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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  February 25, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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fox news alert. ♪ ♪ >> >> carley: ukrainian president vladamir putin -- volodymyr zelenskyy is asking for help and begging nato forces not to break down. >> todd: mike is live on the ground in western ukraine, sirens are blaring. and rich is live at the pentagon. >> carley: steve harrigan says he is hearing tanks and rifle fire in kyiv for the first time this morning. steve. >> steve: carley, for the first time we're hearing small-arms fire, including rifle shots. fighting is inside the city of
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kyiv, the capital city here. minister of defense for ukraine is saying russian forces have technically entered the capital city in the region of oberone, six miles south of the city center. it is not clear if they will advance toward the center or not, certainly a lot of frightened civilians, people are running for shelter, as close contact and fight suggest going on along the outskirts of the russian forces came from the north, had to fight their way through chernobyl before taking control of the area, which is a radioactive zone. we heard missiles and explosions overnight. one fighter jet was shot down and the debris caused a fire at an apartment house. president zelenskyy says he is staying put in kyiv. he says he is russia's enemy number one. here is zelenskyy.
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>> according to our information, the enemy listed me as target number one and my family as target number two. they want to destroy the country, terminating the head of state. >> steve: ukraine says after day one, they had 137 soldiers killed, after one day, 100,000 refugees, people fled ukraine. >> carley: this is the moment russian troops enter the capital city of kyiv, something residents never thought possible 24 hours ago. you have to wonder what happens next. are we talking hand-to-hand combat with citizens? we know the government said they will provide guns to citizens, people like you and me or do you make russia will march directly to the capitol and try to take out the president? >> steve: i'm not sure if you can hear that, it sounds like thunder behind me, it is
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artillery fire. the fight now is not far away. overnight, we could hear -- u.s. officials said it was 20 miles away, now it is five or six. it gets closer and closer. we don't know how tight the circle is going to be, how close will russian forces come. it is likely they want regime change, someone will have to come in and do it, will it be armored vehicles or special forces? we don't know how big that circle will be around the outer edges right now. >> todd: steve, two days in a row, 5:00 for us and noon hour for you, there has been activity you referenced live in the shot. you are our colleague, steve, we hope you are safe. do you feel safe? >> steve: you know, i think anyone is under stress in these
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situations and anyone who is sane would be scared. you hear a car door slam and you are worried. i think we have a good plan and security. people i fear for are people who are stuck here and might not have the means to run away, people who have children. it is unimaginable agony and stress people are in here. they are in the capital city, going about their life. you see old people with canes waiting for the bus and now missiles and rockets are hitting their city. they did nothing wrong and now are in terror. >> todd: that image of the family struck me. i saw a video of a little boy hugging his mom and i thought of my own kid around the same age and not knowing what i would do in that situation. these people are under such stress, horrible situation not of their own making. >> carley: there have been cyber attacks that happened in ukraine, but still the president can communicate with ukrainian people through instagram, that is still up and runing and one video he posted, this is rough
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translation, bear with me. he says, according to our information, the enemy marked me as number one target, my family as the number two target. they want to destroy ukrainian politically by destroying the head of the state. i will stay in the capital, stay with the people. during the day, i held dozens of international talks, directly managed our country and i will stay in the capital. my family is in ukrainian, my children are in ukrainian, my family are not traitors, they are citizens of ukrainian, i have no right to say where they are right now. steve, he is in significant danger right now. speak to this moment of democratically elected president, modern european city, in this level of danger and the resolve he's showing right now. >> steve: u.s. intelligence has said the russian have list of
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prominent opposition figures and ukrainian politicians, they will capture or kill and here the president of ukrainian popularly elected, newcomer to politics, he's saying the russians want to destroy the state and russians want to destroy me, destroy and kill me and my wife and my children, as well. that is where he is right now. >> todd: absolutely chilling. steve harrigan, thank you, sir. now we go to western ukrainian residents are shelter nothing place and taking up arms to defend themselves. >> carley: mike tobin is in lviv with more. what are you seeing right now? >> mike: we're seeing formation of the resistance itself. yesterday we talked with retired ukrainian soldiers headed down to the local base because the national police are handing out weapons to anyone who wants to
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pick up a gun and fight. they are lining up to do so. you have the deputy defense minister taking to facebook and encouraging peep toll take pop shots at all russia they see and encouraging use of molotov cocktails and things of that nature. martial law is in effect. traffic has slowed significantly and you see presence of ukrainian soldiers on the street with magazines in their ak-47s. also you see a line at every atm and every bank as people worry about the status of the ukrainian harkvivnia, and getting out all the cash they can issue not believing in security of their banks, some of the panic you see taking place out here. beyond that, we heard the sirens wailing overnight. the air raid sirens went off two
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times about 6:00 a.m. and 7 a.m. earily familiar to what you get from a world war ii movie, this is happening in the modern age. people sought shelter in the bomb shelters. we didn't hear impact of what triggered air raid siren. first day of the invasion, there were two targets, one to the south and one to the north of lviv, air fields were hit. we don't know what was hit overnight. as people are fleeing to the western part of this country, seeking the polish border, that border is overrun, but there is one class of person not being allowed to crossover and that is adult men from ages of 18 to 80, they are expected to stay in ukraine and fight, throwback to the notion of women and children first. >> carley: without a doubt, what a stunning message, you don't want the young men to leave, up
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to 60 years old, yeah. lviv, a beautiful city, rich with history, pretty close to the polish border 50 miles away. stay safe, we understand why people are trying to flee the more dangerous zone in the east of ukraine. we will leave it there, mike and pick back up with you as the news allows and we will take a broader look at the eastern european region. russia, we will show a map here, i believe. as we know, russia is the massive chunk in red. ukraine is second largest city in europe. it is the size of texas and there are millions of people there now in significant danger. all the american flags, those countries in -- /* /* green. president biden announced 7000 additional troops will be in
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germany. a lot of people are saying move out of germany and get to lithuania, latvia and estonia, that could be vladamir putin's next play. >> todd: and that is a frightening prospect. take a look at the fighting thus far. country of ukraine, city of kyiv has been the focus. pop up that map right now. we talked to mike tobin in the western part of the country, not a lot of activity there, that is where people are fleeing. look at how the russian have kyiv surrounded this underscores major theme of the day, if there is one, carley. president zelenskyy is the target. this is part of a concerted effort by president putin to cut the head off of the russian president. maybe literally, definitely figuratively. he in all likelihood wants to install his own president in that country to have control of
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ukrainian the way he has always wanted to have control. that leads to bigger picture of what is his ultimate goal in the end? >> carley: that is right. former soviet states now in nato, if you are living in any of the three countries right now, you are nervous and watching the situation closely. the people of ukraine have shown such bravery, one thing that a lot of military analysts have been saying on our air, russia probably underestimated how willing they were to fight and not give up their country. we're hearing stories of soldiers that are just staring face-to-face with the enemy, with russia and saying no, we're not going to give up this area, they were killed and now they are going to be honored because of their bravery. but the fact this is happening in europe is something that has surprised many of us, and
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particularly ukrainian people. >> todd: carley, that will to fight, i know over the course of the last 48 hours, i've been contemplating what i would do in this situation and i'm sure many people have said, my gosh, not a likely scenario any time soon, what would i do in this situation and with my family? as 18 to 60-year-old male, how would i take up arms, what would i do? how would i defend my house? and then you hear steve harrigan's report saying they are 12 miles from his location, think about 12 miles, so many of us have commutes longer than that, they are close. this is coming to a head soon and it is chilling. >> carley: i have to correct myself, i said a lot of people were surprised about this, shouldn't be, this troop build-up started to take place in march of last year, all signs were pointing to this happening and now it is. >> todd: we've been talking
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about it since then. >> carley: presidency -- president biden will attend a summit with nato this morning. >> todd: rich joins us with the latest intel. >> this as american officials have been saying for a while and what steve harrigan was reporting top of the hour here. seeing this on the ground, this is about moving to kyiv to sweep away the elected government of ukraine. president of ukraine saying his family and he are top the russian target here. ukrainian across the country are defending themselves. that is the sound of guards tells them what to do.
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ukrainian rejected and russian sailors killed them. president volodymyr zelenskyy says the government will grant their border guards title of hero of ukrainian. the pentagon is sending 7000 more troops to europe. officials say these americans are first going to germany, next destination is unclear, though the u.s. says it will not be ukraine. ukraine is not part of nato. the biden administration stressed no american troops are going to ukraine to fight in this war. the secretary of state antony blinken says the u.s. would respond to an attack on nato countries. >> an attack on one member of nato is an attack on all members of nato. the president has been clear, we will defend every inch of nato territory. we are committed to our nato allies and if it comes to that, we will do it. >> senior defense official says
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of russia, "they have every intention of decapitating the government and installing their own government," there have been demonstrations across europe and across the world and even in russia, there is nonprofit group that monitors arrests around the world, especially in russia, when it comes to demonstrations. obd info says 1800 people have been arrested for demonstrating across the country. >> todd: expect that number to grow. rich, thank you. congressman peter mier joined us earlier, here is what he had to say about the u.s. strategy so far. >> getting caught in this reactive loop, instead of leaning forward, instead of being aggressive and showing putin he's made a mistake, this is miscalculation on his part and hew will rue the day he decided to invade ukraine. the message is we will try to
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cover our six, we will try to make it look like we're doing something for domestic audience consumption, maybe it will be painful on russia, not willing to go all the way on economic sanctions. >> carley: if you are just waking up this morning issue the people of kyiv are bracing for what could be a bloody battle as russian troops close in on the capital city. the ukrainian president refusing to leave. >> todd: another round of sanctions doing little to deter president putin. we are talking to brian bremmer, lara trump, matthew collins all here live, do not go anywhere, stay with us all morning long.
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>> carley: we're back with a fox news alert, president biden set to meet with nato leaders this morning on the war unfold nothing europe. it comes as president claims sanctions gaesz russia were never meant to deter invasion. griff jenkins is live in washington with more. griff. >> griff: president biden addressed nation with a frank
2:21 am
admission, they never expected sanctions would stop putin's ark gregz, adding new ones will take time to have an impact. >> president biden: no one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening, this could take time and we have to show resolve, so he knows what is coming. the people of russia know what he's brought on them. that is what this is all about. >> griff: new round of sane block assets of russia's four largest banks, imposes at needs and sanctions oligarchs and their families and target military institutions of belarus who aided russia in the invasion. after the president's address, he faced tough questions from our peter doocy. >> peter: did you underestimate putin and would you describe him the way you did in the summer as a worthy adversary? >> president biden: at the time, he was, i made it clear as an
2:22 am
adversary and said he was worthy, i didn't underestimate him. he has larger ambitions that ukraine, he wants to reestablish the former soviet union. >> republicans are hammering biden for letting putin -- >> crown jewels are belarus, he has that, ukraine, he's takeing that and next are baltics, joe biden has been all bark and no bite. everything he's provided has been too little, too late, no expectation, he would be better in terms of deterrence when it comes to those countries. >> griff: 56% of voters say biden is not being tough enough and 29% say he has it about right. carley. >> carley: griff, thank you. we'll check back in with mike tobin now. air raid sirens are going off in lviv. mike, what are you seeing and
2:23 am
experiencing right now? >> mike: well, 12:21, the air-raid sirens started going off and lasted -- they just wrapped up right now. two things i didn't get from the air-raid sirens. once again, i didn't hear an impact or explosion following the air-raid sirens. what i was surprised to see from the balcony, the streets did not empty out. the population is thin, i saw people quicken their pace, particularly it is people with kids seemed to head for indoor location to get to shelter, but i didn't see people scatter likants or head for cover right away, people seemed like they were going about their business as the air-raid sirens wailed. this is the third -- i guess after the second night in a row, first time in daylight we have hear the air-raid sirens go off here. we didn't hear the
2:24 am
impact. first night of invasion we heard the siren and didn't hear the impact now because it was too far away to hear the explosion. last night we heard the air-raid siren and didn't hear any impact, we don't know what targets were hit near lviv and again i heard the siren and didn't hear impact. what is triggering the sirens, you have to assume it has something to do with the invagsz. >> carley: todd, over to you. >> todd: war in ukraine sending shock waves across markets and sending oil prices soaring. brian bremmer joins us now. look at this invasion through two lenss. first the cost of invasion and second cost of sanctions. first, what is cost to the american people of this invasion?
2:25 am
>> brian: it all comes back to oil and gas and depends how badly those get disrupted. right now that hasn't gotten disrupted, that is why you saw oil go up. by end of the day, it had come back down, because there was no discernible damage. watch the cost of oil and gas, sanctions, same thing, how heavy are sanctions? everyone was anticipating, will we get mother of all sanctions, like biden said? we didn't. markets were down, nothing big there and markets moved back up. >> todd: when you hear the cost of sanctions it comes to export controls, what does that mean for you and me, the average american. >> brian: export control are on technology that would go to military use. it is not a huge impact for us, for average american, probably not high-tech defense sector moves it is baseline things like oil and
2:26 am
gas, like food and like the metals that go in things like semiconductors. ukrainian is a bread basket and russia is sourt of components of electronic things we use. if that getss worse, that could be disrupted. inflation could go up. >> todd: when it comes to gas, one person americans blame, doesn't appear to be putin, it is joe biden. how responsible is joe biden and his administration for hike in prices? 39% say very, 24% say somewhat. 18%, not very. implicit in all of that, joe biden is blamed for the rise in prices. this would have been avoided if we didn't chop off our own head when it comes to energy. everybody knows that, the president says he will use every tool at his disposal to blunt
2:27 am
price increase for americans and people know that is not true, we're not getting more pipelines and he's making it harder to build pipelines issue not getting production, it has been his policy from day one to cut us off, we're seeing fruit of that now. >> todd: what should we do in response? tapping oil reserve is a short term fix. what are pros and cons? >> brian: day or two worth of barrels of oil. the president try third degree once, it did not work. he has to stand up against his party and say what is going on with russia and ukrainian is bigger than ideology, this country has resources to come to the rescue for europe and the globe. it is gas and oil, we need to produce it and move it, we will do that now, talk about the climate stuff later, that is not job one. we have a crisis to deal with here. >> todd: if you want to see a graphic that bears out what you
2:28 am
just said, look at this. 595,000 barrels of oil imported per day from russia. get this, look at the information on the right. 830,000 barrels per day if that keystone xl pipeline was operational. how horrific of a decision does that look in hindsight? we told him it would be horrific issue but especially now? >> brian: geo politic system about leverage, canceling keystone gave putin all the leverage. he knows it, that is why he's doing what he is doing right now. we don't have that to be in situation. look at europe, that is us in the future in we go down the road of foolish energy policy, let's not do this, pipeline, production, we have ability to do it cleaner than anyone else, todd, we ought to start now. >> todd: guess on what the markets do today? >> brian: markets are saying
2:29 am
they don't think interest rates gallon up and i don't think the sanctions will get that bad. i don't expect a lot of turn in the market. if the invasion gets worse and oil and gas gets threatened, all bets off. right now, we are not seeing that. >> todd: great insight. over to you. >> carley: we took you live to lviv, ukraine, air raid sirens started wailing and now russian forces are closing in on the capital of kyiv. live with the latest on the ground, do not go anywhere, we'll talk about the republican push to restore american energy independence with doug collins live from cpac.
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♪ >> carley: russian tanks closing in on the city of kyiv where the ukrainian president is vowing to stay and fight until the end. >> todd: smoke and rubble a familiar scene across ukraine as death toll climbs from air to sea invasion. >> carley: civilians are hearing
2:34 am
tanks, gunfire and explosions today. steve. >> steve: carley, we're here in the center of kyiv, from where i'm standing, every 15 minutes, we hear waves of small arms fire. it is like automatic rifles going off, that means fighting has inside the city of kyiv, the ukrainian ministry of defense is saying russian forces have interested the abashing -- abylon district. it is not clear how close it will come to the city center. a lot of people doing fighting on the ukrainian side are civilians, they are arming citizens as things get more desperate there is no age limit, just show your passport. yesterday they gave out 18,000
2:35 am
automatic rifles. we have a lot of civilians, probably some with no experience and some with experience taking up arms against professional soldiers. we hear artillery and tank fire in the distance. it is a question mark what is going to happen, will russian encircle kyiv, come closer issue oust this president? that is what the president, zelenskyy, thinks, he called himself enemy number one of the russian and he expects them to attempt to remove him from power at the very least. this is going to be a fluid situation that develops today, big question is how close will russian forces come to the center. >> carley: big question, steve. i'm struck by how calm you near this dire situation. somebody else calling this ukrainian foreign minister who was in the united states, now as people are fleeing ukrainian, he's trying to get back into kyiv to be with his people.
2:36 am
yesterday we were hearing the missile strikes were targeted, taking out specific military targets. do you think that is still the case? >> steve: i think there are examples where civilians have been killed, i don't think there is precise issue not 100% accurate. there was apartment block hit by russian launched missile yesterday, a few casualties from that. we are seeing civilians hit, some apartment buildings hit. we're not seeing overwhelming shock and awe, not seeing mass numbers of casualties, some are being hit by these attacks in the air. >> carley: without a doubt, never know if the strikes are targeted with the fog of war, only time will tell when the dust clears exactly what is happening. steve, you are painting a clear picture of what you are seeing and experienceing and we thank you so much for that.
2:37 am
>> steve: thank you. >> carley: to get a little broader image of what this area looks like, you can see a lot of american flags on this map, target like pointing to the countries in green, nato nations, troops are there, big news items from yesterday's speech from president biden is that 7000 troops will be sent to germany. get the troops out and put them more in line of potential fire, which would be up north, latvia, lithuania and estonia. >> todd: one key theme we discussed yesterday and will continue to be theme for days, if not weeks to come, what if there is a rogue bomb, rogue fill in the blank that goes off in a light green area? those are nato nations, what if, you saw on the map, they are close to ukraine, what if one of
2:38 am
those bad acts happens in one of those countries what does nato or the united states do? >> carley: there are still americans in ukraine right now what happen fist an american dies in the fighting. so many questions and uncertainty. i want to point out ukrainian history. they voted for independence in 1991. 92% of ukrainians voted for independence from russia and gave up their nuclear weapons and now there is obviously a discussion on whether or not that was the right idea. volodymyr zelenskyy was elected president of ukraine and in february of last year, he started to crack down on pro-russian oligarchs and shut down three pro-russia tv channels alleging they were broadcasting misinformation. zelenskyy said this was to defend the country. i think putin has been surprised
2:39 am
how strong he is in resolve to move west as oshg -- opposed to become a puppet like belarus is or another nation to control. >> todd: he was a comedian when elected, maybe putin didn't expect this. gop leaders are ripping joe biden's energy policy they say emboldened russia. >> carley: brooke singman is live from cpac in orlando, good morning. >> brooke: good morning. russian president putin invasion in ukrainian is prompting strong response from republicans at cpac. senator ted cruz saying the invasion occurred because biden prioritized partisan politics over freedom. we've become dependent on foreign oil. josh josh hawley telling fox
2:40 am
news digital about new legislation that would lift regulation on american energy production. listen. >> we need to shut down russian energy production and open our own. joe biden made an error and did the opposite, he lifted sanctions on the energy line and shut down ours, we should sanction their energy sector to its knees and open up ours. >> brooke: other republicans want biden to redevelop energy and offer to allies so they are not relying on russia. >> we have to maintain american energy independence. we could go to europeans and say, we got your back, take clean american natural gas, we'll help. we would say to the russian, okay, we're going to shove down the price of oil, you will be bankrupt again. >> carley: back in orlando this morning, we're expected to hear
2:41 am
from marco rubio, former secretary of state mike pompeo and south dakota governor. >> carley: senator marco rubio says president biden needs to reopen the keystone pipeline because vladamir putin is weaponizing energy. watch. >> the moment he stepped into office, within two days, he cancelled keystone pipeline, no more leases on federal land, new regulations made it difficult and to hear joe biden say it is not our goal to disrupt supply of russian oil in the market place, it is to displace it, american energy, if we ramped it up and did what putin is doing, we could chip away at that advantage and will protect us, number one obligation. >> carley: go back to the numbers we import 595,000 barrels of oil from russia per day, the keystone pipeline produced 830,000 barrels.
2:42 am
>> todd: why? why? >> carley: i know. such a major question and something president biden didn't address yesterday. we will talk to doug collins, republicans are slamming the president for admitting he knew about russian invasion of ukraine for months and still did nothing. >> president biden: this is premeditated attack. putin has been planning this for months, as we've been saying all along. >> carley: doug collins, iraq veteran and former congressman, joins us now. hindsight is 2020, general consensus, if the united states and russia did more a year ago, we wouldn't be in the position we're in today. >> doug: i don't disagree at all tchlts is. it is disturbing to hear the president admit what we've known. the biden administration is telling us the obvious.
2:43 am
tell us we knew russia was going to do this, so did the rest of the world, where was the biden administration instead of putting their finger to the wind. putin was putting troops on the border and saying, i'm going in and we did nothing about it, no preemative sanctions and now we have to deal with the problem, once you make a red line and the other side crosses it, you have to deal with that. >> carley: what do you make of the sanctions that were made yesterday? everybody is pointing to mother of all sanctions, swift, not imp elemented. the other sanction still on the table and i can't understand why, is the fact vladamir putin isn't being sanctioned, why hasn't that taken place? >> doug: that's a good question, why would putin, who has billions in assets, prime
2:44 am
target, should be first on the list to be shut down to any asset outside the country he can't take. the western european allies, this was concerning part for me leading up to this, seem to be collective shrug by most of the european allies saying we may get involved, we may not get involved and put economic interest first. when you look at these taken together, the biden administration and western and eastern europe knew it was happening and yet did nothing. putin had over a year to prepare for this, divested from dollar, got his economic system to sustain sanctions that came yesterday. too little too late. they are preparing for long-term prospect here, in the short term, putin is ready and can depend on other unlikely allies such as xi and china to buffer him until he can pull out and reassort himself in russia. >> carley: that is right.
2:45 am
he knew what the u.s. and our european allies would do, likely not kick him out of swift because that would backfire on some european countries like germany and play intoing putin's hand. other thing president biden didn't mention, listen, we're going to ramp up oil production, best way to hurt putin is become europe's greatest oil partner, that conversation never took place. >> doug: does biden fear russia or aoc and liberal squad on the green new deal more? i'm beginning to feel he fears them more. why go from independence to energy dependence and now beg opec for oil. we gained energy independence which gave us strength as nation to move for theed.
2:46 am
biden would rather plea the liberal base, we could be the leader, that is concerning. >> carley: you are right. got to leave it there, thank you for joining us. >> doug: thanks, carley issue good to be here. >> todd: not just republicans like doug collins, biden is facing criticism from both sides. mark whitaker and lara trump will join us live, don't go away. ♪ cool ♪ ♪ breeze from the air ♪ ♪ wind ♪ ♪ blows through my hair ♪ ♪ don't care ♪ ♪ if people see my dancing in my car ♪ ♪ and if it shines or rains oh ♪ ♪ i can't complain ♪ ♪ it's still a beautiful day ♪
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>> todd: if you are just waking up this morning, the people of kyiv are bracing for what could be a bloody battle. russian troops close in on the capital city. the ukrainian president refusing to leave. >> carley: round of sanctions doing nothing to deter putin. matt whitaker is joining us now. president biden took questions while announcing sanctions. what did he get right and what did he get wrong? >> ratcheting up the sanctions on russia is a good thing. however, i didn't sense he showed strength or resolve in his commitment to punishing russia for this and i've heard complaints and i agree, he
2:51 am
didn't come out when this invasion started and that was a problem, people expected to hear the night the invasion started and he waited half a day or more to speak on the topic. i didn't think he showed true leadership in this situation. >> todd: sanctions have 30-day wait time, why not pick ones that are somewhat more immediate? based upon the images we are seeing and reports from the ground, it does not look like the people of ukraine have 30 days. >> no, they don't and obviously very tragic situation where russia is coming from all sides and i would imagine if you are there on the ground, it is a desperate situation. what i think is happening with this administration, our allies are not with us, especially the germans don't support cottalition against russia.
2:52 am
if you can't get the big partners to come along, that is a challenge. it will not be as effective as if put in right away. >> carley: something else the president said that struck everybody. he says no one thought sanctions would prevent anything from happening, this is going to take time. you know, the president's entire message at threat of sanctions would be a deterrent and now he's saying the exact opposite. >> well, if you remember kamala harris in munich said exactly that, the sanctions were a deterrent. obviously vladamir putin is making a move, a bold move, unfortunate for the ukrainian people, the united states of america is sitting by and watching and implementing sanctions, not enough to prevent vladamir putin from doing great damage to ukraine and the people. >> todd: you mentioned our allies, biden said germany
2:53 am
votoed sanctions which if you hear anybody talking about them, those are ones that have real teeth, that keeps putin out of the financial community. why did we let germany do that? >> well, you either lead, follow or get out of the way n.s this case, germany is in the lead. their interest don't align with ours, this is a question the american people need to ask, are we beholden to the germans or lead in this situation and implement things that are going to bring russia to the table and to stop what is happening right now as russia invades ukraine. >> carley: without a doubt. matt, we'll leave it there, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> great to see you. >> carley: people scrambling to get cash from banks in ukraine as russian troops move in. the outbreak of war setting off an economic wind fall worldwide. >> todd: lauren will look at the
2:54 am
markets today. lauren. >> yeah, these are tough times and investors are bracing for another tough one. if you look now in the u.s., futures are lower after -- call it a stunningly fierce bounce back yesterday, at one point, look at the red, dow down 859 points and ended in the green. look at the right of the screen, up 92 points. the biden administration second round of sanctions were not that tough. they did encapsulate more oligarchs and their families and weakened russia's air defense capabilities, they didn't touch oil, putin or the international banking system swift w. that, investors breathed sigh of relief. stocks came roaring back and oil prices and the type europe uses is back at 101 this morning, most in seven years.
2:55 am
natural gas prices are soaring. here in the u.s., we are feel thanksgiving for sure, gas prices up to $3.57 and guys it is likely getting worse fast here. u.s. and allies warned more sanctions could be coming, they are not here yesterday, global investors are responding to what happened in the u.s., major bounce back yesterday. european markets are trading higher, especially market necessary london, paris and germany. up 1% now. in russia, market is climbing double digits after plunging to worst level in six years yesterday. asia and japan closed up 2% today. question for investors, how long does this last, how bad does it get and how inflationary is it with the cost of energy? one quick point on the swift system, international banking
2:56 am
system, i'm not going to criticize the u.s. right now for not pushing germany and others to say let's do this nuclear option, because what happens is and we start to see this already, russia and china can have their own system and can transact and get more rogue countries to transact with them and we won't know it is happening because we have no part in it. >> todd: there is concern we eliminate the dollar as the world's currency, i understand that. people of ukraine need something. >> they need it and so do the baltic states. >> carley: real quick, people don't know what swift is. swift is an e-mail meets venmo globally and without that, russia is not able to do business or make money. >> one report said they were thinking of doing that with crimea annexation and it would wipe out the russian economy. >> carley: that is what putin is fearful of it.
2:57 am
happening now, toward capital of ukraine, day two of russia invasion is happening under president biden's watch. >> todd: look at the headline. why is the media focused on former president trump? lara trump joins us now. great to see you, those headlines were flabbergasting to me for their ignorance. how can they continue to pin this on donald trump when clearly it is joe biden's fault? >> lara: good morning, guys, they are breathlessly looking for any way to blame donald trump, we all know that, they have one small problem, this didn't happen under donald trump's administration, it is happening now with joe biden and democrats in charge of our country. there is one person to look at, it is joe biden, it is ridiculous. look at the things donald trump did while president of the united states, it kept the situation like this from
2:58 am
happening, the fact we were energy independent made us less reliant on russian oil and made the less of the world less reliant on russian oil. the sanctions donald trump was in of on nord stream 2, russia didn't have strangle hold over places like germany and enriched itself enough to be able to invade ukraine and cause this situation like we see with this right now. people can all say anything they want about donald trump, they cannot get around the fact we did not have any wars under donald trump. he did things rather unprecedent said because he was a businessman and led from a position of strength. we had multiple talks with north korea about denuclearizing the peninsula, eradicated ice, took out people like soleimani and continued talks with china.
2:59 am
these are things joe biden couldn't imagine doing. world stage somebody like vladimir putin would consider doing something like this while donald trump was in office. i know it's a hard pill for them to swallow, it's happening under joe biden. >> carley: comment climate caesar made yesterday is receiving attention. watch this. >> hopefully, president putin would realize that in the northern part of his country they used to live on 66% of the nation that was over frozen land. i hope president putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate. >> carley: right. so he also condemned putin's behavior. said his heart breaks for the ukrainian people. talking about climate change at this time consider tone deaf, laura. >> it's rather unbelievable. the climate change obsessed phonings are also part of the
3:00 am
reach that we're in this. places like germany said we will shut down our own power plants and now fully reliant on russian oil. which led to part of this situation. you know, the fact that john kerry is more worried about climate change than people dying in ukraine than a possible nuclear situation. car it is certainly a comment that got our attention absolutely right. laura. ♪ [explosion] [siren] >> steve: the air raid sirens again. good morning. we start this hour of "fox & friends" going straight to a fox news alert. russia's war on ukraine enters day two. bombs continue to rain down on the country leaving damage and in some spots devastation. >> ainsley: yeah. right now russian troops appear to be closing in on the capital of ukraine kyiv now. officials are fearing it could fall as early as this


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