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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  February 28, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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i only have time for a one line response. >> not inevitable. americans could have done a lot more to create real deterrence is to stop vladimir putin from doing what he was doing. it was his warp at the west could have done a lot more a lot sooner. >> laura: mr. secretary, an alarm about the cbp. that is it for tonight and tune in tomorrow night 12:00 live coverage of ♪ ♪ [speaking non-english language] [car alarms]
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speak of this is a fox news alert. new mining in ukraine brings further violence. more destruction and dashed hopes for peace. russian forces intensify their assault showering cities with bombs as they marched closer to their main target. capital city of kyiv. a major attack is approaching. hello, i'm benjamin coming to you live today from war-torn ukraine. it is six in the morning here in lviv. another dark morning entering their sixth day of fighting to prefoul free. lucas tomlinson also in lviv but we can trey yingst life where the feast is fighting is happening. what is the latest where you are? >> benjamin, some concerning developments today as we see new satellite images indicating that a russian convoy is heading here to the capital city. the technologies is the condo is more than 40 miles long and contains tank, artillery units, and russian soldiers who plan to
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encircle this capital city of kyiv. in the meantime, civilians are trying to flee for safety. those who can't leave the city are going underground. over the weekend, and russian missiles slammed into an oil depot just south of our position here and also into an apartment building killing at least two people. ukrainian health ministries has more than 350 people have been killed since this invasion began and they are worried that number might still be low. we also know there are peace talks ongoing. there were some this morning on the border between ukraine and belarus. the russians and ukrainians meeting. relate the closing indicating how they are handling the situation. the russian showing up in suits and ties, the ukrainians in battle fatigues. this country preparing at all levels for days and days of fighting that could be had. benjamin. >> trey yingst, thanks very much. by going to come back to you in a minute. first of this. thousands are also fleeing the country. desperate for any safe haven they can find.
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i cut up with several of them who are simply trying to survive this war. have a look. >> the train stations here are crushed full. the getting on a train is almost impossible. some of been waiting here for a day, some longer. tickets are no good anymore. >> -- no have. >> it is just a mess of people desperately trying to save themselves and their families. some are having to split up. there are women and children being called forward now because there just isn't enough room to get the men on. so he knows where they are going. they just want to get anywhere. there are many people who simply will not get out. these people 100 thousands of like him are on the move family death and destruction for an uncertain future. >> we are scared. we left everything and just run away. >> they left their homes, their jobs, their memories, playing
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with whatever they can carry on their backs. most don't know where they are going. for those not lucky enough to get on trains, strangers are rallying to. signs outside the station offer homes to sleep in, food and close for those who left with nothing. companies are chipping and too. this i.t. company cleared the desks in their offices now give 100 refuge. >> we help our country, every time we help our army, and right now we need to help our people. >> for some, the fear of the unknown, the sense of loss is just overwhelming. and it's hard to imagine the scale of some of these -- heartbreaking to see that really on today. we bring bent lucas tomlinson out the joins us live from lviv. lucas, would have been seeing? >> well, ben, the curfew is just about to lift here at 6:00 a.m. went into effect at tenant p.m.
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what we're seeing is very quiet streets. this is a university town. normally you'd have college students enjoying themselves, going out, having coffee, studying on a sunday may be going to church. but now they streets are deathly quiet. nobody is out here and many people are home. there afraid. i spoke to some college students today who were supposed to be on the strange. two ecuadorians and they went there and it was packed, they saw people fleeing leaving everything and they realize they couldn't go so they are back here. but they are also wondering how long should i stay here. things seem relatively safe here in western ukraine compared to six hours east where our calling trey yingst's. however, there are russian forces five hours to the north in belarus where there are some indications that they could be coming south. there were some reports of russian fighter jets flying around western belarus. it was also -- could also come south. there are people who are afraid. there were some missile strikes about 15 miles from here which is not terribly close but at the same time military targets are
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ripe for strikes. but a lot of nervous people. i spoke to a young woman a few hours ago who said that she can't even sleep. every hour she was waking up looking at her mobile, checking text, hearing from family members, and just very nervous, very afraid. and a lot of people are wondering what to do next. >> i took a train from lviv to get here. it was very hard. there were many people. it was very scary. dangerous. physically and mentally. >> some of the students are also taking matters into their own hands and making molotov cocktails, making homemade bombs, even putting together large jugs which appeared to look like they were roadside bombs perhaps destroyed russian armor. just a lot has changed in short time. just a week ago here in this town that just walking around he would talk to people and ask them do you think the russians are coming in the answer, the consensus almost always was no. they felt this was just a lot of talk.
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they felt before was going to squeeze the country economically. to keep the forces around the border. maybe help close the pores as russian warships in the black sea. strangle some of the ports. they thought this was more and economic war. they did not think a full-scale invasion would happen. despite all the promises from the pentagon, the way has come in the state department that said these troops would invade this country in this invasion was coming. maybe they didn't know a week ago exactly when it was going to happen but it was very close to being spot on. >> you make a very good point. and a lot of the people i spoke to as well say this is not how they saw the invasion panning out. i think you covered the pending -- if you look at the last five days here and you look at the arc of this invasion so far, and we do have to remind our viewers this is only day five moving into day six, but what have you seen of this invasion so far? how is putin been? successful question when the
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ukrainians where hearing have quite a lot of success holding them back, but what are you seeing? >> that's right. i think a lot of people in the pentagon i spoke to think that the russians would come much harder. they would go into the capital after two days. decapitate the government, may be kill zelensky and install a new government. that has not been the case. this russian convoy we keep hearing about seems to be inching along, which is kind of surprising because he would think tanks, self-propelled artillery, armored vehicles would be moving at a bit of a brisker pace. they are certainly probably in the air to some of these turkish made drones the ukrainians are using. another area is the nighttime for the last three nights we keep hearing about these massive russian attacks which is very clear the russian forces don't fight at night the same way that u.s. forces do. i'm not seeing any video imagery of russian soldiers with night vision goggles on. we don't hear that a lot of air activity, fighter jets, helicopters flying at night. we do see these missile strikes.
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our calling trey yingst has reported on that. some missiles that are flying in the short range ballistic missiles being launched from belarus and some positions in ukraine but besides those missile strikes here and there, the nights have been actually much quieter than i thought. but of course what we saw today in kharkiv, and the city, which is what i thought was revenge for the russian special forces unit they got massacred the day before. they launched rockets very indiscriminately and we saw civilians being killed. >> we have been talking for the last day or so about the convoy that is coming down from the north. some say that is about 40 miles long. i wonder what that might suggest to you, the fact we have had such -- what is the fact they are bringing these hundreds and hundreds of artillery pieces, tanks, armored people carriers, down from the north towards kyiv, what does that say to you, what is you are worry there? speak of the concern there is that this is just an all-out
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assault on the city and something we thought would come initially. it also is a resupply. there are a lot of fuel trucks in this convoy as well and we've seen some images of some of the tanks, armored personnel carriers abandoned on the streets and so there is a big aspect of a resupply as well. certainly when you hear about hundreds of tanks and what can come, you can just imagine a potential all-out shelling of the city and something more ink into grouse and you in the mid-90s or something was on syria perhaps in the last few years. just potential horrors to come and certainly not a mere putin does not have to be precise. there is been some pinpoint strikes with precision guided rockets and missiles and some of these caliber cruise missiles from the sea, but certainly there is also fifth-generation fighter jets that putin has i can drop very dumb bombs and very indiscriminate bombs. >> some experts i speak to say that perhaps vladimir putin underestimated the willingness
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to fight the ukrainians but he may not make that mistake again. going to go in with everything he has called. i think that is one of the currents we are going to be watching for the coming days. thank you very much for joining us. we will come back to you later. still ahead, we break down the hot spots in ukraine and to the latest on russian troop movement. bret baier will join us here next. ♪ ♪ ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. ever get a sign the universe is trying to tell you something? the clues are all around us! not that one. that's the one. at university of phoenix, you could earn your master's degree in less than a year for under $11k. learn more at
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>> it is been another day of terror for the people of ukraine. russia tightening its grip on kyiv as we speak. joining us now from washington, the host of "special report on
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fox news," prepare. brett, can you break down what we've seen so far please? >> good evening. we are talking a lot about this convoy making its way into kyiv and that is really the focus of where russian forces want to get to. what you're looking looking at here is the city center and that northwest suburbs. here's the office of the president. this area right here. it's basically downtown kyiv. and to this airbase is about 20 miles from the center of town. it is under control we believe by the russians. it has been back and forth with the ukrainians and russians. heavy battles they are. that convoy is just on the outskirts of this and making its way this way about 15 miles from the city. the issue for the russians is that there are only really two main ways to get into the city center. one is here, one is here. but they both come to a choke point. and we are told that the indians are using antitank missiles,
8:17 pm
javelins, and taking a anybody that comes in in this district to the north. that is what this convoy has really run into. a continual attack by ukrainian defense forces. but if it is 40 miles long as a satellite company suggest and you look at some of the images and you can see how the line of vehicles and armored personnel carriers goes for miles and miles, the russians will have a lot of people to throw at getting into the city of kyiv. and that is the question. how long will that take? meantime, you have been reporting about the exit is, the refugees that are leaving, some 500,000 to all of these countries at the same time. at the same time, supplies, including this javelins are coming this way into the country of ukraine because the ukrainian defense forces need as many as they can get to take on that armored carrier convoy. >> yeah, breaking it down
8:18 pm
perfectly. thank you. and i want your views on something else. it is the state of the union tomorrow and i want -- what it is you think we're going to hear from president biden on this. surely he didn't want his big address to be overshadowed by this. foreign policy wasn't going to be a big part of his administration but here we are. how does he address it, how does he move forward? >> i talked to a number of people and i think that is going to be a big part of the speech at the state of the union. it is obviously happening right now. the focus of everybody's attention. i think he is going to interweave concerns about inflation in the u.s. economy and also the pain that many people feel at the pump as gas prices increase. we have to realize in context, gas prices and inflation were happening before russia went into ukraine. and now it is increasing. i think it's going to be a significant part of the speech. but not all of the speech. this is a tough speech for president biden and to deliver and it's an environment where
8:19 pm
his approval ratings are hovering below 40%. so he is a tough job ahead. at the state of the union address tomorrow night. >> and brett, if i can get your views on also how the administration has handled this. i remember a few days ago jen psaki saying that they could continue working with russia on climate change and the iran deal while at the same time sanctioning them heavily and condemning them. how do you square that circle buster market is a curious way of dealing with this. >> ben, the critics on both sides. both republicans and democrats saying they should have dropped the hammer sooner on some of the most significant sanctions. and in some ways, there are a lot of people in capitol hill but say we followed the u.k. and europe and a number of these moves. one thing the biden administration has done is speak with a lot of these leaders from all these countries and they are singing from the same sheet of music here the question is whether we are doing enough. there is a tiptoeing here
8:20 pm
because i don't want to get into the middle of a war with another nuclear power inside ukraine. so they are being very careful about what they are saying and what they are doing. but the europeans are definitely leading the way when it comes to some of these specific sanctions. >> brett, thank you so much for staying up with us tonight. we really appreciate you being here. all the best, thanks, brett. >> you too. >> the state of the union just hours away and the fighting ukraine escalating, should americans be worried about possible nuclear conflict? a lab report from washington coming up next. ♪ ♪ (music) who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less.
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>> a fox news alert. president biden downplaying putin's threat of nuclear war saying americans don't need to be worried after biden puts his arsenal on special combat readiness. at the white house with more.
8:25 pm
>> white house officials do not even want to go there when it comes to serious discussions about nuclear war. the president had a asked about nuclear war simply said, no, when he was asked if americans should be considered about such nuclear war. this comes as russian president vladimir putin announced that his nuclear arsenal would be put on standby due to what he calls "more aggressive language from nato and the united states." but again, this is putin's spin and the united states has no plan to put our arsenal on alert. listen. >> it's also important to remember that even over the course of the last several months and years, when we have had significant disagreements with russia over range of issues, russia and the united states have long agreed that nuclear use would have devastating consequences and has stated many times including earlier this year that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be found. >> the president spoke with the leaders of several nato countries just hours ago
8:26 pm
pledging to stay out of a nuclear war despite russia even using the word again, our government here feels confident we don't need to raise any nuclear alert level. back to you. >> david, live in washington, thank you. world leaders are feeling pressure now to put more sanctions on russia financially and economically. trimming out as congressman ronnie jackson whose new book "holding the line" will be on july. thank you so much for joining us today. on a sit in the house search -- the foreign affairs committee. a lot of insights into this. we talk about the pressure to put sanctions on vladimir putin. i have to ask, he is still moving forward. he is still going strong. has not been done, though sanctions going to deter him from going any further? >> i'm not sure at this point. we should have done the sanctions early on. that's where the critical mistake was made. we should up at the sanctions on while he was amassed on the ukrainian border and the deal should have been a few back away
8:27 pm
from the ukrainian border and stop threatening the ukrainian people, we will remove the sanctions and we should have sanction the oil and gas industry right away, the central bank, and personally. we should've made it really aggressive and made it hurt really bad and the deal should have been moved away and stop threatening your neighbor. and we will remove the sanctions. but that is not what happened. i now putin is inside and committed to some extent. he has been embarrassed. he is a ruthless, bloody dictator with an incredible ego. he is not the kind of person that is going to do well with being embarrassed on the world stage. and i feel like at this particular point he is going to throw a hail mary and just try to throw everything he can at the ukrainian people right now and is going to get pretty bad over the next few weeks. >> will do that in mind, i knew say sanctions should have been put on earlier, but then what would the next move be? which of the u.s. be doing now to try to deter and further? >> it's a little bit difficult. i honestly don't know. we are trying to get resources
8:28 pm
and weapons into the ukrainian's so they can stand their ground now because they are under full attack right now and i think it's going to get worse because he's going to get more desperate so we are trying to get these resources to them but there is going to come a point where we are walking a fine line because when we are moving stuff across the border in poland or romania or wherever we are at coming up to wonder if there's going to come a point where putin decides that we are in the fight as well and he makes some aggressive move toward troops that are in poland or in romania and it suddenly involves a nato country and we are fully committed at that point. so i'm worried about where we go from here and i don't know what exactly the answer to get out of this is. but it is going to be decouple from this point forward. we made some critical stakes make mistakes that got us here i believe. >> is there need on your mind that if putin were to move into a nato country to article five trent would be triggered in every country would respond even if it was a small corner of estonia, do you think the president would send you a
8:29 pm
soldiers to go fight over one of the smaller parts. do you think article 5 is set in stone. we have faith in the fact that they would go to defend that? >> yes. i think that we are committed. we are committed to nato and we are committed to that. that's why it's so dangerous because now we are going to have russia right on the border of these nato countries. it is a powder keg and a recipe for disaster if there is one little thing that goes wrong. so yes, i do think that. i heard you talking a little bit earlier of the nuclear concerns. i think we have to this serious. he is technically nuclear weapons i have small yields, the type we don't -- that he could use within the country and that would be -- i would set off who knows what if something like that were to happen. i think is a desperate man which scares me a little bit because i think you'll do just about anything to win this fight at this particular point now. >> particularly if he is on the back that you wonder if there is a right corner he might lash
8:30 pm
out. i went to take you back ten days to the munich security council. i know you were there. i wondered whether or not what you were hearing there, what you saw there, was there any indication of what then was going to happen. would people prepared for what they are seeing now or has this been unexpected? it's because i don't it's unexpected but when i saw at the security conference in munich was i so that we united states were leading on anything and typically it is up in the united states to go to with things like this and we gather support from european countries and we lead the way on this. it is very obvious at that conference that we were not leading, that the nato countries weren't on the same page, we weren't hearing the same things from russia and france and germany. it wasn't the same thing we are saying. and i feel good now that some of these countries, germany in particular, have now got on board and they are starting to do more. but a few days back, like ten days back when this was all developing, the united states was not leading on this and nato
8:31 pm
was not altogether on this page and hopefully they are coming together. but i think it's a little bit late in the game and i hope we can still make a difference that i hope can somehow convince putin to back away. >> ironically, one of the things that has happened is that nato seems to have come closer together. as i was had to be one of putin's security concerns with the fact that nato was on its corner but ironically perhaps he has strengthened them. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. we appreciate you having us on and all the best. >> thank you. appreciate of. >> fox news is on the ground to live in ukraine tonight with the new developments breaking by the minute. a lab report from kyiv and what vladimir putin could do next is russia remains desperate to take the capital city. coming up. ♪ ♪se let's go. yeah! mush, walter! pace yourself. ♪♪
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speak of this is a fox news alert. the capital city of ukraine remains on high alert as the
8:36 pm
sirens filled the night sky. for the very latest, we take you there live to trey yingst. what is the latest, what are you seeing? >> about an hour and half from now, the curfew in kyiv will lift. people come out of the shelter's end street and likely to place it to get supplies, grocery stores, banks, anything that is still open in the capital city before either going back home or trying to head to the western part of ukraine. there's a real sense and an understanding here that people have a decision to make. the invasion of the city by those russian forces could be just hours away and people will have to decide do they stay and fight and hunker down or do they try to flee? and it's a big decision for many of the families living in this capital city of nearly 3 million people. those who are staying on the civilians and soldiers alike, do plan to push back against this russian offensive. but the new satellite images indicate there are going to be a lot of soldiers around the city
8:37 pm
in the coming days. 40 miles worth of tanks and artillery units bear the russian forces coming down from the north. other indications they may also come from the east. and so all of this happening at once. a multipronged approach surrounding the city going to make it very dangerous and difficult to defend. and also we look at the possibility of more urban-based were fair and going to be extremely, extremely bloody and happens matter of hours or days. benjamin. >> i wonder if you had any insights into the peace talks that happened yesterday on the boarding of belarus and ukraine and whether or not people here know mike you're talking to their have any faith that they could end this quickly or if they are being held in good faith? >> people are not hopeful that these peace talks will actually come up in any feasible solutions for the ukrainian people. and you really saw it there when he saw the russian delegation in the ukrainian delegation they look completely different for the russians coming in suits and ties and the ukrainians in
8:38 pm
military fatigues. really the symbolism behind it, this country is digging their heels an end preparing for battle. but again, people are not hopeful these conversations will lead to peace because they have heard of before from president putin of russia. he says one thing approaching peace deals and negotiations and that's another thing on the ground. that is exactly what is happening here in ukraine. benjamin. >> you are right. i suppose he had numerous meetings with u.s. officials in the lead up to this. all the same time he was building up his troops and kept dangling that option, the possibility of talks. one other thing, trey. only if you could talk to me about the day-to-day life there for yourself. what do you saying about food supplies. do people have enough food? is not running low? what is it like for the people there? >> is a mess a concern because there is an understanding that if the city is surrounded and supply lines to kyiv get cut, people have basically all the food they have in the homes and that will be it. and this could be a tactic used by the russian simply to just
8:39 pm
cut off the city and then wait. but people are scared. understandably. they don't know what the coming days will bring. they are stocking up on any sort of supplies that they can get. but remember when you have so many people running to the stores have the same time, the lines around the block. so people are waiting in line all day to get supplies but may be they also need medicine and other things with their families and kids. so they have to take all these things in mind as he was seen firsthand in the western part of ukraine some people are making the tough decision to simply flee the city and try to get to safety in the western part of ukraine or even in poland. >> what about the resilience of the people? what about some kind of resistance? are people ready, willing, able to fight the russians when they finally come in if they finally come and? >> everyone from the average joe you meet on the street to members of parliament say they are willing to stop and fight the russians. we see the lines here in the capital of kyiv around the block outside of police stations. people waiting to get weapons
8:40 pm
peered one member of parliament over the weekend described it to me as they were handing them out like candy. indicating that anyone who can use a gun will use a gun in the city and they will do everything they can to stop the russian offensive. one other interesting thing, they are moving trucks and cement barriers into the streets. they want to make sure they can slow down the russian offensive. so some of those people were making molotov cocktails to be able to hit different elements of the condo's that are set to come into the city in the coming days. benjamin. >> thanks very much for joining us. working always around the clock it seems. we appreciate you and your work. stay safe and speak to you soon. well, vladimir putin reportedly used what is called a vacuum bomb during the latest invasion. and that would violate the geneva convention. so what, how does this factor in the fight to defend kyiv as another major push now appears to be underway? let's go live now to the former defense intelligence agency
8:41 pm
director at the shoemaker. thank you so much for joining us this morning. i know you have a bit of insight. into these vacuum bombs. what can you tell us about them? >> thank you very much for having me. i want to make clear that these are still unconfirmed reports. we don't know exactly where these reportedly have been used and we're still trying to ascertain what exactly happened. but given that, a vacuum bomb is essentially a style of chemical weapon almost that creates a supersonic blast wave that destroys everything in the blast zone. it is meant in theory at least two clear an area of -- so you can use it for things as lending helicopters are dropping off equipment. but if you use it against a population as it has been purported than it is an incredibly brutal weapon that is only surpassing and brutality by nuclear weapons. >> i went to rescue also about
8:42 pm
his influence over the army. i know you said this not a one-man band at some people like to suggest. he does still operate with his military appear they have certain influence and control. how does that dynamic work? >> it's a great question and i think the way -- the best way to answer that is this likely was not a presidential decision. president putin probably did not make this decision himself to use this weapon. it probably came from somewhere in the general staff. typically basil off the way the russian military is organized. within the russian military, decisions are often taken out of the hands of lower echelon individuals and they tend to reside higher along in the spectrum than the american military. although it probably did come from a higher echelon, it most likely did not come from president putin himself. however, given that, the situation itself is becoming incredibly desperate, if you will, for the russians to show
8:43 pm
him sort of progress to their superiors. it makes it all the more dangerous that they are more willing to take risks and more willing to blur the lines between what is a military target and what is a civilian target. and you just reported in your previous report of anyone who takes up a weapon in kyiv or in ukraine technically does become a viable military target. they become part of a militia. so the longer this goes on, the logical or becomes very brutal, very bloody, because it will so death and destruction wherever it goes. >> and if you take that in the big scale, it keeps going on at you end up with some kind of occupation, a lot of people saying an occupation like that wouldn't work for putin, that he would be bled dry, that he couldn't sustain either the loss of his troops or the financial costs. so if he isn't able immediately or in the next few weeks to capture kyiv and gain control, would you say that means he is
8:44 pm
fighting a losing battle at that point? >> most likely, yes. and the short answer would simply be that the longer this goes on, the harder it is for him to justify to his own people and to his military to support it. however, given that, the russians -- and the russian mind-set, they have a higher tolerance for losses than the americans or those in the westwood. at the same time, from the reports that i have seen, with regards to the russian supply lines in the way they are fighting now, they would be lucky to make it another three or four days unless they are able to actually establish renewed supply lines. so the longer this goes on, the greater the chance of ukraine has that russia has to turn around and go home. >> matthew, that's an optimistic view, and i hope you are right. three or four days would be the
8:45 pm
best outcome for many people. matthew, thanks so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. thank you. still had combinations around the world now are rallying to send military aid to ukraine in the fight against russia. but is it too little, too late? a former national security advisor and member of ukraine's parliament will weigh in on that next. ♪ ♪ (children giggling) hey, i was, uh, thinking about going back to school to get my masters. i just saw something that said you could do it in a year for, like, $11k. hmm. barista: order eleven! yeah, see you at 11. 1111 masters boulevard, please. gonna be eleven even, buddy. really? the clues are all around us! some things are too obvious to be a coincidence.
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>> it is almost 7:00 a.m. here in ukraine. entering day six of this war. a lot of uncertainty about how the next few days leo, in particular today. but right now for you we have a fox news alert. a la a la nation sending weapons and medical supplies to a ukraine remains on the brink of collapse. joining me now, retired navy captain bob wells and ukraine member of parliament, alexander used to know about thank you both for joining us this morning. we really appreciate it. and if i might say, if i might start, captain, with you. i wonder if you tell me me about kyiv. what is russia thinking and how
8:50 pm
important kyiv is to them? >> kyiv is the prize. it is the real key to the actual occupation. it is likely the objective to continue the siege. so way of political capitulation. everything that we have seen is lost or go to three days with regard to the buildup of the russian forces and their progress toward kyiv, especially 17 miles outside of kyiv right now, are facing strong resistance shows you how intense they are to capture this particular key objective. you look at the other difficulties they have been having in kharkiv and also down to the southeast of ukraine and it hasn't gone according to plan. the good news is, for the moment, kyiv still stands, and it's not too late to support. >> there are some people who have said this is too little, too late, that more should have
8:51 pm
been done and that may be now not enough weapons can be given to the ukrainians to help them repel the russians. i want to do bring in now ukrainian mp, alexander. i gather you are in washington at the moment. can you give us idea of what exactly the ukrainian army still needs, what it is they are most in need of? >> i give you a few numbers and a few examples. we have 100,000 people signing up for the army to go protect their native home within the first two desperate unfortunately, we cannot expectt any more people because we are out of guns. we have people standing in line for nine or ten hours just to sign up for the army. women, young men, people of older generations just willing to fight for their country but we don't have enough guns for them. i'm not even talking about moments, but bullet proof vest. of that has been sent to the front lines here just to give you an example, my colleagues in
8:52 pm
the parliament, they just have one rifle and no protection, no helmets, no bulletproof vests. and they are still in the city protecting it. >> thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. captain think he is all. i'm afraid we are out of time and level up. we appreciate both of you coming on. coming up next, as russians tighten their grip on the capital city of kyiv, we have a lot of report coming up. plus, is p still possible without or fighting? more on that coming up next. ♪ ♪ at pulte, we build homes that think ahead to everything you'll need. like a dedicated office space with wi-fi for you to stay focused. hard wired internet outlets for more gaming.
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8:57 pm
six hours west of the capital they 6 a vladimir putin's war on ukraine. so far has not gone according to schedule and has not controlled major cities in ukraine. however, three cities under siege. that one massive convoy coming into the capital. some 50 miles away with hundreds of tanks, armored personnel tanks, fuel and artillery. we have a tax on kharkiv the second largest city in the northeast one day after russian special forces unit was massacred including casualties and the south east of merrill after the marines came dancing on the city. it is notable that last night was fairly quiet nationwide but we did not see the 400 missiles fired overall but last night certainly people bracing for what is next, then. >> lucas, thank you for joining us and staying up with us this morning. thank you the world is on edge and vladimir putin's next move,
8:58 pm
joining us for security expert jason, i just wanted to first thank you for joining us and as we look at the first five days of this invasion, where do we stand at the moment? >> you have great reporting and highlighting a couple of things. russia stalled out and losing momentum. ukrainians are fighting. you see desperation playing in the field but the long-term prospect putin has already lost this game. >> one of the questions that we hear back home is why should this matter to americans? why should the u.s. be involved here? and what would you say to them? >> number one rest assure the fight for liberty happens all over the world watching ukrainian spirit defend homeland against larger force and always interesting to us but also good for nato allies appear they loved the buffer zone between russia and european union and
8:59 pm
finally i will see it this way, china needs to learn a lesson in this as well which is tyrants cannot roll over neighbor states, sovereignty without paying the price for it. all things are good to come up at the immediate problem for book of the americans and what they were feel and look for some of that to hurt us a little bit in the next few weeks. >> i was going to use asked briefly about china and away from the middle east. do you think that has to be reversed or does china still have to be the major focus here? >> china needs to be the major focus but the things happening on the ground, china wants to lay a route inside ukraine and they want to control the company that creates the engines that fueled the planes and helicopters. china has its eyes on ukraine as an empire and russia is reacting to that right now. it is important on the global scale. watch for china to react as well. >> jason beardsley thank you for
9:00 pm
joining us this evening. we appreciate your expertise as well. that is all from us here, lviv, ukraine, thank you and we will have to see what the next few days hold. a a difficult war between ukraine and russia in next "fox news @ night" with shannon bream. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. ♪ ♪


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