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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  February 26, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit alicia: it's day four of russia's brutal incursion into ukraine.
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>> there just has been some shelling, we are seeing shelling for the first time in the heart of the capital city of ukraine. kyiv. the smoke and flames have couple. we are not sure what the target is. 9:00 object a sunday morning. that's as close as we have seen
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the shelling go. moving closer we have seen small firefights with russian forces on the grounds. stiff resistance by ukrainians. for the first time close to the city center we are seeing one artillery shell fall. and the hope is that's not the start of something biller, mike. two huge explosions, real fireballs. one was an oil depot that was hit. we have seen some street battles inside the city. no tanks yet. zelensky the president of ukraine said they were able to repel the russian invaders. but it may be this invasion of the cap city is just about to get started. we haven't seen the me cannized
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vehicles and heavy artillery until now. we have seen examples of civilians picking up the fight. but the russians have used just about 50% of their forces. it's been slow going either because of the resistance of the ukrainians or the russian supply line. it's been a lot slower. this is four days in now. they haven't taken a major population center. you have a sense there is some impatience on the part of the russian command. and that may begin to show itself now. for the first time now in the capital of ukrainian one shell and smoke from that building. back to you, guys. mike: too early to tell the impact of the damage. the smoke we are seeing, compelling visuals.
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the road to the border is a virtual parking not.
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and then to abandon the cars and start hauling the luggage. the families are broking up behind the fight. and then your mom and dad and grandma. >> the sun is up and now the city is starting to come to life with the soldiers getting into place it is somewhat relaxed right now. thank you very much. good to see you.
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>> as morning rolls around the ukrainian people are waking up with fear after that capital of kiev locked by another native explosions ukrainians throughout the country are wondering what is next? our next guest is among them and joins us live from his home in ukraine. thank you for being here and you tell us how are you and what is the situation where you are? >> good morning. i was checking the news and seeing the oil direct and a late night and it's been terrible for me. and the time to reach kiev with that may object one —- the main objective and if you
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are talking about the view about how many people who came here i checked it so now there is almost nothing left because they all came here i was doing a small blog on my facebook page and video. we didn't see many people in the streets actually. people here are calm and focused and they feel terrible because we were supposed to go to war but but but we did not
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expect for them with the invasion. and that we could get used to this and nothing would happen. >> can you explain that a little further for our viewers when you say you didn't expect it? we know we heard warnings and there was a build up along the border but is there something the ukrainian people have seen and lived under before? >> correct seven those conditions with the bill that's and to be bigger than usual those that are trying to
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but then i heard them getting calls from them n-95 percent left. >> so regular life right before the invasion began. incredible. we send our best to you and your family and we pray for your safety and health for the best. thank you for being here today. >> while the united states is selected to provide letters there showing far more generosity the state department reveals it is prepared to bolster the warchest with unprecedented
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third payment of $350 million joining us now through skype is the vice chair for the center for american security and former chief of staff or national security council also with us brigadier general will the money serve its purpose or is it too little too late? >> i think it's too little too late at opening sanctions at this point we get putin out the ukraine but we have to make hard for russia to send the children a bride we have to block russia from taking part of any national sporting events every nation honors to : the russian ambassador and to make this as uncomfortable as possible and then deal with the reality russia has a lot of military force we have to stop that and the ukrainian
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people are not going for vladimir putin and russian forces is there something the united states can be doing right now to help them in this fight? >> what i would like to see here at home is energy policy. we import 600,000 barrels per day on russian oil. we need to go back to being an energy producer because when oil is this high using our lawn —- better national we have situations like this others have other chinese interactions last year and then the disaster in afghanistan certainly leaders like vladimir putin are emboldened because they are opportunist to take advantage of that. we have to reevaluate policies.
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we are in a place where adversaries are coming at us and there is a threat to nato have already hundreds of thousands of refugees, many women and children. what about your friends at the national security council doing on that front to avoid a further man-made disaster for a humanitarian crisis? period the national security council i doing everything possible to provide economic aid to get into countries of eastern europe or the united states. historically we have always tried to do this. we have to stop the war on fossil fuels and get away from net zero. and the european allies have to do this.
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giving up oil and coal-fired electricity plants putting germany at the russian one —- mercy of the russians. it has to produce its own power. it will not be replaced by american natural gas. stop feeling the russian military regime by buying international gas. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. alicia: the us is announcing a third round of aid to ukraine and that story from the pentagon next.
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>> despite three days of the slopes ukraine reports from the scene that russians are facing far more resistance than expected in the united states taking action to announce more aid for ukraine which has the latest at the pentagon. >> was the military and senior defense officials are saying this is an issue that rushes meeting more resistance than
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expected and they have not achieved air superiority and the russian military you heard us talk about from kiev now has committed more than 50 percent of those sources on —- resources for the operation there is more assistance headed to ukraine $350 million and else by the biden administration and military assistance for $1 billion over the past year. us officials say the latest round is anti- armor antiaircraft system and small arms. germany says it will provide 1000 antitank rockets in poland will give you munitions also georgia and the czech republic and australia will also offer more military aid. ukraine says it needs to help as it is targeting the capital and kiev to infiltrate the city ahead of the regular army.
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>> ordinary citizens all of the russian perpetrators who pretend to be ukrainian citizens but they do not know our language they have no idea what ukraine is and who we are. >> also hearing from the pentagon that the us military is helping to coordinate some of the attacks with the ukrainian military. "russia claims united states is involved in any way with ukrainian naval operations but those are false. intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance with the russian ministry of defense in their moving to isolate and moving some russian banks that
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they used to enable transactions and also hitting the central bank with more restrictions and this latest round avoids russia's energy sector. there's also a cause for the ukrainians officials are telling us 150,000 ukrainians trying to get into poland and moldova you can see the long lines in the parked cars and then 100,000 ukrainians who are displaced throughout the country. alicia: is unlikely the biden administration will extend an olive branch to the kremlin anytime soon but the white house is made it clear but the chances and when russia fired the first shot. >> he is invading a sovereign country.
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>> observers are wondering how does russia and ukraine in the us resolve this crisis? thank you for being here on this early morning. is this even possible to resolve quick. >> thank you for having me on. think the military actions are so significant and so widespread a shift into a diplomatic arena will not be on the forefront anytime soon unless there is a further stalling of the offensive on the russians part. alicia: the russian troops are having fueling problems and supply issues and anonymous launch cyberattack against russia and they are becoming increasingly isolated from the international community even china isn't stepping in to help them out.
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how concerned are you the more he is backed into a corner he could come out stronger in some capacity quick. >> i have heard some speculation the more the russian military is bogged down and putin signs are not met, he might resort to more drastic measures. there are reports heavy mark on —- artillery and multiple rocket launchers systems that are being move forward, that is still part of the grand plan to isolate the cities and then have them submit. but as far as isolation the economics for the diplomatic isolation he fully anticipated. despite the public statements to chinese banks, and jumping on board with isolating russian banks, there are still other options available.
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china since 2015 is developing their own and russia as well. it is very small. it's not completely proven but it could be enough to sustain russia's war machine long enough for putin to get whatever success he thinks he needs in this attack. alicia: to use say that vladimir putin could circumvent something shins quick. >> in the near-term. it's less than certain that even the president himself on friday admitted it could be a month. that may be more than enough time for vladimir putin to secure his objectives in ukraine. alicia: what about when it comes to the russian people who are clearly unhappy and as the days and the weeks progressed and the sanctions are starting to be felt in their russian homes? does that matter to him at all?
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>> i'm not sure if it matters as much as long as it doesn't impact the power structure was overreliance on the and russia has been trying very hard. so as far as the russian people, one is the perception of the russians they feel the rest of the world has with them which is a secondary order of effect and the calculations from the government. that bigger is the perception and what you are seeing in those communities with ukrainians and russian citizens protesting in front of the russian embassy. there is a deep cultural and historical connection between ukrainians and russians and it
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is a shock they haven't quite adjusted to a putin has ordered. alicia: thank you so much we appreciate your time. mike: new rounds of gunfire heard in the capital. we will speak to ukrainian journalists covering the conflict as it unfolds. how bout sushi? i just had sushi for lunch yesterday. indian? ehh, maybe. that thai restaurant we went to a couple of weeks ago? how bout tacos? tacos. automatic emergency braking one of six advanced safety features standard on every 2022 chevy equinox. find new technology. find new roads. chevrolet
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alicia: according to the associated press the russian delegation has arrived at the belarusian city for toxic ukrainian officials we will keep you updated on that. we want to recap the latest events in ukraine massive explosions and approaching
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russian forces. thousands of ukrainians are going toward the polish border with death and destruction across the homeland and this city the second-largest one of russia's largest targets to date and i gas pipeline on fire. another indication of russia's destructive power after three days of fighting. despite the norm one —- enormous odds ukraine president and military refuse to lay down their arms. joining us now is a ukrainian journalist and author from kiev progress next for in foreign affairs and conflicts, give us your assessment of this conflict. how did we get here and how do you think it will end? >> good to talk to you. i am currently in kiev we expected a very dire night.
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we are still full in control of the ukrainian government. there was the expectation for them to take over one of the airports that is critical that's really want to deploy their paratroopers but they are not too successful it is a formidable force. but just explaining again, it is quite clear for the world of the messages in the president the last humans and then to and there are so many foreign reporters on the ground with those concerns but that following the kremlin and talking to people that
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vladimir putin is obsessed with ukraine and all the things of the global support doesn't care about economy or anything else and either destroy ukraine but russia is a formidable force. a lot of foreign media and analyst predicted it could happen within the hours. and it is the fourth day and major challenges for the airstrikes all over the country. but my concern is by the way we can confirm independently that more than 3000 russian soldiers have already died in this war that has been verified and ukrainian army are counting from the amount
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of aircraft destroyed it is more or less half amount of the russians who died during the first chechen war so that is an incredible amount. but with the special forces it could be more there can be more airstrikes with that civilian infrastructure. so the only way so far that russia still has potential to do way worse things while ukraine is getting help. alicia: how has this affected you personally? >> i have been trained and have experienced but to give an example i have been talking to the police a couple of days ago a number of times from my home which is on the other
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side of the town. it is big but completely divided but because there is a curfew it was clear and then press to move between the bridge i cannot stay in a different part so i had to move out of my flat yesterday. to know when i can get back there but same here but even in these times for kiev. and just to explain how close to this is. yesterday there was an airstrike on the residential area. fortunately they were not
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there not far from where i was. i have been reporting to the guardian and there was a front-page story on a lady who was wounded and then it turned out that lady was the mother of a colleague's classmate. so these tiny things are happening to a lot of people so i am a journalist but on a personal level the fact everybody tina absolutely so going back to your journalism role, when you hear about the russian delegation arriving in belarus how do you take that quick. >> it is interesting.
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we still don't believe it will be anything reasonable. because so far they were down in a way to demand something that they are ready to do something worse. so they don't surrender and asking something unimaginable and then they say why should we surrender? so that is a previous time so unfortunately at this moment that is not the worst page of the bombardment.
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alicia: thank you for talking to us today and taking the time our best even the people of ukraine. >> thank you. mike: citizens of ukraine are forced out of their homes to flee as the invasion russia's on. >> ukrainians have tried to escape to the rest to moldova or romania hungary and especially poland more than 150,000 ukrainians are refugees as a result of this war and 115,000 of them are in poland reportedly refugees are mostly women and children arriving by the busload making their way into poland and being forced to wait in long lines and families have been seen crying in disbelief taking out food and toiletries some the people were forced to leave their homes with only what they could carry.
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the united nations say 4 million ukrainians can be displaced by the end of the conflict and even before that 3 million ukrainians were already refugees because of fighting in ukraine since the crimea crisis benjamin hall reports 30 miles long of vehicles trying to make their way into neighboring poland for some minutes taken four days to make it that far. long lines of vehicles and to moldova. this woman was in the a car it was a difficult decision to leave her relatives her family waited until the very last moment to leave and stayed home as long as they could fighting men ages 18 through 60 must remain it shows the mother embracing her son in hungary the boy and her sister
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were brought over from ukraine by a complete stranger their father was forced to entrust his kids to the stranger so they could be reunited with their mother and a foreign country painful decisions like this are being made every day in ukraine. mike: brian, thank you very much. alicia: us intelligence giving us plenty of insight into vladimir putin's plans ahead of the invasion from the cia covert operations officer.
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mike: associated press reporting ukraine and russian troops have entered ukraine second largest city and fighting is underway. we will keep you posted. russian president vladimir putin today they were known by
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the biden administration before they take place how did the us intelligence get the information? mike baker former covert operations officer. great to have you. >> thanks for having me. mike: your thoughts on how the united states was aware some of this before it happened? >> i don't want to oversimplify it but that's the job of the cia to focus on russia. obviously over the years going back to the soviet union it was our primary concern and our primary target with intel collection perspective so it's no surprise whether through human sources that that is where significant resources have been and continue to be focused.
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>> what are the key roles operatives are doing and performing right now this critical stage of invasion? >> leading up to this informants it became clear that putin was. [inaudible] because having the intentions of vladimir putin are the leaders in a country is that's the heaviest list of intelligence collection and that mission of resources is capable of collecting signals intelligence and satellite hundred and at the end of the
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day you need a and so the primary concern. what can we discern the intentions of vladimir putin? mike: not to burn sources because you need those people who are critically important to those intelligence gathering operations. it has always been a very difficult target. right that the top with iran and north korea and china.
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so this is problematic so what do we do going forward? one of the things we need to focus on is population and that the covert action because it is clear that large numbers of the russian population disagree. always fascinating thank you for your time. alicia: ukraine getting some unexpected help from professional hackers. next.
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alicia: a hacking group known as anonymous is declaring war with russia. cyberattacks have been reported throughout russia how damaging is this to russia? former department of homeland security advisor joins us now. thank you for being here. charles, what do you make of the cyberattack by anonymous on the government to russia? >> historically when we have spoken about cyberthroughout the world talking about covert
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operations never confirmed by any single government that led left the world assuming as to what actually happened. this is the first war where cyberwill play a prevalent role and russia made the very clear in the lead up then during the initial invasion into the ukraine and as a result president zelensky called on underground hacking groups and other it professionals through crowdsourcing on social media to come and assist the ukraine. and they are network and allow the ukraine to do is to be very successful on the informational side of this war. the world knows that russia is wrong for going into the ukraine but what the internet
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is allowing the ukraine to do is allowing the president to rally the citizens of the ukraine. the ukrainian citizens to look at what is going on in the ground and they are getting more support from around the world as a result. it's not just what anonymous and other groups may be doing to russia but also in the ukraine to make sure they are staying up and running. alicia: i am curious what you think about the fact that the internet is still of the lights are still on in ukraine and russia has not knocked out everything that it could do. >> that's right. one of the latest things is elon musk brought in the star link satellite to increase the internet stability over eastern ukraine. so the discontinued social media presence not only can they communicate with citizens
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but also they are able to reach out to get additional help when they feel they needed. no doubt about it. russia is losing the information war to ukraine and isolating russia people more than they already are based on their sanctions. >> that's music to the years of people of ukraine thank you so much for joining us in the middle of the night. we appreciate it. and we well be back here for the top of the next hour. one more hour to go. >> we will be right back after this short break. a must in your medicine cabinet! less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the #1 cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula.
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alicia: at this hour the capital city is on high-end alert for another morning from vladimir putin and his forces. outnumbered and outgunned as a quiet leader refuses to go down without a fight


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