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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 15, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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pray for his family, as well. we hope to learn more and we'll bring it to you as we get it. please pray for him. greg gutfeld is next. first, another important live update on the situation in ukraine, it continues to unfold and we continue to pray for the people of ukraine, we pray for peace tonight. >> carley: fox news alert, explosionion thundering across ukraine with russia main at ainging scorched earth offensive despite diplomatic talks between the two nations. you are watching "fox and friends first." i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro. president zelenskyy says his country will win the war. we are talking to the ukrainian president deputy chief of staff ahead of zelenskyy's joint address to congress tomorrow.
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>> carley: jonathan hunt is on the ground in lviv. jonathan. >> four hours ago, right before dawn broke, we got reports of large explosions near the kyiv city center. it appears russia launched air strikes that hit civilian necessary apartment buildings, just as they did yesterday. emergency services on the scene rescuing those wounded and trapped. we do not have any firm word on number of casualties from the new strikes, remember we saw much the same yesterday, as well, as russia continues the bombardment from the air of the capital city. the mayor of kyiv saying that every single ukrainian himself included will continue to fight.
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listen here to clitchko. >> this is what it looks like, destroyed building, destroyed infrastructure, city bus just got hit by the rockets, lives are getting lost. >> that is vladimir, not viitali klitschko, mayor of kyiv. russia continue to bombard other cities, you are looking at pictures from volnova kha, it appears that city is pretty much laid rest to street after stream seems completely and utterly destroyed. it is very clear that president putin is following a scorched
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earth policy here. peace talks are due to resume later today, but he is bombarding the cities before those get going. there was a glimmer of hope yesterday, todd and carley when peace talks being held by video broke up and both sides said they were going to work on what they call the details, that would seem to imply some progress, we may get more clarity when the talks resume later today. todd and carley. >> carley: deputy secretary state wendy sherman said on fox news sunday, there are signs vladamir putin does want to negotiate at this point. i wonder about kyiv, jonathan, has russia encircled the city or is there still a corridor to get people out and aid in? >> they have not complete plea encircled the city yet, carley, that is clearly the russian aim.
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they are in the north, some progress in the east and they are around the west. southern part of kyiv, they have not managed to blockade yet. that is the route people are using to get out and to get supplies in. clearly, as you hear about the russians, they have taken kherson and moving through other cities and approaching from the south. their aim is certainly to encircle the city completely, it would ark peer, but they have not done so at this point. >> todd: there isopticism zelenskyy will be able to convince our congress tomorrow to be able to do more when he addresses them. do you think that will happen? will we do anything more militarily or is the concern we could get embroiled with a conflict with russia too great a concern to overcome at this point? >> i think thought concerns are the same as they always have
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been issue todd. the biden administration clearly is concerned about, for instance, establishing a no-fly zone and having nato pilots coming in to direct conflict with russian pilots, the fear that would spark a wide war. i think you will hear president zelenskyy when he talks to congress, via video, he will say they are very grateful for what the west, what nato has done issue but they do want more, whether in terms of increased weapon shipment, it doesn't appear no-fly zone is in anybody's thinking except the estonian republic voted yesterday to call for a no-fly zone. whether that gather anies steam. the baltic republic, lithuania and latvia, along with estonia
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is concerned what would happen if vladamir putin takes over ukraine. >> todd: not the most powerful member of nato, but this is a major development coming to the table. jonathan hunt. thank you. alarm on potential for civil war. >> carley: president zeelts is set to address the u.s. congress. griff jenkins joins us live from washington. griff. grieks grieks /* griefs >> it will fall on bipartisan ears, watch. >> it is nearly unheard of in modern times that we hear from a leader fighting for his life. president zelenskyy can rest assured heville friend necessary congress ready to listen and stand in his corner.
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>> he is finding bipartisan support for that, house problem solver caucus writing this. saying providing platform that ukrainian service members maintained are essential for success in battle field and will protect defense technology from falling into the hands of the russias. likely to call for a flow fly zone, rejected thus far by nato. getting support from astonia, the first to vote yesterday. nato forces are grow in nor way as un secretary general is warning of nuclear war. >> the prospect of nuclear conflict, once unthinkable is back within the realm of possibility. time to stop the order unleashed on the people of ukraine and get on diplomacy and peace.
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>> growing concern china can provide aid to russia as administration on notice. >> press sect. psaki: should they provide military or other assistance that violates sanctions or supports the war effort, there will be significant consequences. >> todd: gop senator lindsey graham says don't wait to act. >> write down secondary sanctions to china, if they bail out this war criminal putin, i will be your best ally in the united states senate. >> it is unclear whether china aided russia in any way, the administration wouldn't comment on, that we'll see if president zelenskyy has anything to say when he speaks tomorrow 9 a.m. east other than. >> todd: thank you. bring in wesley hunt, army veteran, great to have you on
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the program. start with the mix. if there is bipartisan support, why is president biden sitting on his hands while people die. >> president biden is more interested in not offending putin. we should facilitate transfer of migs, we have to make sure we are careful not getting engaged in this conflict. there are many ways to fight the russians by cutting off the oil supply and releasing what is available in united states. we have to just say no at some point. >> carley: i also wonder and i'm concerned about the fact that russia is targeting air fields and you have to wonder to todd's
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point, getting migs and more aid in, president biden gave green light to give $200 million more of aid, which is a good thing, will we be able to get in at this point or entering a new phase where that will become more difficult? >> everything with this conflict has been difficult. keep in mind, this president can't defend our southern border, he can he defend the ukrainians at this point? there are rumors president biden is thinking of going to europe and everything biden has touched his whole career has turned to cold. this is a problem we have to fix and cannot allow him to make the decisions at this point. make sure we regain respect we've had on the world stage by
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taking back our country. >> todd: you are an army veteran, i want to switch to the military perspective, the reason we are talking about the air right now is because by all accounts, ukrainian is doing great job holding off the russians and keeping them in their place and there are reports with 10 to 14 days, russia could be out of resources to continue the ground attack. do you agree with that military assess snment >> i do, based on what i've heard and intel i have send. it is the same thing we defend in this country, we are usually the beacon of light, the house on the hill, we have to continue to be, freedom can be lost in every generation and watching president zelenskyy serve and watching people stay in their
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city under fire, the klitscko brothers. >> carley: president zelenskyy will speak to congress tomorrow, he is an impassioned speaker and he will call for the u.s. to step sxup give more aid to ukraine. do you think he will be success envelope that? >> i sure hope high is. we have to be careful with what that aid looks like. i'm running in houston in the energy capital of the world and we literally in the lasts year gave away our energy independence, we then and there is issue of national security and the world is depending on us to fuel the united states and have the ability to fuel the world in times of conflict, that is how to help him best. >> todd: wesley hunt, we appreciate your time. thank you. russian attacks devastating
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mariupol. ukrainian woman is fearing for her family's survival checking dale tow see if her family home is still standing. >> carley: the mariupol native joins us now. good morning. what is go og in your hometown is being described as the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world right now. how are and you your family doing? >> hello, first of all, thank you for this talk. -- pay attention to what is go og in mariupol and just -- became one of the most important cities in ukraine and right now the city is completely blocked and only starting from yesterday there appeared first corridors, however issue the whole situation in the city is critical because the infrastructure is devastated and unfortunately, people are cut
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off from the whole world. they don't have gas or central heating, shortage of food, water, basic medication and of course, i hope in the nearest future, the situation will be resolved. >> todd: tania, how do you begin to process what is happen nothing your city? >> it started on -- on february, started shooting nearby, but in recent days issue the situation is becoming harder and harder because russian troops are using artillery and -- allows them to get more distance and hit more buildings. the problem is that apart from military object, they are also hitting houses of civilians and lots of people are injured or
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died because of the war. due to the specifics of mariupol city council, 2000 people, 2357 people were killd and probably this number is still growing since right now this is really hard to identify all of the -- >> carley: mariupol city council says some cars were able to leave the city on a humanitarian route. have you heard that? >> i heard that and i know some people personally who were able to flee from the city. this is not enough since not each civilian has opportunity to leave, not everyone has personal transport and seem all communications are cut off, i'm not sure how people are able to know humanitarian corridors are
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working. >> todd: tania, can you comprehend how quickly this has happen? ed a month ago, life was normal in your city, everybody going about their daily business, everything like any other city in the world and now there are mass graves in the streets. can you even comprehend that? >> for me, it is hard to completely understand and however, you are constantly checking the news and realizing it is happening in the city you spend most of your life in, it is hard to realize. i continuing is much more easier to stay impartial when you are not involved and don't have friends and family, but, however, i think mariupol was always concern of ukrainian government since it is located in eastern ukraine and really
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close to -- >> carley: you know what, tania, russia and ukraine will continue peace talks today with hopes of cease-fire and we pray the talks yield a positive result. god bless you and your family. >> thank you. >> carley: americans are taking crushing inflation with no end in sight and president biden continue to blame covid and now putin for the surge. >> todd: brooke singman asking the president to take action. >> brooke: good morning, americans are forced to cope with rising costs, caused by inflation, president biden continues to play the blame game. listen to this. >> president biden: because of the pandemic, we had significant disruption in the supply chain. second reason for inflation is vladamir putin, he began
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amassing troops on the border and then crossed. current spike in gas prices is largely fault of vladamir putin. >> brooke: americans are feeling pain at the pump, average national gas price soars to $4.33. democrats are pushing a deal to punish oil companies with tax on energy producers. here is what one industry expert had to say. >> i don't understand why we wouldn't incentivize here and go and beg others to produce more, there is plenty incentive in the united states. >> republicans are looking directly at the white house saying biden has obvious solution but refuses to act. >> open the spigots, he won't do
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it. open up american energy and lower gas prices tomorrow and take money out of putin's pocket so he won't have ability to fund this war. >> brooke: no poll from the "wall street journal" shows inflation is hitting nonwhite voters hard with black women and hispanic men reporting most concern over soaring prices and poll could spell bad news for democrats, about massive spending ahead of what could be brutal midterm election. >> todd: thank you, brooke. other news we go to jackie ibanez with the latest headlines. jacky. >> jackie: major concerns over the u.s. wheat supply. it is strained by the war between russia, europe's top wheat exporter and ukraine, fifth largest. half of kansas, largest u.s. producer of the crop classified under severe drought or worse as
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of march 8th. food inflation reached highest level ever in february. 49 of 50 republican senators vowing to reverse any agreement from the white house on iran's nuclear program. the biden administration appears to have lifted sanctions not placed on iran for nuclear activity in the first place, because of ongoing support for terrorism, statement coming days after guards claimed responsibility for missile strike near a consulate in iraq. crime in seattle is so bad amazon is relocating employees from the downtown office. violent crime include fatal shooting of a 15 year old boy, giant retailer says they are hopeful conditions will improve enough to bring employees back.
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fox news he is working to make downtown safer, but it may take time. >> carley: thank you, the white house focuses on ukraine, mexico may be making plans to release tens of thousands of migrants protesting to finish their trip to our south other than border. tom hallman will talk about the crisis at home that the biden administration hopes you had forgot about. and janette nesheiwat live from ukraine and tomi lahren, on this busy tuesday morning. ip? no more trips to the post office no more paying full price for postage and great rates from usps and ups mail letters ship packages anytime anywhere for less a lot less get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again
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>> human casualties, transnational murderous cartels are operationally controlling our border, murdering people on both sides of the border and their drugs are killing people in the prime of their lives. it is the epicenter worldwide of child trafficking and sexual exploitation, this is happening barely without notice or comments, human tragedy unrivalled in memory. >> carley: border across is only getting worse, biden administration is not paying attention to it and there is concern 70,000 migrants might be
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making their way to the united states. joining us to discuss the crisis is bob homan, former ice director. 70,000 all at once is a lot, even for how big this border cries has gotten. why now? why are all these people, could they be coming to the border at once right now? >> this is typical time of year, where you see mass migration because of growing season in the u.s., a lot of them get jobs on produce farms. 70,000 is just the tip of the iceberg. we're on track this year to break last year's numbers and last year's numbers were historic high. the highest numbers we've seen in history and on target to beat that this year.
1:28 am
the biden administration has proven no consequences, they released people into the united states last year, many say show up at ice office when you get a chance, if you want to and over half didn't. they can get a job illegally because secretary mayorkis ordered ice not to do operations and declared being in the country illegally by itself not enough for ice to make an arrest. if you come illegally and ice is not looking for you, you can get a job illegally and ice will not go to the work site to find you, why wouldn't you can? >> carley: can border patrol handle processing 70,000 people at once? >> that happened last year, border patrol get overwhelmed,
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leaving the border unguarded. last year with illegal immigration we saw historic overdose deaths of fentanyl. d.e.a. says 90% of it comes across the border. the trump administration had the most secure border in history. joe biden came into office and purposely opened the border up and unsecure today and we have fentanyl epidemic and covid-19 coming across the border, criminals coming across the border. what biden has done is ridiculous. >> carley: look at poll numbers and the biden administration polls are low when it comes to the border issue. having open bordzer makes the
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country less safe. have you to wonder why he hasn't reversed course? >> because he sought the progressive left. he voted for border barriers. i'll say it again other thanning regardless of what people think of president trump, he secured our border at levels never seen before and joe biden come in and unsecure today within months. it will cause mass migration and humanitarian crisis where people die and cause criminal cartels to smuggle across the border. who would do that? but they did and we're dealing with open borders. >> carley: tom, i then and there is concerning to you and definitely something to watc, the fact there is pressure to repeal title 42. got to leave it here, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me.
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>> todd: surrender or die, the latest message from president zelenskyy to russian troops, large explosions rock the u.k.s capital overnight. we are talking to one of zelenskyy's top advisors about what he will tell tomorrow. and there is an incredible story next. pound for pound, this one's still tougher... tough. tougher. tough. tougher. mahindra - the official tractor of tough and stewart-haas racing. i've got a race this weekend. i'll see you later.
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>> carley: a fok news alert, forces striking building, snuffing out innocent lives as they continue their assault on ukraine. >> todd: jonathan hunt joins us from lviv. jonathan. >> good morning to you, peace talks are due to get underway again today, raising some hopes of progress, ahead of those
1:37 am
talks resuming, thunderous explosions rock kyiv just before dawn today, the targets civilian structures and an apartment build nothing flames early this morning in kyiv as rescue workers rushed in trying to get out those woundd and trapped in the building. we are waiting confirmation of casualty figures. there was similar story yesterday when same time russian air strikes hit another building. there casualties in that. russia keeps up bombardment of several cities. it appears to be following scorched earth policy, crushing city after city, leaving them little more than rubble in many
1:38 am
cases. there is hope some progress might be made today, they broke off yesterday with both sides saying they were retreating to talk about details, that raises hope there may be some progress, we will find out in the coming hours, todd and carley. >> todd: thank you. after spending a week helping refugees entering poland, our next guest who was born and raised in kyiv, is back in new york. she prepares to head overseas for yet another mission. yulia, why did you feel you had to be over there? >> thank you for inviting me and like every other ukrainian and the fact that i'm young mother or just had a baby, the idea of all the women crossing the
1:39 am
border by themselves with just some luggage, no help, two kids, three kids, not everyone has a car and standing in line for 15 hours, maybe more, i would not stay home and wanted to get to the border and help as much as i can. >> todd: as a mother, can you begin to put yourself in the shoes of mothers just trying to keep their children alive? >> >> todd: i believe we have a frozen shot there. we will standby. what is fascinating about that, one, she left a newborn to basically go over there and help her people, that is a beautiful sentiment from yulia. you hear mothers when we've interviewed them putting themselves in the position of what the mother necessary
1:40 am
ukraine are going through. there are other places in this world that have horrible situations, to a certain extent, they are more used to it, this happened within three weeks. >> carley: think about the stories we've heard about how praf people are. there was an older woman who says she will stay and fight for her country and she said if she dies and she was pretty sure she was, if she takes that bullet a younger person will be able to live in her place. think about the desire to fight for their freedom. >> todd: yulia said she couldn't sit by while this was happen nothing her home country. people are live nothing ukraine trying to beat russia and keep their survival alive.
1:41 am
sorry we lost yulia. best of luck. in space, american astronaut set to return to earth on russian -- the manager of nasa iss program says they are communicate withing russia and concern raised over the astronaut's safety. >> carley: hate crime in broad daylight. asian american woman is punched more than 125 times, vicious assault is caught on cameras, we have details next. >> todd: and innocent civilians are the main target in vladamir putin's war. we have an update from the red cross in one of the hardest hit cities.
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>> jackie: i'm jackie ibanez. kentucky senator rand paul looking to oust dr. fauci as director of national institute of allergies and infectious diseases.
1:47 am
to avoid political power grab. >> problem with having one person and having everything go before him for 40 years is that he is monopolized power and created a culture not conducive to inquiinquiry. >> jackie: covid-19 hits the two-year anniversary, president biden nomination of karen raskin to federal reserve board is likely dead on arrival. manchin says raskins qualifications and previous comments did not satisfy his concern over inflation and energy policy. manchin opposed his party numerous times. an elderly asian american woman is punched more than 125 times in what is a horrific hate crime attack. security cameras capture the vicious assault, which happened in new york city.
1:48 am
anti-asian hate crimes have spiked drastically. she has bleeding on the brain and is in the hospital. a witness called 911 and a suspect was arrested. he has a record and previously served time for assault. >> carley: russians are battering mariupol night and day and rid cross is doing everything it can to get aid to hundreds of thank youed -- thousands trapped. jason, good morning, we understand the red cross is working hard to get aid to mariupol. are you even close to that? where is that aid right now? >> so, we do have a bit of good news, among a sea of bad news that we've seen sin the conflict broke.
1:49 am
the good news, international committee of red cross brought in 200 pounds of assistance, medical aid, food, household items for people fleeing the areas they live to find safety. the trucks are moving closer to the people that need them, including kyiv and other regions of the country, as we're able to move that aid around. mariupol issue the situation is dire there and one challenge is to bring aid to that city, where tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people are in need. >> carley: you would niece a cease-fire to get aid in that city, right? >> our red cross teams tried to execute a humanitarian corridor or a pause and start moving people out and the fighting didn't arkllow that to happen.
1:50 am
in the meantime, we've been working at high levels on all sides of this conflict to urge an agreement to be made with the details very precise and well understood. we need to know when would this pause or corridor begin, where would it be, how long would it last for. it can't just being a couple of hours, that is not enough. yesterday there was couple hundred cars that moved out, this is great news, but still tens of thousands of peep nel dire conditions that need to reach safety. >> carley: we spoke to a woman, tania, who is from mariupol, no longer in the city, she's in a safer location. her family is, that he, take a listen to how she described the situation on the ground. >> the situation in the city is critical, the infrastructure is devastated and unfortunately people are cut off from the whole world.
1:51 am
they don't have gas or central heating, they have shortage of food, water, basic medications. >> carley: conditions like that, how long do these people have? >> that is the right question. we've been using words like catastrophic and ark pock apocalyptic for days. earlier, a day or two ago, we puts out a statement that said we're thinking of worst case scenarios and we don't like to say what that is, we can imagine. people don't have water or food, how long does one live without those? we know the answer to that. we have a team in mariupol, but they are forced to stay underground in a basis 789, they are only eating one meal a day, they are collecting water in
1:52 am
streams. what about the elderly and peep whole may be injured or have children, how do they go search for foods or water? we fear the situation in mariupol could get very sad in the coming days. >> carley: the situation in mariupol could be the first of other cities that go along the same lines, we know that russia is trying to encircle kyiv and other cities, cut off supply chains and kill the people slowly that way. a lot of people are donating to red cross, how will donations be used? >> we really appreciate the outpouring of support, we're getting flooded with calls, we appreciate all of it. the money will be used to fund programs like assistance we moved in, medical teams that will move in and are already there. it facilitating a whole line of
1:53 am
work along making sure people are safe, making sure we're talking about the sides of the conflict and insisting that civilians are not targeted, civilians are allowed to seek safety. international committee of the red cross occupies important space in international architecture. we're able to speak to both sides, neutral stance allows us to do that and funding helps us do that and help to save civilian lives. >> carley: thank you for joining us, you do great work, we appreciate it. thank you. and as red cross works around the clock to provide food, hygiene and resources, fox corporation donated $1 million to support the efforts and we're asking tou make a don't egg, so far thousands have done just that with contributions nearing $7 million.
1:54 am
head to to contribute to the cause. >> todd: fox news viewer steps up in times of crisis, that number that carley just read shows that you the fox news viewer are stepping up in a time of crisis and thank you, people of ukraine want to thank you. white house vowing tough consequences for china if they help russia with the invasion. where is president biden drawing the line? >> the president made clear he has a red line with russia, does he have a similar red line with china? >> press sect. psaki: we don't like red lines around here wooshgy will not use that phrasing. >> todd: they don't like red lines, tomi lahren has something to say about that and dr. janette nesheiwat on the ground helping save live necessary ukraine, she joins us live with an update and president says inflation is not
1:55 am
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* * >> todd: a fox news alert. a brutal assault continues in ukraine with russia pushing a scorched earth offensive despite ongoing diplomatic talks between the two nations. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. defiant president zelenskyy says his country will win the war, encouraging russian troops to surrendero die. we are talking to the ukrainian president's advisor ahead of zelenskyy's joint address to congress tomorrow. >> todd: live to lviv, jonathan hunt has more from ov


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