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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  March 16, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> we are out of time. "fox news @ night" with mike emanuel is next. i love you, america. text welcome to "fox news at night". i mike emanuel in in for shanno bream. breaking tonight, one hour and into a curfew is lifted in kyiv ukraine,. our team of the ground said the bulk of the forces are 8-9 mile outside the city. people have a live report on where things stand right now. and special report anchor bret
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baier is at the met tonight wer critical resources like food an electricity or shot up at the russians try to squeeze ukrainians into submission. plus presidents landscape's emotional plea for america to d more invoking 9-11 and pearl harbor and why this could be th most significant speech by a wartime for leaders since winston churchill's aggressive 1941. we start of the ground in ukraine where chief correspondent jonathan hunt joins us live from lviv on the situation there tonight. jonathan. >> good morning, mike. in just one hour's time the people of kyiv will and a 35 hour curfew and emerge from the bombshells -- shelters and basement they've been an hoping against hope tha they will not be met by yet another barrage of russian missiles. elsewhere in the country russia has been striking out again at
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civilian targets in the souther city of mariupol. they have a theater were hundreds of people, including many children, were sheltering. we do not have confirmation on the number of casualties yet. outside that theater the word children had been written on th ground before it was hit to try to work off russian airstrikes. that clearly did not work. and chernihiv, north of kyiv, these are images from the aftermath of another russian stripe, people who are simply waiting in line to get hit there , at least ten were killed in that straight and president zelenskyy of ukraine has said that russia's actions and not just a war against ukrainian civilians, not just a war against the country of ukraine, but war against the world. listen here to president
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zelenskyy. >> today people are attending that of ukraine -- they are fighting for europe an the world in the name of the future. >> and we haven't talked a grea deal the last few days about th southern critical city of odess on the black sea but it appears -- it appears forces may be appearing for an assault on tha a lot of people in odessa are fleeing the city and trying to get to safety. this shelling out the coast fro russian warships in the black sea. we are waiting to see if they bowl assault is coming and in the meantime peace talks will continue today, we are told. the russian delegation and ukrainian delegation says there's been progress but every
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hour we wait for final deals, ukrainian civilians are being killed. >> jonathan hunt starting us off . let's bring in bret baier. he's tracking the continuing assault on ukrainians tonight. >> let's take a look at what's happening in ukraine over the past 24-36 hours. we haven't seen yet the encirclement. we've seen a lot of bombardment and russian forces but incremental, not what we though would be the total circle and apart the reason that is happening is that you create he encounter offenses that are happening in the suburbs pushin back on the russian forces. on the other hand we are seeing a lot of activity down here in the south. a lot of bombardment from the air, from russians that are now over 720 missiles fired into
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ukraine from inside country are from outside the country. a lot of activity here. the next inflection point according to analysts could be the city of mariupol and it is bad situation. this stripe dry kerry's russian controlled all the way around the city. there you see the four right here from being struck from the air. that bombardment we've seen has really continued day after day. we see these red dots here. it's just constant and we've seen a lot of buildings hit including you heard about that theater with hundreds of civilians. we don't have a casualty figure from that as of yet. this is the maternity children' hospital we showed you last wee that was hit. the biggest issue here for analysts is that the water shutoff on the food a shot off and the electricity a shot off. essentially the russian forces
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are trying to squeeze mariupol to get them to submit. the mayor has just been release and neighboring town now and barry are urging people to stay and fight, but this is getting to be a dire situation. could be the next inflection point for the russians in the area. we talk a lot about odessa and how this keep port city could factor in. that's in a lot of russian forces on the outside and that that's been untouched from the ground forces and we are seeing movement now be a satellite of the naval vessels at that are gathering. five of them landing craft, so it is believed in the coming days as expect that we thought couple weeks ago, but now it looks like they are going to make some kind of after four odessa and coming days in that area. the russians are also laying th groundwork by taking out the air . we told you that here along the
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polish border a number of airfields have been hit by the russians by both air jets dropping bombs and also by cruise missiles, more than 720 of them have come in, as we mentioned from the russians. they claim that got 70% militar targets taken out, not confirm the ukrainians. the biggest issue people flies is the refugee humanitarian crisis that's unfolding. 58% or so are heading to poland but this is a mass exit us that if you aren't this side of the country, could take days and days and lights up traffic in the middle of a war where you are seeing a lot of bombardment around you. you've seen these images but imagine making the traffic cross-country to get out of thi country. it's very very dangerous. so that is what we are seeing
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now, a lot of help going to poland and other countries but the question is what the insurgency looks like if the russians continue this level love bombardment of those cities . next could be mariupol but we will see. back to you. >> mike: thanks a lot. military aid is being given to ukraine tonight. president biting and nothing that can mimic just days after they set they would send 200 million worth of small arms in and i they think an antiaircraft defenses to the war-torn country. this includes roughly 3,000 shoulder launched a surface-to-air missiles and 100 unmanned or killer drones, some republicans republican state ai is too little or too late. >> provide them the planes or they can -- the armament that they need to continue. >> if they want drones, we've got to give them a drones. if they want sam's, we ought to
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get them sam's. >> president biden has had to b pushed or product. we need action now. >> president biden announcement sure to be i welcome one for fighters but it's still fall short of what the ukrainian president has been asking of th united states and our allies. zelenskyy making those request very clear in a rare address today. chad pergram has the story from capitol hill. >> it was one of the most impassioned speeches to congres in decades, a dire. via video leak. >> it is true and the darkest time for our country, i call on you to do more. >> zelenskyy invoked iconic imagery like mock mark brushwor and martin luther king. >> i need your decision, your help, which means except the
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same you feel when you hear the word i have a dream. >> walensky also showed disturbing video to stoke congress into action. >> i see -- [indiscernible] >> this main have been the most significant speech by wartime foreign leader since winston churchill spoke to foreign leaders in 1941. >> they are better, they are ruthless. >> that the reason that president zelenskyy cited world war ii. >> remember pearl harbor. terrible warning of december 7, 1941 when your sky fled from th planes attacking you. we are asking for an answer to this terror from the whole world . is that a lot ask for.
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>> congress is not asking for that. >> this is not meter or scenario . he indicated in his remarks tha he supports the establishment o a no-fly zone and indicated tha the providing ukraine with enhanced missile defense system would also help. >> the former ukrainian officia born congress during a similar address that after russia annexed crimea in 2014. >> are we on the eve of the new cold war? until recently is unthinkable. now it's becoming a reality. >> it's prompting lawmakers to act similar to churchill priced a goal in 1941. >> he tried to appeal to americans but the united states was divided between isolationists and internationalists, especially i congress. >> roll harbor thrust us into world war ii. they feared that a no-fly zone
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thrusts us is closer to world war iii. >> president biden making very clear that -- i think he is a war criminal an that designation is not more than just name-calling. bill joins us to explain. >> good evening to you today fo the very first time, as you mentioned, president biden calling vladimir putin a war criminal. of happened as he responded to question and happen to be just hours after the ukraine president appealed to congress for more weapons of assistance in the russian invasion. >> and [indiscernible] the u.s. senate unanimously approved up resolution to night seeking to investigate putin an his coaching for war crimes.
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they also called for international criminal courts t investigate putin and his men looked -- military leaders for such crimes . lawmakers on the house foreign affairs committee are also working on a similar resolution. >> he has already crossed the line with the geneva convention killing innocent civilians. this man is a war criminal and think our committee will have this resolution to take it to the general assembly to indict this man for war crimes. >> the white house press secretary jen psaki said that biden was just speaking from hi heart when he called putin a wa criminal. in response to that remark, bidens -- they said that his comments wer unacceptable for a head of state . thanks very much. >> is this a lot ask to cover come to create a no-fly zone to save people? is this too much to ask?
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you know much depend on the battlefield. >> powerful aviation to protect our people and our freedom and land aircraft that can help ukraine. >> the white house is sticking by its decision to impose a no-fly zone despite president zelenskyy's emotional address t congress. let's bring in josh mandel and navy veteran and senior fellow at the heritage foundation. gentlemen, welcome. spanks -- his. >> thanks. >> american people are answerin president zelenskyy's call for more help and more weapons and more tools to fight russian aggression. that is what we are doing dared. >> is the president being too cautious? >> i think the american people
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are supportive up that ukrainia people's right to defend themselves. we have seen that in white support from my state, ohio, where there is so large ukrainian population and just patriots here who say yes send the chaplains and patriots defense systems, send them all types of systems that can help them defend their land and thei people. i think obviously the american people and my constituents here in the state of ohio draw a lin when it comes to putting american fighter jets up in the air at id for two bret on that. he has pretty strong feelings about it but i think this a lot of things that we can do that does not include putting our boys and girls on the ground or in the air. >> let's face some reaction fro lawmakers p. >> we don't need them to lose more slowly. we need them to win. >> more missiles, more armament. they need everything. this is about the time --
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and listen to the plea of president zelenskyy. >> how do you respond? >> i think it is important to step back. the war that we are in right now , ukraine and russia are in right now, actually was a buildup of over a year and it started in march of last year and at every point the administration has been shootin behind the ducks, so to speak, sending military signals that w were going to be committed to defending nato early, making sure we have military forces them plays to allow the president the option, should he so chooses, to enforce the no-fly zone. sapphic those preparations were not made in the conditions are no longer satisfactory for enforcing a no-fly zone. it would be inserted the us military and nato directly into the cast of an active war zone. so what is needed a change of strategic approach. we need to be more proactive an anticipate and get ahead of putin to contain him and ensure that it doesn't spread this the
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way that is not anticipated and more importantly start to wear him down more aggressively. the delivery of the weapons clearly its way to do that but it's not the only thing that we should be doing at this time. >> from quinnipiac of only 39% approve of biden handling 40 -- foreign-policy. fifty to disapprove and 42 approve and 49% disapprove. josh, how is that effective quick. >> i think that prentice thing we should take a step back and remember how we got here. it's an important thing to remember that during the obama administration we had a week commander-in-chief. putin smelled and went into ukraine and took crimea. during trump we have a strong military, strong america and strong commander-in-chief. putin with frozen. he sat on his hands and did nothing. incomes biden and you have a week commander-in-chief and a
9:18 pm
commander-in-chief who frankly takes will miss all for our military and china smells it an on it. the one of the best antidote to thugs and authoritarianism and really someone who is killing innocent civilians is the stron america, strong american military and a strong commander-in-chief. and i think getting biden out o their cannot happen soon enough and getting trump back in the white house cannot happen soon enough and i think all of this as a result of weak this coming out of the biden white house. >> from the washington examiner neutrality -- it's compromise i think that ukraine would maintain a level of neutrality it like sweden an not attaching itself to any military alliances including nato. is that fair to get russian troops out of ukraine? >> no, i don't think that is a pair negotiating position under any condition now that ukraine
9:19 pm
is in the midst of an act of four. the other thing that's interesting to point out is the sweden along finland are both looking to join nato because of its activities so it's an interesting choice by the russians to offer and say if they took it, then maybe ukrain would be a nato anyway. >> we have to leave it there. thanks so much. >> we have an update on our colleague benjamin hall who was seriously injured while reporting outside of kyiv on monday. he is now safe and out of ukraine and is alert and in goo spirits, which is the best news that we have heard in days. he's being treated with the bes possible care in the world and our bosses are in close contact with his wife and family. please continue to keep him in your prayers. our special coverage up the war continues. more live reporting from ukrain next.
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where back with our continuing coverage. jonathan hunt is on the ground in lviv on this early thursday morning. hey, jonathan. >> good morning to you. it seems increasingly that the russian president, vladimir putin come is willing to turn t the slaughter of civilians as a method pursuing his goals in this war. clearly the russians thought that they were going to roll in to two ukraine a move through kyiv pretty quickly and restore their own puppet regime. they haven't done that so now
9:26 pm
the. and rational seems to do too well to control ukraine and nee to destroy first. that's why we are seeing this blanket bombing of so many sittings -- cities and what we've seen most recently in this awful bombing of a theater in mariupol in the south, which ukrainian official of us for full of people including children simply sheltering from the fresh air raids. it's also seen awful pictures coming out of chernihiv in the north, to the north of kyiv where at least ten people were slaughtered appear late according to a tweet from the u embassy by soldiers who simply lined up and shot them and the civilians providing up to get bread. so this clearly is as much now war against civilians in ukrain as it is a war against the ukraine and military. >> heartbreaking. but as the ukrainian action tha
9:27 pm
president biden is any more weapons but not fighter jets? >> i think obviously the ukrainian government, president zelenskyy, once more of everything. he is fighting a war for the survival of this country here. so if you grateful for the chaplains in the stingers and the antitank missiles. >> yes. absolutely. he's grateful for all of those things. what he'd like more migs to be delivered? yes. would he like us to send them f-16s quite gets aboard. would you like nato to establis a complete no-fly zone? no, -- yes, he would. he understands at this point he is that going to get that no-fl zone. he is not at this point going t get the extra migs so we will take what they can get and they will fight with what they have got and what is coming in, the extra assistant by president biden certainly will be welcome
9:28 pm
and ukrainian still say they will fight for every inch of territory. >> president so i'm ski touchin the lawmakers on capitol hill and the american people. thanks very much. we will see you in a bit. >> in the middle of the crisis the world is showing that there is no shortage of compassion. our next guests will be in romania next week on the border with ukraine. he joins us talk about what his organization is doing to help refugees. >> thank you, my connection her in romania today. i've been here for the last two days visiting the refugee camps that staff is responded to the needs of so many refugees fleeing ukraine. >> thank you for the clarification. let's put up the map, nearly 470,000 of gone to romania. what is your experience with those refugees? >> i can tell you that an already great situation continues to get worse as the
9:29 pm
conflict continues. and we are witnessing the fats best refugee crisis since world war ii. there's all are -- there's 3 million people fleein ukraine to border countries and i have visited a couple of thos along the border with ukraine and as some make their way through moldova and i can tell you that i've seen just extreme of people coming through, many with nothing but the close on their back in some with the backpack in some with a suitcas and what's more heartbreaking i to see the young moms carrying their babies through the border. >> this war is creating a child that she almost every second. so 1.5 million children have no joined the exodus from ukraine at a rate of just under one per second since the russian invasion began on the 24th of february. how are the shoulder and doing?
9:30 pm
>> well, it's a challenging time . i spoke to several families, several young moms. i spoke to a junk mom with a five -month-old baby and she is left with her five -month-old baby with her mom, her grandma also fled. it's been tough. it's been tough hearing their stories. seeing their level of vulnerability just keeps increasing because they are in strange country and with a different language and they are desperate. their journey was 20 degrees last night but what they're telling me is every situation i different and every family is different. her baby had a special condition . she ran out of food and she did not know what she was going to do next. this is where world vision helps . we are so glad to be on the ground. we have been in eastern europe the 30 or so were able to immediately respond to the crisis and help people who are
9:31 pm
so desperate, trying to figure out what is next in their lives. >> what he do to comfort these folks, particularly those with children quick. >> we are doing number of things . we can she set up shelter, warm shelter but that's what they ca spend the night. most of them will be in a shelter for a day or two on the way to their final destination. those who are not transiting ar hopeful to read ukraine -- richard ukraine as soon as possible. so this is really important. we have places that we call child friendly spaces. these are 10-second be be set up , like a whole day care center with wheelchairs the chairs employees and just thing for kids to find a sense of normality, even for a few hours after they have gone through so much drama. they're clinging to the moms when they see mom cry. they hugged mom and they don't let go of her.
9:32 pm
so it's a challenging situation but we are glad to be here with the hands of jesus to help as many refugees as began. >> thank you for the great work that you and your team are doing . got bless you all. >> thank you very much, mike. >> more life reporting from ukraine coming up in and test new health finds next. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis have an increased risk of death or stroke. call your doctor about unusual changes in behavior or suicidal thoughts. antidepressants can increase these in children and young adults. report fever, stiff muscles or confusion which may mean a life-threatening reaction, or uncontrollable muscle movements
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jussie smollett walked out of cook county jail after an appeals court ruled in a 2-1 ruling and sided with those lawyers that the actor should b placed as the appeals process plays out. he was sentenced to 150 days in jail for lying to police, claiming he was the victim of a hate crime. his attorney -- >> we are overjoyed that the appellate court was able to cut through the politics, to cut through the smoke screen and wa able to understand that we have real definitive issues and that
9:38 pm
is why they made the decision that they made. >> the order issued by the appellate court called for smollett to be released after signing a $150,000 peacock kessens bond, which would not require him to pay bill money. >> for the 40s civil cases stemming from the 2018 parkland florida school shooting that killed 17 people. the government will pay $127.5 million to victims families. the fbi had received tips befor the shooting but get that share information with local officials . 's statement the dlj said, quote , the settlement does not amount to an admission of fault by the united states. >> at least nine people were killed in a head-on collision i west texas last night, includin six students at a coach from a new mexico university who were returning from a golf tournament . a sergeant with the texas department of public safety sai a pickup truck crossed the
9:39 pm
centerline of the highway, crashing into a van caring members of the university of th southwest men's and women's gol teams. they've been playing and attornment tournament and midland, texas. as the price of fuel surges, airlines have begun passing the increased cost on to consumers. filter has at the ticket prices by about 10% in the coming months what unitive and southwest are also praising payors. meanwhile and a bipartisan vote the set senate passed a resolution that would drop the cdc requirement to wear masks o public transportation. the measure to overcome opposition in the house and a possible presidential veto before could be implemented. new reporting is revealing what the united states may give up i order to seal the deal with the run on restoring the 2015 nuclear agreement. let's bring in tonight's panel for more on these and other stories. and horace cooper, coach and
9:40 pm
author, how trump is making black america great again. gentlemen, welcome. >> good to see you, mike. us deal to remove -- from terror blacklist. let's play the reaction from chris coons and the state department tonight. >> the sanctions were they've really has been the heart of these negotiations but we are just not going to speak to them. >> that i have heard as they ar negotiating and removing the rt from the terrorist organization is one of the deals that iran i making. i'd have not heard that's a demand that they are making. i would be careful of accepting that as an outcome. >> what you make up a quick. >> this is one of the downsides of going forward with this procedure. it appears since each since don't have $4 million on a pallet, there are other things
9:41 pm
that has to be negotiated. the problem is israel isn't going to allow this. i imagine that bipartisan numbe of senators and congressmen would even go along with this. this is a bad deal and it ought to be jettisoned. >> richard, your thoughts. >> welcome i think that the eas way out is to say that we shoul jettison this and all negotiations. it's worth pointing out where america is right now. the pack as fuel prices are almost $5 a gallon all across the country. we have to find a way to increase fuel supply here in th united states to mystically as well as international -- and part of the nuclear deal wa stopping iran from getting -- and also normalizing run as par of the world. since russians are now on board which was on the stock market, why because of investors. all around the world they're saying if iran is able able to deliver oil to that supplies an developed world, this will be a
9:42 pm
good thing for everybody and we can also stop them from developing nuclear weapons, tha is also a good deal to global society. >> are negotiations -- on negotiations, here is jen psaki at the white house. >> the deal is not finalized. i would go back to why we are negotiating the steal and right now we are negotiating this because they're threatening us interests and were taken set to contain that which is why we've been engaged so closely and tha is all that result of president trump plane out of the deal field and iran moving closer to having the capacity and acquiring a nuclear weapon and speeding up their breakout time. >> how do you assess these talks ? >> a couple of things here. there is a reason why they were designated a terrorist organization. they are a terrorist organization. 2, they are a foreign organization. and they preventable threat to america's national security.
9:43 pm
the idea that we should push that aside and do so because russia is now recommending as a lead negotiator here is beyond ridiculous. it is a sign that this a ministration is so desperate to reach a deal that it is prepare to jump through any and all hoops. shame on them. >> republican congressman, part of the leadership tweeting joe biden pressing to deal with the rod will allow putin to circumvent the impact of sanctions. richard, your thoughts. >> a couple of things, let's take the politics out of this and put the reality into it. this is a calculated risk and i think that is what the state department and the white house is looking at with all the reporting. here is the truth, iran present nuclear weapon and they are mor dangerous. we knew when the trumpet ministration pulled out of the iran nuclear deal, it a push
9:44 pm
iran closer to a nuclear weapon and we've got to do everything in our power to slow their ability to get a nuclear weapon down. it should be bipartisan and tha should be a global position. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. have a great night. >> good to see you, mike. take care. >> mike: we've got more live reporting from ukraine. that's next. we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile.
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this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. new and existing customers get amazing value with our everyday pricing. switch today. welcome back to "fox news at night", continuing coverage on the board in ukraine. were joined now live from chernihiv. what is the latest from mayor? >> mike, the curfew ended a short time ago here in lviv and in just about ten minutes time what has been a 35 hour curfew will and in the capital kyiv an all of those civilians who have been sheltering in basements an bomb shelters in on the subway of that city will be able to emerge and hopefully get provisions for whatever is to
9:50 pm
come. they will also hope that they will not see any more of those russian missiles raining down o their city, although that's seems something of a forlorn fo right now, given that they keep doing this pretty much every da from the air while ground troop are stuck on the outskirts of the capital city. we've seen the russians going after civilian targets last 24 hours, terrible bombing of a theater in the southern city of mariupol, which is ukrainian officials say was filled with civilians including many children simply trying to protect themselves. that also say that they have pu markings outside the building, writing on the ground children to try to ward off a fresh air stripe. that clearly did not work. >> basically ever reiko people are asked me how does this end. what is the status of the peace talks.
9:51 pm
>> they are inching forward but it really is a question of inching. for getting some of the parameters that might ultimatel be part of any deal. ukrainian government seems to b willing two not to join nato. that is what vladimir putin sai was one of his key objective to prevent ukraine for becoming a member of nato so they might be willing two to that. in return they would want an absolutely rocksolid security guarantees that ukraine with that be in beta that would be protected from the west if it wasn't baited again, so those are difficult guarantees to wor out and then the big question b on the cease-fire itself, the russians stopping what they're doing. it is how you talk about territory. obviously the russians have taken some territory here. are they allowed to keep that?
9:52 pm
that would be able to work for aggression. is a difficult question, one they've not gotten to yet. >> jonathan 15 seconds or so, president putin said the boers going great. is that true? >> president to pretty much everything he says is very much divorced from reality. that is probably the most the force from reality statement he's made. clearly before it is not going according to his plan. >> jonathan hot live in lviv doing a beautiful job. thank you very much. >> a large majority of ukraine' consider themselves christian. veneer orthodox and some catholic. during the war temperatures are trying to make a difference to those suffering. congressional correspondent correspondent reports tonight from poland. >> if you think that there is n hope in a time of war, just loo to dominique figaro appeared th 29-year-old nurse from california traded in the week
9:53 pm
off from work to jump on a plan to poland and take care of ukrainian refugees. >> there's one more thing and i heard right on the news a story of a mother during her child in tears as she was crossing the border. >> dominic is volunteering with the catholic group on the groun in poland offering refugees foo and shelter. they've also taken in thousands of orphans and hospice resident fleeing ukraine. according to state department numbers, more than 85% that you create he is identify as christian. largely orthodox catholic. now in their time of need, dominic says he seem refugees cling to their faith even more. >> people are very faithful people. they might be the only anchor right now for them. >> so while it is hard to see beyond the pain and suffering i this small train station, dominic says it is within that suffering that you will find
9:54 pm
hope. >> were for anyone is suffering god is present. >> and for him he says he will return with the stronger faith when he goes back home. >> sometimes what you plan. life is not what is going to happen and this is where needed to be so this is where i am. >> this is a complicated crisis mike, with no end in sight. a lot of these refugees are trying to stay as close to the border is possible because they believe that they will be up an go home to ukraine one day. that is putting a lot of stress on the border towns. the mayors of these towns telling the world that they are going to need help in the long-term. >> thanks so much. >> by mcknight would like to end the show it a bit of good new so we will take you to connecticut where preschool teacher is gathering supplies t donate to ukrainian mothers and their children. she was born in ukraine a solid family there and she created an amazon wish list for items like baby blankets, diapers, portabl
9:55 pm
cribs, and the donations came flooding in. the boxed items will be sent to poland them from their volunteers will drive them on trucks and buses to ukraine and delivered to hospitals. great job by her. good night from washington. i'm making manual in for shanno bream. coverage continues live with trace gallagher next. found out n had autism, his future became my focus. lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. future became my focus lavender baths and so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business with i am introducing the new
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