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tv   Hannity  FOX News  February 25, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> trace: explosions and heavy gunfire heard in kyiv, russian troops within the capital city limits and urging people to seek shelter. hello everybody, i'm trace gallagher continuing live team coverage of the of the war in ukraine. 11:00 in los angeles and 9:00 a.m. the morning in kyiv come a day 3 of the work vehicle russian forces meeting struck her then
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stronger than expected resistance. rushing to save their country in the empire state building lid up in blue and yellow as the world and the u.s. come together to show solidarity for the people of ukraine. we begin tonight with fox news correspondent steve harrigan live for us on the ground in kyiv. steve. >> trays, a sunny saturday morning here in ukraine's capital, 36 degrees and nobody nobody out right now. martial law in effect and it's quiet. early in the morning, predawn hours we heard some gun fire, gun battles between small groups intermittent lasting for a few minutes at a time. a clear sign to some degree russian forces are inside the capitol and inside the center of the capital. over the past couple hours we heard some shelling in the distance but no massive assault. there have been so many predictions about this war
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including one last night when the president of ukraine said that that is the night at the russians will try to take the capital and let's hold firm. that big push from the russian side did not come and we are seeing ukraine's president show himself over and over again to his people. really mainly to show that he is still here and has not fled. here is ukraine's president. >> we are all here, our soldiers are here, the citizens are here, and we are here. we defend our independence. that is how it will go. >> 200 missiles plus fired by russians and they've hit some civilian areas here in the capital. one apartment building, one orphanage, some casualties, but no reports of mass casualties so far, rumbling buildings and that could all be down the road to, but for now three days of invasion. ukraine remains in control of the major population centers. trace. >> trace: stunning, steve harrigan live for us in
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kyiv. thank you and directly west from where steve is to wear border is the capital lviv and that's where the correspondent mike tobin in standing by live. mike. >> people here in lviv are coming back out onto the streets with some messaging from their leadership i'm a defiant messaging saying more weapons are coming in from the partners. according to a tweet from president volodymyr zelenskyy who steve just mentioned appeared on the street in the day light with a defiant video message saying that the ukrainian people are not willing to lay down their arms and what we hear from the ukrainian people is that their intent to fight. we have seen thus far is to the east of here in the capital city of kyiv where the fighting has largely manifested itself with small arm fires going street to street art to lurching in the day starts to reveal the collateral damage in civilian structures hit.
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people hunkering down in the subways as that air strikes come in and the ancillary fire comes in as the sirens wail overhead, seeking shelter where they can. those are the images that we are getting. as far as the refugees, they stream west. the russian armor is coming from three directions, the north, the east, the south. leaving the escape direction west, so you have one main road if you weld that has turned into a large traffic jam. usually the drive from kyiv to where i am right now is about six hour drive and it's taking 18 hours. the committee on refugee report says some 50,000 refugees have attempted to flee or have escaped over the polish orator. there's a lot of refugees heading over the border and more imagery this morning of people crossing the border to the south
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of here, and that is the border into romania. a lot of people getting out of here, a group of people not being allowed to cross the border are fighting and expected to stay here in ukraine and pick up weapons and resist this invasion. we have seen a tremendous desire to do so. i talked with one retired soldier the other day as the invasion began. headed down to the office where he could get the weapon to volunteer as quickly as he could. three nights with the sirens wailing again this morning the people in lviv woke up to the sounds of air raid sirens. what's interesting is he here that your rain sirens, you do not see a big scramble of people scrambling for cover. people pick up the pace and they had to get some sort of cover. we see the video of the people who hunkered down in basements and subways, but on the street you do not see a lot of panic. in lviv, daylight is here again, you see people walking about the
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streets and traffic is the end definitely as martial law has been an effect throughout the course of the invasion. would you still have people going about their business, trace. >> trace: i wonder, you say six hours from lviv to kyiv. i wonder normally how far is it from where you are to the polish border? >> it's about an hour from where i am to the polish border. i did the trip not too long ago. an hour in normal time. as a piles up with traffic, in particular you get close to the border, the traffic really backs up. it's an arduous trip for anybody who's going to do it, and what we have seen there too is a tearful goodbyes as fighting each men with children have to say goodbye to their children and their wives and returned to the fight here not knowing how it's went to work out for them. but again, we have seen a great deal of resolve in a great deal of desire on the part of the ukrainians to stay in this fight and pick up a weapon. >> trace: ended we have come a
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mike tobin live for us and lviv. thank you, let's turn to fox news correspondent rich eidson standing by at the pentagon. good morning. >> good morning, the white house has communicated that they freed up about $350 million of military aid to ukraine. they expect more details on what exactly that will involve over the weekend here. the pentagon says in notes as the president has no american troops will be going to ukraine, will be fighting in ukraine, but officials here are working on ways to try to figure out how america can help ukraine. >> i think we're looking at all kinds of different ways to continue supporting the ukrainian armed forces. we are not taking anything off the table with respect to how that might manifest itself going forward. that could include some
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training. >> nato including the united states is bolstering forces in eastern europe in nato countries. ukraine's not a part of nato. the defensive alliance for the first time in history mobilized its response force, a defensive group up to 40,000 troops. earlier this week, the pentagon announced 7,000 u.s. troops are deploying to europe and those americans are expected to join that nato response force. nato says it has 100 more planes on high alert including the f-35 the u.s. just sent to the baltics. also 120 ships deployed to protect europe including three strike carrier groups. american apology he'll helicopter gunships are arriving in latvia and poland. >> there must be no space or miscalculations or misunderstandings. we will do what it takes to protect and defend every ally. and every inch of nato territory. >> u.s. intelligence suggests
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russian forces have faced stiff resistance and no population centers have been taken thus far. also noting that russia has yet to dominate fully the airspace there as there are ukrainian missile defense systems and ukrainian aircraft operational here. trace. >> trace: quick question i know you covered the state department and the pentagon a long time, if the generals if, in fact, there was hard evidence that vladimir putin was committing more crimes, does nato have any wiggle room to be able to change policies? to be able to shift and maybe change the way they approach this conflict? >> nato has an awful lot of latitude with what it does here and it has to be very careful with what it does in trying to avoid a wider war with russia. trying to deter all of that and that's why the defensive deployments are going to do. natives made up of 30 countries and that's a decision that has to be made within those rated countries as to whether or how
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they would address that type of thing. use on syria of course when the united states determined during the trump administration that were crimes and chemical warfare was committed followed by air strikes. air strikes in syria is an entirely different ball game than anything militarily involving russia. russia is a nuclear more nuclear weapons that any country in the world. dealing with russia is an entirely different set of circumstances. >> trace: great stuff, rich edson live from the pentagon. russian troops heading to the capital as the defiant president zelenskyy posted a video on the streets of kyiv just over an hour ago saying and i'm coining here "i am here. we will not lay down our arms. we will defend our country. glory to your crane. "joining now security expert, jason i want
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to play as we reported a couple of times the united states operated president zielinski safe passage out of ukraine a number of times in a number of times he has said thank you, but no i'm staying. this is what he said earlier on the streets and i'll get your response on the other side. >> we are all here, our soldiers are here, the citizens are here and we are here. we defend our independence. that's how it will go. >> trace: how symbolically important is that for the people of ukraine? >> that's huge, trace and to give for having me on tonight. to be fair, and may be a bit frank here, that's a bit of a slap in the face to president zelenskyy to offer him two and three days after the invasion by russia and escape plan to flee his countrymen while ukrainians are spirits of the lee fighting on the ground to defend their terrain anybody who did take the deal we saw in afghanistan is a coward and he was not put off by that
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at all. he blew right through. 's be when you hear that u.s. intelligence and british intelligence is saying this is going much slower than russia had anticipated, may be russia had anticipated, what do you think? >> listen, i've been a long history the background of intelligence myself, but you see intelligence get it wrong over and over again and that's why they had recommended a longer burn before the collapse. it is not surprising that what we have learned last week was there were amassed troops on the border. you can almost disregard this. this is a ground fight that is bloody, vladimir putin is extending his lines to penetrate the interiors of ukraine. that's a difficult prospect and i will take you back to iraq, afghanistan, the united states with hundreds of thousands of troops on the ground. they found themselves in a slugfest fights inside the city's.
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urban terrains very difficult, so the idea this was going to collapse immediately was a bit of a stretch and i think vladimir putin is now showing his hands that he did not anticipate this. >> trace: i want to read this, this is from a former aide to zelenskyy and she says quoting here "the enemy is trying to convince people that there is no government. there is nothing left for them. them."he went on the air and broadcast the video and we saw where he was. who was with him and that he was guarded by the state. putin made a statement that we do not exist as a nation when the country's resistant well in reality ukraine should erect a monument to putin because he has so united the nation against a. it's a fair assessment. you see when mike tobin was talking earlier about the 80 year old retired military person who wanted his gun back so that he could go back and fight, that is when you see a country coming together. >> absolutely. the ukrainians are in a tough
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position, but they have been jerked around by the an international community and let down a path of fantasy by the west. they found themselves alone on the eve of the invasion, and they're not taking it lying down. they will fight for every inch of territory. when vladimir putin begins the propaganda plays, zelenskyy's not buying it, the people aren't buying it, he's done a phenomenal job showcasing that the government is still alive and kicking. i think that's inspired the ukrainian people which again is why the state department offered to get out of the country not a good play. >> trace: i wonder if you're thinking what i'm thinking, we just talked to steve harrigan who is on the ground a short time ago and he said it's been quiet for the better part of an hour it's been quiet. firearms firing. may be coming from the center of the city. we know russians are on the outskirts but it's been quiet for an hour. president zelenskyy said day three is going to be very
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telling. do you believe that and are you surprised that it is so quiet on the streets and in and around it kyiv right now? >> i'm not that surprised. i think again, the anticipation that you can roll into an urban environment with tanks and armor and just kind of walk in is a fallacy. cities are very hard to occupy from an occupying stance. they are very easy to defend. the ratio of killing his one. you need three offensive troops for everyone defend are typically in the standard military play. the troops on the ground, what they did not anticipate getting into and i don't think vladimir putin wants to have a blood lighting on his hands because his intent long term is to control ukraine. to carpet bomb or to have mass civilian casualties does not work to his benefit. >> trace: when when i was a
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kid, i liked to watch muhammad ali because he was so deadly. you would see and he was just magical, but then as he got later in his career, he didn't have the same magic. on the ropes and a second now he's going to come up with the magic. you get the feeling now from russia where you expected shock and all, a lot more than what we have seen. steve harrigan saying 200 missiles fired, and you wonder is this a ploy, is this tactic? is this all there is? >> listen, we look at vladimir putin unlike muhammad ali, he lost the magic along time ago. had some trouble in georgia and in crimea now. they were not walk over. he's more effective and asymmetric warfare, kazakhstan recently, belarus, toppling the government from the inside out. he lost that play in 2014 with the revolution inside of ukraine. he's not shown that his military and army has the guts for this.
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they've been kind of cereal blooded a little bit, but these are green troops and you're facing down pple that have homeland, women and children behind them. with your actually seeing is where we are now watching a little bit of a pause in the action. i think putin's having to make calculations at this point. spewing quickly, jason, president putin said earlier that he called zelenskyy and his political cronies drug addicts, right? doesn't seem like he's ready to negotiate. do you believe he's getting there and that there is some truth when some of the russian officials say they may be willing to have some talks with ukraine? >> that's a lot of loose lips around the kremlin and on the ground, we hear reports about russian soldiers who are suggesting that they were not aware of what level of violence they were going to be looking at or what the plans were. all of this can fall apart on putin very quickly and he doesn't have the support at the grassroots level in the homeland
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of russia. and the body bag start piling up, he's got very short fuse and that's why the momentum was everything. we're 72 hours into this thing and he lost the momentum. be when jason beardsley, good of you to come on, thank you coming up after the break, could ukraine and russia as we said earlier, could they strike a deal? is president zelenskyy and president putin, are they ready to send at least some of their ambassadors to have a discussion? we will give you the details on that and more as we continue our breaking news coverage of the war on ukraine. ♪ ♪ alright, so...cordless headphones, you can watch movies through your phone? and y'all got electric cars? yeah. the future is crunk! (laughs)
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♪ ♪ >> trace: russia signaling they are ready to send a delegation to belarus for talks to stomach with ukraine, news comes as russia unleashed a full out assault on ukraine. always great to have you on, i mean, president putin is urging ukrainian in the military military to overthrow the government calling them drug addicts and then wants to negotiate peace. but as the zelenskyy spokesperson says the following and i want to get your response on the other side quoting a book
11:23 pm
but i must refute the allegations that we have refused to negotiate. this is our constant position. we agree to a proposal of the president of the federation. the time of the negotiation process." do you believe talks are forthcoming? or no? >> i don't think there are forthcoming now, but i do believe that both sides and the larger world understand that even at the c john kyiv continues that you do not abandon diplomacy, negotiations pause. all that has been going on for many months. the state department has spent many, many months in european union capitals meeting
11:24 pm
with leaders and conferences talking about ways to avoid what has happened in the last 48 hours. and hasn't worked, but there are signs that there is movement. you just outlined a very crazy and irrational vladimir putin who is sitting at his desk calling the leader of ukraine and drug addict and gangster. and then you also outlined the leader of ukraine talking about his willingness to have serious negotiations and even to have dialogue about ukraine taking a neutral stance on nato and e.u. membership, something that he has been a staunch advocate of for years. >> trace: interesting, and i wonder if you believe that president putin would settle for anything less then total regime
11:25 pm
change in ukraine. >> he's already called for its as something like a precondition for negotiation. he has talked about other preconditions such as the ukrainian armed forces down their arms. the ukrainian armed forces overthrowing the leader. these are not starters for any serious diplomatic or head of government. i think what's happening is that vladimir putin is becoming much more of a isolated pariah in the international system with a very weak hand both in terms of his military and in terms of his international standings and diplomacy. what this means is that the momentum is on the side of zelenskyy. he's doing street-level diplomacy actually. he is there, he will not leave his country despite the fact that he is a target, that family
11:26 pm
members of his are targets. he has become the freedom fighter for the west. for all people who want to live under democracy and in the sovereign nation. this will ultimately lead to some type of dialogue because the more that vladimir putin finds himself isolated and not winning as you have been describing in your interview this past hour on the ground. where does he really go? the broader issue of diplomacy and negotiation, putin's interest in nuclear arms control negotiations they are that started last year with the biden administration as well as discussions with the united states and europe on reducing and restricting the number of military exercises on the continent. those are now all on ice, and the only place you can see russia really involved is some
11:27 pm
discussion on a great power issue is the iranian nuclear deal. he has just been moved out from the dialogue and discussion on broader issues that matter to him. i think that's going to make him recalculate on the issue of ukraine. >> trace: i think it's fascinating and you make a fascinating argument. when you hear the reports and the speculation that vladimir putin is not well, do you brush set aside or is that worth reviewing a little closer? >> i think it's worth reviewing because you see him sitting at his desk talking in a rational way at the height of a crisis. and he's a leader of a nuclear armed country. this is a great concern to everyone. and again, as i said to contrast zelenskyy who is engaged and defending his nation and a
11:28 pm
principal and disciplined way, i just think it really makes everyone very, very nervous and really concerned. >> trace: i wonder, that is part of the question. is he not welcome you because you talked about him ranting and raving. is he not well, or is he not happy with the way things are going? he's lashing out and seeing what's happening on the ground here. we have spoken earlier, there was really no shock and all. now, we report from steve harrigan and it's pushing 10:00 in the morning in kyiv and it has been quiet for the better part of an hour. we know russian forces are there and we have seen small gunfire, but really nothing big and you wonder if vladimir putin is frustrated at the way this campaign is proceeding. >> yes, to go to your question. in that position, he has to be evaluated in a clinical environment to make that determination. but to your latter point, he could not be pleased.
11:29 pm
he's got domestic opposition to the war. there have been arrests of protesters in moscow who do not want young men going to battle in neighboring ukraine. he has an ailing economy. as i said, he's got a deeper isolation the world, and zelenskyy is taking the high road and becoming the leader with the discussion about european security. he has also talked about bringing this big discussion about the future of europe in terms of security and economy into the discussion about russia and ukraine. he is broadening out the possibility for talks and what do we have with putin? just attacks on individuals and really no plans. on the political side. and china that isn't going to
11:30 pm
ultimately stick with russia, i think all the way to the wall in this conflict. russia and china, i called them for enemies, i've called them best ease in the past. but really, they have historic differences. that i think russia will find even in that great power dyad some difficulty. >> trace: you can see putin how angry he may be with the way things are going on the ground and the possibility of him losing his biggest and key ally in china. you would tend to believe that would frustrate somebody. kiron skinner great to see you, great information and thank you. >> thank you. >> trace: explosions and have a gunfire can be heard in kyiv, ukrainian officials announced russian troops are within the capital city limits and are urging people to seek shelter. going to steve harrigan live for us on the ground and kyiv. steve. >> that's right, people are being told to stay inside their houses as russian forces are inside the city.
11:31 pm
i've got to say at this point it's quiet. where not hearing intermittent shelling which we heard around the past around the outskirts of the city and several hours earlier we saw two, three close range gun battles really with small arms inside the city's editors. the russian troops are hereby for the last two hours or so, it's been relatively quiet. they control no major population centers at this time. date 3 of the invasion. president putin called for the ukrainian people to rise up and overthrow the leaders here. here is putin. >> [speaking non-english language] >> take power into your own hands, it seems they'll be easier for you and me to come to an agreement then with this gang of drug addicts and neo-nazis that settled in kyiv and taken the entire ukrainian people hostage. 's because the ukrainian president in the meantime continues to post videos and tweets showing his presence and that he staying here and not leaving despite being a likely
11:32 pm
target of russian forces. trace. >> trace: steve harrigan live for us on the ground, steve. stay safe and thank you so much. russian official issuing threats to sweden and finland they'd face serious consequent as if they attempt to join nato. the mad joining the mike sean here , looking north, you can just see how close they are to russi. hard to trust that's exactly what's happening. now joined by bret sadler, senior fellow for a national defense at the heritage foundation. russia now warning finland and sweden to steer clear of the consequences quoting here that this is from a russian foreign ministry spokesperson. finland and sweden should not base their security on damaging the security of other countries and their obsession to nato can have detrimental consequences and face some military and political consequences. i get the question is has russia
11:33 pm
lost their mind? >> it certainly seems that way. the rhetoric coming out of moscow specifically with putin is getting scarier and not more sane. as we are seeing on the video footage and the violence going on in ukraine. yet again, it's an example that putin and the power structure in moscow can tolerate the sovereignty on the free will of the countries around it. >> trace: i go back to what i was talking about earlier with kiron skinner to end harrigan just played the sound bite of vladimir putin really just lashing out. it's an angry response going after zelenskyy and the political drug addicts as putin said to. that they should be overthrown. it does not seem like the cool, calm, collected leader we have seen over the years. does it to you? >> no, actually i watched the speeches especially the national security council televised which was strange tv drama of national
11:34 pm
leadership in action. it was very odd and i watched and seen them and those that have done those features for years picked up the same thing. i don't things are going according to plan actually. i think this is not his preferred course of action and that he was hoping for the ukrainian military to give him the pretext for the violence that's going on now and not have to rely on giving him the green light to go in militarily for the run. the career military guy had his way for many years and things are quite not going to need to plan and we are seeing the frustration boiling over. 's go and i got off topic but i'll get back on where the finish ambassador talking about sweden and finland being told to steer clear of nato, the finish ambassador to the u.s. said quoting here, many people in d.c. ask about finland that nato partnership with the alliance is very important or
11:35 pm
less, while maintaining a strong national defense we retain the opportunity to apply for membership. it's the sovereign right of each nation to make decisions on its security policies. in other words, russia can take a hike. >> yes. this is the central issue. it is what is really at the threat for the western world and that's the freedom of the nation to make its own decision, how it joins, when it joins, what security rates it'll make. not up to moscow to dictate or veto what happens in helsinki or paris. or what happens in taipei because a course the chinese are also watching how this transpires because of moscow and veto the freedom of kyiv and ukraine, then that gives them the pretext for doing what they would like to do over taipei as well. >> trace: when you're brought up a good point.
11:36 pm
who put russia in charge of policing this region or the world, and at what point does the world push back? right now, we have seen ten years of aggression aimed right at crimea and ukraine, as these breakaway regions ten years with almost zero consequences. at some point, you wonder when does the world push back? >> i think we are seeing it in the last two years we have seen a gradual awakening to the china threat in europe. that was a little bit on the cheek. that's what they deal with the 5g plans agreement you make with china. if they're not awoken to the very real military danger at their doorstep, i don't know what will. the country and the world, the united states has been sleepwalking through a very dangerously changed security world for the last decade and i think everybody now is shocked and hopefully it will not be too late to take a course correction.
11:37 pm
>> what with the course correction be in your mind? >> the first for what's going on right now in europe is to bolster militarily the baltic states, nato members, as well as remaining in poland, these are the border countries that confront russia day-to-day. united states needs to be a leader in that regard and bolster the presence militarily along the borders. a much more significant naval presence in the north atlantic as well as the baltic sea. the second is absolutely to not diminish the military presence that we have and it's a largely naval one. it cannot look like the united states has to shift the emphasis only to one place. we have to cover all bases, china and russia. >> trace: interesting you talk about the baltic state and i wonder quickly here, are you saying that these countries may be should be watching this very
11:38 pm
closely what happens in ukraine because maybe there next. >> i think they are. they actually stepped up fairly early along with the u.k. to supply lethal weaponry in the last month or two to ukraine because they understand that what happens in kyiv soon goes to them potentially. nato has not made a strong stomach strong enough statement to signal a commitment that would deter russian aggression in that part of the world even though they have the article nato protections. >> trace: thank you for coming on, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> trace: were following another big story, president biden announced the supreme court nominee. ashley strohmier has more on this. good morning. >> jicama trace, good morning. the president made the final decision choosing his nominee for the supreme court friday marking two years to the the day
11:39 pm
by then pledged to nominate a black woman to the highest position accord. >> too long our courts have been looked like america. i believe it's time we have a court that reflects the full talents and greatness of our nation. the nominee of extraordinary qualifications. she brings additional perspective to the court as well. she comes from a family of law enforcement with her brother and uncles having served as police officers. >> i have confirmed that she was going to replace stephen breyer who will replace mike retire this summer currently sitting on the court of appeals and the d.c. circuit. >> my life has been blotted blessedbeyond measure. among my many blessings and indeed the very first is the fact that i was born in this
11:40 pm
great country. the united states of america is the greatest beacon of hope and democracy the world has ever known. >> fox news has been told judge jackson will start her visit with senator is next week. trace. >> trace: ashley strohmier, live for us to go after the break experts break down the new threats russia is sending to other countries and what we need to look out for here at home. a lot more coming up as we continue our continuing breaking news coverage of the war on ukraine. ♪ ♪ do you find yourself buried in paper? this is the end. the end of paper. the epson rapid receipt smart organizer easily scans all your documents. paper goes in and stress goes away.
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♪ ♪ skill and welcome back to our continuing coverage of the war on ukraine, let's go back to mike tobin who is on the ground for us in lviv near the polish border. mike. >> well, trace, the fighting has largely been to the east of the location and what we see in lviv nightly is here i should say are the air raid sirens going off. that have been strikes to the north and south of the town and also when the fire comes in that triggers the air raid sirens and that causes people to scramble for a cover of. when i can show you also here even with the fighting i would of the area in general you've got ukrainians taking up every
11:45 pm
position they can or need to preparing for the fight and what we have seen this morning is on them with the ukrainian military forces taking the position here in the town of lviv. take a look at the video is that they do not have their helmets on and they've got their ak-47s at the ready. we see the soldiers moving around town from time to time, they do have their rifles and often times and conflict we will see them walking around with rifles but no magazines in them. different scenario now. the weapons are loaded and they are indeed ready for combat. you see the soldiers taking up a position here. will be are seeing to the west is the flow of refugees as they are fleeing the fighting in kyiv. there's a tremendous traffic jam on the road leading from kyiv to hear. is normally a six hour drive and it's taking some 18 hours now. the committee on refugees says more than 50,000 refugees flowed over the border with poland and
11:46 pm
into mulled over the. we know temporary housing has been established. in an established medical train to get any injured ukrainians to the medical care they they will need and the newest images that we will have of refugees pouring over the border to the south of here and that's the border into romania. the fighting has been most severe in kyiv overnight in the fighting has largely manifested in the small arms fire. moving street to street and missile fire and a strike on an apartment building in kyiv but the details of that have to come out. also in the area around khaki of to the east portion of the country a lot of the russian armor has advanced from their portion of the country in the direction then that's where we are seeing lot of the conflict is ukrainians are putting a really tremendous fight and slowing the advance of the
11:47 pm
russian military. we heard from american officials saying that clearly the russians are surprised by the amount of assistance they are seeing. we know a couple of transport planes have been shot down or at least numerous reports to the effect of the two planes being shot down presumably they were carrying paratroopers. they both went down about 30 miles from each other so you had to assume what they were looking for where insertion points of the paratroopers to get on the ground and so many of the russian forces are doing to tighten the noose on the capital city of kyiv. the capital city of kyiv still remains in ukrainian hands. the command and control of the ukrainian military still remains intact and we are seeing an operation happening here as far west as lviv. the russian military still does not maintain air superiority. the air defenses of the ukrainians are intact and the
11:48 pm
command is intact and the ukrainians are still very much in this fight, which is clearly surprising the russian military. trace. >> trace: i just want to know for my own curiosity because i can see cars driving behind you and i know the countries under martial law. i'm curious how it's working. is it being policed on a regular basis or are people being told to go back inside the whole covid thing? are businesses open and is there some kind of feeling of normalcy was mack how would you and your crew be able to get stuff to eat if things are closed up and martial law was in total effect? >> initially while the invasion started, there was the appearance of normalcy and a lot of foot traffic people riding the buses, but when you talk to people, their attitudes had changed. the unfortunate reality had descended upon them that they are country was under attack. little by little, we see foot traffic on the street is just diminishing. martial law went into effect,
11:49 pm
that included the curfews turning 10:00 at night. as far as the evacuation of the streets, that happened before 10:00. most businesses are shot down and we have seen runs at the banks in the morning, people lined up at the banks to withdraw as much cash as they could. lined up at the atm machines. the lines of the atm aren't forming up anymore because the atms have run out of cash and there's nothing to get. as far as the feeling on the streets, it is not a ghost town, but traffic is considerably lighter and the curfew is largely respected and in fact people going home before the curfew goes into effect. most businesses are closed and there's nothing to do in the streets. >> trace: mike tobin, great reporting and stay safe. russia waging two wars on ukraine, one on the battlefield and more subtle with cyberattacks. things could get much worse. joining now is dustin carmack them a research fellow and
11:50 pm
technology policy at the heritage foundation and i mean, we have been watching the reports come in. there is no major cyberattacks but there is a feeling that a lot of what rush is doing is trying to go after websites. rights? inside ukraine and my question to you is what are they targeting? are they trying to target the information websites and are they trying to target social media? is the goal to cut off any type of communication that people that have within the country? >> what we have seen so far is primarily kind of a trifecta where they have been focusing and looking at either wiper malware specifically that they have set up a couple months ago according to some analysts. there has been dedos attacks on public facing websites such as ministry of defense and banks and there's also informational operation as well where they
11:51 pm
harder target soldiers in the field and that's a multifaceted operation we see from the russians on the common basis. some of it spilled over as well to latvia and lithuania. >> trace: i wonder because there have been so far, dustin, no crippling cyberattacks against ukraine, do you think that could be coming or is that part and parcel of a bigger picture that we are seeing that we haven't really seen this dominant military impact? so maybe that's why we haven't seen these major cyberattacks and may be that the entire campaign is not going as planned? >> yes, it has been surprising because in 2015 and 2016, 2017, we saw a variety of attacks by the ukrainians -- there russiany essentially used it as a playground for them to test a lot of the offensive cyber capabilities. because there hasn't been this kind of major scale greater
11:52 pm
penetration that they did in 2015 and 2060 and where they were able to shut down 230,000 people from power emma we are seeing a state where they still have that capability. it's unclear why they have not used that yet to come up with we've got to keep an eye on because all the grades are interconnected as well. you can still get across the border into a nato state and the head of nato yesterday talked about specifically how cyberattacks on a certain level can trigger an article five violation. >> trace: i wonder, because it's hard for us to imagine and hard for us to picture or illustrate when you talk about cyber warfare. is it possible that you've got people in russia right now that are going after ukraine? they are trying to hit ukraine with cyberattacks, but at the same time you've got people and requiring that are defending against the attacks or is it not something that you can defend against an real-time? is it something you've got to go
11:53 pm
back and clean up after the fact? >> it's a little bit of both. this case, what's really interesting is this ransomware actors with criminal syndicates have a quasi-relationship with vladimir putin looking the other way. that changed a little bit lately, but now you are seeing ransomware groups and prolific on the ransomware side saying they will go and back and attack countries or entities that they say would be attacking russia or especially with the sanctions being done now. this is where we kind of see an exclamation cyber reality that's coming down the pike and one we have to pay attention to. at the same time the ukrainians and others are recruiting and even the group anonymous said they are planning on attacking russian aspects. you're seeing government actors in this and nongovernment actors and something that really can
11:54 pm
escalate the days and weeks ahead. >> we talked about the fact that the united states could also see some cyberattacks because of this. the president said this on thursday. watch. >> if russia pursues cyberattacks against our companies, our critical infrastructure, we are prepared to respond. for months, we've been working closely with our private to private sector to harden our cyber defenses, sharpen our ability to respond to russia cyberattacks as well. >> so far we have seen no cyberattacks in this country and at least any major cyberattacks and may be little ones we haven't heard about. but it seems to me like if russia was planning on cyberattacks, they would go after ukraine first and they've got bigger fish to fry in the battle though. >> they do right now, but as -- the work continues on and mentioned in some of your previous segments that they grind down into a pulp pattern in the sanctions especially when it comes to the financial
11:55 pm
aspects and especially some of experts put on when it comes to scummy conductors and use proposing blocking airplane repair products that could cause them to lash out at the united states. that's like i said, cyber is an imperfect tool. the largest cyber attack of all time was based originally in ukraine in 2015 i was a targeted attack initially that took over across the weather caused billions of dollars of damage. >> trace: may be they learn from that and finally, what is your biggest fear from the ukrainian people? is that that somebody goes after the electricity and the water, or is it the flow of information? >> i really do think both. when it comes down to the critical infrastructure for the water and electric or vital for
11:56 pm
them as well as being able to communicate what's happening. that's one of the surprising factors here is that where i thought there would be more major scale were fair to shut down internet access, dads have a little bit overnight in ukraine there was some drops in some areas of kyiv and internet coverage. primarily on the physical structure but we have not seen the major scale effort by russia. i think i could change in the weeks ahead. >> trace: when i think a lot of things will happen in the days ahead. dustin carmack, think you for joining us and we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> trace: when we will have more on the russian attack on ukraine as our coverage continues at the very top of the hour. i'm trace gallagher. stay with fox news channel as we bring you the latest developing of this situation. ♪ ♪ not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in...
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the capital of ukraine under attack overnight from multiple directions. explosions and heavy gunfire can be heard in kyiv. ukrainian officials confirming russian troops are within the capital city's limits. hello, i'm griff jenkins with continued live team coverage of the crisis in eastern europe for 3:00 a.m. here in washington, d.c., and ten in the morning in the kyiv. u.s. official said that the invasion has been