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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 12, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> breaking overnight russians are within 10 miles of the ukrainian capital at the center of kyiv and an essential russian military shelters more than 80 people. you're watching a special edition on saturday morning.
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>> i'm if a tape is issues closely and then 12 other nato nations putting their military power on display and then going with your to defend our allies we have the latest coming out of washington. carly: we begin with jonathan hunt live on the ground in ukraine. reporter: good morning t1 days 17 of the brutal war the russian on-site continues even as ukrainians fight for every single inch of territory unwilling to give up anything unless they are absolutely forced to do so. we are seeing there russian troops move from the city mykolaiv if the russians to control the city it is the second they have taken.
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the intense fighting is in suburbs around the capital city of us officials, russian forces but they have —- that the closer and those advanced elements that now they are being backed up by the follow-on forces that are in their spot. >> so the intense fighting continues. we have been talking about the huge russian convoy that stole
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the north and those found mac style that shows the artillery associated with a calm voice to write our residential neighborhoods. some of those positions but then the meantime president zelensky is issuing another call to arms and in doing so found in the streets of kyiv. >> >>translator: we will save me do it because we want it. it's a very stubborn enemy. the balance of the own g on —-
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and then to the hell of the war. >> after we're just getting word and attack on the mosque in the southern city of t-20 that mosque was sheltering around 80 civilians we don't have anywhere the casualties yet we will bring it to you is through this one —- assistance we have more information. carly: the shelling has been unrelenting with no food or water or electricity nobody to get out were aid to get in it is a grave humanitarian crisis but yet for my understanding and knowledge he cry ukraine still controls that city. is that surprising to you? >> it is to anybody.
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that city, t-20 has been under siege for days now. some of the most intense bombardment and it speaks to the fierce resistance of ukrainian forces the russians have not been able to say outright we now control t-20 it is around 400,000 people under normal circumstances. we understand half of that have been trapped and they are sheltering in any underground shelter they can find with very little food or water and no power. but clearly ukrainian forces are there in still fighting. again and again they will not give up an inch without a real fight. >> you have seen the world is united with ukraine against russia with some exceptions
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one of those being syria. syrian fighters are going to be joining the fight in russia. what is the fight from the ukrainian people that reinforcements could be on the way? >> no surprise that russian regime under vladimir putin propped up the syrian regime of president assad for so long. it's not too much to say they would likely not be in power in syria without the backing of vladimir putin's it was no surprise to anyone that putin when facing such a fight himself would call on syrian fighters to come and help. but ukrainians are confident they can ultimately face down anyone. president zelensky at the top all the way down to every single ukrainian citizen says they will ultimately win this fight. they have faith.
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todd: they have confidence and they are tough. last hour we spoke with us army vet who hitchhiked into the battleground to defend ukraine and what he is seeing from the russian forces. >> they look like they are very unmotivated and then the ukrainians these people are so strong and they are fighting for everything. not just our country or land but everything. for their history, their families, literally their lives. so no shadow of a doubt they will menace but is just a matter of time but with the support of the world donating weapons and armor and veterans from around the world joining our rates. we will be the back even faster that the people inside of russia the country will implode with the sanctions and they will be that up and take matters into their own hands
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they are destroying their country but we are fighting for them. todd: just north forces are leading nato troops and to the doorstep. >> now they are conducting drills with american troops on the way the to the united states european canadian command doing drills with 2000 troops sending forces from ten other countries. 150 more us troops been deployed to join the fight along thousands of others. the pentagon hillary ordered 1000 servicemembers to various vases now the president is defending his decision to block the fighter jet transfers to ukraine. >> we will not fight a war against russia in ukraine. direct confrontation between nato and russia is world war iii. reporter: the president announcing they will downgrade
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the trade status as a punishment for invading ukraine including banning seafood and alcohol in diamonds also revokes the most favored nation status. the state department issued a very serious warning to americans traveling to ukraine. >> us citizen should not travel to ukraine. citizens who traveled to ukraine, especially with the purpose of participating in fighting, they face significant risk including the very real risk of capture or death. reporter: president zelensky said he did have a conversation with president biden and they went over the situation on the ground and agreed to further steps and increased sanctions against russia. todd: president biden seems to have misspoken in accepting ukrainian refugees.
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>> and that sentiment not tell throughout the rest of the white house. >> many of them are family many continue to provide humanitarian assistance. >> and then to say we will work with you and the eu meanwhile congress has passed an additional 13.$6 billion to send aid to the ukrainian people. todd: calling on members of congress. >> this invasion was brewing for months while assembling
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the economic sanction packages behind closed doors. they knew this would impact the global economy and you directly. so you figure congress selected to represent our interest would do something ahead of time to mourn us and protect us against what was coming. guard americans from economic turmoil. that's not how dc works instead congress saw this is a gold rush they need sanctions could be coming down and they all had $-dollar-sign in their eyes. members from both sides of the political aisle poured money into the market to buy at defense stocks and energy stocks so as ukraine burns to the ground, congress got rich. reporter. todd: over 1 million refugees
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in the next guest is on a mission to take the number higher. carly: one he was risking her life to save others. next.
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what is motivating you to do this? >> and then to be bombarded. >> carly: here we are me people have you gotten out? >> so far we've done 60 missions and now another convoy he is leaving. carly: what is the reaction from these people and they see you coming from lithuania to get them to safety? >> there is a lot of questions what will happen to us. the people are scared and then
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to accept to get to safety. carly: you are going into the ukrainian cities that are being hit with russian missile strike. are you worried for your safety? >> and for the dialers and the medics team if anything happens it is getting more and more dangerous. carly: god bless you were looking at a picture on the screen one little girl on her way out if ukraine and we have heard that this work is difficult time children because of the psychological element and they cannot process the trauma so what are conversations like on the bus on the way out? >> some children cry.
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they want to go home because they are tired of traveling four or five days it is difficult to explain and then we have to look forward to send they have 20 minutes to leave the house they don't have anything no toys are close it's hard. they don't understand what is happening. carly: when they get to lithuania where do they go? >> we have organizations one is to help with medical care help to find them jobs and education for children in government gets involved in the helping of the brothers and sisters in ukraine. carly: beautiful inside and out. we wish you the best of luck.
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please stay safe on the submissions to get innocent people to safety. god bless you. >> have a nice day. todd: it's almost bittersweet. the red cross working round-the-clock to have food hygiene and resources. here at fox news fox corporation has donated $1 million to support the efforts and we are asking you to join in the effort as well. and thousands have generously donated. contributions are at four.$5 million go to red cross to contribute. >> remember when questions of refugees in poland apparently they don't think that warranted any criticism. >> this is based in racism and misogyny. she gets wonderful marks across the board. carly: the white house is now
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carly: welcome back liberal newspapers are pumping up the defense of president biden and his energy policy that as gas prices soar the president is deflecting all criticism by blaming vladimir putin. >> joe is up early with us on a saturday put up articles the liberal media outlets this is a fact check republicans are blaming biden for that gas prices then not to be outdone and plead to ban russian oil. so these media outlets today bother to talk to the people
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that we have spoken to the last couple of months? those that actually do the process of refining the oil and gas in getting it to our homes? or do they say they don't matter and biden is great? reporter: go to the source. right? and interview oil executives and people who analyze this stuff for a living. if you are serious about doing a fact check instead of sharing feelings. the "washington post" is the baghdad bombers comments. because remember we talked about this on the show easily the stupidest, 2021 and then attempted to defend the president he defended that biden gets worse coverage than they gave donald trump. he was serious. it was funny so now it's no surprise that he is now making
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the argument that biden's energy policy had nothing to do with gas prices. there has been zero dialogue between the president and executives on production. he should invite them all to the white house today. immediately how to get this done and signal his support for this industry that he won't and he has a green energy agenda to push and start. carly: yesterday jen saki held a briefing with 30 tiktok influencers. here is how one described the phone call. >> it was a zoom call with the white house about the situation in ukraine they acknowledges this existing want us to use our form to highlight different issues. >> i would love to get your thoughts on this. [laughter] >> let's remember the last time jen saki who has 1 foot
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out the door by the way we will see her on msnbc that a chinese own company advised the guy with the fingernails telling everyone to get vaccinated. we have a picture of him here just to remind everybody how crazy that was. not serious people making decisions in charge of messaging. when you have to turn to tiktok and then it is another exhibit of that. i need to get nails like that. >> and this is the way that putin invaded i don't think it's that far. but the fuel has the hot take on racism blaming kamala harris criticism not the fact she can't talk in public that other misogyny. >> if she was a guy they would never say this is based in racism or misogyny. >> as a broad she gets
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wonderful marks across the board. >> anybody who says kamala harris is not a qualified person then go back and see with that's coming from. >> what press conference with a watching? do they not see she is a literal laughingstock? i emphasize literally. >> the last person to answer your question that you showed is not montage she plays that conservative on the view. literally did a fundraiser for joe biden. i heard another clip think she's doing a phenomenal job on offense. kamala harris has a messaging issue. she doesn't prep for basic questions as we get the nervous laughter she has no authenticity she is as phony as a three-dollar bill.
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but on performance she is feeling. this has nothing to do with race or gender because they say the same thing about joe biden who is old and white. we have had millions crossing illegally and instead of being plan b she has plans the. carly: if a manner vice president and came in class during a press briefing during a time of war talking about ukrainian yet refugees they would face criticism. >> she is conservative? i'm shock. >> thank you for waking up we appreciate it. >> . >> how is the president's decision working out for him these days. >> let's get something straight. the keystone pipeline is two years away. give me a break. >> he does not care if he did
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carly: back with a fox news
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alert president biden blaming vladimir putin for high us gas prices. >> showing americans still are not happy with biden's job performance. >> as americans are feeling the pain of record high gas prices the president continues to play the blame game. >> the second big reason for inflation is latimer putin one —- vladimir putin this is the troops on the ukrainian border the price of gasoline went up 75 cents. >> the national average gas prices $4.32 per gallon and earlier this week the president said the democratic party in the strongest position and months but that hasn't helped him at the polls. according to a new wall street journal hold 42 percent say they approve of biden's performance will 57 percent say they are unhappy with the president as gas prices skyrocket senator manchin but
2:36 am
the top energy regular is told to wake up and address the crisis. >> but solar and wind can only do so much with the research and technology i'm now one —- not supportive of all of the above. >> the chair of the federal regulatory commission said there is not a political agenda behind his decision to block a project in the us. todd: with the shortfalls is to raise taxes one plan calls for it and to oil profiteering that that will target them even higher? we have our fox news contributor and professor of economics at the kings
2:37 am
college. brian, we have heard a lot of bad ideas but this may be the worst. we have a whale and gas crisis and these guys want to basically put a price control, a tax, where do you see stuff like that? venezuela. all of the shortages they want to import. forget about importing we'll, they want to import shortages to this country right now. it is absolutely foolish and will send energy markets into a tailspin. i don't think it will happen because cooler heads will prevail. but this is evidence of what happens on the far left with the ideas that are part of the fall on —- the far left to make isn't this the push and fossil fuels? >> they clearly don't want to bring down gas prices are make it more available. it's crazy to see them use this crisis of all the things
2:38 am
they could use, this crisis to and fossil fuels. it will nail the economy they keep doing all of the inflation really is rooted in the energy price spikes. reporter: it on —. todd: i need to do this point by 2030 there will be less than 25 percent on the cars will be electric everything will still be fossil fuels. they have to stop this. they are not paying attention to american families who are driving cars fueled by gas. todd: russia will be sanctioned on seafood and vodka and diamonds also even special trade status make it harder to access the markets. will any of this teacher russia? >> exactly. symbolically it probably matters and economic maybe from changing his behavior?
2:39 am
this will not get it done will have to go back to the last conversation about change that starts with oil and gas. don't pretend it was one —- fix any problems with russia and ukraine. >> it makes us think we are doing something great vodka and he said great he gets his money through energy deal with that or not. >> and rising percent in the month of february hitting a new high biden surging inflation causing $300 per month. in this does not even account for the russian invasion that handed toward the end of the month. >> that trend is bad. this is a lot of money. 300 bucks a month for families already living on tight margins. think about the economy, inflation. if this hits consumer spending, now you talk about
2:40 am
the session. 2022 could be agree. that's what you have to act right now. you have to be definitive the one lever we camp all is we will do that. he won't. it will be to his political detriment into this economy. >> printing and spending government money does not raise inflation. literally that is the definition. >> i would be happy to give him free enrollment. [laughter] >> thank you even on a saturday. carly: fox news alert the entire city centers being shelled on entire order now are learning about a brand-new attack on a mosque we have all the details from the ground next.
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and ask how to add securityedge™. or, ask how to get up to an $800 prepaid card. carly: fox news alert wash on —- russians shelling hitting mosques and hitting people in the city of t20. todd: now they can shell the entire city kyiv where
2:45 am
president zelensky is standing with his people. good morning. >> good morning to you we are working to get confirmation on the number of casualties following that strike on a mosque in mariupol there were said to be at least a.d. civilians are sheltering there we don't know how many are hurt or killed but in the meantime russian troops are in the city like another city in mariupol there is video of the russian troops patrolling the deserted streets mykolaiv also intense fighting several of the suburbs of that capital of kyiv as the russian onslaught continues in russian forces appear to the city center itself we are waiting to see if they will launch the
2:46 am
all-out assault. that convoy in the words outside of kyiv seems to have dispersed going into different positions and according to the latest satellite images, some artillery units have been shelling on residential neighborhoods near kyiv. they are just nine or 10 miles from the center of the capital. that puts the artillery units well within range of the order comes to shell the very center of kyiv. todd: thank you jonathan. on the home front south dakota residency they feel the president is hurting small town communities as the energy crisis rages on.
2:47 am
>> i think his new slogan should be butchering booming business. literally pulled the rug out from under us and killed our economy. >> one disaster after another as far as i am concerned. >> there is going to be a lot of money coming in to help our schools and community. it would be a good deal. and he trashed it. todd: those residents are upset he shut down the keystone pipeline to bring unprecedented growth to their community. get ready to pay more for your birthday have a new fuel surcharge as gas prices rise. customers will pay an additional fee between 45 and 55 cents per trip and drivers will receive that is they are responsible for paying for gas progress of this morning national average gas price is $4.32 a gallon. carly: now the energy alliance president, the biden administration is blaming high gas prices on the oil
2:48 am
companies that they are not drilling enough and we already know what jan saki talks about with leases and. >> you may have noticed this week your gas prices have gone up i want to talk about why. a lot of it has to do with vladimir putin. part of this is on the oil company right now there are 9000 and use permits they can tap into. >> so she's talking about 9000 and use permits i think she meant the leases. nobody knows exactly what she is talking about so they don't know she is right or wrong so you can you done this down and respond in layman's terms? >> originally was 9000 leases now it is 9000 permits she is right on both accounts. we do not develop on every single lease we have because every single lease does not have sufficient quantities.
2:49 am
and indeed we do have 9000 permits to drill that are ready on federal land but that accounts for 10 percent of american production so what i really like about this is that jan saki suddenly wants us to develop those permits because for the last year the biden administration has done everything in its power to make it more difficult for producers on federal lands to drill. but if you cannot get the right-of-way to access your permit to fight in the pipeline to gather the gas and oil then you cannot start your project anyway. so the 9000 permits is a red herring and it is disappointing the administration set of showing leadership to change policy to make american production thrive they just play the blame game.
2:50 am
carly: am hearing from some folks is not that the oil companies don't want to drill with the permits but that they can't because it's caught up in litigation. >> we do have western energy alliance defending 2200 leases pretty much every lease on —- lease issued by 2015 has been challenged by environmental groups a lot of those areas we cannot develop on now because they are held that the court but there are also bureaucratic reasons we cannot develop on all of those permits right now. so the thing to do is stop playing the blame game and work with the industry to see the shifting. it is because the agenda has been exposed. the agenda of to get rid of fossil fuels and if there is an alternative we do it oil and gas can do today for you want to even find the department says then what we
2:51 am
owed today. so does that help? to that's a good point. talk to the american energy producers and call them not as opposed to calling venezuela or saudi arabia or iran. thank you for joining us. todd: president biden says democrats are in a strong position headed into the midterm? saying don't let him needs his veto pen. the utah congressman, burgess so he said he's going read. next. t here, you're a landowner, a gardener, a landscaper and a hunter. that's why you need versatile, durable kubota equipment. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast.
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todd: president biden says the energy crisis is putin's fault but starting to sound nervous about those midterm elections around the corner. >> in my view this may be the
2:56 am
most term election in modern history because we know what happens we know the fundamental change since one —- shifts between the house and is. the only thing i have been is the veto pen. carly: joining us now is a member of the house oversight committee. and good morning to you both. you just heard president biden to rally the troops ahead of the midterm elections so do you think will happen will republicans we gain control in the senate and if so what did the next two years look like? >> first was good to be with you. i think republicans will take back of the house in the senate. what that means it will be a complete check against the biden administration and the radical agenda which has led to higher prices all across the country. we know gas and oil prices the travesty in the southern
2:57 am
border and in some respects weakness around the globe. all of these teacher of a complete reversal of course. the american people know that joe biden is just trying to have his way and continue it but we expect to win big in november. todd: congressman the soundbite from joe biden who said this could be the most important midterm election in modern times. i may only have a veto pen when all is said and done. how right is see? >> i will agree that an fsc verification but you will not get it right. when we the people start talking to each other no matter what side we are powerful and then asking how could this happen to us?
2:58 am
>> as we go to those questions and ask why become to the conclusion of the republican party and the principles we abide by with god and country and family. >> the american people are hurting right now is inflation and gas prices they are just women —- wondering will there be a course correction a has said they will be pumping more gas. it will there be relief anytime soon? >> it will be very difficult because economic policy bill bill that and also unwinds. wet unfortunately not period
2:59 am
united states is the number one thing we have to do is stop the reckless spending of washington dc . the federal reserve does need to move financial straits. that will begin to put a stranglehold on this inflation which is taxing every hard-working family and every senior citizen in the united states. todd: congressman owens you have brought attention to the plight and clearly detained in russia so how concerned are you for safety and what does biden need to do? >> first of all thank you for leading on that. the reason why is we go with everything that is going on at a to hear this process for legal guidance. that's but then think about how can we get her back?
3:00 am
they are just thinking headlines i'm just concerned they will not get it. carly: you are both speaking out about the issue asking the president to step in and get her to safety. this is great tension. thank you so much for joining us. >> we began this morning with a fox news alert fox cells bombarding across ukraine will: there was a strike at mosque is no official word on casualties in the attack. pete: russian forces are ten miles from the city.


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