate you. fox news alert coming in from canada. the house of commons just passed a motion to extend justin trudeau's dictatorial powers in the country. the power over all financial transactions, over all people in the nation of canada. trna. we will keep you posted. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ .
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having everything i want in the place i love. jamaica. heartbeat of the world. let's go!
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>> tucker: every person on american television right now is demanding the united states immediately go to war with russia over ukraine. but bill mar disagrees. watch. >> ukraine is the home of russia. that's where the russian state started in kyiv. it's the first era of russian history. i am not saying he is a good
6:00 pm
guy. >> [overlapping talking]. >> you are echoing russian talk. >> oh. >> you are. >> [overlapping talking]. >> that's where the debate in this country broke down. you don't say to someone who is speaking with 30 years of experience. >> tucker: sean hannity. >> sean: i will pick it up from there. welcome to "hannity." the u.s. embassy in it ukraine fled to poland. vladimir putin's incursion into ukraine is under way and how


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