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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  February 25, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> bill: just one thing on ukraine. about the size of texas, all right? big state. there are at least five cities with at least a million people. population of kyiv is 3 million alone. having more demand is well taken already. >> dana: good to be with you. we'll see those reports throughout the day. here is the "the faulkner focus". >> harris: breaking news, russian forces have breached kyiv, the capital of ukraine. this is day two of vladimir putin's brutal and blood' assault on a sovereign nation. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". [siren]
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>> missile, missile. >> harris: 24 hours of unleashing devastating air strikes on cities and military bases throughout ukraine. now putin has a new focus. take the capital city. american officials reportedly concerned kyiv could fall this weekend. through our reporters we know of explosions and small arms fire throughout the city already. ukrainian president zelensky is pleading for nato and allies to step in telling a european leaders group on a conference call today this quote, unquote, might be the last time you see me alive. zelensky reported that on day one 137 ukraine troops and civilians were killed. more than 300 people wounded. those are not realtime numbers. we'll update as we can. but it is war. senator marco rubio today with this. >> i don't know if you've watched the images in the last
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48 hours, okay? you have 70 something year old men, elderly women and younger children taking up arms prepared to sacrifice everything. it remind you how valuable freedom and liberty. these are people who say we refuse to live under tyranny and prepared to give our lives and die for it. >> harris: we begin in kyiv with trey yengst reporting live. >> harris, good morning. ukrainian officials say russian forces are breached the city limits of kyiv and are currently in the northern part of the ukrainian capital as we speak. throughout the day we've heard small arms fire and air raid sirens going off in kyiv and really a population that is bracing for the worst. i want to bring up a map here and show you this area that we're talking about. you see that red line that surrounds the city limits of kyiv. you see the presidential residence and government house
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in the northern part of this city. we are downtown right now and this is an area of land that is really vulnerable if there is an invasion into the center part of the city. it is part of the reason you saw the interior minister offering to give thousands of weapons to civilians who say they will pick up arms and fight for the freedom of their country and specifically the city. we were in the streets of kyiv today talking with civilians and visiting those who are currently sleeping in the metro system here afraid of a russian air campaign. take a look. the city of kyiv is on edge at this hour. russian forces are advancing on the ukrainian capital and we've seen armed police officers outside government buildings try to prepare for what could be a bloody urban battle. underground in kyiv metro citizens are waiting. troops are within a few miles of the city center and fear that civilians will run out of places to hide. >> we have nowhere to go so we
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came here to the underground. it is safer here. >> the ukrainian people need help at this hour. they don't have a month to wait to see if sanctions will affect the behavior of russian president putin. there are people dying in the streets of this country today. and if there aren't heavier sanctions imposed on the russians and if the country doesn't receive more defensive weapons it will completely fall into the hands of russian president putin and it will be occupied by russian forces. harris. >> harris: i have a question about where people are, though, just in terms of where they are trying to hard. some are trying to stay in the city. men have been told please stay and fight. i am curious if are you in a subway system is it a safe place to be? there are a lot of things people can do from above. i don't want to get too technical here but that's a cause for western when you see those pictures of all those people in one location.
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>> look, a lot of these civilians want to leave but don't have the means or resources to do so. those who can and have cars have made their way to the western part of this country. cities and onto the poleish border. the ones staying in the city have heard the air raid sirens through the night. it pierces the air here in the capital and they have seen the videos and images of what the russian weapons can do to a house, can do to a person, and they are afraid. they feel the safest place is underground. many are in bomb shelters that opened up across the city and those who can't make it to the shelters are going underground to the metro system. >> harris: all right. trey yengst we'll come back to you this hour as news warrants. great reporting as always. thank you. as putin's bloody war puts countless lives at risk, president biden met again with nato leaders earlier today to talk about the path forward in ukraine. yesterday biden announced a new round of sanctions on russia.
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but reporters quickly questioned why he wasn't going directly after vladimir putin. they pressured biden about why he hasn't yet pushed to ban putin from the swift international banking system. >> you didn't mention swift in your sanctions that you announced. is there a reason why the u.s. isn't doing that? >> president biden: it is always an option but right now that's not the position that the rest of europe wishes to take. >> given that you are not pursuing disconnecting russia from what is called swift, the international banking system or other sanctions at your disposal, respectfully, sir, what more are you waiting for? >> president biden: the sanctions we imposed exceed anything ever done. let's have a conversation in another month or so to see if they are working. >> sanctions haven't been enough to deter putin. what is going to stop him? >> president biden: no one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening.
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>> harris: that last comment there got a lot of backlash and some critics are pointing out it flies in the face of what many of his administration officials have been saying if recent days. >> the president believe that sanctions are intended to deter. >> the purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence. >> the purpose of that is to do everything we can to prevent a war. deter the aggression. we don't want to pull the trigger until we have to because we lose the deterrent effect. >> harris: a lot to unpack with republican senator tom cotton of arkansas member of the senate armed services, intelligence and judiciary committees. it is day two. what about the metric has changed in terms of what we can do and what we should do, what biden appears to be ready to do now that war is on, putin's war? >> joe biden and nato leaders need to quit pussy footing around. you have moms and dads in ukraine making molotov
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cocktails to protect their homes and kids from russian soldiers and joe biden and nato leaders are patting themselves on the back for how many zoom calls they're having. the sanctions we announced were inadequate. not even a half measure. if you want to put real consequences on vladimir putin and think twice we need to sanction his oil and gas exports. i know that russia has got a lot of leverage over european countries. it is time for those european countries to recognize the mistakes they've made. we can export natural gas to them. our other partners kuwait, and other areas can do the same and start improving our own oil and gas production at home. joe biden needs to reverse his energy policy and ban on drilling on federal lands and start certifying pipelines to get oil and gas flowing again in america. these are the steps we need to
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take that are full measures that recognize the full gravity of this moment as opposed to the half measures that we've heard this week from president biden and nato. >> harris: europe isn't the only one who is beholding to putin for crude oil, by the way. we're buying 595,000 gallons of day, senator. russia is our third largest supplier behind canada and mexico. i have a call-out to the department of energy, did we buy those 595,000 barrels today? that's what i want to know. and to further your point, our own peter doocy asked the president how putin's war against ukraine would affect americans here at home. let's watch together. all right. we are waiting for that. >> how economically painful will it get for people in this country? >> president biden: first of all, there is no doubt when a major nuclear power attacks and invades another country, that
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the world is going to respond and markets will rerespond all over the world. there is no doubt about that, number one. number two, the notion that this is going to last for a long time is highly unlikely as long as we continue to stay resolved and impose the sanctions we are going to impose on russia, period. >> harris: a little bit more here. americans are definitely feeling the pain, stock market volatility is hitting retirement 401k plans. today the national average gas price is $3.57. that's up $1 from last year about. that's just the average. some places are already at $5 and more per gallon. a new fox news poll shows 72% of voters say gas prices are hurting their families. 63% say president biden is somewhat or very responsible for all of this. the president sanctions did not target russia's energy sector. you heard senator cotton saying all about this and i mentioned
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the 595,000 barrels of oil a day. senator, you are right by keystone. it would have given us 830,000 barrels of crude a day. critics say we need to get our energy independence back immediately. let's go straight to the senator here. >> it is time to allow the good, strong american worker to go out there and start drilling for oil. show america, show the world the strength of this nation. put america back to work, open up american energy. joe biden gave it away. it is time to take it back. if you want to send a message to vladimir putin, here is a message. we'll be the ones who supply oil and gas to the world and shut down your energy sector. >> harris: he is hearing this all over the place. president biden. will he do it? >> hope so, harris. he reversed his waiver of sanctions on the nord stream 2 pipeline admitting that mistake. his reckless energy policy has been a grave mistake.
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we would have much freer hand to sanction russia if gas were $2 not $3 1/2 a gallon. we can impose the sanctions if we reverse the reckless energy policies and start drilling and permitting putting out new leases. stop discouraging banks and other institutions to lend to oil companies. these are completely reckless policies that don't just drive up the costs for american families, but they put us at grave risk around the world as we are seeing in europe today. >> harris: senator cotton, is there something we don't know about that would keep the president of the united states from taking more immediate action? 30 days with what you called less than half measures yesterday. why the wait? what is holding him back? i know there are 30 members of nato and it is tough to get consensus. don't we have what we used to have, the swagger when we walk into a room and say guys, let's
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get together? >> first i think the president misjudged vladimir putin. he thought if he had enough phone calls and meetings that vladimir putin would stand down. clear to me for months he planned to go for the jugular in ukraine. president biden is beholding to the left of his party that we have to stop all fossil fuel production in america and handed the veto pen on sanctions to russia. not just oil and gas sanctions but removing them from swift. he admitted as much yesterday that europe didn't want to do it. we put our foot down with iran in that system during the trump era. even though european allies didn't want to do that, either. we have the power. joe biden refuses to do so. >> harris: i want to lean on your experience as a leader in the military and i made a
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comment moments ago, senator cotton, that i'm worried about the people. not the bomb shelter so much but those in the subway system hiding out. there is a lot you can drop into the subway systems. i'm worried about what they will do with the people in the center of kyiv now. you strategize militarily, what do they do? >> sadly, harris, that may be one of their best choices even though there are the greats and air vents and you could have a collapse of an entry or exit if a missile hits those places. but it may be more dangerous to stay in their homes or apartment buildings. the kind of choices that ukrainians face because we failed to deter vladimir putin. but i applaud all those ukrainians answering the call to arms or getting firearms and making molotov cocktails and responding in the spirit of churchill who said if germany had invaded great britain you can always take one with you. i hope of them take a lot more than just one with them.
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>> harris: senator cotton. thank you for getting us started this hour of "the faulkner focus". good to see you. >> thank you. >> harris: dramatic new video coming to fox news. as it happens we'll show you this hour because it is coming in. thousands of people at a train station in kyiv were trying to get out of the violence and it is intensifying. watch this. [shouting and gunfire] [screaming and gunfire] >> harris: you hear the gunfire and see the gun in the center of your screen. it is unbelievable more people than the trains can hold at this very same train station here is the reception ukrainian troops received.
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[applauding] >> harris: they're grateful and they know their future is in their hands. the train platforms are just gut wrenching. we'll continue to bring you new images and all the news as putin's war on ukraine rages on. the battle is underway for control of ukraine's capital city kyiv. they have now breached the city, the northern part of the city. trey yengst is reporting in detail now. the biden administration is looking at next steps to bolster our allies. critics say the president simply is not doing enough to support ukraine at this point. what more could he do next.
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>> harris: brand-new information coming from our own lucas tomlinson currently in the western part of ukraine. u.s. officials are telling lucas that thousands of russian marines are assaulting a breach in southeast ukraine near the russian border and also telling
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him that russia has fired more than 200 missiles into ukraine and that the ukrainian resistance stronger than expected. also the russians are behind their day one objectives in this war against the sovereign democracy of ukraine. they are meeting that resistance. they are feeling that push. as everybody fights for their lives in their country there. with russian troops breaching ukraine's capital today, senior u.s. defense officials are stressing full u.s. support of nato in the face of moscow's aggression. lloyd austin yesterday deployed additional 7,000 troops to germany and set to bolster nato countries in eastern europe. not to fight in ukraine itself. this as senate minority leader mitch mcconnell calls on president biden to crank up the sanctions on the kremlin. don't wait 30 days. >> what additionally could we do over and above ratcheting up
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the sanctions as far as possible? assuming there is an insurgency is ukraine that's willing to fight, we need to give them the tools to fight with. we need to do everything we can to make this russian incursion painful on the russians who are engaged in it. i'm hopeful that's the path the president will take. >> harris: jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. i was just reporting from lucas tomlinson what they are doing on a beach, the russian marines. and i want to hear what you can tell us, too, about any of the methodology they are using, their military, the russians as they come in if you can tell us. >> it is interesting. i just came out of a briefing at the pentagon with a senior u.s. defense official. there are indications of an amphibious assault underway to the west.
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thousands of naval infantry are moving ashore near the sea according to the senior u.s. defense official, the russians have lost a little bit of their momentum in these first two days. no population centers have been taken so far. russia has yet to achieve air superiority according to this official. ukraine's air and missile defense capability is still working. though degraded. ukrainian war planes are still operational we're told. in general in the first two days according to this official in general we assess the russian forces are encountering greater resistance than they expected. ukraine's command and control is in tact. russian forces are moving on the same three lines of axis as we reported yesterday. one towards kyiv, the capital. this u.s. defense official who has seen the latest intelligence tells us this is slower than the russians anticipated meeting more resistance along the roads. they are on those roads to kyiv
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and not moved as fast as they hope. the second largest city in ukraine is still contested we're told. fighting is going on now. there are no additional airborne drops that have occurred overnight. the biggest change from yesterday is those forces approaching the city in the south appear to split off and move north and northeast. there is fighting at a water plant, a dam upriver. the hydroelectric power plant controls to crimea and south ukraine. it is contested. russia carried out cyberattacks on the power plant. there are indications of some russian troops present at the plant. as of 10:38 eastern this morning. more than 200 ballistic and cruise missiles have been fired into ukraine. cyberattacks have now spread to ukrainian media websites and are assumed to be coming from
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russia. according to the senior u.s. defense official, we assess that about 1/3 of russia's combat troops amassed for the invasion have been committed so far to ukraine. the situation could change rapidly. we're told. this is the snapshot as of now. the u.s. is now watching whether russia is going to weaponize those refugees going into poland citing belarus as past experience. >> harris: what you just said and i know you cite one official. 1/3 of russia's combat troops to be deployed to ukraine. that's a huge number. and i guess we've always known it was between 150,000 and 200,000, because they've been massing. when you hear the percentage it is jarring. i have will cain with me and i will pull from his notebook from moments ago when we were talking. what is a tipping point right
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now where it would take nato to get involved? so you have neighboring countries part of nato, ukraine is not. any word of that? >> i can tell you with certainty nato will not get involved in fighting on the ground in ukraine. that being said, we do know from leaked conversations from the hill last night that defense secretary austin has assured lawmakers that the u.s. will provide defensive weapons, possible training, virtual training to the ukraine resistance. right now it is very difficult logistically to do so. we know from ukraine's foreign minister that he got assurances from the pentagon when he was here for more additional weaponry. what they have to be careful now and what the pentagon and nato are cognizant of, they don't want to be drawn into a direct war with russia. these are nuclear powers. not the taliban.
8:27 am
a tipping point would be if putin somehow moved into an article 5 country like lithuania, poland. that's why the u.s. -- the baltics, romania and why the pentagon announced they were sending f-35 fighter jets and added 12,000 troops. 7,000 were indicated yesterday in biden's speech and nato response force is considering mobilizing 40,000 troops to rotate through those baltic states to send the signal to putin not to dare go past what he is already doing. the ukrainian resistance is strong. stronger than expected and frankly they are fighting nobly right now. they are outgunned. only a third of russia's forces have moved into ukraine. they are moving slower than expected and having a harder time gaining air superiority and why no shock and awe.
8:28 am
>> harris: thank you so much. i will go right from what you were talking about with the article 5 countries to bill hemmer on the mezzanine now with our touch screen on "the faulkner focus". so bill, that tipping point. you and i talked a little bit about it yesterday, too. that tipping point with those countries. go into that if you will and we'll learn more about where exactly the russian military is. >> bill: great information, fantastic to learn what she is getting ton ground here. she is describing a lot of what is happening in the southern part of the country. she mentioned the town right here along the sea. ker shonn is here east of odessa. ukrainian's spell it with one s and two. we have it spelled this way. the activity she describes here is down in the crimea area which was invaded eight years ago by the russians in 2014.
8:29 am
harris, i would say here is your capital city of kyiv. you think about all the red marks throughout the entire map on the north, northeast, east and south. when you consider what jennifer just reported by 1/3 of the red army has already entered ukraine, 66% is still left over. that is rather daunting, harris, when you think how much more fire power can enter that country. we'll see what happens here, right? the ukrainian military is better equipped than 2014. they have stinger missiles. they have javelin missiles. the stingers go after the aircraft and the javelins go after the tanks. right now based on some of the reporting we're only into day two now, okay, only day two. now they seem to be showing resistance there to the red army. >> harris: the amphibious attack we learned from jennifer griffin and lucas tomlinson is outside the parameters of those
8:30 am
things they could use against them. we'll have to see how it works out. lloyd austin said on the leaked audio that maybe we can do some shoring up virtually. i would have to imagine russia will do everything it can to cyberattack that country to stop that. >> bill: it could. >> harris: how much is coming out. >> bill: i agree. i will show you another part of the country on another map. the capital city of kyiv. to all our viewers keep an eye on whether or not the ukrainian military can hold onto the city or whether the russian army can clear people out. if that happens based on the resistance eventually you could be street by street and building by building and house by house throughout the capitol tall city. when we woke up this morning at 4:00 eastern time is when steve harrigan was reporting about the amount of fighting they heard. six miles roughly from the live
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location, roughly in the center part of the capital city. this is the air base. we talked about that together yesterday afternoon. the kremlin says they've taken the air base and that's bad news for the ukrainians. they can fly all kinds of troops and equipment in. harris, this is as the bird flies over 24 miles from kyiv. we're keeping an eye on that. i will show you this as well. give you a better idea. here is the belarus border. we know what happened yesterday. the russians took chernobyl and came here the way it's described toward kyiv to the northwest and to the northeast and it seems as if that's as far as they've advanced for the moment to this air base here in the neighborhood i just pointed out a moment ago. >> harris: quickly. will cain was on "fox & friends" this morning and he is standing by because we'll have another conversation where we go next. and you are giving us some rich detail about what that looks like. is there something you would like to ask about with bill
8:32 am
there? things have changed in the last few hours. >> he is highlighting the movement in a couple of hours. when we went on the air this morning steve was saying they were 2 to 6 miles outside the city of kyiv. whatever is happening amphibiously and in the east seems to be a preoccupation for the ukraine army because it seems the intent to decapitate. decapitate the ukrainian government which means take kyiv, take zelensky. >> bill: if that happens then you start to wonder and you ask yourself the question. we aren't there yet by all means but hypothetically speaking for all the ukrainians who picked up arms, do they continue to fight? all indications are they will at the moment. >> harris: i want to get to this. president biden said for putin ukraine is part of a bigger plan. let's listen together and i'll
8:33 am
come right back. >> president biden: he wants to, in fact, reestablish the former soviet union. that's what this is about. and i think that his ambitions are completely contrary to the place where the rest of the world has arrived. >> harris: don't have a lot of time left with bill hemmer. what would that look like? >> he has a point. putin's worst day in his life is 1989 when he looked at the former ussr and what it became. that argument goes the following issue. if he is successful in ukraine it's the new border of europe. the new border between all these baltic states on down. ukraine would then be in the russian fold. belarus is not going anywhere. they are brothers in arms between moscow and minsk. you would have an eastern border with putin's russian
8:34 am
military and you would have a western border with the u.s. and nato. and this would be a new -- this would be people describe the new europe. this would be the new, new europe as of 2022. >> harris: bill hemmer, thank you very much. we'll push on to this. putin's war on ukraine comes as president biden has to deliver his first state of the union address tuesday. new fox polling say 56% of voters say he hasn't been tough enough on russia. he will speak to the public that already has a dim view of the country's direction. more than 2 out of 3 voters. 2/2 of americans are unhappy. only 31%, a third say they are satisfied. the lowest in nearly 10 years. that poll was taken before putin launched his war on ukraine. will cain co-host of "fox & friends" weekend.
8:35 am
we saw him moments ago with bill hemmer. your top line thoughts on this. >> so what i find fascinating, harris, is what we want to make clean is actually so messy. in other words, you and i had a conversation how ugly this could get inside ukraine. your conversation with jennifer griffin she highlighted it doesn't matter how ugly it gets inside of ukraine nato will not be moved to action with a nuclear power in rush. many americans ask everything what serves the american interest. how does this affect our lives? i think that's an appropriate question to ask. we get to the messy part. what invokes an article 5 nato action? if he invaded poland or the baltics it would proper vehicle an in kind response. what about the messy part? what shut down electrical attacks. what if there is loss of life
8:36 am
or a hospital is shut down in a nato country? what about the messy parts of this? i want to see leadership. i hope to see leadership from the president of the united states that helps the american people understand how we are going to avoid a nuclear war. >> harris: moments ago i asked senator cotton what happened to our swagger at nato. and i'm starting to understand a little bit better about how when it went from roughly 15 to 30 it doubled in size, nato did, that we really didn't have a prayer on getting that much consensus. it is hard to get 30 people in a room to agree on something let alone representing 30 nations. aren't we still a super power or don't they still see us that way? >> well, i think the flip side of that is that we are nato. in other words, >> harris: we certainly pay it. >> we fund nato. it is our troops and military and resources that essentially make up the backbone of nato. so we're the ones on the line.
8:37 am
you would hope there would be some european buy in and commitment. i talked to general keen about the necessity of germany. now today as a deterrent to vladimir putin making it his next move. we're nato. our guidance whether or not the germans come along or the french have anything to offer, our guidance and leadership, joe biden need to be giving the american people a real sense of what is our commitment here? what is our sacrifice? look, americans are there for people across the world but we need to be honest with them. you need to tell them why this affects their lives and why it matters and what is their commitment? >> harris: when you hear jen psaki say our values are the reason you are going to suffer financially or at the pump or the list of things that are frustrated already by existing high inflation, the highest in two generations, 40 years. when you hear her say that she
8:38 am
needs to fill in the blanks of reminding us what values he thinks that we are fulfilling. we're strong as americans in our values. what does he think they are? are they the same? i hate to be basic like that but he is not filling in the blanks at all. i love the fact that you and i are in the same room and not on digital anymore. i can read your expressions. when i said should we be funding nato it was interesting the expression on your face. >> okay, harris now is not the time for partisanship but our shared values have been called into question over the past several years. what is it that we're fighting for in shared values? who is it that is our enemy? play the political battle that everybody who disagrees with you? are we going to vilify people who make different health choices? if we assume there is serious shared values. there are as americans. i believe that down deep we have shared values that are worth fighting for. however, if americans are asked to sacrifice, either
8:39 am
economically or with blood and treasure we need to be fully apprised of the situation we are being asked to sacrifice for. as we walk into this things can spin out of control quickly, quickly from sanctions, to cyber-warfare, to kinetic warfare and in this case we deal with a nuclear power. before these things spiral out of control the president of the united states has an opportunity next week with his state of the union before they spiral out of control answer to the american people why and for what we'll sacrifice. >> harris: will cain. you got through all of that. i appreciate it. thank you. even the politics. even the politics. thank you. president biden meeting with nato leaders from the situation room. lawmakers debating just how the united states should respond to putin's war. plus as it attacks more and more of the country of ukraine mike tobin is on the ground in the western part of the country trying to get the poland. former secretary of state mike pompeo on what the united
8:40 am
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[gunfire and screaming]
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>> harris: more information coming in that highlights the horrific magnitude of the suffering caused by putin's war on ukraine as people try to get out of the country. the u.n. high council on refugees just tweeted more than 50,000 ukraine refugees have fled their country. majority to poland and moldova. thank you for countries keeping their border opening and welcoming refugees. breaking news as it comes to us on this. >> i applaud all those ukrainians answering the call the arms and making molotov cocktails. they are responding in the spirit of churchill who said if germany had invaded great britain you can always take one with you. i hope a lot of them take more than one with them. >> harris: senator tom cotton earlier this hour as russian forces breach the ukrainian capital of kyiv now.
8:45 am
farther west air raid sirens are ringing out in a college town that has seen long lines at gas stations and atm. people aren't leaving there. mike tobin is live for us. i understand and decidedly a younger population there. they didn't at first take this as seriously. a lot of people were short sighted on it. how are they faring now? are they able to get out? >> some are. the people who aren't able to get out are the fighting age men. they are being encouraged and told to stay in ukraine and pick up a weapon. one of the remarkable things is their resolve to do so. one of the things i want to point out off the top. our fox news cameramen design live shots and making a compelling background for viewers. this one might be a little under that standard. that is simply because think of circle world war ii black-outs, window of black-outs because of the air raids.
8:46 am
police have asked us to take down the lighting a notch or two because in a time like this you don't want to blast a bunch of light and creating a target. four times today the people here have had to scramble for cover and they had air raid sirens. >> harris: i'm curious as you talk with some of the people near and around the university. so many videos and things that have gotten out online and we're slow to put them on the air until we can confirm their authenticity. we're watching it like the world is and trying to figure out parts of the story. one of the things that hit me was people are really hungry to go on with the years of independence that they've had from former soviet russia. some of them also stayed later. some of those college students and business owners, one who we were talking about earlier today had to go dark for security reasons. but they are saying we stayed because we can't wait to get
8:47 am
back to our lives. they have more than just a little bit of hope. >> they have a tremendous resolve. i have not talked to a ukrainian yet who has disagreed with the notion of picking up arms and fighting. when we talk with the veterans. i've caught veterans on their way down to an office where they are receiving that weapon being given out by the national police. we went down to that office today and the line was long with people volunteering to pick up a weapon and fight. the mayor of kyiv, you probably know him as a fighter. he and his brother have joined the fight and they are really encouraging people to a man i have not spoken with anyone who was interested in leaving the country and the young men who are headed for the polish border are being refused to come back and do their part for their home. what i hear from ukrainians as well is this isn't 2014. it is not a situation where putin can take over the crimea
8:48 am
peninsula and pay no consequence. they want to fight back. >> harris: many people describe they have been at war for eight years since crimea. they could see something coming and went on with daily lives and hope to again. great reporting as always. thank you very much. we want to bring in more of the video that we have that shows an apartment building in kyiv demolished in a russian air assault. ukrainians surveying the damage. you see the guy standing pointing at all of the walls that have fallen away and the windows. the city's mayor said the damage was caused by rocket fragments. three people were hurt in the attack. russian troops are moving closer now, we're told, to the center of kyiv. they were in the northern part of the city when we had jennifer griffin on earlier with trey yengst as he was describing it. they are on the move. putin seems to have a new focus
8:49 am
today and it is to take that capital city. it will change the trajectory potentially for him of how slowly this is going with all of that resistance if he can get to the government seat with his troops. we're watching all of it. president biden is meeting with nato leaders on and off the zoom calls and call calls discussing the path forward. ted cruz are tres -- the reason we saw ukraine invaded is because the biden white house surrendered on the nord stream 2 pipeline. the pipeline putin was building without having to go through ukraine. he wants the pipeline so he doesn't need ukraine pipelines to get his gas to market. >> harris: large gathering at
8:50 am
cpac in florida. i want to get to the point where we are where we are waiting 30 days for the new sanctions. senator cotton says not that much from this president. what is he waiting to see? >> harris, i think it's unexplainable. a day late and a billion rube else short the whole way. we have allowed him to dictate the pace and speed. we responded with weakness. we can all argue but make no mistake vladimir putin won't change his behavior. you can see what's happening the tragedy on the streets of kyiv and other cities and in the south. we can see the tragedies unfolding and we see a president say -- we should fire up american energy and provide it and give resources and capabilities so ukraine can continue to fight as long as it takes. >> harris: one of the videos we've seen is from the
8:51 am
president of ukraine zelensky on one of the calls that he did. he said look, you are not doing enough. he called out biden and nato. i do want to ask one quick question before we move on. war crimes. we're reading about hospitals being hit. i saw one with a nicu unit trying to keep the babies calm and alive without a lot of energy or facilities. things are happening. when you invade a sovereign nation isn't that a war crime? where does that put putin? >> i don't think there is any doubt that vladimir putin will have blood on his hands sufficient we'll find he committed war crimes in the tradition we have seen where the most horrible set of actors, innocent victims knowing you weren't targeting a military. that is not only what happened but part of the russian strategic objective and intended to conduct this fight. >> harris: it is heartbreaking.
8:52 am
and necessary to go after him. the "wall street journal" editorial board outlining putin's new world. quote, vladimir putin's invasion of ukraine early thursday marks the failure of western deterrents and authoritarian conquest. we'll see if europe and the u.s. will wake up from their illusions to address the new world order. your response. >> we can get it back, harris. america is a powerful, great nation. when we put america first our friends knew they wanted to be our friend and adversaries dare not tread on the united states. we didn't send 50,000 soldiers every play to fight but things that mattered to the american people. when you do that the bad guys, putin an xi and kim take note and behave in ways what we see
8:53 am
unfolding today in europe. >> harris: some experts on u.s./russian relations are telling fox digital putin may have -- [inaudible] one calling it a massive miscalculation. his forces are seeing some pushback. it is day two and already calls for they need help, they need weapons. secretary, how do you see it? >> the ukrainian people are amazing to gain their freedom last time from russia and a russian oligarch. i think they'll fight again. but they will need lots of assistance. we should provide it. moral assistance, weapons, all the things that the united states and nato can deliver. it is important that we do that. we need to make sure the point that was made earlier it might end up being costly for vladimir putin turns out to be true. there are real costs imposed on him not only today and tomorrow, for as long as he
8:54 am
occupies a country he has no right to be in. >> harris: are we at a point where we are looking at a new world order? >> i'm very concerned about a set of cascading risks. no doubt xi is watching this and chairman kim. we're sitting on the same side of the negotiating table today with the russians in vienna negotiating a new nuclear deal. nutty to think you will have the russians as your partner in a deal with iran to protect united states and israel. these cascading crisis have marked history. if the united states is weak and continue to be on our back foot there is a real risk we'll continue to see it. >> harris: that is really important what you just said in terms of how much leverage putin has and knows that he has. i'm trying to verify today, secretary pompeo if we're still buying those 595,000 barrels of crude from russia. our third largest supplier. i have calls out now to the department of energy.
8:55 am
i want to know when are those checks going to stop being written? he has us literally over a barrel in certain sectors as you pointed out. we're on the same side of the negotiating table. >> harris, we have so many tools, so many levers of power we could unleash. american energy. i heard senator cruz talk about nord stream 2. we should stop that and replace that natural gas and every ounce of crude oil that russia is providing to the world from places like north dakota, texas, pennsylvania, ohio creating jobs and wealth at home. lowering the price of crude oil. when we left office it was half of this. when you do that you create wealth and prosperity for the west and deny the money that vladimir putin is using to fuel the very invasion that we're watching unfold on tv today. >> harris: i know in the last few seconds and will cain and others on this hour have talked. we don't want to press too far into politics but there will come a time about 250 days from
8:56 am
now on november 8th for people to make a decision in this country. quickly your thoughts and i have to let you go. >> i'm here at cpac to give energy and encouragement to the very people i hope go out and campaign vigorously in november of this year the make sure the conservative values i've worked on all my life is victorious in the campaign. important to get america headed back the right direction as quickly as we can. >> harris: secretary mike pompeo in "focus" from cpac in orlando, florida. this weekend i'll anchor "fox news sunday" and we'll cover all the latest on russia's war in ukraine. my guests are condoleezza rice, former secretary of state under george w. bush. check your local listings. it's on big fox sunday morning. thanks for watching. "outnumbered" is next. veteran ha financial boost? the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow
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