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tv   FOX News Sunday  FOX News  March 6, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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and kim. she wanted to execute a pre-set trade strategy in seconds. so we gave 'em thinkorswim® web. because platforms this innovative aren't just made for traders -they're made by them. thinkorswim® by td ameritrade ♪ ♪ russian troops pressed into cities as ukrainians flee from the borders. >> we are all human jewish estate together cracks or head to shelters. cracks i hope all of this violence and soon his progress ukrainian process for a no-fly zone but the u.s. and nato allies say that it's off the table progress u.s. troops are not going to be fighting in ukraine that includes in the
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skies over ukraine. >> abide to ministration putting the economic squeeze on putin while continuing support to cranes later. will ask ukraine ambassador to the u.s. about hurt nations resolve and what they need from the west to stay in the fight. plus the debate over debate policy is gas and oil prices surge. >> i do not want u.s. dollars to be funding this carnage require setting up a showdown with the white house. >> as long as they are buying russian oil though are we financing the war? will jackie again, it's only about 10% of what we are importing. >> will ask chris murphy a member of the foreign relations committee and joni ernst a member of the armed services committee about this nation's role in the escalating war. then. >> let's stop seeing each other as enemies and start seeing each other for who we are. fellow americans. cracks present by its first state of the union seeks to find
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common ground but party disunity on both sides is on full display. bill asked our sunday panel what election-year division means for the midterm. all right now on fox news sunday. ♪ hello again from fox news in washington. you are looking live it kyiv re-creating facing increasingly grim conditions. gathering threat from approaching columns of russian troops to the south ukrainian officials wait to see if a safe passage meant to get civilians out of harm's way would hold after a temporary cease-fire collapsed saturday. all while vladimir putin signals he has no intention of stopping his campaign calling sanctions by the west tantamount to declaring war in a moment we'll stick with ukrainian ambassador to the s oksana markarova. we working with team fox covering jonathan hot and trying to ukraine the temporary
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cease-fire is holding. at the latest on the front lines first let's turn to alex hoff traveling with the president in delaware with u.s. response, alex. >> will shannon, last night president biden spoke with president zelensky for about 45 minutes. the discussion includes plans to send more economic aid. follow an emotional video call zelensky held with u.s. lawmakers. >> been on a lot of zoom calls this is one i'll never forget progress virtual call with zelensky members of congress heard pleas for ammunition and a call to ban russian oil imports. and i barred an idea with bipartisan support to precooked energy has been a weaponize we have the ability to basically counter that weapon pickle excellence he also pushed lawmakers for u.s. help in poland's effort to send soviet big jets to air force. i three weight deal to make that happen. visa and mastercard suspended
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operations at zelensky's request for the chairman and ceo wrote this war and the ongoing threat to peace and demanded we were spine and try to respond in light of the rose u.s. world leaders remain largely opposed to zelensky's request for a no-fly zone. >> that could lead to a full-fledged war. in your present biden has been clear that we are not going to get into a war with russia brick works yesterday a russian government charter flight landed at dulles airport outside of d.c. to retrieve it russian diplomats accused of espionage and now expelled from the u.s. and now an american is being held by russia and a high-profile detention case. w nba star brittney griner was arrested after russian officials said they found vape cartridges with hashish oil in her luggage. she faces ten years in a russian prison. >> out israel's prime minister met in person with a vladimir putin yesterday. he is the first foreign leader
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to do so since the invasion began. we were told president zelenskyy and the prime minister have talked three times in the last 24 hours. and it shannon, on wednesday vice president harris is set to travel to poland and romania. >> alec and trent alex hoff reporting from delaware thank you but let's turn now to trey yingst in kyiv. >> the russians and ukrainians are set to hold a third round of peace talks tomorrow. though civilian areas here continue to be targeted, the situation on the ground is deteriorating each hour. former ukrainian president arise near the front lines in the city. he is here to meet with troops or helping civilians to escape the war. >> we are here now to evacuate children, to evacuate women to save their lives from the russian maniac opposed to progress russian forces advance on the capitol of kyiv thousands
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of civilians are fleeing their homes. the front lines here are changing by the hour pretties you bombed out bridge behind me. we hear artillery in the distance. similar arterial struck residential areas across ukraine this week killing dozens and destroying civilian homes. russian forces are now in control of the power plant after a fierce battle for the facility last week. the u.s. embassy in ukraine called the russian offensive at the plant a war crime. despite many territorial losses, ukrainian president vladimir zelenskyy releasing a video saturday night urging his citizens to keep fighting the russian invasion. >> do not give up. do not stop the resistance they shout to the occupiers go home. they drive them away from our territory where they block the roads for them. every meter of our ukrainian plan one by protest is a step forward. a step towards victory for our entire state.
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>> rushes cracking down on immediate related to the war making it a crime to spread what they call fake news. in reality this means a journalist could spend up to 15 years in prison simply for covering the story and practicing their craft. she had. >> treatment reporting from the ukrainian capitol parade thank you very much and not to jonathan hunt in lviv. >> a humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding in ukraine. it is perhaps nowhere more pronounced right now than the southern city of mariupol. mariupol has been under the most intensive bombardment of anywhere in the country for the last few days. we are told 200,000 civilians are trapped there with little food, little water and no power. on saturday there was a glimmer of hope with the announcement of a cease-fire and the establishment of a humanitarian core door to the civilians to get out.
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but the cease-fire collapsed almost as first of the first of those civilian set out along the supposedly safe core door. ukrainian officials saying russian forces opened fire and therefore they ordered all of this trying to escape to go back to their homes or whatever is left of their homes. another cease-fire was declared for today. that appears to have collapsed to in the 200,000 civilians remain trapped in the most appalling and terrifying conditions imaginable, shannon. >> , thin, lviv where you are as a staging post for all the refugees who are fighting to get out, correct? >> yes. livvie is about 50 miles from the border with poland. it is the first stop for many of those escaping kyiv and others to the east and south for the train station here is impacted daily with the women and children seeking safety as men are ordered to stay in ukraine to fight. lviv is not been physically touched by this war but they are
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preparing. where we were at yesterday's old statues are wrapped in plastic and stained-glass windows in the churches were boarded up in hopes of protecting them from future russian bombardment. that is of course a futile effort and will do nothing if and when the russian shells hit the city. it is a another sign people here want to do something, anything to feel they are protecting their beloved ukraine. >> we concern the understand that. jonathan hunt reporting from lviv, thank you. turning us out ukrainian ambassador to the u.s. oksana markarova. welcome to fox news sunday. >> thank you for having me. good morning. >> ambassador we continue to hear about shelling and attacking on several large and small cities in ukraine. supplies of food and water in question. power being out in freezing conditions. doctors without borders saying now some pharmacies are running out of medication.
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we know you are here lobbying washington for help. things will help the ukrainian be able to hold on. so what are you asking for today? >> yes. well it is sunday today there are millions of americans getting ready to go to church. ukrainians cannot get out of shelters and basements. so today we woke up here to learn russian troops attacked airports. it's almost on that western ukraine already. and which is the size of tampa in florida is under siege they again for the second time refused to allow women and children to get out for the humanitarian goods to get into mariupol like many other cities, kyiv, kharkiv, everywhere people are shelled and shot at. everywhere ukrainians are put in resistance because we are
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fighting for our homes. what we need right now is pretty simple. we need as much defensive all kinds of weapons that that u.s. can give to us in order to defend ourselves. especially with regard to air defense and the airplanes. we need much tougher sanctions on russia. it is the 11th day now. we're thankful for the sanctions that have been implemented by the united states and other allies but since russia is not changing their behavior they are escalating actually, they are killing us more and more the sanctions they do toughen up we are asking for full embargo and oil and gas for everything this is a terrorist state i we should treat russia as a terrorist state. and of course were also asking to protect the civilians. that is why we need all the support that nato allies are individual countries can provide to us. >> and ever ukrainian fish like trapped the last couple of weeks
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and your president calls for a no-fly zone the biden administration, nato officials have said that is just not a possibility here's pentagon press secretary john curry talking about that position for. >> we can all understand that escalating the conflict to that degree with u.s. a pilots in russia pilots in the air, in combat only escalates the war itself but only makes it more dangerous. only makes us more treacherous for the ukrainian people. >> nato secretary-general said if we did that will end up with something that could end in a full-fledged war. many more countries and causing much more he is human suffering. do you disagree with the risk analysis, ambassador? >> let's all remember ukraine did nothing to provoke this attack. ukraine was always a peaceful country would never attacked russia we are not a threat to russia unless being a democracy
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on staying in your own country is a threat. even though we did not threaten anyone russia attacked us and russia brutally attacked for the past 11 days. so with this situation happen to ukraine, who is safe? what democracy can feel safe right now? i think the events of the past 11 days clearly shows we have to act together. i'm russia can protect anyone being totally unprovoked like it did with ukraine. it is time for all of us to step up. >> you talk about acting together, congressman adam smith raising questions a few days ago about whether or not the u.s. is effectively sharing intelligence in time in real time with ukrainians the white house press back on that a little bit. you prepared to say ukrainian officials are satisfied with the level of intelligence sharing at this point? >> you have to understand we are an active war.
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will not be disclosing a lot of information. you did not hear me asking anything on that front because cooperation between us and the united states is very deep and very comprehensive. what we need right now is more supplies in anti- air. >> barely peace talks again between ukraine and russia are supposed to retake the shape on monday if the russians are willing to come back to the table. sounds like ukraine is planning for that. i know you've asked for a president slows he's asked for cease-fire and a safe corridor for humans to evacuate the areas that are being shelled. i does not look like russia is adhered to either of those requests. are these talks worth the time customer to trust the russians to engage in good faith? >> clearly the situation we see we cannot trust them. they are attacking us at the
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moment they are killing our citizens. they are committing war crimes in ukraine. at the same time our president said was always for peace talks. we will respond to peace talks we will try and reach whatever we can reach. but we have to also see the after the previous peace talks we agreed on some the humanitarian corridors we tried twice about the city of mariupol. instead of humanitarian corridors russian against shelled. but we will keep trying. >> and much of what's happening is raising the issue and work hard to say ukraine is collecting evidence they're putting this together. hope you can make a case for war crimes. here's what our president, president biden said just days ago.
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her followed very closely big. >> little tough to hear me said we are following it closely it's too early to say that at this point. what is your response to the president? >> we work very closely with our american friends on that issue as well. right now, our prosecutor general has put a task force and we are working together with a number of friends and allies. we are putting it all together. it is evidence, clear to us what they are doing is illegal and it is war crimes. their targeting schools, their targeting civilians they are doing everything possible you can imagine, illegal during the war. the whole war is totally unjustified, unprovoked, ungrounded. but we have very good cooperation with our partners here in the u.s.
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>> much as been made in speculation about the state of mind of vladimir putin. is he a man with nothing to lose at this point? friendship president that put him will do whatever he has to to subdue it ukraine. what are your thoughts? we have known in ukraine since 1991 when we regained her independence, that russia will do everything possible in the imperial kind of thinking to get ukraine back. this is nothing new to us. so they attacked us. they supported the pro- russian government. that is why we have two revolutions of dignity when people of ukraine. we are a democracy. essentially said no we want to be free. we want to be european. we want to live like we went to
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live that's what they attacked us militarily. that is why there illegally grabbed crimea and that is why they are just killing us now are trying to kill for the trying to attack us. it is not about ukraine's not only about ukraine. it is not even about putin state of mind. i think the focus right now should be what do be do to stop him? unfortunately every large war in the past starts locally. we know in the past all of them could have been stopped locally. it is time for all democratic civilized world who together with us, stand together with us, act together with us for. >> ambassador you began by mentioning people heading to church across america. we don't houses of worship they will be praying for you and your country today. thank you for taking time to speak with us during such a difficult time, ambassador.
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click start insert washtub senator chris murphy has made a number of trips and a member of the foreign relations committee. senator welcome back to fox to send a pic. >> thank you for having me. >> in your reaction to a discussion with the ambassador? >> is an extra ordinary moment in ukraine we are grateful for her service. she is right this is a moment where the entire world has to step up and do even more to help ukraine.
11:23 am
my belief is congress is going to pass an emergency funding bill for ukraine putting $10 billion into both additional defensive equipment for ukraine but also humanitarian assistance to get civilians out. my hope is the europeans will do more as well. so, she has been her heroic as she has been her president. glad to meet with her several times over the course of the last few weeks to make sure we can do everything we can to step up for the ukrainian people. >> he knew it i understand you're on the called him yesterday but they want is a no-fly zone here's one of his impassioned pleas about that this week. >> if you cannot shut the sky now, then give us the timeline when you will do it? if you now cannot provide the timeline, tell us how many people have to die? >> try to tweet this week said let's just be clear what that is. the u.s. and russia at war is a
11:24 am
bad idea and congress would never authorize it. is there any point at which your calculation on that would change? >> no. we need to be clear we are not going to go to war with russia. that will be the beginning of world war iii it would direct all of europe into a much broader war. but if i was president zelenskyy i would be asking for a no-fly zone. the problem is there is no such thing as a no-fly zone over ukraine. if the united states puts planes in the air there would be shooting soon russia will likely move into ukraine their own air defense systems be able to shoot missiles at pilots who were flying above. so, i get why president zelenskyy's pressing on a no-fly zone. think we should answer many of its other calls for defensive equipment, for more humanitarian assistance. i don't think it is in our interest, the interest of europe to have the united states have
11:25 am
the two worlds most equipped supergroup powers going directly against each other. >> president zelenskyy's been warning about vladimir putin for a long time. putin himself is made a lot of public statements telegraphing what his ideas. he put it this way anybody purporting to be shocked by mr. putin's actions in ukraine should not be pretty told the world what he was going to do. this experience should bring alliance concerning the rest of the autocrats. what have they been telling us that we have convinced ourselves they could not possibly mean? in some respects as the west been asleep at the wheel? >> i think putin has made it absolutely clear he wanted to reconstitute the former soviet union. i think you have to take him at his word and understand this might not be the end for vladimir putin. it used to be we used to think putin would march an army into a nato country. i don't think we can take that for granted any longer which is why the american public is going
11:26 am
to have to be comfortable with additional amounts of u.s. troops going to protect the eastern flank of nato. similarly you have to listen to president xi who has acted in a way over the course of the last several years as if he is going to do the same thing with respect to taiwan. we have a policy of strategic ambiguity in what our defense relationship is with taiwan. we are likely going to have to make a clear decision whether the knights a sibling to step in and take taiwan. that involves a much more severe commitment that we have made already by. >> we have been clear it involved that's talking about banning import of russian energy imports for the number two in the senate's joint on the white house's joint onto this. it's a moral obligation. refunding this carnage in
11:27 am
ukraine. this bill goes anywhere? how would you convince the president to get on board? >> want to make sure it's done in a way that is not dramatically increase prices for american consumers. the hundred $50 because urbana russian imports. you and i can deal with that but there's a lot of low income consumers that would be hurt. similarly president biden's made it really clear the best policies for the u.s. and europe to act together. russian imports in the united states are relatively meager but the united states did this together with europe that would have a significant impact. they wanted president biden to rush out economic sanctions without europe. he was right to wait to do it together with europe. on this when i think the white house is trying to make sure we mitigate any impact on lower income americans and we try to bring europe along to the extent possible to make the impact as
11:28 am
big as possible. i think it would much rather do with the europeans. >> they always have a dependence on that oil they would have to replace. we are trying but that here in the u.s. as well senator joe manchin has talked about essentially weaponize the idea of oil. you have to look at doing more in the u.s. here's what he said. >> we have to go forward with our climate. i am all for that. i'm not going to throw one out to the other. >> they say this would not be in his interest he said i hate to say it needs to have oil and gas input immediately extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures he said not great for tesla but we have to do we have to do in this moment in history, would you agree? >> you have hundreds if not thousands of wells not producing in the united states right now
11:29 am
because over the course of the pandemic production was down and prices were not high enough. if prices go up you are naturally through the market mechanisms going to keep more production joe manchin represents a coal state i represent a state that's going to have a lot of wind power online very soon. my preference to be to try to fill in that gap with renewable energy. but the reality is, if europe decides to take a stuffed stand against russian gas and oil there's no way you're not going to have some that filled it with a natural resource production. lng in particular, natural gas that we produce in the united states and shipped to europe is likely going to have to part of the solution. i would just want to make sure in the united states if we have to fill in ob lucent russian gas us just a west virginia coal that's from long island wind power. >> really quickly before you go the iran nuclear deal their discussions at the table. russia is at that table at a time or try to make them a
11:30 am
pariah on the world stage. should they had that seat of power at this moment? >> ultimately we have relied on russia to take some of the nuclear material as part of these arrangements. it is unlikely you can do a deal without russia being at the table. how close they are to nuclear weapon right now. you agree you cannot leave a good deal on the table. that stops iran's research program we should take it because the alternative is disastrous for the region but not just iran being weeks away from the weapon rowan else is deciding would be a disaster for the world and the united states i am hopeful were going to get
11:31 am
an agreement soon. sisterly devil in the detail there are certainly challenges to get it done. tentative thank you good to have you in today. up next, we are going get reaction from senator joni ernst member of the armed services committee pill bring or send a group on ukraine the supreme court and that rapidly changing covid mandate. so when my windshield cracked, it had to be fixed right. i scheduled with safelite autoglass. their experts replaced my windshield and recalibrated my car's advanced safety system. ♪ acoustic rock music ♪ >> woman: safelite is the one i trust. they focus on safety so i can focus on this view. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ after finn was born,
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join us and learn more at welcome back to fox news sunday. this turned out to senator joni ernst and i went member of the armed services committee, a veteran. senator welcome back to fox news sunday. >> yes, thank you so much shannon. >> i'm hoping you heard part of our conversation with the ambassador and also senator murphy any reaction from you? >> yes, well and ambassador is doing a phenomenal job at working with the united states congress and our administration. and certainly senator murphy has been a great partner. this is where you see republicans and democrats coming together to aid ukraine. and of course to provide stability for europe. this is an important time in our history and we absolutely must do what we can to protect ukrainians. et cetera you're the first
11:35 am
female combat veteran elected to the senate you sit on the sub senate armed services committee what is your position on the no-fly zone? >> i do pull a groove center chris murphy we cannot engage with the russians. i am thankful president zelenskyy is stepping up and making all kinds of requests. that is what he should do as the president of ukraine. however we do not want to engage directly with russians on as he stated it would be world war iii. i don't think that is in the best interest of nato, our partners allies and friends but what we can do is provide all of the defensive mechanisms for president zelenskyy and his armed services to provide their own protected airspace and that starts of course with providing air platforms to president zelenskyy. making sure those pilots are able to protect their own airspace.
11:36 am
>> you have written in an op-ed on about the conflict. you note the 1994 budapest memo i gave up its nukes in assurance and return from a number of the uk, the u.s., russia itself they would have sovereignty and territorial integrity. so, putin is not plagued by these rules by that or any other agreement get the rest of the world is trying to play by the rules. how do we engage this level of warfare for him he's clearly not willing to abide by rules? >> yes president putin has just taken these agreements they're basically no more than pieces of paper to him. however we do need to abide by these agreements. but in the meantime we need to make sure we are reinforcing ukraine and providing as much lethal aid as possible. we do know the burn rate for lethal aid we sent into ukraine has gone up as the russians have changed their strategy both in the air and on the ground.
11:37 am
so reinforcing that will be extremely important. but also humanitarian aid making sure we are able to provide for those refugees that we flowing into europe. i understand there's over a million and a half displace people now. so again helping our polish friends, anyone in those other countries that need assistance. there is a lot we can do. but you are right these agreements need to mean something but to vladimir putin again they are just pieces of paper. >> i talked with the ambassador earlier about the fact ukraine is trying to document evidence of war crimes. our own secretary of state blinken said this morning there is very credible evidence of war crimes. does that change the calculus for you at all under the no-fly zone or any other way the u.s. is engaged? >> not at this point know. again once we engage with russia directly, that does involve all of our nato partners as well.
11:38 am
this gives a rush of the opportunity then to attack not only the united states but also others in europe. it's a very tenuous situation as we sit today we certainly do not want to see a deteriorates any further. there need to be very stiff push backs on vladimir putin the oligarchs and on russia because of this action they have taken against ukraine we cannot allow this to go unchecked now or in the future. >> talk to senator murphy about the bipartisan books getting support on the senate side banning russian imports, energy imports into the u.s. but the white house expressed concern about that, has pushed backward they are worried about soaring gas prices among the bad news were getting about inflation and other economic indicators. this is what white house jen psaki set on that front part. >> are objective and focuses making sure any step we take and maximizes the impact on president putin and minimizes it on the american people anyone
11:39 am
who is calling for an end to the carveout should be clear that would raise prices for. >> indeed senator we are getting report the national average has topped or dollars a gallon on the second time that is happened in history. so do you get her point? >> i understand that point. however, what we have seen in this administration is the shutdown of american energy independence. and last year alone we were importing russian oil, 672,000 barrels a day. we become much more reliant on russia and putin instead of providing jobs and energy security right here on the homeland. so i recognize we are in a difficult position. but his choices the administration's choices when he first came into office put us in this tenuous position with energy independence and the united states.
11:40 am
instead of being an exporter of energy we became a consumer of russian oil. this needs to stop. i would much rather ramp up production here in the united states then provided dollars to russia and to president putin to fund the war machine that's killing innocent civilians in ukraine. quick senator went to quickly ask you about a little bit of family business. there's been some debate within the party at senator rick scott put out an 11-point plan that would ask every american to pay a little income tax inc. to have skin in the game. he put on an op-ed about this. if we have no bigger plan than to be a speed bump on the road to socialism we do not discern to govern most republicans in congress a great many live in fear of speaking the truth in washington which we all know it can be dangerous. republican leader mitch mcconnell said not going to raise taxes. what is the conversation now between these two and internally the party?
11:41 am
>> certainly that is up for it leader mcconnell and senator scott to figure out. i am a very focused on representing my constituency in iowa make sure they have a voice at the table. i think every republican as we step forward will determine what is in the best interest for their own apartheid dynamics within their states and defending what we believe to be shrewd liberty, freedom, you name it that's what we are for we want to see prosperity in the united states and each of us have a very important role and voice no matter where we are precooked center earned thank you very much always great to talk with you. it's time now for senator jonathan swann for excess catherine lucy who covers a white house for the wall street journal, of georgetown university institute of politics and public service in katy editor of townhall. it's great to see all of you in
11:42 am
person. >> capitol start with you. you've heard it from the centers this morning about banning energy imports from russia, the white house seems to listen to that idea do you think his calls grow in the pressure on her own energy system here in america with the crisis going up they will maybe change their mind? >> certainly think he saw play on the show we are really seeing a bipartisan conversation about this both the senator said this is something that's being looked at. the white house had indicated to us there look at all the options the president said there on the table this is going to continue. one thing they are trying to balance as you said with gas prices and the present is very aware of how this is impacting american prices at the pump. you heard him talk about the state of the union that's a real anxiety for him. that's not a headache they need right now everything on their plate at the white house. this issue of nuclear weapons ukraine giving theirs up to 94
11:43 am
and finding themselves in this place wall street journal piece said this, many countries including malign actors watching russia's actors will now seek their own nukes paired vladimir putin is demonstrating these weapons given aggressor license attack without them a peaceful nations that the aggressor's mercy. you heard senator murphy talk about this. everyone is going to want their own nukes now. >> the world is watching china is watching other authoritarian regimes are watching and how the united states are able to contain this is going to be critical of the last thing we need is for putin to get everything he wants in ukraine and for present she to say i have my roadmap in taiwan and elsewhere. but it is delicate. you heard both senator say the same thing that if we start to take more aggressive posture militarily we are inviting in open conflict with eight nuclear
11:44 am
states. we do not want to give them license or give other authoritarian regimes license but at the same time we do not want to invite that conflict and now. it is a really trait tricky place. >> of all discusses goes far beyond ukraine and russia for present she is watching this malign actors around the world beckons to another piece the wall street journal mr. putin no doubt xi jinping saw the west on that wink of world decadence peoples whose leadership allowed marginal issues such as windmills and gender complexity to displace natural self-preservation do nothing in disorder and to send. as the world watches something that's in pushed to the side in terms of the headlines is negotiation over the nuclear agreement rushes at the table with that. we are now curate reporting of the wall street journal that russia is demanding the new ukrainian sanctions do not impact their ability to trade with toronto.
11:45 am
that's another wrench into the situation. the white house is saying on the one hand will be important here in the country were on the other hand they're also saying americans brace for the higher gas prices they're trying to play that both ways to the oil and gas asked what the keystone pipeline and how those put up a year ago her response was it would take too long to get the pipeline back online therefore it was not an immediate solution. it might not be an immediate solution. to be domestically energy independent and send officials to venezuela and negotiate in terms of venice was as a buttigieg saint iranian oil is on the tab the with
11:46 am
a round nuclear deal said something we can't be chasing permanent solution to short-term problems why don't we want to have permanent solutions the world find its self in this position again? >> this just happened on multiple fronts where the claimant agenda runs into another agenda in this instance at the national security agenda. bold enough to remember a year ago i went to kyiv i interviewed president zelenskyy i interviewed him again in the spring he was pleading with the united states and germans to shut down the pipeline purdum old enough to remember being told by the u.s. and the germans it could not be done. it was already completed, it was essential so the u.s. and the germans could cooperate on climate change. we have learned last two weeks actually it could be done.
11:47 am
and you make choices. these are competing priorities running headlong into each other. i will say i've been stunned at how european foreign policy has done a complete 180 in last three weeks. if you tell me germany has done all the things i would say you are smoking or whatever the hashish whatever it was the pro basketball player but. >> i think a little stronger brickwork something stronger than that. they have moved but there is still this entrenched fiery the running up against big. >> we are finding ourselves in history things become much more clear. okay panel it got to take a break we come back north or send a group on the president and his state of the union
11:48 am
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>> covid-19 no longer need to control our lives. before we advance liberty and justice we need to secure our border and fix the immigration system for the answer is not to defund the police. it is to fund the police. [cheering] [applause] >> president biden signaling a shift back toward the center during the state of the union address better back out the panel. a lot of what he said seemed a pushing back because of the gop criticisms and talking points against the democrats. he was that message too? two democrats? republicans? voters? >> it should be independent voters who abandon him at numbers no one could have believed at the start of his presidency. the biden team is looking for moments, opportunities to not just contrast with republicans but to contrast himself with the left flank of his own party. one of the issues that identify is a crime it. you're going to see joe biden of the next few months, when the
11:52 am
moments arise try to embrace eric adams and distance himself from the squad. the left flank of the party. immigration surprised me that's one issue they want to buried deep under the soil. i don't expect them to talk much about immigration. the seed is a total loser from them. they see it on crime for. >> huge and bipartisan response to it like let's get this done. there certainly you talk about whether anything gets into legislative nuts and bolts like that is not going to happen but katy he got a bump in the polls state of the union on handling ukraine is way up. he had a good week when it comes to the numbers for. >> he's had a good week let's see if that could be sustained. thus he brought up the issue of immigration. policy changes are what is needed to sustain that bump in approval for example title 42 is
11:53 am
about to be repealed which means the crush of the border will be increasingly worse than it is already with record numbers of people, 200,000 people coming over every signal month. you have a secretary by orca having trouble internally with border patrol feeling like their mission as lost as a result. i think the administration of the crime issue is looking around the country seeing these radical leftist das being recalled and then applying that to the situation with midterm elections coming up and what issues again independence really care about. and issues that affect everybody. crime is not something that affects one group of people. in fact it affects the demographic that democrats claim to care about the most precursors troubling polling going into the midterms. this "washington post" poll would you rather see the next congress controlled by the republicans to activate checks on biden or controlled by the democrats to support biden's
11:54 am
agenda? republicans leave that by ten points. >> that is not good for democrats. you see numbers like that and it usually foreshadows a big wave election in the midterm. i think things are -- mike they're still triple bank shots democrats could make to mitigate some of the expected losses. and some of it is in their control sum is not. the speech by the president the other night was an important step in that. here's the thing it wasn't a reorientation of joe biden this was the joe biden we heard going back to the democratic primaries back in 2019 and 2020. remember he defeated candidates within the primary were further to the left. i think what he was doing was helping those of voters remember
11:55 am
why they voted for him in the first place. i think it was him reorienting the public perception of the democratic party which, for many months now has been defined by a fight between the left and joe manchin. and kyrsten sinema over the build aback better. that was what was defining the "build back better" in the eyes of many voters i think biden said let me remind you what you got when he voted for me. quickset version of him disappeared for about a year i guess it's back now? >> you started reasserting control of the messaging for. >> we talk to senator ernst she's very diplomatic in or about internal issue between republicans. we talked about what senator scott who heads up the body the strength to elect to the senate said about this. here is the senate minority leader's response. >> let me tell you what would not be a part of our agenda.
11:56 am
we will not have as part of our agenda a bill that taxes on half the american people. social security and medicare within five years of part of the senate majority agenda. >> catherine quick response from that on you. they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory? >> the real is the context we just talked about. republicans are going to midterms they feel pretty good about this a lot of strong indicators for the candidates feeling pretty pretty optimistic senator mcconnell ashley does not want the distraction of a conversation about taxes. >> a public to keep it on immigration and crime free thank you very much panel we will see you next sunday cap next a final word on the week ahead. doesn't . be ready for every moment, with glucerna.
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[female narrator] mental health and learning disorders don't discriminate. 17 million american children and adolescents are struggling. help the child mind institute change children's lives. visit child mind dot org. quickset is it for today. keep it tuned your local fox station and to fox news channel four the latest developments in the war on ukraine but i will see you tomorrow and every weeknight from fox news at 9:00 p.m. have a great week we will see
12:00 pm
you next fox news sunday. >> russian separatists controlled the next region of ukraine are describing major lack of food, water and fuel we can see armored russian tanks patrolling the area. welcome to fox news alive i am mike emmanuel para. >> mike is great to be back with you this afternoon. i am gillian turner. meanwhile heavy shelling continues on multiple fronts inside you create including the battered city of kirk eve near the russian border the scale of discretion there on full display in the capitol city of kyiv resident spent


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