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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  February 27, 2022 8:00pm-10:00pm PST

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confirmed that. daniel we appreciate you being with us, thank you for watching, stay , next we have jon scott, i'll see you next sunday. ♪ ♪ >> ukraine health ministry
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reports 330 ukrainians dead, i am jon scott this is a special two hour edition of the fox report. >> u.n. general assembly holding an emergency session on the crisis in ukraine tomorrow. >> russian president putin today orders his country nuclear forces to be on high alert. president zelensky agreeing to meet with russia at ukraine border with belarus, thousands of ukrainians evacuated to neighbors countries, others stayed to
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fight, splitting families apart [speaking in native tongue] >> fox team coverage this hour begins with in ukraine capital of kyiv. >> we heard air raid sirens, we're using limited lights, another scary night for 3 ion people who live here. during the day, on day 5 of russian invasion we heard explosions, behind me, 4 or 5 miles away. hitting different buildings,
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also infence fighting, and ukraine second largest city of kharkiv, real brutal battles, fierce battles, by end of the day ukraine still in control of the city, after 5 days, amid many predictions, projection that kyiv would fall within two days it has not, president still in tact, and command structure of the army still in tact. glimmer of hope, peace talks today or ceasefire talks scheduled to be on border of belarus and ukraine, leaders are not going, delegations are, not clear what is coming out of the talks. russia president vladimir putin saiding he had putting his nuclear forces on high ahigh alert. there has been a lot of praise for stiff resistance of ukrainian fighters taking
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up arms, this fight for this city, is long from over, satellite images show a column more than 3 miles long headed toward kyiv. >> what about the aid. nato countries pledged is there hope to those getting there before the column of russian tanks arrives? reporter: there are two aid that are needed here, you mention u.s. directly sending stinger missiles, they are the rapid shoulder fire missiles that can bring down helicopter or aircraft. if there is an air assault in next 24 hours they are needed. also are humanitarian aid, we had seen hospitals moved underground. people giving birth in
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basements, this city is under martial law and curfew as well. how do you get supplies, food and water to people who can't leave their homes, the situation grows more desperate each day. >> they have withstood the invasion thus far, steve harrigan thank you. >> >> thousands of family are splitting apart on ukraine border, as women and children leave and military-age men day behind. and brave citizens make molotav cocktails, and many others headed to the lviv. reporter: hundreds of thousands of ukrainians are fleeing, 20,000 are returning from poland. this man just arrived back. >> i can't just stay in
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poland and let russians destroy our independences and kill our citizens, kill our children, kill our elderly people, i made the decision to come become to ukraine to fight. reporter: here is the university town in west ukraine, the students would be studying having fun. today they were making bombs, we saw the students making molotav cocktails, large homemade bombs possible roadside bombs, the growing 368 thousand okay, ukrainian refugees have poured out of the country,120 americans with them. the students today were nervous, they feel it is a matter of time, 2000 russian
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marines moving in the on the city, ukraine ukrainians are putting up a tough fight. kharkiv, all that was left were russian burning tanks. many americans appreciated germany's chancellor promising a boost in defense spending, ukraine's desperate to blow up russian tanks. these weapons have been used to slow the russian advance of putin's war here. in berlin, people came out to show support. steve mentioned a curfew in the capital there is one here in lviv as well, it
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expires at 6 a.m. many are home and afraid. jon. >> look lucas tomlinson thank you. >> the ukrainian military and civilians are surprising just about everyone has david versus goliath battle continues. let's spring bring in our panel, christine witten. and journalist, judy miller, and former deputy assistance secretary of state under president obama joel rubin. what do you make of vladimir putin's threat if you want to call it that, his statement he is putting his nuclear forces on high
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alert. what does that mean? >> i think he is trying to express his displeasure at the west, u.s. and europe. with the vows to launch an insurgency in ukraine and supply ukrainians with arms, when we armed the mujahidh resistance in afghanistan we took great pains for that to be a covert operation, we denied we were involved, bought ak-47s from the chinese. and a big difference when you are directly giving weapons to people who are killing russians, they would view that as an act of war. that could escalate to a war that involves nato, putin trying to use leverage available to him to
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to signal his displeasure. >> maybe he is reaching for nuclear lever to scare people? marie? all right. let me ask you that question. christian. does this suggest that vladimir putin is just trying to scare people because they are not going like he expected? >> i think so, to a degree, i would caution we only 5 days in the war, nazi blitz to paris took 6 weeks, we're used to rapid advances.
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yes, putin wanted this to go faster. his military is probably pressures him to let them take the gloves off, they have incurred quite a few kia members who have been killed. they are somewhat restrained in what they have used against the ukrainian population, i think there is frustration on putin's part and probably a little bit of surprise at europe's reaction. >> joel. vladimir putin hopes to fracture nato, seems he is now confronting a more united nato, do you agree? what do you make of nato's reaction? >> jon, great to be with you. this reaction is one of clear outrage. by nato. outrage of vladimir putin, for launching an illegal invasion against a
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democratic ally of the west in ukraine. outrage that vladimir putin thinks he can do this unilaterally on his own without any rational. and we see nato piling on right now, saying, we're not going to allow it to go further. and that is where president biden has been skillful at working with our allies to pull them together, and get europeans together. to get them in a movement now every country sees its role, germany rolling out more military supply, and support to ukraine. with european country come onboard with the idea of sanctioning through swift, that took days, but it all together, this is crucial vladimir putin wanted to divide us. he viewed nato as a weakenty -- weak entity. so, that has been rebuffed. the fight is on.
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i think with nuclear weapons, you don't threaten the use if you think you are winning, no, you don't. so, it is a solid front right now with nato and a hard moment but thankfully we have some assets together that ensure we're calm and we'll did forward together. >> judy miller, you spent time in ukraine, are you surprised that ukraine seems to be more than holding its own in this battle? >> well, jon, i'm not, to see ukrainians fight. i know as of september, i was told by the people that i was talking to that they would fight, i think that everyone has been surprised by the passion and success of the resistance so far. it is just extra ordinary to see people in khakis and
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sneakers as "new york times" put it, holding kalashnikovs they have never fired. against the russians, calling on their russian invade ors to lay down their weapons, and join them and go home and safe their live -- save their lives, this is extraordinary, there was not a lot of preparation beforehand. there was not a lot of warning, president zelensky, who has become the modern ukrainian churchhill, and who is regarded before as kind of a jon stewart type, leader, figure head, he has rallied the country, and stayed there and told americans he didn't want a ride, he wanted ammunition, the question is, can the ukrainians hold on until the help in a need the german stingers and javelins, 500
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-- 350 million dollar of american aid. and ammunition, reaches them. can they continue to resist the russians and send them off, if they can, they have to do more than that, because, they have to wait a long time for those sanctions to really cut into russia. but it is already happening, because as you have seen, the ruble has fallen 40%. against the dollar. and that is just in first 24 hours of the announcement that europe and america had agreed to invoke the swift sanctions to deny russia, that desperate banking system they need to move currency. yes, it a very dire and desperate situation for those of us who know and love the country, they are doing their darned est to make russia regret they ever crossed border. >> christian, you wrote an
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article on-line, vladimir putin thinks we're a bunch of karens, do you think he under estimated resolve of u.s. and nato. >> not really, nato has not really done a whole lot. question is how many dead, how long it will take, and putin is still scorn full of the west, i hope that germany is being honest about having a larger military, and being more relevant, europe with 400 million people and 21 trillion dollar economy, should be at the front line of defending europe, but i have my doubts, let's see if germans agree to postpone to shutting down nuclear plants they have left, they are good, they could operate for decades more, but because of their green aspirations, they will be shut down and increase amount of natural
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gas and oil germany has to import. as for sanctions, you can argue, this is a dumbest thing we have done yet. look at what china iran and pakistan, what -- they are thinking, they are thinking wow russia had part of its reserve confiscated and subject to a dollar dominated financial system and swift, maybe we nidal -- alternative to swift. we may be harming u.s. interested in long run. >> we'll see. >> very quickly. >> that is why multilateral sanctions are important, russia had money in other currencies now that is blocked.
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>> all right. >> judy miller, joel rubin and christian whiton thank you for joining us. >> president biden is monitoring russian war in
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jon: with russia's invasion of ukraine in day 5, many wonder if diplomatic effort still have a chance of succeeding, president biden national security team is providing regular updates after russian vladimir putin ordered his country nuclear forces to be placed on high alert today. joining us now, marie. fox news contributor. marie, you have been down this road before, what did we learn about vladimir putin from that confiscation? >> what is interesting is many people who have negotiated with vladimir putin decades.
8:23 pm
even when we did it people believe he is acting differently, a premises of diplomacy, what you need to know is who you are negotiating with, there are expert to putin who believe he is behaving differently, he is detached from reality, not getting good information and acting irrational. we thought maybe during the obama years when we went to crimea he could go further we were concerned. we're dealing with a different putin today. and i think that has to determine a lot of how the negotiations will go. >> condoleezza rice said the same thing on "fox news sunday," this does not appear to be the vladimir putin he was used to dealing
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with. >> that is right. and i think what is interesting is that we need to get to a place here in those negotiations, we putin feels he as an off-ramp, we're not giving him things, i think only reason he is coming to table is that ukrainians are fighting harder than he thought they would, we heard him today threaten nuclear action, negotiators have to keep an eye on the goal that is restoring ukraine sovereignty, getting a ceasefire, then pushing russians out of ukraine, we have to be smart about this, she not acting in a way that gives anyone confidence. jon: that is what i was going to ask. you have to know your component, if your -- opponent, if your opponent is suddenly talking about
8:25 pm
"nuclear option," that is not necessarily someone you want to deal with, some say give him the breakaway regions. that does not seem like it would be a satisfactory resolution to president zelensky. >> it shouldn't be, ukraine has its borders and russia doesn't get to determine they are changing because of force. and once you start giving things like that, it is a slippery slope, nobody trusts that vladimir putin would want to stop there, he has gone further with the military actions. and so, i don't know what the contours of agreement might look like, putin feels that he is backed into a corner, they are fighting back hard and the world sucker nighted in a way that i don't think -- world is united in a way that putin did not remember anticipate. i think there has to be to a
8:26 pm
solution that does not involve giving away parts of ukraine. you cannot capitulate to people like vladimir putin. jon: very quickly. do you say, okay, mr. putin, get out of ukraine, and ukraine will never became a nato member? >> a couple weeks ago maybe some people were talking about, that but the way vladimir putin is behaving and west is embracing ukraine, countries like finland and sweden, that would be a hard thing to give putin, i don't know what you give him or how you convince him it is in his interest to back off, if more russians come home in body bags, you know that is incentive for him, at some point he will see reality on ground. and i don't know what the agreement will look like but you can't give those promises to vladimir putin, he is given an
8:27 pm
inch, he will take a mile. jon: you said he needs an off-ramp hard to see what it would likely, marie harf thank you for much. >> thank you, jon. jon: we'll go to lviv next, tens of thousands are passing through as dawn breaks there. they hope to find asylum as refugees outside ukraine. ♪hey♪ ♪ ♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪ >> woman: what's my safelite story? i'm a photographer. and when i'm driving, i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, it had to be fixed right. i scheduled with safelite autoglass. their experts replaced my windshield
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the clues are all around us! not that one. that's the one. at university of phoenix, you could earn your master's degree in less than a year for under $11k. learn more at jon: numbers are still fluid, ukraine health ministry reports 352 ukraine civilians killed. as ukraine continues to fight for their nation, president zelensky agreed to meet with a russian
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delegation at ukraine border with belarus. a u.s. senator defense official calls the move unnecessary, u.n. general assembly will hold an emergency session on crisis tomorrow. our fox team coverage continues with lucas tomlinson live in lviv. reporter: hundreds of ukrainians trying to flee, the train schedule is booked solid for the next week, the highways are jam-packed. we heard about an american who is stuck a few miles outside of the border with poland, calling the state department asking to send a bus, state department said, we cannot send transportation. no one is going into ukraine. jon i thought about how are the weapon shipments coming in we heard from germans,
8:33 pm
chancellor today announcing they will start to spend billions more on defense. something last three u.s. presidents have wanted but they will deliver a thousand javelin antitank missiles and stinger surface-to-air missiles. about 4,000 russian soldiers have been killed, but many people are questioning that number, dozens of russian tanks destroyed, remember. and rocket systems that we've seen have been destroyed. and russian logistical problem. fuel, you know you saw three mile long convoy heading to kyiv, part is fuel. back to weapon shipments, how did they get to the country, u.s. military is not flying in ukraine. they are not flying drones, they are running aviation,
8:34 pm
the flying radars in the sky, spinning dome. in eastern poland to help ukrainians, but in terms of weapon shipment they have to go to poland then come overland, coming east is better than west. a logistical challenge for sure, and once in country a little more safe, no airstrikes here in lviv. nearest one of 12 miles away, and nearest russian contact about an hour away. a number were taken prisoners and captive, about a third of russian troops are conscripts, some were not even told where they were going. shades of afghanistan.
8:35 pm
a lot is happening here. there are reports that only very senior members of vladimir putin's high command knew about this invasion. that speaks to the tragedy, the three-pronged attack. the results are nothing what russian military wanted, they are way behind schedule, no major city has been concurred. president zelensky is still very much in control. a big question. how quickly those weapons from germany, allies and first time, you get stinger antiaircraft missiles from you know united states, coming from united states, remember, in afghanistan. what cia did to russian gunships in the 80s,
8:36 pm
tremendous affect destroying 15,000 soldiers were killed in this conflict. but, you know, some people say help bring down the soviet union, people' to see russia need. russia. jon: the stinger is a shoulder-carried antiaircraft weapon, one soldier hiding in the woods can large one at a helicopter or jet and bring that aircraft down, they are very effective and frightening. reporter: they have come a long way. jon: right. >> since afghanistan, some go mach 2 now. jon: yep. lucas, asking about the shutting down of airspace to russian aircraft. canada has announced that russian aircraft will no longer be able to use its airspace.
8:37 pm
we're not just talking about air private plans of -- oligarchs, there are a lot of nations retaliating against that country for this, it does seem that will be have a tremendous affect on the russian economy. reporter: it is huge. think about you flyover seas that great circle route, you want the shorter distances, if russians cannot flyover canada or other european nations, they have to fly all the way around, anyway, it big. jon: lucas tomlinson in lviv thank you. >> as we heard many american are struggling to keep up with rising gas price, cost of oil increasing, russian sanctions could mean higher energy prices, u.s. buys half million peril bairls
8:38 pm
-- barrels of russian oil each day, we bring in economist john jordan. people are surprised to see how much russian oil we buy. >> the biden administration has introduced a new set of variants to inflation virus. has to to with pricing of two things, oil, as energy prices go up, not just pain at the pump. it is plastics, it takes energy to make everything from bread to steel. and interest rates they will see, hike rates, and they will be less likely to borrow, they won't know how much it will cost to finance a factory or build a factory or rate of return.
8:39 pm
or what it would cost to produce. similar consumers will not know, credit options will be less available as banks realize there is a lot of risk and uncertainty. you will see not just a question of what it costs but a disincentive for spending an investment that will wind its way through the american economy. >> why does biden administration not ramp up u.s. energy production? we could do so, could we not? >> you could calm energy markets and bring spot price of oil down. in the near to intermediate term if you pursue the policies. problem is politics biden administration is beholden to the left and green new deal, they are scared to death of them. the biden administration will cower and
8:40 pm
bend the knew to that lobby, we say this when jen psaki was asked about that question, she ignored it saying that american consumers, and economy can do stuff itself in the name of pursuit of the green agenda, taken hold of the democrat party. jon: vladimir putin relies on pumping oil to float to keep his economy afloat. the sudden increase in oil prices as a result of this conflict shopping him. i -- is only helping him, i imagine he figured on that. >> absolutely, vladimir putin is counting on two things public opinion driven his way. at regards to risk potentially escalating
8:41 pm
to nuclear domain and pain in the pocketbooks of the western consumer, 20% of its gdp are energy expert we buy that oil each day. this is money that will go from american consumer. to finance russia's endeavors, the biden administration is so afraid of the green lobby, they are willing to tolerate and and ignore this has a issue, and hope it goes away. in the real world on the ground in ukraine it will not. jon: john jordan thank you. >> >> thank you. jon: coming up on two hourlong special of "fox report." president vladimir putin's threat of nuclear readiness has many questioning his mental state, is he bluffing? or an attempt as a negotiation?
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jon: new video of russian troops guards territory of one of two territory in eastern ukraine. >> vladimir putin using that move as pretext to begin invading ukraine 5 days ago, fight on ground in ukraine has already been devastating, but vladimir putin escalating it further by putting in his deterrent forces on high alert, some analyst call it deescalation by escalation, others not so sure. here to weigh in former intelligence officer with dia, matthew shoemaker. a lot of people are wondering what vladimir putin meant by that.
8:47 pm
you say we're misinterpreting. >> yes, thank you for very much for having me and fox news. i think we and american media and some american governor misinterpreting this or interpreting opposite of what vladimir putin may be intending by raising this. in the russian mind set, the purpose when they wish to intimidate or threaten, they don't announce it, they just act, the reason we're here talking about invasion of ukraine for months, they quietly amassed troops and weapons then acted. in cuban missile crisis they did not announce they were putting missiles in cuba, in russian mind set when they raise an issue it is them looking at it from a defensive position, saying you are going too far, we
8:48 pm
need breathing space otherwise we're prepared to go the next step. i think we in media by saying this is esscalatory -- esscalatory is different, dangerous, and for those who say this is we need to mask it they use the word escalate to deescalate. assuming that is part of russian doctrine, that is not in any russian doctrine, that is from 2015, american arm services committee hearing, when they were asked to summarize what the doctrine was a russian military doctrine published 3 years prior, it made its way to u.s. nuclear review as a way of
8:49 pm
explaining when russian doctrine was, it is not, this is not be how we approach this issue. jon: vladimir putin mention sanctions his country is facing. he had to be expecting sanctions, he can't assume that would you world would not sanction. >> we need to do, first thing. loudly, quickly, is nuclear power within nato, u.s., united kingdom and france, and in addition to secretary general of nato, state clearly, nato will not be first to use nuclear weapon, only in response if russian use them first, second to make it clear thousand we
8:50 pm
cut off airspace union the eu. there is no interference with regard to transport and communication, that is a red line for russians. the third thing we need to do make it clear that sanction that we're imposing on russia are not meant to destabilize the country but meant to be extremely painful and they will change the way that russians live. it will not take out the government. jon: fascinating. former defense intelligence agency prove matthew shoemaker. thank you for your insights. >> thank you. >> we continue with special coverage of russian invasion of ukraine now in its fifth day. dawn is breaking over kyiv. so far out gunned ukrainian
8:51 pm
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coming up on 7:00 a.m. in kyiv. the ukrainians have held hoff on another russian advance. you can see in this picture of the ukrainian cathedral in kyiv, the sun is rising. and again the ukrainians have held off for another day. russia's invasion in its fifth day. ukrainians health agency has reported that 352 civilians have been killed. the u.n. is holding an emergency session on ukraine tomorrow. the embassy in moscow is urging americans to leave immediately as more skies close their skies to russian aircraft. can days one.
8:56 pm
they told russians that no russian aircraft can overfly canadian territory. russia will likely reciprocate and prevent canada and other world carriers from using their air space which will cause tremendous havoc in the global air system. so many flights have to cross russian air space. if russia closes its air space in response, it will cause tremendous havoc for air california for most american and world airlines. our special coverage on the war in ukraine continues with this expanded edition of "the fox report." i'm jon scott. i will see you at the top of the hour, straight ahead.
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[crowd chants stop russia now] [♪♪♪] jon: a sample of the protests under way around the world against russia's invasion of ukraine which is in its fifth
9:01 pm
day. i'm jon scott. this is a special two-hour edition of the "fox report." a senior u.s. intelligence official tells the associated press that belarus could send troops into ukraine today to fight alongside russian forces. it's 7 -- it's 7:00 a.m. as ukrainians continue to fight for their nation. president volodymyr zelensky has agreed to meet at the border with belarus. putin is cracking down on demonstrators in his own country who are protesting the invasion. like so many others across the
9:02 pm
globe, they are standing with ukraine. rich edson is live at the pentagon. first we go to steve harrigan in ukraine's capital of kyiv. >> the ukrainian president says the next 24 hours for his country will be crucial. there is heavy fighting inside the second largest city? kren, kharkiv. sometimes soldiers answer civilians using shoulder weapons as they fight back and forth. ukrainians still showed control of that city. so no major population centers have gone over to the russian side in the first five days of this invasion. humanitarian struggles. this city is under martial law
9:03 pm
and curfew. there are people moving moving birthing hospitals down to a basement. it's tough to get supplies and move -- move around under that curfew. discussions will take place on the belarus and ukraine border. the president here says he has low expectations for those talks. they come as russian president vladimir putin has put his nuclear forces on high alert. jon: belarus is talking about sending troops in to fight alongside the russians. it seems like the ukrainians going to this peace meeting on the belarusian border not likely to have much fruit, bear much fruit. >> you can see how bad that looks on both sides. on the one side having peace talks on the border with
9:04 pm
belarus. all this talk, all this chatter about belarus planning. they are getting aviation ready for a possible air assault on kyiv. the president said this is crucial. they held out longer than anyone expected. there is a three-hour long line of russian tanks coming into this city. a major battle could be looming as peace talks begin. jon: steve harrigan live in kyiv, ukraine. russian forces advance closer to the capital of kyiv on the fifth day of russia's invasion of ukraine. putin is said to be furious at the level of resistance and says he has put this nuclear forces on high alert.
9:05 pm
rich edson is life at the pentagon with more. >> the response of the united states is to leave the u.s. alert status unchanged. they are not in the u.s. going to escalate along with russian president vladimir putin. instead what you have got from the biden administration is chiding russian president vladimir putin, calling that step unnecessary and dangerous. >> president putin is continuing to escalate this war in a manner that is totally unacceptable. and we have to continue to condemn his actions. >> u.s. intelligence believes russia has committed 2/3 of its forces and ukrainian forces have bench strong than expected. there has been good resolve
9:06 pm
around the world with europe responding with sanctions and pledges of military aid. jon: we had a guest, matthew schumaker who once worked at the u.s. intelligence agency. he says the west is misinterpreting putin's comment. he says putin is feeling boxes into a corn and he might respond with nuclear weapons if pushed too hard. is anyone talking about that kind of thinking at the pentagon? >> it's a good question exactly what those comments mean, whether it's deploying tactical nuclear weapons. but there is also the idea perhaps onthat what we are see -- perhaps, jon, by trying
9:07 pm
show even more strength from his side while being willing to engage in conversations with the ukrainian government. he's going to send a delegation. it's unclear what that delegation is going to look like. but he's not expecting that much from it right now. whether there is a serious discussion of peace. whether vladimir putin is serious about using those times of weapons on the battlefield, all of that is unclear. jon: the pentagon counted 150,000 troops on the border with ukraine. not all of them have been sent in. it's hard to imagine how vladimir putin thinks he can told a nation of 44 million people with 150,000 troops. is this a pipe dream for him? or is he thinking of installing
9:08 pm
a simg pathetic russian puppet government that would keep the ukrainian people in line. >> if history indicates it would take a lot more in the way of troops and police forces to control a country of that size. especially one arming its citizens with molotov cocktails and ak-47s. the idea is putin would try to install another type of government, one that is pro-russian. that's the focus you are seeing on trying to topple the government in kyiv. but it's unclear how he's going to do that and control the country after that, especially if russian forces are dealing with a violent insurgency. we talked about belarus joining in the invasion with its ally russia. you are talking 45,000 troops
9:09 pm
belarus has at its disposal in the entire military. so you are not changing that calculation all that much. that's why the conventional war playing out. putin has still failed to control major population centers at this point. there is still reported supply chain issues going on. this doesn't bode well. at least for now for longterm. >> we are just getting a report from the a.p. that the ruble at the opening of currency trading, it plunged 2 -- 26% as a result of russia being removed from the swift banking system. rich edson live at the pentagon. thank you. for more moirnlt aspect of this crisis. let's bring in democrat
9:10 pm
congressman john garamendi. he's chair of the armed services subcommittee on readiness. how would you assess so far the performance of the russian forces so far? >> surprisingly poor. we would expect this military to be have much in charge of everything. if they have a supply chain problem that means fuel and food and ammunition for their troops, and apparently that is the case. that's really surprising. we had indications they brought up a lot of supplies to keep these troops in the fight. i think also they are very, very surprised by the tenacity of the ukrainian army and ukrainian population. the weapons that were sent to ukraine have proven to be very, very damage together russians.
9:11 pm
the javelin missiles, the strike and some photos of basic grenade launchers. all of those are doing great damage to the russians and obviously slowing them down. where this goes from here, we'll see. it's very, very important that the west, nato, united states, other countries in the west, continue to supply armaments to the ukrainian army and possibly being distributed to the population. that has to continue at the present time there are methods of getting those armaments into ukraine. so hopefully those channels will stay open and those armaments will be there, and the ukrainians are using them very effectively. jon: as part of your portfolio on the armed services committee,
9:12 pm
you are heavily informed about the nuclear arsenal in this country. what is your assessment of vladimir putin's threat, if you will, to put his nuclear forces on high alert. >> you are correct about one thing. i have been on the armed services committee for the last 12 years. but it's hard to figure out what exactly he's talking about here other than rattling the nuclear saber. where would he use those conventional tactical nuclear bombs? they are designed for a battlefield. y where is the battlefield in ukraine? rather dispersed, urban. you are going to drop a nuclear bomb on a dispersed military in an urban area? that's a step very, very far. are you threatening nato?
9:13 pm
for what purpose? to attack nato? that would end to the end of everything. that would be the all-out nuclear war. exactly what do you intend to do here, mr. putin. maybe he's trying to threaten the western nations, nato and others about sending armaments into ukraine. he did speak that anybody who was to interfere would see devastation. traps perhaps this is a follow-up on that. it's a follow-up so what are you going to do with those nuclear weapons. probably it's a threat. if he's going to use them that would take this to a completely different level and be the end of a lot of the what we calculated the last 0 years. russia has a policy of escalate, deescalate. it was talked about earlier by a
9:14 pm
reporter. that is thought to be if russia was invaded, they would use a nuclear weapon in that battlefield to deescalate. that is, to stop the invasion. it's not -- it's presumed as best we can understand this strategy that russia has announced the last 5 to 6 years that it would not entail the use of the nuclear weapon in the nato countries, but rather as a defensive mechanism. this is to be thought about. i can assure you the department of defense and the intelligence strategists are thinking this through very, very carefully. i believe biden made the right decision to not just go and escalate our readiness. we have plenty of ways of striking back should that be necessary.
9:15 pm
so there you have it. jon: congressman john garamendi, democrat of california and senior member on the armed services committee. congressman ted bud will share his take. world leaders are calling putin a pariah. but he has at least one powerful ally for now. (vo) you can be well-dressed. you can be well-mannered. (man) oh, no, no, after you. wahoooo! (vo) you can be well-groomed. or even well-spoken. (man) ooooooo. (vo) but there's just something about being well-adventured. (vo) adventure has a new look. discover more in the all-new subaru forester wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru.
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9:19 pm
jon: world leaders have condemned the the *'s invasion of ukraine. engine even xi jinping has could be demmed it. >> xi jinping is clearly on russia's side. we saw it with the two commodity deals with gas and coal.
9:20 pm
china announced it's removing fees on importation of russian heat. xi jinping may try to distance himself from russia if the i vision stalls and they see the international community is united in support of ukraine. but the chinese will do their best to keep the russians in this fight. jon: he has to be watching this with designed on taiwan and seeing how the world reacts to russia trying to gobble up one of its neighbors. >> china is looking not only to absorb taiwan. it's look to break apart india, the felt means, japan and bhutan. we have to remember that china made similar threats against australia and japan starting in july of last year.
9:21 pm
niece are two powers who use the most fearsome weapons in their arsenal. jon: you advocated taking on both of them. it seems like a very dangerous game to try to bring down the leadership of russia and the communist -- chinese communist party at the same time. >> yes, it is. but there are some safe options now, on. what we have done through misguide policies with regard to russia and china is to put ourselves in an exceedingly dangerous position and continue those policies that we advocated for three decades would be even worse. so we have a lot of past montanas to blame for this type of situation. >> the idea that -- richard nixon went to china essentially
9:22 pm
to keep the chinese out of the russian embrace, kid he not? and here we find ourselves 50 years later with those two countries buddy buddy and supporting one another. >> yes, and they are both run by hard-line regimes. they see their interests coincide. which is the reason they are acting together. if we fail to understand that. then our policies are not going to work. we saw the "new york times" reporting that the biden administration tried to separate china from russia, hoping beijing would contain its new friend. but when we shared intelligence with china, china turned around and shared our intelligence with russia. if we fail to see that, we are not going to succeed in what we try to do.
9:23 pm
jon: any chance putin loses power as a result of this invasion? >> yes. there are large elements of russian society which are being disvarnged and believe russia's policy is not work. a tweet by marco rubio indicates that putin's position is unstable. although we don't know the full details of that, because it's a non-transparent regime. we can assume there is a lot of infighting at the kremlin. that means vladimir putin has a low threshold of risk. which means he can do something to surprise us, including use his nuclear weapons. their doctrine is to deescalate to escalate. we should be object a much higher level of alert right now. jon: gordon, thank you.
9:24 pm
the white house official tells fox news that president biden is getting regularup dates from his national security team after russian president vladimir putin ordered his country's nuclear forces on high alert. peter doocy joins us from the white house. >> ahid these reports that russia is elevating their nuclear readiness level. i spoke to a national security official, part of it says we affirm that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be thought. jen psaki says today's news follows a trend line. >> this is a pattern we have seen from vladimir putin throughout this conflict. manufacturing threats that don't exist in order to justify
9:25 pm
further aggression. >> there is a new concern putin could launch chemical weapons. >> certainly nothing is off the table with this guy. he's willing to use whatever tools he can to intimidated ukrainians and the world. we have to continue to hold him accountable. that's exactly what we are doing here in new york. >> lawmakers are wondering whether putin has seen anything in the last few days to make him pull back pass peace talks are set to start on ukraine's borders. look, i hope and i believe that putin may well finally recognize he maze a -- made a huge error. he badly miscalculated how hard the people of ukraine would fight. with war being conducted and
9:26 pm
people filming it and passing it around the world ... >> president biden attended the memorial service for a friend of a relative who passed away. jon: our special coverage of russia's invasion of ukraine continues. the latest from ukraine's capital of kyiv. it's now 7:30 in the morning. >> woman: what's my safelite story? i'm a photographer. and when i'm driving, i see inspiration right through my glass. so when my windshield cracked, it had to be fixed right. i scheduled with safelite autoglass. their experts replaced my windshield
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jon: the u.n. general assembly and security council will both hold emergency meetings this morning on russia's invasion of ukraine which is in its fifth day. the associated press reports that belarus might send troops into ukraine as early as today to fight alongside russian
9:31 pm
forces. steve harrigan joins us from kyiv. >> day 5 of the russian invasion. i can see black smoke rising. this capital city of kyiv has been hit by artillery shells. no russian forces inside the city. the government holding up, not collapsing, and the president is still here on the scene. there has been intense fighting in kharkiv. the second largest city in ukraine. russian forces came into the city, but ukrainian forces maintain they control that city. in response somewhat he calls aggressive sanctions by the west, russian president vladimir putin has put his nuclear forces on high alert. >> i wonder about the situation
9:32 pm
in russia. the russian people are wake up to find out the ruble has lost 25% of its value overnight as a result of those swift bank sanctions levied by western nations including the united states. vladimir putin has always been a master of propaganda. but in this day of social media i wonder how well he's able to sell this invasion to the russian people. >> i think there are two numbers you have to track in this. he especially controls the state tv and that can brainwash a lot of people. the numbers to look at are the number of protesters arrested in russia. there were some violent scuffles? st. petersburg. 6,000 people arrested. that's a lot. you could face up to 20 years in prison for protesting this war. the ruble since the crisis began
9:33 pm
down 40%. back to the economy collapse in 2008. if you went to bed last night in russia your savings in rubles are about 40% less than what they were. when trading opens today it could tank even more. that's a huge shut state media can't control. if they are buying just half what they could a day ago, that tells you something no matter what the state media is telling you. jon: the russian people can't be happy with what's going on in their pocketbooks. vladimir putin putting this nuclear forces on high alert, he says, citing aggressive statements by nato powers and western economic sanctions. the biden administration has approved millions of dollars in humanitarian and hilt aid to
9:34 pm
ukraine which has put up stuff resistance to the russian invasion. rich edson joins us live from the pentagon. >> the united states is avoiding any further escalation here in response to what vladimir putin has done. the nuclear status we have gotten in the united states remains you be changed. instead the biden administration had min station is calling it unacceptable and dangerous. u.s. intelligence assesses there is 2/3 of russian forces available for this operation have been deployed into ukraine. sources say belarus is going to join in invading ukraine. ukrainian officials are pleading for more help. >> we need more defensive weapons. we are grateful for everything that is about to come, and we
9:35 pm
need more. we are defending our country against a very strong enemy. we also need sanctions. more sanctions. and we need russia to clearly see and feel it's not okay in the 21st ukraineture are 1st cek another country, a sovereign country with no reason. >> there is unprecedented unity across europe, joining the u.s. in cutting russia off from a piece of the world economy. major changes in germany, agreeing to spends more on defense and joining in banking sanctions and sending weapons to ukraine. the u.s. security council convened a special session.
9:36 pm
a ukrainian delegation will meet near the belarus-ukrainian border. he earlier refused to go to belarus because it was a staging grounds for russian forces. now the news is russian forces and belarusian soldiers will be joining in this invasion. jon: people are protesting in russia. >> protests in russia are illegal. but people have come out to
9:37 pm
again his -- come out against this war. 6,000 of them have been detained so far. today people who visited the site of the murder of an opposition leader. people who oppose this war are making gestures as they have see fit. athletes using appearances on camera to flash anti-war signs, people posting black and white squares with a simple anti-war message on social media. and messages of support for this war. a show that was opened with a montage of russia's nuclear
9:38 pm
might. the triad system sea, air and land. putin told his defense minister to get the nuclear deterrents into a state of operational readiness. americans were warned to leave russia immediately as people scramble to find out what the best exit route is as the air space around russia is being shut region by region. many russians are dreading monday morning when the banks open fearing they will see the worst exchange rates for the trouble that they have ever seen. our coverage of russia's invasion of ukraine continues. republican congressman ted bugged joins us with more on the potential economic impact.
9:39 pm
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jon: new video of russian troops guarding the territory of will luhansk in ukraine. putin used that move as a pretext to begin invading ukraine five days ago. the fallout is hitting the russian economy very hard. the russian ruble already at an all-time low against the dollar. for more on the potential economic impact of the invasion. ted bud joins us. he's a member of the house financial services committee. the vice president said explicitly that sanctions would prevents, or the threat of
9:44 pm
sanctions would prevents russian president vladimir putin from invading ukraine. he invaded anyway. are the sanctions coming in too late? >> it's too little too late. we should have gone in early and removed them from the swift network. the secretary said they did not want to remove them from the swift bank because they would simply find a way around it. they changed course at the treasury along with the e.u. and england and the u.k. and decided to remove them from the swift network. that is good. it will cost their costs of banking, their inability to move money and project power along with the fall of the ruble. but it was not a deterrent as it could have been because the biden administration simply
9:45 pm
moved too little too late. jon: the russian people are wake up to find the value of their money down 40%. when you lose 40% of your purchasing power, if it had been made before the invasion, it might have caused vladimir putin to think twice. >> they will have petroleum ex sports with china. but that won't make up for the imports they need. that's when groceries and parts get expensive to keep the russian economy moving. average consumers, they will see an exponential payment than what we have seen in the u.s. this has been bad understood the biden administration, but because of their monetary
9:46 pm
policies it will be worse for the russians. had biden does this correctly in august with the withdrawal from afghanistan. this didn't happen under president trump. now we have got not only this issue with russia. we have to worry about china and north korea. we think iran is weeks away from has their own nuclear weapon. >> you think vladimir putin smelled weakness in washington? >> absolutely he did. he probably smelled it on january 20 of last year. but he saw it in effect in august with the botched withdrawal. our guest earlier said what if we had those weapons we least in afghanistan in the ukraine. perhaps there would never have been an invasion at all. jon: what about belarus. all under cases are belarus may
9:47 pm
join russia in its invasion of ukraine. can we expect the same kinds of sanctions against pell russ? i don't know that much about the economy of that country. would it be effective? >> it would be effective. but let's consider them already to have been a proxy state of russia. so it was already operating pretty well puppet strings. and we could have expected this to come. it was not neutral grounds for zelensky to meet on. let's seat where they meet. geographically it's to the north of kyiv. so that's another age the of attack for russia to use about it was to be expected. jon: the u.s. promised military aid to the ukrainians. how quickly can it get there. >> it can get there instantly.
9:48 pm
but when it comes to military support and surface-to-air missiles, you are gas to surface *, we need to make sure they have what they need. we need to give them what they need for their freedom fighters. it's so impressive to see the president in place actually fighting, leading the troops and the citizens and their willingness to stand up. i was there 30 years ago on the other ends of this when ukraine was separating from the ussr. gorbachev was in power. as a 19-year-old american i didn't quite know until i got back into the u.s. and could see what occurred. we could see the an monthsify of the ukrainians when it they saw the russian name tag.
9:49 pm
they were completely upset that it would have russian on it. even 30 years ago they didn't like russians. >> that 19-year-old kid is now a republican congressman from north carolina. ted budd. >> thank you. jon: our special two-hour edition of the fos report continues after a short break. (man) oh, no, no, after you. wahoooo! (vo) you can be well-groomed. or even well-spoken. (man) ooooooo. (vo) but there's just something about being well-adventured. (vo) adventure has a new look. discover more in the all-new subaru forester wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. dry eye symptoms driving you crazy? inflammation might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief.
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9:53 pm
jon: dawn breaking in ukraine as russia's invasion enters day five. we close this hour with a look at some of the historic moments as they played out this week. >> i consider it necessary to take a long overdue decision. >> every under case is he's preparing for a large-scale invasion. >> who in the lord's name thinks putin has the right to declare new so-called countries from his neighbors. >> stop your troops from attacking ukraine. give peace a chance. >> no one should have any doubt that an a direct attack on our
9:54 pm
country would lead to dire consequences for any potential aggressor. >> a few minutes ago president vladimir putin declared war on ukraine. >> there is no purgatory for war criminals. they go straight to hell. >> we are not being aggressive against the ukrainian people but against a jinta that is in power in kyiv. >> we just -- whoa! large explosion. two miles behind me. black smoke coming up. >> america stands up to bullies. we stand up for freedom.
9:55 pm
this is who we are. >> things clearly have not been enough to deter vladimir putin at this point. sanctions cannot stop vladimir putin what penalty can? >> respectfully, sir, what more are you waiting for. >> according to our information the enemy listed me as target number one and my family number two. >> incredit acts of bravery as a russian warship demanded they disarm. they responded, russian forces go f yourself. >> there is fighting taking place on the outskirts. five different times we heard air raid sirens. when we interviewed people they said they never heard air raid
9:56 pm
sirens in 50 years. >> these are our people. >> the president is here, we are all here. our soldiers are here, the citizens are here. we defend our independence, that's how it will go. >> putin will stand condemned in the eyes of the world and history. he will never be able to cleanse the blood of ukraine from his hands. >> we'll do what it takes to protect and defend every ally and every inch of territory. >> western countries engage in unfriendly actions towards our country. jon: what a week. i'm jon scott. our special coverage continues. .
9:57 pm
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10:00 pm
>> eight:00 a.m. in kyiv and for now krb's defenders are holding on to the capital i. 345 civilians have died and 1,500 wounded. alicia: this video appears to show a ukrainian drone taking out a russian missile system.


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