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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 22, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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ed to i prefer when you call them face diaper. that makes my tuesday. please regallia. >> always a face diaper and i will make sure i say it next week. >> carley: that's our tomi. we appreciate it busy news day for us. busy tuesday morning with that we will hand it over are to "fox & friends" which starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> russian troops descend into two break away regions in ukraine. >> president biden regions. >> weakness. putin is a former kgb officer and he sees it. >> justin trudeau claims emergency powers still needed. >> invoking the emergencies act has been necessary. it has been the responsible thing to do. >> seattle police department is struggling to recruit new officers as the rate of violent crime surges. >> the depleted staffing we see today does not allow us to react
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to emergencies. >> kyle rittenhouse the media accountability project raise funds for challenges media outlets for defamation. >> we are going to hold everybody who lied about me account. >> a virginia school board chairwoman storms out of a meeting after a parent calls her out for mask hypocrisy. >> shear a picture of you right here on facebook with a crowd of people. [gavel] >> that's it. >> with no mask on. >> ainsley: perfect song for today. >> pete: perfect. miami i'm going to guess it's 5 degrees right now. it's warmer than that. >> ainsley: what's the signature caps of today? be. >> pete: it's 2/2/22 day. >> steve: tuesday. second day of the second month
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of the 22 year it's 2/22/22 and taps twosday. any way you look at it forwards or backwards always the same. doesn't matter what country. some countries put the month first and others put the year first. the ultimate pal drone is 2:22 in the morning. 2:22 this afternoon. military time 22:22. >> steve: this won't happen again for another 400 years. >> ainsley: 2022 -- let me i wrote it down. >> steve: 400 years. >> pete: what will the world look like then. what's the world going to look like in 2422. >> ainsley: today is george washington's birthday. it depends on what calendar you are looking at. george washington was born on
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february 22nd, or the 22nd it depends on which calendar. >> ainsley: they deer baiting that? >> steve: he has got two birthdays but then it all got kind of confused because now we celebrate it on yesterday on presidents' day. the third monday in february. >> pete: another patriotic note to this day is it was july 4th, 1776 that pluto was in the exact same position it is today. >> ainsley: it's national margarita day. >> pete: is it really? >> ainsley: burger king is doing some specials. a lot of bars are going to make prices a little cheaper. >> steve: as an homage to national margarita day. some guy is selling t-shirts that says not your average taco tuesday. it's is nacho average taco tuesday. remember, when we used to write checks? today would be the easiest day of to write 2/22/22.
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>> pete: people are getting married today. never forget it. >> ainsley: good for the men. big news day yesterday, because we saw the beginning stages of russia invading ukraine. >> steve: it all depends on if you talk to the white house, because they don't know whether or not it's fully invasion right now. look. we know that russian troops are now -- they have moved into portions of actual ukraine. >> ainsley: right now we are awaiting word from the white house because president biden is vowing to issue more sanctions. >> pete: steve harrigan leads our coverage of capital city of kyiv. steve? >> the pictures tell the story. the russian military is on the move. tanks and armored vehicles following up on president putin's order to, quote: serve as peace keepers, unquote in eastern ukraine. they are going to the break away region of lieu hands and
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donetsk. if you watched president putin on tv yesterday you could have got than impression. he said ukraine is not a real country it's simply a creation of the soviet union back in the day. he said the biggest mistake that was made was ever letting ukraine go free in the first place with the break up of the soviet union. here is putin to give the republics write to succeed. first glance is incomprehensible. some kind of madness. >> as for ukraine's president zelenskyy there are real concerns about his personal safety. right now he says is he staying put. he also says ukraine will defend itself there will be no giving in to russian forces. u.s. embassy though has moved yet again now crossed the border into poland. back to you. steve. >> steve: harrigan, you know, mr. putin is recognizing these
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two -- the independence of these two regions of ukraine. it's still ukraine. >> yeah. they have been fighting there the last 8 years. controlled by russian backed separatists. now he says i recognize you as independent. if they ask for troops, is he going to send troops. that's what we are seeing today. more troops. where will these troops stop, steve? >> steve: great point. >> pete: vladimir putin is calling those troops peace keepers. >> ainsley: under the guise of peace keepers. >> pete: one guy's invader is another's peace keepers. they are not really break away they were taken along the same time crimea was taken. and frankly it's the reason it's precarious for ukraine belarus on the northern part controlled by russia. >> steve: look how big that thing is. it's gigantic. second biggest country in that part of the world.
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>> pete: the bread basket. donbas region. huge resources manufacturing resources. coveted by vladimir putin. you listen to what he said. words owe used in that speech were no different than any other autocrat of the soviet union. >> steve: he has one playbook. evidence is going to to again. the putin playbook e has done this before when he went into -- when everything happened with georgia back in the day. >> ainsley: experts are wondering if he is going to stop with these regions. they worry he wants to go farther and farther and eventually take over the black sea. china and taiwan is watching. he knows how biden handled afghanistan that was disaster. he lost two embassies. he has lost the afghanistan embassy and ukrainian embassy has moved to poland. when he was vice president bengals happened. and we know that secretary gaetz said he has been wrong on every foreign policy and national security issue for the past four decades. he looks very weak and russia is taking advantage of it. >> steve: you know, when he was running for president he sounded
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a rot different than he does now. february 21st, it would have been yesterday two years ago. he said this. running for president. vladimir putin doesn't want me to be president. he doesn't want me to be our nominee. if you are wondering why? it's because i'm the only person in this field who has ever gone toe to toe with him. >> ainsley: wrong. >> steve: they are toe to toe but oot putin is standing on his foot. here is retired general keith kellogg talking about biden as is he seen on the world stage. >> when you rook at this administration and when you look at the chief executive and look at the national security staff, that of that he has around him and you look at the vice president. and it's a constant pattern of weakness. and putin a former kgb officer and he sees this. he saw the decision-making done on afghanistan. buy is also a student of history. and he looks back on what biden did also as a vice president, remember when biden was vice president. he was the guy in the situation room that did not want to go
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after usama bin laden. voted no. not to conduct the raid. he is the same guy that secretary gates, the former secretary of defense and director of the cia said has been wrong on nearly every national security decision in the last 40 years. so he sees a pattern of weakness. when he sees opportunity, he says, look, this is an opportunity, i'm not going to have maybe in three years when a stronger chief executive comes n 2024. i might as well take my shot now. >> pete: that's right. what happened yesterday looks a lot like the minor incursion that was. >> steve: green lighted. >> pete: approved and green lighted by joe biden. this is different than what happened in 2014 was, you know, it was all shadowy, separatists. are they backed by the russian government. >> steve: they knew who was who. >> pete: they tried to maintain strategic ambiguity. now they are rolling in the tanks. wake-up moment for europe. yes u.s. needs to leave buy w.
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will europe stop this. >> ainsley: why not impose sanctions on russia? >> pete: it's weak. if if you know they are going to invade. i wouldn't know why you wouldn't go straight for the kremlin. >> steve: right now here is the headline of "the washington post." white house wrestles with whether russia has actually invaded you had ukraine. think about it, it's not a full invasion. they have not gone all in yet. and that makes it harder for the rest to respond. and that's why yesterday there were some piecemeal sanctions levied. apparently the white house is going to have more today. they are not the big one that the president promised when the full-on invasion happens. because it has not happened yet. >> ainsley: biden reduced the world supply of oil and gas when he signed that executive order on day one. he can't do anything now because we are not energy independent. and we need to flood our western allies with our oil and gas so they are not reliant on russia. that's the problem. because biden and all these progressives who worry more
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about the environment than our national security they are never going to do that. >> steve: think about it. joe biden would like us to have our cars run off the sun and the wind. which would be great if it were patrol car particular and worked really well in the meantime. >> the russian cars rely on nickel that comes out of russia. russia supplies that to our auto industry. charge for more that paying 1.50 more at the gas tank. it could go up $3 now because of everything happening with ukraine and russia. gte guess who got hurt the working class family not the elite in washington. the mom and pops trying to put food on the table too expensive at the pump. >> pete: buying up cobalt mines all over the place. quongts worry the u.s. army is planning to have all green vehicles by 2030. >> steve: wait until the malware hackers turn off another pipeline.
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remember $7 a gallon gas in north carolina when the colonial pipeline went on the fritz? >> ainsley: gas lines? >> steve: i wouldn't be surprise if that happens again. thank you, russia. >> pete: thank you joe biden. >> ainsley: how hard are they going to be? how tough can they be? they are in a pickle. >> so is europe. >> pete: joe biden has started interviews for the next supreme court justice. what we know about his controversial choices. >> ainsley: plus rules for thee, here we go again, not for thee. new orleans' mayor caught maskless mardi gras ball. the left's hypocrisy.
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♪ >> carley: we are back with a rook at headlines, two young children are shot while playing outside in maryland. police say a suspect came out of a wooded area and indiscriminately opened fire in annapolis. one child is a boy other a girl. both rushed to area hospitals. the extent of their injuries are not known. one was shot in the back. the other in the leg. police say the suspect took off on foot. wild story there. we will follow that one for you. president biden begin the interview process for supreme court nomination the president previously promising to appoint a black woman to the nation's
3:18 am
highest court for the first time in history. multiple reports indicate the president has narrowed it down to these four candidates. white house officials say biden will announce his nominee by the end of the month. and democratic strategist and former co-host of "the five" bob beckel has died. rejoined the network in 2011. one of the original host of "the five." sean hannity he kids would call him uncle bob. beckel was 73 years old. spent a lot of time with bob during my early days here at fox news. such a funny guy. loved our conversations we will certainly be missed. >> steve: he was hilarious. i remember that first year in 2,000 when he joined the team. and then it was part of our coverage culminating with the inauguration and there was an hilarious mishap the day that we -- of the inauguration on
3:19 am
capitol hill. some day i will tell the story but bob bebleg was so funny news of the day at the end, you know, it was never personal, it was just. >> ainsley: even our viewers loved him even if you disagreed with him he was funny and not confrontational. >> steve: he was confrontational. he could be. >> ainsley: he could say things you didn't agree with you about people loved him. peaceful mile smile. everyone on "the five" enjoyed working with him. some good friends with people in the building. sean said last night on the show yes bob had a key to his house. sean would come home and bob was swimming in his pool and smoking outside. kids getting ready for school daddy, why is he outside with a cigar. he would have to explain it's not good for you but it's uncle
3:20 am
bob. >> pete: we remember bob beckel, rest in peace indeed. coming up. a couple of weeks until mardi gras. two weeks ago they reimposed the mask mandate for schools and indoor spaces, the mayor did. so, they said okay, everybody has got to wear a mask indoors. particularly in the school. particularly if you are inside, which is why the hypocrisy of what we are about to show you is so blatant. so, on friday night, interest's the mayor latoya cantrell, she was maskless at the mayor's maduroy gras ball. there were photos showing her after fox news asked for a
3:21 am
comment why isn't anybody indoors wearing a mask? they took the video down there. goes the evidence. ains they look like a lot of phone you would like to hang out with them and be at this ball but they are not wearing their mask. that's the hypocrisy. that's the part people are upset with because they're making everyone else wear but they are not. >> pete: almost leaves you speechless the mind set it would take to impose a mask mandate on the rest of the population and then blatantly flagrantly ignore it yourself. it means either you don't believe it or you are above the rule one or the other. in a lot of the case at this point, it is mayors and others not believing it's something they should be doing but politically for whatever reason they need to reimpose these mandates so they do. as opposed to, i don't know, standing up to the cdc won't release their own data.
3:22 am
>> ainsley: they are lifting it the day that mardi gras starts biggest party which is great. if they believe in this, then why are they allowing you to take off your mask which when there is a huge party. i actually agree with them. maybe because the numbers have been going up and they are hoping they go down later. pete's pete all about science. i'm sure. >> steve: the mayor imposed that mask mandate. why isn't the mayor wearing a mask. she doesn't appear to be eating or drinking. the mayor's spokesperson, this was the spin and it's kind of thin spin. they said. >> pete: i like that. >> steve: there was not a perfect adoption of the guidelines in every instance. we were encouraged overall by the level 6 masking and vigilance we saw on the parade route and at ball events. that was the mayor's ball. nobody was wearing a mask. so i don't -- that is spin spin just saying. >> ainsley: nobody is perfect what they are saying. >> pete: they're not even denying it. it was not perfect. >> steve: it wasn't perfect.
3:23 am
>> ainsley: there was a momma was on "fox & friends first" that represents that area. she is a parent. kids in school wearing masks. part of bayou momma bears and she was on with her attorney "fox & friends first" with carley and todd. watch this. >> the mayor flaunting her maskless face across the city and it just proves that this is about control. and she has to realize this is a democracy. and she doesn't actually hold a higher rank than us. she works for us, the people not the other way around. it's not her job to protect our health. it's her job to protect our rights. she is in complete and utter violation of that the response from the city was almost laughable saying oh they might have removed their masks to eat something really quickly. meanwhile the mayor is singing charactery on a rotating stage. so, obviously nobody is nobody it is that dumb.
3:24 am
we have stein from politicians on both coasts and on the coast as well. >> pete: another story as well it involves actual accountability. you remember nicholas sandmann the covington kids how they were smeared as individual youth lies were told about them and what happened at that event. affected their lives. >> steve: he was smeared because he was wearing a maga hat at the lincoln memorial the story was he was men massing this native american. that was not true. >> ainsley: he sued and made a lot of money. >> pete: kyle rittenhouse media took immediate snapshot view of who he was because of certain attributes and where he was. he is doing something about it before we talk about what he is doing about it, let's remind you how the media talked about kyle rittenhouse. >> rocky mountains drove in from illinois armed for battle. he knew outrage already ran high. what we know now is that the jury bought the narrative of
3:25 am
kyle rittenhouse being a victim. >> and the fact that white supremacists roment halls of congress freely and celebrate this little murderous white supremacist and the fact that he gets to walk the streets freely it lets you know these people have access to instituting laws. >> welcome to the modern republican party. this is what these people want. this is what a majority of white people vote for. >> it's a warning to every white suburban night with a black lives matter poster in their window they too can be shot by a white 17-year-old with ar-15 if he feels threatened by their desire to see america live up to its potential. >> even i -- even all the excuses in the world does not change the fact that three people got shot. >> yeah. >> two people were murdered. to say me it's [bleep] i'm sorry. >> pete: clips we showed either while the trial was ongoing or after he was acquitted. each more hyperbolic when the incident first occurred as well.
3:26 am
>> steve: the first incident was, of course, talking about kenosha. and he was charged with killing people and so, i know, there was a lot of that stuff on television talking about him. and, in fact, one of the people who referred to him in a tweet as a white supremacist was joe biden. so now kyle rittenhouse is launching this media accountability project. which is going to be a way to raise money to take media outlets to court to get them to apologize or pay for what they have said about him. not only before but after the trial. when he was found not guilty. when you are found not guilty, you should not be referred to as a murderer. but he has been. >> ainsley: rocky mountains are rittenhouseoffered. listen to when he was on tucker. >> me and my team launch the
3:27 am
media accountability project as a tool to help fund raise and hold the media accountable for the lies they said and deal with them in court. right now we are looking at quite a few politicians. the celebrities, athletes, whoopi goldberg is on the list. she called me a murderer after i was acquitted by a jury of my peers. she went on to still say that. and there is others. we are going to hold everybody who lied about me accountable such as everybody who lied, called me a white supremacists. we are going to hold them accountable and handle them in the courtroom. >> steve: remember when he was running for president, joe biden put that tweet out where he referred to the white supremacists and kyle rittenhouse's image was there joe biden has never offered an apology and the white house from the podium has backed away from
3:28 am
that but, nonetheless, you have got to figure. and i remember it was a number of months ago he said i would like to sit down with joe biden and just tell him what happened. tell my story. let's see if he gets some sort of. >> ainsley: everyone deserves due process. he did. he was acquitted. plead not guilty and acquitted still saying things about him. >> pete: turns out the media is supposed to be responsible for the accusations they throw out to the public and characterize someone as a murderer or white supremacists with no evidence that i have seen yet is he a white supremacist. this is part of the charge. this will help raise money not just his case but other people who face that as well. that's the scope of what he is trying to do. >> steve: sometimes when we're reporting. not when all the facts are. in mistakes are made. that absolutely happens. but, in this case, for him to be called a murderer after he was found not guilty that is not an accurate description. and so that is why is he going
3:29 am
after them apparently and trying to raise money. more straight ahead on this 2/22/22 tuesday right? >> ainsley: still ahead, america's farmers feeling the effects of inflation. a second generation farmer, listen to this breaks downtown coffee increases in supplies that every day. some of these farmers might have to shut down their farms.
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♪ i've been everywhere, man. ♪ ♪ i've been everywhere. ♪ >> carley: we are back with a look at headlines, a leading candidate wants to eliminate cash bail. this despite being released on $1,000 bail five days before he allegedly killed six people. in and in new york city d.a. alvin bragg is downgrading charges against a career criminal who allegedly cash from a woman in the subway. the suspect had 46 prior arrests and on parole. he was arrested on grand larceny charges. the prosecutors downgraded the charge to petty larceny and the suspect was released without bail. an ex-girlfriend of hunter biden is describing lavish spending by the president's son in hours of grand jury testimony. the 28-year-old describes hunter
3:34 am
spending thousands of dollars on her when they were together in 2018. buying her clothes, high end heels and long term stays at luxury hotels. she says she has no idea where he got the money. the jury is considering evidence against hunter in a tax investigation. michigan basketball coach howard is suspended from the last five games of the season and finds $40,000. howard throwing a punch at a wisconsin assistant coach triggering a brawl. howard was reportedly upset by wisconsin calling a time-out with only 15 seconds remaining in the game despite them having a double digital lead. is he expected to be back for the big 10 tournament. those are a look at your headlines. steve, over to you. >> carley, thank you very much. >> you are welcome. next time you go to the grocery store. just remember this farmers who provide your food are now feeling the squeeze of inflation paying significantly higher prices for weed killers, seeds and fertilizer and labor and everything else. one state estimates that farmer
3:35 am
could see their net income drop 65%. that's my home state of kansas. our next guest is a second generation farmer raleigh north carolina brook barnes joins us right now. brook, good morning to you. brook? >> good morning, steve. ohio are you? >> i'm doing okay. listen, i'm doing better than you apanktly you may not get paid this year. >> it's quite possible. >> explain why. >> my inputs on everything we use on the farm every day is just through the roof sky high the more i push my pencil and getting to planting season the less enthusiastic i get day by day. it takes a certain amount of revenue i have to get every dollar i put forward out and put in the field and put in the ground i have got to get every bit of that back before i have made a cent my input are going to be so sky high this time.
3:36 am
i don't see it happening. that's my hope and prayer that i get the break even pointed. whether it happens or not i don't know. if it don't it won't be the first time. you know, on years past farming is like a pendulum swings just as one way to the right as to the left it can be just as good as just as bad. on the years past live on the eastern shore we have these things called hurricanes and they have come in and wiped out our entire crops before. we do have insurance to cover those kind of things and that most of times that gets me back to a break even point. there is no insurance out there for high inputs and high cost revenue standpoint to so speak to get back what i put. >> steve: absolutely. you detailed it perfectly. your family, the farm got started with your dad. your family has always planted corn. you are not going to plant corn this year because you can't make any money on it you are going to
3:37 am
plant soybeans because there is more money in it. >> that would be a correct statement. corn is a crop that uses a lot of nitrogen and nitrogen is one of those fertilizers that are absolutely incredibly high at the moment. i don't see that relaxing any at least not enough before the time that the crop would need it. and my budget doesn't pencil corn in very well. when i see a red number do you know why am i going to plant something that i know up front when i plant it that i know there is no way i'm going to get my money back on it i see with my soybean budget i think i can at least get back to ground zero with any luck at all. >> steve: look at the prices on the big board. you have got six employees pay them 45% more. the muddle middle number, look at that lp gas since 2020 has gone up 226% for you. maintenance is 90%. your seeds are up 30%. and insurance is up 34%. you know, i grew up on a farm.
3:38 am
and there are just going to be years when a bad crop for a variety of reason. maybe there is a flood. who knows what? a big storm wipes it out like you were talking about earlier. these prices are man made. it's supply chain. it's everything else. and the i do is coming brooks, the reason why things are so expensive at the grocery store because the farmer has to jack up prices just to break even. >> that's right. that's exactly right. steve. you know, i told someone the other day. they say how can you -- how can you go plant a crop? i said somebody has got to feed this country. and, you know, if i don't plant a crop and, you know, if all farmers went on strike it wouldn't take long at the grocery store the shelves would be empty and then where would we be? >> steve: somebody has got to plant a crop. somebody has got to feed this nation and that's what you and
3:39 am
your family have dedicated your life. to say brooks, good luck to you. >> thank you, buddy. >> steve: let us know how it turns out. >> will do. >> steve: i bet you do. that's what's going on on the farms. it is jaw-dropping. isn't it? meanwhile 21 minutes before the top of the hour. a fox news alert. moments ago germany taking steps to stop the certification of nord stream 2 after russian troops move into ukraine. joe biden wouldn't do it. now apparently germany is tennessee congressman mark green joins us live with what he is hearing on capitol hill coming up next. ♪ th each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms.
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(music) to fishermen and other liars. the time you spent on the docks, the banks, the boats. the lines you cast and hooks you set. these moments you share with the people you love. the fish you never forget, and the tales that get taller with every retelling. make memories that'll last a lifetime with bass pro shops and cabela's. your adventure starts here. ♪ >> pete: we are back with a fox news alert. moments ago germany taking steps to stop the certification of nord stream 2 pipeline as russian troops roll into ukraine separatist regions and declare their independence. this comes as we await the announcement of new sanctions from the white house. let's bring in g.o.p. congressman and retired army
3:44 am
major mark green who also sits on the house armed services committee and foreign affairs committee. he joins us now. congressman, thanks for being here. what do you make of this most recent news? it feels like germany just might now be waking up if you dance with the devil it might have consequences. >> yeah, germany is learning the lesson unfortunately president biden hasn't so far but, yeah, stopping nord stream 2 is excellent. that's exactly what germany needed to do. >> pete: is that enough though? we talk about america's response and no doubt that america remains today the leader of the free world. this is on the doorstep of uranium. has imriewrp truly embraced the relate of the threat they have on their eastern flank? >> yeah. i would say europe has woke be up. obviously this is has united the eu and united nato. my big issue ha issue is if president biden only sanctions the region in which russians have invaded we actually push those people more dependent on
3:45 am
putin. so it's actually like we're supporting his invasion instead of trying to block it what germany did with nord stream 2 is a bold move it hurts all of russia. the russian economy. that's the kind of sanctions that biden promised. that's the kind of sanctions he has got to do. >> pete: congressman, why aren't we doing that? this is a question that clarifies our vice president couldn't answer over there. if you are 100 percent certain an invasion is coming. why there broad and swift sanctions on his circle as opposed to inel cream mental sanctions which clearly are not deterring him. >> yeah. all this is another failed line in the sand. just like back when obama and biden made a promise when russia was in syria. here they have made all this rhetoric about crippling sanctions on russia and then they do nothing to keep them from invading and then when they do they sanction the very region that pushes these people who to
3:46 am
be dependent on russia it doesn't make any sense. it's the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. like you are partnering with putin not try position stop him. >> pete: certainly doesn't look like we are trying to stop him. >> if it looks like a green light the minor incursion tacitly approved by joe biden. how far do you, in your calculation, based on what you see and what you understand much his goals how far you think he attempts to push? >> no. >> he is going to continue on. i mean, look, kazakhstan, belarus, he basically la ching k co-election is a fraud. we where didding to see more disinformation in the republic of georgia. more disinformation in the baltics. sneak people in there and do this -- this is his knew modus operandi. authoritarians. claim rebellion go in and support those people and have you just taken over a part of the country. this the modus operandi of putin
3:47 am
we supported it and backed it up. >> pete: amazing calls the troops invading peace keepers after he caused all the problems to begin with. >> exactly. >> pete: congressman, thank you so much for your insight this morning. appreciate it? >> thanks, pete. >> pete: you got it let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice, good morning. >> good morning. nice to see you, pete. i'm going to start your hometown minnesota here, minneapolis feels like minus 7. feels like minus 36 in fargo. i know. when is spring coming? not this week my friends. we have winter weather advisories. blizzard warnings for the dakotas through minnesota. also have an ice storm warning for parts of michigan. snow still to come. 5 to 8 inches. some areas could get a foot or more. and then south of that that's where we have the risk of severe weather including tornadoes. tornadoes watch until 11:00 a.m. for parts of arkansas all the way up towards kentucky. that's severe storm threat will be ongoing throughout the day into the overnight across portions of the mississippi, the
3:48 am
tennessee and ohio river valley. and then we also have the risk for ice from texas all the way up towards the mid-atlantic and the ohio valley. flooding, heavy rainfall in some of these areas could cause the potential for flooding and there is the rain still to come. we have got all sorts of weather happening today from the ice to the blizzards to the flash flooding and the severe threats. today is the day to get fox and download the app. we will give you the latest in the warnings. you can see the colder air ahead of it we can could set some records across the northeast including new york tomorrow pete hegseth. >> pete: giving us a reason on 2/22/22 to stay inside and have our own party. >> janice: not a bad idea. and have our own party? i'm there. >> pete: deal. >> janice: you got it. >> pete: thanks, janice. the struggle to hire police plaguing seattle. the union's message for leadership as crime continues to sore. soar. >> what's reportedly next for
3:49 am
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3:53 am
>> as crime soars in seattle, the police department is struggling to hire more officers and even the mayor admits the shortage in staffing could put the city in danger. >> you have already begun rolling out elements of our public safety plan. part of that plan requires more officers. the depleted staffing we see today does not allow us to react to emergencies and crime with the response times that our residents deserve. >> ainsley: 170 officers left the department in 2021. 180 left in 2022. that's 350. that's a lot of officers leaving. leaving less than 900 officers on the force right now. and that's not enough. here to react is seattle police officers guild president mike thanks so much for being on with us. >> good morning ainsley, thanks for having me on. >> ainsley: you are welcome. i understand why you wanted to come on. i'm sure you are fearful. crime suspect in new york. i know as moms we are scared.
3:54 am
how are you feeling? what are your fears there. >> as a seattle resident, i'm concerned about the staffing shortages that you described. but it's not just localized to seattle. i mean, short falls of the shortsighted naive approach defunding. as we claw our way out of the defunding nonsense, we're left with a profound gap in having enough officers. and seattle is reminiscent of that overwhelming gap of lack of staffing. and just like we are competing with other major urban cities across the nation for qualified police officers to fill the uniform we are struggling. we only have about 880 officers ready to respond to 911 call. we are touching around 11 minutes for priority one response times. and that is major emergency situations so you can just imagine the fear of the residents of seattle as they see the blight, the crime, the
3:55 am
graffiti, it's absolutely out of control. we are very, very concerned. that's why we are extending the olive branch to the mayor so a listen, let's work together, let's move away from the defunding nonsense and it seems like right now he is at least taken the public safety situation serious. >> ainsley: the politicians they really did this they wanted to defund. now they are central bling and in the a bad position. they were offering bonus opportunities or bonus checks for cops a year ago with the last mayor. that money ran out. what are the politicians saying now? are they regretting calling for defunding? >> well, right now it's clear that the mayor is trying to pivot to improved relations with the city council as the police budget is tied to the council. it was the council that pushed the defunding nonsense. now we have seen an election take where we have new -- i guess new people in the council in terms of trying to change the message there. and that's the whole goal. let them understand that defunding is nonsensical and we need to support police officers. no longer can police officers be
3:56 am
blamed for society's whos. we are just human beings that want to do the job of policing. we are tired of being politically targeted. now we actually welcome police officers, value them, especially in seattle for us to climb out of the defunding hole that unfortunately these politicians put us in and major urban cities across the nation. in. >> yeah, san francisco fought back against the school board. you continue to fight because maybe we can bring higher salaries, more police officers in and support them. thank you so much for being on with us and what you do. >> ainsley, really appreciate you highlighting this you are welcome thank you for coming on. >> ainsley: don't go anywhere. joey jones is going to join us on the curvey couch. there he is at the top of the hour. come over, joey. ♪ (vo) jamaica. (woman) best decision ever. (vo) feel the sand between your toes, and the gentle waves of the sea on your skin.
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4:00 am
dream . >> russian military is on the move. tanks and armored vehicles. president biden is vowing to issue more sanctions canada's parliament voted to extend. >> invoking the act is necessary. it has been the responsible thing to do. >> loya cantrell despite partying maskless despite the city's mask mandate. >> singing karaoke on a rotating stage. she has to realize this is a
4:01 am
democracy. >> kyle rittenhouse the accountability project media challenges outlets for defamation. >> we are going to hold whoever lied about me accountable. >> a parent calls her out for mask hypocrisy smear a picture of you on facebook with a crowd of people. >> that's it. >> crowd of people with no mask on. >> we begin this hour with a fox news alert. we are just learning germany taking steps to stop the certification of the nord stream 2 pipeline as russian troops are now in ukraine's rebel region. >> steve: latest escalation comes as we expect new sanctions from the white house later today but not the mother of all sanctions. they will come when it officially invades. >> ainsley: steve harrigan is leading our coverage from ukraine's capital city of kyiv. i'm surprised by this, steve. because i know 32% of germany's gas comes from russia.
4:02 am
>> that's right. a big boost for urk. they had called for it they were worried germany would cave. germany holding tough with nato right now saying nord stream 2 for now is stopped. the russian military is on the move in those break away regions of luhansk and donetsk. personnel carriers seen in the area. president putin ordered them there after the independence you have those two regions. the question is whether or not they will push forward into ukraine. anyone listening to putin last night would guess they are going to go a lot further. putin denied ukraine was even a country. he said it was a puppet clone of the united states. concerns here too for the safety of zelenskyy. the u.s. says a list of russia has ukrainian politicians either be thrown in jail or killed and of course zelenskyy would be on that list. russia denies any such list exists. he is staying put and lurk
4:03 am
defend itself. here is zelenskyy. >> we are not leaving. we are on our land. we are not afraid of anything or anyone. we don't owe anything to anyone. we won't give away anything to anyone. we are confidentiality in this. it is not february 2014 but february 2022. >> some limited sanctions announced against russia yesterday. we could see many more sanctions to come today. back to you. >> steve: all right steve harrigan. thank you very much. let's bring in joey jones retired marine bomb technician. joey, the most positive news we have heard so far today germany pulled the plug on nord stream 2. joe biden wouldn't but they did and that might actually get mr. putin's attention. >> no, i think my biggest concern is i don't see how putin doesn't back down without a to win bring home. he will get one. what is that win? they say the first rule is knife fighting accept get cut and decide where. accept the putin is going to set
4:04 am
something out of this. he is not in a place where can he back out and not get something decide what that something is. if they can maneuver that nord stream 2 again. that's probably the best win for this white house. i don't know if russia is allowed to be their win. people so prideful as russians seem to be especially in their government. i don't see how putin doesn't push this until he gets something out of it and so that's reason why the debate. >> steve: like what? >> the debate over sanctions has been depending on who am listening to. i said on this nation i'm a checker's player. guy on the ground not the guy in the office. i'm not the chess player. when you look at this overall. the debate has been sanctions before, sanctions after. we have had different people on this network explain how that could be a positive or knowingive. one of the ratest argument is sanctions in russia now they don't have anything to lose but to go ahead and try to get a win out of the situation because what are you going to do sanction them and also take the impairment of not getting
4:05 am
anything out of it. and so what putin stated he wanted is reassurances that there won't be nato troops in ukraine by ukraine joining nato and reassurances that where we do have offensive capabilities in nato countries, he either knows about them or pulled back. those are two things in our own national security may not look good on an international stage to say that we gave to him. so finance up to our president and his cabinet to either through back channels and signaling or posturing resolve this issue. that's the problem we have as americans is i my an analogy on "the five" yesterday if you ever played texas hold 'em. one is betting and raising. betting and raising. other person is sitting there calling. you don't know if the person betting and raising have a good hand. you know the guy calling has okay hand and that's it. right now our administration is the guy or gal calling and putin is doing the betting. we don't know what his hand is and how far is he willing to go.
4:06 am
it appears our administration doesn't have a strong hand. >> pete: that's why it feels like not coming out strong and definitive with real sanctions that target the kremlin and target putin means the game goes on. you mentioned winning and losing. >> exactly. >> pete: you mentioned the official invasion. that's right. he benefits from a complete ambiguity. is continue investigation? is it not an invasion? is it fox news deck fox news deck nicly ukraine. break up region, peace keepers or invaders. without clarity. he just continues to play the game. and we're left uncertain. >> the problem we really have is american blood and trern. i don't think we are going to have a lot of say how this ends militarily. i don't think the will of the american people would allow any president to send troops to fight a war one-on-one with russia or even a proxy war. so are we going to end up paying for this for a while? what happens with this specific incident is uncertain. but the problem that i have, the
4:07 am
problem that americans are going to have is what happens with the ghengs instance whether it be taiwan. whether it be something closer to us. the human missile crisis snuck up on us. i know we have better surveillance and different world now. we have a lot of countries in south and central america that aren't in great shape and already aligning with what we would consider to be our foes. what is the next problem that this administration will face in the next three years and how will they handle it? we only have this to look to to see. if the nord stream 2 debate. >> pete: and average. that's what he they're looking at, too. >> if this nord stream 2 debate had happened a year ago and had been a hard negotiating tactic prance putin doesn't feel empowered to do this now. those are questions that we can ask. i don't know the answer. but those are questions we are allowed to ask just as american citizens without needing to be some sort of foreign policy expert. >> ainsley: joey, if we don't stop him from taking over these two regions. if he moved into -- farther into ukraine and then had control of the black sea, move into the baltics, then what is iran going to do when they are looking at
4:08 am
how weak our president is. what is china going to do. >> that comes down to the administration finding a way to allow russia to have what they would perceive as a win to take home without a lot of blood shed and without completely disenfranchising ukraine as a sovereign state. >> steve: if the past is prologue when you look at 2014 when russia absorbed crimea, you know, there were all sorts of international sanctions on him. and they were tough. and, you know, that's pretty much all that the biden-obama administration did. what can putin did? he shrugged. he didn't care. >> the problem about sanctions is that greed has no allegiance. and it's a momentum that you can't stop. we say in this country the reason why we are capitalist we can't elittle bit rate greed we will make it work for everyone's favor. that's the idea of capitalism. we talk about economic sanctions there is still a lot of money in this world we don't have control over. they will find bay to find if. steve the other thing is the x
4:09 am
factor. that is mr. putin thinks that this is his moment in history. >> sure. that's the problem. >> steve: to restore russia to the former soviet union. he doesn't care about any of the stuff we are talking about because he just wants to be the one that history books look to. he restored russia to the soviet union. >> we say that when we are fighting terrorism. we say it all the time. we didn't choose to go war against tears. as long as terrorists choose to go to war against us. we'll don't have the choice but to fight it that's the position we are in right now. we didn't ask this with russia as long as russia's it to be a problem. we look to our leaders and say you have got to be estimate earth than the person playing against. >> pete: established systems in world war ii. nato looks different today than it did then. >> exactly i said something to the effect of one of the greatest promises that our military gives to its citizens we can go to war within 72 hours within anywhere in this world. we have troops in every hemisphere, right? that's a big deal. but, to the point that putting
4:10 am
our troops there is what causes us to need them is where our problem lies. understanding the overail strategy. tactically we are sound. strategically, sometimes just being the democracy and being able to change our direction every two years, i mean, one thing our politicians do status quo and flip it on the head and use it as platform to get elected regardless good or bad. >> ainsley: we were energy before under donald trump and now we are not. we could have supplied more oil and gas to some of these western ally reiss line now on russia. good for germany for doing this go up north to canada. talk about the truckers up there. because now the they they their parliament even though things in ottawa. this the state of emergency is
4:11 am
not over. the situation ♪ anything anyone wanted and quite frankly not anything we would want to see again. i ask all members of parliament to take action against illegal blockades and to stand up for public safety and for the freedom of canadians. >> ainsley: who do you support, joey? what's the solution here. >> united states of america. at the end of the day, i'm in this that country and give them the respect and dignity and saying i don't understand in detail their politics. when you say 181 to whatever. i don't know where they're coming from. what i can tell you is thank god we have the right to protest in this country. and even when that was happening in 2020, when we saw cities catch on fire, i will could not even put on two hands or four hands the amount of people that came on this network, staunchly conservative and said i respect their right to protest. i may not understand their issue but i'm willing to hear it but the moment it becomes a riot then i take issue. canada is not doing that they
4:12 am
are essentially treating this protest from my perspective, down here in georgia and new york. like we wanted our government to treat riots, so that juxtaposition is a big deal and shows us just how much freedom have you in this country. >> pete: doesn't it show us how vulnerable our freedom can be here too. the truckers are gone. used a state of emergency to use it truckers are gone we are going to deep the state of emergency. they are putting fences up around our country right now. >> absolutely. >> pete: there are u.s. trucker corn i haves headed to washington, d.c. saying we are going to block most of the roads in and based on the mandates. could we not see something similar to this here? >> this is why people labeled far right take issue with things like the patriot ability. anything we do to wholesale give the government power over us by giving if they can put a label on us of any kind and come into our lives and do things like seize our bank accounts. that's why these debates are healthy. that's why these debates are so alive and well in the country. some ever us if not of the majority of us can see this path in front of us and say listen,
4:13 am
we can be responsible and find unit and cohesion. we also have to keep one eye on our government because that is a power that we shouldn't have in our life every day. >> steve: sure, but a lot of americans are looking in and seeing did they really need the emergency powers act to stop essentially and this was when they were being arrested peaceful protest. and one of the things they are doing have done in the past is they have apparently toed the trucks and frozen people's bank accounts there is a member of parliament up in canada mom gave $50 to the convoy when 100 percent legal. she has not participated in any other buy. her banks account has now been frozen. this is who justin trudeau is actually targeting with his emergency act orders. if true, that would be stunning to know that somebody who don't united states to like a crowd
4:14 am
source -- crowd funding source would be socked like that because her bank account is frozen? >> here is even better perspective on that. that's on the nose representation of freezing your assets. if you tow a trucker's truck and put in a lot and they don't know where it is, if they are independent truck driver you took their business away. that truck is their business. that's like taking someone's away fed people protesting. >> ainsley: they froze boasteth both of his bank accounts and cannot get his truck back gordon of government is not responding to him. pete neat in a moment where you want the government to haves tools necessary to defeat foes those are turn inward as well. >> take things incredibly partisan and put them in perspective for tour viewers so they can understand why people come on this network and take issue with something that on its nose may southbound okay and sound like it's well-inended it that's the biggest problem with
4:15 am
government not always intention of get us. leftover of those intentions i worked on capitol hill. the majority of the jobs on capitol hill is r. to fix the mess created by good intentions. we need to be able to get ahead of that. maybe even like russia all these things that effect our lives. >> steve: sounds like the truckers are headed to washington march 1st for the state of the union. >> i watched over the top and if any of them are like civilityster stallone those are big dudes. >> steve: right behind you is carley shimkus. >> carley: russia, ukraine, canada a lot of news at home as well. police in utah say they were shot at by 4-year-old boy ordered to fire a gun by his father. the man with two kids in the car was allegedly flashing a gun at mcdonald's workers during a dispute over his order when police tried to arrest him. he told his son to start shooting. an officer was able to get the gun away from the kid. fortunately, no serious injuries were reported.
4:16 am
los angeles county will conduct its annual count of the homeless population starting today. last year's count was canceled due to the pandemic. the results will determine where millions of dollars in states and federal funding will be distributed. the last time a count was conducted more than 66,000 people were found to be homeless. homelessness is major concern for l.a. residents and business owners who are dealing with rampant crime. a massive 500-pound black bear is prowling a wealthy lake tahoe neighborhood. locals call him joke yogi or hank the tank. the hungry bear has broken into two dozen honels looking for leftover pizza and other food. he has been on the loose since july. officials say paint balls, beanbags tasers have been unsuccessful in stopping him. i think there is probably more than one 500-pound black bear prowling lake tahoe but this one likes pizza apparently. >> steve: very good. when my son peter was a boy
4:17 am
scout and we would go on boy scout campouts they would say out in the mountains of new jersey, whatever you do, dad, do not bring donuts. one morning we hear people banging on a pot what's going on? we go out there. there is the bear with the donuts. somebody brought donuts. >> ainsley: who brought the donuts. >> steve: some dad brought a dozen dunkin' donuts. it was a bear he was just hungry. radio. >> pete: are there mountains in new jersey? >> steve: yes. >> pete: where? >> steve: the mountains. >> pete: can't be big mountain stanes. >> steve: there are ski slopes. >> pete: there are ski slopes in minnesota but we have mountains in minnesota. >> ainsley: do you need a vacation from vacation. went down to nascar the daytona 500 with all the kids. they loved it. >> pete: 7 kids and 250 square foot hotel room. we were pulling in furniture from outside. it was just the whole floor.
4:18 am
>> steve: you have come to work to get some rest. >> ainsley: right, exactly. those are the best memories i remember doing that disney world. whole family in one hotel room. >> pull out couch is really uncomfortable. knob wanted to be on the other sleeping apparatus they had so sleeping on the floor. mountains of new jersey. >> steve: i will draw you a map. >> pete: all right. coming up. 18 minutes after the top of the hour. taking on mask hypocrisy. a mom who called out her school board's covid double standards joins us live. >> ainsley: plus, it turns out crime does pay. net flex dishing out big bucks to the convicted con artist than sorenson, based on her life. nancy grace is going to join pete with a message this sends. ♪ ♪
4:19 am
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> my name is anna. anna sorenson. >> either a rich german heiress or flat broke. >> the charges are insane. >> anna committed real white collar felonies posing as socialite in an attempt to steal millions of dollars. >> i just had some questions. >> i have a question. what's you wearing in you look tall. >> netflix series inventing anna is based off the story of anna sorkin, the woman who posed as a german heiress and scammed some of the wealthiest social lights. does paying con artist $300,000 for her story send the wrong
4:24 am
message? joining me now is fox nation host nancy grace. thank you so much for being here. ainsley has been getting me caught up to speed on what is a fascinating story. although ultimately she was a con for many, many years. now she is getting paid to tell her story. i will ask the question. is that right? >> >> it's absolutely not right. and netflix, hbo, so many others have made a killing off gram for rising crime now anna sorrow kin got about half a million dollars. hard to feel sorry for her victims. one is basically another journalist, very educated who goes along for the ride. has a $7,000 a night villa with sorokin in morocco and she takes all the gifts and money that is
4:25 am
bestowed upon her and turns around and sues. also, there are banks. there is a big hotel, that were taken. kind of hard to feel bad for them because they can recoup but i have dealt with so many crime victims they cannot recoup. they are ruined forever. a lot of her money is going to restitution because son of sam laws. they were watered down but they still exist. she is left with about 20 grand and right now, she got an upgrade from likers she is with ice fighting deportation to germany. have fun with that, anna. >> pete: have fun with that indeed 20 grand. she says she going to go back to regular life. once have you done that and you are right. you can have fun with it. >> that's never going to happen because after, this mark my words, and i usually don't make predictions because they're always wrong she is going to write a memoir and she is going to get a ton of money a lot of
4:26 am
money to write the memoir. you can't put her 'whole story in a netflix 9 parted series. that ain't going to happen. write a book and make more money probably do it for another country so son of sam can't catch her. >> pete: speaking of writing books and making a lot of money page 6 is writing that britney spears will pen a $15 million tell all book. she got $15 million to tell her story now that she can. what do you make of it. >> good luck, britney. i'm a big britney supporter. >> pete: likewise. >> i think part of her tell-all is in response to her little sister jamie lynne spears writing her own story something like what i should have said. and making a lot of money off of it i think at britney spears' expense. so i think she is going to respond to that and tell her whole story. she gave a little hint. she posted should i start at the beginning with the picture of a typewriter oh, yeah. she is starting at the beginning. she is going to make millions
4:27 am
and power to her. >> pete: power to her indeed. you expect -- how much do you expect details and things that, you know, will make some people wonder whether a was reeledly going on. >> oh, you know what? a lot of them will probably want to sue her claiming defamation. here is the thing. number one, the truth is a complete defense. and number two, many of them have made themselves public figures by riding her coat tails like her little sister. it's going to be hard for them to sue. no matter what she says in that book. can i guarantee it's going to be a blockbuster. >> pete: it will be. >> conservatorship 13 years. she has 20 years of actions to grind. >> pete: she does. she was in a prison effectively inable to tell her story. now she will. nancy grace, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> pete: you got it as russia moves in on ukraine, what impact will it have here at home?
4:28 am
former speaker of the house newt gingrich on how it could influence biden's state of the union address next week and as well the midterms. plus, end of an era. how arthur says goodbye to viewers after 25 years. i didn't know he was still on but it will be the end of an era. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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4:33 am
volcanic ash rose over eastern sicily yesterday. in an incredible display from mount aetna, the constant bely erupting volcano also sending massive lightning bolts streaking across the sky earlier this month. next, $10 million. that's how much a virginia woman won on a she said she thought it was a joke. she opted to take the $6.5 million one time cash option. smart lady. finally, 25 seasons, that's how long the beloved children's series arthur was on air before coming to an end. >> you are the only one to have ever seen it except for my publisher. >> wow. i never imagined you would write a graphic novel. >> me either. i just like drawing animals. >> the final episode flashing forward 20 years. arthur finishing his first book that ties back to the very first episode of the show. love arthur, ainsley, reminds me
4:34 am
of my childhood. >> ainsley: he just said he wrote a graphic novel what does that mean? >> a cartoon novel. >> ainsley: i know. that just caught my attention. >> carley: ainsley's mind is in the gutter. >> ainsley: a fox news alert. germany pulling the plug on the nord stream 2 pipeline from russia as putin's tanks roll into separatist regions of ukraine. the white house set announce new sanctions today just days before president biden's state of the union address. fox news contributor and former house speaker newt gingrich joins us now to react to this. good morning to you, newt. >> 32% of germany's gas comes from russia. i wondered how tough they would be, what's your reaction to what they are doing? >> well the germans are doing the right thing and what president biden should do is lease all of the regulatory blocks to allow american liquified natural gas to replace russian gas.
4:35 am
he should also maximize oil production to drive down the price. everyday that gasoline is high, russia makes a billion dollars in net profit. every day a billion dollars. has to involved going after russia's energy and reducing the price of it and driving it off the market. i think biden will do none of that. ing. >> ainsley: americans would agree. we used to be energy independent. this is the key, i agree with you sending our oil and gas over to our western allies so they are not dependent on russia. dhows this effect americans? i know our gas prices have gone up 1.50 a gallon. some were saying yesterday that they could go up 3 more dollars or a total of $3 since biden took office. >> well, look, i think that if this crisis develops the way it probably will, which is ineffective american response, a
4:36 am
steady increase in russian military pressure, i think the oil market will react by going much higher, some people forecast $200 a barrel. this is oil which under trump was about $40 a barrel. >> ainsley: now it's 150, right? >> yeah. ironically, by the way. it would be a huge hit on the american people and a huge profit for vladimir putin. so, it's the worst possible policy and none of the sanctions i have seen so far offset the degree of strength that putin gets from the price of gaffes lien. >> ainsley: how will this effect what he says the state of the union address and how will it effect the midterms? >> well weerks don't know yet. even the base of the democratic party is now realizing that putin is extraordinarily dangerous. he had senator after senator calling for very strong sanctions, but the administration basically the obama model is for weakness. they avoid war frankly by
4:37 am
acceptinger surrender of their own interest. just the very fact that we are taking americans and diplomats out of ukraine is an example. what kind of a signal of weakness is it when you say to your ally we don't trust enough that you will be able to survive to keep our embassy fully staffed? and i think in effect biden has done for the ukrainian border what he did for the american border. he has made it wide open. he is doing nothing effective. i think there is a 50/50 chance russia is going to go a lot further. >> ainsley: we are all scared of that. thank you so much, mr. speaker, great to see. >> thank you. good to see you. >> ainsley: thank you. coming up next. a virginia mother calls out the school board for the mask hypocrisy. >> the picture of you right here on facebook with a crowd of people. [gavel] >> that's it. >> with no mask. on be. this is my time and i interrupt you. >> no. >> ainsley: no. i don't want to hear that that
4:38 am
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4:43 am
future track the cold front continues to move eastward we will still see potential for ice parts of texas all the way up towards the great lakes. this storm is going to be with us for the next couple of days. blizzard warnings for parts of the dakotas in through minnesota and we have an ice storm warning as well. that is going to be concerning from texas all the way up towards the great lakes and the mid-atlantic. so the bottom line is, you know what? fox will give you the latest details on all your watches and warnings. that's the best thing to do right now. get your app. today. steve, back to you. >> steve: i have got my app. thank you very much. meanwhile, we showed you this video yesterday. a frustrated virginia mom taking the internet by storm after calling a school board members' mask hypocrisy. >> ms. cast you also yelled at me the last time i was here for taking off my mask. but, here's a picture of you right here on facebook with a crowd of people (gavel] that's it. >> with no mask on this. is my time and i i don't
4:44 am
interrupt. >> you no. no. i'm done. >> time suspect. time suspect. >> we're coming for. >> all yours. >> steve: can you see screen right the angry chairwoman of the school board storming out after the mom pulled out facebook photos of her flouting mask mandates. that virginia mom, alecia vaught joins us right now. alicia, good morning to you. >> good morning steve. how are you? >> steve: i'm okay. however you broke the internet we have got to have mask mandate last time there at the school board meeting taking off the mask. she yelled at you, reportedly, you'ved to show hey look here there you are with a bunch of people and you are not wearing a of course that. she wasn't going to have any part of that. >> right. >> steve: and you were just trying to point out the
4:45 am
hypocrisy. how come the kids have to wear masks arranged people but you don't? and she said those were family members in the facebook pictures that you showed. were they? >> actually, steve, they were not family photos. they were pictures of her and her co-workers and her friends and they had only been sent to me a couple hours before i went to the board meeting. so, that wasn't very accurate. >> steve: alecia, why did you want to get up there and stand in front of the board? what did you want to tell them? >> well, steve, we, the warnts, are just fed up with the hypocrisy. our kids have had to suffer for two years. these masks have caused isolation, depression, it hurts their ears, their faces have been broken out. it's just been such a harm to our kids. and then we see these school board members get on and just flaunt openly with no mask on and it just seems a little bit hypocritical. so i thought that the board
4:46 am
needed to know that. >> and at one point you said you guys preach about governor northam's executive orders. he is the last governor of virginia. and now you have got a new one, governor youngkin who signed that bill that made masks optional. and, yet, they are not following that governor. so it looks like they were listening to the democrat governor and not listening to the republican governor. >> yeah. that's exactly what they were doing. so we had to sit there and listener to them tell us that we must follow governor northam's orders. and we did. and then when governor youngkin comes into office, and expects the same, they didn't want to follow his orders. and that's just not right. and what are we teaching our kids if we're not going to teach them to be consistent across the board? >> steve: absolutely. so, when the school board president said, you know, essentially called the cops on you, said we need an officer over here, then one of the other
4:47 am
school board members said let her talk. which has got to make you feel good that at least somebody on the school board wants to hear your point of view. >> yeah. and the officer was very nice, very respectful. and i understand that he thought he was just doing his job. i think that she might need to rethink her abuse of power maybe that she just doesn't have to call the officers on parents. because we weren't doing anything wrong. >> steve: just expressing your feant right. at the end though, it sounded like you said we are coming for your job. what does that mean? >> yeah. i said we're coming for your seats, all of them. because we are. we, the parents, are fed up. we are getting these liberals off of our school board. we, the parents are taking it all back. >> steve: you have got a group that's got close 900 members. right? >> yeah. second monday constitutional group. can you look up and join on facebook. also look us up at smcg
4:48 am we put together groups. we educate people on their constitution. on their con disiewcial rights. the kids are not getting taught this in schools anymore. so we decided to counter that problem and do it ourselves. >> steve: okay. we did reach out to the montgomery school board. have not heard back from them. but we heard from you. she broke the internet. alecia vaught, who has been referred to a million times as a mama bear protecting her cubs. aleash sharks thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you, steve have. great day. >> steve: you too. nice talking to you. you straight ahead. president biden begins his interviews for the next supreme court justice this week. but who will influence his pick? turns out one of his advisers on the board is on the board for black lives matter. does that matter? leo terrell on that and leo, as you can see, is in the house. hey, leo. ♪ we like it loud we we like it honking
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> steve: president biden is beginning the interview process for his first supreme court nomination. >> ainsley: he has reportedly narrowed it town to these
4:53 am
candidates after pledging to appoint a black woman to the position. >> pete: one of the vofers helping him choose is minion moore clinton adviser according to recent court filings sit on the black lives matter board of directors. here to react is leo terrell. leo, so great to see you,first time on the couch i'm happy to be here. look at that time this smile. >> ainsley: where is your hat. >> i'm not allowed to wear the hat because of somebody. >> ainsley: only on one show. >> steve: that shows up in "primetime." >> yeah. >> steve: biden's choice to revealed to help with scotus pick blm board member. crt. defund the police supporter none of which joe biden mentioned when he announced her. >> that's deceiving to the american public. i want to be very clear. america does not need a supreme court justice that shares the values of black lives matter. let's look at what they believe
4:54 am
in. they basically co-sponsor the summer riots. they believed in critical race theory. they believe in defunding the police. you tell me if any of those -- and also they believe in supporting soft prosecutors. tell me if any of those items support american values. we did not need a justice who has that type of mindset. >> ainsley: first justice breyer announced he was going to step down everyone said democrat for democrat not going to change the supreme court that much when you hear deciding who the next one is going to be. how radical p p. >> look what has happened. it's been pushed to the left, extreme left. talking to pete off stage as far as los angeles, i don't even recognize los angeles look what is going on. be see dee valued by the left. what this one supreme court justice is a step in the wrong direction.
4:55 am
>> pete: debate mod draft amongst that list? what wouldn't be the far left candidate so many decisions have been driven by. >> why wouldn't you expect anything but an extremist? they have the votes to nominate whoever they want. whoever they want. and looks at what they have demonstrated the last 12 month, extremism that they have a tsunami in the midterms. >> he is starting the interview process this week announce it by the end of the would he be. how many is talking about that serve talking about ukraine right now. >> i believe ukraine is obviously something that contact the entire world, what it does and i hope it doesn't do is take the focus off the problems that we is in this country right now this country extremely distraught under what's been going on in the biden
4:56 am
administration. they did everything possible to turn away from what was going on effectively during the trump administration. >> pete: i knew you were a former history teacher i didn't know you were a former geography teacher. we have been having a debate whether the mountains in new jersey are really mountains. >> steve: they are mountains. >> that is because steve believes that mountains exist in kansas. there is not a single mountain in kansas. >> steve: leo there is a mount sun flower it is not a mountain it is a mount. >> california mount whitney that's a mountain. >> steve: we have major league and minor league mountains. pete, they are mountains. are. >> pete: so glad to have you here. >> hello america i'm on fox. >> steve: from mountains to marco he is next. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> chairman is taking steps to stop the certification of the norwich game 2 pipeline. >> seattle police department are struggling to recruit new officers as the rate of violent crime searches. >> the crime, the graffiti is absolutely out of control. >> caught partying mask list despite reinstating the city's mass mandate. >> singing karaoke on a rotating
5:01 am
stage. this is a democracy. >> she calls out the school board for that mask hypocrisy. >> here's a picture of you right here on facebook in a crowd of people with no mask on. with the parents are fed up with a hypocrisy our parents about the software. >> new initiative in media accountability project will raise funds for legal challenges for defamation. >> we have a fox news alert russian troops rolling into ukraine's rebel regions as germany makes moved to stop the certification of the noise stream 2 pipeline. >> an announcement from the white house on new sanctions on russia expected anytime now. >> steve: live on the ground, steve with the russian troops moving into those two areas, has that changed the feeling of the people in the capital city where you are?
5:02 am
are they thinking now we are next? >> steve, we've seen a lot of people send their families out of town. nerves going up. i think what galvanized people here yesterday was this speech by putin for the russian president basically said you are not a country. you are part of us. if you want to knock down those statues, really a veiled threat. being told they are not a country. as you mentioned, that russian army is on the move headed toward the two breakaway regions. that's in eastern ukraine. that's where russian backed separatists have been fighting against ukrainians. putin said basically, ukraine is a public colony of the u.s. we heard from the ukrainian president, he has said despite this move, he said a wider war between russia and ukraine is not likely. fox news caught up with the
5:03 am
defense minister who said in any case, the ukrainians are prepared to fight. he issued this statement. "a tough road lies ahead for there will be losses. the pain, fear, and disbelief shall be overcome." yesterday we saw some limited u.s. sanctions against russia. today we are likely to see even more. back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. >> member of the senate foreign relations committee. good morning to you. i have been reading your tweets. we all have. i have a list of them here. some say the worst is yet to come. he is going to come in from behind, cut off forces. energy prices going to skyrocket for everyone. weaknesses always invites aggression and there are a few more that i -- you don't think this is the end. do you think is going to go into these regions and push through the rest of ukraine or what
5:04 am
happens after that? >> i read the inks, english translation. i'm not going to read that old thing. he went through the long ridiculous history lessons. he was arguing there are areas that these two groups, these pro-russian public groups claim that it currently possesses. not the areas they are controlling. areas that ukraine controls. they claim those. they are going to move on those. when they move on those, if they don't give it up, putin is going to say this violates our mutual defense agreement and they are going to go war. that's what he's gonna do. he's not gonna stop with the two little small areas near the border. you don't need 2,000 troops with all the power to simply occupy two areas where you've already had a strong separatist presence for a long time. >> steve: joe biden claims that if he was in the white house, he would be the one
5:05 am
tough on vladimir putin. one of his tweets from two years ago almost to the day -- go when he was running as a candidate. here's what he said. i want to get your reaction. he said vladimir putin doesn't want me to be president. he doesn't want me to be our nominee. the only one who has ever gone toe-to-toe with him. does vladimir putin think joe biden are kamala harris are going toe-to-toe with him? does he see an open field? >> he sees conventional politicians. he understands conventional american politics. vladimir putin basically believes it doesn't matter who the president is, the american bureaucracy is what controls the government. he may have had a different opinion when donald trump was in office. i think he knows how to deal with somebody like joe biden because he's been dealing with presidents like thou that operates within the confines of orthodoxy and knows exactly how they are going to react. our presidents, and go. putin's been there consistency
5:06 am
for over 20 years. no, i don't think he is worrying about joe biden in the next move he makes. >> steve: i tell you about. there is a story right now, senator, in "the washington post" that says he's wrestling over whether russia has invaded ukraine yet. because it is not a full innovation. it is just -- he's not gone all in yet. they are waiting for more sanctions today. short of the big sanctions but ultimately, it was germany about 90 minutes ago that pulled the plug on the noise stream 2. that's what we should have done before. >> that's my point before. putin knows how to deal with the conventional political types. he knew this exactly how they would react. if you read what the white house is telling reporters last night, russia is only moving into areas they have already been in. they are just doing openly what they've been doing secretly for 2.5 years. that's not as big a deal.
5:07 am
this is silly, but he knows it and he's playing them. by the time he does move on the rest of it, it will be too late. he knows if he does this big move as i believe he will, this is going to increase oil price is $110 or $115 a barrel. and the reason why, it's going to be massive destruction to the global economy. eventually opec will try to react but not immediately. no doubt about it, the u.s. has pulled back from oil and natural gas exploration. it's made it harder under the biden administration. we went from being a net exporter from the first time ever in 2018 to once again kind of falling back in our production because of we want more renewables and wind and solar in the like. that's one of the things he is calculated. biden energy policy is one of the things that encourage putin that now is the time to do it which helps him. he also knows how vulnerable that makes europe and other
5:08 am
countries. he believes they won't be able to sustain these sanctions for long because of that. >> ainsley: why should we care? it's happening so far away. but when you look at gas prices, they are already going up. they are at the highest out of florida that they have been since the beginning of 2022. average $3.51. palm beach, $3.63. this is going to affect americans. >> absolutely. when gas prices go up and fuel prices go up, and the prices all across the board because everything we buy and sell has to be transported by something as burning gas or diesel. as other things. ukraine is one of the world's largest producers of neon gas which is critical to the semiconductor industry. 90% of neon gas used by our semiconductor manufacturers in the united states depends on the on gas from ukraine. if that's disrupted, it's really going to hurt that industry here in the united states. they are a huge producer of
5:09 am
agriculture. number four in wheat and number five in the world. that's going to raise global food prices which will impact us as well. any time countries are cut off from a current source, they become your competitors in the global market for those goods which increase the prices on everybody. we already have out-of-control prices. this is going to add to that. >> used the phrase, "the confines of orthodoxy" through which joe biden looks at the world. what would be the unorthodox thing the united states of america should do right now if we wanted to prevent war breaking out? >> i think now is sort of the stuck other options. what is russia's leverage over europe? it's energy. let's wrap up energy production. right now. western energy production over ukraine? let's speed up the amount of defensive weaponry we provide them.
5:10 am
let's help them start setting up in a more rapid scale. this may have snuck up on the news but intelligence has been warning about this for over nine months. we should have been preparing for this and preparing for their insurgency months ago. i think now one of the things we need to do is basically have a plan in place to recognize legitimate ukrainian government whether they are in key ever cross the border or wherever they are in the world, we need to legitimate governments so that we can provide assistance to. one thing is to evade and another is to occupy and hold. we need to make this as long and painful and costly to vladimir putin as anything possible. another vietnam for him, and other afghanistan. if we don't do that, he will do more in the future. >> steve: we are going to make it painful on him to sanctions. you know, it's just a matter of time until the hackers, the russian hackers hit us. i know you have intel with your job.
5:11 am
and what parts and the american society should we be worried about the russian hackers? we know it they did to the colonial pipeline. >> unfortunately it's not just that they have access. it's very difficult to defend against. we can do anything to them they can do to us. i would add one more thing. you may think you are knocking out a pipeline, but it may turn out to be much broader and more catastrophic good that's one thing to keep an eye on. no one has ever conducted a broad cyber war. never cyber warfare. or there is no doctor and there is no rule for how you engage in this and frankly no one knows what's gonna happen when you start on that road. it could escalate pretty quickly. that is something to really be concerned about. i would be concerned about it. i think that cyber could rapidly escalate to something far more dangerous including unfortunately kinetic military confrontation if you run out of cyber options. that's something we should seek to avoid going down that road of
5:12 am
escalation. >> we want to get your reaction to what the cdc is doing great they reportedly published some information about data on covid and hospitalizations and vaccines and the numbers. they basted down to age and race in vaccine status. they withheld some information apparently. >> most of it. >> ainsley: they only reported a fraction of it. they didn't report the 18-49-year-olds, the group least likely to benefit from the booster shots. why do you think they left that out? what is the real reason? >> i think it goes against their public narratives. i think it goes against their public guidance for the same reason dr. prouty told him not to wear masks and he said he had everyone had to wear masks in a face shield and a space suit because i think they can tell us whatever they want. the damage they have done, the public health authorities is extraordinary. in the future we are going to have another pandemic far worse then covid potentially in no one's gonna believe these guys
5:13 am
because they have treated us like little children, lied to us and manipulated us and told us what we wanted to hear. tremendous damage to people's confidence in public health officials. >> speaking out treating people like children, in many cases, children are still in mask while adults are not. it's incredible. we have seen hypocrisy at the highest levels of political leaders imposing mass mandates on their citizens while they flout those rules themselves. it's a very particular instance in virginia at a school board meeting where her mother went to the meeting and pointed out the fact that the school board chairwoman who is in charge of them asking isn't wearing a mask yourself. here is a portion of what this virginia mom said when tearing into school board members on their mask hypocrisy. >> right here on facebook was a crowd of people, that's it with no mask on. >> excuse me, no. >> here's another picture with
5:14 am
no mask on. >> i'm sorry, you are done pick and we have a police officer, please? >> she should be able to say here peace. up had to listen to people who criticize me. >> that is my family. >> what about our family? >> i'm not. >> our family has been suffocated to death. we are coming for them. all of them. >> senator, we had that mom on the program as well. listen. >> we had to sit there and listen to them tell us that we must follow the orders and we did. and when governor young can comes into office and expects the same, they didn't want to follow his orders. that is just not right. what are we teaching our kids that we are not going to teach them to be consistent across the board? we the parents are fed up with a hypocrisy our kids have had to suffer for two years these masks
5:15 am
have caused isolation, depression. it hurts their ears. their faces have been broken out. it has just been such a harm to our kids. and we see the school board members get on i just want openly when no mask on. it seems a little bit hypocritical. i thought the board needed to know that. >> senator, your reaction. >> there are still places in this country where kids are eating out in the cold and they can't talk during lunch. in many cases, these people want to keep these policies in place because it makes their life easier they think. it has become a disease. this whole mask mandates all the stuff has become its own disease. people have become deranged about it and they don't know how to live without it. i also think there are some people that enjoy the power. the power to be able to force people to do certain things. i don't fully understand this disease. it is a psychotic one. unfortunately, some of the people who have caught it are in positions of authority. i could not see the video but i'm sure it showed.
5:16 am
this police officer was standing right next to that lady as if he was about to apprehend her. i wish one of these officers would one day say, i'm here to keep the peace. i'm not here to arrest law-abiding people that are just here to protest against school boards. i don't know if that individual or officer work for the city or the school board directly. i think this is outrageous that we are now living in a country where parents who complain about their kids schools are being treated like terrorists and criminals. criminals are walking into the stores breaking, having whatever they want, walking out. we are bailing out people that are trying to kill people in this country. a guy down in kentucky walks into his opponent's office, shoots him. he's out on bail and a day later, $100,000-bale a day later walking the streets. that's how crazy it has become. >> steve: they are not having those problems in the schools in florida. obviously, marco rubio is showing off the beautiful weather in florida while we are here where is freezing. >> it's tough.
5:17 am
it's 70 degrees. we've gotten used to these harsh conditions. [laughter] >> ainsley: if only we could find houses they are, affordable now. >> absolutely right. >> steve: thank you very much for joining us on this tuesday. >> thanks for having me. >> steve: meanwhile, more news from texas. >> though woke d.a. in austin, texas, indicting 90 police officers for their response to anti-police riots. in the summer of 2020, one of the officers that the d.a. is targeting that apartment. >> simply about politics in a political agenda that is taking place from a liberal agenda. >> that officer is now running for their texas house of representatives at the republican. this do this, nearly one in four americans compromise on food and medical costs to pay their energy bill.
5:18 am
this according to analysis by health advisory shared exclusively with fox business. additional analysis show 16% of americans kept their homes at unsafe temperatures to lower their energy bill per the national ballot for overdue utility accounts 10% from 2020 reaching over $22 billion last year. check your calendar today, not only tuesday. 2/22/22. it's a palindrome. this date won't come around for another 200 years. happy palindrome day. >> steve: you know who this is going to impact the most? the parents who have a child born today. somebody will say when was sally born? i can't even imagine your house. it will always be the baby was
5:19 am
born 2/22/22 and it 2:22:00 p.m., someone gets a prize. a grandmother's birthday. to slash 22. >> god bless her. that's so special. >> she is not 22, is she? >> impossibly. meanwhile, patriotism on display among freedom protesters. i'm next we will talk to a canadian pastor and decorated veteran calling out the prime minister for targeting his own people. >> ainsley: ashley moody is going to join us with an exclusive announcement on plans to hold the white house accountable for open borders.
5:20 am
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5:24 am
>> father who art in heaven, hallowed be in. i will be done on earth as it is in heaven. >> a powerful display of faith and patriotism in canada earlier this month as a group of veteran enjoying the freedom convoy to pray and sing their nation's anthem. the pastor and decorated veteran who had that prayer is now calling out prime minister justin trudeau for declaring war on his own people as canadian lawmakers extend his emergency powers. joining us now, pastor, thank you so much for being here and for what you are standing for. when you say justin trudeau is declaring war on his own people, that's big talk. what do you see that he has done
5:25 am
that adds up to that and what's happening moving forward? >> thanks for having me here this morning and it's a privilege to be with you. involvement tracking in the international community tracking what's going on in canada. these protests have resulted after a couple of years. the average canadians feeling like voicing any dissent regarding measures and the vaccine requirements have fallen on deaf ears. the convoy of freedom began with the question of whether or not those who were unvaccinated continue to be punished for being unvaccinated. and whether or not they can simply do their jobs. the convoy was organized as a peaceful convoy capturing people like myself who is said finally we have a way that we can legally express our difference of opinion and basically is a violation of the charter rights and freedoms in canada.
5:26 am
in any normal circumstance when the protest happens, the government has mechanisms in place in which they negotiate with the protesters at least to hear what they've got to say. justin trudeau has made it clear without using the word "terrorists," he's treated their protesters as he would with any terrorist organization saying i won't negotiate with terrorists. he said nothing to the protesters, none of the leaders, even though they represent the protesters are within the millions. we don't know the exact stats because of the mainstream media. the trucks that rolled into ottawa months ago where tens of thousands overpass in canada. and so, he is basically, justin has said this is a friend a fringe minority of canadians who are islamophobia's, homophobes, anti-semitic, et cetera, et cetera even though it's represented by people of all
5:27 am
stripes and colors of this country. so the greatest crime that has been committed his parking infractions. there have been no acts of violence from the protesters in the last month by the grace of god. a hedge of holy angels are protected us. all the protesters from any sort of violence. the only acts of violence have happened in the last couple of days by the police and also by counter protesters over the last few weeks. if they would have been an act of violence, it would have been displayed all over the media. his approach to these peaceful protests have not only been terrorizing of canadians, but he has treated us salves if we are terrorists. what he did as of last night is he is put into place what is called the emergency measures act. essentially martial law. it is only been used a couple of times in our history. the last time it was used was in
5:28 am
the 1970s when his father used it against real terrorists who wanted to separate from canada. there were murderers, they were hostagetaking. that was back in the 1970s. this is not what the mainstream media and justin trudeau is presenting these protesters. it is absolutely undefinable. >> pete: it means a lot coming from you. you saw scary things while serving with these emergency actions are really terrified you. we will be watching how far he goes with it. unfortunately, we have to leave it right there. pastor, thank you so much. i appreciate it. more fallout for the biden administration's border policy. she plans -- ♪
5:29 am
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he used to have bad breath. now, he uses a capful of therabreath fresh breath oral rinse to keep his breath smelling great, all day long. (combative yelling) therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. at walmart, target and other fine stores. >> ainsley: migrants flood our country at alarming rates, our next guest is demanding accountability from the biden administration to solve the porting crisis. an exclusive announcement. good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you so much for having me. >> ainsley: thank you for choosing "fox & friends." what is the big announcement? >> as you know, ainsley, we are charged with working with law enforcement throughout our
5:33 am
state, ensuring that our folks feel safe and secure within their state. we have been claiming for a year now since secretary has been in office. some of the things that he was doing to upend the legal immigration system, basically opening our borders, allowing free reign over the drug cartel, human smuggling, that human trafficking cartels, we have been sounding the alarm in spirit and we are seeing the numbers. 213% detained offenders at the border. six times over a fence and all that i could kill and woman and child in america. the pills laced with fentanyl that are flooding our streets. it is unconscionable. even the dea said this is a national security crisis in the mexican cartels are flooding or nations with these pills. at the same time, secretary
5:34 am
mayorkas brags that he has upended our migration system. he has completely refused to follow the law. even refusing to do what democrats and republicans alike have done historically. that is detain and deport those committing crimes here in the united states. instead, he releases dangerous criminals back into our communities. we have been pleading with them to follow the law. we have been suing and demanding that they follow the law. enough is enough. at this point, it is absolutely clear that secretary mayorkas is working not only in violation of the law, but against the security of the united states. i along with many of my colleagues are now demanding his resignation. >> ainsley: i have the letter right here at dated today's date. i assume you're sending it today. 14 total attorney generals are on board with this. we will put it up in case those watching at home in case their state is one of these. we've seen 134% increase in
5:35 am
fentanyl seizures. cocaine seizures up 68%. you're writing a letter saying customs and border patrol seized enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman, and child in our country six times over. an increase of over 30% since before you took office. i guess you haven't sit in the letter yet. what are the chances of you being successful with this? >> if you look at justin's recent border trip where he met with his own folks and border patrol that were charged and took an oath to protect our country and protect our borders, it was clear, he had no sense of the morale on the ground. when they said, look, you are having us abandon our oath and not do our jobs. they said, look, just let us do what we took an oath to do. even questioned why he was playing dress-up and pretending like he was enforcing the law wearing a border patrol jacket. they are questioning him because his answer to them was, look, i get morale is down but we need
5:36 am
to bring in more processors. we are going to bring in more processors to help process all these people coming in so we can release them in the interior and you can go back to the border. and that's going to help you. in florida, we already had someone killed by a 24-year-old man posing as a child that biden secretly flew to florida. getting more processors is not going to protect our country. we need a new secretary. he needs to resign. >> ainsley: the secret flights and the dead of night. a 77% of all illegals went to florida. thank you so much for being with us in making that announcement today. the violence in chicago shows no signs of stopping is at least 21 people are shot and five killed in weekend shootings. camping out in one of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods for 94 days. it's cold out there. you're going to hear from him after the break. t care. i grow all my own vegetables
5:37 am
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>> russia sent to you in creating, invade. >> jen psaki saying in part, we have been in close consultation with germany overnight and welcome their announcement. we will be following up with our own measures today. >> steve: in the meantime, the russians are on the move. steve is following the development from the capital city. what is it like on the streets right now? >> steve, i'm going to say, vladimir putin united ukrainians like no one has in the long time. he basically went on tv, called on their own history for about an hour and said you are not a real country. if you don't behave, i'm going to teach you a lesson. i think if people were on the fence before, they are not on the fence anymore when it comes to russia. >> how to the community react to that? do they feel that they are their own country or are they in favor
5:42 am
of this? >> i think for 30 years they've been independent and they have a 1,000 year history. they don't like to be seen as russia's little brother. that is pretty much what putin was telling them. in a really meandering speech, he leaned back in his chair and talk for an hour about lenin and stalin. it was scary to think, this guy is in charge of nukes. this guy has no checks and balances. it was a scary speech. >> to leaders in ukraine feel like there is any measures in place that would prevent a full on invasion at this point? following a speech like that as a declaration that he can do whatever he wants, is there any hope short of the guns? >> i think president zelensky is saying right now, there's not going to be a wider war. i don't know what he bases that on but that's what he's saying. the defense minister is giving a slightly different tone. that is going to be losses. it's going to be hard. we are going to fight and we are not going to leave.
5:43 am
from the military people, for getting to prepare ukrainians. this could be bloody. >> steve: ukrainians, do they remember, they had nukes there. putin got them to get rid of all of them. are some of the same people saying, why did we do that back in the day? speak out right. give up your nukes, and we will never bother you. i didn't last too long. he's took a bite in 2014 and he is taking a bite now. we will see how the world reacts to this latest bite. >> steve: we know you're busy there. steve harrigan, thank you very much. >> ainsley: i was surprised that germany did this, presently surprised. they depend on russia for 32% of their gas and oil. >> steve: is not operational yet. >> ainsley: i guess they are waiting out their options and it's more important to do this to end nor extreme 2 pipeline then it is to chance that i'm taking over of ukraine.
5:44 am
>> it is a sign that the nato alliance might actually attempted to be relevant in this context and deter a threat on their own continent as opposed to rely on the united states or others to do it for them. >> steve: yeah, because, you know, with donald trump, he was very clear about what was going on with russia. with joe biden, it's a completely different approach, and that is what lieutenant general keith catalogs said on sean hannity's show last night. about who president putin sees in president biden. >> when you look at this administration and the chief executive and the national security staff, and you look at the vice president, it's a constant pattern of weakness. putin is a former kgb officer. he saw the decision-making that was done in afghanistan. he is also a student of history and he looks back on what biden did also as a vice president.
5:45 am
remember when biden was vice president, he was the guy in the situation room that did not want to go after usama bin laden. voted no not to conduct a raid. he's the same guy that negates the former secretary of defense and ci has said has been wrong in every national security decision in the last 40 years. he sees a pattern of weakness. when he sees opportunity, he says, look, this is an opportunity on mike haven't three years when a stronger executive comes in. i might as well take my shot now. >> germany to pull the plug on nor extreme 2. how strict are they going to be? >> ainsley: joe biden is already lost 2 embassies. we lost the one in afghanistan and ukraine. it was also vice president during benghazi. you have china and taiwan watching this. you have iran watching this and obviously russia. what does this mean?
5:46 am
are we so weak that they are taking advantage of the next three years? >> exactly right. it would bring an opportunity for another voice. >> steve: more on this at the top of the hour. in the meantime, at least five people were killed over the weekend and shootings in chicago. this week is already off to another violent start with seven people wounded yesterday alone. pastor cory brooks is on day 94 of his camp out on the roof of a structure in one of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods. we have seen you in rain and seeing you in snow and seeing you where it was below zero. now it is a downpour. but you are up there. pastor, when you look at the numbers over the weekend, 21 people's thoughts, five fatally. in any other town, that would be a big story but in chicago, we just called at the weekend. >> absolutely. it would be a public outcry. we've gotten to a point where
5:47 am
people have begun desensitized to the violence and started to normalize it. that's why i'm out here in the rain in the snow endlessly. i don't want -- that's why i'm trying to build this opportunity center. i really need friends and people from across america to really help us. we need to change the tide or we will continue to see deaths like this. a15-year-old boy was shot 24 times. that's the type of behavior that we cannot allow to continue in the city of chicago. >> steve: the city of chicago and we were talking with leo tirrell a while ago. it's like new york and it's like los angeles. there is just a sense of lawlessness on the streets. >> yes. talk about leadership. criminals getting let out when they should not be let out. getting put on house arrest in getting put on these home monitors and going out and committing crimes. it continues to be a cycle of
5:48 am
violence and lawlessness that we see every single day. unfortunately, this summer is coming around. i'm sorry to say but it's probably going to get worse. >> absolutely. as it warms up, more people are outside in the number of crimes goes up. you would think this would be an opportunity with a crime wave sweeping the country for joe biden to come out and say, we need to look at these prosecutors who are soft on crime and make it harder for them to get out of jail. >> absolutely without a shadow of a doubt. we definitely need to look at why these criminals are getting out at the alarming rate that they are getting out. some of them committing crimes. we had one murder in chicago where an individual had been let out of jail three separate times and went on to commit a very hideous crime. we need to make sure that they are on the side of the people. if they are not, we need to make sure that we vote them out of
5:49 am
office. >> steve: pastor, for the folks who want to contribute, what is your website? >> please donate so we can get me off this group and build an opportunity center. i want to say thanks to "fox & friends." >> it has been great to check in with you. you can attract is rooftop revelations at will cain reacts to a new poll showing gaining momentum for governor of texas. but first, let's talk to bill hemmer -- did you ever think about governor of ohio? >> not yet. let's start with the mayor. steve, great coverage this morning. i've been watching you guys for three hours. how far will putin go? how will president biden encounter all of this? they join us and moments on that. when will this cd catch up with the rest of us?
5:50 am
good question. dr. marc siegel expresses that today. under fire yet again. all he now pulled back on his far left policies? we will talk with his inner circle, find out an answer. we join you in 10 minutes at the top of the hour. ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief.
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>> ainsley: . and the greatness of the state of texas especially compared to california in a live broadcast from dallas. >> california, new york, you can smash and grab. in texas, you smash and grab, you drop and died. in texas to produce heroes like davy crockett. the differences start. as a reminder of who makes the country work and help those people make it possible for the other idiots that thrive. you are the people who created a place where the people make fun of you can live. >> do texans want to keep it that way? a new poll shows a democrat narrowing the gap with republican governor greg abbott. "fox & friends" will cain is also down in texas. he joins us now to react on the topic tailor-made for him. it's almost like he wrote himself. will defends taxes or sing its
5:55 am
praises as you love to do. >> let's do both. that's first sing his praises. let's start with singing texas' praises. i think greg being here in the state of texas is apropos. one thing i would say about texas and what is worth fighting forward to your second point is to me, texas is the embodiment, it is the essence of america. it was born of revolution. it's a risk tolerant culture. it was made by men pushing west, risking scalping to drill holes on the ground i could burn or make their fortunes. it's an entrepreneurial spirit that has lasted to this day. i do believe wherever you grew up in texas, there is a spirit of you think you can do that, go to that. that is what is what's worth fighting for. people regardless of those polls understand inherently what is a better life moving from new york
5:56 am
to florida and california and texas to live that better life. they need to understand the culture are described that's where the preserving. the rest of us believe it's worth fighting for. i think he's a perennial candidate. he is not a leader. the real question is what is he running for next? what does he lose next? he will not win governor of texas, but he does point to a trend that worries me. that trend is what we have to draw. a line in the sand. we have to draw a line in the sand in texas and defend that culture which i hold so dear. >> how is he so close? >> you know, well, listen, governor greg abbott lost a little political support through that freezer one year ago. that is just sound this year governance and management. however, i am worried that might be particular one issue and one
5:57 am
governor. what i'm worried about is the trend line. i'm worried about people moving to texas and bringing the politics they left behind with them. that i think is in part of what we are looking at. what is that better barometer? is it one poll from the dallas morning use or is that you wholesales a new hall rentals? i think i will go where people are voting with their feet as a real marker of where we are. speak to these illegals that are going to stay there permanently. >> steve: so many things are so much bigger in texas but earlier, we were having a problem. i was telling pete and ainsley of how peter was a little boy, who were out at the boy scout camp and a bear came in. i referred to the mountains of new jersey. he goes there were no mountains in new jersey. watch this. >> wait, are there mountains in new jersey? >> yes. >> they can be real mountains.
5:58 am
>> actually -- >> there are skiing folks in minnesota. we don't have mountains of minnesota. >> ainsley: you grew up in new jersey. >> i am a mountain woman. rough-and-tumble new jersey. this has 31 if you google it. 31 mountain ranges. >> i googled how many mountains are there in new jersey. 196 mountains. >> how did i get 31? >> i know you are on my side. we have a picture by the way. we have a picture of the mountain. >> help me out. >> they could be way up the mountain where that picture is. here's the thing, the national geological survey said that there is no difference between a hill and a mountain.
5:59 am
here's the thing. in new jersey, we are proud of our mountains. new jersey is part of the appalachian trail. it's 1 of 14 states. there is a 74-mile section of legos from the the forest to the mountains. >> it is called the mountain state for the reason. >> you new yorkers need to come out and take a look. he's a coastal elitist. >> it is mountainous. you live in a mountainous -- >> want a way end? >> i want to weigh in. this is over. when steve calls pete, that's end of debate. this is what i would say. my instincts, every five or wants to go with pete not because he is my cohost. the rationale should be, come on. i've been to those mountains. i will tell you this. i've been thinking about this for a long time. i googled it during the commercial break.
6:00 am
our mountains in the northwest corner of new jersey. >> there are no mountains -- ♪ ♪ >> in new jersey. >> mountain girl. >> i will see you back in orlando where there are also no mountains. >> bill: vladimir putin ordered russian troops into eastern ukraine. how far will he go? what will nato do in turn and how will the u.s. respond? i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." we're going to have a lot of discussion today about what this all means. the semantics being split hairs at the white house over the night leave a lot of room for discussion and we'll have mike pompeo


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