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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  March 13, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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need to support people that want are willing to die for freedom, ifhank you. trey: so much. >> thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. good night. from south carolina. ♪ ♪ >> [ sound of gunfire ] -- i am sorry. i am sorry for my country, nobody, expect this. >> stay together for me. >> i believe that the kids shouldn't hear the bombs. >> vladimir putin brings his assume on ukraine to nato's
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door step. hello welcome to special fox news live, i am rich edson. zelenskyy condemning russia sunday morning military attack 15 miles from the border with poland, 35 people were killed. more than 130 others injured, ukraine used that base for joint exercises with nato, u.s. troops were there last mountaining the ukrainian force -- last month, training the ukrainian forces, they plan to hold a third round of talks with russia. russian forces fired on filmmaker in irpin, outside of kyiv, another american journalist was wounded.
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jonathan. >> good morning to you from ukraine. richard it is 5 a.m. here, what a brutal 24 hours we have had. it began almost 24 hours ago. with that attack. on the airbase that is about 30 miles from where we are, right now, as you mentioned about 15 miles from the poland border, that was a very symbolic message sent by vladimir putin that anything he considering connected in any way with nato, he will go after. 35 at least killed in that strike. 130 by some estimates we hear from doctors on ground that the number of wounded could be as high as 250. and some of those doctors, telling us, that they are among the most horrific injuries they have ever seen. and president zelenskyy of
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ukraine saying that the russian forces here are stalled in many places, ukrainians are fighting for every inch of territory, and he said they are inflicts huge casualties on russian forces. >> almost 13,000 occupants kills in 18 days, we understand that all ukrainians are in a very difficult situation right now. we will win, i'm 100% sure, glory to ukraine. reporter: and as the russians continue their bombardment of cities here. president zelenskyy, saying they need more help from the west, they are getting a lot, they are getting the javelin and stinger missiles to take down the russian aircraft and helicopter,
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they are getting aid pouring in but not enough, they want a lot more. after what has been a deadly weekend in ukraine. as russian troops close in on the capital, russian forces killed an american journalist who ventured past an airport in irpin, trey yingst with more on that tragic story. >> kyiv braces for a bloody day, we have a tragic update about journal ista renaud, irpin has been focus of many evacuations for civilians, russian forces advance on kyiv, his colleague described what happened. >> we crossed checkpoint, they started shooting at us,
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the driver turned around, they kept shooting, two of us, my friend brett renaud was shot, he has been left behind. reporter: we were speaking with soldiers today. >> there might be an offensive dead, they have strengthened their forces. to east of kyiv, ukrainian soldiers wait for enemy troops arrive, a sign above them reads, russia, welcome to hell. a new days ago russian forces attempted to bring a tank convoy down this road, they were hit hard by ukrainian forces, there was a big column of enemy tanks, approximately 100 military vehicles, they were shooting at residential buildings. i asked the soldiers if they
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were afraid, they said they were not, they have very few words for us, one said glory to ukraine. fox news in kyiv. >> thank you very much and rich, losing a journalist of the caliber of brent renaud is a tragedy. according to official figures something like 579 civilians have been killed in this conflict. if you listen to local officials, it is much higher than that. in mariupol, they say over 2000 ukrainian civilians have been killed. >> jonathan, the images you see from the cities and buildings, in lviv where you are, three weeks now, what is the pace of life? can they find food or water are people out and about?
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reporter: lviv is in many ways a safe haven here. we have this attack on the military base about 30 mills away, but city itself is not physically scarred by this war. as yet. it has swelled in size over the last week or so. with all of the refugees coming from the east, many of them staying here. many move, on moving on toward poland and relative safety of western neighbor, food and water is fine here, but everyone is prepared for what is to come, the strike yesterday, our time on the military base not far from here, really sent a message, it was a deliberate message from the russian forces and vladimir putin, rich, that nothing is off limits, as far as they are concerned. coming so close to the poland border, that was very significant. you are just about 15 miles
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from a nato nation, one errant missile, and suddenly you have attacked a nato nation. under article 5, as you know, an attack on one is an attack on all, that would put a lot of pressure on nato to respond in a far more decisive way than they have done as yet. >> you look at map, nato country versus not nato, worth pointing out. ukraine not part of that alliance even though there have been greater training since then, thank you. >> for more. let's bring in our panel. matthew shoemaker, a former defense intelligence agency officer, captain robert wells. miranda divine. a "new york post" columnist. let's get first to this question of where russia goes from here.
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three weeks in, they appear stalled in certain places, making progress in the south. i'll start with you, matthew, when you look at where russia has moved to this point. where does that go from here? and they have overwhelming capacity here. is is going to reach a point that russia begins to get it together and show that capacity? >> sure. thank you very much. it seems like president putin's goals have not changed, the sanctions that west has imposed have not deterred him, guess goals still be to decapitate the ukraine government. since the convoys have seem to have stalled around kyiv, and the progress they made has been slow there a big difference between the political goal and the
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military ability to achieve those goals. seems particularly for yesterday attack on military base outside of lviv. is that on the one hand, vladimir putin sending a message to west, but, it -- there have been reports there have been russian reconnaissance team in lviv area to see if they could open another area of conflict in the lviv area, lviv is a very strategic point. likely the area that west is funneling weapon and supplies through it performed a significant point, the fact that president putin was willing to attack it yesterday suggests he knows it is a significant point. >> we've seen a greater assault on civilians here in particular last 3 weeks. the kremlin using this
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phrase, the denazi fication. captain wells, when do you think strategy of encircling cities begins to take hold? do you think that the russian military will begin to take control of some of the population centers, or are they out running their supply lines here? >> thank you very much. and picking up on matt's point and your questions. at mr. putin, i think he is really overreached with regard to his attack on ukraine. looking at encirclement of kyiv is most likely outcome, having the ukrainians valiantly protecting kyiv, i believe that it is an opportunity for west and united states and u.k. to continue to support with arms, ukrainian
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leadership and defense needs for stinger missiles and the anti-tank weaponry, i believe that vladimir putin has overreached, i have read articles about not allowing putin to win not allowing appeasement. we should be very realistic and up our game with regard to supporting ukrainians. we have to do more with the refugee relief. we can do more and still support with regard to lethal aid to russia. i think we should continue to imminent, creative, do more with our sanctions enforcement. against the russian fedcasion. and let him feel the heat, she overstretched -- he is just overstretched in my view, i think his military will be bogged down. i also heard it terms private vick -- pirate
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victory with regard to any type of capitulation in kyiv, that the proper term. >> miranda what about the nexus between china and russia, china has been loathe to early on publicly support or go against vladimir putin here. now there is a news report that russia and china, russia is asking china for armaments. what do we make? >> i think tomorrow we have jack sullivan meeting with the chinese. and we know that russia has -- is isolated, nobody wants to associate themselves with the world stage with russia or be isolated, china does not want to be further isolated by west, it will see this as an opportunity to try to regain some lost relationships through the
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wuhan virus. you know. the myth about russia's military might has been exploded by this overreach as we're saying by vladimir putin to ukraine, he was expecting to have an easy push into ukraine. it has not turned out that way. so, i think china will now be maneuvering its way back to the good books of the west. and you know, it benefits from aligning itself with russia. are far outweighed by the business it does with the west. there are voices in china, now calling for china to extricate itself from russia as quickly as possible. >> miranda divine, matthew shoemaker captain wells thank you. usband's got hi.
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rich: ukraine president zelenskyy condemns russia's deadly attacko a military base close to the nato's poland, greg palkot is there
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live with more. reporter: it is early monday morning in lviv. a short time ago we heard fresh air raid sirens, not clear whether that is attached to any fresh russian airstrikes. but sunday there was a very big one at the yavoriv military base, 12 miles from the polish border, 8 russian missiles, we went out there, a lot of folks were shaken up. it was important it is the center for military training by u.s. and nato. it believed to be now where foreign fighters are trained . 51 year old journalist brent renaud killed sunday, he was shot by russian forces in
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irpin. >> mariupol, 400,000 remain stranded as russian forces tighten their grip, some 2200 civilians have died as water, food, electricity is cut off. and aid convoy to be trying to make it in there. and in kherson. there was a protest against russian troops, hundreds coming out, chants in streets, russian forces firing into the air. one of dozens of brave displays, a lot of courage and a lot of desperate times. rich: greg was is there a sense perhaps that attack would come. were they anticipating it? reporter: it was telegraphed a bit by the russians, yesterday, they said they would hit a military aid convoys and talking about getting rid of what they
8:21 pm
call mercenaries, that is the expats and foreigners who are coming in to fight, there was some message that could happen. but, this area of ukraine has been relatively quiet in the last two weeks plus of this war. it jostled a lot of people, a lot of on edge. rich: greg palkot live in lviv, thank you. >> u.n., now reporting that 1.6 million ukrainian refugees may their way to poland out of about 2.7 million, most are women and children. officials in poland say, they are running out of resources and space for the refugees. alex hogan with that story from krakow, poland. reporter: washing your hair in a bathroom sink of a
8:22 pm
train station would have seemed unimagine. unimaginable for many before, but today it is a reality, they are lined up. some of the -- 1.6 million refugees, old train station is a converted refugee center, it impossible to keep something so large clean. volunteers say it is getting worse. >> a lot of people here, and not so much space efficient them. we need more space, more people to help. more food,. reporter: here in a new train station they are welcomed for free food for them and their pets and pamphlets to where to send
8:23 pm
their kids to school, and how to get a job. it is kind, but many have never accepted this kind of help before. >> we have a job, you have money it was okay, now you have to cross the border, and people give you food. you are in such a -- position. >> the volunteers here, say they will continue to help, whoever needs their help despite the fact they feel overworked, and overwhelmed, latest attack on border of poland creating more anxiety and fear, not only in refugees, but for the polish neighbors as well. alex hogan, fox news. rich: continuing her reports from krakow, poland thank you. >> we have seen horror and heartbreak in ukraine, and americans are stepping up to
8:24 pm
help. drew charity that include the red cross, one of the organizations providing critical medical and mental health support to those who are leaving ukraine. you can join fox by supporting red cross relief efforts. viewers have raised 6 million dollars to assist the red cross in ukraine and bode yond, to help those in need. let's all keep it up. everyone here in ukraine and all those refugees, flooding into poland, and other countries, really need that help. rich: absolutely, more and more is needed. >> also jonathan, former president barack obama tested positive for covid-19, he tweeted this afternoon he feels fine. other than a scratchy throat. his wife, former first lady
8:25 pm
michelle obama tested negative. both are vaccinated, and former president encourages other americans to get vaccinated as well. >> and much more to come, on war in ukraine, and our coverage as russian forces inch closer to ukraine's capital. our panel sizes up the future of kyiv. some of their opinions on how the battle will go, that may surprise you. ? (fisher investments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position our client's portfolios for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money, only when your clients make more money? (fisher investments) yep. we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments, we're clearly different.
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8:30 pm
others hurt, after russia launched largest strike yet on western europe. in the city of yavoriv, and american journalist killed another wounded after russian forces fired on them in irpin outside of kyiv, brent renaud was 50 years old, white house has condemned that attack. >> jonathan. >> thank you. >> world waits to see what will happen if kyiv falls or if putin fails, let's bring back our panel. matthew shoemaker. and captain robert wells. and miranda divine.
8:31 pm
"new york post" columnist. >> and captain, if i could come to you first. is kyiv go ing to fall here? is it inevitable? >> i don't see it as inevitable as long as president zelenskyy continues to lead, i don't think he will leave kyiv. i think that russians in terms of their tactics come from west of the river. and from the west, they continue to achieve encircle ment, that will be the outcome it is a siege, it will be protracted and we will have guerrilla warfare and continued bloodshed. >> matthew, what is the potential problem there for putin. if this drags on. if this is a pro -- pro tracked war of insurgency,
8:32 pm
does that diminish his authority enough we could see a change in russia? >> that is the risk is gambling. he -- longer that this goes on, the more likely it is that things go out of mr. putin's control, and that certainly something that he does not top gamble with. the thing i'm interested in, how the way that kyiv is encircled right now, most of the russian forces on three main highways, they are not off-road, they are staying on the road. that is certainly something i'm keeping an eye on, they are in a confined area at-this-point. >> and miranda, talking. of things out of control. a lot of presidencies, u.s. presidencies defined by things beyond a president's control. we have been looking at president biden's approval
8:33 pm
ratings 42.9% disapproving 51.7, what are great dangers of of for president biden. >> we know that president biden's poll numbers started to fall after the botched withdraw from afghanistan he projected american weakness to the world. and this is what has encouraged vladimir putin to take this gamble. and so, we -- president biden can't continue to project weakness and give . super powers. putin wants to speak with him. joe biden himself, has to find some way of giving an off-ramp, to vladimir putin. to allow him to save face,
8:34 pm
and to allow this bloodshed to stop. it is no no one's interest, lead of all joe biden for this to continue. all he seems to be interested in the momah domestic pursuits the moment is domestic pursuits. >> captain. to that thought of the off-ramp for vladimir putin, how do we build a golden bridge for a man whom a lot of people think deserves any sort of bridge. >> he does not deserve any type of bridge, i would echo miranda's points with regard to presidential leadership . back to president harry
8:35 pm
truman, upper gain, we're a super power we should be able to coordinate with french, and british, look at ukraine government, zelenskyy is still in change, and look at western air area of lviv and come -- support them, possibly the mid ale . >> looking at where condi rice is now at hoover institute. they have a great states woman, great states person in condi rice, look at refugee, support, a political military leader, to support europe, and what they are doing with regard to mr. putin, he can't win. we cannot appease. >> matthew. let me go to matthew on this. putin can't win. but do we find a way out for
8:36 pm
him with some kind of a dignity? is that possible or the only way it ends with a russian people over throwing their dictatorial leader? >> that is a great question, i think that discussion of an off-ramp at the moment seems to be a little premature, president putin has not changed his goals, he does not seem to be willing to negotiate, we should be creating increased costs to mr. putin. i think that president biden has been everything he can to signal to vladimir putin that he can do whatever he wants in ukraine. and united states will not get involved. which creates a very emboldened for putin, we need to increase the costs for mr. putin for as long as he stays in ukraine. >> miranda, is the bottom line here that leaders everywhere are going to be damaged by this president
8:37 pm
putin? president zelenskyy? and president biden himself? >> well, look we don't know. if russia can be sent away from ukraine with you know a great defeat, then the west is strengthened. is strengthened and joe biden could gain something from that it really depends on how much pressure is placed on vladimir putin. his military is just not up to the job. and that will be putting pressure on him, there needs to be some way of deescalating, ending this war as quickly as possible. rich: miranda, and matthew, and captain robert wells thank you so much. we will have a lot more on the continued coverage of the war on ukraine after this.
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rich: welcome back to our continuing coverage of the war on ukraine. i'm john than hunt in lviv, i want to bridge you this new video out of poland, near the okay, ukraine border, a german animal rescue foundation came in to housing the abandoned pets, they are also collecting aid supplies and bringing them to ukraine, it makes a different, you see a lot of kids, are traumatized by this war, if they could spend a couple minutes with a dog or a cat, that is amazing what that does for a kid's mental health. it great work these organizations are doing in rescuing those animals. >> yes, sometimes smallest things, with what is going on there right now. and thank you.
8:43 pm
as russia wages war on united kingdom, gas price here's in united states hit record highs, national average for a gallon of gas 4.32. possibly going higher, joining us on war's impact on our economy. john jordan, he is an attorney and overseer. thank you for joining us. what is next to sanction here. what is left to sanction here? now that u.s. and west and european union are onboard together with this what does that mean for consumers. >> well next round of sanctions would be ones to enforce the list what we have. secondary sanctions, but chinese entitiesa seek to help the russians
8:44 pm
circumvent, that is held off right now. no relief in store for american consumers, inflation was now up 7.9%, in february, and 7.5% before that. you see in the white house trying to spin it saying this is a putin price hike, the gallon of gas and energy prices, went up when biden took office it was 3.90 something when putin went into ukraine, it has been in the works, largely due to effort of this administration to raise energy costs, this is not a result of the war but the result of bad policy. rich: how much do you think that china and russia can insulate themselves from the sanctions policy, can russia use china to pry try to avoid american sanctions and
8:45 pm
continue on some sort of economic level. that can feed its people and have a functioning economy. >> well, a whole new dynamic between china and russia right now with russia isolated from western markets, financial well -- trade, the chinese are in a position to either cut russia loose, because they don't want negative reaction. or do they buy russia on the cheap, they could drive a really hard bargain with russians. china has a choice to make, do they want to antagonize the west and risk a sound of sanctions on them, or do they cut themselves loose to the whole mess anded by their time. rich: here in united states, what can federal reserve do
8:46 pm
to try to bring inflation down, is there much that federal reserve can do. given what we're seeing in global oil markets? >> well, the -- inflation is a result of the administration's desire to raise energy costs, this pursuit of their green program. and that is raises the cost of everyone, energy makeses everything from bread to steel. the fed, this is painful medicine, if the fed started to roll back the quantitative easing in ernest and raising rates that will bring down inflation but also likely a recession introducing event, the question is which kind of pain do you really want.
8:47 pm
monetary policy will have to follow suit. it will be a painful for the economy. but in long run it is less painful than continuing down this path. rich: john jordan thank you for joining us. >> thank you. rich: russian troops continue attacks across ukraine. airstrikes destroying neighborhoods like here in city of kharkiv. despite brave resistance, ukraine still controls the capital of kyiv. but for how long? what happens if it falls? we share final thoughts that is next. we're 25 million prescriptions strong. we're managing type 2 diabetes... ...and heart risk. we're working up a sweat before coffee. and saying, “no thanks...” a boston cream. jardiance is a once-daily pill that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and jardiance lowers a1c.
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rich: welcome to fox news, continuing coverage of war in ukraine, jonathan hunt in lviv for us, as you begin another day in the third week in the war on going there. where does ukraine go from here? is there a sense there of how long this could take? reporter: i don't think that anyone has a sense of how long it could take. president zelenskyy here, said that however long it takes the ukrainians will win this war.
8:52 pm
but we enter a significant new phase, almost 24 hours ago, to the minute, yesterday, approaching 6 a.m. hour is when missiles slammed into western airbase at yavoriv a few miles from polish border, that takes us to a new phase, putin warned he would target weapons convoys from nato nations. and some of them do come across the border from poland, he lived up to that s promise with 8 missiles slamming, 35 dead, more than 1 40 injured. rich: there have been on going talks between russian government and ukraine government, and seat of of sherman said. they see the beginnings perhaps of some serious signs that russia may want
8:53 pm
to have serious discussions. how have they played in ukraine? and are ukrainians taking these discusses with the russian government seriously? >> i think that ukrainian government certainly is taking them seriously. there has been a modicum of movement from both sides, talking to get underway again today, but demands of the russians. you will never be a member of nato, hand over separatist regions, and probably looking to hang on to all territory they have so far taken. i don't think that ukrainians can agree to that, this is a language pro -- long process, we have to slowly come together and get a deal. it will be very difficult, i don't think that anyone is under any illusion it will be take a long time, we're
8:54 pm
not suddenly going to wake up one day, and a deal is done, russian forces pullback, it will be a very, difficult process. in the meantime, rich, hundreds, thousands more could be killed, and millions more could have to run for their lives from ukraine to countries like poland. rich: given that you are in western ukraine, you have seen the pace of refugees pick up. what has that been like over the last week? reporter: it has been extraordinary. i think the city of lviv where we are in the west, probably doubled in size in the week, a lot of those have now moved on, but the flow keeps coming. as the russian forces approach kyiv, we don't know if they will launch an all out assault, half of kyiv population still there, 2 million people, they will
8:55 pm
try to get out in a hurry if they full assault comes, the refugee flow will be an on going issue. for poland and slovakia, hungary, mol -- maldovia, and romania. a big issue. >> many of those countries are already asking for more assistant. secretary of state blink en was in moldova last week, we were with him, they will not be able to take care of refugees, their phrasing, in a way that is dignified. that is a real concern as people continue to flood out of ukraine. reporter: yes, that is why the billions of dollars in aid, are very much needed, and keep coming in. rich.
8:56 pm
rich: jonathan thank you, that does it for this special edition of fox news live, i am rich edison, -- rich edson, thank you for joining us, stay tuned to fox news for the latest on the war in ukraine. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients
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you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> this is a fox news alert. russia escalating its attacks in western ukraine with deadly airstrike object a military base 15 miles from poland. a nato nation. jonathan hunt heard the explosions as the base was attacked and joins us live from lviv. >> that attack just 24 hours ago. a clear and loud message from president putin, attacking a base 15 miles or so from the border with


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