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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 25, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and bless you for watching. trying to get some time off this weekend with the love ones you love, clear your head's. we will be back monday. as we always are. sean hannity follows this show. mack >> welcome to "hannity." we start this friday in newsday with a fox news alert. bombs are bursting. we begin with a scary new development from ukraine. ukrainian president's warning that russian troops will storm key of at any moment. it's 9:00 p.m. on the east coast, for i am in the capital city of ukraine, where air raid sirens have been sounding all night long. kyiv is under attack at this hour, but the president is not leaving. there is cell phone video filmed just hours ago in the government
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quarter. he declared "we are here, we are in the care of, and we are defending ukraine." many are following his lead, including civilians picking up arms, making molotov cocktails, vowing to fight in the streets, home by home. it's day three of vitamin implosion's invasion, and ukrainians are putting up a one fight. >> that's a missile. that's a [bleep] missile. [sirens] [gunfire] bracket screaming] [screaming] [gunfire] ♪ ♪ [screaming] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> [speaking non-english language] >> hannity: the sites, the sounds of an unprovoked war by a territorial madman by the name of vladimir putin. we have breaking news on the ground and kept -- what can you tell it tonight? >> the ukrainian capital kyiv is under attack at the moment from multiple directions. russian forces are inside the city limits according to ukrainian officials, and are currently battling troops in the streets. we can hear the small arms fire in the distance. we've also had a number of explosions tonight. it's hard to differentiate --
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and if the explosions that are coming from russian bombing raid either way, civilians in this city of nearly 3 million are taking no chances. many are underground. we spoke with some of them earlier in the metro system of kyiv. terrified women and children waiting there -- russian-american pin, but there are no indications that it will touch president putin of russia is set on taking the capital. president zelenskyy remains here tonight. they are urging civilians to fight as they are. yesterday, an order was put into effect: any mail from 18-60 by law must stay and fight on behalf of not only the city, but the country. it's not just kyiv. it's a fierce battle. this is the second largest city in ukraine, also reportedly under fire from those russian
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forces. the latest numbers indicate only one-third of the russian troops stayed for along ukraine's border are participating in this offense of. a lot of firepower and manpower that they couldn't use. the ukrainian civilians have pledged to fight the interior minister got 18,000 weapons to civilians today. where they are in the city, going to the front lines, he's fighting the russians. he says that the police station, they were handing out weapons like candy. >> hannity: president zelenskyy talking number one about vladimir putin, and his thoughts that have invaded this sovereign country. thank you, stay safe. here are from western ukraine, lucas tomlinson. what's going on there? >> ukraine's defense minister is warning the country to beware of
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russian soldiers disguising themselves to look like members of the ukrainian armed forces, police, or civilians. there is a curfew tonight. >> [speaking non-english language] >> tenant, the enemy will use all of its -- forces in a brutal way, not in a humane way. they are going to storm. >> western intelligence officials have stated that vladimir putin is not well. his latest performances have intensified the concern. he is isolated. they say that his speech, the other day, was a sullen, dark, bitter rant laced heavily with victimhood and resentment and unhinged statements. this satellite image shows a 4-mile long bag of cars and trucks, ukrainians desperate to leave the country. it hundreds of thousands of people, families grabbing belongings come up making the potentially life altering decision to flee. their lives will never be the
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same. putin's war has changed everything. ukrainian forces have put up a tough fight. others -- shut down a russian transport plane filled with young russian paratroopers. >> joining us now with the very latest from the pentagon, our very own jennifer griffin, who has had fabulous coverage all week. despite press reports, we get along great. thank you for your coverage. >> thank you, partially get along well. we've known each other for years. expect to see, in the coming hours, what will be known one day in the history books as the battle for kyiv. the russian forces might be able to encircle the city and decapitate these democratic a locally elected governments, but u.s. officials believe this will be a symbolic victory for vladimir putin, some blessed by the grandmother who confronted a russian soldier after berating him, handed him sunflower seeds to put in his pocket, and then said as she looked forward to
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seeing sunflowers grow when his dead body lies down on ukrainian soil. it putin has mobilized every grandmother in ukraine and unite nato, which had come to be viewed by some as a sleepy, anachronistic alliance. today, for the first time in nato's history, the north atlantic council voted to mobilize the nato response force and defensive group of up to 40,000 troops that was created in 2003. some, if not all of the 7,000 70 u.s. troops announced yesterday will be part of the force, which will be commanded by general todd walters and american four-star general currently serves as the supreme allied commander. nato's secretary-general said it has 100 warplanes on high alert, including a 35's that the u.s. just sent to the baltics, and 120 warships deployed to protect your rep, including three aircraft carrier strike groups. these american apache helicopter
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gunships arrived today in latvia and poland. a russian amphibious assault force landed west of mayor pulled today. of naval russian country marines moved on this see. russians are facing more resistance than they expected, we are told. russia has yet to achieve air support rarity. ukraine's missile and defense capabilities still working, but this is only day to go. >> without getting into a blow-by-blow, it's not apparent to us that the russians, over the last 24 hours, have been able to execute their plans as they deemed that they would. >> putin sounded "angry and isolated" from moscow in his appeal to the ukrainian military to conduct a coup. >> [speaking non-english language] >> take power into our own hands. it seems it would be easier for us to come to an agreement than with this gang of drug addicts and neo-nazis who have taken the
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entire ukrainian people hostage. >> a bizarre message from an autocrat who is on spokesman's daughter tweeted an antiwar message that was quickly deleted. >> jennifer, thank you. make no mistake: outgunned, outmanned, the ukrainian and ukrainian people, they are heroically fighting for their country and for their lives. if they are using outdated soviet era fighters, ukrainian pilots -- they are gunning down modern russian planes. on the ground, ukrainian soldiers are taking out dozens of russian tanks with american-made javelin rockets. meanwhile, regular citizens, men and women all over ukraine are picking up guns, anything they can get their hands on: molotov cocktails -- they are preparing for urban war, some kind of insurgency. on a remote ukrainian island in
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the black sea, 13 ukrainian border guards came under attack from a russian warship. instead of surrendering, they told her russians that they can go f themselves, and fought to the bitter end. listen to this. >> [speaking non-english language] >> hannity: everyone of those people lost their lives last tht night standing up for their country in the face of certain death, did not back down. joe biden will not stand up to climate change alarmists in his own party and expand american oil and gas exploration, drilling. all the things that we could do to ease the pressure on our nato allies in western european partners, and literally remove the u.s. from our dependence
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that he brought upon this country on foreign energy, including the millions of barrels of oil that joe biden, and 2021, imported from russia: 232 million, to be exact. joe biden has created a 40 year record high in inflation that's hurting every single american, all because of his failed economic and energy policies. these same policies artificially reduce the world supply of energy, the lifeblood of the world's economy. it's weakened our national security in ways too profound to calculate at this time, and are now relying on russia, opec, saudi arabia for the lifeblood of our economy. he inherited energy independence, america as a net exporter of energy. joe's policies have helped chase our european friends and allies and nato partners into the arms of vladimir putin.
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we should be supplying them with their energy needs, not russia, not vitamin putin. they are making him rich. by the way, joe will not stand up to our allies in europe. he's being rolled by germany, italy, belgium. they don't want to remove russia from the all-powerful swiss banking system, because they are thinking about their selfish economies. maybe their country is going to be next. maybe, they are on the list of countries that will be invaded. russian oil could be cut off. as a matter of fact, according to the biden administration, the sanctions are specifically designed to keep russian oil flowing. that would render every other sanction meaningless. it would negate every other sanction. if you are going to allow russia to stay in the oil and gas and energy business, that's where putin is getting all the money to fund his territorial ambitions. >> what i am saying is that our
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measures were not designed to disrupt the current flow of energy from russia to the world. >> this is the single most important sanction joe should've put on russia. it's the only one that means anything. joe is allowing putin to get even richer as oil and gas is the lifeblood -- half of russia's economy. without the oil, without the gas, without the sanctions on oil and gas, guess what? you are not going to stop or deter flattery put in. you are only aiding and abetting him. listen to this question from our own peter doocy. >> what is that done throughout this crisis that has worked? >> secretary psaki: in what capacity? report back the president talked to put in, put sanctions in place, now, said they are going to take 30 days -- or about a month. do you think the people in
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ukraine have a month? >> secretary psaki: let me take a step back and explain how diplomacy works and how they approach from the united states has worked. with the president has done has built a global coalition to stand up in the face of president putin. >> hannity: sanctions, but not the one that would be most meaningful, that would impact russia the most and to be the most effective. in other words, joe biden, his administration, they are doing nothing, which is, sadly for them, power for the course. you might remember last may when he did nothing after -- the colonial pipeline system that caused gas shortages up and down the east coast of america. in june, when biden did nothing after putin started surrounding ukraine with tens of thousands of troops and military equipment. in july, when biden did nothing after putin delivered a deranged message about restoring the
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soviet unions former glory, laying out his plans for the future, and on monday, when biden did nothing when putin told the world that he was going to take ukraine by force. by the way, i want to be clear: i am not suggesting that we have a shooting war with russia. for crying out loud, could we at least put the sanction that matters the most in place, and at least stop russia from selling their oil and accumulating even more money and wealth that's funding territorial ambitions like ukraine? could we maybe sanction russia's energy production? that's the one sanction that would be meaningful. at least we could start producing more oil and gas at home, and then america could get rich. it would be great for national security. wouldn't have to worry about putin, the middle east. we create high paying career jobs in america, and at the same time, we would be energy
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independent and be able to help out our nato allies and western european countries that desperately need oil and energy for their economies. there's not a chance. is there anyone in the biden administration that's not a total idiot at this point? now with kevin circle by russian troops, joe biden is headed for a long week in delaware. that's great. biden feeling dominic leaving the white house, taking off. he needs his rest and relaxation. my guess is by now, he has had his ice cream and has taken a long night's sleep. it's been a tough week for joe. what a disgrace. during the campaign, biden once proclaimed that a fifth year of donald trump as president would spell disaster for ukraine. as it turns out, one year under biden was far worse. >> to state the obvious >> president biden: to state the obvious, we have to defeat donald trump. [applause]
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we cannot get a damn thing done unless he is defeated. it's going to take a lot of work to make up for all the damage he's done internationally and nationally. his network of thugs and coconspirators are going to continue to try to undermine our democracy, in the meantime. imagine what he can do in another year. imagine what can happen in ukraine. >> hannity: joe didn't want that. that would be bad for the family syndicate. remember, hunter -- joe biden leveraged $1 billion taxpayers, and said "you're not getting that unless you fire this investigator who is investigating hunter, who is making millions, who admitted on abc that he had no experience in energy, oil, gas, or ukraine." why do you think they are paying you millions, hunter? "i don't know." could it be because your dad is
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the vice president in charge of ukrainian policy? that was the quid pro quo at the media mob ignored. back to the issues of today. biden needs to turn around, get back to the white house, or if he can't and is not up to the job, which everyday americans are beginning to see he's not up to the job -- may be, it's time to step aside, let someone more capable, more cognitively alert take the reins. this has the potential to spiral out of control fast we are talking about an evil, maniacal dictator with territorial ambitions that probably go well beyond, and even the biden administration is admitting, well beyond ukraine read it's past time for devastating sanctions on russian oil and gas. if you are not willing to take that one hard step, that means you are not willing to put the pain on putin that he deserves. without that pain, what's going to stop him from invading
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neighboring poland, or the baltic states? okay, well if an attack on one is an attack on all, okay, that's the nato agreement. is that going to work? if that happens, will nato will go to war with russia? it's either going to be world war iii or we are going to abandon our allies, abandon nato. nato will be exposed as a paper tiger. don't forget 1994 during the budapest agreements. that's when ukraine agreed to give up their nuclear arsenal three years earlier in 1991. they seceded from the former soviet union. it was the third largest holder of nuclear weapons in the world, and they were holding onto those. as part of this agreement, and in exchange, they handed those weapons back to russia to be destroyed. russia promised they would never attack ukraine, and that the u.s. and u.k. would back them up, meaning the ukrainians. what's the lesson?
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number one, don't give up nuclear weapons if you have them. number two, under putin, russia does not give a flying rip about its word, agreements, alliances, nothing. the only thing putin will respond to his strength. donald trump understood this. by the way, now europe and the u.s. need to immediately take action against russia's oil and gas industry. that's where putin is getting his money. that's his greatest vulnerability. more from the white house, our very own peter doocy. you asked the $10 million question today, and that was, with all the sanction they put in place, the one sanction that would hurt putin the most, a sanction on oil and gas and energy, they didn't do that to putin, they did not do that to russia. why not? >> the way they see it, it's going to cost americans so much
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more at the pump just with these sanctions that they put in place over the last three days. they think sanctioning the russian energy market and mass would be too disruptive, and jen psaki has been asked -- once by me yesterday, and buy something else today "what about increasing domestic energy production?" she did not -- they don't see that as being a biden administration thing. they see that is something that an oil company should address if they want to. "there's a lot of unused leases on different parts of the oil-producing lands in the united states, so if you have a question -- talk to the oil and gas company." this is a complex issue, but that doesn't sound like it's going to happen. this was banking -- >> hannity: peter, let me do something that, as an exercise -- i am joe biden, the president of the united states.
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instead of that garbled mumbo-jumbo words he was using yesterday, he could have said "i just got off the phone with america's top energy producers, and i informed them that as of noon yesterday, i am lifting any and all restrictions on exploration and development of energy resources, and i have charged them to bring america back to energy independence as fast as possible, and to produce even more energy so we can help our allies in europe"? >> for the purpose of this exercise, let me be the press secretary and say "excuse me, mr. president. don't forget, you committed to move the country away from fossil fuels." that's what she said today at the microphone. that's not going to happen. >> hannity: let me play your role. "the president blocked the keystone xl pipeline, put new
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drilling efforts in alaska on a permanent hold, shutdown and bar, disrupted explosion and of element options all over the country, suspended exploration on federal lands, and hurt america's liquefied natural gas production except in russia. the only place he gave a waiver was for vladimir putin. >> if something like that was going to happen, and it seems like it's, 1 million miles away, because of where they are right now -- it's not going to happen for at least a month. the president is saying "we've got to give sanctions a month to bite putin." if, for some reason, he's getting stronger and stronger, and the russian economy does not suffer like they are saying, then maybe they look at something like that. the russians were telling the europeans that their energy costs were going to double. something like that happens here, especially in a place like california where it's approaching $6 a gallon in some
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places -- then maybe they will look at something like that. >> hannity: it's over $4 here. the question should jen psaki on the president: will you lift the restrictions you put in place? you say it's up to america's energy producers. will you lift the restrictions you put in place? yes or no? that's on them. >> their big focus, according to what we were told -- the president told zelenskyy on the phone, is economic, humanitarian, and security support, but if there is some sort of situation room meeting tonight, if there is a huddle at the pentagon, the president is going to have about an hour helicopter ride in route, because the plan is for him to overnight tonight. >> hannity: peter, you have done a phenomenal job all week. thank you for everything you are doing. ukrainians are battling for their capital. they are putting up a strong resistance. volunteer fighters are reportedly patrolling central
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kyiv, as russian forces are closing in. one member of the ukrainian parliament is saying that she's armed, ready to fight, as putin invades the country. she joins with the country. thank you for being with us, it's very brave of you. what's the latest where you are? >> i am in kyiv right now sitting on top of the stairs. this means that there is no air force attack. if there is and there's a siren, then i will go with my family under the stairs, and this is where we hide. when there is no air force attack, we are gathering together to get defense or resistance groups. i am super proud of the thing dominic teams that are patrolling the city.
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they are removing many russian soldiers who were trying to get in. working on strategic objects, and then, the defense or territorial defense groups are helping out to clean up the mess, if there is a mess. >> hannity: it's brave of you to stay. it's brave of your countrymen to fight. it's a david and goliath scenario: you are outmanned, outgunned. the russian army has proven itself so far to be brutal. usually, in cases like this, when if, in fact, the capital does fall as many are predicting in the next 48-72 hours -- i hope it does not have been the key of -- if it happens, you know that you will be on that list of targets just like president zelenskyy, who is the aaron key have, and it's saying that he's not leaving, fighting to the end.
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>> it was my honest decision to stay here and not leave. one politician, i representing my people. they didn't go anywhere. second, because -- i woke up, looked at all of this, and was just thinking "why would we do this? why would we go away?" he's coming through with his forces, and we are able to fight him back, and are doing it well. newt, lost like 3,000 men, which is probably the most he lost in the latest war that he was fighting throughout the world.
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the ukrainian army is fighting him very hard. we are resisting in the best ways of the resistance. i believe that we will be able to fight back. there is indeed something that would help out. if the no-fly zone that -- we have been asking for it for the last three months or so. it started with "we cannot help you" to "let's see what we could do." this is i'm not move from nato and -- if it fails, next is poland, our next are baltic countries. what's the world going to do with that? that's why we are fighting for a bigger general idea over the security organ. ed is going to be established.
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as you said before, right now, there's -- >> hannity: i have to move on. the world is not serious if they are not going to sanction russia and putin on the oil and gas. that's the lifeblood that he needs to pursue his territorial ambitions. i pray for you and your family, for you and your country. i've had criticisms about some of the government corruption over the years. this is an independent country, and this is an invasion by a thug and tyrant under false pretenses, and you have a right to fight for your country. we wish you godspeed, and i hope that the world will help you, in terms of providing armaments so you can take that fight, build that fight, build an insurgency that is effective against the
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russian army and there might that they have. godspeed. we will be in touch. we've got to go back to kyiv, where officially, a war zone. the latest. >> i was just listening to your interview with that member of parliament. a representative example for give and the people of ukraine. we've been speaking with civilians before this invasion started, and even today, who are. there's no other way to describe them than brave. members of parliament, rather than fleeing -- these are wealthy members of this society. ukraine, broadly speaking, is not a rich country for the average civilian. these people who have power and political influence could leave, but they are not. they are staying. they are not only staying. another member of parliament we talked to picked up a gun from
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the local police station, and plans to fight the russians tomorrow. you have the president staying, the mayor -- images of him preparing an automatic weapon to fight off this invading force into their city and country. it's a significant story of bravery. we heard the same bravery from civilians today. we've met one man who came up to us in the center. he was speaking english. he wanted to talk to us as journalists. he said "i'm not good with weapons, but i will get a kitchen knife and slaughter those russian pigs." those were his words. that is the words that this man said -- stuck with me. i was thinking about them throughout the day. he will sincerely do anything to protect his city. when he was finished, i was standing there thinking about the words he was saying.
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then he waved and said "i'm going to church now to pray." that's what we have seen across this city and country: people are hoping and praying that there is a peaceful resolution of that they understand the reality onto around. >> hannity: reality is i don't see that peaceful solution. i pray for it. these people are brave, putting it on the line, and outgunned on a level that is almost incomprehensible. the task you are talking about, for them to defeat this russian army and this invasion would be monumental. they are the deep underdogs here. thank you, we appreciate it. tonight, ukrainians are fighting for their sovereignty. putin remains undeterred by biden's weak diplomacy and unwillingness to take aim at russian energy. the last two times putin invaded ukraine, joe biden was in the white house. why won't he take the needed step crippled the kremlin and
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russia, and putin himself, and cut off the west's dependence on his oil and energy? what exactly is stopping him? that's the one sanction that would be meaningful. here with reaction to the big news, former cia station chief hoffman, along with ohio congressman jim jordan. i, for the life of me, cannot understand why it's off the table: increase in production of energy in this country, getting back to the energy independence biden inherited, being that exporter, and immediately helping out our nato and western european allies with energy needs, instead of pushing them even further. why not use the one sanction that would be effective? all the others are meaningless without that one. >> why not increase production, as we talked about in
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united states? the reason joe biden won't do it is because his party won't let him. there is no way he's going to open up -- you have the keystone pipeline, back, because his party doesn't want that. i sat in a committee hearing a few months ago, where a democratic member from california -- with oil executives, ceos of these big companies in the united states, he badgered everyone of them and said "will you pledge to decrease production this year?" this is a problem. it all comes back to energy. if at decision that has been made over the past year -- god bless the ukrainian people. frankly, the courage they are showing is a reflection of their leader. i've not met him, but during the first impeachment three years ago, you felt like you got to know him as you study this. you could tell this was a different leader, a guy of courage. he was committed to doing the
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best for his country. he's a good man. god bless him and the people of that country. >> how many times have we seen over the course of our lives, a country under attack, and the leader fills a plane with gold and money and whatever they can take with them and runs away? he staying right in the middle of p.m., and he is the number one target of putin and russia. you may ask you perhaps question that seems from left field. observers of putin, and you have been in intel for over 30 years, but people that i know that have studied him -- the entire time he's been in power, they tell me that something looks way off, something looks different, something has changed. he doesn't even look the same. there was a tweet sent out by senator marco rubio suggesting that others have made that observation.
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you've studied him for decades. do you see something is different? >> i'm sure that's a question president biden is asking his intelligence community. there's no question about them and putin has changed his risk calculus. he is seeking to decapitate the government of ukraine as early as this evening. that's extraordinarily risky. russia has 200,000 troops, but -- a percent of those in their infantry, he is looking at a costly guerrilla war that will spill an inordinate amount of blood. on the sanctions, nice to have come about right now, that's a sideshow for ukraine. what they needed were the weapons we failed to deliver to them and russia had 70,000 troops on the border in april. if they had patriot missiles and harpoon antiship missiles, javelins, stingers, they would be in much better shape.
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now, it's too late to get them the equipment they need. my heart breaks for these brief ukrainian citizens fighting for their country's independence, but they are not going to win. it's going to get worse over the coming days. i fear the darkest days are ahead of us. >> jim jordan, is there any possibility that you and the house can convince the five democrats that you would need it to join with republicans, and to lift the restrictions on exploration and drilling of energy in this country? is there any way republicans in the senate -- i've got to believe they can convince joe manchin to join them and lift these restrictions. that would be good for our national security, our economy. it would be fighting against inflation, would also help our allies abroad. why don't we do that? >> it's a great idea. it's what should happen. it's good common sense policy. i have to be honest: i don't
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think the votes are there in the house. other than joe manchin, i don't know who would come along. in one year's time, we went from energy independence to -- frankly, every other policy. i don't see that happening. i wish we would. at the right thing, it's common sense. think about this: talking about weapons and what we need to give to the ukrainians, it would've been nice if at $85 billion of weapons into clement and afghanistan, some of that was in the ukraine right now to help the ukrainian people. it would be nice if the state department would be focused on real diplomacy versus when they send out the email that said "which pronoun do you want to use? we will have gender-neutral passports now" that is the problem: bad decisions early on that put us in this terrible position. ukrainian people feel it. >> do you see any covert operations possible, and a way that we can help these freedom
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fighters now in ukraine? >> i will be honest: i think the thing -- the only hope that ukraine has is something that has happened in history before, where a military will decide if they can no longer serve their leader. i wonder when that breaking point might happen. we've got russian soldiers killing ukrainians, and innocent civilians, and they have been fed a heavy dose of vladimir putin's disinformation propaganda. if putin had to have known that the czarist empire collapsed -- and the collapse of the wake of world war i, it's happened, and i wonder how far the russian military can go to president biden has got to be asking our intelligence community how long they can stay in that fight. >> thank you both for being with us. the brutality of this invasion cannot be overstated. it appears ukrainian forces are digging in to defend their
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country -- russian casualties are growing, as a new report is saying that russian forces have mobile crematorium's that will evaporate soldiers killed in attacks to minimize the appearance of russian deaths. ukrainians are standing strong, in part bolstered by the javelin missiles supplied by the trump administration. they are antitank missiles designed to destroy the tanks, armored vehicles, and helicopters. they use infrared technology. they are a game changer for ukraine, and have a range of up to 2.5 miles. these weapons were first supplied to ukraine by president donald trump. here with more reaction, fox news contributor retired lieutenant general keith kellogg, along with the hudson institute senior researcher rebecca heinrichs. general, these javelins are a game changer. i am glad that donald trump did provide them. there were a lot of questions at
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the time, in terms of corruption within the ukrainian government. they are still a sovereign nation, and he made the decision, made the call they needed for national defense. it is not going to enough, in your view, to stop us onslaught and invasion? >> probably not to stop the onslaught, but it will make them pay a terrible price, the russians. it's the finest antitank missile in the world. it's a man portable, it's about 40 pounds. it got a range of almost 3 miles. it's day or night, uses infrared technology. it's fire and forget. the shooter can shoot the missile and moved to another location before they can be identified. more importantly, it's called a top attack missile. you shoot it, it moves up to above a vehicle and attacked the top of the vehicle. the reason why that's so important, that's the least armored place on a vehicle. there is no armor that can
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withstand a javelin missile. it's got 95% accuracy. we have supplied hundreds upon hundreds of them. in 2018 then, we supplied the first javelins in two ukraine. the obama administration had not done that. we knew it was a game changer. we just tried to give them as many missiles as we could. it costs a lot. several hundred thousand dollars missile. it costs a lot less than killing a russian take, but they are vulnerable to this. we have provided hundreds of systems now. it will be a total game changer, as dan made a comment earlier, he got critical numbers going at him, but will pay a price. the hope is that the price that putin will be made to pay will have him rethink or have his autocrats, the generals, anybody else say "we don't need putin in charge anymore. this is an embarrassment, and we are attacking a sovereign nation that used to be friends with
6:43 pm
us." we have done something smart by giving them missiles. >> rebecca, we will be on your experience here. one of the reasons the soviets were not able to beat afghanistan in the '80s as we provided the mujahedin with stinger missiles. that was a game changer. what is your analysis of the javelins? >> the javelins are wonderful antitank missiles. the russians were going to carry out a full assault and various other ways. you mentioned though missiles that the russians -- they know what it taste like because of the mujahedin and the '80s. we have allies providing the systems, latvians. the lithuanians are providing the stinger systems to the ukrainians as well. one point i want to make as they need more of this, more javelins, more stingers.
6:44 pm
they needed sniper rifles. they need ammunition, camouflage capabilities. they are slowing it down for fear of escalating the situation potentially. i cannot stress how dangerous it is a ring is in this situation when ukrainians are fighting for their lives, their families, their country. they need these immediately, and within the next couple of days. that's how desperate they are? >> thank you both for joining us. returning to some news. we will get back to ukraine in a minute. the supreme court tonight, joe biden announcing d.c. circuit judge contained javon jackson as his nominee to the high court. here with morris fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett.
6:45 pm
>> resume, qualifications, she passes with flying colors. her reductions are impressive. something far more important, fidelity to the law and constitution. the answer is quite different. a shocking number -- the court says that her ruling in this case was not based on the law. that's deeply troubling. the decisions on deportation, her reasoning was irrational, her ruling on president trump's executive order to force government employees to be held responsible for their negligence
6:46 pm
and incompetence was utterly devoid of any sense. this would appear to be a judge with a political agenda, who looks at cases and it says "what the outcome i want, and how do i contort the law to get there?" that's not what judges are supposed to do. they are supposed to be neutral arbiters of the law. i think it's troubling to some that she zealously defended terror subjects at guantanamo bay, and -- siding with liberals on everything from free-speech rights to gun rights, abortion, and affirmative action. is it any wonder that progressive groups all over america are ecstatic about her nomination? joe biden vowed that he would be a moderate president, but his supreme court nomination is anything but that. >> thank you. more on the mic in the days and weeks ahead. hillary clinton cannot stay out
6:47 pm
of the spotlight. she is using the attack on ukraine to try and promote herself, and attack and blame donald trump. if the sun doesn't shine directly where hillary wants it, that is donald trump's photos also. the bee sting, your dog is sad, hillary clinton blames donald trump. >> i want to make another point. we also have to make sure that, within our own country, we are calling out those people who are giving aid and comfort to vladimir putin, who are talking about what a genius he is, what a smart move it is. this is heartbreaking, but it's also dangerous. i think it's time for what's left of the republican party that has any common sense, not just to say "okay, go help defend ukraine against putin," but to stand against those people in the government, the media, and elsewhere in our own country who are literally giving
6:48 pm
aid and comfort to an enemy of freedom and democracy. >> wait a minute, if my memory serves me well, it was hillary clinton that paid for that dirty russian dossier, the one that was not verifiable, full of lies about donald trump that was used to spy on carter page and then candidate and president trump, hillary clinton. it was also joe biden's son, hunter, who was being paid millions of dollars by a russian oligarch -- the former first lady of moscow -- $3.5 million if my memory serves me. hillary clinton coddled putin as secretary of state. you might remember this embarrassing moment when she had the big reset button. that disaster back in 2009. by the way, joe biden won't go after pugin. the toughest way possible, the one sanction that would work.
6:49 pm
that would be a moratorium on importing of any oil, any energy from russia. that would isolate the kremlin, bankrupts the kremlin politically, economically, diplomatically. that wouldn't work, let's blame donald trump. he warned about the dangers of being reliant on russian energy. he was the one that warned nato and got in their face, replayed that tape, and told nato allies "we are paying the bulk of monies. you need to step up, pay your fair share, and stop making russia and vladimir putin rich again by making $1 billion energy deals with him." he warned against north stream to and that pipeline. a new poll, harvard/paris, it finds 62% of voters say vladimir putin would never have invaded ukraine of donald trump work president. you know why?
6:50 pm
vladimir putin feared donald trump. here with reaction, former senator scott brown along with former white house chief of staff reince priebus. scott, i am listening to hillary pontificated, the one that paid for the dirty russian dossier. the bidens of course making millions of dollars for russian oligarchs, millions of dollars in china and of course, but reese -- and hunter. what's great about listening to all of this, was during the clinton administration from 1991 where ukraine seceded from russia. at the time, they had the third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. russia and ukraine could not make a deal on what to do with those nuclear weapons, and incomes the clinton administration in the u.s., and they push the ukraine to give up those nuclear weapons, hand them over to russia. russia was supposed to destroy
6:51 pm
them. after they destroyed them, they guaranteed that russia would leave ukraine alone and the united states and u.k. would always defend ukraine. the lesson we learned is if you possess nuclear weapons, don't ever believe anybody that tells you to give them up. your reaction. >> it's a sad commentary. we can go back and look at what happened, and there's plenty of blame to go around, but in 2014 when russia took over crimea, ukraine was begging obama for lethal weapons to defend themselves in the event something like this happened again. obviously, joe biden was there. then, donald trump comes in, and he gave the javelins -- i worked at the pentagon for one of the joint chiefs for four years. i understand the weapons systems we have. we gave them to them. it's a good tool in the toolbox, but we need more tools. the fact is, the president,
6:52 pm
president biden is taking these half steps and missteps, emboldening putin to continue to push and push and push. we all know the answer: getting in the pentagon national resources so we can provide resources for allies and ourselves, and also shut down the economic engine, the money that goes into putin and his machine. it's a no-brainer. the fact that he is dillydallying and going on vacation for a day, going back home when he should be in the situation room guiding and going 24 hours a day, helping these brave people defend themselves. the sight of that grandmother going to the soldier and giving him sunflower seeds and saying "flowers will grow when you are in the ground dead," that says it all. a message to the democrats, by the way, who afforded every effort for us to become dependent energy wise, and of this president, you've got to get off your rear end and get to
6:53 pm
work. the world is teetering on something that should not of happened under your watch. >> we lost reince priebus, but we are always honored to have with us governor mike huckabee, who was a lot funnier than reince. i love them both equally. governor, a serious note, when you think about the sanctions, the one meaningful sanction, by not imposing a moratorium on any importation or allowing putin to export oil, not letting that sanction get in place, the one that would bankrupt him, hurt him the most, seems to negate the other sanctions. the meaningless comparisons of me. >> it's very obvious that joe biden and his people are more interested in satisfying the proponents of the green new deal than saving lives of -- that is what stopped it. you are exactly right. we are not only at energy
6:54 pm
independent. we were exporting energy, putting russia out of the energy business and bankrupting them. we could do it again, but not if joe biden turns off the ovens that we baked the biscuits end. that's what i don't understand. how do you bake more biscuits when you turn the oven off? by his shutting down the abilit to drill and pipeline of the, that's what he's done. he's telling us he's going to put the squeeze into putin, but he isn't. for hillary, i can't believe that donald trump, in her mind, has more influence and power a year out of office -- that is inverse and for her to say abou a weaker party and resident is. >> standing by with breaking breaking news. >> gunfire is erupting in central kyiv at this moment. we heard all the explosions
6:55 pm
earlier in the night. it appears that russian forces are working their way into this capital city. i reported some of it on my phone on the other side, following our last conversation so i'm going to play a little bit of the audio here. you can hear the distant
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> the public pressure worldwide will force prudent to reconsider or get more desperate. stick a last word for you. governor, do you believe public pressure to lift these restrictions onto the energy sector of our economy will not be sufficient -- >> i don't think it will. i think he was bullied into his position by the far left, and that is a tragedy to the world. >> it is. what we see unfolding is a tragedy. have to give credit to the brave
7:00 pm
men and women in ukraine. this is an innocent, sovereign country. not a perfect country. i have my criticisms of it -- this was an unauthorized invasion from this sovereign country. make no mistake. that's all the time we have left. our thoughts and prayers are with the people of ukraine. stay with fox news for continuing coverage. laura ingraham is next. have a great weekend. >> [gunshot] >> laura: i'm worm ingram, and this is "the ingraham angle." the president of russia is telling residents to prepare molotov cocktails. rifles are