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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 2, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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continuing coverage, breaking news. from the capital city, the scope of latimer and the humanitarian crisis that 1 -- one may be left now lead, a vast exodus of refugees. many continue to stand their
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ground. hello, everyone. i'm trace gallagher. date a make in the battle and ukraine. you and has ordered russian two and the bloodshed but it is becoming very apparent that there's more depth and violence on the horizon. we have coverage this hour and kevin corke said the pentagon. we begin with the chief correspondent, jonathan hunt. jonathan, good morning again. >> good morning to you again. it is impossible to say whether this was always the plan but the russian military having apparently been --
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and now they're making a major push into southern ukraine and presumably heading north from there. the mayor of the city has said that russian forces are in control of his city. he says those russian troops have got into the city and he met with them and he says that he asked them to not kill civilians. grimly he added that he has asked for time for the ukrainian people in kherson to gather bodies from the streets. russian forces also pushing into the city of mariupol every also understand that the russian warships are now heading across the black see from the crimean peninsula towards and perhaps already into odessa. that's another critically important southern city and if
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they control odessa, they control kherson and mariupol. but if they do that gives the effective control of the entirety of the south and they can obviously therefore pushed north towards kyiv and encircle that. president zelinsky zelenskyy meantime says that ukrainians will continue to fight and will not get the russian forces, as he put it, one moment of peace. this and the president here. >> think of this number, almost 6,000 russians died. to get what, get ukraine? it is impossible. this is not to be changed by missiles, bombs, tanks. today you ukrainians are symbol of invincibility. >> in the first week of this conflict the united nations commission for refugees now says that 1 million ukrainians have
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left the country seeking refuge and come to places like poland, romanian. 1 million people within the first seven days of this conflict. we have not seen anything like this on the continent of europe, of war on european soil, 1 million refugees, nothing like it in decades. >> it is stunning. i just want to go back briefly to do talking about controlling the cities of before and odessa. i wonder if anybody talked about russian resources at all, and if they do control odessa eventually and they always control before, will they have to leave the city school after the biggest targets like kharkiv arche of mac or would they have enough to hold the cities and still be able to attack the bigger cities? >> welcome i think anybody who tries to protect exactly what that russian president president
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will order his forces to do is that really dealing with any reality. we simply don't know. by you would assume that they are going to have to hold odessa . if they want to take it, they want to hold kherson and mariupol. that gives an strategic jumping off points. you would imagine that some of those forces also with been moved northward because if they do that from the site they can completely encircle kyiv and stage a real season that of that city hoping of president zelenskyy and his government will give up. clearly from the parts of president zelenskyy, that is not a thought in this might at this point. >> that's very good point. is a tough guy. jonathan hunt, back to you. the refugee agency now reports that 1 million ukrainians come as jonathan was saying, has fled their homeland in search of
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safety. that is the fastest exit it of refugees to century but we also hearing stories and ukrainians who are returning to enlist in the fight for ukraine president freedom. among them is the tennis star. he is trading has bracket for arms. it is an amazing story because just a few years ago you defeated roger better at wimbledon and now you are facing different enemies. why come back and why fight this war? >> thank you for having me. putin presstek goal in addition -- and god knows who in his mind and if ukraine will lose this battle and lose this war, most likely -- [indiscernible] >> i write your story a little
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bit and it was a difficult decision for you to make and you said that your family is that very happy with you. do they understand -- didn't do they understand why you have to do what you are doing. >> it's hard for anybody to understand and even my family. is not a winning decision but it's the right one. my wife understood but i just hope that i will have the chance to ask for forgiveness. >> we are trying to keep the shot up a little bit. your sound is cutting in and out but i'm wondering, did you had some sirens there that you are hearing. did that materialize into anything or worthless false alarms. is that a common occurrence for sirens go off every so often? >> yes. 's has been daily, 5-6 times a day.
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we hear the sounds of airstrike alarms. some of them land by their defense. some of them -- [indiscernible] >> you have said that ukraine does not have military might, the power that russia has, but ukraine has a recent the fight. explain that, if you can for us. >> well, for the last eight years since we have been at war in russia, ukraine saw in their own eyes the russians did bring the table this nothing that -- and that possibility is to travel to europe without a visa. they want to see the world and experience things and that is why every single individual
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inside ukraine what's be inside ukraine and that is why they're willing to fight. >> you talk about traveling and you have done so be do with the first in the world. is a important to you that some of the people you play tennis against have come out, one of the top tennis players have, and they said that we need peace. these are russian tennis players who have gone against vladimir putin said we need peace. is that important for your fellow players to make that statement and support your country? >> of course it is. and the vast majority is supporting the piece and the fork in this particular plays but it's not about the piece. we didn't attack russia, russia attacked us, which is a bit different. now were talking about -- is that that everybody stops were there and we go back to russia.
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that's more important. that the support of the world has been tremendous and has been essential to all the things that happened after the sanctions, the strong sanctions against russia, individuals that forced the russian oligarchs to sell their clubs and seizing the yet come all of them made them try to reestablish their governance. >> i know you have got to go. i wanted to quickly ask you if the momentum object country is still high. is the fierce want to fight. is it still as high as it was eight days ago. >> had to seeing our president? that is what our nation looks like. everybody is willing to fight. >> it's an inspiring story. thank you for coming on. we very much appreciate it.
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>> a special look at the comedian turn president who has a few stupidly his country instead becoming an inspiration to ukrainians. gillian turner has more from the state department. >> there is no package. that is a live look at the city of kyiv right there. we have been told that the convoy we've been talking about
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the past couple of days, were talking about a 40-mile convoy of russian trucks and tanks, it was going towards kyiv a couple days ago in and suddenly at stopped and it has not moved since. were talking about thousands of pieces of military equipment along with hundreds of soldiers moving toward the city. the idea was that you had the soldiers that word surround the city of kyiv and ask the president and his cabinet to step down or they would go in and attacked the city. so far that convoy remains stuck . nobody is sure why. we have heard reports that they are out of fuel, that they are out of food, and that morale is very low. ukrainians have set on several occasions they have tried to attack that convoy and been
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successful in a few instances. but the russians have also fought back. so the majority of that convoy is still intact. it is still fully armed and loaded. the question becomes when do they moved. and you see this map right here. to concede crimea, which was annexed by russia in 2014. the town and the city of kherson , one of the baker city so far in ukraine, 300,000 population, has now been controlled by the russians pick you look at mariupol on the right. these are cities that are coming off the black sea. there is fierce fighting going on in mariupol. one of the questions as if you look at the south come if you look a little bit over, there's also the city of odessa. that's the third largest city in
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it is a port city off the black see and there are reports now that russian forces, we're talking about amphibious forces, are about to or have made their way up into that city and there is word and reports of fierce fighting going on. the question becomes if the russians control kherson in spite of and their able to get control of odessa, then would they be able to hold the cities because, remember, when they were encompassing the entire country with 150-170,000 troops, that was the extent of their forces. an additional 10-15,000 are in the black sea aboard ships. the site that you create is the size of texas and as every military analyst will tell you, it is very difficult to be able to control a state the size of texas with 150,000 soldiers parts of the question becomes what they hold on to these cities that they are taking control of or will they have to relinquish them to use those resources and forces to move on and controlled control bigger cities like kyiv and kharkiv. it is an open question and
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ukrainians are hoping that we never find out. continuing coverage on the ukraine more. meantime to us intelligence suggesting a closer tie between russia and china than previously suspected. vladimir putin met with his chinese counterpart xi just before the opening ceremony of the olympics. the new york times is reporting that china refers the kremlin leader to hold up his invasion of ukraine until after the games . putin, in fact, launched his attack a few days later. chinese government denies the report, claiming it's an attempt to blame shift and smear china. with us now is greg palkot live in london. >> good morning, trace. all that is correct, according to foxnews pressed it own sources. they're able to confirm tonight that china and russia in their own way are working together regarding this invasion of ukraine and its timing.
11:20 pm
has been reporting, fox news confirmed that fox news xi as president putin to delay the invasion of ukraine until after the winter olympics were over and moscow complied. the games ended on february 20. the war started february 24. this implied a shared knowledge of putin's plan and aggression on the part of the three. they've basically been reading the same song shoots including complaints about nato presence in eastern europe. china is not directly endorsing russia present attack on ukraine but it has this great but the west calling it information. it will support china and giving russia behind the scenes. allowing the russian military to fully deploy away from the east and focus on ukraine and china
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is providing sanction help. it provides a lot of oil and gas from moscow. now it's sealed the deal in which it will buy wheat from russia and in return what does russia get? well, it gets its superpower rival busy on the ups opposite side of the globe as well it focuses on its own issues. and breaking news tonight, the beijing winter olympics, they are going forward. they will start on saturday. but the news that we are getting is the olympic committee has reversed an earlier decision and now will not let russian or belarusian athletes compete in those games. we are looking into that. >> thank you. a special look at the comedian turned president who has refused to plead his country.
11:22 pm
instead becoming an inspiration to ukrainians. jillian turner with more from the state department. >> that those words president-elect he thrust is open to the global spotlight becoming a beacon of hope from ukrainians and an icon to the free world. he is jewish and grip in southeastern ukraine. some of his relatives pairs in the holocaust. after getting in law degree he entered the entertainment industry. in 2006 he competed in ukraine's version of designate the stars pretty was elected president in 2019 after campaigning on peace with russia. >> today ukrainians will win. >> soon after putin -- and the pumps between moscow and kyiv it he became a household name during the impeachment trial between he and president trump.
11:23 pm
he's criticized trump or get embroiled in us politics. >> as you know, i don't do politics exclusively and i think this is one of the main reasons to trust me. >> as an actor he is used to reading script but it's war broke out in this country, he's thrown them out the window and speaking to ukrainians from the heart. his main mission now bringing peace to ukraine and ukraine into the european union. >> we are fighting for our frights, for our freedoms, for life it is something he said he's want that for 30 years. now we are learning new information about the threat that sullen ski is facing from russia inside ukraine. us intelligence community is concerned about his traceability well he's using the web and social media to communicate with the ukrainian people. the us government's sharing intelligence about these threats
11:24 pm
of ukraine in real time. in washington, jillian turner, fox news. >> thank you. you clear politicians are not shying away from taking the russians on. we will hear from one of them next.
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ukrainian politicians are taking up arms to fight at their country. let's go live to a member of the parliament. good to see you. it's been a few days since we've spoken. how are you holding up and howard your people holding up, serve. >> we are holding up, i can say absolutely the morale is very high.
11:29 pm
people are united in their brought it to. they couldn't open inch to kyiv. they just wanted to have this all for the convoy, many miles. we are keeping the ground. and people keep the ground until the end. >> i note that your ukrainian politicians are also joining the fight and i'm wondering if you see an end to this. you also have some cease-fire talks that will happen some time today and i wonder if you believe that there is hope in those talks. >> i'm also a member of civilian militia in kyiv working on checkpoints and things like these and. we will miss them and it will be help for them, i assure you. speaking about peace talks, we want peace. we want peace as soon as
11:30 pm
possible but we are not going to surrender and we see that putin is speaking about this on one hand and on the other hand he is throwing missiles and bobs to our kindergarten schools and he's using bombs and weapons that are almost as dangerous as nuclear weapons. only a nuclear weapon is more powerful so it looks like all the peace talks from putin for the moment are just tricks. but it any case, we are ready. we just need help to defend our sky. that is the problem for us today and it helps so much that the united states will show leadership in this question and help us to fight not only for ourselves but for the whole world. >> in the united states response and nato's responses been that they can't do a no-fly zone because that is a declaration of war. they would be fighting russian
11:31 pm
fighter jets and that is the declaration of war and it could lead to world war iii. what do you make up that explanation from nato, from the east you, from the united states . >> first of all, the world for three already started. if somebody doesn't see it, it's their problem. it's already started. it's against the whole free world. secondly speaking about fighters , when american pilots could not get us. so, give us weapons, we will do everything ourselves. we are not asking for boots on the ground but give us possibilities. our people are fighting with molotov cocktails. a no-fly zone over the whole country. give us a corridor. we can take children from the fighting areas. and the whole world will understand. give us air quarter is just to
11:32 pm
take people out and make a no-fly zone just over part of ukraine over the border with poor poland. so these things could be done even from not a strategical point of view but from a humanitarian point of view. stick your president joest are said that ukrainians are fighting a war battle. in the also acknowledge that you are fighting a much bigger opponent and that ukraine cannot manage forever. do you share that opinion that the clock is ticking and you have fought this heroic battle but at some point in time you might be overmatched? >> i think that we will win. just imagine what a disaster it will be if the russians will take one of our big cities. certainly then we will never
11:33 pm
accept russian power and they will need to leave. this will be a disaster for the whole world. nuclear power stations in our territory and russia trying to attack the next country. so i believe in our nation. we will win but definitely it will be much easier and quicker and better for the world if there will be big help from the west. speaking about help and banning russian oil and gas because without oil and gas sales, russia could not afford this work. >> you talked a little while ago about the convoy that's been outside kyiv about 15 miles outside. is it your understanding because we have heard some intel reports that a lot of those russian soldiers are losing or have really low morale and that is one of the things that is blogging that cow --
11:34 pm
that convoy down. have you heard anything like that? >> certainly. you can find on my facebook, a lot of video like russian soldiers committed and surrendered to ukraine and say we didn't know that we were coming for the four. we don't want to fight with you. we can't understand. some of them are saying were set that ukrainians are waiting for us with flowers in their hands and we are waiting for them and just that only military people but millions of ukrainians with molokai of cocktails, they see like they are fighting with the nation and not even the army and that is why their morale is so low. at that filled the true. >> isu feud days ago if you're getting the things that you needed a you said, no, you needed more. are you getting the weapons coming in after you had one weapon of choice, what a beat air power.
11:35 pm
what would you need desperately right now? >> to close the sky. >> and with that be something that you think would be quickly brought in the country to give you -- >> it's absolutely close. our military people can start work on them and then that will be a very big help it everything which can help us to close the sky. that is what we desperately need , desperately. >> sergiy stakhovsky, good to talk to you again. thank you, sir. russian president putin facing bigger persistence that he expected in ukraine and now he is losing support at home. we will have more on that story next. headphones, you can watch movies through your phone? and y'all got electric cars?
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rocking the capital city of kyiv as ukrainians wake up to an eighth day of war. as fighting continues on multiple fronts across the country, convoy of troops are still lined up outside the capital. fox news correspondent trade drinking start reports. >> this is -- fear of more lethal attacks in the kharkiv. a regional officials is 21 people were killed in a day long bombardment of russian artillery some russian planes up and shut down. ukrainian forces before clashes in the streets with russian paratroopers. the mayor from kharkiv said it remains in ukrainian hands for now. >> it's really hard for us but we are standing strong and we will continue to be strong.
11:41 pm
russians continue denying targeting civilians but west of the capital ever and reported air stripe at a residential maternity hospital. emergency services officials reported at least two dead. hearing kyiv, checkpoints are in the s-uppercase-letter ukrainian forces hardened their defense as well a 40 melt russian artillery convoy slowly approaches from all directions. and apparent stranglehold maneuver. >> they are coming from different sides. a lot of people came here before the war started. >> if so it could provide a gateway for more of his forces to enter southern ukraine through crimea. russia claims residence there are safe. local persistence, the road into the largest nuclear plant blocked by a human convoy. russia later claimed that it sees the area from the facility. and the batter port city of mariupol, the mayor says residents have endured more than 14 hours of bombardment.
11:42 pm
among the casualties, three boys injured while they were playing. one later died. evenness russia ups its offensive, both sides prepared to resume negotiations. >> now we get ready for talks, for diplomacy. we are not ready to accept any russian ultimatums at all. >> here in kyiv those residents who remain weight uneasily. >> we are printing to the basement trembley and worrying but we believe and victory. >> tonight we are flirting a prosecutor for the international criminal court has opened an investigation into alleged war crimes in ukraine. in kyiv, fox news. >> president biden is hitting the road hot off his state of the union speech to two drops support for the midterm elections. >> good morning. is that just the president hitting the road. for talking the vice president as well, all heading out in that the country after the state of the union to basically amplify
11:43 pm
aspects of the agenda that were highlighted during that -- what i say top officials, i mean were talking about an all hands on deck fan out across the country. the president, vice president, the secretary of treasury, labor , and commerce and others i should also add and i think it's fair to say this might be a reflection of the precarious position that the president and his popular -- party face politically but polling showing fairly placid support for the president his job on approval number seven awful and adding insult to injury, look at this latest fox news survey when asked, did you want biden to run again in 2024. 64% of those say said no, i'm good. i'll pass. keep in mind that poll is actually conducted long before the state's union address, which
11:44 pm
usually gives you a bit of a bounce if you are the president of the ford 24-48 hours. but when you think about it, it's probably a pretty accurate reflection of how people still feel and i will say this. when you're talking about record inflation, soaring energy costs, especially gas prices, surging crime and major cities up and down the east coast and in particular but frankly all over the country, to say nothing of what he military crisis along the southern border and all those foreign policy missteps, not just afghanistan but obviously the way we are responding to put the russians are doing to ukraine. it seems apparent that the administration is manifestly sounding the alarm. they need to get out there and make a very strong sales pitch or this could be an awful red way for them come the midterms in november. >> and they are getting closer. thank you. president putin is said to be losing support at home but russians have set a team of
11:45 pm
elite commandos to ukraine. they have one order, eliminate president zelinsky. the president of national security defense counsel says ukrainian forces got intelligence about a planned attack and destroyed one elite judging unit. the chechens are part of a rational national guard unit and a well known for fighting insurgencies. joining us now is ron running for that -- in florida's 24th district. the primary is august 23. the russians are getting ground. we'll see this. the russians are getting some kind of picking up some of the smaller cities and going after some of the bigger cities. what i'm wondering is as they start to pick up ground, they are still losing world support so even if russia were to win this battle, it looks like they have already lost this war. your thoughts. >> we all need to pray for ukraine.
11:46 pm
the ukrainians are putting up a great fight against the russians the russians right now are fighting on multiple fronts, not only bitterly on the ground but also in the public relations realm. and so right now the folks who are back home in russia are having to deal with the sense that the going against their own friends and allies in a sense of their relatives are in ukraine and so to speak you have this -- within the russian military who are leaking this information to some of their relatives over cohorts that are trained, which we all know are reaching some type of full force ward.
11:47 pm
it's already a huge type of machine to put together, let alone coming from your own administration own forces, making it that much more difficult. we all know the russian military is overwhelming and god willing ukraine can hold on much longer. but it does help, it does help that you can see -- [indiscernible] could also help bring about its own defeat. >> are right. the russian military is overwhelming by you look at the convoy and you look at some other instances and a lot of times the military looks like it's in a bit of disarray. that is bolstering a lotf the ukrainian soldiers and the people were living there because they believe that there is a morale issue and there are some
11:48 pm
problems within the military structure of russia. >> well morale is something that tends to be something that we cannot necessarily measure but it is formidable. there is low morale. i want a my first experience started six years when i was overseas, two of them in the middle east. one off the coast of israel. we used to go up close into the black see where the russians would have their navy harasses, but our military at least from my standpoint, it if you had a sense of you could last long, and you could do what is best for your country, especially if you had equipment and morale is high. it's easy for folks to just not conform with what the commanders
11:49 pm
want on the ground. and they continue to -- the pentagon would actually want it's something that is going to be, we can review this going back once things are all said and done. but i think this is going to be something that we have to look into. is going to become part of history. we need to understand that the ukrainians being supportive need support even from the beginning, even though we had intel that russia -- excuse me, putin would have been baited ukraine. there was a huge about two months where we could have done a lot even bolster that ukrainian military and how about that. we could've destroyed their
11:50 pm
morale sooner rather than later. best of luck to you in the election. thank you. >> the attack on ukraine is tripped up a series international sanctions talking to russian banks and businesses. but what might be his biggest achilles' heel that has that so far been hit. drives home that part to russian oil. fresh is the largest producer of russian oil. the job creator network is urging president biden to reject foreign oil and -- he's the former foreign-policy adviser at a state department official. always good to see you. president biden said by american by american and yet he keeps buying russian oil and gas. there seems to be a disconnect. >> well, we by about 5-10% of our crude oil from russia.
11:51 pm
at this point given the situation in the ukraine and the rationing of sanctions, even that is too much but it's all a very low percentage of the oil that we use. they're much more dependent upon oil and gas from russia. my personal view is we should also wrapped up -- the reason is about one third of russian brennan if you come from the energy sector. we are going to have to target it if we want to assure that the impacts -- has an impact in russia. i suspect it will. bitstream two is the pipeline that russia built with germinate that would have circumvented ukraine has been sanctioned by the us and germany has also decided to put off certifying up pipelines of the pipeline has not come on and given that the
11:52 pm
development over the last few weeks i don't expect that it probably ever will come on so ultimately the europe and -- europe and rushes going to cooperate if this not -- he's pivoting his strategy turning to artillery so he's shelling the city wrap the going and the cities because his ground game has halted to a stall. for that reason he is not going to pull out. >> i just want to go back and that is $15 million -- 150 million barrels a month. that's a lot of money to be helping finance this war against ukraine and i just wonder why the president will decide to do what a lot of politicians are asking him come especially especially republicans, which is to come up this they get from
11:53 pm
russia and turn on the fuel coming from the united states. energy independence is national security. >> we should be moving toward energy independence and i also agree with you that even $1 up oil purchases from russia bright right now given what rush is doing is too much. but the biden administration has done well is ratcheting up the sanctions to hit all of russia's industrial sectors. so if putin this that pull out, we should ultimately sanction all of the state owned energy companies. it would be illegal for them to develop oil in the united states
11:54 pm
>> we told you earlier that they put the billboard in times square, eight group to job crews their art. the president of that network is -- [indiscernible] we are helping to finance putin present were on ukraine. we must declare the green new deal could be day he once and for all. they've gone from 20 bucks barrel to -- in two years later fivefold increase. you don't say were not going to shut down with the new plea deal we need to slow down to get this the under control. >> well, i don't want to mix these issues has been there
11:55 pm
other oil sources that we can rely upon and other -- but we should be major side is the reason we need to do that is because he you need to hit very hard. and i do expect the biden administration if putin this that pull out and it is that like you will. in fact we won't be up to sell anywhere. people using the dollar and if you're follows suit and put sanctions on earlier. and they will and russian oil much more than we do so that to file alternative sources. including from the gulf countries in the middle east
11:56 pm
that are big suppliers many to increase their protection during this crisis. >> i've got to go. thank you for coming on. we greatly appreciate it. >> a dark wire from the top diplomat to the united nations on contemporary coverage of the war in ukraine.
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the brand i trust is qunol. fox news alert, russia's -- and you to crane taking direct aim. and the second largest city with that they've. 1 million people have fled their homeland. the fastest exit after of refugees in the century. it is apparent that the worst may be yet to come.